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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  April 28, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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conditions where you live. we have your first alert neighborhood weather. >> reporter: that's right rosemary, and by the umbrella, keep it around the rest of the week, into the weekend, and into next week. we have a lot of rain coming up in the forecast. live look out at center city, a little hazy. there's been low clouds today, and the rain, of course, look at the temperature, 49 degrees in philadelphia. it is chilly and rainy. most of the rain, know, moved north of philadelphia, so here's a look at the radar. mostly pennsylvania and at this point, and even in parts of mercer county and trenton area. zooms in here, philadelphia's still seeing light rainfall, but most of that, now, is a little further up to the north, and where you see in buck county, parts of central bucks county, heavier rain in bucking ham and turnpike with lighter rain, and middletown with moderate rain and most of bucks' county. through the evening, rain is in the forecast. philadelphia area, even by 10:00
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p.m., in the 40s, showers around, 6:00 tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy, 47 degrees. pennsylvania suburbs, you'll see cloudy conditions later on this evening with still the chance of showers. lehigh valley showers around at 10:00, and in delaware and new jersey and along the shore, best chance of rain exists this evening, still, mid-40s tomorrow morning. by 6:00 a.m., mid to upper 40s in the area, mostly cloudy in the morning tomorrow, but them later in the day, we're going to keep the rain chance in the forecast, and even for part of your weekend, so coming up, a look at the time of the rain tomorrow and which part of the weekend we expect possibly heavy rain. that's straight ahead. >> see you shortly. thank you. now to breaking news in baltimore. a man threatening to blow up a tv station, a television station has been shot by police. this is video from 40 minutes ago showing officers carrying the suspect into a police vehicle. officers removed all of his clothing. he was wearing what police
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describe as a hedgehog onesie. they did it to make sure he was not carrying or concealing a weapon. the suspect was conscious as he was lying in the street outside the fox television station in baltimore for an hour while a bomb sniffing robot check him. no word on the condition now or on a possible motive, but we'll keep you posted. back in our area, for two decades, a small basketball league in burks county gave children are chance to play together, but now its future is in jeopardy because of this. the league's headquarters torn apart by vandals, and nbc 10 randy gyllenhaal shows how they are trying to clean up the damage. >> reporter: for just $40 each season, young kids can play ball in a safe space off the streets. their upcoming summer season is now threatened after vandals broke into the black top basketball headquarters. >> they broke the door, took it off the hinges. >> reporter: trashing the
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inside, breaking windows and stealing trophies. we found this one thrown in the trash. the vandals poured soap all the team's records and documents. >> just poured it out over everything. >> reporter: mike shore has run the league for 20-years and says this summer almost 800 kids were signed up. >> my immediate reaction was that i almost had tears in my eyes. >> reporter: saying the vandals struck friday and then again three days later with even more damage. >> i would think a minimum of $10. second time they broke in here, then this is what they did. >> reporter: reading police arrested one danger, but more suspects are still on the run. >> we're looking for vandals to identify accountability, you know, you do something like this, you pay the piper. >> reporter: in the mean time, donations are pouring in, and for now, the league has added an extra lock to the door hoping the vandals don't strike again. in reading, rap di gyllenhaal, n b.c. 10 news. tonight, new information
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about a man police say shot and killed another man inside a montgomery county church. we were there as 46-year-old mark storms was charged today with felony, voluntary manslaughter, and reckless endangerment. police say last sunday storm shot 27-year-old robert braxton at keystone fellowship. he was disrupting services. church firms tried to calm him, and when that failed, storms asked braxton to leave, he says he punched him, and that's when he fired two shots. >> this is a situation where a gun is introduced to a fistfight. the victim has no weapon. >> storms is held on $250,000 bail. right now at 5:00, philadelphia police issue an apology after raiding the wrong home while looking for armed suspects. swat officers burst into this
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home on elmwood avenue 2:30 wednesday morning. residents say they were held at gun point for hours while officers searched the house. philadelphia police say they were acting on leagues tips, but later realized that it was not the right house and no one inside posed a threat. >> i woke up with a big old gun in my face, and i sit here all night with a rifle sitting in that chair you sitting in and my granddaughter next to me, and i was thinking, i'm going to die. >> the real suspects are on the run, and residents in this home that was raided say they are not accepting the apology from the police or the $500 that they say was offered to them. wilmington city council is meeting tonight to review the city's efforts to fight crime. it's a quarterly review looking at recommendations of a state crime commission, and the progress the police department is making implementing those goals. residents are encouraged to
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participate to hear what police are doing to reduce violent crime, and how they can help with nothose efforts. >> center city where police released identify of the man accused of slashing tires. they were called on christian street at 1:00 a.m. saturday and arrested 54-year-old christopher nelson charged with multiple counts of criminal mischief. a quick-thinking neighbor used a shovel and chair to scare a dog that attacked a boy at the school bus stop this morning. the 9-year-old and sister were waiting on diamond street when it happened. the father says the dog started to attack the girl first and bit the boy on the back. the boy is expected to be okay. police held the dog until animal control officers arrived. beware of the bear. that's the warning from the new jersey department of environmental protections division of fish and wildlife. this time of year is when black
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bears are typically active, especially in north jersey, coming out of hibernation. residents need to be vigilant of securing trash and food sources to prevent encounters. everyone caught intentionally feeding bears face fines of up to $1,000. philadelphia's blue street harbor park is opening three weeks early this year on may 6. penn's landing water front transformed into an o say sis of hammocks, floating gardens, lights, food, and as part of summer fest, the lodge from winter fest is transformed into the new chick and pete's water front crab shack. >> can't wait. >> uh-huh. the eagles today could be the beginning of a new future. birds have the second pick in the draft and expecting them to select a quarterback. >> b.c. 10 is your official eagles station. we'll bring you all the excitement leading up to tonight draft. nbc 10's keith jones is live in lincoln financial field to bring you that exclusive access.
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hey, guys. >> because of the weather, it's blustery, rainy, chilly. last year we were doing draft day we were outside on the field. now the party is inside here at lincoln financial. there's a lot of activity that's going to take place behind us with draft day. people coming out with so much excitement and buildup tonight and who will be chosen. >> that's the topic of conversation. walk around any part of philadelphia, south jersey, delaware, you hear about it. two guys, jared goff from kal and this guy here, carson wentz from north dakota state. what's that? it's the fcs, or for us ol heads, division one aa, a big guy, cannon for an arm, too. the big question mark people are asking is is he ready to make the jump to the pro level? has wentz played big time competition like he'll face in the nfc east and in the nfl? the eagles seem to think from all indications he's going to be their guy behind the sam bradford bringing us to another point, of course, the controversy of sam bradford
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saying, you know what? he doesn't want to play for the eagles. he wants a trade if this is what they do. >> the head coach peterson is involved in the discussion as well. comcast has a live interview with the head coach, peterson, coming up in a few minutes here. >> yeah. i think what you need to do is run 40, both of you. >> oh, run a 40? >> yeah. >> oh, keith will blow me out of the water. >> no, i'm not sure. >> he's training for the broad street run. >> is he? >> yeah. >> okay. i still think you could take him. zr listen, i'm not denying that. no way. if we do it out there, though, i'm punching the goalpost. >> yeah. >> throwback. >> careful with that. all right, guys, thanks, great job. also, coming up tonight, taking on trump. >> many tried and failed as election season, but that's not stopping win local mayor, calling the presidential candidate a jerk. plus, could you kids use marijuana and you don't know it? local police noticed more
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students with marijuana wax coming up at 5:00. how police are trying to spot it and what parents should look for.
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film studios responsible for hollywood's biggest animated hits in recent years are coming together. comcast announced today that it'sing dreamworks animation. price tag is approximately $3.8
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billion. dreamworks is part of the universal film entertainment group including universal pictures. the deal is expected to close by year's end. we're back live at lincoln financial field. there's been so much suspense and speculation, who will be trying on the eagles' cap when nfl commissioner roger goodell a makes the announcement tonight. >> the topic of conversation. people are filtering in. doors open at 6:00. we'll bring you that. in the meantime, though, to answer questions, comcast sport net is live at the nova care complex down the road in south philadelphia talking live with new eagles head coach doug peterson. hey, derek. >> reporter: hey, guys, thank you very much. you know, it's not many first year head coaches who know who you're beginning to take in the
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first round, consensus is you get carson wentz. unless rams flip the script on you guys, do you have a final analysis as we are hours away from the selection process and your comfort level with the guys. >> very comfortable with either one. we did a process with the two guy, and, you know, it's been about the evaluation, and really getting -- once we got them in the building and sat down to talk to both of them and exhaust their tape and, you know, put them through a battery of tests that we do and just came away feeling very comfortable with both quarterbacks. >> you have the excitement of a new quarterback coming in, of course, there's the dilemma of a quarterback who doesn't want to be here now. you said in march that a starting quarterback should worry about nothing more than being a starter, and if he can't do that, you have a problem. sam bradford spoke through the agent, doesn't want to be here. how do you handle that situation, and do you foresee it being a distraction down the road? >> well, right now, we're still in april. we're beginning phases of the otas in may, and, you know, i said all along, sam's our guy. he's my guy, and he's a part of
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the eagles, and, you know, it's just unfortunate where we are right now, but the thing is, you know, once he's here, here's our guy, and, you know, there's nothing because it's voluntary offseason program, there's not a whole lot we can do, but at the same time, we just know we want him to be part of the eagles this year. >> have you had a chance to talk to him? >> i have not. not right now. you know, i've talk through the first phase, phase one, i had a chance to sit down with him and visit one-on one with him prior to to the mini camp a week ago, and other than that, i have not had a chance to visit with him. >> doug, good luck to tonight. >> thank you very much. >> back to you. >> a lot of excitement, the broncos reached out to the eagles today say they wanted bradford, and eagle thes said no, and the other thing coming into play if daniels is the starter and not sam bradford, could that create some difficulties as well? a lot to look forward to as well. >> competing for the kpe for sure. stay tuned to nbc 10, your
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official philadelphia eagles' television station. nbc 10 ease getting you ready for tonight's draft. don't miss the hour long live preshow at 7:00 right here from south philly with exclusive interviews, live guests like you heard there with doug peterson and analysis tonight at 7:00 to 8:00 right here on nbc 10. we will be camped out right here waiting for everyone to get in. doors open at 6:00. back to you. >> guys, this is intriguing. makes them the most compelling team in the entire region. thanks very much, guys. our team had to move inside because of the rain. >> evening plans could be a little wet, washed out. our meteorologist is tracking the rain in the first alert neighborhood forecast. the rain will be with us for quite a while. >> yes, it is. aside prosecute rain we have, we have chilly temperatures along with it. aside from the umbrella, you probably need the jacket too. it's staying that way over the next several days. rainy, cool, and a live look out
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across philadelphia, liberty one and two in view. overcast skies. light rain in the philadelphia area and we have more rain around further north of philadelphia. here's a look at the radar currently. this is mostly on the light side showing the green. we'll zoom in here because it's mostly through the pennsylvania suburbs, up into parts of mercer county as well, seeing the rain currently. so this is going to last as we go through the rest of the evening. zooms into bucks coupe and mercer county. there you see just overcast skies the rain around mostly on the light side. bensalem seeing run. newtown seeing steady rain too. it's across the major interstates through the pennsylvania suburbs, and this is the case through tonight and part of the day tomorrow. we have more rain in the forecast. take a look at the temperatures. it is chilly outside. 49 degrees, philadelphia. 48 degrees in south jersey. temperatures are staying on the cool side through the rest of the evening. 42 degrees through the lehigh
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valley. look at the new jersey neighborhoods. we are able to show you the detailed look at the neighborhood temperatures because of our new neighborhood forecasts, also, don't forget the seven-day scrolling at the bottom of the screen. always catch it there. 48 in mt. laurel. 47 in medford. cool temperatures. a couple days ago, we were in the 80s, and now only in the 40s. that's really because of the wind direction, too, we have a pretty good onshore wind with the clouds and rain also. we are getting temperatures dropping through the area. 48 degrees in lumberton. 46 in princeton, and it's chilly tonight into tomorrow. this is future weather now. as we go through time, early tomorrow morning for the morning commute, i can't rule out isolated showers, mostly overcast skies, 8:30 tomorrow, and into tomorrow afternoon, keep the umbrellas handy, more rain comes tomorrow. overcast skies, chilly temperatures, and into tomorrow
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evening, rain is lingering fridays night into, and that's going to be the drier day out of the weekend, and we'll have clouds around. then we go into sunday. this is sunday. 6:00 in the morning. heavy rain starting to approach the philadelphia area, and we have the blue cross broad street run and looks like we're going to see rain for that. by noon on sunday, we'll have rain around the heaviest could be through the philadelphia area, and either way, it does look like a rainy second half of the weekend. tomorrow, though, your neighborhood forecast, bethlehem at 53 degrees, easton 53, reading 64 with scattered showers throughout the day. showers coming in in the mid to low 50s tomorrow. in the philadelphia area, 54 degrees, fairmont at 55. a chilly, rainy day. new jersey at 54 degrees, and 53 in trenton tomorrow afternoon for a high temperature. closer to the shore, only around 50 degrees. very similar to what we have right now along the shore. 15 in avlon with the rain.
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if you're in delaware, dover at 53 tomorrow. wilmington at 54 degrees and scattered showers. staying cool into friday and into saturday, but saturday will be more around 60 degrees for a high temperature. sunday, that's when we see the rain, so for the blue cross broad street run on sunday, we do expect rain, at least for part of the race. now, 8:00 in the morning, it's going to be chilly, 49 degrees, chance of showers around. rain chances increase through the morning hour, and by noon, we expect heavier rain, temperatures in the mid-50s. temperature-wise, the runners might like it because it is cooler, giving you the endurance, but overall, pick a better day out of the weekend, if you're going to be running errands or outdoor plans, saturday is the dry day. a closer look at your forecast coming up. gina was told she may not live through the year, but gina fought back from leukemia and ready to tackle another
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challenge. >> don't want to be just a leukemia patient, i want to be more. >> following her journey from the hospital to the blue cross broad street run. that's coming up a little bit later. , saved from south korea. why dozens of dogs were rescued from the unusual threat, and why they were brought here to new jersey. it's not new york. it's not l.a. it's the thriller in philly, network event of 2016 presenting night at the fights. join me, vai, for a spectacular evening unlike any other. punch up the career by raising money for youth and education. it's a night to see and be seen. saturday, april 30th at the lak core center.
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decision 2016, boehner with harsh words for cruz in a forum. he referred to him as lucifer in the flesh. he said he would vote for trump in a general election, but would not vote for cruz. he accused bayne ere of letting his inner trump come out. >> he said something like he's the worst sob i've worked with.
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something like that. >> lucifer in the flesh. >> well, there was that too. the interesting thing he said, that i've ever worked with. i never worked with john boehner. >> well, cruz claims boehner is indirectly targeting voters with his comments. one day after named cruz ease running mate, carly fiorina took to morning joe where she defended her conservative views and wasted no times going after donald trump. carly fiorina said trump will not fight the corrupt system in washington and cruz is the only true conservative running for the nomination. while on the "today" show last week, trump said that he would not mind if caitlyn jenner used the ladies' room in the trump tower. she took that to heart this week and posted this video on facebook yesterday showing her taking a bathroom break in the building that houses trump's new york headquarters, using the
5:26 pm
women's bathroom instead of the men's room. this debate over bathrooms has intensified following a new law in north carolina. the law says that people must use the bathroom according to the gender on their birth certificate. groups have cancelled events there in protest. the city of philadelphia issued a ban on publicly funded travel to north carolina. also tonight, a tweet from trump sparks a social media war, and it's all over a town in chester county. how the mayor there is fighting back for his community. plus, have you heard of marijuana wax? south jersey police are spotting it more and more among students in their towns. what they want parents to know about the drug and why it's so easy to hide.
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you're going to have to keep those umbrellas handy for a couple days. you know that, vai? it's going to be with us. here's the scene not too long ago in philadelphia. yeah, it's coming down. >> the rain cometing right now, a live look at the nbc 10 radar. that glob of green moving east. that's rain. it's not letting up any time soon. our meteorologist is tracking the latest conditions in your neighborhood. >> all right, what's the latest? >> we have the rain, and it's not rainy and warm, either, it's rainy and it's chilly, so you need the umbrella and the
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jacket. you probably grabbed the jacket before you headed outside this morning, and you're going to need it throughout the next several days, so your new neighborhood weather, zooming in, where the rain is, and seven-day forecast scrolls at the bottom of the screen for. rain is north of philadelphia at the moment, and if we zoom in here, you're able to see just the lighter rainfall. that's shown in the green. the yellow would indicate heavier rain. that heavier rain passed through parts of central bucks county already. now we just have this lighter rain around north of philadelphia and parts of northeast philly still, and you see in bucks county, light rain over parts of 476 here, and warrington, all seeing that consistent lighter rainfall. we're going to keep rain in the forecast the rest of the evening. temperatures chilly too. in the pennsylvania suburbs, low 40s and rainy. new jersey, mostly in the upper 40s, and most of new jersey just
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under overcast skies, but around the trenton area and mercer county, you have lighter rainfall. 49 in the lehigh valley. easton is 49 degrees and rainy. p.m., cloudy, 47 degree, and my 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, 44 degrees, overcast skies, and more rain later in the day tomorrow and the weekend. the timing on that coming up. all right, thanks for that. right now at 5:00, looks can be deceiving. believe it or not. the substance there is marijuana wax, and tonight, it's leading to a new warning. nbc 10 got a look at how police in south jersey are trying to tackle this drug. >> nbc 10 is live now washington township. this marijuana wax has been around for a while, but police are noticing it more and more in the communities, and this may be news to parents as well, right? >> reporter: vai, police here admitted they are e seeing an
5:32 pm
awful lot of this and said that this is unchartered territory. it's on the streets out here, the kids are using it, and they are getting arrested. >> it's confined. >> reporter: washington township police call this a game changer compared to traditional pot. >> twice the high, three times the high, and quite dangerous. >> reporter: just now bought, sold, and inhaled in south jersey. >> it's called wax. >> never of it. >> it's pot cooked or melted down to the purist form delivering are potent high. police here fear with nearly a dozen arrests in recent months, there will be overdoses. >> the purity of thc in the product of wax oil, whatever you want to call it, being three times stronger. >> reporter: police are doing their homework on it, training officers in the department to look for tiny containers and butane torches in car stops. today, k-9 officer creeper took seconds to sniff out a wax container hidden in a car gas
5:33 pm
compartment. in los angeles last spring, our sister nbc affiliate reported on explosions in honey oil labs destroying homes, sending people to the hospital. >> parents don't know what to look for. it's a telltale sign. >> reporter: they seized a cooker, drugs, and $10,000 in cash from a local teen's home. >> good they are concerned and glad they are, like, doing something proactively. i hope it's proactively. all i heard in the news lately is heroin, and that terrifies me. >> these kids operate cars in the state of new jersey, and if they smoke this product, there's more dangers involved. and parents here, some terms to listen for or check the child's social media. wax is also called dabs, butter, honey, oil, or bho, and you might see the number 710, and that is the word oil upside down. because of the purity of wax, it
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carries a steeper fine. live in washington township, nbc 10 news. two ounces of marijuana, edible marijuana candy, and a pound of marijuana butter, that's what police say they found inside this man's mercer county restaurant. ed, who goes by the name weedman, was arrested with ten other people. prosecutors tell us that those who live near the restaurant in trenton called weedman's joint saw people going in and out of the restaurant at all hours. the restaurant is located across the street from trenton city hall. well, the blue cross broad street run holds a special meaning for each and runner. >> for one local woman, as soon as she saw the race was on may 1st, she knew she had to run. nbc 10 explains why. >> reporter: tom and gina have been married for 34 years. they knew there'd be ups and downs, but one day six years
5:35 pm
ago, life changed. >> i went to the oncologist on a lunch break, and he came in and said, you're very lucky, you have chronic myloid leukemia. >> reporter: easy to treat and everything looked good for a while until just before christmas of 2013. >> i started feeling really tired. i knew something was, you know, not quite right. >> reporter: back in the hospital, she'll never forget what the oncologist told her next. >> mopefully the treatments work. treatments because if they don't, you may not live until the end of the year. >> reporter: it was a race against time. gina liked to run but couldn't run from this. in that moment, she just wanted to live to see her daughter get marry the following year. >> that's what i told them from the get-go. i'll do whatever need me to do, but i will be at that wedding. >> reporter: the solution? a stem cell transplant. her older sister came up a
5:36 pm
perfect match. >> i went into the hospital on the saturday of penn relays. it was april 26th. >> reporter: that was two years ago. >> the transplant took place in my hospital room at penn on may 1st. >> reporter: recovery was tough. >> ready? >> when they told you the date of the race was may 1st, which is the anniversary of my stem cell transplant, i was sold. >> reporter: to make this day special again, improved to herself she's not sick anymore. >> i don't want to be just a leukemia patient. i want to be more. there was so many gifts that we got, i thought this is my way of thanking them or -- i'm going to start crying. honoring them. honoring them for their gifts. >> you've come a long way, baby, and it was, it was two years of pretty much hell. >> i'm stretching. >> reporter: now to finish the race, she was born to run. >> she can do whatever she sets
5:37 pm
her mind to. >> reporter: nbc 10 news. ♪ >> you can follow gina and the thousands of other runners this sunday. n.bc 10 will be broadcasting the entire race live. our coverage starts at 8:00 morning and if you miss it, though, we air the race again on the comcast sports network. it will be available for comcast customers through xfinity on demand. >> join us tomorrow night for ready, set run. we'll have important tips for the runners and see gina and tom there and show you the best places to watch the race tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. here on nbc 10. you saw the stories over the years, but dogs are rescued fromming rings or bad homes. >> yeah, but these animals were destined for another bizarre fate and how they were saved and how a shelter is trying to mind them a new place to live.
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the end of march, nearly 8 million americans did not make a monthly payment on student loans. that's according to a gao. today, the white house announced its putting pressure on firms that service student loans and getting consumer bureau involved. the pay back playbook that borrowers access are required to include monthly bills. >> a lot of people who graduated are still paying them off graduated ten years ago. >> have over $30,000 in loans. >> it bothers me i have student debt, but really there's nothing i can do about it. >> the student aid bill of rights that president obama signed a year ago let students pay less when they earn less and more as they earn more. the study found 70% in default qualify for it but don't know about it. 170 dogs go to an emergency shelter in south jersey. >> rescued from a dog meat farm
5:41 pm
in south korea. the dogs arrive at their new home temporarily home in madison morris county in groups of a dozen every day for two weeks. there are a lot of mixed breeds. there are also huskies, mastiffs and smaller dogs. veterinarians will treat the dogs for medical issues and place them for adoption around the country. nbc 10 does its part to clear the shelters throughout the year. every saturday morning, we have a pet on the newscast up for adoption, and watch this saturday for a featured pet, and i always sort of threaten my husband that his dog will end up -- somebody else will take our unruly dog, but, yeah, clear the shelters every saturday morning. >> and we love our clear the shelters events, trying to get all the animals adopted. we have the rain around this evening. more rain in the forecast tomorrow, and even some heavy rain for part of your weekend. looking at that forecast and times of it coming up.
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winners are showing up all over pennsylvania. and with more than 500,000 winners of match 6, cash 5, and treasure hunt every single week, that's not a big surprise. winners, winners everywhere! play today!
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good evening, welcome to lincoln financial field, i'm keith jones and we are waiting about 15 minutes from doors to open, and this is behind the scenes for all access exclusive pass to the eagles' draft party. >> people are expected to crowd the area, and they were going to be outside as they were in previous years, but because of the weather, they brought the party inside. outside right now on the field is nbc's tim furlong, and joining us live, tim? >> well, you know what? i was outside on the field, which is right there. >> oh. >> i moved in because the weather stinks. you're right. that's no joke. it's not great. it's not pretty. all the fun stuff out there is brought in here, including this and vendors here and stuff that you can buy, a lot of stuff to see, but this is one that i
5:45 pm
think everybody's going to have fun with tonight. this is tap snap. guy the it right, right? you come here, and you stand here, it up quick. stand in front of the camera, get in the green screen, and she's with the picture, and you're on a cool background here, three, two, run, and they put you on a cool background, and you can see what you look like in front of the stadium here like this, and there you go. fire it up, and, look, there you are. we'll hang out, and take pictures, and, of course, on the other side of the stadium, you have all the stuff to buy there. look over there. the stadium store has monster sales right now. last year, i got a don of gear at great prices, 50% off. i'll shop tonight too. buy jerseys there. if the eagles pick wentz, you cannot buy the jersey right away. why? they have to get the number approved through nfl, and
5:46 pm
gibbons is new too, and he was no. 11, which was wentz's number at north dakota state. many say prove you're the man here. >> you got to compete. you're a professional. you know, this is where you should really step your game up and say i'm going to show them who i am. >> looks weak, never had a good successful season in the nfl, and now he says, realm, i want to be the guy. you have not proved yourself anywhere he's been. >> reporter: you see me looking dapper on the tap snap, and what you can share right to social media too. i'll grab that and post it on twitter and instagram if you follow me. a lot of cool stuff here. exciting night, of course, because we might be getting the future of the franchise. back in the day, we had mcnab, a quarterback with the top pick. who knows, good stuff. lots of good football. could be a good night. live at the lincoln, tim furlong. >> was that a humble brag that
5:47 pm
you looked dapper. >> i was. no keith jones, but i look good. i got a haircut. >> listen -- you look great. >> thanks. >> you look great in black and green. >> thanks. >> stay tuned to us to watch reports and live reports from john clark and joined by special analys analysts. look from 7:00 to 8:00 tonight, the eagle draft day special because nbc 10 is your official eagles tv station. it's an hour long live preshow beginning at 7:00 live here at lincoln financial field in south philly. like i said, exclusive interviews, live guests, and analysis. everything to know here on nbc 10. rosemary, vai? >> on the wentz wagon? i'm driving it. i hope you're on it. you saw tim there. this is what he said. the weather outside stinks. that's why he's inside. >> exactly. that rain is going to be with
5:48 pm
us, not anywhere. we have more on that with your first alert neighborhood forecast. fill us in, sheena. >> you need the umbrella tonight and later on in the day tomorrow. showers again tomorrow and part of the weekend, heavy rain, too. the neighborhood weather, zooming around to show you what the temperatures are doing for tomorrow. with that rainy forecast, too, and also your seven-day forecast, that's also in the bottom of the screen for you, no matter if you live in pennsylvania, new jersey, or delaware. it's scrolling. look at the temperatures. we're in the 40s. it's chilly and rainy outside. 4 the 9 in philadelphia, allentown, and 48 in wilmington, and atlantic city, and in the philadelphia area today, we've only reached the mid-50s. the average high? 68 degrees. take a look at where we're going to be tomorrow. low 50s by saturday. only the low 60s, but it's milder, and then we go into sunday, and we have more rain coming in the forecast. here's a look at the radar. we have rain mostly north of
5:49 pm
philadelphia, so if we zoom in here, this is mostly rain. that's only the lighter side. now, nothing very heavy. we don't have any thunderstorms around. if we look at parts of montgomery and bucks counties, mainly north of philadelphia, and mercer county and lehigh valley, light rain here over the major interstates like 476 and montgomery county, haddonfield, and morris county seeing the rain over the turnpike. bensalem seeing the rain. the rain is still pretty steady in these areas, but as we go through the next 24 hours, it just stays rainy and chilly until we get to saturday, and then we'll have a little bit of a better weather pattern setting up. rainy, chilly, and through tonight, still lingering rain. by 1:00 in the morning, so more showers expected overnight. nothing very heavy, though, and then we go into the morning commute friday. tomorrow, just the clouds around, some rain to the and through the afternoon, and there
5:50 pm
you see scattered rain showers for the friday afternoon. this will last through friday night. if you have friday night plans, take the umbrella with you. it's going to be chilly. we go into saturday. this is noon saturday. we're looking at dry conditions. clouds still will be around. mostly cloudy. 6:00 sunday morning, heavy rain approaching the area from the west. the blue cross broad street run is at 8:00 a.m., and we'll see rain moving in to the area. now we're looking at 8:00, and now, we're going to keep updating this throughout the next couple days because as we know, the timing could change a little bit, and so far, 8:00 a.m. sunday, rain around the philadelphia area, and some of which could be heavy, and then we go into noon sunday, rain still around, and we could see heavy pockets, but at least it should be lightening up after the morning hours, so so far that looks like some of the heavier rain. tomorrow afternoon highs in south jersey like melville at 54 degrees, chilly with rain. don't forget the umbrella. along the shore, wildwood,
5:51 pm
atlantic city, 50 degrees and scattered showers. trenton 53 and morristown with scattered showerings. mid-50s with the afternoon, and harrington and wilmington in delaware, mid 50s. philadelphia area, mid-50s. pennsylvania suburbs mid to low 50s even through the lehigh valley. >> all right, thank you. right now we go to 30 rock with lester. >> hi, vai and rosemary, ahead, ted cruz responds after being called lucifer in the flesh, but not from the high profile person you'd expect. students quarantined in the dorms after outbreaks of the mumps. details on, and did a pop mow lar snapchat feature lead to a horrible crash? that question in civil trial. more at 6:30 for nightly news. for now, back to you in philadelphiay. >> see you then. thanks, lester.
5:52 pm
well, he called donald trump a jerk, and uninformed. >> yes. it was not a presidential opponent, but the mayor of downingtown here in chester county. that's story's next on nbc 10 news at 5:00. it's not new york. it's not l.a. it's the thrill in philadelphia. presenting night at the fights. join me for a spectacular evening unlike any other. punch up your career by raising money for youth and education. it's a night to see and be seen. saturday april 30. tickets at
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5:55 pm
well, we know donald trump has many critics, but the mayor joined that list. >> yeah. it started with this tweet from donald trump, and now it's snowballed into a social media war. nbc 10's lauren mayk has the story. >> it's a sight familiar to the residents, now getting national attention. there's a photo of the old paper board mill and a tweet from trump saying, quote, passing what was once a vibrant manufacturing area in pennsylvania. so sad. #makeamericagreatagain. does it look sad? >> well, it looks like a mill
5:56 pm
that shut down. that's the case. >> reporter: he took on trump on twitter. saying, quote, there is nothing sad about downingtown. that mill is a future high speed train station. you are uninformed to put it mildly. >> tweeting about a community, understand that that could bring attention to that community, and maybe is a little more careful about the words they use. >> reporter: maxwell, a democrat, had choice words of his own for trump. >> called him a jerk? >> i sure did. >> what about those words? >> well, i try to keep it positive attitude about this community. i know a lot of kids follow me on social media and things like that, and it's probably not always correct to call somebody a jerk, in this case, i was angry. >> reporter: comments poured into trump's and maxwell's social posts. we asked the residents what they think. >> downingtown is a a good
5:57 pm
manufacturing area just because that mill has closed down doesn't mean that downingtown has become, you know, a barren industrial area. >> i'm sorry i didn't go to westchester university. i would have love to be one of the people who say, get her out and they take me out. that's on my bucket list. >> reporter: lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. up next at 6:00, glen tracks the rain tonight. glen? >> that's right. it's just the start of the soggy stretch. breaking it down next in the neighborhood weather. i woke up with a big old gun in my face. >> that woman's rude awakening and the apology she is not accepting from the police. >> plus -- >> i left because i think it's wrong. bomb shell allegations from hurricane sandy survivors as a former fema worker steps forward. what he says the agency ordered him to do after sandy struck.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
we are tracking rain tonight. you can see it right there on the first aletter letter radar on the left hand side of the screen. it has folks headed home from work ducking for cover under umbrellas is center city and throughout the area. i'm rosemary connors. get to nbc 10 chief meteorologist, glen, this will be with us for a while.
6:00 pm
>> that's right. we're going to have fairly similar day tomorrow, and we had an area of rain come up from the southwest late this morning, and into early this afternoon. we have rain covering the area like allentown and philadelphia, it's tapered off in new jersey. it's a solid area of rain. that means it's a steady rain that's going to be hours of it. why is this all happening? it has a lot to do with the wind coming right in off the ocean. doesn't have to be strong, but it's persistent. it's day after day after day of it, and as long as the wind's coming in off the ocean, we can't clear out, and we can't warm up. here's the futurecast as we go through the next several hours. things quiet down a little bit, so we won't be seeing steady rain, and when you'll get up in the in


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