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tv   Early Today  NBC  May 26, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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right now, philadelphia police are investigating a shooting in philadelphia's king sessing section. responding officers found the victim and think he was targeted. police under review. today the department of justice will visit delaware county to take a close look at how chester police officers handle potentially dangerous encounters. and fighting zika. medical and scientific experts across the world are working together to battle the disease, and the push is on across our area to get you involved. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. let's start with bill henley and his first alert neighborhood forecast, which is a close look at communities across pennsylvania, delaware, and new jersey, because oftentimes they
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are different. >> good morning. a live view from center city. we're going to see another sunny day today and just as warm, if not warmer than yesterday. 60s for the lehigh valley. the suburbs, delaware. a couple spots in south jersey have dropped into the 50s. lumberton at 61. 58 degrees in pemberton. still cooling down right now. the numbers will come down during the first part of the morning. as we go through the day, we're back in the upper 80s this afternoon with lots of sunshine for philadelphia, for the suburbs, and for the lehigh valley. a chance we'll see some evening showers, but during the day, delaware, new jersey, the jersey shore will be dry. upper 70s to near 80 degrees at the shore, while inland areas climb into the middle to up thor 80s, possibly 90 degrees this afternoon. we'll show you when those showers may appear this evening when i'm back in ten minutes. now let's check in with jessica boyington who has your first alert traffic. >> we're watching the vine
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street expressway around 24th street. we're open, so that's definitely a good thing. westbound and eastbound, no problems heading into the schuylkill expressway, if you're headed westbound, and no problems headed to 95. if you typically head out the door and head through center city, you'll be just fine for at least right now this morning. there's an accident on marlborough. the schuylkill expressway looks great. through the conshohocken curve, no problems or delays. still in the green eastbound to center city. tracy? >> jessica, thanks. we're following breaking news this morning. police are questioning two people in connection with a shooting in philadelphia's ki kingsessing section. officers found a 34-year-old man this morning shot in the head. police believe he was targeted. we'll keep you updated on this breaking news as we get more information. happening today, putting police under review. the department of justice will take a close look at chester's police department and how
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officers handle potentially deadly encounters. matt delucia is live at chester police headquarters. matt, the department asked the feds to do this, asked them to analyze them, right? >> reporter: that's right, tracy. the chester police commissioner invited the department of justice to perform this review. it will focus on the use of force policies along with past instances in which officers here used deadly force. now, chester's mayor has said that public safety is one of his top priorities. today, he along with the police commissioner and eastern district u.s. attorney, will come together to talk about the upcoming review. to that end, the mayor and city council will also appoint and fund a civilian review board to investigate civilian complaints and make recommendations. in the past 20 years, the department of justice has invested more than $14 billion to advance community policing, so this is nothing new. if it sounds familiar, it's
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because it is. philadelphia asked for a similar review three years ago. i'll talk more about that coming up. for now, i'm live in chester. matt delucia, nbc 10 news. this morning we're following a developing story in new york city. one person has died after a shooting at a concert there. three others injured after gunshots were fired during a show featuring rapper t.i. police are still looking for the shooter. one of the victims is in critical condition. back here at home, a man accused of shooting another man at a montgomery county church faces a hearing today. authorities have charged mark storm with manslaughter. the shooting death happened april 24th at keystone fellowship church in north wales. prosecutors say storms shot rob braxton after braxton punched him following an argument about a seating situation at the church service. this morning, norristown police are looking for a driver following a hit-and-run crash that injured a 6-year-old boy. surveillance video from a home nearby shows what happened. the boy rode his bike out of an
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alley, slamming into the passenger side of a car. that car backed up and nearly hit the boy again. police say the car went in reverse down another alley to get away. >> i don't know how anybody can hit a child and just keep on going. >> he takes off in the alley without any care of running him over again. that's no regard for life whatsoever, especially a child's life. >> neighbors ran to help the boy. he's in stable condition at children's hospital of philadelphia. police found the car parked a few blocks away with a debit on the side. they say they have a good lead on the suspect. new jersey governor chris christie signals he's warming up to a bill to rescue financially strapped atlantic city. today lawmakers in trenton will consider the new bill approved in committee earlier this week. on his radio show yesterday, christie didn't say he'd sign the bill, but he did say it gives him the authority he needs to help a.c. the compromised bill stopped the threat of a state takeover for now and gives atlantic city 150 days to balance its budget and
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put a five-year financial plan in place. philadelphia's taking new steps to recoup back taxes owed to the city. officials say about 25,000 businesses owe around $70 million in back taxes. yesterday the mayor announced the study to look at selling that debt to collection agencies. the study will also look at how to collect debt that goes back decades, along with debt from businesses that no longer exist. >> when taxpayers believe the city will truly collect what's owed, the delinquency will decline. >> the money collected could go toward philadelphia's underfunded pension fund. city leaders in philadelphia have about a month to get a budget in place. one issue that remains up in the air is the controversial soda tax. people on both sides of the argument showed up at city hall yesterday. mayor jim kenny is proposing a 3 cent per ounce soda and sugary drink tax. there's also an alternative approach from one councilmember that includes a container tax.
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it would be a flat rate of 15 cents and would include bottled water. right now councilmembers are considering both options to help pay for universal pre-k, community schools, and rec centers in the city. meantime, mayor kenny took a swipe at former pennsylvania governor ed rendell. in a recent radio interview, rendell asked whether sugary donuts would be taxed too. >> so people say, why don't you -- former governor rendell should keep his mouth shut. you should tax donuts. you don't absorb all the sugar in a donut. you absorb all the sugar in a beverage. >> mayor kenny says he would leave the door open for negotiations. getting a pleasant start this morning. our skies are mostly clear. we will see sunshine. completely dry for the area, but that could change as early as
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this evening. right now wildwood is in the clear. we'll see plenty of sunshine today. the temperatures at the shore even warmer than yesterday. 66 in ocean city. 62 in woodbine. that's the starting point. like yesterday, another big warmup with clear skies. we'll see plenty of sunshine, and the temperatures will take off. inland areas will get closer to 90 degrees this afternoon. but look what we got going on to the northwest. you can see some spotty showers in north-central pennsylvania. to the west, even more shower dvt. showers and thunderstorms as part of a system that's going to be inching our way over the next 18 hours and give us a chance of some evening showers. during the day, 9:00, no sign of any of that. clouds staying to the west as we go into the afternoon hours. a few scattered showers in central pennsylvania at 2:00 this afternoon. those will be trying to move our way. harrisburg will get them this evening. late this evening, the lehigh valley, some of the western suburbs might see a pop-up
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shower, possibly a thunderstorm rolling through to the west. that's 10:00 this evening. might see some lightning in the distance. then those showers fall apart when they move into philadelphia. about this time tomorrow morning, first thing in the morning we might see an isolated shower, but those big storms will be taking a break. that may not be president end of the showers before we get to the weekend. for today, we will stay dry. forecast is calling for a huge warmup. 88 degrees in kutztown. that evening shower possible in bethlehem. same story for easton, up to 90 degrees this afternoon. for the suburbs, 91 in west chester and phoenixville. newtown, 88. those evening thundershowers are possible. just a chance of late evening thunderstorms. for philadelphia, 90 degrees in byberry. plenty of sunshine across south jersey. no sign of showers, even this evening. should be staying dry. at the shore, we'll be cooler. 86 in atlantic city.
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avalon, upper 70s this afternoon. for delaware, you'll see sunshine. look at wilmington. 90 degrees later today. that's today. got your ten-day outlook. we'll take you through the holiday weekend when i'm back in ten minutes. >> excellent, bill. thanks. 10 after 4:00. let's look at your outlook for your ride to work. jessica boyington has that. she's watching 422. >> we're watching 422 for some construction. these are our cameras around route 23. so just off there around 23 we are dealing with some lane restrictions and construction. this typically clears around 5:00 in the morning. we don't really see any big delays or backups behind it. here's 202. looking great as well. northbound drive time to the schuylkill expressway, an 11-minute trip. we have an accident in montgomery county on gravel pike and washington lane. more updates in the text ten. tracy? >> jessica, thanks. the global fight against zika is on, including here in our area.
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the main target, forming mosquitos. learn how you can play a major role in tracking the bugs that spread the virus. also next, a costly six inches. this bridge in delaware doesn't measure up, and now taxpayers are on the hook for the mistake.
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13 minutes past 4:00 right now, 66 degrees. new from overnight, fire broke out in a north philadelphia home. firefighters were on the scene shortly after midnight at 6th and west cumberland streets. they got the flames under control in about 30 minutes. it appears the home was vacant. no one was hurt. now from our delaware bureau. a mistake on a bridge in newcastle county will cost the state's taxpayers about a half million dollars to fix.
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del dot is getting ready to repair this bridge in newport when they built it just five years ago. the surveyor made a mistake, calculating the height required are by csx for the bridge to comfortably accommodate doubled up train containers. now del-dot has to jack up the bridge about six inches, and taxpayers will get pinched. >> as a taxpayer, you okay paying for this? >> no, i don't mind paying for improvements, but i don't like doing the same work twice because somebody was inefficient. >> it pains me as much as anybody else to have to spend money to raise a bridge that was just built five years ago. >> del-dot has since changed its policies. every project survey now has three different looks to make sure they get it right before construction begins. happening today, we're expecting to learn more about the zika virus. the director of the cdc is scheduled to hold a briefing in washington. officials say he will discuss the latest zika research and offer predictions about what's next in the fight to control the
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spread of the disease. here in our area, there are already plenty of opportunities to help scientists and medical experts fight the disease. nbc 10's katy zachry is live in camden to explain what that's all about. >> reporter: tracy, it's called the invasive mosquito project. the goal is to get mosquito samples from throughout the country so a single scientist in the midwest can put together a current map showing where the biggest disease threat is in our country. it is a big undertaking and one that an area in our region is already taking part in, mercer county. the head of the county's mosquito control and her team are frequently finding areas of standing water where mosquitos breed. they are most concerned about the asian tiger mosquito, known to carry life-threatening diseases, and it is present in our area. it has also been pegged as a potential carrier of the zika
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virus. >> our first call was in february 19. it's pretty early for new jersey because we still had snow on the ground, and our residents were worried and wanted us to go and do something for the upcoming mosquito season. >> reporter: so coming up in the next hour, we'll look at specifically how you can get involved in collecting samples and sending them to the invasive mosquito project. i'll also explain why there's a specific push to get school students involved in this. reporting live in camden, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. this morning texas is one of 11 states suing the obama administration over the controversial transgender bathroom policy. the policy requires public schools to allow transgender students to use the bathroom of their gender identity. schools that fail to comply risk losing federal money for education. the aclu called the lawsuit a political stunt. ford motor company is recalling more than 270,000
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f-150 trucks for a brake fluid leak. it covered years 2013 and 2014. owners will start getting notices in july and dealers will fix the problem free. several local students are in washington getting ready for today's semifinal and final rounds of one of the toughest competitions around. this is video of the preliminaries of the 2016 scripps national spelling bee. what started as a competition of 285 spellers is now down to just 45, and three of them are from our area. we caught up with an eighth grader from delaware county. she says a lot of work goes into being a good speller. >> you should be a word nerd. and you should be prepared to study and make sure -- and know the words and their definitions and things, but most of all, you should like words. >> a cherry hill fifth grader and sixth grade student from
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newark will also compete in today's semifinals. here's the dry view from delaware this morning. wilmington will see just a few thin clouds. mostly sunshine and like yesterday, another warm one. in fact, likely a bit warmer than yesterday afternoon. 66 now in philadelphia. low 60s for the lehigh valley, the suburbs. parts of interior new jersey have dropped to the 50s. delaware right now at 63 degrees and still falling. cooler spots, harmony hills, 59 degrees. 66 for odessa to start with. and 60s for the delaware beaches, for lewis, and rehoboth beach. we'll see those climb into the low 80s this afternoon. showers to the west. you can see some spotty showers in central pennsylvania. these will stay to our west during the day. but come this evening, we could see some showers and possibly some thunderstorms in some of the western suburbs. during the day, nothing more than what you're seeing right
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now. just a few high, thin clouds moving through the area. so the temperatures will be moving up. this is at 5:30 this afternoon. look how nice and clear it stays for the lehigh valley, the suburbs, new jersey, and delaware. showers staying to the west, and spotty at that. that's this afternoon. as we go into late tonight, we could see some showers and thunderstorms roll, try to roll into the area. by early tomorrow morning, some isolated showers in montgomery and bucks county and into the lehigh valley. most of those showers thinning out and heading to the north. we'll start tomorrow dry. that's friday at 11:30 in the morning. but there's a possibility of showers and possibly some thunderstorms in the afternoon heading into the evening hours for our area, but it doesn't look like a big threat according to this computer model. we have some wet weather chances ahead, but during the day today, our ten-day outlook is keeping it dry. big warmup, near 90 degrees this afternoon. right up to 90 tomorrow. sunshine, some clouds, and a chance of a shower and thunderstorm for tomorrow.
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then a break for saturday and sunday. look at those temperatures. saturday, 90 degrees. into the upper 80s on sunday. come memorial day monday, we'll see sunshine, some clouds, and a chance of a shower and thunderstorm. that'll keep things cooler, into the low 80s. back into the upper 80s on tuesday and wednesday. come thursday and friday, there's a chance of some more showers into the area before we dry out heading into next weekend. tracy? >> all right, bill. thanks for that. 20 minutes after 4:00 right now. let's get you to work on this thursday morning, starting on the blue route. first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington is watching that. any problems? >> no big problems or delays, but we are watching around the mid county tolls. we always see trucks pulled over to the side. you can see one over here. there is one over here just behind where i'm standing. no big backups or delays clearly. there is some construction that caused some small delays in northeast philadelphia on the boulevard. on the roosevelt boulevard
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headed northbound. only the outer lanes are getting by with that roadwork. 422 looks great. no big problems or delays right now. an eight-minute drive time eastbound to the schuylkill expressway. i'll be back in the next ten with more updates for your morning drive. tracy? unforgettable news, and get this, for the first time ever, the philly pops and the center for performing arts will perform memorial honoring all those who served. veterans, active military, police officers, and firefighters can see the show free along with their families. all philadelphia public school students, teachers, and administrators can also get free tickets. for more details, go to or check out the nbc 10 app. comcast and nbc 10 are proud
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sponsors of the memorial salute. 4:21, 66 degrees outside. cracking down to prevent drunk driving. a brand new law is officially on the books in pennsylvania. ahead in our next half hour, find out what will happen now for first-time dui offenders the next time they get behind the wheel. also, paying students to stay away from main campus. next, hear why penn state administrators are giving new students financial incentives to start their college careers can at a satellite campus.
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4:24. good morning, camden. here's a live look at the battleship new jersey on the delaware river waterfront. expect it to feel like summer today. 66 degrees right now. from our south jersey bureau, people buying and
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selling merchandise on the internet now have a safe place to finalize the transaction in person. police created a safe exchange zone in front of their headquarters along bethel avenue. cameras are recording 24 hours a day, seven days a week. officers say people can use the space for internet transactions or even child custody exchanges. >> so we look forward to utilizing this space. i've also already invited the mercerville residents to use this space, or anyone who wants to utilize this space is more than welcome. >> the police chief says an officer will be on duty 24 hours a day to monitor the exchanges. penn state university is offering a special financial deal to freshmen because its incoming class is bigger than expected. administrators are hoping to get students to attend campuses other than the state college location for their first year. in-state students will get $so,000 off their tuition. out of state students get a $15,000 break.
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if students decide to attend one of the campuses with housing, they get an additional $5,000 off. the wife of comedian jon stewart was in chester county yesterday to meet a severely abused horse that she and her husband are taking in to give it a fresh start in life. they're bringing lily to their new animal sanctuary in north jersey. lily was found abandoned at an auction in march. she was emaciated, blind, and covered with welts from an apparent paintball attack. doctors at the university of pennsylvania's new bolton center treated lily. now she's destined for a good life, thanks to stewart and his wife. >> the demands we're going to make on her from here on out, just really being outside, eating grass, being with her friends, and really just living the good life. >> lily will eventually be able to greet the public at stewart's sanctuary. 4:26, 66 degrees.
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a gentle breeze is blowing. we'll see the temperatures going into the upper 80s to near 90 degrees this afternoon. your neighborhood forecast just ahead. let's see how the traffic is moving this morning on a thursday morning. jessica boyington is in the first alert traffic center. >> yes, bill, we're watching route 309 right now. no problems around the p.a. turnpike. but that's not all. we have some construction out  there. i'm going to check in with the bridges when i come back. and think you've had a bad day? look at this. next, find out what sent this minor league manager into a meltdown on the field. ♪
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starting today, the chester police department will be under federal review. the department of justice plans to look at officers' use of deadly force. cracking down on drunk driving. a new law in pennsylvania is designed to stop first-time dui offenders from getting behind the wheel drunk again. and talking to kids about the importance of community schooling. philadelphia's mayor will continue his push today to make learning about more than reading, writing, and arithmetic. good morning. welcome to thursday. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. let's get to bill henley with his first alert neighborhood forecast. >> tracy, this is a look at where everybody is living. a live view from each area this morning. delaware, you'll see sunshine. look at the warmup. 64 by 7:00. 77 degrees at 10:00 this morning. 60s in the


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