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tv   Early Today  NBC  April 25, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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♪ purple rain purple rain nbc 10 news starts now. the final push is on. with one day before the pennsylvania and delaware primaries, candidates on both sides of the political aisle will work to get their messages across to voters in our area. two republican candidates on a shared mission. ted cruz and john kasich say they're now pulling their resources to stop donald trump. the quest for the cup is over. at least for this year. the flyers aren't hanging their heads. they're already looking towards the future. it's 4:00 a.m. welcome to monday. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley with his first alert forecast, find out what we have in store today, bill. >> these are cameras, live cameras from around our area.
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the temperatures, cooler in some spots. it's cooled into the 40s, while it's 51 in philadelphia. we are in for a nice sunny day. by 6:00, down to 50 degrees and upper 50s by 9:00. look at the cooldown for portions of delaware, starting off in the 40s. it will drop to 47 degrees and then into the 60s this afternoon. 61 degrees at 10:00 and then we warm into the 70s. in fact, the forecast calling for a nice warmup today. 70s for philadelphia and sunshine will be nice and bright. look at that, 76 degrees in south jersey at the shore. a bill cooler, 62 degrees. that's the seven-day forecast scrolling at the bottom of the screen. if you see that, you know there's wet weather ahead. more on that when i'm back in ten minutes. katy zachry has your first alert traffic. >> if you're headed out the door for an early morning commute you should have very few problems.
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i want to take a quick look at your drive times on the pennsylvania majors, 74, 95 and 476. all in the green, average speeds in the 60s right now. it couldn't be better than that if you're headed out the door. let's take a live look at 76 at montgomery drive. very light traffic in both directions if you're headed into center city philadelphia or out of center city(çphiladelphia. coming up in the next ten minutes we'll take a look at new jersey roads as well as your drive times in and around the wilmington, delaware area. tracy? one last chance to win over voters in our area today. hillary clinton has events today in wilmington and philadelphia. bernie sanders will also meet supporters at drexel university on the republican side, donald trump holds a rally in west chester. john kasich will start his day at a south philadelphia diner. that morning visit comes hours after news broke that john kasich and ted cruz are joining forces in an effort to stop their party's front-runner futurecast. matt delucia is live at the penrose diner.
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when is kasich expected to get there and for how long? >> tracy, this will be a favorly brief campaign stop. you'll see these candidates making stops at restaurants and diners, shaking hands, talking to some of the voters. he will be here at 10:00 this morning, at least according to his campaign. while kasich has been trailing in the polls, now he and ted cruz as we just mention ready sort of teaming up in a matter of ways to try to take down donald trump. kasich's office put out a statement saying his campaign's goal right now is to have an open republican convention. to do that, his chief strategist says they will shift their resources out west, continue the campaign but give ted cruz a clear path to winning indiana. that's the winner take all state. the hope there is to keep trump under the 1,237 total delegates needed to clinch the republican nomination. ted cruz's campaign put out their own statement saying they
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will let kasich fight for oregon and new mexico. they say in that statement, hoping the allies of both campaigns will follow their lead. this spilled out on to social media, getting two responses from trump. here they are. he talks about cruz and kasich saying they are mathematically dead, totally desperate. their donors and special interest groups are not happy with them, sad. he said, wow, just announced that lyin' ted as he calls him, are going to collude to keeping me from getting the nomination. desperation, he says. mike huckabee weighed in saying cruz, kasich joined forces to stop trump. i wish they wanted to stop hillary and as much as they did the republican who is beating both of them. the fight for the nomination takes on a new twist. all within the last 24 hours. now we're close to 24 hours until the polls open in
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pennsylvania, delaware and three other states. donald trump by the way has an event at west chester university, today at 4:00. there are some students over at west chester planning a protest. first, john kasich here at the penrose diner here at 10:00 this morning. it will be interesting to see if either candidate talks about this latest development. 4:05. meantime, tonight, the democratic candidate for president will be in philadelphia to speak to voters on the eve of the pennsylvania ç primary. msnbc will host back-to-back town halls of hillary clinton and bernie sanders. the candidates will take questions from voters at the national constitution center. host chris hayes will moderate a town hall at 8:00. rachel maddow will handle the clinton town hall at 9:00. a new poll shows sanders has an uphill battle to win tomorrow's primary in pennsylvania. the new nbc news/"wall street
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journal"/marist poll shows hillary clinton holding a double digit lead, 55% to 40%. and donald trump has even a more commanding lead, 45%, as compared to 27% for ted cruz. barber shop politics. see how the men style hair across philadelphia are using their chairs s as a platform t educate people. we'll track the candidates as they visit our area and send push alerts right from the campaign trail. 4:06. in other news now, police are investigating the shooting death of a young man killed just seconds after he spoke with the political candidate in philadelphia. a spokesperson for pennsylvania house candidate chris robb said that he heard gunshots moments after robb made a campaign pitch to the victim. the deadly shooting happened yesterday while robb was canvassing for votes along vernon road in east mount airy.
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robb was not hurt. moments later, more gunfire nearby killed another man and wounded a 17-year-old boy. nbc 10 got reaction from family and neighbors to the violence that police commissioner richard ross believes was gang related. >> seeing all the police cars, i had no idea that it was someone in my family. >> first i've ever seen anything like this. it's very disturbing. >> very frustrated by the fact that we were not able to prevent the second homicide. >> we're told there is surveillance video from the initial shooting. police are asking anyone with information to contact them. a family is out of their home this morning after a fire ripped through it. crews were called to hartville street in philadelphia's kensington neighborhood around 10:30 last night. an nbc 10 viewer sent us this video. an adult and child were in the home when the fire started. the red cross is helping them this morning. no one was hurt. investigators are calling a fire in the frankford neighborhood suspicious this
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morning. a cat was killed and three other animals rescued when a house went up in flames. the fire started at the home on leaper street yesterday afternoon. it rekindled last night but is now out. the flyers season is over. the capitals eliminated them from the playoffs yesterday. the players said the experience is something to build on. >> unfortunately we didn't have a game seven. >> it's obviously frustrating. >> i'm proud of every single guy in this dressing room. we pushed it to the limit, busted our butt all year long. >> flyers fans paid tribute to their team, serenading the players with the chan the "let's go flyers." and flyers fan packed xfinity live. the fans we spoke with said thdi're proud of what they saw in the team this year. >> tough game but they had a chance. it was fun to watch. >> we're only going to get better we fought well, played
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hard. we're all happy here today for the most part. >> many fans agree, this playoff experience is just a taste of things to come for the flyers. what do you think? are you a flyers fan and you're optimistic about the team's future? tweet us. we'd love to know your thoughts now that the quest for the cup is over for this year. you can tweet us anytime and we'll tweet you right back. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> skies are mostly clear, the temperatures are coming down. 51 degrees in philadelphia but look at the 40s with the lehigh valley, pennsylvania suburbs and delaware. south jersey has dropped into the low 40s right now. some cool spots. yes, even colder for pemberton and 39 in lumberton while cinnaminson, 46 degrees at this time. got a nice southwesterly wind ahead of us today. not terribly strong.
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it's going to be picking up. it's the direction which is so important. that's a warming wind for us. we are going to see temperatures move up nicely during the day today. 10:00 this morning, 62 degrees in philadelphia. look at 6:00 this afternoon. 75 for the pennsylvania suburbs, low 70s and climbing at 2:00 this afternoon. the lehigh valley, a bit cool to start with. 70s as we go into the afternoon hours. for delaware and south jersey, nice warmup, low 60s to start with. sunshine and a few clouds coming in later in the day low 70s by 2:00 in the afternoon. you can see after some warming this morning at the jersey shore, the temperatures will level out early in the afternoon, then get a bit cooler as the day goes on. that 2:00 temperature, 57 degrees at the shore. you may have noticed at the bottom of the screen, that's the seven-day forecast which does have rain in it. the possibility of thunderstorms as well. you won't see any of that today. the system that's coming our way for tomorrow is well to the west in minnesota and north dakota
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and stretches into the upper peninsula of michigan and into canada as well. that's the system we'll be watching for first thing tomorrow morning and later in the day tomorrow. but not today. today we'll see a good warmup, upper 70s for somerton. neighborhood by neighborhood forecast calling for sunshine in lansdale, malvern up to 76 as well. the lehigh valley, easton warms to 76 degrees as well this afternoon. middle 70s for haddonfield and glassboro. cooler temperatures this afternoon. wildwood 68 degrees, atlantic city, just 62 this afternoon and in delaware, enough sunshine to warm wilmington, dover and dewey beach all into the middle 70s. that's today. there's your seven-day forecast. when i come back in ten minutes, your ten-day outlook. tracy? >> 4:11. speaking of wilmington, let's start there with our traffic report. katy zachry. >> if you are driving in and around the wilmington area on 95 and you're headed between 295
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and 495, fingers crossed. everything looks really good right now. if you're going northbound, your drive is about 11 minutes. southbound it's a minute less than that. no issues to report in and around the wilmington, delaware area. taking a look up in the northeast philadelphia area. 95, it's a smooth ride. you can see the drive times between woodhaven and the vine, 13 minutes. no issues to report in any of that overnight construction that's taking place is not slowing you down at all. light traffic we're seeing along 95. when we see you in a bit, we're take a look at new jersey roads and how things are looking 95 south to the airport. 12 minutes past 4:00, 52 degrees outside. medical marijuana is now legal in pennsylvania. see how the new law is opening up new business opportunities. and a cave-in caught on tape. watch as the street suddenly disappears into the earth.
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4:15. good morning, ardmore. this is a live look along lancaster avenue where it is 44 degrees right now.ç from our delaware bureau, a town hall will be held tonight in wilmington. to talk about the death of a 16-year-old girl involved in a fight inside a high school bathroom. amy joyner francis died after the fight at howard high school of technology on thursday. her friends tell us she was a peacemaker who stepped in to stop fights. the town hall tonight at stubbs elementary will allow the commune to the talk about what happened and work to prevent future incidents. the governor, attorney general, mayor and other officials are expected to speak. today vice president joe biden and his wife, dr. jill biden will visit philadelphia to
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push for affordable education. the bidens will speak at the community college of philadelphia this afternoon. they'll discuss the obama administration's efforts to lower college tuition and other costs. the goal is to ensure more americans get education and the skills needed for a pathway to the middle class. now that medical marijuana is legal in pennsylvania, some budding entrepreneurs are learning about opening up their own dispensaries. the cannabis career institute held a workshop yesterday where attendees got information about the medical marijuana industry from legal requirements to basic growing techniques. >> going to open a dispensary you'll need a carpenter to do the build, electrician to do the wiring, a security specialist. this involves a lot more than people think. it provides employment across the board. >> governor wolf signed the medical marijuana bill into law april 17th. later today, a rally will be
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held outside of baltimore city hall to mark the anniversary of the death of freddie gray who died in police custody. today's rally comes a day after this unity march. gray died while in police custody a year ago and violent protests erupted you'll remember. those who marched said their movement symbolizing a message of change. >> because of the uprising of things we've tried to effect and are swept under the rug are on full display and will be addressed. >> today's rally is to express the need for cooperation between community and police. 4:17. 52 degrees. protests over north carolina's bathroom law is expected to clog that state's capitol. sit-ins are scheduled.
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leaders from the naacp are expected to offer lawmakers their version of a bill the group says should have been passed. people protesting the bathroom law rallied in charlotte, north carolina yesterday. charlotte's mayor called on religious leaders calling for an appeal of the law saying it limits the right of the lgbt community. >> we hope our legislature will do the right thing and rescind hb2, what reverend barber has called hate billç 2. >> they claim the measure of the law helps maintain modesty and safety. sales of prince songs are skyrocketing since his death on thursday. 2.3 million songs were bought in the three days after his death. meanwhile, tributes continue for the icon ♪ to get through this thing called life ♪ >> there was a moment of silence
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just before the puck dropped at yesterday's money min wild playoff game against dallas. the arena glowed purple. coming up on the "today" show, remembering prince, tributes from family, friends and fans as investigators continue their investigation into their death. that's this morning at 7:00 a.m. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 52 degrees here at nbc 10. a nice start this morning. this is a live view from ardmore. skies are clear. there's a gentle breeze blowing. sunshine will be bright. the temperatures will be turning warmer today. that's today. tomorrow, got some storms in store for election day. the first will arrive first thing in the morning. that's tomorrow morning. this morning, chilly, south jersey at 41 degrees. you have cool spots in delaware and in the suburbs as well. right now, the temperatures have dropped into the 40s for most of the area this morning. these numbers will be climbing into the 60s and then 70s and
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could be getting closer to the 80 degree mark this afternoon. the temperatures will be warmer as the day goes on with bright sunshine today. no sign of any wet weather today. tomorrow is a different story. we'll see storms coming in as the day progresses. the clouds will start to move our way. you can see this is 6:00 this evening. we're nice and clear. all day long. sunshine will be bright. the clouds building to the west. and as we go into tomorrow morning, that's 2:00 in the morning. look at the wet weather. a chance of showers and thunderstorms, mainly north of philadelphia into the lehigh valley and into northern new jersey. central new jersey, mercer county, trenton, you could see some of the showers and possibly thunderstorms overnight as well. as we go into the 5:00 hour this time tomorrow morning about, we'll see scattered showers in the area, moving through central new jersey and then heading offshore. we'll get a break for most of the day with clouds and sunshine turning even warmer tomorrow. you may haveness noticed that
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warmup at the bottom of the screen with the seven-day forecast. watch what happens late in the afternoon, 5:00, during the evening commute tomorrow. a chance of showers and thunderstorms. that line of showers moving through chester, berks, lehigh, montgomery, bucks county, burlington and ocean counties in new jersey. meantime, the sunshine to the south and delaware in south jersey, a big warmup for tomorrow and a chance of those showers reaching those areas during the early evening hours. that's your election day. it will be stormy on the weather map. and the seven-day forecast, well, we've gone beyond that. we have temperatures that are climbing into the 80s for tomorrow. then cooling down on wednesday. by thursday and friday, got a chance of showers coming into the area and then saturday and sunday, we'll see the shower possibility continue. we need the rainfall. we'll get some rainfall asç we with temperatures typically where they are in the 60s. tracy? >> all right, bill, thanks.
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4:21. let's get you get ut door on this monday morning. we start in the lehigh valley. katy zachry has that. >> if you're headed up to the allentown area, easton, quakertown, a smooth ride ahead, at least for now. this is a live look at i-78 at morgan hill road. we're seeing light traffic in both directions but nothing that will affect your commute up in that area. moving south and south of the philadelphia international airport, this is a live look at 95 at naamans road. the drive time between the blue route and naamans road will only take you six minutes. the drive time northbound if you're headed to the airport at this early hour and it will take you about the same time. no issues there. we do have construction to tell you about, a long-term project that might be adding a few minutes to your commute, especially if you're on girard avenue and want to access 95 northbound. that on ramp is closed because of a long-time construction project. take a look at this cave-in
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caught on camera. a sinkhole opened up at an in r intersection in china. they marked the area off with cones to help drivers avoid what became a huge gaping hole. 4:23. sunday church services in montgomery county quickly turned into a crime scene. >> we were worshipping and hear three different gunshots. >> moments later, a man was dead. ahead in our next half hour, find out why police know who the gunman is but they have not taken him into custody. a night to remember thanks to the generosity of others. see how drexel students are making sure cost doesn't ruin prom season for some young women.
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the nfl draft is three days away and eagles fans are anticipating the selection of their quarterback of the future. jared goth for carson wentz are the two quarterbacks they are eyeing. on saturday, a nbc reporter in fargo asked wentz if he knows where he's going. >> i'll know when everybody else knows. my agent has been filling me in on stuff. i'll know as soon as everybody else knows. i'll be excited as heck when i finally hear my name. >> watch eagles draft day thursday night at 7:00. we'll have exclusive interviews with the team's new decisionmakers and analysis from football hall of famers. local college students are
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helping to make prom night one to remember for a group of high school girls. the drexel black action committee held its free dress giveaway yesterday. girls got a chance to browse the selection and pick out their perfect dress. organizers say they want to make sure money doesn't stop girls from going to the prom. >> a lot of people weren't able to go to prom because they couldn't afford it. they were discouraged later on in life. they were upset about it. we wanted to make sure that didn't happen if we could change it. >> they gave a prom makeover from sephora make-up store and a $50 gift card. . ♪ me and mrs. jones >> remembering the philadelphia soul singer behind that legendary song. next at 4:30 we look back at the musical contribution of philadelphia's billy paul.
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nbc 10 news starts now. deadly church shooting. one man is dead after shots were fired during sunday services at a montgomery county church. two different candidates with a shared mission. stopping the republican front-runner. ted cruz and john kasich form an alliance to try to deny donald trump the nomination. and barber shop politics. this election season, that's one of philadelphia's most trusted neighborhood haircutters. a new do also comes with a civic lesson. it's 4:30, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley with his first alert neighborhood forecast, a look at


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