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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  May 18, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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the seaside city are set to hold a preliminary vote on a plan that would be a first for a jersey shore boardwalk during a summer trial run, people 21 or older would be allowed to consume alcoholic drink in an open plastic container on the wooden way, between albany and metropolitan avenues. >> more convenient, you know, if you paid for it, be able to check out all of the other casinos. >> reporter: council members believe the concept would help bring more millennials to town and build foot trafficen the drinks could only be sold by businesses with liquor licenses adjacent to the boardwalk. not everyone is on board. >> could make for a looser environment things could go wrong, more fights, maybe. >> i don't think it's going to draw more people in. i think it's going to create more problems. >> reporter: city leaders are confident 30 new state-funded seasonal police officers would help keep the peace. >> we'll have the man power to
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target that particular area. >> if the plan passes tonight, a second and final vote will be held in three weeks. if it's approved, council members say they'll tweak the new law, if necessary, after they see how everything goes this summer. again, meeting is getting under way right now upstairs here at city hall. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. this just in from south philadelphia, video from the scene of a fire where crews rescued a man from his burning row home. the fire start the here at 9th and wharton streets around 2:30 this afternoon. firefighters found the elderly man unconscious, in an upstairs bedroom. neighbors were there as crews brought the man out and revived him. >> eventually, they did bring the older gentleman out and the firemen were beating on his chest, trying to revive him. he's in serious condition but alive. >> the plan is in critical condition. we did check with the hospital. it's not clear what started the
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fire. a police officer faces charges after a traffic stop sent a woman to the hospital and left her phone shattered. authorities say the officer dejesus pulled over a young couple, as they were headed to a barber shop last month. the woman recorded the traffic stop on her phone. video shows the officer grabbing and smashing the phone on the ground, then hitting the woman in the head. at first the victims faced charges but today the district attorney announce the the officer would be charged. >> i put my phone like this and he pulled it here and throw on the floor. >> a punch but then she was thrown on the ground and in fact, her head hit a pipe. >> reporter: the officer will face a judge tomorrow. in we have new information on this controversial police encounter. video shows officers in wilmington confronting a man if a wheelchair. police shot and killed the man after they say he refused to
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drop his weapon. the attorney general ruled the officers would not be charged but tonight his decision is sparking anger on both sides. nbc 10 delaware bureau reporter tim furlong explains why. >> drop the gun. >> reporter: you've probably seen the video of officers shooting and killing jeremy back in september. they shot him when he reached into his waistband, an investigation showed he did have a gun near him. officers including the corporal, you see right there, were justified in shooting him. >> we call him shotgun joe in our community. >> reporter: activists gathered to say they're outrages the officers won't face criminal charges. the attorney general has refused my request for an interview. last week he found the police department's ineffective. among other things, he should never again be allowed to carry a firearm. outside consult tapts told him
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they don't think the officers would be convicted, if charged. some say no charges, not good enough. >> there ought to be charges. to say you can't charge them period, that's not flying in the neighborhood. >> reporter: some leaders are going above his head. they have penned a letter to the u.s. attorney general asking for a federal investigation into the case and the department's policies. >> our responsibility is one to get justice for the family and, two, reduce the likelihood of similar occurrence. >> it gets worse, today the fop put out a statement ripping him for singling out him, treated him guilty until proven innocent. report is motivated by a man who wants to get to the governor's mansion. they will consider him directly responsible if his words and report leads to violence against officers. first alert weather. nice day for a jog. these ladies here taking advantage of the break in the
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clouds to get exercise. near 21st and the ben franklin parkway. beautiful place to run. >> we've been waiting for the sun to return. we've seen a bit of it today. big question, how long's it going to stick around. >> right. >> nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen with your neighborhood forecast. >> wale se'll see sun tomorrow. right now rain. not everybody. it's mostly upper bucks, montgomery, sprinkles closer to philadelphia. watching steady, lighter rain through part of month got rm norristown, hatfield. this rain will last a bit longer, maybe 30 minutes and then move out. bucks county, lasting about 30 minutes to an hour because we have this area, montgomery county, moving into bucks county. right around collegeville, up towards new briton, north of that, upper bucks county, more moderate rainfall near bet minister, watching this move
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through and out of the area, heading to the northeast. it won't be around too much longer but one area that we will be keeping our eye on as we go through the rest of the overnight hours, all of the green you see kind of popping up on the radar back off to our west. models are picking this up and kind of moving it through overnight. but that would mostly be light rain. no thunderstorms expected. take a look at our neighborhood temperatures. mostly in the 60s here, more sunshine through the afternoon. today warmed us up to upper 60s in philadelphia. warmer temperatures before the week is over, rain for part of your weekend. i'll show you the forecast coming up. right now 5:00, police in egg harbor township, you can see the front door smashed in. the photo taken of the suspect inside. the burglary happened yesterday around 1:00 a.m. suspect made off with money from the donation bin. if you recognize this person.
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contact police. the soda tax battle bubbled up in front of city council with supporters of the measure making their voices heard. listen. >> say no to big soda. >> the loud but peaceful group was asked to leave today. they wanted to show support for mayor kenney's tax which would charge three cents per ounce to distributors of sugary drinks the money would be used to fund education, rehab recreation centers and police and fire departments. >> they are stating that the pre-k children, you know, they're mostly important years from years 1 to 5 years of age. we have to save our children. that's why action united is here today. >> those against the tax say it would hurt their businesses and could cost jobs. they've opposed similar taxes twice before under former mayor nutter. expert witness testified today that the murder trial of
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former wrestling star jimmy super fly snuka should not be halted. the psychiatrist took the stand for the prosecution. he said there's little evidence snuka has significant brain trauma. accuse of the murdering his girlfriend back in 1983. his defense, wrestler has early onset dementia and post-concussion syndrome and the trial should be halted. it's not clear when the judge might rule. heavy hearts as a high school community gathers together to remember two teens killed in a crash after prom. vigil will be held at bridgeton high school football stadium for the two. the vigil starts at 8:00. the two teens died last weekend when their car veered off the road and crashed into a tree. they were on their way home from a prom afterparty in ocean city. police are now trying to determine exactly what caused that crash. the punishment for drunk
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driving in pennsylvania is about to get tougher. a bill passed will require ignition locks for first-time offenders, drivers with blood alcohol levels of .10 must install the locks for a year. instead of having license suspended the device forces drivers to blow into a tube to pass a breathalyzer before the car will start. >> a well deserved round of applause for dozens of philadelphia's finest this morning duringing a department commendation ceremony. congratulating the men and women in blue, honored for valor and heroism. ten officers received medal of bravery. officer chris blum and james alder receives commendations for saving the life of a man who stopped breathing during a medical emergency. they spotted the officers performing cpr in december. the pair had only been on the job a few weeks.
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>> to gain full consciousness and started to talk before being transporteder to treatment. >> seven officers received the sergeant robert wilson iii valor award for extraordinary acts of courage without regard of their safety stopping someone armed. sergeant wilson stopped to death in march 2015. on monday, he was posthumously awarded the national honor of valor by president obama. former mayor ed rendell is raising eyebrows about comments about women. drivers in jersey, wishing for a helicopter to get around. bracing for more traffic. looking for ways to get around it.
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a comment from former pennsylvania governor ed rendell is raising some eyebrows tonight. "the washington post" asked rendell about donald trump and his controversial remarks about women. rendell said, quote, that will come back to haunt him. there are probably more ugly women in america than attractive women. people take that stuff personally. end quote. members of rendell's own party are questioning his comments.
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nbc 10's aundrea cline-thomas has details. >> reporter: when we asked about the comments, she said this, quote, maybe he did not take his medicine today. "the washington post" article was talking about how trump exceeded expectations during the pennsylvania primary. rendell said trump may appeal to some working class democrats, but trump's past comments about women would do more damage to his campaign. but then rendell quoted as saying, there are probably more ugly women in america than attractive women. people take that stuff personally. "the washington post" reporter told us today that he took the comments as a joke and not as an insult. either way, those comments are rubbing people the wrong way. >> i think the way he put that just is unfortunate. it's almost using the same ammunition to make an opposite point. >> for him to say that, he needs to, first of all, grow up, and
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he needs to examine the people that he used to be mayor for. >> i don't think that looks should ever come in to politics. i don't know why he's commenting on it. >> reporter: nbc reached out to governor rendell's office today but they had no comment. he is on a train right now as we speak from d.c. back to philly. we're here hoping to talk to him as soon as he arrives so he can explain exactly what he men. aundrea cline-thomas nbc 10 news. decision 2016, in the meantime, activists by the thousands are trying to get permits to march in philadelphia during the democratic national convention this summer. 5,000 demonstrators plan to march on market street from city hall to independence mall on july 24th, the day before the convention begins. that group of activists marching for clean energy is the first to get approval from the city to
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march during dnc week. the seven other requests are pending, one given a preliminary denial. it's ex-abopected to be a be to the finish between the democratic candidates. >> with a win in oregon last night, bernie sanders says his campaign will continue until the convention. nbc news national correspondent steve handelsman has the latest. >> reporter: fresh off another victory, bernie sanders sounds driven -- >> we're going to have to defeat secretary clinton. >> reporter: in the california primary, he told the crowd there. >> and then we'll take our fight into the convention. >> reporter: clinton beat him in kentucky, but barely. so they split the delaware. and she lost oregon, giving sanders the most delawaegates l night. she keeps overall lead but 488 unpledged superdelegates, party insiders, the process that enraged sanders supporters in nevada. >> there's a pattern of conduct from the beginning of the
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campaign that has been hostile to bernie sanders and his supporters. >> reporter: now, he sounds hostile. >> i say to the leadership of the democratic party, open the doors, let the people in! ja he means the democratic convention and clinton need to showcase sanders' issues like free college and controlling wall street. says a key sanders backer -- >> this will resonate with americans and it's a complete contrast, complete contrast to the charlatan running on the republican side. >> reporter: donald trump, to reduce the conflict in his party, released his list of 11 potential supreme court nominees, all of them sitting top echelon conservative judges, a trump move to rally republicans behind him. steve handelsman, nbc 10 news. >> more political news. turns out new jersey voters are apparently not happy with their governor. a new poll has chris christie's approval rating sinking to
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all-time low. the poll finds 64% of voters disapprove of the job christie's doing. only 29% support him. whopping 72% say it would be a bad idea for trump to pick christie as a running mate, this comes as trump gets set to campaign in the garden state tomorrow. >> i think he would be a great vice president. i think that he's very strong and knows what he's doing. >> there's such controversy around the state taking over atlantic city and he's nowhere to be found and worried about donald trump. >> the poll also showed christie to have the lowest governor performance numbers on any governor in nine states, the quinnipiac has surveyed in six years. a judge will decide whether a former south jersey firefighter played a part in freddie gray's death. trial to begin, he was a member
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of the washington township fire department for a decade. he's the second of six officers to go on trial in the case. the unarmed black man died of a severe neck injury april last year, days after police arrested him. if convicted, he could face up to 20 years in prison. first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. well, afternoon today turned out better than the morning. but some areas are seeing a bit of rain coming back. pennsylvania suburbs, we have showers, it's in the low 60s. philadelphia, though, little bit in the way of sunshine trying to peak back in. 68 in philadelphia. more breaks in the way of sunshine, here's a look at delaware, near rehoboth beach, more sun peaking through. temperatures, where we're seeing rain, let's take a look at pennsylvania suburbs. here's a look at neighborhood weather, temperatures close up view, west bradford township. 62. 64 in exton.
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64 in kenneth square. 63 in malvern 62 in bedminister, where we've been seeing rain. warrington at 63. if you're in new hope, looking at 64 degrees with that rain around. let's take a look at radar. rain north and west of philadelphia. so, it's mainly at the moment right near parts of montgomery and bucks county. so if we zoom in, it's shown just by the green color which indicates lighter rainfall. we don't expect thunderstorms. but it is right around the major interstates, montgomery county near the p.a. turnpike, 476, near norristown. this light rain going to move into bucks county and another area of rain we're watching, that's farther back off to our west. this is mostly on the lighter side, too. but we're going to be watching this for any redevelopment, it is moving in our direction that
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would be giving us possibly light showers overnight tonight. here's future weather. watch what it does with the area of rain i showed you. as we go overnight, it kind of intensifies and moves it through. but by tomorrow morning, we should be seeing clearing conditions or at least more in the afternoon. so there's 6:00 p.m. for thursday. more sunshine in the forecast. friday looks better. sunny, with highs in the mid-70s. look what happens into the weekend. clouds move back in. rain to our south. looking at noon on saturday. in fact, this computer model just updated to show possibly heavier rain, in philadelphia, by noon. more rain down to our south, all part of an area of low pressure. going to move through and we expect rain for a majority of your weekend for most of the area. so keep that in mind as you're making plans. tomorrow, south jersey, h hammondton 72. wildwood 62. trenton, 71 tomorrow.
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71 degrees, norristown. delaware, harrington, 71. wilmington, 71. pennsylvania suburbs looking like 71 in west chester, new town 69. lehigh valley in the low 70s. tomorrow, easton close to 70 degrees. weekend forecast friday looks good. mid-70s. but we go into the weekend and we have rain and cooler temperatures heading our way. a closer look at weekend forecast coming up. see you then. >> 'tis the season, you planning a vacation, don't forget to factor in the wait times at airports across the country. we'll check in with philly international to find out how the tsa will handle summertime rush. >> our own vai may have the moves on the football field but wednesday's child showed him up on the basketball court and bowling alley.
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time for this week's wednesday's child. a young guy loves basketball, bowling, legos. >> looking for a forever family on top of that. vai sikahema introduces us to raymeer. >> reporter: the thud, thud, thud of a basketball bouncing on a wooden floor, or clinking off a rim and backboard would be annoying to some. but to raymeer, music to his ears. >> loves to play basketball. bowling is okay. but most of the time basketball is his favorite thing to do every time he's about to come to school. >> reporter: raymeer has down syndrome and everyone at his school calls him mere mere, he's
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outgoing. besides hoops, he loves to bowl. >> oh! >> reporter: raymeer has simple tastes. going to the library with a box of legso. he loves legos. even if it's not creating masterpieces, it's simply stacking legos blocks one on top of the other. what color is this? >> blue. >> reporter: blue. nothing brings this kid down. >> never seen him in a bad mood. happiness. always being happy. always helping whenever you need something. >> reporter: raymeer's adopted forever family would need to be patient, understanding, and loving as raymeer transitions into a new home and school environment. raymeer would bring endless amounts of love, smiles, and joy into anyone's home. >> raymeer is very adorable, loves to be around people, loves
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to help with anything, clean-up, whatever you need him to do always helpful. >> reporter: raymeer is this week's wednesday's child. >> coming up next at 5:00, deja vu for drivers in south jersey. >> one project ended, now another is about to begin. >> if you don't know shortcuts, i don't recommend route 70. forget it. you might as well just go to another place. >> drivers dreading their trip. more coming up. plus, failing at fire drills. nbc 10 investigators expose how local schools are ignoring the policy and why leaders didn't even know about it.
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neighbors agree, route 70 in south jersey needs major repairs, but that doesn't mean they're looking forward to all of the traffic that comes along with it. >> nbc 10 south jersey reporter, cydney long, talked to drive somewheres businesses about the construction and more what you can do to get around it. >> if you done flow shortcuts, i don't recommend route 70. >> reporter: beatrice says if she wanted to head to the shore this summer, she'd be better off in a helicopter.
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contractors just finished linking together new mains under route 70 leaving the center median and u-turns off-limits. >> i had to go by the old bridge and wait for the light. >> reporter: three-minute trip to the dry cleaner became a long ordeal. the 90,000 daily commuters are catching a break from the construction, but the heat will soon be back on, and just in time for summer short traffic. new jersey's department of transportation will fan out for eight miles from pen socken airport circle through cherry hill, at crop well road. >> obvious will a pain. >> reporter: the farm and fisherman tavern gm hope it doesn't hurt the short regulars who come this way from philly. >> the family meals they pick up on the way down, they come by us, hopefully continue to do so through the summer.
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>> reporter: the $50 million project in the heart of the summer will be to resurface and pave it. highway higher-ups say we can anticipate some lane closures but that won't happen during the morning and afternoon rush hours. the mayor advises finding alternate routes, and being patient. >> after 2 1/2 decades we'll have a smooth ride which we need to. remember, when roads are in disrepair, they cause problems to your car, damage to your vehicle, and more importantly, accidents. >> reporter: after eight weeks eight miles will be smooth sailing for everyone. from cherry hill, cydney long, nbc 10 news. tonight, cyclists around our area will ride in silence honoring eight local bicyclists il canned in accidents. the two rides will roll off at 7:00 this evening. the group of cyclists travel between seven to eight miles slowly and in silence.
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hoping the ride will encourage drivers to share the road. philadelphia teens hoping to score a job this summer got some help today. the form of a $2 million grant from the u.s. department of labor. the money will go toward providing 250 summer and year-round jobs. the grant target teens between 14 and 16 who live in the philadelphia area. speaking of the city, the city's mayor, jim kenney, got swept up in the celebration of a new playground moving light on his feet. he opened the camp school community playground in fair hill. the high-tech playground offers outdoor classrooms with the weather station and butterfly houses. cloudy skies out there, but the rain held off. first alert weather. folks in camden county took advantage of the mild temperatures. and that break from the clouds, this was the scene a few hours ago at. cooper river park. >> not a lot of people even saw the sun today.
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sheena parveen now is here now with your neighborhood forecast. she sheena. >> we did see more in in the way of sunshine. new jersey and delaware still seeing that. but then areas seeing rain, so that is mostly north and west of philadelphia through parts of bucks county. lancaster, upper montgomery, upper bucks county and lower parts of bucks county, montgomery county. near the p.a. turnpike, this is mostly on the lighter side. it's going to start to move into mercer county soon. as we go through the rest of tonight, we are going to keep our area on -- eye on another area of rain off to our west. this section that looks to be gaining more moist fairly quickly. what i've circled here, moving in our direction. there's a chance this could move through overnight tonight. and maybe even into the early morning hours. we'll be watching that closely but so far, tomorrow afternoon, still looking like drier
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conditions with sunshine. neighborhood weather, mostly the 60s, midst to upper 60s. where we've seen rain, low 60s. pennsylvania suburbs, 62. let's take a look at south jersey neighborhood. comfortable this afternoon with drier conditions, 66 degrees, washington township. piney hollow, 68. mt. laurel coming in 69 degrees. coming up, the sunshine and the forecast this week. also rain for your weekend. that's straight ahead. >> looking forward to that. record number of travelers, meanwhile, expected to fly to their summer vacation destinations. the group, airlines for america predicts more than 231 million passengers will fly between june and august this year. that's up 4% from last year. group is calling on the tsa to hire and train more staffers to alleviate screening delays at security checkpoints. today, philadelphia international airport, we saw lunchtime lines with tsa checkpoints moving smoothly. right now officials suggest that passengers arrive two hours
5:36 pm
early for domestic flights and three hours for international travel. but that could change for the summer season beginning memorial day weekend. the airport says it's ready. >> call early each morning between the airlines and the tsa staff, and the airport, to learn about flight loads. so that the tsa can move its staff. >> right now, expect wait times of one hour in philadelphia international. but last weekend in other parts of the country, people waited three hours or more. so today, the tsa calling it their top priority to reduce wait times. >> nbc's tom costello joins us live from chicago with more on solutions. so, tom, the tsa wants air carriers to help reduce the lines by dropping checked bag fees but that's not likely to happen. >> yeah, the short answer from the airlines is no, they're not going to do that. let me let you see what's happening now. chicago o'hare terminal 3. look how long that line is. can you see all the way down the
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concourse here, down the terminal, this line, according to the people at the very end, according to the people who are helping manage the line, it's an hour long before you get over here to the tsa check point. that said, a moment ago i talked to a couple of these folks up here and said it only took them 15, 20 minutes to get up here. the line, they say is moving faster. one reason here at chicago o'hare, they have got a dog working the line. you might see him move in and out of here. but if a dog can go through a normal security line and not detect any explosives, that will allow them to take all of those folks and put them through expedited screeningen you can keep your shoes on, jacket on. that's why they're bringing more dogs into o'hare because as you know, this was ground zero for the worst of the delays, just a few days ago, three-hour delays, people sleeping on cots here, because they couldn't get through security and get to their planes. this is a major priority, as if it hadn't been already.
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the tsa, homeland security calling it a major priority. trying to push more employees through the process but they don't have enough staff. it's going to be a miserable summer. back to you. >> tom costello live at o'hare international in chicago. thank you. tonight, nbc 10 hearing about more bear sightings. >> details on one boy who encounters the animal at his bus stop. and she wasn't bluffing what this "house of cards" star did when finding out her co-star was making more money. every second matters. >> local sheriff's department offering free cpr lessons to up the number of people prepared to answer the call for hem when needed. >> traditionally, cpr in the hospital is done with breast and compressions. now, people can do hands-only cpr and save a life. >> we'll tell you an app that could help save your life and get you help before medics arrive. >> join us at 4:00 a.m.
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she plays first lady, equally as cunning as her husband on "house of cards" and robin wright-penn made sure she got the same pay as the president for her work on the show. "the huffington post" reports that she demanded the same pay as her co-star, kevin spacey, it came after she saw statistics one point showed her character was more popular than his. according to "the huffington post," wright threatened to go public if she didn't get paid the same. promising news in the fight against mel knowna. doctors reporting success with new drug therapy. new study finds 40% of patients with advanced melanoma alive three years after the treatment with the drug, the same drug
5:42 pm
given to president carter. it allows immune cells to find tumor cells and destroy them. >> a certain group of patients percentage will stop them from getting bigger and stay that way for months to years. >> it doesn't work for everyone. most patients tolerated the drug well with minimal side effects. you might think hazing is just a problem at colleges. pennsylvania's taking steps to protect younger students from this crime. we'll have the details, next at 5:00. a bit of rain around but i'm tracking more sunshine before the week is over. more rain comes back, though, just in time for your weekend. i'll show you the timing next.
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pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad.
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breaking news right now. in the section of philadelphia, skyforce 10 is live over the scene here, police tell us one person shot along widener place, you can see officers still out there beginning their investigation. we know that the victim was taken to einstein medical center. it's unclear what that person's condition is at this hour. we'll continue to follow this and keep you posted. also final note, police have not made any arrests. tonight, fire drills are acquired in schools to keep students safe.
5:46 pm
according to nbc 10 investigation, schools in philadelphia get an "f" on the assignment. >> we showed you the results last night at 11:00, even the superintendent didn't know about the problem until our own mitch blacher told him. now, why another agency didn't raise the red flag. >> we'll hold people accountable to this. >> reporter: failing philly fire drills got by the superintendent but another agency is charged with checking school fire logs. you know they're not doing ten drils in every school. >> yes, we know they're not doing tip drills in every school. >> reporter: we want to know why. you can't tell them to do ten fire drills? >> of course, we can tell them the statutory requirement is ten. >> mitch blacher joins us with a closer look at the reporting on the philadelphia city fire drills. story's coming up at 11:00, but you've uncovered some schools don't conduct enough fire drills. what have you found? >> you saw the grade.
5:47 pm
if we look at last year, they'd get an "f," 15%, percentage of schools that followed the fire code. one fire drill every month at a school in session, that's ten a year. we found schools doing two, three fire drills during the course of the year and we had to tell the superintendent his schools weren't doing enough fire drills. he didn't know. >> we'll be looking for the report at 11:00. also, one more thing you mentioned there's another city agency that should be involved in this? >> yes. that's the report tonight. we're looking through all of this documentation, finding that another city agency, licenses and inspections, new the fire drills weren't being done. yet inspectors continue to pass the schools. that is our investigation tonight. talking to lni, why are we ones who have to bring this to the superintendent and what in are they going to do about it in the future. >> thank you. >> if you want to see how your
5:48 pm
kid's school performed, go to, we have an interactive map how many fire drills each school did over the last three years. right now at 5:00, colleges and universities in pennsylvania must protect students from humiliation, or abuse, as part of team or group intimidation. more schools in the state could be forced to do the same. lawmakers sent a bill to the governor's desk that requires middle and high schools to write and enforce anti-hazing policies. governor wolf will sign it. >> student as the universal institute charter school in philadelphia talked about cyberbullying today. the judge explained the laws that protect against bullying involving technology like the internet, cell phones and led a frank discussion on impact cyberbullying has on kid whose get targeted. all right. weather was the focus of a
5:49 pm
special event at citizens bank park today. nbc 10's weather education day. first alert weather team on hand to teach kids how weather works, under cloudy skies. perfect setting. thanks to the phillies. national weather center and the franklin institute for helping us put it together. >> 11,000 kids showed up? >> yeah, a lot of kids. if you're wondering what glenn's doing, that's liquid nitrogen, minus 320 degrees and that's why it makes such a big -- that's why i stepped back. i jumped back. this is the second year if a row we've done this. that's the second time glenn does that. we wait for that beautiful cloud to form and the kids in the stands can see it. it's amazing for them. thousands of kids were there. take a look at video. we were running out of the dugout. the fanatic was there to greet us. there's the weather balloon. glenn had people from the
5:50 pm
national hurricane -- sorry, the national weather service there as well. so we want to thank frink lynn institute, national weather service, the phillies, citizens bank park, everyone who made it possible. and i'm sure kids were thankful there, because they got to watch the phillies play. we were dry. now tracking sunshine as we go into tomorrow and friday. right now, not so much. the sun is trying to peek through today. clouds are still here. so we're going to keep this around as we go through evening. radar showing rain, it's mostly north and west of philadelphia right now. it's kind of broken up since about an hour ago. but we're looking at it through part of mercer county and burkes county. if we zoom in here, trenton's seeing that rain, that earlier in lower bucks, lower montgomery. overall, a lot of that steady rain breaking up. however, we are watching another area of rain as just off to our west. so if we zoom back, you see the
5:51 pm
dry air off to the west that will be here tomorrow, friday. latter tonight, could give us a few light showers, that's what you sea off down to the west and farther to the north right in parts of maryland and parts of central pennsylvania. we'll watch that for light showers moving through the overnight hours. temperatures in the 60s. low 60s for pennsylvania suburbs. in the lehigh valley, we had a bit of rain earlier, cooler temperatures now because of it. 62 degrees, me are. tz town. redding in at 60. burkes county. bethlehem, 64, easton. cooler in those spots. tomorrow, more in the 70s, though for most of the area. future weather. sees rain off to the west, tries to bring it in overnight. possibly some very light showers for the morning commute. but we go through the afternoon and see things dry up a lot. and we'll see more sunshine. even more sunshine as we go into friday. 12:30 friday, right around
5:52 pm
lunchtime. more sun, mid-70s. friday's a really good day but weekend gets here and that's when the rain comes. this is noon on saturday. area of low pressure to the south will be bringing us quite a bit of rain, some heavy. that will last through later in the day saturday. potentially into sunday and looking at rainy weekend forecast. tomorrow, 71 bethlehem. 71 redding, more sunshine. 71 phoenixville. if you're in new jersey, right around 70 for trenton. and southie jersey, low 60s. delaware, 71. wilmington, 68. tomorrow will be nice, friday, look at that. mid-70s, sunshine. saturday we'll be cool with rain. some of the rain heavy and on sunday we'll expect rain as well with temperatures in the 60s. glenn will have a closer look at neighborhood weather at 6:00.
5:53 pm
a boy in delaware had an unusual encounter on the way to the bus stop this morning. >> he says it was big. my youngest son says the size of a car. >> that "it" was a bear. what the boy and the bear did next, coming up at 5:00.
5:54 pm
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the next one a story the family in delaware will be telling to grandchildren and under. they saw something unusual on their front lawn today. >> spot the a bear. they're not the only ones. tim furlong following the trail. >> i was walking up the street here -- >> reporter: christopher hadnon way to catch the bus in pike creek. >> big brown nose and face, all black, this big. this tall. >> reporter: christopher snaps a cell phone instinct didn't kick in when they saw the bear run. it was more get inside and tell mom reaction. >> she didn't believe me for like five minutes and we called 911. >> they stated there had been other sightings in the area, area being chatsforward p.a., avondale. >> reporter: an official determines a bear in the area. probably looked like this one in the viewing area a while back. the delaware bear spotted here in the ramsey ridge
5:57 pm
neighborhood. if folks believe it's staying in the area, they're going to trap it, set it free in western maryland. christopher has his own plan, should they meet again. >> if it came at me, i'd run. >> reporter: that's what you shouldn't do. you should back away slowly from a bear while making loud noises and avoid/contact but hopefully someone spots it before any of us have to come up with our own bear fighting strategy. >> christopher's lucky the bear didn't sniff his lunch and steal it from him. >> kind of did the right thing. >> went back inside and told mom. "nbc 10 news at 6:00" is next. >> jim rosenfield and jacqueline london. >> next at 6:00. >> a high profile witness stakes the stand in the chaka fattah corruption trial. live with what he said a short time ago. a fire severely damaged this local church five years ago. what's in the works for tomorrow
5:58 pm
morning. next. n"nbc 10 news at 6:00."
5:59 pm
right now at 6:00, a traffic stop escalates out of control. a woman is tosses to the ground, and her cell phone destroyed, and the police officer is now facing charging. good evening i'm jacqueline
6:00 pm
london. >> i'm jim rosenfield. >> the people in the car weren't doing anything wrong and the surveillance camera helped the district attorney file charges against the redding police officer. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal spoke with the couple detained for taking video of what happened. >> well, the charges against that young couple have been dropped, it's now the police officer facing charges, thanks to some surveillance and crucial cell phone video. >> this couple went to the barber shop last month but were pulled over by a redding city cop for not using a turn signal. she quickly hit record on her cell phone. >> the officer, he lies. he slapped my phone. >> reporter: that's when it escalated, authorities say the officer dejesus smashes the phone, punches her in the face. >> i put my phone like this and he pulled his hand here and throw on the floor. >> he


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