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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  May 3, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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nbc 10 news starts now. happening today, a life-saving first in delaware county. acme pharmacies will become the first to sell the nasal spray version of the overdose-reversing narcan. here's the radar, you can see the large area of rain. some of it is heavy as we approach the morning commute. 4:30 and 57 degrees outside. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley with his first alert neighborhood forecast. a look at conditions right where you live and another wet morning for us, bill.
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>> the rain is going to be with us this morning. this afternoon we'll see clouds and the rain will finally taper off at least for today. right now it's a steady rain that's moving right through philadelphia, light rainfall in atlantic city and a steady light rain for cape may. there are areas it's coming down heavier. even that is looking less impressive than just a few minutes ago. those moderate showers moving through upper bucks county right now. they are on the move off to the northeast. they'll be moving out. but it will be aç rainy commut for this morning. a warmer one, too. 57 degrees in philadelphia. low 50s for the lehigh valley and the pennsylvania suburbs. at the shore it's warmer, too, even with the rain. for philadelphia, 57 degrees. that's at philadelphia international. temperatures are pretty uniform this morning, 56 degrees right now in andorra. the forecast, well, yes, umbrellas this morning. look how it dries up this afternoon for philadelphia, near 60 degrees today. the pennsylvania suburbs will
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see those showers this morning and become scattered by late morning into the noontime hour. for the lehigh valley, scattered showers this morning into the late morning hours and then we'll be drying out this afternoon. 55 degrees. there's still a slight chance of a late-day shower. mostly we're just going to be looking at clouds later on for delaware and new jersey. the steady rain will continue into the late morning hours at the jersey shore. and then a little bit of warmup, not much with cloudy skies, 58 degrees at 3:00 this afternoon. that's today. there's the seven day at the bottom of the screen. when i'm back in ten minutes, a look at the futurecast to show you when that rain will be tapering off in that neighborhood. jessica boyington watching first alert traffic. we are watching the boulevard right now. these are our cameras right from henry avenue. i zoomed in on this spot, behind our graphics. it looks like there's road flares out there. there is an accident scene up ahead to one lane getting by. we're seeing small delays because of this. this is approaching the schuylkill expressway. right around where the schuylkill and the boulevard
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meet is where you'll come across this accident scene. we'll keep you updated if the road becomes completely closed because of that. for right now, it looks like the right-hand shoulder. in wool rich township, exit 2, 322, the rest of the jersey roads so far looking okay. this is 295 in mt. laurel near route 38. the southbound drive time from this point at route 38 headed up towards the black horse pike is only a 14-minute trip. tracy? >> 4:33. 57 degrees. prepare to go slowly on the roads this morning as the rain moves through. nbc 10's katy zachry is stiff in stormforce 10. where are you now and what are the driving conditions like? >> reporter: hi, tracy, we're in the glassboro, new jersey area, in gloucester county. we've had to watch our speed since we've been on the road around 2:30 this morning, especially in some parts where the rain was earlier heavy and has left ponding on the roadway. fortunately from what you can
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see right now, we're on 322 west. it is slick on the roads. there are a few puddles throughout. we don't see significant ponding. i want to go to a full screen. we have tips from aaa mid-atlantic. this will help you as you embark on your morning commute when parts of our area are expected to continue to get the rain. avoid flooded roads. it sounds obvious. but you could hydroplane or worse. also, slow down, allow more space between cars in inclement weather like the rain. the posted speed limit is for optimal road conditions, not for rain or slick spots like we're experiencing this morning. if your wipers are on, it is pennsylvania state law to have your headlights on. that's especially important for this hour. also, use brake lights as caution. it may soundç obvious. but don't underestimate the power of pumping or tapping your
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brakes to let drivers behind you know you're encountering slick road conditions and possibly even ponding. we will make our way to route 55. on the atlantic city expressway, the rain tapered off considerably. conditions on the ac expressway look really good for drivers who are headed out in the next little bit. we'll send it back to you and we'll see you in another half hour. >> katy, thanks. acme pharmacies will become the first in pennsylvania to carry narcan. it will carry the nasal spray version of narcan. the pennsylvania physician general issued a standing prescription order that allows the general public to buy narcan. officials hope that opioid users, family members or friends will buy the drug so they can use it in case of an overdose. they hope loved ones take the next step. >> it's also important to make sure that after that happens,
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they get medical help, take them to the emergency room to make sure that treatment is available for them. after that, we want to make sure they get treatment and seek treatment. >> delaware county councilman dave white says narcan has saved 250 lives in delaware county alive. the nbc 10 digital team spent five months investigating the issue of opioid addiction. watch "generation addicted" right now on or on the nbc 10 mobile app. new jersey based pharmaceutical company johnson & johnson may pay $55 million to a south dakota woman who blamed her ovarian cancer on the company's it'll couple powder -- talcum powder. johnsonan johnson & johnson plans to
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appeal. one new castle county school may soon stop using its controversial mascot. the committee is recommending that the conrad school of science drop the name redskins. the district's school board will get the final say. the mascot committee also voted to work with delaware's native american commune to the find an acceptable replacement nickname. the committee's recommendation only applies to the mascot's name, not the team logo. 4:37 and 57 degrees outside. did you get a good night's sleep? 40 million americans say the answer is no. ahead, hear the three things that experts say you should be doing to make sure you get the rest you need. plus, now you see her, now you don't. hear what happened to carly fiorina during a campaign event and learn why donald trump is trying to use it to his advantage.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. lots of clouds and a light rainfall that's falling this morning. the temperatures, they're not bad. we're in the 50s right now. 57 degrees here at nbc 10. the clouds will linger into this afternoon for philadelphia. the temperatures, though, they'll be coming up a little bit after coming down a bit with the rain. 56 degrees at 6:00 this morning. and if you're heading out the door, yes, dreary conditions again today, a rainy morning. this afternoon, lots of clouds but not too many showers. there might be a sprinkle here and there. mainly dry during the afternoon. the clouds will hang out this evening, too. lingering and keeping things chilly as we go into the later evening hours. 50s right now. the suburbs in the low 50s. while philadelphia is 57 degrees and south jersey is 56. that's our starting point today. not going to see a big warmup because of the rain this morning and the clouds this afternoon. this is the satellite and radar which shows moderate showers
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moving up the i-95 corridor for wilmington, philadelphia and into the trenton area. those showers are going to be here this morning. but this afternoon you'll be able to put the umbrella away. a rainy commute as well. we're looking at, to the west, it's starting to dry out. there's still rainfall in store but not expecting heavy rainfall this morning. the futurecast shows that rain in south jersey and into delaware. that's at 10:00 this morning. philadelphia will also get rain at that time. there could be moderate showers but watch as we go into the afternoon. the showers pretty much fizzle. but the clouds, they'll still be with us. your neighborhood forecast for today is a rainy one this morning. and this afternoon, not quite as warm as çyesterday. we'll be in the upper 50s for somerton and chestnut hill. the pennsylvania suburbs, malvern, 58 degrees with the rain stead den in neshaminy this morning. the lehigh valley, easton and bethlehem will see the morning rain taper off this afternoon. for south jersey and the jersey shore, rain this morning. in fact, a little steadier at
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the jersey shore into the late morning hours. but the afternoon hours will see cloudy skies. it will be dreing there, too. and delaware, 60 degrees for wilmington and dover, mostly cloudy skies and 61 with showers this morning tapering off for dewey beach this afternoon, near 60 degrees later today. warmer weather ahead. the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen, got the ten-day outlook with a summer preview, tracy, when i'm back in ten minutes. >> summer preview, all right, bill, thanks. 4:42. carly fiorina took a tumble during a campaign event in indiana. take a look at it. next, hear how republican front-runner is using the tumble to attack ted cruz ahead of today's indiana primary. also this -- >> found two victims. >> a fire rescue caught on tape. see how firefighters came to the aid of tiny four-legged patients.
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it's 4:45 on this tuesday morning.ç decision 2016. republican ted cruz is vowing to stay in the presidential race even if loses today's primary to donald trump. vai sikahema is in our digital operations center. it appears he threw away the rule book in making his latest point. >> there's an unwritten rule in politics that a candidate should never confront the supporters of the opponent. ted cruz did just that yesterday in a last-ditch effort to stop trump. here's how it went. take a look. >> i'm running to be everyone's president. those who vote for me -- >> we don't want you. >> you're entitled to your views, sir. >> do the math. you asked kasich to drop out. it's your turn. >> i'm curious, sir, when donald doesn't -- >> drop out. >> the latest nbc news/"wall street journal"/marist poll has donald trump leading cruz by 15 points in indiana, analysts say
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a trump victory there would widen his path to the gop nomination. ted cruz's running mate, carly fiorina also made headlines. take a look at this. we fell off the stage at a campaign rally in lafayette, indiana. the buzz is how cruz appeared to ignore her plight. she continued to shake people's hands while fiorina was down. donald trump quickly seized on the incident. >> by the way, she fell off the stage the other day. did anybody see that? and cruz didn't do anything. even i would have helped her. okay? no, it's true. >> cruz of course tapped fiorina as his running mate last week. the democratic race for president will also go to the voters in indiana today. polls showing the contest there, a very close one. hillary clinton with her lead in the delegates is looking ahead to the general election,
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focusing on donald trump. bernie sanders meanwhile he's vowing to stay in the race saying the democratic convention in philadelphia will be a contested one. of course be sure to have the free nbc 10 app on your smartphone or tablet. we'll send you push alerts as soon as tonight's primary results are in. live in the digital operations center, i'm vai sikahema, nbc 10 news. tracy, i'll join you in the studio, top of the hour. >> we'll see you at 5:00, vai, thanks. new video of a fire rescue in california. take a look at the save from the perspective of a firefighters helmet cam. >> hey, chief, found two victims. >> four kittens were rescued from a burning wood pile outside a building in northern california. the firefighters discovered the animals as they tried to stop the fire from spreading. they doused the kittens with water to get firefighting foam off of them and reunited with their mom. she appeared during the cleanup operation. new information on a proposal to push back the start of the school day in new jersey. the new jersey department of
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education is studying the idea. state lawmakers passed a proposal to look into whether students are getting enough sleep. officials heard the first in a series of public hearings yesterday. educators are considering delaying the start of the school day for middle and high schoolers to 8:30 or later. not all parents are in love with that idea. >> i work early so i can be home for the kids after school. he has to be in two places at once now. am i supposed to change my work schedule? am i supposed to notç be there after school for my kids? >> the american academy of pediatrics says children who don't get enough sleep can be irritable and have problems with concentration and learning. well, if you're wide awake right now and you're supposed to be asleep, you're one of the millions who are sleepless in america. and doctors have new advice to help you get zs without reaching for pills. researchers say about 40 million people are sleepless in america. 10% have chronic insomnia. new guidelines from the american college of physicians tell
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insomniacs don't take a pill, first try changing your behavior. >> the evidence is quite strong that cognitive behavioral therapy is effective, it work, it's long lasting. it's not invasive. you don't face serious side effects of sleep medication. >> so they're recommending therapy over pills. the new recommendations include don't nap. it interferes with the regular bedtime. eliminate distractions, especially electronics. if you're still awake after 20 minutes, get out of bed and try reading a book, a boring one. that usually works. almost ten minutes before 5:00 right now. let's check the conditions along the roosevelt boulevard. jessica boyington has that. >> good news here. we just had an accident scene clear out of the way within the last 20 seconds. no big delay behind this scene. this is the boulevard approaching the schuylkill expressway. we just had police activity here over into the shoulder. now traffic is moving along nicely by the scene. watch the on and off ramps and any sharp curves.
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that's where i'm starting to see most of the accidents pop up this morning. there's also an accident on valley forge road in worcester. a vehicle fire on lower state road and squire drive. the pa turnpike looks okay for the most part. slippery spots there as well. that's the same across the board. westbound or eastbound, a 23-minute trip from valley forge to route 1. there's an accident scene on naamans road, just over the delaware state line. there are slowdowns by the scene. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> it's another dreary morning. this is the view from center city of city hall. you can see a little bit of it. look at the top, it's obscure. that's low cloudiness. there's light fog in the area. it's not as thick as what we saw yesterday. not going to be as warm today as it was yesterday. we have a northeasterly wind
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that will keep clouds with us during the day and limit our temperature warmup. we'll only warm to near 60 degrees, into the low 60s this afternoon. we're not much cooler than that right now. philadelphia is 57 degrees. there are breaks in the rainfall this morning. there's still light rain falling in delaware and the pennsylvania suburbs where the temperatures are in the 50s. clouds and scattered showers, 55 degrees for sadsberryville. exton is 56 and mall verne is 55 degrees. we pop the see a lot rain but a steady rain falling in cape may and delaware this morning and even the lehigh valley and the pennsylvania suburbs. there are breaks in berksç couy and into lehigh county. there is more rain before we dry
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out this morning with cloudy skies. the forecast, calling for a cool one. 10 degrees below normal for this time of year. best chance of rain, this morning. should be able to put the umbrella away this afternoon. not going to be heavy. we'll see scattered light showers for tomorrow. 63 degrees and staying cool with more rain developing on thursday and into friday, though the temperatures will be coming up into the upper 50s. the real warmup will wait until the weekend. saturday, 73 degrees. we will see some sunshine on sunday. could start with morning showers, possibly even a thunderstorm. up to 76 degrees. then here comes some drier weather for monday and tuesday. and tuesday, a bit of a summer preview, up to 82 degrees with partly sunny skies. still mild into wednesday and thursday with temperatures in the middle to upper 70s. so there is some dry weather in the ten-day outlook, just not a lot of it, tracy, coming up in the next several days. >> that's why we like the
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ten-day outlook. we can find what we're looking for. when you turn on your faucet do you ask yourself what's in this water? if the answer is yes, listen up. happening today, philadelphia leaders want to help. next in a live report at 5:00, we have details about a town hall meeting created to shed light on water contamination. also, back to work after nearly a thousand days. hear about a hero police officer's efforts to get back on philadelphia's force.
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good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with a check on your first alert traffic. we're watching over the delaware state line on 95 around naamans road. there's an accident there. that's been there for quite some time. two lanes are blocked. it's headed southbound in the left lane as you can see, is still getting by. slippery spots out there for sure. we have good news out in woolwich township, new jersey.
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an accident scene on the shoulder at 322 and 22. that's clear now. route 202 looks okay, too, we're in the green. i'll have more updates for you when i come back in the 5:00 hour. four minutes before 5:00 right now from our south jersey bureau. the effort to save a burlington county elementary school is going to court. evesham township is suing the local school district to halt the closing of the elementary school. they argue they didn't submit the plan to the planning board for review as required by state law. the district voted to close evans elementary next year to save money. >> it's freaking out families and friends. they've been with these kids for years, now one is going to go to v a different school. >> the money the township is spending on a lawsuit would be better spent on schools.
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authorities arrested and charged a montgomery county high school teacher for allegedly having sex with a student. rose limuli of lansdale faces 12 counts of institutional sexual assault. police say she started having an inappropriate relationship in december. she is not allowed to have any contact with the victim or any other student. the school district has suspended her. well, a philadelphia police officer is back at work this morning nearly three years after he was shot and almost killed in the line of duty. the department shared this picture of edward davies with his son who is holding a sign that reads 993 days later, first day back to work. davies will be working in the advanced training unit at the police academy. the father of four was shot during a struggle inside a feltonville mini mart in august of 2013. police say the man who shot him, eric torres, had run from a traffic stop, a jury found torres guilty of aggravated assault last year.
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david versus goliath had nothing on this. >> this is pretty incredible. we have an underdog story in soccer you've got to see to believe. check this out. yes, fans in britain erupted in joy when their team overcame 5,000 to 1 odds to win the english premier league championship. the celebration began when two other teams, one of which needed to win played to a draw. leicester clinched its first tight until its 132-year ç history. let me break this down. >> they weren't even supposed to be there. >> here's what it's like. the 76ers with their ten wins this year at the beginning of the season were 400-1 odds to win the nba championship. these guys won is 5,000-1. that's amazing.
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>> pretty crazy. you're watching "nbc 10 news today" at 5:00 a.m., nbc 10 news starts right now. nbc 10 news starts now. right now on "nbc 10 news today," we're tracking rain. here's a look at the first alert weather radar as we're in for a rainy tuesday morning for your commute. >> and what's in our water? that's one of the important questions that will be asked today during a town hall meeting in philadelphia. we're now speaking with the experts about what you're drinking every day. >> and only on nbc 10, police say this man scammed home and business owners by pretending to be a fire inspector. hear what he admitted to doing and why he did it. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. grab your umbrella again. we're tracking rain across the entire area this morning at just about 5:00 a.m. take a look at 30th street  station this morning. you can see the rain coming down as we expect a wet start across the region. let's get you details on that. meteorologist bill henley with his first alert neighborhood
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weather forecast. bill? >> tracy, the storms are out of here. we have a rainy start this morning as you mentioned. look at the steady rain from d.c. through delaware into south jersey and the philadelphia area. plenty of rain right now for the morning commute. it has tapered off farther north and west for berks county and lancaster county, even into the allentown area. that's a steady rainfall in philadelphia and a little bit of a heavier downpour in upper gloucester and camden counties. those showers are on the move. you'll see them to begin with but they're not going to be here all day. we'll see clouds this afternoon. as far as fog, light fog in the coatesville area, nowhere near what we had yesterday when it was zero visibility. the temperatures, they're not as chilly this morning. about 8, 9, 10 degrees warmer but with rain. for 57 degrees in philadelphia, pennsylvania suburbs, the breaks in the rain, cloudy skies and 53 degrees right now in the lehigh valley is at 53 degrees. for south jersey, 56 de


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