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tv   Early Today  NBC  April 5, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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nbc 10 news starts now. jenkins three to win it. he made it! cats win it all! cats win it all! cats win it all! incredible. national champions sin the first time since 1985, "the voice" is tops in college basketball. nova nation has plenty to celebrate this morning. nbc 10 was there with the crowd at kelly's an lancaster avenue as they erupted in pure joy. crowds of villanova fans filled the streets.
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while the wildcats are hot this morning, the weather, downright cold. we're waking up to temperatures in the 20s and 30s. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. definitely a chilly one out there. let's get right to the forecast with meteorologist bill henley. good morning, bill? >> good morning, rosemary. you'll have to bundle up if you're headed outside to do anything. there are a few scattered clouds around and widespread cold. 32 degrees right now and look at the wind. it's gusting to 20 miles an hour to make it feel even colder. 29 now for pottstown, and reading. that's down a degree in the last hour. 33 in millville, dover and wilmington. 32 in northeast philadelphia. factor in the wind, it feels like it's in the teens and low 20s this morning. stand by to bundle up. it's going to be a slow warmup into the 40s this afternoon. we'll go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes. jessica boyington watching your first alert traffic. >> we're watching the vine
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street expressway where we're dealing with that ongoing construction again. we're back with both lanes closed. both sides closed, actually, eastbound and westbound on the vine street expressway. this is right around broad street where they&be starting to divert traffic off. you can see the cones in the area and all vehicles getting off the off ramp. it is closed in between broad street and 24th street where the schuylkill interjects with that right now. we'll see most cars have to take vine street local this morning. 422. no problems or delays. we are still dealing with construction there as well. we're losing lanes in between trooper road and route 29, eastbound from 29 to the schuylkill, still an eight-minute trip. we're in the middle of an opening on the burlington bristol that was scheduled for 3:55. >> jenkins three to win it. he made it. cats win it all!
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cats win it all! cats win it all! >> what a finnish houston. villanova's march to victory is now complete. the wildcats in a wild finish beat north carolina at the buzzer to claim the national championship of men's college basketball. the thrilling finish sent villanova students spilling into the streets. skyforce 10 was over the pavilion on villanova's campus. you can see the kids running out of the watch party to celebrate and savor a victory for the ages. those students ran from the pavilion into the streets and boy did they enjoy the moment together. nbc 10's lauren mayk is live in villanova. for a time, area roads were closed to make sure everybody had a safe place to celebrate. >> we saw the roads opening this morning as we drove here. we were able to get down county line road. right now, this campus is in cleanup mode. most of the activity we're seeing it from street sweepers. all that trash over there,
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that's going to have to all be cleaned up. that is all from that huge party. you can see some folks still out here celebrating. a lot of them, though, have made their way back home. let me show you what this place looked like last night. it was loud. it was packed with people celebrating this huge win. now, there were a few issues, some things set on fire, small things, including a couch at one point. police, they did have fire extinguishers on hand, though, they were prepared for those things. there were arrests, at least six people arrested, police tell us. for a lot of the crowd, though, this was a time to celebrate. >> that was the greatest thing ever. i'm a freshman here at villanova. it's the greatest experience. go, cats! i don't even have words. this is the greatest night all of my life. so fun! ç
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>> dampening the fun a little bit, though, there were some folks injured last night. most of them about 30 were treated on scene at a triage center. six or seven of them were taken to a local hospital for things like fractures. now as folks wake up here on campus today, one of the things we will be working to find out is whether these students are going to be expected at class. i'm lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. villanova's championship is a victory for fans all over our region. xfinity live hosted a watch party where the crowd roared when the magic came across the big screens. the last time we saw a championship in philly is was eight years ago when the phillies won the world series. we have pam osborne live at the
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melrose diner. i'm sure this is the talk of breakfast this morning, pamela. >> it's probably the only thing people are talking about inside of the diner this morning. and all around town. and with good reason. the team fought its way to victory last night and that has people still celebrating this morning. we spoke to quite a few nova fans here at melrose diner. also i checked in with officials on campus about an hour ago. they tell me that the team has a noon flight back into town tomorrow. there's a huge celebration that's being planned for the wildcats arrival on campus, which is expected to be tomorrow evening. right now, it looks like those festivities could either take place at the pavilion or the football stadium. plans still very much in the works but i can tell you, some of the people we spoke to this morning say they'll be there whenever and wherever it take place. >> i was here working, watching the game. >> what did you think?
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>> best game in the world. that was a pretty game. nice game. yes. >> they are supposed to be having some kinded of parade, i will be there. >> the team is expected to get back on campus around 4:30, 5:00 tomorrow evening. i can tell you, later this morning, some of the championship gear will ab riffing to campus book stores. also learned that dick's sporting good will be offering their share of ncaa wildcats championship apparel. so plenty of places for you to get your hands on some merchandise if you're looking to add to your wardrobe, rosemary. reporting live in south philly, pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. >> i'm sure the lines will be long. today philly papers are, woulding villanova's place in sports history. the front page of the "daily news," the captionç reads "we win!" the back page of the "philadelphia daily news" boasts
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thrillanova! matt delucia talked with the players and head coach jay wright about villanova's biggest victory in decades. in other news today, maintenance crews with amtrak are expected to be interviewed about the derailment that killed two of their co-workers over the weekend. investigators are still trying to figure out why a backhoe was on the tracks when train 89 rolled through chester, delaware county on sunday morning. they say the engineer of the train applied the emergency brakes five seconds before it hit the construction equipment. the train was traveling the speed limit at the time. a doctor from exton was on board and helped some of the 30 injured passengers. >> that's where everybody chipped in. i had to two people holding pressure on the two wounds. we had other people holding hands and re-assuring the people who were injured. everybody came together. >> the two men killed in the accident are identified as
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backhoe operator joseph carter of wilmington and amtrak supervisor peter adamovich of chester county. amtrak released a statement that reads in part, we are working with the ntsb to identify the issues that led to this incident and will make any needed changes immediately. amtrak has strict protocol that crews must follow when tracks are taken out of service for maintenance or when work is being performed along the right of way. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 4:09. a cold start this morning. it feels like winter as the temperatures have dropped below freezing for most of the area and gusty winds are making it feel colder. we will see sunshine and another cold night tonight with temperatures possibly going even lower tomorrow morning. right now, 20 degrees, mount pocono, 20s also for trenton at 29 and 33 with some clouds in
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wilmington. that's a dry view of center city but a cold one. the temperatures are falling and will come down even more as the morning goes on. look at those northerly winds, steady at 15 miles an hour in philadelphia. it's giving us wind chills in the teens for much of the area. 18 is what it feels like in pottstown, 20 in northeast philadelphia. mount holly, 18 is the wind chill. even at the shore it feels cold thanks to the wind. dover is 22. look at the radar screen, a scattered snow shower. these are not reaching the ground but don't be surprised if you see a scattered snowflake first thing this morning. steadier snows way to the south it's just missing cape may, moving through southern delaware and sussex county. neighborhood by neighborhood forecast, not a big warmup today, to freezing, the afternoon high temperature in mount pocono. low 40s for allentown, reading and quakertown. the wind will be blowing through the day for norristown, mount mollie and trenton. at the shore, low 40s for atlantic city and cape may.
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46 degrees, a blustery one for dover and though it will reach into the middle 40s for wilmington, narberth and philadelphia with the wind blowing, it will feel like it's in the 30s. got a warmup on the way later in the week. it will come with rain. got a look at the extended forecast when i come back in ten minutes. rosemary? >> thanks, bill. let's check in with jessica boyington. she's keeping an eye on the roads. it's been a while i come in on this shift. i come from old city philadelphia. you know i had to detour around vine street. >> that's exactly right. this is the first time this construction has been there for quite some time, for months almost. just for you, rosemary. here's the vine street expressway around the schuylkill expressway. so you can see we have some signs there blocking off. you can see flashing lights. that's just beyond our camera view here. we do have construction work going on the vine street expressway right now, closing east and westbound. it's closed in between broad street and this point on the
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schuylkill expressway. what you can do is take vine street local. route 38 in new jersey looks great. right around haddonfield road and cherry hill, not a car in sight. >> we all know what it felt like watching villanova win the championship on tv but what was it like in person? nbc 10's matt delucia, he was there. he joins us live from houston this morning. matt, have you slept at all? >> no, i have not, rosemary. it was worth it to watch that buzzer-beater and right now we're at the team hotel, just moments after they cut down the net there at the stadium. now you see the party is just getting started here. we'll have a live report and hear from the players and the coach, next. decision day is here. also next, we take a look at what's at stake for the republican and democratic presidential candidates ahead of today's primary in wisconsin.
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to the victors go the spoils. you're looking at villanova hoisting the ncaa championship trophy in houston moments after winn winning the title at the buzzer. we know how the fans are celebrating but what about the guys who made it all happen? nbc 10's matt delucia is live in houston and matt, you heard from the villanova men's basketball players after they became ncaa champions. >> reporter: rosemary, you talked about that ncaa trophy. the hardware that the team is going to be bringing back and in the locker room after the game, chris jenkins was holding that, clutching it.
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he was not letting that thing out of his sight. what a game and what a finish. take a look at the team hotel behind me. cars have been lined up, coming in here, taxis one after another within the past hour or so, people coming back to continue thisç party. i've been talking with fans after that game. they said this is what they came for. the buzzer-beater that they will remember forever and so will the team. >> we played hard. this team gave it all we had. today we were lucky to hit the shot. >> couldn't be happier to see them enjoy this and fulfill their dreams. that's what it's all about for a coach, to see their eyes, to see their satisfaction, their enjoyment. there's no better feeling in the world for a coach or a parent. >> reporter: from the stands, the moment the buzzer rang. you can see how everyone went
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crazy, the first national title for villanova since 1985, people waiting 31 years for this. a lot of people who remember that win back in '85 came back to watch this one. capping off a wild final four with that first record-breaking win against oklahoma and now that nail biter at the end here. of course we also saw the players cutting down the net. this is a sight that everyone here wanted to see. this is what they came here to see. right here at the team hotel, quite busy as i mentioned. a lot of people not going to get a whole lot of sleep. the fan reaction was something else. i'm putting together some of that. we'll see you again in the next half hour. live in the team hotel in houston, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> you've been down in houston since the start of this final four. what are you going to take away from this experience? what impressed you or surprised you? >> well, a lot of people didn't think villanova was going to go that far. they didn't even think they were going to make it through that
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final four round against oklahoma. once they did that, people really got jazzed up. you started hearing a lot more buzz around town and just watching that game, it was great to see that game on saturday night. winning by 44 points but to see this one, this is the kind of game people want to watch. it was very interesting and to hit that nail-biting buzzer-beater, literally with one second to go, that was something that i know i will take away forever and these guys, this is something they are going to cherish for a very long time. >> matt delucia, live for us in houston. we'll see you throughout the morning. thanks, matt. a member of our nbc 10 news team is probably villanova's biggest fan. one of them anyway. ahead in our next half hour, we hear from keith jones, a villanova graduate and former student manager of the basketball team. he got to watch the win in person. make sure you have the nbc 10 app downloaded. we have the best reaction, fan photos, plus a link to get
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villanova championship clothing. also share yourç nova pride on our social media accounts. 4:18 on this tuesday, 34 degrees outside. now to our decision 2016 coverage. today is the wisconsin primary and voters in that state could make the biggest impact yet on the presidential races. republican front-runner donald trump is trailing ted cruz in the polls in wisconsin. but trump is predicting a victory that will boost him to the nomination. yesterday cruz called on rival john kasich to drop out of the race. the texas senator said kasich's strategy of winning the nomination at a contested convention is a pipe dream. kasich said he has no plans to quit. trump weighed in on the issue during one of his rallies. take a listen. >> so he's 1-30. he ought to get the hell out. he's stubborn. he doesn't want to leave. >> also we're learning that trump told a magazine that he wears a bulletproof vest sometimes. that revelation follows a series
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of violent incidents at trump rallies. now to the democrats, bernie sanders is trying to turn the tables on hillary clinton. polls show him leading her in wisconsin but anything short of a blowout won't put much of a den the in clinton's sizable delegate lead. last night, the two campaigns agreed to debate in brooklyn next week, a few days before the new york primary. hillary clinton campaign is gearing up for the pennsylvania primary. nbc 10 was in center city where a clinton support group opened an organizing office. former philadelphia mayor michael nutter and former city councilwoman marion tasco are in that group. a reminder, pennsylvania and delaware hold primary elections on april 26th. new jersey voters go to the polls on june 7th. for complete coverage, including the latest delegate counts and upcoming primaries and caucuses, just tap the nbc 10 app or go to
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our website. the northeastern u.s. digging out after a spring snowfall. several inches of snow blanketed rhode island, massachusetts and upstate new york. cold and snowy weather jammed traffic and canceled baseball openers in new york and in boston. in utica, new york, plow drivers were very busy again and home owners had to find their shovels and snow blowers they hoped they could pack away until next winter. the good news here, bill, no snow. >> we got the cold. it feels like winter once again. that cold wind is blowing out of the north. look at the flag here at the nbc 10 studios. there are clouds still in the area. i'm tracking a couple snow showers but most of the area will stay completely dry. 33 degrees right now with a northerly wind at 15, making it feel like it is in the teens and 20s this morning. 36 degsues in cape may but it's a cloudy start in cape may. might even see a snowflake. there's snow just to the south of cape may.
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you could see a flurry. that steady snow in rehoboth beach will be moving out. these light snow showers might see a flurry or two or brief little bit of snow in pottstown, west vin sent to start with. that won't last. we'll see sunshine, in fact, a lot of sunshine today. lawsuiter in the week, warmer weather will come but it will come with some of that. that is rain and snow north and west. but by the time it gets here, it is going to be rain. it will be tracking through the midwest. this is wednesday afternoon at 2:00 and then as we go into thursday, this starts to move our way first thing thursday morning at 3:00 in the morning. see light showers for allentown and chester county as well heading towards philadelphia. that's thursday. for today, any snow showers will disappear. clouds overhead will be thinning out. the temperatures will stay cold, 32 degrees is the forecast by 6:00. by 9:00, 35 with winds at 17 miles an hour and we'll still be
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in the 30s with sunshine at lunch time today. i'll take a look at the seven-day forecast to show you when we'll see 60s again when i come back in the next half hour. rosemary? >> can't wait for it. thanks, bill. nova nation is far from the only one celebrating the championship win. next, see how philadelphia is sending its congratulations. plus, the answer gets his answer from the hall of fame. hear from allen iverson about becoming part of basketball immortality.
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4:25 on this tuesday. 34 degrees outside the nbc 10 studios. philadelphia is sending its congrats to villanova. visit philly tweeted out this
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picture, congratulating the main line university just after the win. the answer is yes. 76ers great allen iverson is headed to the basketball hall of fame. a.i. got the word in houston yesterday. iverson was a nine-time nba all-star. he also learned league mvp honors in 2001 when he led the sixers to the nba finals. >> this is the best feeling for me, because it's a tribute to everybody that helped me accomplish it. like this is not just my accomplishment. this is the people that supported me and loved me the whole way through. >> iverson will be enshrined in the hall in springfield, massachusetts in september. ♪ nobody on the road ♪ nobody on the beach >> one of my favorite songs. don henley will be a big headliner at musikfest in
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bethlehem this summer. he will hit the sand steel stage on august 10th. he's the third headliner scheduled to appear at musikfest 2016, running from august 5th through the 14th. boston and lady antebellum will also take the stage during the ten-day celebration. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. cousin don would have to bundle up on aç morning like this. temperatures have dropped into the 30s. feels like the 20s with the wind blowing. winter has made a comeback. what's happening in the wonderful world of traffic? jessica boyington is watching your traffic. >> we're watching a lot of construction this morning. and some are road-marking operations with two lanes closed until 5:00 a.m. on passyunk avenue westbound between 28th street and 61st street. this isn't the only construction we're dealing with. i'll highlight some of the other spots when i come back at 4:30. we are the champions. next at 4:3, our live team
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coverage of villanova's championship continues from the main line all the way to houston, texas. stick with us.
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nbc 10 news starts now. houston, we have no problems. check out the elation as fans here at xfinity live celebrate the villanova wildcats victory. running away with excitement. fan who saw the game on the big screen inside the pavilion on campus quickly turned tension into partying. too bad the weather couldn'tbe


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