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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  May 10, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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way of knowing how the rooms were broken up. >> reporter: property records show it's a single family home, young kim of north wales listed as owner along with his wife, purchasing the home ten years ago as a single family home, but outside, we found three doorbells and a mailbox marked apartment. do you know at this point how many ewe tulty accounts were operated out of there? >> no, we do not. not at this time. >> reporter: we learned young own the neighboring supermarket. when e we asked to speak to him, we were told he was out. the blaze that gutted young's property claimed the lives of two sisters, an elderly man, and another man learned in his mid-50s. we shot this exclusive video of the fire marshall and insurance investigators back at the scene. we asked simonson about the punishment young faces. >> from the code enforcement office, he'll face penalties for lack of rental license, inspections, and those fines are
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up to a thousands a piece. >> reporter: now, the code enforcer tells us that they do have rental inspecteders that go out to visit properties on a daily basis, but he says much of his work depends on calls or tips from the public, and so far, they have received no complaints whatsoever about this property. in norristown, nbc 10 news. right now at 5:00, a dangerous day for bicycle riders. tonight, police investigate two serious accidents in frankfurt, this afternoon, a bicyclist died after being hit by a septa bus. investigators tell us the victim cut in front of the bus on orthodox street. no passengers on the bus at the time. in west philadelphia, police hope video helps them track down the driver who hit a man on his bike and took off. we got to the scene at 52nd in spruce in west philadelphia at
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2:30 this morning and found a mangled bike in the street. the victim in stable condition with head and rib injuries at penn presbyterian hospital. they are working to get a description of the suspect's vehicle. now to your first alert weather. cloudy, cooler today, but is the rain going to stay away? that's the question? >> yes. our meteorologist is here with the neighborhood forecast. what is in store for tonight? >> well, we still have rain on the radar right now, and so some showers for tonight, not all night, though, but then they are going to come back tomorrow. clouds will be around, though, still tonight. here's a look at the radar. mostly what we look at is light rain. this is around the philadelphia area, but mostly south jersey and delaware. we have heavier spots, though, that starts to move into areas near chester coupe, newcastle county seeing darker greens, show yog u the heavy rain here. east nottingham, where you see yellows, that's heavier rainfall and darker shadeds like i
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mentioned, so if we look through delaware, new castle county with the light rainfall, sliding into south jersey here, we see light rain through cape may county as well, and down in parts of sussex and kent county, just light scattered shower activity, and it will continue to see this as we go through the evening, but we're also talking about more rain in the forecast tomorrow. temperatures are cool in about the upper 50s for everybody, 59 in philadelphia, and 57 n allentown. don't forget the forecasts scrolling on the screen for you. the rest of the evening, temperatures staying mostly low 50s, by 6:00 a.m., philadelphia, the pennsylvania suburbs, and showers around for the morning commute, and lehigh valley, though, overnight, into tomorrow, will be the driest. now, in delaware, new jersey, or along the shore expect scattered showers as we go through the morning hours tomorrow. i'll show you a look at what the afternoon has in store for you and the rest of the week. how long to hold on to the umbrella coming up. also this evening, nbc 10 learned new information on how
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police were able to capture an escaped inmate. it's. a week since buckel got away from the bayside prison unit in ancora, and we have been on the story since day one. joining us now from the prison with more details on what happens next. >> reporter: jim, i can tell you we threw out a number of questions today to law enforcement agencies who worked on this man hunt as well as to new jersey's department of corrections to ask them to include -- rather to include, did buckel manage to elude authorities by himself? what happens for him next? also, what will happen here at ancora to prevent another prison break? department of corrections confirms several security enhancements are underway to harden the facility at ancora, but for security reasons, they cannot elaborate. he was captured monday and will be questioned by a state corrections special investigator team. we learned today, he will likely
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spend the first full day of freedom on foot. police say he stole a 2015 silverado the second day from a construction site seven miles on route 206, and onstar system helped police track the vehicle, but at the time, police didn't know it was buckel. he'll be charged with stolen property. it was a lacey township who held him before police officers cuffed him. the chief told me buckel appe appeared worn out, quote, fatigued, and didn't put up a fight. who pays for the week long man hunt? as many as five police department lended resources to the search effort. laceytownship assigned 14 officers in fixed positions in the schools and woods and did incur overtime keeping some overnight as word of buckel at the rest stop came before midnight. the chief says because the officers stayed within township
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lines, it is not the department of corrections' tap to pick up. and both lacey township police, wins low, tell me patrols assigned to the man hunt did not take away from the pa trals for other emergencies. as far as an official escape charge for buckel and what he may have to peer before the judge, that's not yet clear. live, nbc 10 news. and now to a story that's getting a lot of buzz on talk radio in delaware. some say three teenager girls charged in the attack that led to a high school classmates death get off easy. one is charged with negligent homicide. she beat amy with a closed fist inside howard of technology high school bathroom, but they say amy died from a heart defect triggered by the assault. two other girls tried as juveniles for allegedly helping to plan the assault. a candle light vigil held tonight for the victims killed
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in a crash last week in bethlehem. that vigil for ashley takes place at 7:30 at riverside park in easton. police say a driver crashed into three parks cars on willow street early friday morning. the cars then burst into flames, killing three people inside. one person survived. right now at 5:00, a look at new video showing a burglar allegedly caught in the act in montgomery county. first, tries ramming the door open. then he grabs a mic mouse lawn ornament there. the door doesn't bunch, them, yeah, a shovel to smash it open and ransacks the place. this is not his first crime, that was one of three homes burglarized yesterday. they believe the same guy behind all three. we spoke to one homeowner who didn't want the face shown, but he wants this guy caught. >> work so hard in your life, and someone in your home not
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invited, that really hurts. >> reporter: police say they are aware of other break ins in surrounding areas, and this video could solve some of them. >> reporter: if you live in avondale, health officials urge you to boil tap water because it may be contaminated because crews discovered a broke p water main on third street next to white clay creek, and that could have open the door for contamination. until further notice, they are urging residents to use boiled water or boil their tap water before using it to drink, shower, brush their teeth, or cook. this just in. crews have finished cleaning up a spill the creek in montgomery county. we were over glenside this afternoon. that spill comes a day after a hollywood star visited same creek to talk about water quality. nbc 10 viewer sent us several photos from the ground. people began noticing paint in the creek last night and workers were painting a pool nearby. authorities believe that's the
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cause of the spill. the spill is centered in the water near the park in glenside, and just yesterday, actor and environmental advocate ruffalo visited the creek. he was in a nearby section of the creek, and the academy of natural sciences tweeted this picture. he learned water sampling techniques from academy researchers and local students. the major's taking a stand against laws he says are discriminatory against the lgbt community by expanding philadelphia's travel ban. city employees ban to going to tennessee as well as the city of oxford alabama for business. he will already banned travel to mississippi and north carolina last month. he says he would reconsider the bans if those states repeal their legislation. just yesterday, the department of justice filed its own lawsuit challenging north carolina's so-called bathroom law. the move came hours after the governor there sued the feds to try to preserve the law which took effect in march. it requires transgender people
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to use the bathroom of the gender on their birth certificate. delaware state university today announced its joining a national scholarship program to increase college opportunities for immigrants. the program is called the dream us. it'll offer 500 scholarships up to $20,000 a year to immigrant students. effort to save cheney university started today in philadelphia. several pennsylvania state representatives hosted a hearing on the university's funding. enrollment at the state-owned school dropped significantly. the school is losing money. so have you been driving over that same pothole over and over and over? the nbc 10 investigators went digging for answers about road res, and what we found? well, frankly, it left us baffled. how leaders in philadelphia responded to our questions coming up next at 5:00. also, something fishy going on in south jersey. right here, how the tiny fish help one county fight the zika
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right now at 5:00, pothole season arrived in a big way.
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the transition from winter to spring does a number on the roads, and also, as you know, to our cars, and philadelphia alone, street department says they filled nearly 21,000 potholes so far this year. tonight, the n b.c. 10 investigators take a closer look how repairs are done, and they found some troubling information. >> nbc 10's george spencer is joini ining us now, george? >> reporter: the city promises to repair most potholes reported on city streets within three business days. we took a look at the city's data on that front, and we found potholes that seemed to go unrepaired for weeks, months, and sometimes one year. when we started looking deeper asking more questions, we discovered a problem that higher ups in the city street department had not noticed themselves. >> you mentioned reviewing the city's data, how are road issues reported? >> so sometimes street department crews are on the
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streets seeing issues and fix themly. the other set of data comes from homeowners and philadelphia drivers, people who call into the city's 311 system to report an issue. there were more than 8,000 reports about potholes in philadelphia last year and inconsistencies already creating change in the city's street department. the way the city unfolded is surprising in some ways, unexpected for us, and we'll have the full star at 11:00. >> i was one of the 8,000 calls. >> 311 calls is the way to do t it. you know, and we took that as a measure as these are issues people notice, issues that are important to them. >> looking forward to it, george. >> yes, tonight at 11:00. >> thank you. if you have a tip for george or investigators, e-mail them at nbc10investigators@nbcu
5:16 pm more amazing images from oklahoma, one of several tornados that touched down yesterday, two deaths blamed on the weather there, and today people began picking up the pieces left behind by nearly two dozen possible tornados, and there's the potential for more severe weather on the horizon in the region. our national correspondent, jay gray, has details. >> reporter: raw power. unbridled intensity unleashed on oklahoma. >> dangerous, dangerous situation here. >> reporter: deadly. two people killed as a half dozen twisters or more ripped across the state, ripping apart everything in their path. >> another barn or structure. >> reporter: in the last 24 hours, at least 19 tornados have been reported across the plains. part of the storm system that included heavy rains and damaging hail. the most devastating attack came from all of those funnels.
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>> that is a mile wide wedge huge tornado. >> reporter: this time of year in oklahoma, they understand what that means and where to go. >> you know, only safe place is underground. >> reporter: back aboveground, survives begin difficult recovery now, their homes and lives scattered for miles by the violent storms. >> never in my life, i don't want to do it ever again. horrifying. >> reporter: though like so many cleaning up here, she understands. storm season is reaching its peak right now across tornado alley. jay gray, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> well, cooler today, clouds back with us, and it's damp outside. we have light rain around too. a live look center city overcast skies and this is the case even through most of the area tomorrow. we're still going to see the
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clouds around. we're going to see rain around. here's the radar currently. you see an area of light rain moving through, so if you see the light rain already, your temperatures are on the cool side, but you still have light rain moving through. we pretty much have seen light rain over the same area. south jersey and delaware here, even moving into parts of wilmington, a little heavier rainfall there. if we zoom into newcastle county and chester county, heavier rain in lancaster county, newark, wilmington, east nottingham, seeing some of that lighter rainfall, but darker green is heavier. we'll watch showers move through. no lightning around, and, though we don't expect it. just light rain this evening. it's 59 in philadelphia, south jersey, and delaware. the south jersey neighborhood temperatures with your neighborhood forecasts. don't forget with this, we have your seven day scrolling on the screen for you.
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59 in washington township, clayton 59. pitman 59. mount laurel 60 degrees. 61 in lumberton, and 62 in hamilton, and princeton at 58 degrees right now. we have a lot of cool spots on the map. future weather, clouds are pretty much locked in. tomorrow, we have more rain in the forecast, and there you see it for the morning commute. don't be surprised if you see scattered showers for the morning commute. lehigh valley looks to be the driest tomorrow. the rest of the area locked in with clouds and scatter showers of. in the afternoon, 2:30, an area of rain around washington and baltimore, we'll watch that to see if that brings any skatherred showers. we expect some. thursday, noon on thursday, looking at finally more sunshine. so that'll be helping temperatures to jump up a little. we go into friday and the rainy pat really comes back to end out the week. friday, 2:00 p.m., rain west. we expect some heavy rain with
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this and expect thunderstorms by the end of the week too so keep that in mind if you are making friday amp plans, we have rain and thunderstorms in the forecast for that. tomorrow, though, cloudy skies, in the lehigh valley, temperatures in the upper 60s, drier side, and pennsylvania suburbs with showers. 56 phoenixville and westchester. philadelphia area, cloudy, showers, 6, and fair amount, in new jersey, trenton at 67 degrees, and haddon 64 with showers. along the shore in atlantic city or avlon, upper 50s, cloudy, scattered shower, and if you're in delaware, will mton, 62 degrees, and scattered showers. through the next five days, tomorrow, that's going to be another cool day, mid-60s, and thursday, the sun comes back out, and warmer around 70.
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friday, mid-70s, helping with the chance, going into the weekend, there's rain in the forecast saturday. sunday looks good, though, and so let's look at the weekend forecast for everybody now. saturday, low evidences with showers, especially later in the day. into sunday, more in the way of sun and shore, 67 degrees, sunday, delaware, 68 degrees, weekend forecast is going to shape up better the second half of the week. a look at the rest of the rain chances coming up. >> all right, thank you. the united states is restoring relations with cuba, and now athletes could play a role. that's coming up. making their debut. the newest residents of the camden aquarium next at 5:00.
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death of a pet turkey causes controversy in delaware. >> the owners insists the neighbors hated the turkey and ran him over on purpose. he was known for roaming the streets in sussex county, but some saw the animal as a traffic hazard and danger to children. the turkey issue was brought up in a town council meeting last weekment shortly after the meeting, someone ran over the turkey in front of the owner's home.
5:25 pm
jodi clark says she can't imagine how anyone could hurt her pet. >> you know, so many people loved that bird. i mean, i've had people stop by and tell me how much they miss him and stopped by with their kids so they could see what a turkey looked like fluffed up. >> reporter: the turkey is buried in her yard, and the police are looking for the person responsible. delaware county sca and media has a new name. >> the providence animal center. we have a first hand look at the new wing of the building, and it's a kennel support wing that houses a surgical suite to provide medical care to parties with to it. in 2012, it was a no-kill facility to care for rescues from overcrowded shelters. new chicks on the block. two african penguins born at the aquarium. they have not been name yet and
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will dna tests to determine their sex. they are eating from human hands and becoming social with the keepers. they can see siblings in feeding time. one county taking a new approach to fighting the zika virus. >> reporter: you may consider them pir ran that, to moe see toes, larva, how they keep moms in south jersey safe this summer next. and who will be trump's number two? the presumptive nominee revealing new details about who could be his vice president.
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another dreary day, a live look over cementer city, the clouds stuck around today and it was cooler out. we could see possibly more rain. >> nbc 10 first alert meteorologist is back now with your neighborhood forecast. what about that rain? >> yeah. the rain is here for part of the area too. yes, keeping the temperatures cooler, mostly in the upper 50s. look at satellite and radar. clouds are with us. you see that light rain shown by green just sliding across the area. this is what we are watching this evening. the rain is pretty much going to be staying in the forecast tonight for south jersey, delaware, the philadelphia area, and points off to the northwest of philadelphia. closer to our pennsylvania suburbs, light rain from cape may extending just south of philadelphia, neighbor a few sprinkles in right now, but new
5:30 pm
castle county, consistent rainfall in chester county, so right around wilmington and newark, east nottingham with that consistent light rainfall. we have bmp talking rain for quite a while. a lot of people want it to go away. keep in mine, though, we are seeing quite of rain so far. normal amount of rain for may is 3.5 inches. so far this month, we've seen almost 2.5 inches. we have in total seen 11 rainy days for the month of may. now, as we go into the next several days, we do have rain in the forecast. this is a calendar of the month of may. all the green days are the rain we've already seen plus what we expect as we go into the rest of this week and next week. the yellow areas, those are the sunshine days. we don't expect those coming this week, and with that being said, with those cooler temperatures in place too, cool days, cloudy skies, rain we've
5:31 pm
seen, this is not causing a lot of the water around, even the puddles you see to evaporate. we have a lot of standing water around as well. a closer look at neighborhood forecasts and rain chances this week coming up. with all that tra water comes the risk for more moe ski toes this summer helping officials worry about the zika virus. >> now south jersey is taking a new approach, and we are shown how it stops the bugs before they hatch. >> they will eat until they can eat no more. >> reporter: favorite snack is mosquito larva. the fish and wildlife released first of 10,000 fish into 18 bodies of water county wide eating eggs to reduce the population with the goal to stop the spread of the zika virus.
5:32 pm
>> seeing the effects that has on human life and unborn lives. >> reporter: relying on the mosquito fish before, an environmental safe chemical free alternati alternative. >> a clean way to control the population because the fish eat the larva of the mosquito, before they become mosquitos. >> i didn't know that was possible. like, to be able to use a fish to get rid of mosquitos. >> reporter: mom, alex davis, is not expecting, but aware of the dangers, especially to pregnant women. >> i heard it's dangerous. >> reporter: asked if people could deplete the mo skoe toes. >> if you have larger fish here, those predators eat the smaller fish. >> reporter: bigger fish and fishermen could wipe out the populati population. >> they are veracious in eating and breeding. they are like a rabbit, pumping
5:33 pm
out mosquito eating babies constantly. >> reporter: released into landlocked bodies of water where vulnerable, not just to zika. >> there's west nile, and many others that could be here. we can't put eggs in one basket. >> reporter: they target eggs to stop all five born illnesses. nb 10 news. >> a particular type of mosqu o mosquito. it's found in all three states, but officials believe all local cases were contracted in other zika prone countries. we checked with the states today, and pennsylvania reports 18 cases of the zika virus. new jersey, 12, and delaware has 3. right now at 5:00, donald trump says he's narrowed the list of potential running mates to five or six people, all experienced politicians, he say,
5:34 pm
and the presumptive republican nominee has not rule out new jersey governor chris christie. he made that statement with the associate press, and at 5:45, the poll shows how trump fairs in all-important swing states including. and also right now at 5:00, another attempt to stop a proposed gas pipeline that runs through our area. new jersey officials and environmentalists were at the state house in trenton to deliver a petition opposing the penneast pipeline stretching more than a hundred miles in pennsylvania to new jersey. the petition delivered today contains nearly 9,000 signatures. environmentalists are suing the pipeline company saying it destroys the community and creates a safety hazard of nearby homes. this how the project works, and safety is priority number one and the project will provide low cost natural gas while creating
5:35 pm
thousands of jobs. a newcastle county playground gets funding needed to put in sewer lines. they approved the money, and with the recent decision by council, more than 200,000 dollars will be used to install bathroom facilities for kids including those with special needs. preston's playground was built with the idea that every child deserves to play. something we take for granted. ability feed our families. >> yeah, but a new report hopes to raise awareness about food insecurity. feed america says 12-14% of households in the region are food insecure. philadelphia by far with the highest rate, but we found alarming numbers in new jersey. four counties in south jersey were in the bottom five for the entire state. the community food bank of new jersey in egg harbor township serves atlantic, cape may
5:36 pm
counties and more 14% of the population in each county is food insecure. it's no secret that the cost of living in the state is high, and, fortunately, it's not often enough for one person to scrape the money together to feed a family. >> about half of the households we serve do have one member, at least one member who is working. that's what we're seeing. this is the working core. we are not seeing, you know, droves of people who simply are not working. >> how can you help? hold a food drive in your community. you can donate money. vehic volunteer, or advocate. follow new jersey food bank on social media and share their content. working to improve the relationship between cuba and the united states, pennsylvania lawmakers begun a sports exchange with the island country. they visited pennsylvania lieutenant governor stack and
5:37 pm
ired out details of plan to feature boxing and baseball athletes from cuba and pennsylvania. they already have a boxing match set set in pittsburgh in july. we're told they are working on a summer baseball tournament as well. well, doctors are looking for a new way to help people battling depression. they found one in an unlikely place. details next at 5:00. plus, hitting the road, new jersey police officers bike hundreds of miles to pay tribute to those they lost in the line of duty. follow their journey at 5:00.
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>> a club drug that could help severely depressed patients thinking about suicide. a powerful anesthetic sometimes sold on the street illegally as special k, but a study finds low doses of the drug reduces
5:40 pm
suicidal thoughts with people with depression. they use drugs to treat 14 patients, and most had a decrease in suicide thoughts. blood tests can show if a person is too drunk to drive, but the same is not true for tests to determine if a driver is too high. six states including pennsylvania have set a legal threshold for how much marijuana can be detected in the blood before a person is considered too impaired to drive. a new report says blood tests are not based on sound science. researchers suggest smokers with more evidence of pot in their system may be less impaired than others who smokes very little. >> it's not if it impairs, but to what extent. how is it related to how impaired we are? >> tongue coloring, behavior, and dielated pupils are indications. police officers could be specifically trained to
5:41 pm
determine a driver's impairment with blood tests as a backup. donald trump accused hillary clinton of playing the woman card, but what do female voters think about him? we'll take look at new numbers out of pennsylvania. we have rain moving through this evening, more rain in the forecast later on this week, especially, the best day to expect thunderstorms coming up.
5:42 pm
5:43 pm
now to decision 2016 and race for the white house. >> the general election is six months away now, and the poll shows the race neck in neck in three key swing states including pennsylvania. the poll shows democratic front runner hillary clinton with 43%
5:44 pm
compared to 42% for donald trump. the polls shows sanders actually runs stronger against trump leading him 47% to 41%. this swing state poll focuses on florida, ohio, and pennsylvania, and since 1960 no candidate won the race without taking at least two of the three states, pennsylvania has back the democratic presidential candidate in every election since 1992. trump is doing better in pennsylvania than the gop nominees in 2008 and 2012. the new poll found this presidential race is marked by a gender gap. >> right now, that gap is benefitting donald trump. in pennsylvania, clinton's 19-point lead among woman matches trump's 21 point margin among men. republican lawmakers returned to today saying trump is a candidate voters preferred, claiming they are optimistic for the fall. >> trump vilified leaders and
5:45 pm
feuding with the house speaker. steve handlesman has the latest. >> reporter: paul ryan and republican lawmakers are back on capitol hill, facing new reality, donald trump, in a struggle with the speaker who talked with the wall street journal. >> we should not pretend the party is mied when we know it is not. >> tweeting i look forward to meeting with paul ryan and the gop party leadership on thursday in d.c. together, we will beat the dems at all levels. he trails hillary clinton by five in the sur monkey poll. >> a five point win if that occurs in november would be a big win for democrats, allowing them to pick up numerous senate and house seats. >> reporter: senate republican leaders sounded upbeat. >> we no hillary clinton will be four more years of barak obama. that's going to, in the end, enough to unify republicans across the country.
5:46 pm
>> reporter: still, senator ted cruz in washington after being beaten by trump is not urging his supporters at least not yet to back trump. >> there will be plenty of time for voters to make determinations who they are doing to support. >> reporter: west virginia votes today in the primary where on the democratic side bernie sanders is polling first. he's beating trump nationally by 13 in the nbc news poll, more than clinton. >> if you want strongest candidate to defeat trump, that's us. >> reporter: republicans figure whoever they face, they need uni unity. >> just a little more than two months to go until the democratic national convention comes to philadelphia. today, the host committee says more than 16,000 people volunteered to help with the event. the goal was to recruit at least 10,000 people. also, the city plans to upgrade its emergency radio system ahead of the convention and purchase
5:47 pm
new held melts were police and motorcycle units. the mayor's office will use federal grant money for upgrades. dell dats from all over the country come to philly for the dnc, and that trip comes with a big price tag, now on the app, see how delegates from hawaii are raising money to get here. we look at why the dnc price tag is so high. >> well, another day like we had last week. cool temperatures, cloudy skies, 54 degrees, pennsylvania suburbs, mostly, 59 degrees, in philadelphia, 59 in new jersey with showers and even in delaware, 58 degrees with showers around. light scattered showers. the neighborhood temperatures, though, pennsylvania suburbs, and 54, and kenneth square 56
5:48 pm
degrees, and chadsport at 57 degrees. a lot of mid to upper 50s here. it is cool with the cloud cover and light rain. not everyone's seeing light rain, though, so it's scattered and spread out, but it is on the light side, and we're not seeing thunderstorms. that'll be later this week when we have thunderstorms movering in. zooming in here on the radar, most of the rain is confined to newcastle county sliding into chester county. philadelphia may be seeing a few sprinkles later on, but look into parts of new jersey as well. south jersey, and we see light rain in the expressway to vineland, but the wilmington area, the major interstates here, in neerk, seeing the heavier rain move in, and that's where you see the darker greens, yellows there, again, no thunderstorms this evening. tomorrow, clouds in the forecast
5:49 pm
and showers most of the area too. millville, 64, and 64 hammonton. shore, upper 50s in wildwood, 57 in atlantic city. 64 in philadelphia with the rain. still in the forecast, 62 wilmington, and little cooler in parts of delaware, but either way, this pattern sticks around for another day. mid-60s tomorrow, but in the pennsylvania suburbs, westchester 66, and lehigh valley drier and could see peeks of sun. 68 degrees for allentown and 68 in easton. warmer than it is today. future weather here, keeping clouds locked in, showers moving in for the morning commute. 7:30 in the morning, and rain to the west, scattered showers in the forecast through the day.
5:50 pm
thursday, though, we'll see a little bit more in the way of sun. temperatures back in the 70s, but we go into your friday, and here comes that area of thunderstorms i was telling you about, so, friday, we have the best chance for thunderstorms, so far, looks like the afternoon and evening hours so if you're already making plans for friday, just keep in mind that's the day out of the week we expect the heavier rain and best chance for thunderstorms. your ten day jut look and seven-day scrolls on the bottom of the screen too. tomorrow, rain, mid-60s, and thursday, we see more sun around 70 degrees. friday, thunderstorms in the forecast. still kind of warm, though, mid-70s with the rain. saturday, another chance of showers, low 70s, and sunday is better, 67 degrees and more in the way of sun. we go into next week, and we're looking at 70s, and, finally, we start to get that mild weather pattern coming back. not looking too bad, hang on to
5:51 pm
the umbrella for quite a few more days. >> quite a few being the key. all right. lester join us us now from new york. >> what's coming up? >> ahead, reeling from an jut break of deadly tornados, midsection braces for more weather. sharing photos along tsa lines, a campaign to shorten weights at airport security lines as airports become impatient with the tsa. how states deal with the hike in drivers high on pot behind the wheel. that's all when we see you on "nightly news." >> thank you. see you in a bit. and coming up next at 5:00, a ride to remember. >> reporter: a journey hundreds of miles long to pay tribute to police officers who lost lives in the line of duty. >> doing this for them. >> reporter: ted greeneberg, how the ride follows a tough year for new jersey state police.
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
200 mile, how far police officers are traveling by bike. >> it's a long trip, but they pay tribute to fallen colleagues. >> ted greenberg has more from cape may county.
5:55 pm
>> reporter: in a sea of biking blue, new jersey state police sergeant remembers a fallen brother every turn. >> touches real close to home. >> reporter:ing the trooper, one of three of the state police who lost their lives in the line of duty within the past year. >> we're doing this for them. >> reporter: he's more than one of 200 police officers from south jersey who kicked off a ride today from galloway township to the nation's capitol. >> he's gone, but with us. >> reporter: matthew jones worked with him in mount holly before joining the state police. >> legacy lives through the tour. >> reporter: with memorials along the way, they join close to 2,000 officers from around the country pedaling towards washington to pay tribute to fallen comrades. her aunt, an fbi agent, killed
5:56 pm
in 1994. >> honoring my aunt and everyone who puts lives on the line every day. >> reporter: set so arrive at the national law enforcement memorial thursday taking part in a large candle light vigil friday evening. >> help the families remember that their loved ones will not be forgotten. >> reporter: the cape may louis ferry takes riders from new jersey to delaware, a chance to rest from the journey and reflect on those who still motivate in spirit. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. coming up next on nbc 10 news at 6:00. >> inside look for renovations for devine loraine hotel and what it means for north philadelphia. >> and i have more wet weather ahead for tonight and possibly into the morning rush. first alert forecast is straight ahead. >> a birthday surprise for a local rider marking a milestone at 6:00.
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
bringing back broad street, a philadelphia hotel abandon for a decade is making significant progress. tonight, nbc 10 has a sneak peek the devine loraine hotel as it gets set to revitalize north philadelphia. >> good evening.
5:59 pm
>> the devine loraine hotel is in the process of converting to upscale apartments. >> nbc 10 went inside today before tomorrow's open house, and neighbors say it's finally going to brighten up broad street. nbc 10's lauren mayk is live in north philadelphia. lauren? >> reporter: i'm at broad, and there is work underway. you can see new windows, those are the green ones there. i got a look at the project today and for what some hope will transform more than just the building. >> this is the al baster stair from over a hundred years ago. >> a long journey for the devine loraine hotel. a peek inside as the developer transforms it from the boarded up landmark on broad. >> this is an original skylight that actually shows right
6:00 pm
through the entire well of the buildings. >> to a restaurant, apartments, and possibly a symbol of change for the neighborhood. >> basically, every inch of the building is cool. >> the top of the ceiling is part of the character of the penthouse. >> that was the speak easy entrance. i mean, a real speak easy. >> reporter: residents, a modern day speak easy and two story restaurant, places where the building intersects with a neighborhood in transition. >> seeing the energy come on this. >> we walked with the executive director of the nonprofit north broad renaissance. >> reporter: you grew up not too far from here. what's your memories of the area? not good. >> reporter: new lights here, new businesses. >> it was pretty vacant, and with vacancy and vacant buildings comes crime and just things that are not productive to the community, so when you --


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