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tv   Early Today  NBC  May 13, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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nbc 10 breaking news. home invasion, right now, philadelphia police are looking for the intruders who tied up a family inside their northeast philadelphia home overnight. also breaking right now, flames continue to burn in the bass river state forest. hundreds of acres are on fire along the border between burlington and ocean counties. we are watching the threat of rain and thunderstorms later this afternoon. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley with his first alert neighborhood forecast. a close look at conditions at communities across pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. bill, you're tracking rain. talk to us about the timing. >> that's this afternoon. this morning we have clouds, a live view from center city. we'll see mostly cloudy skies.
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they're helping to keep things warm this morning. 61 degrees in philadelphia. delaware, upper 50s for south jersey and the suburbs. dropped down to 59 degrees. 61 degrees at philadelphia international. it's also mild for parkside and look at bustleton at 61 degrees. nice, warm start. it's going to be another mild afternoon. we're not going to see the bright sunshine we had yesterday. look at the showers in western pennsylvania. they're not here yet. they'll be moving our way, already in central pennsylvania heading towards harrisburg. stand by with your umbrellas for the afternoon. showers will develop. temperatures climbing to near 70 at 3:00 this afternoon. the suburbs might see a sprinkle but most of the activity holds off into the afternoon hours. for the lehigh valley, sunshine breaking through to start with and then that chance of showers moving into the area. back with a look at the timing of the futurecast in ten minutes. jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> we're watching the vine street expressway right now.
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ongoing construction closing it in between broad street and the schuylkill expressway. these are our cameras around 24th street. no traffic moving. if you look over here into the right-hand corner, flashing lights as well. police activity there, blocking off the off ramps in between those two points and connecting it so there's no traffic westbound or eastbound, no direct access to the schuylkill or 95. that should open around 5:00 this morning. we'll keep you updated if they run ahead of schedule. there is a vehicle leaking fuel on the blue çroute. some road enclosure yee-- closu. 4:02. 63 degrees outside. now to breaking news from northeast philadelphia. police are investigating a home invasion where a couple and
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their adult son were tied you and robbed overnight. nbc 10's katy zachry is live at the scene. what are police telling you about what happened. >> it was a harrowing ordeal or this family of three. they live on the 14,000 block of farad e-street. we just arrived to the scene. earlier we had a photographer who was here while investigators were here. let's show you the video from the height of when this happened. it happened around 1:15 this morning. police say three people were sleeping inside this home, a couple in their 60s and their adult son. everyone was in their own bedrooms, in their beds enthey were all awoken by three men, we're told, who were masked, wearing gloves and who tied up the three people in this house and demanded money. one of the interesting th ining
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they insisted we don't have money. we have money in our wallets, cash in our wallets, but other than that we don't store or how's a house or money in our home. the group ransacked the house, all three floors. interestingly, police say, they didn't take electronic oz are valuables. they did take an undisclosed amounts of cash from one of the home owners' wallets and then they left. one of the things police are looking into is there is a large church at the base of this hill near where i'm standing. they have a number of outside surveillance cameras. investigators from the northeast part of philadelphia are looking at that video reviewing it to see if they can ascertain who this group of men is, who stormed this house, broke in through a rear door, masked, wearing gloves and terrorized
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this family. we have some comments coming up from police. i'll share them with you in about a half hour. reporting live in northeast philadelphia, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. we're following breaking news in burlington county. here's a closer look at where the fire is burning, bass river township which is close to burlington county's border with ocean county. we're getting reports flames consuming hundreds of acres near the garden state parkway. so far, no buildings are involved. new jersey's forest fire service deployed more than a dozen fire engines to battle the flames. officials say the fire is 60% con tenned. tap the nbc 10 app for updates throughout the day. today the obama administration will issue new public guidelines for schools. for transgender students.
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the$ur"elines are not legally binding but school districts that discriminate could risk losing federal funding. the justice department is in a legal battle currently with north carolina over that state's new bathroom law for transgender people. today a federal judge will consider a motion to stop the release of a list of unindicted co-conspirators in the bridgegate scandal. a lawyer who filed a motion for an anonymous man said releasing the list would unfairly brand his client as a criminal. former aides to governor chris christie face charges of plotting to close lanes on the george washington bridge in 2013 or political pay back. christie said he does not expect to be on that list. today in montgomery county, septa's general manager will speak to a civic group about the planned rail extension for king of prussia. the route would bring trains to and from the king of prussia
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mall, variouslley forge casino other centers. 4:07. 61 degrees. happening today, spring condition along the schuylkill river. the 78th dad veil regatta begins this morning. nbc 10's matt delucia is live along kelly drive with a preview of what we're going to see. matt? >> a very exciting time, especially for these rowers and we're just a few hours away until the start of the race. as you mentioned, 78 years for the dad veil regatta. it's been a philadelphia tradition for a long time. along the schuylkill river and kelly drive is very serene, peaceful. but it won't be when these rowers start getting ready for the races. 3,300 rowers from 125 colleges
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and universities along with an estimated 25,000 spectators all here over the next two days. it is the largest collegiate regatta in north america. people are here from north america, canada and even someone from england. i talked with the dad vail committee yesterday and he calls this race the crown jewel of philadelphia. >> the kids have been eating and sleeping and dreaming about winning a dad vail gold medal. they cross the days off the calendar just like they do before christmas. >> it's warmer than it is around christmastime but what about the weather? the kids have raced through rain before. since bill is tracking the chance for showers and storms, i asked the folks who is the plan for the weather and the forecast? more on that when i see you again in the next half hour. for now, i'm live along the
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schuylkill river for the dad vail ra gaegatta. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 4:09. clouds are moving in. it will be mostly cloudy and mild day. wildwood, dry right now but there's a chance of thunderstorms on the way. we'll see temperatures that are starting off warm, go back into the 70s thisç afternoon. 61 in philadelphia, 50s in the suburbs. south jersey at 58 degrees. the temperature still cooling at this hour. with clouds overhead, it's not going to get much cooler than it is right now. washington township, clayton at 57 degrees. mt. laurel is 60 degrees right now. really mild start, just shy of 60 for florence and cinnaminson. we'll get some sunshine but not a lot. the clouds are thickening to the west. those showers in western pennsylvania, they're on track for us this afternoon. there are a few sprinkles moving
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through the d.c. area, moving towards the d.c. area. we could see some of those this morning. futurecast showing a chance of scattered showers. this is not a huge threat. it moves through. we're mostly cloudy it morning. as we go into the afternoon hours, here's our chance of showers and thunderstorms. to the west at 1:00. it moves through the western suburbs into philadelphia. that's at 3:00 this afternoon. and extends into delaware and south jersey. those showers and potential thunderstorms are on the move. they clear out as we head into tomorrow, though, another chance of showers and thunderstorms. that's saturday afternoon at 4:00. so two lines of showers and thunderstorms at about 24 hours apart. the first one arrives this afternoon. which means this morning, mainly dry conditions. though mostly cloudy. we'll see clouds on the increase and the temperatures into the low 70s for university city, somerton and chestnut hill, 69 degrees. those afternoon showers and
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thunderstorms during the early afternoon for the pennsylvania suburbs. in the lehigh valley, they'll move through early enough. they'll get late-day sunshine for kutztown and bethlehem into the upper 60s. to the south, new jersey, vineland 72. those afternoon thunderstorms likely to occur after 2:00 in the afternoon for new jersey and even later at the shore. not into the 70s but close to it for wildwood and atlantic city. wilmington 72 degrees and low 70s for lewes and dover. that's today. may have noticed the seven-day at the bottom of the screen. when i come back, your outlook. 4:11. let's check the garden state parkway. first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington is watching that. what are you seeing, jessica? >> we're not seeing much of anything on the parkway. we're looking right now around the great egg toll plaza. this is over near summer's point. no problems or tie-ups in either direction. maybe a car or so moving through north or southbound. no problems getting down the
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shore at least for right now. here's the schuylkill expressway right through the conshohocken curve. we're still in the green also. 12 minutes, heading into center city eastbound from the blue route to the vine, average speeds are still into the 60s. no problems in or out of the city right now. we are watching some construction, broad street is closed, headed northbound between 95 and pattison avenue. more updates when i'm back in the next ten. tracy? >> remembering the victims of the deadly amtrak derailment. ♪ the crash scene served as the setting for an emotional vigil. next, hear from the families of survivors and victims about the crash one year later. also anñeye-opening look a the zika virus. we know about the severe birth defects but next how the virus affects people's skins and eyes.
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4:15. 61 degrees. with prayers and tears, philadelphia is remembering the victims of the deadly amtrak derailment one year after it happened. neighbors and city leaders held a candle light vigil. eight people died aboard amtrak 188 including laura finnamore. >> i hope the report is a thorough examination of all of the issues, not the issue of the conductor. >> he was referring to the man who operated the train 188 who has not been charged. the vigil also honored first responders, red cross volunteers and neighbors who rushed to help
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some 200 people who were hurt in the crash. the first train car was nearly unrecognizable once the dust settled at the crash scene.ç ahead in the next half hour, hear from one passenger who was seated in car one and survived that deadly amtrak derailment has had a lasting impact on railroad safety. since the crash, amtrak installed ptc or positive train control on all of its rails along the northeast corridor. the train's safety system slows a speeding train and can help avoid a collision. in april, amtrak train 89 crashed into a backhoe near chester killing two main tonightance workers that crash raised questions about ptc's effectiveness. >> it's on the northeast corridor. we know that amtrak is using it and when used correctly and when used the right way, we can prevent accidents like this. >> septa is also using ptc. the system is already installed on one rail line and they are on track to have ptc on every line
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by the end of july. a new play about trayvon martin premiered in north philadelphia just as a new controversy surrounds the shooting death of that teenager. george zimmerman was back in the headlines for offering the gun that killed trayvon martin to the highest bidder. one site took down the action. but it later apeared on another website. people involved with the performance offered their opinions. >> it's a cautionary tale for us to be awakened, conscious and use whatever medium we have. >> it's a problem we have every day, every month with african-american kids. it needs to stop. >> the production runs through may 22nd. it includes an exhibit along with workshops and race and gun violence. pennsylvania ruled out a new plan to protect against the zika virus. among the highlights are enhanced surveillance of mosquitos and possible zika
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cases. the state health department will also develop a plan to test for the virus without using cdc labs and health officials will step up their efforts to educate the public. the only known cases of the mosquito-borne virus in pennsylvania were contracted by people who traveled overseas. doctors in new york released several pictures of a man infected with zika so people can see what the virus looks like. the man in these victims vacationed in puerto rico. he has a red rash, bloodshot eyes, most people have mild symptoms but the main concern with zika is how it affects pregnant women. the virus is linked to severe birth defects. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> we're watching clouds move into the area. so far, no rain. that's going to hold off. most of it will come through during the afternoon hours. a chance of showers and thunderstorms. this morning, a little bit of a breeze blowing. it is a mild start. those temperatures will climb into the 70s this afternoon.
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the wind right now out of the southeast at 5 miles an hour in philadelphia. that's going to keep points right along the coast a little bit cooler than the rest of the area today. you see clouds already in cape may and delaware. a few sprinkles in southern delaware. the rest of the area is dry at this hour. to the west, that's where we see the chance of showers and thunderstorms coming in during the day. the lehigh valley will be the first to get them. bethlehem, 68 agrees this afternoon. qodstown, 71 with a chance of afternoon stormsç extending to newtown and phoenixville in the suburbs. for philadelphia, those afternoon showers and thunderstorms roll through, manly dry. not talking about an all-day rainfall here. won't be as warm as yesterday without the sunshine. we won't get that huge warmup. it will make it into the low 70s in new jersey for haddonfield, glassboro, trenton, 68 degrees this afternoon. the jersey shore, cooler. there it is, that wind coming off the ocean, 66 degrees in atlantic city and the shore will be among the last to see those
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afternoon showers and thunderstorms but they will be moving through during the later afternoon hours and then clearing out this evening. for delaware, lower 70s, yes, with clouds in place this morning. there's a chance of a morning shower. a better chance we'll see the showers and thunderstorms appear for this afternoon. so we're starting off in the 60s and upper 50s right now. new jersey is 58 degrees. there are some warmer spots, lumberton at 56, mt. laurel dropped to 58 and 58 degrees in turnersville. that 60 has disappeared this morning. 59 in cinnaminson. here's your futurecast which shows at noontime, a chance of scattered light showers at lunch time and even at the shore we'll see those. the storms are still to the west at that hour. here they come, 2:30 in the afternoon, moving through the suburbs and the lehigh valley. and then pulling through philadelphia. by 4:00 they're on their way to new jersey and heading toward
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the shore and then they're out of here this evening. we have a chance of seeing some storms this afternoon but mainly cloudy this morning. 72 degrees later today. tomorrow, we'll start off with some sunshine, then another line of showers and thunderstorms comes through in the afternoon. but it all clears out for sunday. look at the temperature. nowhere near the 70s, near 60 degrees in the afternoon. the winds will be blowing, they'll come out of the northwest. we'll see lots of sunshine but it will keep us cooler on sunday. by monday afternoon, we're back into the 60s and then come tuesday, and into wednesday and thursday, there's a chance of some showers. thursday afternoon, a big warmup. 75 degrees on friday and even warm warmer. next week is looking nice with temperatures in the 70s for saturday and sunday. there it is. where's wednesday? right there. 72 degrees. that's our second annual weather education day set for next wednesday.
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we had so much fun last year, all the nbc 10 first alert meteorologists will show off weath weather experiments to the children at citizens bank park. join me, sheena parveen, violetta voss. the fans, many of them expected to be in costume as they always are, con get their fill of trivia, collectibles and celebrities. "star trek" 50th anniversary tour is one of the highlights of the event. that starts at 10:00 and runsç through sunday. let's talk about traffic. for that we check with jessica boyington. jessica? >> we're watching the vine
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street expressway. ongoing construction here. we're closed east and westbound in between broad street and the schuylkill expressway. no real direct access right now to 95 or the schuylkill at least from the vine street expressway. you can see right up here we do still have flashing lights. police activity there blocking off some of the ramp. you can see if you're headed eastbound or westbound. no traffic moving through. these are our cameras around 24th street. this typically opens around 5:00 in the morning. we've been running ahead of schedule. we're also watching an accident in upper providence on lewis road and keokuk road. ahead in our next half hour, watch as police officers in bucks county use this new tool to train them for dapg rouse situations in real life. this is only a simulation. the eagles hit the field for the start of rookie camp and their current and future quarterback will both be there.
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morning noon or night there's always a moment to discover visit annapolis and create your moment 4:26. we're working to confirm reports that legislative leaders in trenton may have reached a tentative deal on a plan to save atlantic city from financial collapse. there's no formal bill yet. no one is publicly confirming the deal. one lawmaker told the deal could give ac five months to fix spending and problems before the state would take over. the remaining eight casinos took in $215 million last month. that's an 8.1% increase in their collective revenue compared to april of last year. the casino control commission says that proves the industry is turning a corner since four casinos shut down in 2014.
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well, today, the eagles start their rookie camp with all draft picks under contract and ready to go. that including quarterback carson wentz. four years, 26 million. wentz also got a $17 million signing bonus. he'll be speaking to the media this afternoon. take a look at this from the angels/cardinals game in anaheim. an orange cat crossed the infield, jumped into the stands to make a getaway. you can see the fans' reaction. what? scampering through the box seats. a man grabs the cat and the game resumed. 4:27. over the edge. next at 4:30, dozens of people took the quick way down 18 floors of this wilmington high-rise. hear why they paid for the privilege.
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nbc 10 breaking news. tied up and robbed. philadelphia police say armed men barged into a northeast philadelphia home and terrorized a family. a year later and it's hard to imagine nen maanyone made it alive. hear one passenger's survival story. nbc 10 first alert radar tracking showers and thunderstorms to end the workweek. 4:30. 61 degrees. welcome to friday. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley with his first alert neighborhood forecast. a look at conditions right where you live. they can be changing throughout the day. >> they will be. cloudy skies and temperatures that are warming this morning. 64 degrees right now in the


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