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tv   Early Today  NBC  March 29, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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tense scene in cyprus. an egypt airliner was hijacked this morning. this is video of the plane which is believed to have a bomb on board. that's what the hijackers are threatening. new from overnight. partial building collapse. bricks from the facade of this store came tumbling down and littered a north philadelphia street with debris. go wildcats! >> go, wildcats, indeed. it's back to school for villanova students and every piece of wildcats gear is expected to fly off the campus bookstore. good morning. i'm tracy davidson. let's get to meteorologist bill henley. 50 degrees but windy. >> another windy day today but
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not as strong as yesterday. we're seeing gusts up to 30 miles an hour in the area. that's going to continue today. temperatures are in the 40s and 50s with winds gusting to near 50 miles an hour in the pocono mountains and 25-mile-an-hour wind gusts in philadelphia. 50 degrees even in the city. but there are some cooler spots. look at the 30s for allentown and reading. low 40s for atlantic city and wildwood. sunshine. clouds are out of the picture. 47 degrees at 6:00. bright, sunny skies at 9:00. up to 22 miles an with temperatures in the low 50s at lunchtime today. we'll go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm book. jessica is watching the traffic. >> we're watching the schuylkill expressway. these are our cameras around montgomery drive. a few cars headed in either
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direction. no big delays heading in or out of center city, at least for now. route 202. we're still in the green here. drive time is still great. no increase. we're into the 50s but the high 50s for average speeds. 1 is minutes north and south from 30 to the schuylkill destroy. mass transit is on time or pretty much close to schedule with no delays. tracy? >> following breaking news from overseas. a hijacked egyptian plane has landed in cyprus. the plane had been headed from alexandria, egypt, to cairo. it landed in larnaka in cyprus. egypt's aviation authority says a hijacker claimed to have an explosive belt on him. it's not clear how many hijackers are on board. the airline says negotiations led to the release of everyone on board, except for the flight crew and four non-egyptian passengers. we don't know the motive of the hijacker or hijackers, no demands, that we know of yet.
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count on nbc10 and the nbc10 app as we learn more about this breaking news. we'll keep you updated. it's 4:03 and 50 degrees outside. new from overnight. police and city cruise in philadelphia are assessing a partial building collapse in north philadelphia. nbc10 was on north broad street around midnight last night. there are no reports of anyone injured. well, the march to victory is on. the villanova wildcats have today off but their fans aren't taking a break. in fact, today is the first day back to class for villanova students. nbc10's katy zachry is on campus. the bookstore is going to be a zoo this morning. >> reporter: it's going to be an absolute zoo. bookstore employees are anticipating that. it opens at 8:00 a.m. before that, everyone is expecting long lines of anxious fans to form in anticipation of getting that merchandise. now, we've been told already thousands of dollars of online orders have been put in for vial
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nova final four gear. nothing inside the campus bookstore because the first shipments of final four merchandise come in today. fans are hungry to get their hands on shirts, hats, you name it, anything official saying their team is playing in this weekend's final four. it's the first time the wildcats have gone this far in the ncaa tournament since 2009. now, coming up in the next half hour, around 4:30, i'll give you a glimpse of the one thing the team is trying to reach and get ahold of, that is going to make this campus community so excited. reporting live in villanova, katy zachry, "nbc10 news." >> we'll see you then. nbc10 has you covered throughout villanova's march to victory. keith jones and matt da lucia will head to houston to cover the final four. if you're planning on heading to houston, we crunch the numbers to see how much it will cost you to watch the team on their championship run. in other news, philadelphia's mayor is responding to a threat by taxi
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and limo drivers to boycott the democratic national convention this july. the drivers claim that ride-sharing services like uberx and lyft are unfairly taking services from them. limo and taxi drivers who have protested since december wanted them to be regulated the same way they are. mayor jim kenney said he'll work with both sides. >> it's a big event in the city and i don't think people will walk away from the opportunity to take advantage of those economic advantages. >> we'll shut down airport, train station, everywhere. >> the city is calling for a new state legislation on regulating ride-sharing new today's philadelphia city council will begin hearings on mayor kenney's proposed. the first budget tops $4 million and calls for expanding pre-kindergarten, fixing up
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parks and libraries. he wants to tax sugary drinks to help play for the plan. many city departments will be testifying before the council over the next seven weeks. police are hoping surv surveillance videos will help them track down the gunman wanted in two shootings in philadelphia. take a look at this video first. it shows two guys pulling out guns, firing shots towards the street. last week on clearfield street in port richmond authorities say several shots pierced the window of a house. no one was hurt. surveillance cameras captured this violence in east germantown last thursday. watch as this man fires a rifle on chew street, hitting his victim four times before he took off in a car. the victim remains in critical condition. it's 4:06. now from our delaware bureau. lawmakers say more than 1,000 unanalyzed rape kits could be keeping dangerous criminals on the streets and they want to
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know why. officials with the criminal justice council responded to those inquiries saying it could be for a number of reasons, maybe not having enough evidence to prosecute. they plan to go through police files and take a closer look at each case. got a windy one this morning. it's going to be another windy day, though the winds won't reach levels we saw yesterday afternoon. those gusty winds will stay with us into the afternoon today. they're already gusting to more than 30 miles an hour. so, a windy one today. we'll see sunshine but it's going to be a chilly day. nowhere near that 70 we had yesterday. and it gets colder tonight with the wind finally dying down and skies staying clear. some clouds around. allentown, northeast philadelphia, 48 degrees. that's a northwesterly wind today bringing in the cooler air and going to keep a lid on our
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temperatures. it's also delivering a few clouds. these clouds, though, will not last all day. we'll get some sunshine and watch the wind speeds. future wind at noontime, 16-mile-an-hour winds in philadelphia. edging up by 4:00. topping 22 miles an hour at the shore with winds going even higher. we could see winds near 35 miles an hour this afternoon. so, the neighborhood by neighborhood forecast is calling for a chillier day today. 50s for allentown, reading and quakertown. you'll find the wind in doylestown, mt. holly. at the shore, you'll see sunshine but the steady breeze will be increasing late this afternoon for atlantic city and cape may. 57 degrees in dover today. and sunshine, a few passing clouds through wilmington, drexel hill and philadelphia, temperatures in the 50s today. does turn colder tonight. the future cast hour by hour when i'm back in ten minutes. >> bill, thanks for that. today renovation work begins on the passyunk draw bring which spans schuylkill between west
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philadelphia and south philadelphia. you can expect lane closures and delays for the next two years. let's see if there are any delays on the roads this morning. let's look at 295 to begin with. jessica boyington joins us. >> in the 4:00 hour the main problem is construction problems. this is route 38. no problems in either direction. all lanes are open and traffic moving along nicely. southbound from this point at 38 up to the black horse pike. that's moving into some active work zones. to problems there. a 13-minute trip. speeds well into the 60s so far for this morning. then we also have more construction, right in philadelphia on 33rd street. it's actually road milling reported by the police here. we have some closures. 33rd street between south street and market street, there will be lane closures there that might tie you up there. no word on when exactly this project will clear itself out of the way. we'll keep you updated for the rest of the morning, for sure.
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as for the rest of the area bridges, no problems or delays on the walt or ben. tracy? worrying about what's in the water. new jersey lawmakers plan to test the water system in every single school for lead. next, we tell you how much that will cost. also, shh, better keep it down in one new castle county town. hear about a new plan to stamp out noisy.
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it's 4:12. good morning, woodbury, in gloucester county. 47 degrees here right now. we continue to follow
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breaking news from overseas. a hijacked egypt airplane has landed in cyprus. the plane was handing from alexandria, egypt to cairo and landed in larnaka. authorities say a hijacker claimed to have an explosives belt on him. it's not clear how many hijackers are on board. the airline says negotiations led to the release of everyone on board except for the flight crew and four non-egyptian passengers. there's no word yet on their nationalities. there's no word yet on a motive or hijacker or hijackers. you with learn more on the nbc10 app as we learn more about this breaking news. state lawmakers want to test water in schools in new jersey. but it won't be cheap. they've introduced legislation to foot the $3 million bill, money set aside for lead prevention was used on other projects. they said the flint, michigan, water crisis and high levels of lead found in the newark school system prompted the new plan. >> we found out during this
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process is that there really isn't uniform regulation across the board or any policy in place to tell districts exactly what to do. >> if approved, the state would reimburse local governments for the twice-a-year water testing. lawmakers say they will address the larger, more expensive problem of replacing pipes once they get the results of those tests. meantime in the lehigh valley, we learned the allentown school district started testing for lead at two schools there. the district made a move following a report from a lehigh university professor about unsafe lead levels. school district officials say it's still not clear if proper tests were done. for now they've closed water fountains in the schools and made bottled water available. well, the nbc10 investigators are running a week-long living with lead series. today the focus is on philadelphia. taking the city's health department to task. there is a law in place to get rid of some of the lead, but we found out that no one's enforcing it. we'll have that report this afternoon at 4:00. it's a quarter after 4:00 this morning.
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we're learning more about the gunman who was shot by police near the u.s. capitol. tourists and government workers ran when they saw armed officers converging on the capitol visitors center yesterday. police locked down the capitol. capitol police shot the suspect after he pulled out what turned out to be a pellet gun. you can see people scattering when they heard the shots. police said the man was banned from the capitol after declaring himself a prophet of god during a house session last october. >> this is the act of a single person, who has frequented the capitol grounds before. there is no reason to believe that this is anything more than a criminal act. >> police say the suspect underwent surgery. he's expected to face criminal charges. a new law in north carolina is sparking lawsuits and boy cotts. last week north carolina lawmakers passed legislation requiring transgender people to use the bathroom aligned with the gender on their birth certificate. the new law also prevents cities
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and counties from passing anti-discrimination rules. two transgender people, a law school professor and civil liberties groups, filed a federal lawsuit against the legislation yet. >> until last wednesday, no one needed any laws to tell them which bathroom to use and there were no problems of any kind. everyone knew where to go and where not to go. now trans people like me have to worry there may be harassment, consequences. >> some of the thousands of retail and interior design companies that normally attend a huge furniture buying event next month say they'll boycott because of the law. and new york's governor and seattle's mayor have now banned nonessential travel by state and city workers to north carolina. governor andrew cuomo signed an executive order yesterday for an immediate travel ban. mayor ed murray made the same move on friday. in philadelphia, all city and privately owned businesses that have single-stall bathrooms are required to have a gender
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neutral signs. mayor nutter signed that into law last november. businesses were given until january 20th to change their signs. it's 4:17 and 50 degrees outside this morning. now, to decision 2016. it will bring the republican presidential candidates to wisconsin tonight for a town hall meeting in milwaukee. and donald trump, ted cruz and john kasich will appear separately and answer questions from both the moderator and the crowd. now, ted cruz wants to turn the town hall into a debate. he challenged donald trump to abandon the town hall format and to, quote, face him like a man. >> there's a reason donald trump doesn't like debates. because it's one thing to yell about the problems in america, but what becomes evident in a debate is donald has no solutions to the problems we're facing in this country. >> no comment yet from the trump campaign. meantime, there's a petition getting a lot of attention to allow guns into the arena at this summer's republican national convention. it was created on
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last week. already has nearly 50,000 signatures. there are questions about who started the petition because the creator can't be verified. regardless, here's the bottom line. the secret service won't allow guns into the hall. hillary clinton is criticizing republicans over their refusal to hold hearings on president obama's nominee for the supreme court. clinton spoke at the university of wisconsin yesterday. she says republicans in the senate should hold confirmation hearings for judge merrick garland right away. >> now republicans in the senate are acting like our votes didn't count and that president obama isn't still our nation's leader. now, i'll tell you, to those are not high-minded principles. those are low-minded politics. >> clinton says if she is named president, she will name justices who hold interests above corporate interests. bernie sanders gathered in northern liberties last night for a voter registration event.
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there was a special event, john fishman signed autographs. he's a philadelphia native. sanders' campaign opened its philadelphia headquarters over the weekend. you can get the latest 2016 decision, including updated delegate count by tapping the nbc10 app. now from our delaware bureau. you'll have to be even quieter in newark than you were before because city council last night amended a noise ordinance to make it stricter. at least one council member questioned the impact. >> we have to hire somebody who has special training, special training, special equipment. >> the new ordinance bans excessive noise from cars, music equipment or people. police will give you a warning during the day, but can instantly cite you for nighttime violations.
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20 minutes after 4:00. the wind is still blowing. and it's going to be a breezy day. you can see some clouds blowing through the area, too. this is a live view from here at the nbc10 studios. no sign of any wet weather today. 50 degrees right now in philadelphia. the wind was so strong yesterday and has come down a bit, but it's still clicking. 25-mile-an-hour wind gusts right now. at 50 degrees we won't stray far from it. yesterday at this time we saw rain in new jersey. this morning the streets are dry. you can see the breeze blow negotiate banner. woodbury, temperatures will be held back thanks to the gusty winds. winds right now are steady at 21 miles an hour in philadelphia. could gust as high as 35 miles an hour this afternoon. but it will be dry. those clouds are not producing any wet weather. we'll be watching the temperatures, futurecast showing at 3:00 this afternoon, that will be pretty much the warmest part of the day. look at the arrows, those winds are all out of the northwest and
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that's why it will be so much cooler today. coldary coming in. at 8:00 this evening, the temperatures will start coming down after sunset. by tomorrow morning at this time, look at the 30s. below freezing in pottstown and reading at 34 degrees. so, a chillier day today, but we will get some sunshine. gusty winds. afternoon temperatures will peak in the low to mid-50s. winds to 35 miles an hour this afternoon. the weekend will be turning cooler. saturday not bad. a little breezy. high of 61 degrees. those march winds will still be blowing on sunday, just 51 degrees the high temperature. and before we get to the weekend, there's some wet weather ahead, too, possibly even thunderstorms. look at seven-day forecast. we'll have the timing of that coming up in the next half hour. >> thanks for that. 4:21. let's get you to work this tuesday, especially if you travel the blue route. what are you seeing, jessica? >> we're doing okay on the blue route now, tracy. the cameras at germantown yovrp
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on-ramp, no problems. a very different sight than yesterday. the pa turnpike is looking okay. just checked in there. a lot that roadwork and projects lifted out of the way. westbound or eastbound from route 1 to valley forge, at the most, 23 minutes. we have some construction. this one is out in new jersey on the white house pike. there is a traffic shift for bridge work. i'll check in with more new jersey roads when i come back in the next ten. >> thanks. it's 22 minutes past 4:00. if you live in pennsylvania and work in delaware, septa will soon make your commute home a little easier. septa is adding two express trains to its wilmington/new washg lines. in the evening they'll run between the four stations. septa says the move will save commuters about ten minutes. the new service starts april 11th. change is coming to campbell's soup. hear what the camden-based
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company is taking out of every single can of its soups and why. speaking of change, change at citizens bank park, opening day is two weeks away. we get a look inside of what's to see, eat and do this season. we invite you to join the conversation in the morning while we're on the air, we're always talking online as well. join us and talk to us on twitter. our twitter addresses are right there on your screen. you can read our posts and tweet us. we're tweeting during the show. we'll be right back.
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good morning, cape may at 4:25. temperature right now, 48 degrees.
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a new place where you can drop your old prescription drugs safely is now available. a drug disposal box is being installed at royersford police department. the da says this is an environmentally friendly way of cutting the risk of kids getting ahold of drugs. if you have an appetite for baseball, food or both, check out what's new with the phillies this season. nbc10 got a preview of the new menu. receipt what's water ice will be in the concessions lineup for the first time. new styles of hot dogs, sandwiches and sweet treats. we're told the menu items will focus on the diversity of flavors that philadelphia is known for. >> a southeastern hoagie, a lot of pickle flavors, sirachi so
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you get the sweet, the spicy. >> is it too early to eat one of those? they previewed new games and suf nears that fans can enjoy this season. philly's home opener just around the corner. settle in, first pitch at 3:00 right here on nbc10. the wind is blowing this morning. it's chillier, 50 degrees. your hour by hour forecast just ahead. jessica boyington watching the roads. >> right around academy road, woodhaven road, no problems right now. roads are dry so you're good to go. we'll touch on construction projects when i come back at 4 :30. pilot arrested. next we're learning more about the delaware county native who was arrested just before flying an american airlines jet to philadelphia international. on this cushion for generations.
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parked on a runway in cyprus. it was hijacked this morning, forced to land here. now we're learning more about what may have prompted this whole thing. and all eyes are on the villanova wildcats and their march to victory. we're live on campus as students return to classes. and windy and cool. here's a live look at the flags atop the airmark building in center city. it's in the 50s right now. won't be getting much warmer. it's 4:30. good morning, this is nbc10 today. i'm tracy davidson. the


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