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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  April 21, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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you, even through the weekend. and the philadelphia police officer recovers from a shooting. nbc 10 is getting answers to why the suspect was out on the street despite recent gun charges against him. it's 5:30 and 50 degrees outside. good morning. i'm tracy davidson. welcome to nbc 10 news today. >> and i'm vai sikahema. let's bring in bill henley and the first alert forecast. it's a little cool, but i think this is where it's supposed to be in late april. >> yes, in the 40s for philadelphia. there are some chillier spots, which is why we've created neighborhood weather. it is different in each of the neighborhoods. at the bottom of the screen, that's your seven-day forecast. the seven day for each part of our viewing area. skies are starting to brighten up in the lehigh valley. delaware, you can see a little bit of light. the sun is coming up. we'll see a nice warmup for delaware today. 63 degrees at 11:00. heading into the 70s this afternoon with just a few scattered clouds at times.
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for philadelphia, starting to get brighter. the view from the mellon bank building. it the temperatures will stay chilly through the 7:00 hour. at 10:00, we're in the 60s and warming into the 70s. in fact, a little warmer than yesterday afternoon. 75 degrees for philadelphia, even south jersey will warm into the low 70s today while it stays a little cooler at the shore. you may have noticed on the seven day some rain. much-needed rain is on the way. i'll take a look at that when i'm back in ten minutes. jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> that's right, bill. we're watching 422 right now for this accident scene. hasn't cleared out of the way yet. now we have another police officer on scene. a few vehicles over here on the left-hand shoulder. a little bit of a slow go by it. emergency construction on the delaware memorial bridge again today. only two right lanes are open to
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traffic this time. yesterday we only had one. we will see a little relief in that sense, but still major delays. you're going to see major backups on the new jersey turnpike and 295. t also, construction not toot far away. this is going to be part of the problem as well. the new jersey turnpike southbound around route 40 at exit 1. the left lane is going to be closed there. laughton just trying to reach for the puck as he was being torqued around. >> a scary moment for the flyers last night. layoffton was checked and slammed his head against the boards. he was taken to the hospital. now, the team tweeted an update around 11:00 last night says scott laughton will be staying
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overnight at jefferson hospital for precautionary reasons. all tests came back negative. got our fuingers crossed laughtn will be all right. >> the flyers were able to pull off a win in front of the home crowd and stay alive for at least one more game against the capitals. katy zachry is live this morning at the wells fargo center where the team and the public will honor founder ed snyder today. >> reporter: tracy and vai, there's a big tribute planned for ed snyder later today at the wells fargo center behind me. what a thrill for the fans and the team to honor the flyers founder on the heels of a win. the wells fargo center will open at 11:30 this morning for the tribute. it begins at 1:00 p.m., and it's free for fans. we're expecting flyers players and alumni to take part. the team is keeping quiet about ceremony details so far, but we do know they will publicly honor the life and legacy of mr. snyder. now, fans are on a high after last night's win.
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their next game is friday in front of the capitals home crowd. team captain claude giroux says the team has a better attitude after a poor performance earlier in the week. >> it's pretty embarrassing to finish a game like game three. it was really frustrating, but this morning we had a lot of meetings. we talked how we want to look as a team, and us frfrustration wa one of them. >> reporter: coming up in the next half hour, you'll hear from fans about what they think is behind last night's win. reporting live in south philadelphia, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. >> if you can't make it to the memorial, you can watch it here on nbc 10. we will be airing the ed snyder service this afternoon at 1:00. 5:34. happening today, pennsylvania governor some wolf will hold a bipartisan round table discussion about the state's opioid crisis. the governor will be joined by other elected officials, law
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enforcement, and health professionals at redding hospital in west redding. later this morning, they'll talk about efforts to fight heroin addiction. and we are digging deep into this issue. don't miss our nbc 10 digital exclusive "generation addicted." it's online right now. nbc 10 gets answers. >> we asked philadelphia's d.a. why a man suspected of shooting a philadelphia police officer this week was out on the street at all. earlier this week, nbc 10 uncovered documents showing that scott griffin was released on gun charges back on april 12th after witnesses failed to show up to testify against him. griffin is accused of shooting and wounding officer james mccullough in west philadelphia five days later. griffin has 14 prior arrests. authorities released scott griffin when two witnesses didn't testify in his gun case. nbc 10 asked philadelphia district attorney seth williams yesterday why a man with a long rap sheet was allowed back on the streets with a gun. williams talked about the larger
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city problem of witness and victim intimidation and says he's used secret grand juries when necessary. >> we're trying to do all that we can every day to ensure that fewer cases are being discharged for lack of prosecution and fewer cases are being discharged for lack of evidence. >> williams says he's met with officer mccullough and his family. he's also assigned a veteran prosecutor to the case. emergency repairs are still ongoing at the delaware memorial bridge. that means traffic will be an issue for commuters here in our area. the span from new jersey to delaware is up to two lanes. inspectors discovered three suspension cables that need to be repaired immediately. . nbc 10's pamela osborne is live for us this morning. these traffic troubles could last through the weekend. >> reporter: yeah, vai, they certainly can. you could call today round two of some major delays if you are traveling this way. you can see traffic is pretty light at this hour, but as soon as they get up to that area of
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the bridge, they're having to slow down there. if it's anything like we saw yesterday, you don't even have to be on the delaware memorial bridge to get tied up. side streets and on ramps leading up to the bridge were gridlocked on the new jersey side heading into delaware as traffic was restricted to one lane. some motorist wes talked to said they were stuck for hours. this morning, only two lanes will be open, and here is why. crews went to make a repair on a vertical suspension, and while they were doing that, they discovered two other ropes were compromised and in need of immediate attention. not the kind of thing you want to put off. >> over 200 cables on each bridge. we're talking about three cables. for us to be able to do this in an efficient manner, we have to limit the weight on the bridge so we can address it. >> reporter: and if you're traveling the delaware memorial bridge, keep in mind the two left lanes will be closed, and the speed limit is 35 miles per
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hour. it's really important that you follow that reduced speed because this is what's going to be going on around you. while you may not be able to see the work that's being done, it's definitely happening, and it's happening in some tricky spaces there. now, workers say they're moving as quickly as possible to get to all of this taken care of. also, keep in mind, if you're heading south on the new jersey turnpike or on 295, you can also see some delays as a result of the work that's going on right here. reporting live, i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, pamela. keep an eye on traffic as we get closer to rush hour. rather, jessica will. >> what's going on, on the roads? >> just a heads up. if you're thinking because two lanes are open today that you'll see a ton of relief, you might not. yesterday we had at least 2 1/2-hour delays approaching
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this scene. i know several people on twitter and social media, a lot of people stuck and wondering what was going on. really backed up on to 295 and the new jersey turnpike as well. we also saw big delays on the commodore berry bridge yesterday. 422, starting to see some delays because of this accident. this is around 1st avenue headed eastbound. you can see it's a slow go by the scene. we have the left lane and part of that left shoulder being blocked. no big gaper delay headed the opposite direction, westbound. more updates on all this construction and accident scene when i come back. just about 20 minutes before 6:00. it's a chilly start this
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morning. 47 degrees in philadelphia. we've got a 7-mile-an-hour breeze. the wind is going to be key to our warmup today. look at the temperatures. by 1:00 this afternoon, 70ing did. the winds will help to get us there. southwesterly winds at 12 miles an hour increase by 1:00 and go up to 17 miles an hour. that's for philadelphia. the pennsylvania suburbs, 45 degrees to start with. lots of sunshine to start with. by later in the day, we'll see clouds moving, but we'll still be warming up into the low 70s this afternoon. the lehigh valley also starting off school. a little cooler. 40 degrees right now. completely calm, but look at the winds increasing through the day. that's a 14-mile-an-hour wind. in delaware and south jersey, plenty of sunshine to start with. clouds later in the day but completely dry. the 3:00 temperature, 72 degrees. at the jersey shore, the southwesterly winds warming
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temperatures into the 60s. 65 degrees by 1:00 this afternoon. turning partly sunny later today. completely dry there as well. delaware, well, you're starting off cool this morning. we'll see enough sunshine to warm into the low 60s by 11:00. near 70 degrees at 1:00 this afternoon. those 16-mile-an-hour winds continue right on into this evening. so a breezy day today, but it will be dry. if you've been watching the seven day scrolling at the bottom of the screen, you know that's going to change. you'll need your umbrella tomorrow. i'll take a look at the timing of the rainfall when i'm back in ten minutes. >> thank you, bill. the eagles are now in a place they haven't been in 17 years. next we'll break down the eagles trade that's shaking up the nfl draft, and we'll tell you about the man they could be eyeing with that second overall pick. plus, you got change for a 20? the u.s. treasury does. we'll tell you about the person that will replace andrew jackson
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good morning, bucks county. here's a live look this morning from bristol township. right now it is 41 degrees there. a little chilly. all right. so the eagles now have the second pick in the nfl draft.
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>> i'm not sure how i feel about it, honestly. the team appears to be looking for a new franchise quarterback. the eagles announced a trade with the cleveland browns yesterday. they gave up several draft picks to get that second overall pick. quarterback sam bradford is still their starter, but the trade suggests the team is s setting their sights on north dakota state quarterback carson wentz. a lot of experts think he's the best quarterback in the draft. ron j.a. war ski agrees it's a good year to choose a qb. >> there aren't many guys that are going to be available in a year or two years. this is a very good draft for young quarterbacks coming out of college. . >> as we all remember, the last time the eagles had a pick this high in the draft was back in 1999 when they select eed donov mcnabb out of syracuse. be sure to watch our nbc 10 special. we'll have exclusive interviews with the team's new decision makers and analysis from football hall of famers. eagles draft day airs next april
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28th at 7:00. villanova men's basketball team is still relishing their championship, and now the program is getting support with a multimillion dollar donation. they were given more than $22 million to help renovate the pavilion where they play. it's the largest donation ever to villanova athletics. the school is celebrating more than just an ncaa title. yesterday we told you "bloomberg business week" magazine named the villanova business school the number one undergranl watt business school in the country. and happening today, a judge will hear concerns from the media before a hearing for the man charged with killing a pennsylvania state trooper. on tuesday, eric frein's attorney argued that his voice recorded statement to police after his arrest should be thrown out. the judge asked reporters to leave the courtroom so he could review the tapes, but the reporters objected. today the judge will hear from the media about why that part of the hearing should be in open
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court. frein's attorney will resume tomorrow. he's charged with opening fire outside the bar racks in 2014, killing one trooper. attorneys for kathleen kane made a move that could delay her trial on perjury charges. kane made no comment as she arrived at the montgomery county courthouse yesterday. her defense team previously filed a motion accusing county prosecutors of leaking fbi repo recordings to a newspaper. those allegedly show kane knowingly gave confidential information to a newspaper. in a surprise, her defense team withdrew the motion. >> i thought it was a distraction, to be perfectly frank with you. it's a mystery that's never solved. >> kane's defense team also asked for a week to file more papers that could potentially
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delay the start date of her trial, which is scheduled to begin in august. philadelphia mayor jim kenny is banning nonessential publicly funded travel to north carolina and mississippi. nbc 10 has confirmed the move is in response to the new laws in those states which limit anti-discrimination protections for lesbian, gay, and transgendered people. septa also pulled out of a transportation conference next month in charlotte. it's a chilly start this morning. the sky is nice and clear. check out this live view from sky force 10. with clear skies and the sun not up yet but less than half an hour away, the temperatures are still coming down at this hour. running chillier than yesterday. if you're heading out, we have a chilly morning. might want to grab a jacket. a breezy and warmer day today. some of that sunshine will fade later today. clouds will be moving in for tonight. tomorrow we've got some wet
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weather. we have to deal with the chill this morning. atlantic city at 40. allentown is 40 degrees. each one of these temperatures running chillier than yesterday. philadelphia is down by three. six degrees chillier in allentown. a cool start, but this is what's going to warm us up, the wind. southwesterly winds will kick into gear. 16-mile-an-hour wind this afternoon for philadelphia. what we won't see today is this. the rain that is lining up to the west is due in tomorrow. we could see the first showers of the day first thing in the morning. futurecast shows the clouds increasing from the west. by 9:00 this evening, some scattered showers in northwestern pennsylvania and northeastern pennsylvania, just skirting our area. by tomorrow morning, here comes some rain. heavier downpours just north of allentown. that's 7:00 tomorrow morning. we can see scattered showers
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move through newcastle county to start with. clouds will be in and out during the day. during the afternoon and evening commute, we'll be in for another round of showers, potentially thunderstorms. as we go into the overnight hours, there's still a possibility of showers. that's early saturday morning. at 3:00 in the morning, you see scattered showers for areas north and west into the pennsylvania suburbs and into the lehigh valley. we need the rain. we will get it. and as you can see on the ten-day outlook, that's not the only possibility of rain. today, dry. tomorrow, warmer, 80 degrees with showers and thunderstorms on and off during the day. then they're clearing out for the weekend. a breezy day on saturday. plenty of sunshine and up to 70 degrees on sunday. a big warmup on monday. the warmup ends with another round of showers for tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. middle 60s. that's the average temperature this time of year. we'll be getting back to normal and seeing another warmup for friday with sunshine, 70 degrees. another chance of showers coming
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next weekend. so the seven-day forecast is scrolling at the bottom of the screen. the ten-day outlook at least once a half hour. >> my flowers definitely need that rain for sure. nine minutes before 6:00. let's get you out the door. >> jessica boyington, how does it look out there? >> we've seen better days. we're really busy today in terms of construction. a few accidents already popping up. this is route 422 around 1st avenue. we have road flares out there. it looks like a tow truck is there to get some of these va vehicles off the roadway. now only the right shoulder getting by. earlier, we didn't really have any lane disruptions. just into the left-hand shoulder. now that tow truck is stretching the eastbound side of the span. so a little bit of a delay behind that. you can still see police activity there as well. there's also an accident at chester pike and garden avenue. another accident out in lower gwynedd. this has been out there since
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earlier this morning. this accident is on dager it road and north bethlehem pike. the schuylkill expressway looks okay. no big delays. you can see we are still in the green. 13 minutes eastbound into centre city. there's a lot of ongoing construction out there as well. i'll cover that when with e come back.
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five minutes before 6:00. happening now, this year's olympic flame is being lit in athens, greece, the birthplace of the ancient olympics. the torch will be flown to brazil, and runners will carry it through more than 300 brazilian cities before it leaves for the start of the rio games. >> the summer olympics from rio begin august 5th here on nbc 10. always a beautiful ceremony there. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington watching your first alert traffic. this is route 422 right around 1st avenue. only the right shoulder getting by the scene right now. you can see a tow truck pretty much blocking most of the lanes,
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trying to get this vehicle cleared off the roadway. no huge delays, but we are starting to see a little bit of a slowdown. we'll have updates for you on this when i come back in the 6:00 hour. >> jessica, thanks. civil whatever ear era abol harriet tubman will be the new face of the $20 bill. tubman will replace presidentaroupresident andrew jackson on the 20. she went on to help rescue dozens of other slaves using the underground railroad. the treasury is making more changes as well, including leaders of the women's suffrage movement on the $10 billion. espn has fired curt schilling. the termination comes after he posted an anti-transgender meme on his facebook page earlier this week. in a statement, espn says schilling has been advised that his conduct was unacceptable. schilling played for the phillys had from 1992 to 2000. he was inducted into the team's
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wall of fame nearly three years ago. and fans went home happy last night at citizens bank park after an extra inning battle. >> for the second time this week, the phillies got a walkoff win. bottom of the 11th two, outs, tie game. outfielder peter borgess hit an infield single. phillies beat the mets 5-4 and avoid a sweep. and swinging for the fences, it was media day yesterday for the 19th annual richie ashburn home run for hearts events. the two-day home run derby contest in may will give phillies fans a chance to live their dream and hit one out the park to help fight heart disease. he probably said, look, just show me getting ready, but don't
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really take the full -- because i'm never going to connect. no, kidding. kidding, john. three minutes before 6:00. the queen of soul is coming to music fest. >> aretha franklin will headline bethlehem's music festival this summer. ♪ oh, yeah. come on. this is video from franklin's performance during the pope's visit to philadelphia last fall. the music legend will take the stage august 8th. tickets go on sale next friday. boston, don henley, and lady antebellum are a few of the other acts that will perform. can hardly wait. a school on lockdown while police search lockers. >> we'll tell you what police found in one student's locker after getting a tip that a stau student had a gun. and she was once one of the most popular female wrestlers in
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history. what we now know about chyna's death.
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