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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 9am  NBC  May 22, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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nbc 10 news starts now. >> dozens of customers out of power after pico says a boom and a fire forced customers out of their beds. >> indecent exposure, joggers, bikers, and walkers be ware. for those on the schuylkill trail, you need to be aware after two separate incidents. and scattered showers to wrap up the weekend. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. 9:00 on this sunday. let's get right to that weather. a good day today, you'll be able to make something out of this
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weekend, what's going on, karen? >> yes, hang on to the umbrellas, you may need it today. plenty of cloud cover here. looking at the east end live picture right now. overcast skies will prevail just about everywhere. possibilities of peeks of sunshine poking through, but you see our live doppler radar with a scan showing where the rain is right now. looks like moving just east to west. parts of western delaware county, broken showers here just off the coast crossing over route 9. and delaware seeing rain as well, moving in north to south. we can anticipate that we are going to continue through our sunday with a possibility of some isolated showers as we still have all of this moisture here to the best. it has to clear through the area as we make our way through our sunday afternoon. we're not looking for a washout
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today, but pesky isolated showers. we'll get some breaks in the rain here and some breaks in the clouds. that's why we say the potential is there for some peeks of sunshine moving through. i'll be back with what we can expect with the start of our workweek, and we're talking about a big warm up as we get closer to the holiday weekend. >> can't come soon enough, thanks, karen. >> new this morning, one person is dead after being hit by a car in burlington city. the accident happened on route 130 right around midnight. the driver of the car involved stayed on the scene. a power pole broke in half and drivers should expect delays today while the pole is repaired. and electricity is working to be restored for about 128
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people. problems underground forced people from their homes. monique is following the story for us. >> at the other end of the block, pico crews remain on scene. they hope to have power restored in a couple hours. we were allowed to walk east a short time ago, and this is what we saw. half a dozen homes with shattered windows on first and second floors. the damage is due to the force of the under ground electrical fire that occurred overnight. pico, police and fire were called to 6th and pine this morning. when they arrived, they say a cable was burning under ground. one worker recalled flames shooting from the ground. the power company says three manholes lifted off of their bases. the fire department evacuated six homes because of that. and we spoke to homeowners who
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say they were evacuated or awakened. >> we were awakened by a loud noise and the house shoot. then we saw smoke, then heard the fire department coming, and then we were awakened by the firemen asking to come check our house for carbon monoxide. >> we had someone staying with us from california. and the good thing is they're under ground, but the bad thing is everything is ageing. >> pico says there was no explosion, but a fire. now this problem power falls on the same day at the 38th annual society hills open house and garden tour. just moments ago we spoke to the organizer who says he does plan to go ahead with the tour of ten homes this afternoon. we also reached out to churches
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nearby an we have been told that no services have been canceled. i spoke to the reverend at ame, and he says they plan to have was as in just an hour. live from now in society hill, monique braxton. thank you for that update. folks that frequent the schuylkill river trail are on alert after not one but two cases of incident exposure that happened yesterday morning. each time, someone saw a man performing a lewd act on himself in plain sight. in one case, the man was arrested, in the other case the man got away after running towards jfk boulevard. a local organization is teaching trail goers what to do in cases like these. >> we want to be a force of good on the trail, eyes, ears on the trail. we will be watching for things like this. >> the next schuylkill river
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trail watch training session is on wednesday nights at city hall in philly. the group has advocated to have these yellow signs put up. this morning, a bethlehem postal worker is accused of groping three women after he delivered their mail. state police tell us that robert wexler is charged with indecent assault. according to the victims, he touched their chest after dropping off their mail. a philadelphia family is calling for action after the cold case murder of their family member. >> michelle gonzalez was shot and killed five years ago in summ summ summerdale. yesterday would have been her birthday. they are pushing for more aggressive action on cold cases.
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the police say the investigation is active but no arrests. police were called to the scene here on frankfurt avenue around 4:00 this morning. they found a car on it's roof. another car was also involved in the accident. the victim in this case is expected to be okay. from our south jersey bureau, loved ones are remembers a teenager who died in a car crash right after attending prom. family and friends gathered yesterday at the viewing and funeral for 15-year-old mikayla moseley. after the services, we spoke to her grandmother. >> she was so bubbley and so loving, you know?
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full of life. new jersey state police are still investigating what caused and what lead up to that deadly crash. >> take a look at this show of support for fallen police officers and their families. a lot of people out last night. it was the 20th annual police survivors benefit. it benefits the families of the officers that were killed in the line of duty. they never forget us. >> last night featured food, fun, and live music. this industry is brand new. it is historical, and the evolution of it will be a challenge. >> budding entrepreneurs are eager to get into the new pennsylvania medical marijuana industry. plus, the race for the white
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house, clinton and trump look past the primaries and on to the general election. coming up, the voters they're trying to court before november.
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9:11 am completely crushes it. the all-new c-class coupe. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. good sunday morning, i'm karen thomas. we're taking a look at your neighborhood forecast this morning. isolated showers on tap today. sort of on and off spotty shower activity. doppler showing us just where the rain is and you see where it is sort of broken apart. today we do still have the presip around, but it is very broken apart like right now interior south jersey not
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dealing with much. up in the lehigh valley. taking you wider, this is out here in central pennsylvania. so we don't want to put our umbrellas away just yet. temperatures are bumping up. we are slow to rise because of limited sunshine today. a little warmer up here now. the wind is helping to dry things out a little bit. . 55 in vineland, 55 right now in atlantic city. your planner for this morning in philadelphia, for the afternoon, 61 degrees with peeks of sunshine, 66 by 40u 0 p.m. 63 in the lehigh valley.
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we're not looking to get much out of the 60s as we move through the day. >> thank you for that, karen. 13 minutes after 9:00 on this sunday. still to come on this nbc 10 news today. for some it was a difficult day at the preakness. two horses are dead and there is a local connection. we'll explain after the break.
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time now to check in on this week's wednesday's child. we are introduced to ramier. >> the thud thud thud of a basketball on a wooden floor, or clanking off of a rim and back board to some would be annoying but it's music to his ears. >> he loves basketball. bowling is okay, but basketball is his favorite thing to do. >> he has down syndrome, and everyone at his school calls him mier mier. he has simple tastes. his other great love is going to the library with a box of legos.
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he loves legos. even if it is not creating master's pieces, just stacking blocks one on top of the other. >> what color is this one? >> blue. >> always happy, always helping when you need someone. when you feel down he makes you happy. >> his adoptive family needs patience. he brings endless amounts of love, smiles welcome and joy into anyone's home. >> he is adorable, loves to be around people, loves to help with anything. clean up, whatever you need him to do, he helps. >> he is this week's wednesday's child. >> if you would like to open your mind and heart to him or any wednesday's child, go to our
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wednesday right now and search wednesday's child, go to our website. . we'll check our sunday morning forecast and let you know what we're in store for today. we have overcast skies right now. we look at the city skyline and we have a rain drop on the camera lens right there. we have a few folks out there on the boardwalk. we will continue with that, but looking for peeks of sunshine as you go out today. it really shapes up midweek. we're looking for summer like temperatures. right now we're looking at the rain moving through, radar has scattered showers from the west, and heavier rain throughout in harr
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harrisburg and the central part of the state. so hang on to the umbrellas, you could run into this on and off shower activity. moving into chester county as well. dens the same thing. dry right now in the interior south jersey. you see the system is large and it will continue moving in our direction. we'll put the future cast into motion and show you what to expect as we move through our daytime hours. . rain to the west, spotty in nature. as we get closer to the evening hours, we see it is not raining here at parts of the coastline, but it is back here near wilmington and of course here in the mid state. but this evening as we move through, it sort of retreats and you see isolated pockets of precipitation. for the most part cloudy skies. 9:00 p.m. tonight we really start to dry out and we're
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looking for drier conditions. temperatures in the mid 50s across the area. 55 in atlantic city. 56 in philadelphia. with the gray skies and limited sunshine, we'll will hard pressed to get out of the 60s. just hang on to the umbrellas through today. storm, drier and warmer conditions. possible lay spritzer in the afternoon. temperatures well above where we should be this time of year. dry conditions and sunshine. right now tand and sunday, the holiday weekend, looking pretty terrific. >> if you're looking to head out today, you might want to go over to bucks county. the peddler's village is holding
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their annual strawberry festival. this is from a previous year when they had sun year weather. vendors will be selling things like strawberry short cake, chocolate dipped strawberries, and a strawberry pie eating contest. thank you so much, good night. >> for the first time, audio from the pilot of the ill fated egyptair flight before it disappeared. we'll have a update straight ahead.
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the non-profit organization men's fit is committed to providing education, clothing for interviews, and more. and we're going to talk about a upcoming event to support their effort pps thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me, i'm delighted to be here. despite the rain. >> so a big event coming up. >> a huge fundraiser. it is called monte carlo. we're looking forward to a lot of folks coming out to support
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our organization and having fun. >> tell us more about the organization. how did it come to be? how are you helping people directly? >> we have been around in philadelphia for nine years. and i, you know, just saw a need. i'm originally from philadelphia. i saw that there was services that men could benefit for that have typically been available for women. and i feel like if you dress appropriately, you feel good about yourself, your level of self confidence is increased and you feel good about getting your foot in the door for a job interview. we started off doing that, and we added a career development workshop where we focus on issues related to employment and financial literacy. >> we're showing pictures from previous monte carlo nights. it has been a big success for you guys. we also have information about the time, ticket prices, and you told me people can get tickets through your website? >> yes, they can go on
9:26 am and there is an event that takes them to event bright. >> and it is a black tie optional event because we know people may be coming from work? >> yes, i have a couple folks say -- it is optional. if you want to wear bowties and long gowns, we welcome pa. it's vegas style. >> it is wednesday, june 1st from 6:00 p.m. to 9:30. tickets are $100. it goes to a good cause. they're doing great work and you can go to their website for more information. >> yes. >> when we come back, the day's top stories including a power outage for dozens of people in philadelphia. residents describe it as an
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explosion. all right, we want to hang on the umbrellas today. on and off shower activity and plenty of cloud cover today. but we could see a peek of sunshine here or there. a little bit of everything today. when we dry out and warm up after the break.
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait.
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an extremely scary when you turn the light out, get into bed, and you hear a boom. >> flames erupt under ground causing power outages and blown out windows in a philadelphia neighborhood. we're live with what pico said sparked the incident. we may see some sunshine today, but it is still chilly out there. when the warmth returns, that is coming up in our first alert neighborhood weather. thank you for being with us. let's get a check of that forecast now, karen, it is a little better than yesterday. >> our forecast will be improving through the next workweek and closer to the holiday weekend. i know a lot of people may have an abbreviated week coming up,
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and wait until you see the numbers coming up. you have the seven-day at the bottom of your screen, and i will let you in on the ten-day, waking up this morning, if you're just rolling out of bed, overcast skies. we even have rain drops on the lens here. 56 degrees currently. mainly in the lower to mid 50s just about everywhere. we can expect that as we move through our sunday. temperatures for high temperatures bumping a little bit, but still below where we should be for this time of year about 73 degrees. so 67 degrees will be our high temperature in philadelphia today and as we look at radar, certainly isolated spritzer's out there. >> today we're following a power problem in the society hills neighborhood.
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monique braxton has details on an explosion and a under ground fire. >> pico is quick to tell us it was not an explosion, but a fire. let me show you what is taking place. the power crews are telling us as many as 128 homes don't have hour, but they should in just a few hours. a few hours ago we captured this video from just a few hours ago. half a dozen homes have shattered windows. glass coating the sidewalk in that area. prk ico s pico was called along with police and fire and they discovered a cable burning under ground. three manholes lifted off of their bases as well. the fire department evacuated
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about six homes. people say their lights were flickering, and then the smell of something burning, and then the power company arrived. this is all occurring on the same day as a home tour. a number of churches are also in the area and so far after a quick check, we have been told that no sunday services are being canceled. in the next half hour, we'll talk to some folks who live on this block who don't have power. live now from society hills, monique braxton. >> in the meantime, utility crews are investigating an under ground explosion from yesterday. they had to close market street between 29th and 30th streets for hours.
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officials say an old lead cable corroded and began smoking and that is what caused the explosion. the blast damaged part of the street. now to the latest on a story we told you about as breaking news last night at 11:00. a triple shooting left a teenager dead and two others wounded. it happened along pine line. nbc 10 was on the scene. officers were in and out of this ne nearby corner store. police found more than two dozen shell casings. they also found an suv with the back window shattered. >> there was a lot of gunshots. a lot. about 2:00 later, i heard yelling. >> police have not released the name of the teenager who died. right now investigators are
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working to find witnesses and they're hoping that the corner store surveillance caught some of the violence on video. >> it will likely take more than a year to get medical marijuana up and running in pennsylvania, but some entrepreneurs are making moves. randy gyllenhaal reports. >> now that medical marijuana is law in pennsylvania, the scramble under way to prepare for patients as budding entrepreneurs plant the seeds for a booming business. >> that's our dream to provide relief for many pennsylvania residents. >> a canna-business show, and joe hopes to grow and manufacture in his hometown. >> we would do something on farmland, set up a ware mouse. >> the state is handing out grow
9:36 am
licenses and for expenses, applicants need up to a $1 million in capital. >> we're operating a medical program. people not supposed to be getting hold of it will not. >> but the industry fwrous in uncharted waters. marijuana is still banned at the federal level, so many banks refuse to get involved making this a cash only operation. still, there is excitement here for what is to come. >> it is brand new, historical. >> randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. >> now to the latest in the crash of egyptair flight 804. leaked flight data shows trouble with smoke in the planes cockpit and bathroom. there was a sudden dramatic catastrophe that led to the crash.
9:37 am
all was routine and going fine as the pilot checked in with air traffic controllers in switzerland. >> thank you so much, good night. >> we're also raernilearning th egypt has a submarine looking for the plane's black boxes. investigators hope they will help explain why the plane suddenly plunged into the sea with 66 people on board. fighting zika as the number of infected pregnant women in the u.s. is on the rise. we'll explain, coming up.
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morning noon or night there's always a moment to discover visit annapolis and create your moment as we go ahead and take a
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look at live doppler radar, we see where the shower activity is at the moment. we see very isolated shower activity pushing west to east into philadelphia. that will continue in the next couple hours pushing into delaware and central delaware and north delaware. in south jersey and along the shoreline, things are dry right now and there is moisture to the west. that will be moving our way as we push through our sunday. that's why we say hang on to the umbrellas. it is scattered in nature, but there is more moisture associated with this system. late yesterday, and still giving us the cloud cover. so city skyline looking pretty nice, but the sky is not blue which is what we like to see. overcast right now, 56 degrees in philadelphia. we will be warming just a bit.
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maybe a peek of sunshine, that  is cooler than where we should be this time of year. if you're taking a stroll on the wildwood boardwalk this morning, maybe have the umbrella handy. we have the philly's game today, have the umbrella at the ball park. . and from overnight, a seni senior taliban command sere confirming the death of a terrorist leader. the u.s. has not officially confirmed yesterday that he was killed, but he officially became the leader of the taliban last july. >> now to decision 2016, in the race for the white house, likt and donald trump remain focused on the election and each other and bernie sanders fights on for
9:42 am
the nomination. chris palone reports from the campaign trail. >> both candidated made a pitch to a voting group that could be pivotal to the election. trump talked about bringing back jogs, improving education, and stopping drugs from coming over the border. >> we're going to stop drugs from pouring into our country. we're going to strengthen our borders. >> clinton's pitch more direct. she didn't mention trump by name. >> we have a candidate that wants to tear families apart and forcibly deport 11 million undocumented immigrants. >> the day after the national rifle association blasted
9:43 am
clinton. >> a country facing a gun violence epidemic, and he is talking about more guns in our schools. that is no way to keep us safe. >> and republicans are starting to coalesce behind trump, clinton last still not confirmed the nomination. >> i hope this incredibly beautiful state will go on record assaying that we need a political revolution. >> new mexico, california also have cast votes before the election. >> just about quarter till ten on this sunday. one of the worst baseball teams shuts down the philly's. >> as a team today, we didn't look good. >> coming up in sports, the
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problem that the phillys had.
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we have gray skies and showers moving through philadelphia right now. the city getting some drizzle as we look at the city sky line nap will be our weather picture for most of the day. we think maybe a peek of sunshine later this afternoon. the boardwalk is wet, but we see some people out. maybe have the umbrella handy. the isolated pop up showers is the call for our weather today. that will be the forecast as we move through. here is the reason why. this low pressure system is just a large system, brought us a lot of rain last night. yesterday afternoon and those gray skies, and a system that is
9:47 am
really broken up. and that is why we say isolated showers. we do have this shower moving west to east in to the city and we have rain moving into parts of delaware right now. this will be what we can expect as we move through a good portion of the day. sometimes we have to say showers moving out quickly and a dry note, but for today, look out west. more rain to contend with that will come through in spotty and isolated showers. it could pick up in intensity later in the afternoon. there is a good potential for peeks of sun breaking through the cloud cover. future cast puts it into potion. takes it in and shows that we will contend with the spotty showers throughout the day. we get closer to the evening hours and this system will try to break apart and move out, but it is slow to go. through the overnight, it is
9:48 am
going to retreat. a light variety, and by wake up tomorrow morning we should be left with clouds and drying out. warmer up north, but with the shower activity, 56 in philadelphia, 53 in the pennsylvania suburbs, and spotty, isolated showers. pick your neighborhood, and then check your temperature. 54 right now in malbourn. temperatures will bimp into the 60s, a high temperature of 69 in philadelphia. wind direction still coming from the north, we will be shifting to the northwest, but not doing too badly. eight in millville, and the wind will not be many of a contender today, just spotty showers as we
9:49 am
move on through we will be warming up towards the end of the week. rosemary? good morning to you, i'm danny pommells. in game two of their series, the phillys faced williams perez. we held them to one run in eight innings of action earlier in the year. they got in one in just barely. spanks one to center, herrera coming in. perez celebrating a birthday and having a good one. howard hitting just 161 this year. not a runner got past first base in the loss. >> we have to run.
9:50 am
we should be abld to get some runs. >> we have to drive runs in and we're not doing it. as a team today we just didn't look good. >> at 3-5, nyquist was the odds on favorite. exaggera exaggerator was his biggest competitor. >> his adversary, exaggerator, and he takes the lead. he has won the preakness stakes. >> exaggerator takes the preakness stakes to there will not be a triple crown win ther year. a tough day in maryland. in the first race, home boy
9:51 am
chris won, and then had a cardiac arrest. and then roy and gretchen jackson, the family that owned barbaro had another horse pass away. the raptors are pushed to the drink of elimination in the earn conference finals. we go north of the border. first half, raptors lead by 18. lebron james gets hit in the face and the ref tees up just about everyone in white. and lebron was actually hit by his own teammate, in the fourth quarter, kyle lower ri with a short jumper. the raptors won 99-84.
9:52 am
the nhl play offs, sharks go up 2-1. third period, the blues with a man advantage. that is your look at sports, i'm danny pommells.
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from our delaware bureau, tomorrow is zika awareness day in the state. they will be handing out zika protection kits. it is all part of the state's
9:55 am
approach to prevent transmission of the disease. the number of women affected in the u.s. continues to grow and now reaches into the hundreds. nearly 300 across america are infected with the virus. doctors are watching the pregnancies very quickly and also talking about women who never had symptoms but discovered they had zika through testing. >> we hoped that women without symptoms would not have adverse pregnancy outcomes but we now know that is not true. >> the cdc reports that of the nearly 300 pregnant women, fewer than a dozen have had negative outcomes to far including miscarriages. we have new video this morning of the aftermath of a volcano eruption. officials are warning of more eruptions. the death toll from yesterday's volcanic burst is now seven.
9:56 am
two other people are in critical condition. it blasted ash two miles into the sky in 2010 after being dormant for centuries. back here in the u.s., taking a shower this morning in flint, michigan will be nicer thanks to a volunteer effort. members of a local plumbers union installed about 1,000 shower filters for free. they are designed to eliminate metals and irritating contaminants. many say they don't feel safe in unfiltered water. a 6-year-old california boy is helping dogs and himself at the same time. >> i love my puppy. >> he has autism. every thursday he goes to the dog shelter and reads to the
9:57 am
caged dogs. he thinks they need extra attention and the story time helps the animals calm down. his parents say it helps him as well. >> he has a huge problem with noise. you will see him cover his ears. i think it helps him in a way to learn to block things out around him. >> they need to find homes. did you like it? he saw that dog wags his tail earlier. jacob is now reading at a third-grade level. 9:57 right now on this sunday. nbc 10 sunday today continues ahead. and comes up, the country's oldest ice cream brand with deep roots in pennsylvania. who buys the most of the treat. and we have gray skies and showers, we'll let you know when
9:58 am
we will dry out and warm up after the break.
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morning noon or night there's always a moment to discover visit annapolis and create your moment
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power problems force people out of their homes in philadelphia. in a live report from the scene, we'll have a update on pico crews working to get the lights back on. a triple shooting leaves one teenager dead and two others hurt in chester county. we'll have details on what police found at the scene and what could help their investigation. and a live look outside at boothouse road. we have a mix of sun and clouds. get that umbrella handy. welcome back to nbc news 10. i'm


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