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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 5am  NBC  April 30, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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right now an nbc10 news today, a drama at sea off the jersey shore. the coast guard rescues three men who escaped their sinking fishing boat following a collision. you'll hear from the men who captured it all on video. thousands of volunteers get to work today in neighborhoods across the country. it's comcast care day. we're live with a look at what's going on here in philadelphia. a live look outside right now at the comcast building in center city where we'll see a mix of sun and clouds today. don't count the rain out just
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yet. it will return tomorrow just in time for the blue cross run. good morning. this is nbc10 news today. i am rosemary connors. it's just after 5:00. thanks for being with us. let's get right to meteorologist michelle grossman. she is tracking the rain in our new neighborhood forecast. michelle, it's important this new weather because we'll be telling people where it's going to be raining, when it's going to stop and when they can enjoy a little bit of sunshine today. >> that's right. hi, rosemary. it's so different across the areas. especially important on the weekends. 50s at the beaches, 60s closer to the cities and we'll pinpoint the forecast for your seven days at the bottom. today temperatures jumping into the 60s finally. right now we're chilly. 48 in philadelphia. plenty of clouds. looking at temperatures in the 40s across the area. lehigh valley 47 degrees.
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we'll have clouds today but not as many as yesterday. by noon in philadelphia 58 degrees. yesterday we only made it to the low 50s. by the afternoon, 62. the suburbs will be a little chillier. 57 by lunchtime and 61 by 4:00. the beaches are interesting. we'll look at that in just a minute. the lehigh valley, 4:00, 61. delaware may see a shower this morning. otherwise we'll keep it dry. lunchtime 57. 4:00, 61. new jersey. temperatures right in the 50s. especially along the coast we keep it in the low 50s because we're looking at the east winds keeping the temperatures down. satellite and radar, dry today but we're looking at a difference for the runners tomorrow for the broad street run. an area of low pressure that will make its way to the east. we're looking at this area of rain coming in for us. it will track to the east and bring a very rainy sunday that will last into monday. we're looking at several chances
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forum br for umbrellas. a man stabbed in the neck at a philadelphia hotel overnight. he is in critical condition. nbc10 was at the ben franklin suites on the parkway where the attack happened after 1:00 this morning. officers arrested a mon whom they tell us was staying at the hotel with the victim. route 38 is closed at the church road circle in cherry hill because of this accident. as you can see, a car is right on its side in the middle of the road. we're working to find out the condition of the people who were inside the vehicle. we'll let you know when this clears. we'll keep you posted. take a look at this dramatic video off the jersey shore. the coast guard had to rescue three commercial fishermen. the three men found themselves in a life or death situation thursday six miles off the coast of cape may.
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a man aboard a nearby boat took this cellphone video. the fishermen's boat hit another boat in rough seas, toppled over and sank in just about a minute or two. but the crew managed to call the coast guard for help before the boat went under. rescuers found the three men inside a survival craft. >> i'm glad i captured it on video to begin with, but it was just something that i hope never to see again because it could -- like i said, it could have had a very different ending. >> fortunately no one was hurt. the coast guard is now investigating how the collision happened. this morning in delaware county police are looking for the men who pistol whipped a father and son during a home invasion in upper darby. the men were wearing white masks and gloves when they burst into the house along pennsylvania avenue around midday thursday. the father and son struggled with the suspects, and one of their masks came off. this is a sketch of that man. if you recognize him, you should call upper darby police.
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philadelphia's mayor takes some heat at a public meeting last night. protesters accused him of lying about a controversial police technique called stop-and-frisk. mayor jim kenney met with hundreds of people in a north philadelphia church last night telling them he lived up to his commitment to crack down on unconstitutional police stops. he says the department is putting in place unprecedented policies and reporting requirements. many in the crowd last night said city leaders are making their own rules about what constitutes a reasonable police stop. >> an ineffective policy. those numbers have to come down. this is more than just a training issue. this is -- this has to come from the top. >> in march the pennsylvania aclu reported that, of 2300 pedestrian stops in philadelphia in the first half of 2015, 33%
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were made without reasonable suspicion that a crime had happened. african-americans accounted for nearly 70% of those stops. today thousands of volunteers all across the country and right here in our area will get to work for comcast cares day. comcast, by the way, is the parent company of nbc10. nbc10's is live at the boys and girls club, one location that will be spruced up today. >> reporter: many volunteers including many from nbc10 and telemundo will grab these t-shirts and get to work here at the bridesburg boys and girls club. it will be painted. the inside will be fixed up and cleaned. a big surprise for the boys and girls here in north philly who use this facility. it's all part of comcast cares, the philadelphia company's annual volunteer effort.
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last year more than 100,000 employees fixed up local parks, schools, senior and community centers. comcast, of course, the parent company of nbc10 and telemundo 62. this cleanup set to get under way about 8:00 this morning. we're expecting dozens of people to clean up this facility. for a sneak peek, check out the "today" show later this morning broadcasting live from right here in bridesburg. for now we're live. i'm randy gyllenhaal, nbc10 news. 5:07 on this saturday morning. coming up next, we'll get you ready for tomorrow's blue cross broad street run, which you can watch right here on nbc10. we'll hear how the runners plan to deal with the rain that's expected at race time. and later we'll visit a community kitchen in philadelphia that's helping inmates get back on their feet and back into society. they say that in life,
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we shouldn't sweat the small stuff. but when you're building a mercedes-benz, there really is no small stuff. every decision... every component... is an integral part of what makes the 2016 c-class one of our most sophisticated cars ever. because when you're setting a new benchmark for refinement, it is the small stuff... that makes the biggest impression. the 2016 c-class. see your authorized dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. now your nbc10 first alert weather. >> welcome back on this saturday
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morning. we're going to warm it up today into the low 60s. not near normal but at least closer to normal compared to the past few days. yesterday we came in at 53. we're starting around 40. chilly start to the day with clouds in place. we'll see more sunshine than yesterday and definitely not seeing the rain that we'll see tomorrow. temperatures right now mainly in the 40s. 48 in philadelphia. 45 in allentown. 47 wilmington. 46 in trenton. starting off close to where we were yesterday, looking at temperatures right at the same mark as where we were yesterday. as we go through the day, we'll add on about 10 degrees and end up right around 63 degrees. neighborhood by neighborhood, we'll look at jersey first. temperatures this morning mainly in the 40s. washington township, 45 degrees. 46 in lumberton. 46 in audo bon and 46 in pittman. bring the sweater or jacket this morning if you're headed out.
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pretty chilly through the early part of the morning. princeton we're looking at 44. we'll warm it up with shine compared to yesterday. good news for the runners. yesterday we had showers and it was cold at the penn relays. today warmer by 3:00. not so lucky for the broad street runners tomorrow. a wet and chilly race tomorrow. we'll talk about that coming up. speaking of which, it's the largest 10-mile road race in the u.s. tomorrow. some 40,000 runners take off for the blue cross broad street run. this year, as michelle just mentioned, rain could pose an extra challenge. running pros say to wear lighting clothing so the rain doesn't weigh you down and expect slippery pavement and slower times. stay hydrated and change into clean clothes after crossing the finish line. yesterday runners stopped by the health and wellness expo to get
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prepared. >> i want to be ready for the rain. i'm going to be prepared. i'm going to get rain gear. come rain or shine i'm doing the ten miles. >> the expo continues today at the convention center from 9:00 until 6:00 this evening. nbc10's keith jones will be there. he would love it if you stop by the booth and say hello. our coverage of the broad street runs begins at 8:00 tomorrow morning. if you're running, don't forget to dvr it so you can go back and look at highlights from the race. we'll air the race again on comcast sportsnet and it will be available through xfinity on demand. today the penn relays wrap up at franklin field. there are race walk events this morning at 7:00. thousands of people from around the world is in philadelphia for the oldest and largest track and field competition in the country. today you will have a chance to clean out those old
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prescriptions from your medicine cabinet. we'll tell you where drug take-back day is going on right here in our area.
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new from overnight. rescuers in kenya's capital are still trying to reach residents trapped in the rubble of a building that collapsed hours earlier. seven people are confirmed dead. a red cross official says emergency workers have been in contact with a number of people stuck under the debris. several people were pulled out of the debris. the building collapsed during heavy rains last night. a man accused of shooting at a pennsylvania police officer during a traffic stop is now in custody. [ shots ] >> police say trev jackson seen in this dash-cam video shot at an officer in northern york county at point-blank range back
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in november. somehow the bullet missed the officer -- bullets, i should say -- and he was not hurt. jackson managed to get away but yesterday u.s. marshals arrested him in the strawberry mansion section of philadelphia. he's back in york county facing charges now. on monday atlantic city's mayor will address the financial crisis his community is facing. mayor don guardian is expected to update us on a $2 million bond payment that's due on monday. yesterday guardian told nbc10 that the city will likely be able to come up with the money. a new report in the "wall street journal" calls atlantic city's credit rating the worst in america. no city or town in new jersey has defaulted on its debt since the great depression of the 1930s. >> we certainly understand the importance of making a bond payment just as we understand the negative implications of bankruptcy. >> quarterly tax payments due
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next month are bringing in thousands of dollars every day but the mayor says the money may run out in june if lawmakers can't reach a deal on bailing out the city's finances. hey, if you have medications you're no longer using, you know, they're stuck in your medicine cabinet, they've got an expiration date of like 2013, don't flush them down the drain. here is what you can do. today is prescription drug take-back day. drop off your unwanted medicines at sites across pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. it's anonymous and free and authorities will dispose of the drugs properly. well, he has only been in philly one day but quarterback carson wentz, the future of the eagles franchise, already knows about the fans here. >> they're passionate here. they hate losing. i am like, heck, i fit right in. >> that's wentz yesterday during his first news conference since
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the burgh made him the top pick after trading up to the number two pick in the draft. wentz has a strong and accurate arm, good running ability and won a pair of national championships at north dakota state. you are looking at wentz arriving in south philly yesterday. he is no longer the eagles' only pick in this year's draft. we'll tell you who they selected last night and have more from the news conference coming up next hour in sports. now your nbc10 first alert weather. >> we're excited to have him and we're excited to have a dry day and a little bit of sunshine today. clouds will be the rule but we'll see more sunshine than yesterday. weather headlines on this saturday morning, mostly cloudy, not quite as chilly as we have been. we'll make it to the low 60s today. yesterday only 55. a few days in the 50s. finally getting closer to normal today. normal this time of year 69. tomorrow back into the 50s. rainy and chilly for the broad
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street run. we're looking at rain throughout the race and rain into sunday and monday. looks like tuesday is the only dry day before we bring the rain back on wednesday, thursday and possibly friday. it may stick around for the weekend but that's to be determined over the next couple days. off to a chilly start right now. temperatures in the 40s. 45 in lehigh valley. 47 in delaware and south jersey. layer up if you head out this morning. we have clouds in place. we'll be warmer later this afternoon but chilly this morning. 46 in mt. airy. 47 in society hill. chillier in the p.a. suburbs. north and west, we're looking at temperatures in the low 40s. 43 in west bradford township. 44 across the area. close to 45. as you move further to the north and east, closer to the new jersey line, we're looking at 44 in new hope. doylesto doylestown, 45. and 46 degrees in ben salem. there is your chilly start.
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by the afternoon we're looking at temperature moderating to the low 60s. radar looking good at this hour. showers last night and a few showers overnight but we're dry right now on radar. we have the sweeping radar on and we are not seeing any rain showing up. that's good news. if you have plans to get outdoors and do some yard work, do it today instead of tomorrow because we're looking at a rather rainy day on sunday. we're looking at this system back to the west. this will move to the north and east and bring us a dreary day on sunday. temperatures staying put in the 50s. we're looking at a damp day. the broad street run is sunday. it will start early in the morning and we're looking at rain lasting all day long into the early part of monday. as we go throughout time here, here is your saturday. this is what it looks like by lunchtime. looking at pockets of sunshine peeking through the clouds. you might see a little bit of sunshine. that will raise the temperatures close to the 60-degree mark, into the low 60s for some. then your saturday night plans still looking good. we are looking at dry
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conditions. it's overnight where we see the rain developing. you'll hear it on your roof as you sleep tomorrow morning into sunday morning. looking at rain arriving. this is when it sticks around all day sunday. by 8:30 you see the rain taking over the area. if you're running the race tomorrow, definitely wear a poncho. it sticks around into monday. soggy day on sunday and monday and finally drying out on tuesday and temperatures moderating back to normal. we'll talk about that coming up. >> thanks for that. let me try to prove to you that, you know, i can get back out there and play by the rules. >> a recipe for success. we'll tell you about a new cooking program that's helping inmates get back on their feet and eventually back into society. >> i'm george spencer for nbc10 at issue. join me this week when we meet the candidates for u.s. senate
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in pennsylvania. >> his record has been decidely against the best interests of hard-working families in pennsylvania. >> we really don't need another hyperpartisan political type with ethics problems. >> coming up tomorrow morning following "meet the press" only on nbc10.
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a local food bank is cooking up a recipe to help inmates work their bay back into society after prison. it is not an easy process as nbc10's katy zachary reports. >> reporter: filet bun dance runs a community kitchen in north philadelphia. you'll find there people who need a second chance. recently they started enrolling inmates, men and women who are actively doing hard time. >> it took me about three years to get decent skills. >> reporter: this is not your average cooking class.
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the men and women here are unlike traditional culinary students. >> you guys ready to get in the kitchen? you guys ready? >> reporter: most are from disadvantaged backgrounds. some have checkered pasts. and a few are doing jail time. >> kind of bulk it up. >> it's a demanding program. the work is for real. the people who are scrutinizing your work are for real. >> reporter: richard cramer served five years in federal prison for conspiracy to grow marijuana. towards the end of his sentence he was one of several chosen for this culinary program, a unique partnership the prisons has formed with phila bun dance. he worked alongside others who needed a jump-start to a job and help transitioning back into
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society. >> your can't has said you violated our laws and i did and now we're going to punish you. at the end they're saying let's let bygones be by gones and get yourself ready to go back into the world. >> reporter: the decision to let them drive themselves was not made lightly. >> we look at their disciplinary record, when they're getting released, how effectively they programmed while they were incarcerated. public safety is our number one goal. >> reporter: candace matthews-bash runs the community kitchen. the goal is to end hunger, so the food from class feeds a local women's shelter and the needy. another priority is giving people a second chance, which is why she agreed to allow the inmates. >> if we could actually work with folks before their release, talk about what it means to reenter society, teach skills that are definitely employable.
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could we speed up the transition process. >> reporter: many leave with jobs already lined up, a major turning point for those transitioning back to real life. >> it's to society's advantage for us -- for people not to re siddiate. those are massive numbers and a big obstacle. anything you can do to shrink the numbers is a tax advantage. >> reporter: each of the students in the community kitchen attends for free. the price tag of $3500 per person is covered in part by the department of labor as well as donations. reporting from south philadelphia, katy zachary, nbc10 news. 5:27 on this saturday. volunteers get to work today in philadelphia and around the country for comcast cares day. nbc10's randy gyllenhaal is live at the bridesburg boys and girls club. >> reporter: a huge volunteer effort coming up here next. a big surprise for kids when they come back here on monday. today is the day to get out and do the outdoor yard work.
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we're looking at a dry day. tomorrow lots of rain coming in. it looks like you'll need your umbrella a couple of days next week. we'll talk about that coming up.
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right now volunteers are getting ready to roll up their sleeves and get some work done in their neighborhoods for comcast cares day. we'll take a live look at what
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folks are doing here in philadelphia to serve the community. we are just one day away from the blue cross broad street run. coming up, we'll hear the inspiring story of one runner who has overcome incredible odds to run the race. those runners are keeping an eye on the weather. so are folks heading to the ball game tonight. game time is 7:05. rain is on the way, but we are going to get a little bit of a break. we'll give you the timing of all of it in the first alert forecast. good morning. this is "nbc10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. it's 5:30 on this saturday. thanks for being with us. not the best weekend on tap, but we'll help you to plan around it. meteorologist michelle grossman is tracking the cloudy and cool weather this morning. i should say cold, michelle. >> it is cold. i wore my winter coat. temperatures in the 40s. it feels chilly out there. the past few days we were in the 50s. wednesday, thursday, friday. today finally making it back into the 60s. tomorrow right back into the 50s. off to a


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