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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  April 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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nbc 10 news starts now. >> good evening, i'm jim rosenfield. >> i'm jacqueline london. the eagles seem to be looking for a new franchise quarterback by making a blockbuster trade
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today. >> yeah, the team gave up a boat load of draft picks to get the second overall pick in this year's draft, just over a week from now. >> today's moves suggest the eagles are setting their eyes on north dakota state quarterback carson wentz. many experts think he is the best qb in the draft. >> nbc 10 is your official eagles station and keith jones is at xfinity live tonight with the buzz on today's move. and keith, experts are one thing, then there's the fans, right? >> reporter: that's right. a big night for philadelphia sports fans. of course, xfinity live is busy with flyer fans after the win tonight but also beyond that lincoln financial field, we learned it was a controversial move the eagles made at least in the eyes of fans. >> philadelphia eagles select donovan mcnabb, a quarterback. >> reporter: a chorus of boos the last time the birds had a number two pick in the draft but worked out pretty well. and according to another former eagles qb, this time it will, too. >> this is a very good draft for young quarterbacks coming out of college.
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>> reporter: ron predicts this is our guy under center, north dakota state's carson wentz. he says he's smart, talented, and by the way, played division 1 aa football. >> i applaud that move. you know, john harbaugh did that move a few years ago with joe flacco from delaware. >> reporter: and speaking of the current ravens qb, a new jersey native -- >> too much from jumping from aa to the nl. >> reporter: we talked about the possibility of wentz and phasing out bradford. >> make a leap of faith and get the quarterback that's your guy and tied to the hip with. >> reporter: fans are uncomfortable. some see the trade up as a controversial move. >> i thought we got rid of chip kelly to make more sensible decisions but seems like he's following in his footsteps. >> i don't know who's making these decisions. i think we should spend money on players that are actually good rather than trying to get these draft picks that we know nothing about. >> reporter: interestingly,
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pointed out, only one in ten players drafted in the first round of the last three years actually end up starting on the teams they're drafted by so he said in resignation the draft is a crap shoot. live at ex-tinxfinity live, kei jones, nbc 10 news. >> watch our draft day special next week. exclusive interviews with the ta team's new decision makers and hall of famers. eagles draft day airs thursday april 28th at 7:00 p.m. hello, philadelphia. >> in decision 2016, philadelphia becoming the focus of hillary clinton's campaign today. as all the presidential candidates crisscross the state six days ahead of the pennsylvania primary. clinton held two separate events in philly today. >> she focused on several local issues including gun violence and the city budget. >> nbc 10's drew smith was at one clinton rally tonight.
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♪ >> reporter: hillary clinton began her nighttime rally inside the fillmore in fishtown playing up her family's pennsylvania roots. and reminding people of the results of a primary last night. >> we had a really, really good day in new york yesterday. >> reporter: a sea of camera phones and signs filled the venue. her campaign estimated a crowd of 2,000 people. >> to see her in real life was amazing. >> she's doing a very good job. >> i love these rallies. this is great. >> reporter: among all the supporters, there were also protesters. they railed against a crime bill signed by bill clinton in the '90s. the candidate did not acknowledge them but spent a lot of time talking about the victims of gun violence today. >> can she understand where i am right now in my life? >> reporter: meeting their loved ones and former attorney general in a north philly church. and tonight she brought it up
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again. >> you had 12 shootings in philadelphia over the weekend. four people killed. a police officer shot. >> reporter: she never mentioned her democratic opponent but she did call republicans donald trump and ted cruz loose cannons. meanwhile, clinton supporters sure were fired up. some able to get a photo with the candidate. >> got to touch her fingers with my own. it was a really exciting moment for me. >> drew smith reporting there. as drew mentioned, former u.s. attorney general eric holder joined hillary clinton in philadelphia today. holder and clinton spoke at st. paul baptist church in spring garden this afternoon. nbc 10 spoke one-on-one with holder. the country's first african-american attorney general. we asked him about campaigning for the woman who wants to be the country's first female president. he told us they've talked about being a first. >> we've had a couple conversations about it and about the unique way that you are viewed as the first. the responsibility that you have
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as a first. the obligation that you feel to make sure that you do the job as well as you can so those who come after you won't have to deal with the same issues that we had to deal with as the first. >> holder says these firsts are a mark of progress for the nation. we are now just six days away from the pennsylvania primaries. polls open at 7:00 a.m. this tuesday april 26th. then the same time delaware voters head to the polls and it means all the presidential candidates are busy pushing for votes in the two states. bernie sanders will be in oaks, montgomery county tomorrow evening while john kasich visits media and king of prussia. donald trump will visit harrisburg tomorrow and harrington, delaware, friday. what's really at stake in both states? let's begin with pennsylvania. for the democrats, 189 delegates are up for grabs. that's top five for delegates. for the republicans, the winner gets 17 delegates. but there are 54 other delegates who can vote for anyone they
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want at the convention. you vote for them on the ballot but it won't say whom they support. in delaware, 16 delegates are at stake for the republicans and 21 for the democrats. for a look at the current delegate count and to get the latest presidential buzz any time, just tap the nbc 10 app. the flyers live to fight another day. game four goes to the home team. the flyers jumped out to a 2-0 lead and held on to beat the caps 2-1. series now shifts back to washington for game five friday night. we'll have a full recap of tonight's win plus player reaction coming up in sports. and tomorrow, the flyers will say good-bye to their owner ed snider. there's a celebration of life scheduled for 1:00 p.m. at the wells fargo center. you can watch it live right here on nbc 10. new at 11:00, we have confirmed philadelphia mayor jim kenney is banning nonessential publicly funded travel to north carolina and mississippi. this comes in the wake of new laws that the mayor's office
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says discriminate against members of the lgbt community. we've also learned septa has pulled out of a transportation conference next month in charlotte. also new pat 11:00, a new jersey law requiring all new police vehicles be equipped with dashc dashcameras struck down by a state panel. >> the council on local mandates ruled the 2014 law is unconstitutional because it created a financial burden on local governments. the law created a $25 surcharge from every dui conviction to help pay for the cameras. the council ruled that method of funding was insufficient. guilty of dui. a south jersey judge ruled today that a philadelphia nun was, in fact, drunk behind the wheel last fall. sister kimberly miller learned her fate in washington downship municipal court this morning. a judge suspended her driving privileges for 90 days, ordered her to pay $650 in fines and complete driving school.
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sister kimberly remains on administrative leave from teaching at little flower high school in philadelphia. new at 11:00, a $1 million settlement for germantown man once accused of kills a philadelphia police officer with his car. the jury agreed kareem alleyne was falsely arrested and charged after a crash that killed an off duty police officer four years ago. happened outside the mt. airy home of a woman who had relationships with both the officer and alleyne. the judge eventually dismissed all charges against alleyne then he sued the three homicide detecters who investigated the crash and won the judgment tonight. new information tonight in the sudden death of a police officer in delaware county. officer william albertus of half ford police department was playing in a police firefighter hockey league game when he keeled over on the ice. he died days later at the hospital. nbc 10's brandon hudson explains the legacy he leaves behind. >> reporter: for more than five years officer william albertus
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served this haverford township community. news of his death left everybody here stunned. the police chief told me people have been stopping him on the street and sending their condolences. >> compassion, a great beat officer. >> reporter: days before officer william albertus' funeral profession -- >> businesspeople loved him. he was always out talking to people. >> reporter: his boss, haverford township police chief reflected on the work albertus did for this community. >> he was the type of guy, they enjoyed having will around. >> reporter: albertus, 39-year-old husband and father of 3 died sunday. the chief told us albertus was hospitalized after playing in a police/firefighter ice hockey league game april 10th. >> he had a medical emergency on ice, severe double pain. he doubled over. able to get off the ice, himself. he doubled over again. >> reporter: he went to chester medical center. doctors operated on him but he never got better. >> there was no hockey injury.
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he was playing ice hockey and struck with a medical emergency. we're going to miss will. he's really a great guy. >> reporter: a viewing and funeral will happen at st. john in wallingford friday evening and saturday northern respectively. >> i could never imagine losing my wife at a young age with young kids. it's going to be difficult for them. they have a long road ahead of them. we'll try to support them any way we can. >> reporter: prior to working here, albertus worked as a cop in philadelphia. in haverford township, brandon hudson, nbc 10 news. >> a memorial fund has been set up to help the albertus family. find nbc on a woman will soon grace the $20 bill. the philadelphia connection to the history maker who's getting the honor. plus this -- >> reporter: the lines of communication cut during the verizon strike. the crimes being investigated and the hundreds of people in our area being affected coming up.
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plus, how safe will your family be at the shore this summer? the moves officials are making now to make sure mosquito bites are not bringing big danger. and our long dry streak is going to be coming to an end. we have rain approaching the area for the end of the week. i'll show you the timing on it and what you can expect into the weekend. that's straight ahead.
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new at 11:00, thousands of verizon customers cut off from service over the past eight days after two dozen cases of wire cutting. >> verizon says it's seen a spike in suspected sabotage since thousands of workers went on strike eight days ago. >> verizon reports 24 cases including 7 in pennsylvania and 11 in new jersey. cochranville, medboro, and philadelphia. denise nakano joins us from center city where negotiations between verizon and its workers have been ongoing.
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denise? >> reporter: jacqueline, jim, contract talks broke down earlier this week and verizon says it's seeing acts of sabotage at the height of the strike. >> it's very disturbing. >> reporter: that's how a verizon spokesman describes suspected sabotage to its equipment across the northeast and here at home. >> acts like this, you know, they're not fun and games. they're reckless. they're malicious. and they're dangerous. >> reporter: cut cables like what you see here and damage to verizon network facilities affected hundreds of customers including nine incidents in philadelphia, chester county, and south jersey. verizon finds the timing of the vandalism suspicious but falls short of saying any of the 39,000 workers on the picket lines are responsible. >> in a given year, we might see five incidents of vandalism or suspected sabotage. in the last week we've seen 24 across 5 states. >> reporter: the union says the bargaining is not going well. the center city hotel as it fights to keep jobs from going overseas. and as for thing as of vandalism
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-- >> the unions wouldn't condone it, our members wouldn't do it. the only thing i can say is if the company is having these issues, they have unqualified people there to deal with these issues. >> what do we want? >> reporter: 75% of verizon's workforce is entering its ninth day on strike. marking one of the biggest labor actions in a decade with no end in sight. >> i don't see a quick end to this strike unless the company comes to their senses, gets back to the table. >> reporter: now, verizon says it has bargained in good faith but no new talks are scheduled. the last verizon strike back in 2011 lasted 2 weeks. live in center city, denise nakano, nbc 10 news. a change for the $20. civil war era abolitionist harriet tubman will be the new face of the $20 bill. the treasury department announced today tubman will replace president andrew jackson on the front of the bill. tubman escaped from slavery in maryland to philadelphia in 1849. she went on to help rescue dozens of other slaves using the
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underground railroad. other currency changes include putting leaders of the women's suffrage movement on the $10 bill. from death row to free man. >> the first person to be exonerated based on dna told his story to a crowd in philadelphia tonight. pennsylvania's innocence project hosted a special screening of the documentary "blood's worth." the film chronicles kirk bloodworth's 1985 conviction of rape and murder to his time on death row to his conviction being overturned. bloodworth took questions from the audience afterwards. from the nbc 10 jersey shore bureau, sicientists are taking steps to keep the coast clear of the zika virus ahead of the busy summer season. cape may county department of mosquito control tells us it will soon begin testing mosqu o mosquitos for the zika virus. at this point zika hasn't been spread by mosquitos inside the united states but turned up in places who travel to people with outbreaks are common. the zika virus has been known to
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cause severe birth defects sfwlmpl. after another day in the sun we're clear and cooler tonight. nbc 10 at 17th and walnut. lots of people were out and about. we're watching changes. >> first alert neighborhood forecast with meteorologist sheena parveen. how does it look? >> yeah, looks good really. we do have rain coming as we go into friday. finally our long dry streak will be coming to an end. temperatures are cooling down pretty quickly because of the dry air in place. 52 for our pennsylvania suburbs right now. in philadelphia, 54 degrees. cool lehigh valley, mid 50s. delaware coming in in the low 50s. so as you start your day off tomorrow, your planner, looking pretty good. philadelphia by 8:00 a.m. low 50s. by lunchtime, near 70 degrees. by 4:00 p.m., low 70s in philadelphia. so a nice, warm day. and we'll be seeing increasing clouds through the afternoon. suburbs and pennsylvania by lunchtime, mid 60s. by 4:00 p.m., low 70s. if you're in the lehigh valley, you'll be waking up to temperatures in the upper 40s by
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8:00 a.m. sunny and dry. more clouds through the afternoon. low 70s. by 4:00 p.m. through delaware, temperatures by lunchtime mid 60s. by the afternoon, more clouds around. 70 degrees. if you're in south jersey, you'll be waking up to temperatures around 50 degrees by the afternoon. low 70s and more clouds. along the shore, though, only topping out in about the mid 60s. so it's still going to be a nice warm day tomorrow, but through the morning hours, some areas of nj ew jersew jersey could see p frost. millville, could see patchy frost there. wildwood coming in upper 60s, looking good with more afternoon cloud cover. same thing atlantic city around 70 degrees. if you're in hammonton in new jersey you'll be waking up to temperatures in the mid to upper 30s so patchy frost there likely. more clouds in the afternoon. highs around 73. nice and dry locally then you see all this rain back off to our west. this is the rain we have in store as we go into friday. so it is slowly moving in our direction. it's mostly light rain with some
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embedded heavier rain and the chance of thunderstorms. so that will be here as we go into the end of the week. so finally some rain relief in the forecast. we've seen a lot of dry days. but this is future weather now. by 3:00 p.m. thursday, tomorrow, we'll be seeing increasing clouds. it's all going to be moving in from the west. then we go into friday morning. more clouds move in. notice the rain west of the area approaching the lehigh valley by friday morning. through lunchtime, showers around the philadelphia area. don't forget your umbrella, through the day friday. it's not going to be done yet. through the evening commute we could still see showers moving through. can't rule out a chance of some thunderstorms. we could see another line of possibly storms at this point approaching the lehigh valley and the poconos, swinging through later on in the evening and by 11:00, not out of the woods just yet. some of the rain lingering for part of the area into your weekend. tomorrow, your neighborhood forecast for the rest of the area looking good. phoenixville, 73 degrees. bethlehem about the mid 70s.
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if you're in south jersey, haddonfield, mid 70s tomorrow. dover and delaware, low 70s with more afternoon clouds. also don't forget your seven-day forecast is always scrolling at the bottom of the screen with our new neighborhood weather so you'll never miss it. now for the next five days if you're in philadelphia, we have rain on friday. clearing as we go into saturday. but if you're along the jersey shore, rain on friday and it looks like it could be lingering as we go into saturday as well. so there's your neighborhood forecast. also the seven-day, you'll never miss it at the bottom of the screen no matter where you live. john? thank you, sheena. we're going to hear from eagles executive vice president howie roseman on moving up to get the second pick in the draft. plus a reason to celebrate at the wells fargo center tonight. hear from the flyers. in desperation mode. that is next. most new wealth flows it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics
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where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by millions of small contributions. people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message. join us for real change. modres: the cost of living the pay stays the same.
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why should we trust a like steve santarsiero who will say anything to win an election? after claiming credit for passing universal background checks for all gun purchases, "santarsiero admitted in an interview that he didn't write pennsylvania's gun safety law." his campaign brags about his accomplishments, but "in fact, he has failed in 54 attempts to get any legislation on the books." we just cant trust steve santarsiero. i'm shaughnessy naughton, and i approve this message because we deserve better.
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this is "sports desk" brought to you by xfinity. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> hey, i'm john clark from comcast sportsnet. eagles have the second pick in the nfl draft, traded up with the browns. sam bradford is still the starter but they're looking for their future franchise quarterback. eagles give up picks over the next three years. they will draft a quarterback, carson wentz or jared goff. howie roseman says he's okay with either quarterback. >> yeah, that's the only way you can make this trade is to be really comfortable with both of those guys. we've spent a ton of time investigating these guys. looking as well as what's out there going forward. looking at the quarterback market. not only this year, next year, in 2018, and understanding that although this doesn't fit an immediate need, that this is a rare opportunity that we're in. flyers tonight facing elimination in game four, do or
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die and show up against the capitals. here we go. they start fast, again, just under 6:00 in. power play. shayne gostisbehere. 1-0 flyers. the joint is jumping. scary moment later in the first. scott law laughton goes awkward into the boards. he was stretchered off the ice. good news, he's at jefferson hospital overnight for precautionary reasons. all tests are negative. his teammates hear he's doing okay. they dedicate the win to him. early in the second period another shot from andrew macdonald. 2-0 flyers. in the third the caps get on the board. t.j. oshie beats michal neuvirth. uh-oh. the caps were coming. neuvirth making his first start in the series makes a ton of amazing saves and the flyers hang on to win 2-1. they force a game five. >> nobody thinks that we can
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win, nobody thinks -- nobody wants us to win, so, you know what, it's about what's in this locker room. >> pretty embarrassing to finish a game the way we did in game three and it was really frustrating but this morning we had a lot of meetings. we talked, how we want to look as a team and frustration is not one of them. so we took that frustration out of it and go out there and play the game. >> they got it done. and the phillies get it done tied with the met 4s-4 in the 11th. the phillies for the first time in 37 years batted the pitcher eighth ahead of the ninth hole hitter. who was batting ninth? peter borjes. good win all around. good day for philadelphia sports. i'm john clark. we're right back. joe sestak supports a plan that the new york timesfactreported makes cuts to social security benefits. and the plan raises the retirement age.
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it's true. the a.a.r.p. opposed the plan, citing dramatic cuts to medicare benefits. the plan sestak supports means higher out-of-pocket costs for millions on medicare. any way you spin it, the truth about sestak is gonna hurt. women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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well, we go into friday and we have showers and then we have sunshine.
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don't forget the umbrella friday. some areas like jersey and delaware, you'll see the rain lingering for saturday, but then sunday looks beautiful, too. >> it does. sheena, thanks. i'm jacqueline london. >> i'm jim rosenfield. thanks for joining us tonight. have a great night. see you tomorrow. josh shapiro the democrats most compelling candidate for attorney general. he'll protect seniors from scams and stand up to polluting frackers. he's backed by law enforcement, supported by planned parenthood and he's endorsed by president obama - who says shapiro "represents the next generation of progressive leadership". democrat josh shapiro an attorney general...for us
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that's what congressman for wsestak did.ceos - sestak was one of only eight democrats to join republicans to allow ceos of bailed out banks
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to pay themselves unlimited bonuses using bailout money. an "outrage," according to newspapers. katie mcginty- tough on wall street ceos, a fighter for pay equity for women. praised by former gov. ed rendell, "she'll stand strong for working families." katie: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- tina fey, rachel maddow, musical guest santigol


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