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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  April 4, 2016 11:34pm-12:38am EDT

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hugging each other. giving high fives. i'm here with lindsay. what does it mean for you? >> this means so much! this team tried to hard throughout the year. we always came in as an underdog and we never gave up and so incredible and so excited. >> reporter: how hard was it to watch this game? >> i was having a heart attack the whole time. i knew it would be back and forth and that end of the game shot was unbelievable. >> reporter: so much excitement here. just take a look around. so much excitement here. these are all alums of vanderbilt university. i'm sure the party is not ending any time soon. the nail biter that was this game, it was all the way to the end. they were with them all the way to the end. and to have this outcome is so gratifying to see. but you see the party has just, just begun, jim. may be a long night. back to you.
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>> all right. as you have been talking to us, we are looking at live pictures of lancaster avenue. on the campus of villanova university and its environs. there you see thousands of students jumping up and down, cheering, still more pouring in to this central location to celebrate as the wildcats are going wild. they're national champions beating the unc tarheels, 77-74 in a nail biter there at the end. tied up with seconds to go. and nova nation is celebrating the first national championship. they're partying like it's 1985 as we have been saying. many of these fans right here, though, weren't probably even alive in 1985. so this is a first for them. a nice to remember. proud of their team. proud of their school. brings so much positive attention to villanova university tonight. look at them just jumping up and
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down. arms waving in the air. in unison. in celebration. for villanova's big win tonight. all right. we are going to continue to watch this celebration and then check in, as well, in houston, texas, coming up where we have members of the nbc 10 team on hand including alum keith jones. hope to check in with him. meantime, we'll be right back. to you, they're more than just a pet. so protect them... ...with k9 advantix ii. it not only kills fleas, ticks and mosquitoes, it repels them, too. so do more to defend your four legged friend... ...with k9 advantix ii. for the love of dog.
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back to the live coverage of villanova university. from sky force 10. there you see flags flying and fans waving their arms in celebration as the wildcats are now national champions. want to check in with denise nakano and also with students and fans tonight. denise? looking again at live pictures here from the villanova campus. >> reporter: wait. we are live. >> there's denise. >> reporter: i'm sorry. yes. we are live outside, right outside of kelly's tap room and yaw saw me live a few minutes ago. the crowd inside spilled out to lancaster avenue at water street. there was already a police presence here waiting in vehicles and also on bikes and they seem to have the crowd contained to about a block. but all the patrons, all the
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students are in full celebration mode. i mean, it seems like right now they're excited to be out here. they filled the streets as i think police were ready for and they have closed the portion of lancaster avenue and closer to the campus. now, many of the bars, where you see the students are about probably a half a mile to a mile away from villanova, and what has concerned police the entire time is that once this game is over and the celebration mode would begin as saturday night the students, some that may be intoxicated, to make the way over to campus and celebrating there and where the eight arrests you spoke of earlier, jim, those were where the arrests happened, an assault on a police force as well as some fires being set an all those arrests involved students so here are lower marion police, radnor police and state police closed down a portion of the blue route at exit 13, but as you can see, a massive crowd
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that has spilled out on to the street. i can guess, probably 350, 400 students were inside the bar where i was at and they were just so excited. i mean, the game was such a nail biter. this is all -- some students ever wanted. this is a lifetime -- once in a lifetime type event and people floating on top of the crowd. people on top of people's shoulders. other people trying to keep it calm. hugging. flags up. posters, as well. people with a -- we have a big crowd here that police are trying to maintain. we have a perimeter set up. you see police in yellow vest that is are there containing the crowd from going past water street, that would be toward theville that voluntary campus. again, about 400 people, students mainly filed into the streets from kelly's tap room. nearby bars, as well. in celebration. you know, raising their hand.
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so happy that this win has happened. you know, the first time in more than 30 years for them and they're celebrating and police hope it remains peaceful. back to you. >> yeah. the live pictures, denise, looks like a controlled euphoria there so far and the president of the university as well as coach wright as we know earlier today put out statements appealing to students to celebrate responsibly. obviously, they have great reason to celebrate. the first win as you said national champs in 31 years. the radnor township police told nbc 10 they had a big plan in place working on, an emergency operations center in place with help of federal, state, local as well as campus authorities. all working together to make sure that really nobody gets hurt, that everyone is safe. they have additional staff in a call center to monitor any calls that come in. and as you mentioned, denise,
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there was an incident over the weekend when there were eight arrests after the celebration over the weekend. but they have aufrofficers on horseback and bicycles and of course on foot patrol as well as canines in the area out there. so radnro township police ready for this and they have also made the street closures that were expected. lancaster avenue in many parts is closed. blue route exit to route 30, lancaster avenue, is closed right now. they're trying to contain the crowd and keep it controlled and maintain just a responsible celebration. as we look on the left side of your screen, i'm looking at some flames there, very small flams s at this point. what that is exactly, it's hard to make out. again, there you see the villanova flag on the right side of the screen. that's bryn mawr where people
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are on lancaster avenue. listen to the cheers. endless after the victory. 77-74 victory over the unc tarheels. big win for the team tonight, as we said. huge victory for coach wright and his players. as well as students and alums. just gives a huge boost to this university on the main line. let's check back in with denise. what are you seeing? >> reporter: jim, right now i see this massive crowd you were talking about. everybody from kelly's tap room that have moved out into this street. now, people are cheering. they seem to be in great spirits, of course. but this nail biting win. people are just here in this main section a block worth of lancaster avenue by water street. right outside of kelly's with on one side police and other side police and they seem to just
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kind of be holding their ground. they seem to be standing and making their presence known. we have some people filing through. they're not -- not like they're not allowing people to move on past. they're running down the street and there are more police cars and presence down the street. but for the main part, i mean, we have so many people out here. i would say probably, you know, 350, 400 people that have moved out into the street. very quick. after the celebration began, within minutes of the win, you know, people were cheering, hugging each ore and on three levels of the building they started to make the way down to lancaster and file out. now, i have a feeling this party, this celebration, is going to be lasting well into the night. you know, we have people here that just -- are living it up. and just enjoying themselves. you know, the only thing that i have seen out here a little bit is just people throwing over empty cans at each other or up in the air.
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you know? in celebration. but otherwise, you know, people are -- all the students are just overjoys, you can h ughing each other. i saw people coming to tears, and women, you know, crying and saying this is all they ever wanted. here it is. the celebration. spilled to lancaster avenue and i'm sure at many other sections and this is the hot spot of all watch parties. for nova nation here at kelly's where they were lining up here at 2:00, seven hours before the actual game began, to be out here and to have this moment and share this moment that they were expecting or hoping at least that they would be able to share with each other. it is. here's the celebration. they did it. and pulled off the win. and, you know, we've got a lot of probably half the crowd are seniors. this is their final chance at a national championship. and now they own it. they own this game. i mean, they did it. so, here they are. even if it's about 30 degrees
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out here, someone has the shirt off, swinging it around. people are excited and spraying water bottles and things like that. but for the most part, people with their hands in the air, celebrating. police here trying to make sure that people are safe. you know, in terms of police, they have their emergency sensor, their headquarters there and plus several command post that is are around. we just saw somebody's -- we have an object flung at us so we're okay though but somebody threw a crush over in our direction. we have on a balcony level with an aerial view up on the balcony of kelly's at this point to see over the crowd. and it's getting a little raucous out there. i think people are for the most part keeping it cool and we are -- some people, always somebody out there. but again, police are here trying to maintain the crowd. make sure that it's fun, safe celebratory event. making their presence known as well in other spots along
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lancaster avenue closer to the campus but we are about, you know, half a mile down from campus and this is where kind of a scene is. i mean, this is the place where people have come to celebrate, take part in the watch parties. once that win happened, boy, they went right out into the streets and are in full celebration mode at this hour. so, you know, right now, they're hoping. we haven't heard of any arrests happening. i think everyone's just, you know, really happy to be out here and to celebrate. >> all right. that's it for now. i'm denise nakano. jim, back to you. >> all right. it's been a long road so no wonder they're celebrating. so lots to celebrate tonight. but we to go up to sky force 10 because i understand we may have some pictures from the west side of the football stadium. is that what we're going to be looking at? where we understand there may be
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a fire. all right. these are pictures of sky force 10. this isvil villanovvillanova's understand it. lots of students there celebrating, as well. coming to us from sky force 10. we had word of a fire on the west side of the football stadium but that's not what we're looking at here. this is hundreds if not thousands of happy villanova student who is are celebrating tonight's win on the campus and also, obviously, selling down the road where denise nakano is, as well. the school's first national championship in more than three decades. so this is a win for the ages. it's a win to remember, especially for these students. who have been watching the team all season long. rooting for them. the ups, the downs. and tonight, they pulled it off. beating the tarheels, 77-74.
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and again, we are watching for any problems. we know portions of lancaster avenue closed tonight. that was always the sort of plan in the event of a victory celebration in the streets around campus. and that's lancaster avenue on the right side of your screen. on the left side, sky force 10 over the campus. where the entire screen there is filled with people celebrating tonight's victory. let's just drink it in for a second and listen in a little bit to the cheering. especially you think about this for the seniors at villanova to have gone there for four years and culminates weeks from graduation, if you will, with this kind of a going away party, this is something the seniors will never forget. we saw the two seniors on the team, you will recall, kissing
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the floor at the pavilion before they made their journey down to houston for this road to the championship. and coach wright, you will recall, got very emotional about his guys making that gesture. i want to go back now to denise nakano once again who's outside kelly's tap room where everybody's poured out into the streets, denise. >> reporter: jim, i don't think anybody left. i mean, there's probably maybe i saw 15 people running toward the direction of campus but for the most part the 350 people that were filling to capacity kelly's has now spilled out into the street and they just beside themselves. we have people taking out shirts, hands up in the air. hugs everywhere. i think people are just living up the moment. national championship that was a hard fight and it was a nailer at the end and here we are. people just so, so happy.
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and people that wanted to share this moment with so many others and why they turned out in such a big, big way to wait for hours to be part of this group. so here we are. we have got this celebration. this area contained to about a block where the crowd has spilled out into lancaster avenue. we have a lower marion police or thing the situation seem to be pretty under control at this hour. where you have got people just celebrating and just in the crowd and just, you know, happy to be here. and celebrating the moment. we have heard of, you know, i have seen with my own eyes, nothing too out of control. people just happy to be here and mainly staying in this one section. i don't think despite the cold, despite rain earlier today, nothing is stopping these an fans from celebrating. seven hours before the actual game they were waiting in line. some checking it out overnight and braving the rain and
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standing out there so they could be part of this crowd and now these chilly temperatures, many people short sleeves. you know? shirts off. not necessarily dressed for these conditions. continue to be out here. you know, many minutes after this game has ended. i think they're probably fueled by adrenaline. just being out here and enjoying themselves. we do have a pretty good police presence here. they're kind of taking on the perimeter of each end of this crowd. and i think they're watching out for things. we might have some plain clothes officers moving throughout the crowd. we had a lot of security that was inside kelly's and probably watching things, you know, on the perimeter, as well, keeping watch of maybe fans might have gotten a little out of control. for the most part you see the crowd, just so happy. just take a listen. you know? some people saying, look at me. ? people getting on top of each other's shoulders.
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taking pictures. trying to live and chur this moment. this kind of a once in a lifetime moment for them. and, you know, just hearing from one woman, one student who's a senior who said this is all i rally ever wanted was a win. i mean, i never wanted anything more she told me. so it's a pretty incredible night for the students and they're really making the most out of it at this time. jim? >> you know, police in the area, denise, as you know ready for this and they even talked to witnesses from the 1985 championship victory when wildcats defeated the hoyeas and interviewed them for a idea of what to expect for this celebration. they canceled vacations. any days off, that's on hold for now because they were prepared for anything. any eventuality.
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there in the center of the screen, a small perhaps bonfire there. does not look to be large. not sure exactly is burning there. it's hard to see. it is dark. but that's the campus of villanova where students are celebrating the victory on campus and celebrating it in bryn mawr, as well. cheering, figrightfully so. the president of the university asked students to brat responsibly, not let going things get out of hand. they're college students. so excited for their team. so are alums tonight. and some of those alums as we saw earlier from keith jones and john clark who were in houston for the road to the championship, they traveled by the hundreds. evens of that '85 team were there in houston to watch this tonight. and drink it all in, as well. and celebrate with coach wright
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and his huge win tonight. at villanova. it is 41 degrees out there so the small flames probably feel pretty good. we hope that doesn't grow in size, of course. live pictures coming to you from the campus of villanova where students are celebrating the wildcats first win since 1985, neighal championship. champions. beating the unc tarheels. 77-74. in a nail biter. this fire i'm told is over the quad on campus. does not look to be growing in size or out of control in any way. we'll keep an eye on that. as we've been mentioning, also, just as a precaution, a portion
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of lancaster avenue closed to traffic. the blue route exit to route 30 closed. you are looking at video here from the moments after the victo victory. this is actually on the right side of your screen i'm told live pictures from down on the court, courtside in houston. fans still making the way out. >> let's go, baby! >> how's it feel? >> oh my god. this is the best -- senior year, man. >> unbelievable. >> incredible. >> a shame to dream about. you dream about this. let's go! let's go, nova! let's go cats. >> that's a live look at nrg stadium in houston where fans are still on the floor. we are waiting to hear from coach,s in the aftermath of this victory. apologize for any language you
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may have heard there. it's a live celebration. it's spontaneous and now we're back to our area. fans taking off the shirts, having a good time. celebrating. jumping up and down. of course, police on hand should anything get out of hand. again, pictures coming to you live from sky force 10. the fire on the quad at the campus of villanova where hundreds of students poured on to the campus out of the paville glued to the final seconds. it was tied up with just seconds to go and villanova pulled it off. they beat the tarheels by 3 points. you hear them chanting.
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unlike some of our games leading up to the championship game, this was no blow-out. we had a blow-out against iowa. we had a 44-point blow-out against oklahoma. this was a pretty close one. so a lot of pent-up energy in the final moments of the game tonight. it was tied up. with just second to. but villanova prevailed. once again, live pictures of sky force 10. the left side of the screen, theville va campus. and radnor police asking people to stay away from campus. they don't want the crowd to get any larger.
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as they try to control this celebration, make sure that everyone is safe, no one gets hurt. that people celebrate responsibly. on the right side of the screen, lancaster, you can see the double yellow line in the middle of the screen maybe through the crowd. people still hugging. jumping up and down. does that ever get old? after your team has won the national championship. i don't think so. there you see the police presence on lancaster avenue. they've been planning for this. they have had plenty of extra help that's been brought in, as well. they have established an emergency operation center that includes help from the feds, from the state, local jurisdictions, as well. and campus authorities, all working together.
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and they have officers as you saw there on foot. but they also have officers on horseback. motorcycles. bicyc bicycles. live pictures on both sides of your screen there.
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>> ryan arcidiacono grabbing it. let's turn around a little bit. there we go. posing for a first picture. father ralph hagen here. ryan? hey, ryan? they have to go to the locker room right now. we'll try to follow this way. follow the action. villanova fan on the stage. how does this feel?
12:05 am
>> feels amazing. feels amazing. >> you ever dream of this? >> i mean, i'm a senior. i was hoping this would happen and just -- i can't even believe it. >> i was hoping to be the first one to say this, 1985 on your cheek. we'll party like it's 2016. >> yes, right. >> of course, of course. >> let's see if we can catch the players walking off here. >> thank you. >> let's go, guys. keep on walking down here. down to the corner as the team heads off. we're on tv right now. how does this feel? >> we are so excited. they're like brothers. and through up and down, they stick together. they have incredible spirit. they have incredible faith and they really just never stopped believing and we are so proud of them for all the work and the way they represented us all year. just wonderful, wonderful young men and we couldn't be happier for them.
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>> thank you so much. i appreciate it. putting you on the spot, too. i love you, man. they're all coming off right now. what you are seeing right now are reporters, some of the journalists coming off following them. let's show you here. look at all those people, all the fans pushing over. that's the students there in the corner. enjoying this moment as the players come off the court. you know, we'll have to do, actually, we will have to come on down these stairs and try to get some interviews with them in the locker room. they're hard tore get up here on the court. for now, jim, i'm going to send it back to you in the studio. come on, john. >> all right, keith jones, working hard there on the floor of nrg stadium. great vantage point of those players, seniors cutting down the net there tonight after their victory over the tar heels. again, back here at home looking at live pictures in our area. want the go to our chopper of
12:07 am
sky force 10 watching the scene over the quad at villanova. i want them to sort of set the scene of what we are looking at here in the center of the screen and watching small fires, some flames there as well as on the quad. tell us what you are seeing where you are. >> we are over the quad section of the university and it is essentially packed with students here. you can see it full of students. they all seem to be pretty much under control, just excited, jumping around. lots of dancing, waving the shirts. there are a few small fires that once i zoom in here and see there's small fires that haven't gotten too out of control. they seem to be going out and they're getting started again. and as i widen out here, just different groups of students that -- the quad and lancaster avenue, there's another group of students. we saw a few students that were climbing on the traffic lights.
12:08 am
and but for the most part it seems to be just excitement and celebrati celebration. >> dan, from your vantage point, obviously it appears to be a controlled celebration an things are not out of hand right now. >> that's the way it appears. a lot of celebration, a lot of excitement. .
12:09 am
the exits from the blue route of also shut down and there's a large police presence here. also the state police helicopter in the air surveying what's going on. and like i said it just seems to be a lot of excitement and celebration. >> that group, dan, on lancaster avenue, the second group that you were just showing us, is there any attempt by police to keep them from moving around much? can you tell? >> it doesn't look like the police have been restraining that group or keeping them to that area. the group is staying there on
12:10 am
their own. there are police there observing and letting them celebrate and enjoy the moment. >> and plenty of sem brcelebrat going on tonight both on the villanova campus, down in houston, texas, as we just saw fr from keith jones. and these fans celebrating along with those players back here on the main line at villanova. and so far, as you've been telling us, dan, two distinct groups here. this group on lancaster avenue, the group on the quad. there you see flames again in the middle of your screen. >> yeah, there have been these small fires that have been started, different sections of the groups. they'll go on for a while. >> obviously, they are lighting small items on fire, and we hope that that does not grow into anything larger. they are still jumping up and
12:11 am
down, waving the villanova flags. general happiness is what you are looking at there. we want to go to some of the final plays of the game. this is what they got to watch. carolina tying it up right here with less than five seconds to go in this game. and there you go. there was the three points that put villanova on top. and the wildcats cheering, the confetti raining down on the floor. there's unc's coach. coach wright hugging his staff. the team hugging each other, falling down on the floor.
12:12 am
ryan arcidiacono on the floor savoring this victory. they worked so hard for all season long. i understand nbc 10's keith j e jones back on the floor. he's been with the villanova fans. he is an alum. he's right outside the stadium. the floor now, keith. look at that smile on your face. >> i'm right outside the locker room. this is a fantastic moment. i really can't believe it. this is where the opening to the locker room is. we're seeing a lot of police. a lot of reporters waiting. chris jenk kris jernkins was the last one o come in. they are waiting to let all of us in to talk to some of the players and coaches. but this is a long time coming. i can speak personally as a
12:13 am
former basketball manager for about three years. i just told coach wright's wife, patty wright, for the decade or so they've been here, the 13, 15 years, you work, build a network, work with these players. all of a sudden, you see this because you build a good program and a good family moreover. this is what we're looking at. villanova's locker room is here. if you keep going down this locker room to the left it's a very different scene. a somber scene. that's where unc is. a little bit of an announcement going on here. i think they shot 64% from the field, which sis an all-time tournament record. sorry. just listening to this guy. second highest ever attendance, 74,340.
12:14 am
it's what we're listening to right now, some of the stats. some of the bigger ones. got to get a close-up on these championship hats they've given out. that was coach baker dunleavy. >> describe those final seconds of the game, what that was like for you and for everyone in that stadium. it was a nail-biter there. >> it was unbelievable. unc comes down. they're down by three. 11 seconds to go. they hit that crazy three-pointer. just jumping, winding shot. all of a sudden all the unc fans, and there's a ton of them here. not anymore. they were throwing their seat cushions which they were given in the beginning of the game. coach wright calls time-out. they go into the huddle and then that incredible shot. arcidiacono. i was holding up my phone on the sidelines going crazy. i've got to get that video back
12:15 am
to you. the whole place went nuts. on the villanova side, everyone started jumping around. the 1985 team, many of those former players came back. came on to the floor to join coach wright for an interview. as he said to john clark, he expected this. this is what he wanted to do when he came here and it's tremendous that now not only can we say party like it's 1985. we know what it's like to party like it's 1985. we're going to party like it's 2016. i'm a villanova alum. my boss is shaking his head and saying you're so biased. let me see what's going on behind me. nothing is. >> talk about -- a lot of the nova nation still outside. they're still waiting. >> as the team manager, you've worked with coach wright. you know him well. he's been a mentor to you. talk about the patience it takes to build this up to this moment, to earn a national championship,
12:16 am
maybe some speculation here. but what do you think is going through coach's mind tonight? what does it say about -- >> he's got to be so proud. >> -- effort. >> he's got to be so proud. a couple of weeks ago, he was quoted as saying -- what they were doing -- what's that, john? you know, we're going to move into the interview room. two weeks ago he said these were like his kids. when you see them actualize their potential, it's a special thing. right now i can't imagine what that speech spluft been like. come in front of me, john. we're going to follow right into the locker room right now. >> as you watch these live pictures -- >> a crush of journalists. >> riwe're right with you. coach wright. he was wearing those sunglasses when he got to houston.
12:17 am
asked about ryan and daniel kissing the floor. he said that's why i'm wearing sunglasses because he got emotional watching them do that. and he's going to be saying good-bye to them as seniors. almost like a second father to all of them. >> yeah, no question, jim. and you know, when you think about it, when it was the end of the 2001 season. excuse me. >> you have your pass? >> i've got my pass here. >> 2001, 2002 inherited a team that wasn't doing very well. then a phone scandal that happened about the beginning of my freshman year in 2003, dealing with suspensions. came from the bottom and built up a program baseod consistency and family and everyone believing in each other. the more and more that took hold, the better and better the program got. i'm going to toss it back to you. we're going to make sure we get set up here. >> want to go as keith gets ready to hear from players and coach.
12:18 am
back to the main line to the villanova campus. brandon hudson is with us keeping an eye on the celebration. what are you seeing where you are? >> we are at the middle of lancaster avenue. absolutely crazy celebration. these fans -- winning that national championship over unc. they came out of the pavilion and right in here. you can see they are right up on the traffic light posts. they've gotten up there. as you can see, an awesome celebration here on campus. we're going to try to send it back to you. >> yeah, there was word that they were going to grease those light poles because they didn't want them climbing up there. obviously that intrepid student made his way up there anyway.
12:19 am
as you might expect they would want to do. down there on the ground you see happy villanova fans, alum, students. mostly students there on campus holding their villanova flags, waving. and on the right side of your screen, pictures from skyforce 10 watching the celebration on lancaster avenue. small flames we see erupting in the crowd. and then extinguished just as quickly. let's go back to nbc 10's keith jones joining us from nrg stadium at the center of it all and a special player with him right now. keith? >> we learned so much in those games. >> jim, we're talking to josh
12:20 am
hart right now. here he is. >> we knew we underachieved and to get after this drought, this -- even the 31-year drought, it's crazy. >> on friday we were talking about having a little bit of faith. looked like it was going to go into overtime. what were you thinking? >> just -- i couldn't believe he made it. we had great defense. they did a good job. 4.7 seconds left. nobody was shook. no one was rattled. that's what we practice every day. that attitude is all about how you respond to a situation. and, you know, we practice that in game situations every day and, you know, it worked out for us. >> any worries sneak in there at all? >> not at all. just so dialed in. this team is so dialed in, so focused. we're not worried about
12:21 am
anything. we're not scared to lose. that was why we were able to go out there and play. >> what do you have to say about this team? as the leading scorer? >> this speaks volumes. we don't care. we don't care who has the stats or who looks great individually. obviously, we're very proud of them. we know sometimes teams are going to try to stop us. we have so many guys that can go and be stars. and just for him to step up at this stage, man, i've known him since he was 14 years old. i'm so proud of him. >> who were you thinking of when you were cutting down the nets? >> my people. i grew up dreaming about. they made me the man i am today.
12:22 am
hard working people who, you know, did everything they could do to give me this opportunity. just thinking about them and thinking about my girl. that's about it. >> what do you have to say about your shooting percentage the last two games? >> what was it today? >> 58.3%. >> that's crazy. i definitely would have liked to shoot 71 like the other day. i think this game would have been a little less stressful. but the biggest question after the oklahoma game, the beginning of the year was, take too many shots or not going to go deep. if they have -- run into a game where they can't make shots. we're great shooters. we were just taking bad shots. as the season went on, we got -- we're smarter. more experience. able to get the best available shot. [ inaudible ]
12:23 am
>> all right. you had the player's perspective there. there you see coach jay wright about to sit down at the microphone to give us his perspective on tonight's big win and this road to the national championship. once again, live from houston, texas, on the left side of your screen. the celebration there from houston on the right side of your screen. >> coach wright will begin with an opening statement as the student athletes ascend to the stage at this time. >> i want to thank jim. it's an honor to receive this trophy. i have great respect for jim haney and our national association of coaches. this is our convention this weekend which is usually what i'm doing. at the convention during the final four. i take great pride in being part of that organization, the national association of basketball coaches.
12:24 am
to have jim present this is really nice. and it means a lot to me personally. i also want to start by saying that was one of the great college basketball games we've ever been a part of. and we all have great respect for north carolina. we didn't just beat a great team, which this team is, but a great program, classy program. and before they determined that shot was good, roy came right up to me and said, i'm really disappointed for our guys. that was a great game, but i'm really happy for you. i know he means it. he's a coach's coach. he's got a great team. some of those seniors, johnson and page were just great examples of what you want college beneficial players to be. they played with class and lost
12:25 am
tonight with class. we have great respect and admiration for them. and for our guys, you are like a parent when you are a coach. i couldn't be prouder and happier to see them enjoy this and fulfill their dreams. and that's what it's all about for a coach. to see their eyes, to see their satisfaction and enjoyment, there's no better feeling in the world for a coach or a parent. >> we're joined by national champion champions arcidiacono. >> nancy from "usa today" sports. >> ryan, you guys have talked a lot about the connection that you have with the '85 team. it's often said they played the perfect game in their title game. you might have the greatest game ever. what is that like and can you put into words what those last
12:26 am
five seconds were for you? >> first off, coach wright does a great job of keeping former players around the program. so they're always around us. even the guys from every single team in the early 2000s. it's a great honor to be in that class with the '85 team and just to know we'll be kind of in the same sentence is an honor. the last five seconds starts with marcus paige's shot. we knew what play we were going to at the end of the game because we work on it every day in practice. i wanted to be aggressive. if i could get a shot, i was going to shoot it. i heard someone screaming in the bag of my head and it was kris. i gave it to him and he let it go with confidence. >> we're going up front toward the right side. >> arch, how fitting that the final time you touched the ball
12:27 am
as a villanova basketball player was an assist to set up the winning shot in a national championship game. >> it just happened to be me on that play. i think anyone -- it could have been jalen or phil. coach just had me in that situation throughout the year. it was just an honor to run that play. but i was just -- it just shows how much confidence we have in each other and we're just kind of trying to find the right shot. >> third row on the left side. >> mike from the "philadelphia enquirer" for arch. two questions. number one, how did you get jim nantz's tie and, number two if you can describe what jay said and you how guys reacted in the huddle before the final play. >> well, first, we were walking off the floor. the team was walking off the floor and jim nantz came up to me and stopped me. i just thanked him for a great tournament and everything he did. he said i took -- at the end of the tournament, i always go to
12:28 am
the winning team and pick a senior who has inspired him throughout the tournament and gives him the tie at the end. he said it was me. i was in awe. just a great honor from a really nice person. and the last play, we were just calm in the huddle. we knew what we were going to do and just executed. >> next question is on the front left. pat? >> for kris. pat from yahoo! sports. what were you screaming in arch's ear, and your coach said you live for those shots. why? >> what i was screaming at arch? i don't remember. >> for the ball at the end. >> all i hear is arch, arch, after. >> i was able to get in his vision and i was open. so i was screaming at him. and for him to be so unselfish and give up the ball, you know,
12:29 am
just shows what type of teammate he is, what type of person he is. and, you know, we put a lot of work in. this team and, you know, everybody has the confidence to catch and shoot. so when arch threw me the ball, one, two step and shoot them up. >> to the second row, greg. >> greg from "newsday" again for kris. right here in front. your coach said on the court that you said in the huddle that you were going to be open. do you recall that, and what are you thinking, you know, prior to that play, and, you know, thinking about could you be the one to take that shot? >> well, i always take the ball out. so from previous games, i realized when i take the ball out and the ball goes up the court, the defenders usually follow the ball. so i knew when i gave arch the ball he was going to be aggressive. and they were going to try to take arch away.
12:30 am
he's hit big shots in his career. when they all followed the ball, i just knew, if i get in his line of vision, then he'll find me. >> we're going to the center of the room. we have the red microphone. >> this is for kris. they said if they won you wouldn't hear the end of it. this summer will be a tough one in the house. how do you go home and handle nate? >> i'm not going to say too much to him tonight but tomorrow i'm going to be right at him. that's for sure. i read that comment. i said, oh, man. >> let's go to the center of the room. >> kris, what does it mean to hit that shot. you said you didn't want anything more than to beat your brother or to be the one that did it. >> we did it as a team.
12:31 am
we fought the whole game. fouls called against us. shots not going in. we just -- this team is we accept coaching and listen to coach wright and our coaching staff. we've gotten better all year. the first half we didn't play villanova basketball but for us to make the changes coach had us make. and for us to go out there and compete. this team played hard. we gave it all we had. we were lucky to hit the shot at the end. >> let's go to the left of the aisle. >> zach, we'll get you the microphone back in a couple of minutes. >> this is ryan. mark bradley from atlanta. i'm a little confused. you said you ran a play but also make it sound like it was a bit of an improvisation. was it a play, an improvisation or what? >> no it was a play. it's what we do every day in
12:32 am
practice. daniel set the screen for me. kris did a great job sprinting into the play. once i heard him, i flipped it to him. that's definitely part of the play. >> second row just to the right of the aisle. right there. >> julie with "the new york times." i have a question just about the last question. so when you were dribbling up toward the basket, did you think that you were going to take the shot or were you going to plan to kick it to kris? >> i was -- we work on that play every single day in practice. and i am always the one with the ball. i think coach has confidence in me and my teammates have confidence in me. i was trying to be aggressive. it's not about me taking the shot. it's about me making the right read, and i just think i did that. >> front left for dana. >> dana, espn. daniel, you mopped the floor yourself. one of your coaches says one of your mottos is be the best street sweeper you can be.
12:33 am
is that what you were doing? >> definitely. the little kid was having a hard time. i knew exactly where i had to set the screen. i didn't want to slip or arch to slip. i saw the kid was having a hard time. i left a big wet spot. let me get this and make sure the floor is dry. thank god we didn't slip on that. >> next question to the right side toward the front. >> ryan, espn san antonio. chris, how frustrating was it being in early foul trouble, and how did it affect your play when you got back in the game? >> i always want to be out there with my guys. there was no frustration. next man up, we have so much faith and confidence in each other. so i just knew that if we kept the game close, when i got back in there, we were going to make a run for it. >> back to nancy to the right of the aisle. >> nancy, "usa today." daniel, the last five seconds kris' shot made -- was the
12:34 am
game-winner, but it was your defense in the second half that really made a difference. can you just describe what you guys did differently in the second half, particularly a stretch, they shot like 2 of 12 when you took the lead. >> just recommitted to villanova basketball. in the locker room, we asked everybody, all the coaches to leave the locker room and it was just players only. guys were getting on each other. we came out. coach wright was on us. we were on each other. and just got back to villanova basketball. started defending better. started rebounding the ball better. just got it done. >> two more questions for the student athletes before they return to the locker room. zach follow-up and then greg. >> kris, what was it like facing your brother in a national championship game with millions watching and also have you heard from your family, and do you expect your mother to be more happy for you or do you think she's going to be -- try to keep
12:35 am
nate's spirits up? >> nate's my brother. i love him. to play against each nrths a national championship was something special for our family. i'm happy that we run, for sure, so i don't have to hear him talk smack. but, you know, no, our family was neutral the whole game, i'm pretty sure. they're going to be there for nate, and be there for me the same. so that's it. >> and back to greg for the final question. >> for daniel, you guys were talking yesterday about the villanova way of playing basketball. the way you guys took ownership of the locker room at halftime and paid attention to detail in those final seconds is that kind of a reflection of everything you worked for for four years? >> definitely. our biggest word we use in this program is attitude. a lot of guys, myself and arch to start with, we weren't locked defensively.
12:36 am
taking crazy shots offensively. we set the tone. and that's how the team played in the first half. in the second half, looked at arch and myself. we've got to pick it up. thank god we did. everybody else stepped up to the plate. and that is the villanova way. if something isn't going right, we don't hang our heads. we don't feel bad for ourselves. the attitude, next play. >> we'd like to thank and congratulate daniel, kris and ryan. they'll head back to the locker room and join their teammates for more questions and answers. >> just to put in perspective for you when they were asking kris about his brother nate. his brother nate plays on the unc team, of course. so both on the floor tonight. and their poor mother having to root for both her sons. kris jenkins was taken in by nate's family about ten years ago, adopted by them. so mom had a t-shirt, a two-sided t-shirt that supported one son on one side and the
12:37 am
other son on the other side. that's what that discussion was about. you heard from coach wright talking about how it feels like he's a parent to these players and the look in their eyes as they won was something that meant so much to him. and ryan being asked about the last five seconds of the game. he heard kris jenkins saying, give me the ball. he let it go with confidence and said perhaps that's a testament to how much confidence we have in each other. and when he was asked about this final time touching the ball as a villanova player, he said it was just an honor to run the play. on the right side of the screen, you see those fans react with the players in houston. and then we also have cameras, obviously, live cameras on the main line at the campus of villanova. brandon hudson has been watching the celebration there for us. what's the latest where you e?


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