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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 530am  NBC  April 23, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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today, the pennsylvania and delaware primaries are just three days away. and the candidates are criss-crossing our area stumping for votes. we'll have details next in a live report. the flyers stay alive. they managed an unlikely win to force game six in their first-round playoff series. we'll hear from the team coming up in sports. not the best way to start our saturday. but, won't be here forever. we're tracking scattered showers across our region this morning. they are on the move. it will clear out. we'll let you know when we'll see some sunshine later on ahead in the first alert forecast. good morning. welcome back to nbc10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. it's 5:30. meteorologist karen thomas is tracking the wet and muggy weather outside. karen. >> muggy is a great word to describe our morning out there this morning, rosemary. yes, you need the umbrellas if you're heading out early. we have warm temperatures and we have the humidity out there, which is feeling kind of sticky.
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as i go ahead and give you some temperatures in and around the philadelphia area, go ahead and check out your 7-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. it's not just for philadelphia either. 62 in philly right now. 63 up in the lehigh valley. we've got 62 degrees out in delaware and parts of wilmington. as we move further south, 61, 62 at the jersey shore. so, as we move on through and get a little closer with our temperature readings, we can tell you that in summerton, 61. mainly everybody in the lower 60s right now. that is above where we should be this time of year. so quite warm, quite sticky. and we do have rain on the radar. we can see here that it's really quite scattered in nature. we can see some shower activity moving right on through just south of trenton, moving across i-95 and new road route 9 moving off. it's clear right now. i should say dry, not clear. we have plenty of clouds in interior south jersey. look at this area of rain here
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moving out of harrisburg. that's moving west to east. we can see that we have a bit more to the system out to the west. and that will be turning in and bringing us some more scattered showers as we move on through our morning hours. so have the umbrellas handy, but then we're looking for sunshine later today. i'll be back with more in just a bit. >> thanks for that, karen. decision 2016 has the presidential candidates in a campaign blitz in pennsylvania and delaware ahead of tuesday's primaries. nbc10's monique braxton is live in the digital operations center with more on where the candidates will be today. monique. >> hey, rosemary. bernie sanders will be out in wilmington today and hillary clinton heads there on monday. donald trump will be in connecticut today, and ted cruz is campaigning in pittsburgh. look at some video now from cruz's appearance in scranton yesterday. voters in five critical states
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go to the polls on tuesday. yesterday cruz met with supporters at the hamilton family restaurant in allentown. he wants it noted that pennsylvania is a key battle ground state in the ares. >> trump loses to hillary clinton in the general election in pennsylvania, hillary and i are tied in pennsylvania. and in november we're going to win pennsylvania and beat hillary clinton. that's one of the reasons so many republicans are uniting behind this campaign. >> yesterday donald trump visited kent county, delaware. the republican frontrunner rallied supporters at the state fairgrounds in harrington. he talked about bringing jobs back to the united states, lowering taxes and taking on hillary clinton. trump will be in our area for a rally monday at west chester university. i do believe the state fairgrounds are in harrisburg. both democratic candidates made stops in pennsylvania yesterday. hillary clinton made a campaign stop at a high school in
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scranton while senator bernie sanders visited millersville university. both addressed the need to make education affordable. >> i want and you want everybody to be able to get all of the education they need to become the best worker, the best citizen that they can become. >> if you pay your student debt payments every month, we're going to have a cutoff time after 20 years, you're done, because it should not keep going for the rest of your lives. >> we're going to keep you posted on the candidates' appearances as we get closer to tuesday as we hear more from their campaigns. monique braxton, nbc10 news. >> by the way, vermont senator bernie sanders will be on "meet the press" tomorrow morning. he will talk with chuck todd about his campaign strategies ahead of tuesday's contest. "meet the press" 10:30 tomorrow
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morning. a toddler is in the hospital today after a hit-and-run crash in south philadelphia. sky force 10 was over the scene at rittner street last night. police tell us the 20-month-old boy started in front of a green work van. then the driver left the scene. the toddler right now is in stable condition. today family and friends will say a final farewell to a marine killed in a helicopter crash off hawaii earlier this year. a funeral mass will be held at 10:00 this morning for captain brian kennedy at st. patrick's church in melvern. he will be laid to rest at calvary cemetery. the military is investigating the helicopter crash that killed ten marines during a night training mission. thousands left homeless by an earthquake. next, what ecuador is doing to
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help survivors as the country recovers from the quake that shook their region last weekend. plus, a coast guard rescue on the shore caught on camera. we'll tell you what got these men into trouble.
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. now your nbc10 first alert weather. good saturday morning. i am meteorologist karen thomas. you're going to need an umbrella if you are heading out early this morning. hopefully you're just going to relax and take it easy. we're warm out there right now. we really don't have any heavy rain falling right now. in terms of philadelphia, the burbs, south jersey lehigh valley and delaware. a system is in place but it's scattered in nature. most of the cameras are dark because we're waiting for official sunrise at 6:11. temperatures on the warm side. everywhere seeing temperatures
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in the 60s right now. we don't anticipate the temperatures to be falling off too much. it is quite humid outside as well. so if you are stepping out, you're going to notice the dew point is up and humidity is high. what we can expect later on in philadelphia and the burbs and south jersey, lehigh valley and delaware, the temperatures will be climbing. we're looking for a high in philadelphia close to 70 degrees. and the possibility of some shower activity will continue and then clear out midday. as we move closer to south jersey, however, showers lingering there into the late -- latter part of the day. 67 in the lehigh valley. again, showers for most of the saturday there. and temperatures climbing in delaware to 71 degrees. we do expect the showers to be moving out. so we're looking at radar right now. we see where the shower activity is. this is a pretty large system in terms of a low pressure system. a cold front moving through. but you can see that the rain is really broken apart and
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scattered. so it depends on where you are this morning whether or not you're getting the rain right now. we just have west of philadelphia some shower activity coming through. but just east of philadelphia, not seeing any rain. we could see some convection in some of these scattered showers too. so could hear a rumble of thunder before all is said and done. >> thanks, karen. the eagles' new head coach doug pedersen is helping to fight blood cancer. the coach joined the players to raise money for the leukemia and lymphoma society. it's the world's largest voluntary health agency dedicated to blood cancer. today in philadelphia, runners and walkers will be raising money to fight blood cancer. the eighth annual miles for myeloma 5 k begins just after 8:30 this morning at the police touch museum in fairmount park.
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nbc10's george spencer will be busy today. he'll be climbing the stairs of the comcast center for a very good cause. the comcast building in center city is the location of a new event called the big climb philly. some 1500 people will test themselves by climbing almost 1100 steps up 43 flights to the top of the city's highest skyscraper. the event raises money for blood cancer research. ♪ >> it's prom season. these kids are getting into the spirit. the kinney center for autism, education and support held a prom last night on the campus of st. joseph's university. they held it for their clients. about 25 people with autism and their student dates put on a night of dancing and fun. the flyers stay alive! another big story we're watching this morning. they managed an unlikely win after getting outshot and outhit. we'll hear from the players in a
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report from washington coming up in sports.
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two elderly boaters are recovering today. the coast guard rescued them when their boat got stuck in the mud at the jersey shore. a crew from the atlantic city air station hoisted the men to safety as their boat ran aground on the maurice river. they were spotted thursday afternoon but they wanted to wait for a high tide to try to refloat their boat. that didn't work. rescuers in boats were not able to reach them so a helicopter swooped in to pull them to safety. more than 25,000 people are homeless in ecuador as the country tries to recover from last saturday's magnitude 7.8 earthquake. the death toll has risen to more than 600 now. there are still 130 listed as missing. meanwhile, aftershocks are rocking coastal towns and aid workers say mosquito-borne illnesses could spread through
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camps. overseas in china more than 600 firefighters were needed to get control of this fire at a chemical storage facility. the blaze began in a pipeline yesterday morning. it burned all day long. there were reports of an explosion at the facility that stores dangerous chemicals and fuel. fortunately and miraculously, nobody was hurt. state side, dozens of kmart and sears stores are closing across the country including a few in our area. the kmart on frankfurt avenue in philly could close in late july. the retail officials say look for sales starting in may. they stay workers might have a chance to apply for jobs at other area stores. don't look for the special surprise the next time you open a box of cracker jack's. the brand is ending its 125-year tradition of including a toy prize inside.
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but they're doing something else. the company is replacing the toy with stickers containing digital codes. those codes will lead you to baseball-inspired games you can play on your phone or on your laptop. talking business news now. volkswagen strikes a deal and yahoo doesn't. susan lee takes a look at this past week from wall street. >> volkswagen and u.s. regulators reached a tentative deal to compensate owners affected by the diesel emissions scandal. they have a choice of receiving monetary compensation or to have their cars bought back. dish network and viacom. the embraemeagreement avoided at of programming on dish sending vie acom shares surging. verizon still said to be the leading contender to buy yahoo.
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yp which owns the digital assets of what used to be called the yellow pages has also been mentioned. 247,000 americans filed first-time claims for unemployment benefits last week. while that might at first sound like a routine economic number, it's the lowest in 42.5 years going all the way back to november 1973. it was a banner quarter for auto maker general motors whose sales and profits vastly exceeded wall street expectations. gm's sales mix had a greater percentage of suvs, crossovers and pickup trucks which have higher profit margins than passenger cars. i am susan li. get all your business news on cnbc. now your nbc10 first alert weather. >> good saturday morning. i am meteorologist kathryn steinle -- karen thomas. we have mild temperatures for
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sure. lehigh valley 63 degrees. it's 60 in the pennsylvania suburbs. 62 the official temperature reading right now in philadelphia. as we take you closer in, just about everywhere in the lower 60s. even coil field 60. 66 right now reported in mulkey hill. the temperatures are bumped because of a cold front moving through. we're in the warm sector there. especially in bridgeton and vineland. 62 there. as we move up, it gets a little cooler. princeton, 59 degrees. 61 in hopewell. as i mentioned, 63 right there in florence. temperatures are not expected to be going down at all. they will be bumping up just a little bit as we move through. our weather story has to do with the scattered showers. the scattered showers are with us as this system is pulling quite a bit of moisture from the south-southeast. you see that it's just churning
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about as it pulls away. it's moving west to east. you can see where the rain is right now west of philadelphia poised to move to the east. have the umbrellas handy as you move out this morning. depending on where you are, it will be very scattered. here at 9:00 a.m., this particular model has just about everybody here in south jersey dry, but more rain pushing in through parts of odessa and moving up towards wilmington. this darker green indicates heavier rain moving through. at 11:30 a.m., el kton, pittsgrove. cape may getting heavier rain. toms river, moving up through ocean county and off the coast. heavier rain there midday. and then the system slowly but surely by 3:00, 4:00, 5:00, the scattered shower activity finally gets off the coast. meanwhile, everybody here to the
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west has already begun drying out. it's looking like a half saturday -- a halfer, if you will, simply because we're looking for scattered showers in the morning for most everyone. and then we do get the drying out later on in the afternoon. however, down along the shoreline, some lingering showers. south philadelphia looking for a high today 70 degrees with peeks of sun later on. that's really going to be the story for summerton, chestnut hill as well. in the suburbs, though, different story there because we are expecting that the shower activity will hang on just a little bit longer. lehigh valley looking for rain in reading, 66. drying out in bethlehem and easton. 69 in easton. then we go down to the jersey shore. as i mentioned, they'll be the last to see the lingering showers get off the coast. lingering sunshine but temperatures not scared.
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70 degrees for a high temperature in hamilton township. glassboro with a high of 72. we topped out at 78 degrees officially yesterday in philadelphia. and so these temperatures are well above where we should be this time of year. the flyers force a game six. now the capitals have lost nine of their last ten games in the playoffs when they can close out a series. it has to be in their minds now. ghosts of playoff pasts haunting them. how about the performance for the ages last night from michal neuvirth in game ben franklifiv. tj oeshi steps up. the flyers could not convert on three power plays in the first. second period they get a lucky bounce. the puck goes off of a capital player's skate. ryan white gets the credit. one more look. flyers getting the bounces now.
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1-0. michal neuvirth faces 44 shots, saves them all. the flyers only had 11 shots in a game, the fewest in any flyer game in their history. fewest by a winning team in the playoffs in 18 years. they were outshot by 33, and they win. they get on empty-netter to seal it. 2-0 shutout over the caps. flyers force a game six showing a lot of heart. here is john boruk in washington. >> across the nation, they were celebrating birthday. only fitting because philadelphia had the best goalie on the planet on this night as michal neuvirth turned in a spectacular 44-save gem forcing a game six sunday at the wells fargo center. >> i like to face a lot of shots. it keeps me in the game. and i enjoy it. guys did a good job in front of me. i was seeing the puck well. >> we did the best we could in
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front of him, trying to get out the high-equaliquality chances. >> he has had a couple games this year where he's stood on his head. he competes like that every day in practice. so we're not surprised. >> karl alzner said this is by far the best performance he's ever seen from michal neuvirth. that goes back to his days as a capital. >> we'll see you tomorrow, john. game six here on nbc10 tomorrow at noon. for the first time in phillies history they're batting the pitcher 8th and their opponent do the same thing. it was the guy batting third who dominated. michael franco. two-run shot giving the phillies a 4-1 lead in milwaukee. to the seventh. solo shot. franco with two homers and aaron nola gets his first win of the
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season. phillies beat the brewers 5-2. the eagles sign a receiver for depth. former buffalo bill tj graham. now they have to face one of the best quarterbacks in the nfl. josh norman has been signed to a five-year deal for $5 million. once again, flyers pregame show 11:30 tomorrow morning live from the wells fargo center. the puck drops shortly after noon here on nbc10. i am john clark. enjoy your weekend.
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gl . today volunteers will be cleaning up the brandywine river. this is the 20th annual river cleanup event. you may not realize it, but more than half a million people in pennsylvania and delaware rely on the brandywine for drinking water. since the event started more than 30 tons of trash have been cleared from the river's banks. we are getting closer to the
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2016 olympic games in rio. right now the olympic torch is on its journey to brazil. it was lit in greece on thursday. about 12,000 people will carry the flame on the trip to the opening ceremony in rio on august 5th. nbc10 is your exclusive home for the olympics. a team from our station spent time in south america last month. join jacqueline london for her special report on wednesday, april 27th at 7:00 in the evening. a few minutes before 6:00 on this saturday. decision 2016, the presidential candidates are focusing on our region as they work to pick up votes in next week's pennsylvania and delaware primaries. nbc10 monique braxton is tracking their campaigns. >> about every day between now and tuesday a candidate will be appearing in the keystone state and the first state. we'll tell you where they are after the break. we have scattered showers moving through the area. i'll let you know when we can
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expect things to dry out where you live and what we can expect in the 7-day forecast. after the break.
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stumping grounds. our area takes center stage as the presidential candidates set their sights on tuesday's primaries in pennsylvania and delaware. a live report on the weekend campaign blitz is straight ahead. prince's death mystery. the autopsy is now complete. coming up, the new clues that may help authorities determine how he died. the capitals frustrated because they didn't want anything to do with game six in philadelphia on sunday. but they've got it. >> yep! tough luck. staying alive! the flyers fend off the caps and force a game six. we'll break down the matchup and the gem between the pipes. good morning. this is "nbc10 news today." thanks for being with us. i am rosemary connors. it's 6:00 on this saturday. yeah. looking gloomy behind me. we have rain moving through the area right now. we'll be wet this morning, but eventually it will clear out. here is a live look over center city. meteorologist karen thomas is tracking ton


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