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tv   Early Today  NBC  May 27, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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nbc 10 news starts now. >> history is being made in japan. president obama is addressing troops ahead of a somber visit to hiroshima peace memorial park. adding up the green from the city red light council. they crunch the numbers to make sure that fees from tickets are going where they're supposed to go. unofficially summer but officially ready. memorial holiday weekend is here and nbc 10 has you covered on what's happening across the area. already a warm 72 degrees. good morning. welcome to friday. the beginning of the weekend. let's get right to bill with the first alert neighborhood forecast. a close look at conditions at
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communities across pennsylvania and new jersey and philadelphia. just short of the 70 degree mark but it's the lehigh valley seeing some this morning. the showers are pushing out right now. the sun will break through the clouds by 10:00 this morning and they'll still be climbing to near 90 this afternoon in the valley. so the temperatures even as the humidity moves into the area the temperatures will be warmer. it could fuel some showers and thunderstorms. likely in the suburbs. we head to 90 degrees today. radar shows us clear for most of the area. a few showers moving through. east and it's getting the heavier rain where you can see that steadily moving off to the northeast so that is going to be the end of the showers.
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this afternoon is a different story. go to the future cast hour by hour to show you when you can likely see the showers pop up in our area. let's start with katie in the first alert traffic center. >> good morning, bill, as you said for the most part our coverage area is dry with the exception of the valley and that means things are pretty dry on the road. the expressway 95 and 476 all in the green lights, no issues and no accidents that are going to slow you down right now. brought this camera up to show you good news. it's open in both directions in center city so that's a big thumbs up if you're heading out the door early to get a start on your memorial day weekend plans and lastly the pennsylvania turnpike i'm hearing about the constructi construction. i'll have what direction that's taking place and how many lanes are blocking coming up. >> it's 407. a development story overseas now. president obama is in hiroshima.
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he's the first president to visit the city where u.s. forces dropped the first atomic bomb. he arrived about an hour ago and addressed u. s. troops there and now he is headed to the city. the president will not apologize for the attack. he will place a wreath at the monument in hiroshima's peace memorial park honoring those killed on august 6th, 1945. here's a live picture as we await the president's arrival there. the second bomb dropped three days later killing another 70,000. this is a live picture where the service is about to begin. the president has not arrived there. he will not offer apology for the attack. he will be placing a wreath there and we'll keep you updated on this story and bring it back to you live when the president arriv arrives. >> police are looking for a
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gunman that robbed and shot a man on westmooreland street. he shot the victim in the hip and took his phone and wallet. he is recovering in stable condition he defended his teacher. the teacher was trying to break up a large fight when the crowd turned on him. the fight involving students from three different schools have motivation school at 58 in balance mother. 9th grader richard williams stepped in to help his teacher. >> he was trying to do the right thing and help his teacher. when you go to school the only thing you should have to worry about is learning. should not have to worry about safety or having to protect your teacher from being assaulted. >> he'll have surgery to fix his broken jaw. the district says police will investigate the fight, the daughter says he'll file a report with philadelphia police.
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this morning a man is in custody. he moved in last night and earlier police say the man fired shots at officers. no one was hurt. >> three people shot in the streets of coatesville are expected to survive. the victims are all men in their 20s. police have not said what lead to the violence. they're still looking for the shooter. >> 4:05. happening today philadelphia city council will crunch numbers to make sure that city schools are getting the money they are owed. council members are looking into the funds generated from red light cameras and parking tickets. they generate hundreds of millions of dollars and as the budget deadline approaches leaders want to make sure that it's putting all the money it should toward the school district. >> testimony is expected to resume on tuesday in the
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corruption trial of the congressman after a u.s. senator took the stand yesterday. pennsylvania senator testified he received a letter from fattah asking that the lobbies be considered for an ambassadorship. he seemed frustrated when the appointment didn't happen. prosecutors accused him of taking bribes and misusing federal grants and non-profit funds to resolve his money problems. he denies any wrong doing. >> the philadelphia mayor continues his push for community schools and met with parents and students in center city yesterday to talk about the benefits community members are filling out surveys identifying which schools would be best for the program. the mayor wants to open more than two dozen community schools and schools with active family service centers. >> well, some people are getting
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a jump start on the memorial holiday weekend and the early crowds are a welcomed sight. people we talk with told us the nice weather drove them to the coast earlier than we originally planned. visitors say they can use the boost. >> after the start of may we were all in the hole pretty bad. this weekend is off to an amazing start and we're looking forward to the weekend. >> environmental officials released the state of the shore report ahead of the weekend. the head says the water quality is excellent and the beaches look great. however the beaches are still in the rebuilding process following several strong storms over the past few seasons. meanwhile delaware beaches also took a beating this past winner. crews spent the fast few months getting the beach ready for the summer crowds. now that the weekend is here people are ready for another season in the sun. >> we're looking forward to having a little action. nice action. quite action hopefully.
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>> while much of delaware will see temperatures in the high 80s today ocean temperatures are running in the high 50s. we'll confirm that with bill. >> now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather with bill henley. >> it depends on where you are. if you're along the coast of atlantic city the temperatures in the high 50. close to cape may running a little bit warmer at 65 degrees. philadelphia, well doesn't look like anybody is heading for the water this morning. we do have clouds heading into the area for this afternoon and we could see some showers and pop up thunderstorms. it's already warm. look at the 70s allentown and philadelphia. they just had rain move through the area. these numbers are warmer to start with than yesterday. 5 degrees warmer in philadelphia. allentown is 9 degrees warmer. compared to yesterday up by 12. so a warm start and a little bit breezy too. the south westerly winds will be back and they help to warm things up today.
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today another warm up back into the low 90s this afternoon and riding in on those winds some additional humidity for our area. showers have already cleared allentown. there they go just departing east and the heavier downpours moving into new jersey right now. we'll see that and it's going to be flying out and most of the rest of the morning is going to be dry. i do expect to see more scattered showers and possibly thunderstorms pop up during the day. right now this is very widely scattered. not much to show you. look at the future cast. might see showers to start with this morning in south jersey at 8:30 this morning. isolated showers are possible as we go into the afternoon hours and noontime kind of quite but watch what happens by 2:00 in the afternoon. scattered showers and possibly some thunderstorms. you could see a quick downpour in the wil m wilmington area and a few showers are possible into
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the evening hours as well. certainly not all day rainfall but the possibility of showers will be back and look at the temperatures. lehigh valley. east of the suburbs could see the pop-up showers. a big climb up into the upper 80s and low 90s for philadelphia. can't rule out a shower. just a little less likely the farther to the south that you go. philadelphia 90 today and into new jersey. the heat is on. the humidity too. it won't be an all day rainfall. you have some sunshine before showers pop up and less likely to see the activity at the shore. but into the middle 80s and delaware we'll see partly cloudy skies. afternoon temperatures 82 but look at the heat up for dover and wilmington. 86 near dover. got your weekend holiday forecast when i'm back in 10. tracy.
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>> look forward to it bill. thanks. it's 11 minutes past 4 now. get you time to head out the door. first alert traffic reporter is here with that. how does it look? >> i'm noticing at least in pennsylvania some of the overnight construction is lifting and it's around the trooper road exit. if you're heading eastbound on 422 between route 29 that's only an 8 minute drive. 7 minute ifs you're headed westbound. good news if you're headed out the door early for work or to get a jump start on memorial day plans. speaking of memorial, a live look at route 73 right now. 73 the expressway, the garden state parkway all three clear of any problems. now is a good time to get on the road and lastly a check of the expressway i did bring this camera up again because there was construction on 95 south but that has been cleared so 95
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south is clear and the expressway is open. >> all right katie, thanks. it sounds like science fiction but it's reality. a super bug resistant to antibiotics and the victim lives in pennsylvania. next find out what she is suffering from and how doctors are treating her. >> plus handing over the keys. this weekend dnc begins to transform the wells fargo center. next we take a closer look at what they plan to do and why philadelphia is so attractive.
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medical experts have found the first case of a drug resistant superbug in the united states. they diagnosed a pennsylvania woman with having a new bacteria that certain antibiotics can't fight.
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researchers determine the woman carried a strain of e.coli resistant to an antibiotic. usually used as a last ditch effort to treat some superbugs. the case itself is not a cause for panic but they worry it can spread to other bacteria already existant through multiple drugs. the state is working closely with the cdc and the department of defense to come up with a response. >> we need to do a very comprehensive job protecting antibiotics so we can have them and our children can have them. >> researchers have not said where in pennsylvania doctors found the super bug. meanwhile the cdc is trying to figure out where it came from. the woman had not travelled overseas. and the small number of people in china. it then popped up in europe, africa and canada before hitting the u.s. >> it's 4:15. this morning, we have new video of what happened at that rap
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concert in new york city that left one person dead and three others hurt. we have to warn you might find the footage hard to watch. surveillance video shows the moment men burst into a vip room at the venue where ti was about to perform. the man with a gun is a rapper known as troy. police arrested him after video appears to show him opening fire. investigators say this all started as a fistfight and escalated from there. >> happening this weekend the wells fargo center will officially hand the keys over to organizers of the democratic national convention. here's a live look at the south philadelphia building. the work is already underway but over the next two months preparations will really kick into high gear. >> it's like building a city within a city so we have to have a structure. a sense of what it is going to look like at the end and then you start with the foundation.
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>> the foundation is set. it's a well oiled machine that ceo understands all too well. this is her second time. >> the city has to be able to support this 50,000 person start up that comes and flops down in the middle of the city. so you have to have the infrastructure. the right street grids and the facilities and all of that but the second part is the leadership. how committed is the leadership to the convention enterprise. we found both of those. >> and one more thing that truly put philadelphia over the top. >> around wells fargo they gave us a tremendous amount of
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flexibility and space to accommodate the media. to accommodate our satellite trucks. to accommodate the bus lots. the car lots, the media compounds and so we looked at all of us that plan logistics looked out of the window that first visit and said oh parking lot and we stood there for about three minutes sal evacuating over the parking lot. >> her team will transform the wells fargo center to even the most seemingly minute detail like the color of the carpet. >> who knew there were so many shades of blue. what it looks like on our color chart is not what it looks like on television. you'd be surprised how much time we spend on the correct shade of blue. >> while the wells fargo senor is taking shape the dnc is
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working with the community to get them involved and leave a lasting legacy long after the convention is over. a closer look at that coming up on nbc 10 news at 4:00. >> a few clouds around right now. we're in for a quick warm up. 90 degrees in the afternoon but today is going to be hot and more humid. the humidity starting to increase. already a few showers this morning and memorial day weekend is going to start off even hotter than today. saturday is going to be the warmest day. afternoon temperatures in the low 90s for most of the region. the shore will get to near 80 degrees on saturday. it turns a bit cooler. not a lot cooler on sunday. plenty of humidity around. humidity may fuel scattered showers and thunderstorms. not everybody is going to see that but come monday that's a better chance of rainfall. especially early on. may taper off in the afternoon. temperatures limited to the upper 70s and near 80 degrees
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for philadelphia and the suburbs. lehigh valley a nice warm up. it's the shore that will stay cooler at 66 degrees. today warmer temperatures already this morning. jersey shore at 68 degrees. most spots at the shore in the 60s right now. ocean city 64 degrees. >> sunshine will be bright. we'll see plenty of it with temperatures climbing quickly through the day today and as far as clouds are concerned a few scattered clouds through the shore. inland a better chance you'll see that. showers and thunderstorms are possible this afternoon but it's going to be spotty. the first round of wet weather is already pushing out of the area and in north jersey. we should be done with the rainfall for most of the morning but humidity is going to be moving in ahead of big showers
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and thunderstorms in the midwest and the humidity will be climbing today but as we go into the holiday weekend. stand by for summer-like conditions today and tomorrow. 90 today. 92 degrees tomorrow. the humidity so high on sunday might be spotty showers in the area. a good chance we'll see wet weather to keep temperatures lower. a better chance of that in the morning than in the late afternoon hours and clearing out on tuesday, another quick warm up for tuesday but the temperatures will come down to close to normal for wednesday and thursday with partly to mostly sunny skies. a few more clouds around on friday. a slight chance of showers on friday. more likely we'll get a dry start to the weekend next weekend. saturday. 81 degrees and sunday 78 with a chance of some showers and thunderstorms so the weekend coming our way. it's going to be summer like but
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chances of showers will likely help in the area but maybe not the holiday plans. tracy. >> all right. we're prepared for that. 4:21. prepared to head out the door. katie has a look at that. >> if you're headed into or out of philadelphia you have a smooth drive ahead. pretty standard but we dealing with the beginning of holiday weekend travel so 76 eastbound only about 12 minutes. that is the same time it will take you to go the reverse direction. live look outside. this is right at the atlantic city expressway. no issues to report on the ac expressway or garden state turnpike and route 42 as well as i-295 clear of any issues and finally 95 in and around the wilmington area. between 295 and 495 that's just an 11 minute drive. >> tracy.
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>> all right. >> who doesn't love that sound? they'll present memorial salute. a concert honoring all of those that serve tomorrow night at 7:00. veterans active military and philadelphia police officers and firefighters can see the show free along with their families and public school students teachers and administrators can also get free tickets. comcast and nbc 10 are proud sponsors of the memorial salute. 23 minutes past 4:00 right now. service improvements are coming your way. ahead in our next half hour see what's in the works and why it won't be costing you more money. >> under construction. next to south jersey where progress means traffic headaches but there is a pay off in the not so distant future. for dog hair and dirt
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4:26 from our south jersey bureau now. a million dollar federal grant will help them revamp the avenue. the $4.4 million project includes improved drainage and new street lighting and bike lanes. the city is redesigning the road to help support a business boom from companies like suburu and 76ers. >> as a life long resident it's truly an exciting time in a project such as this that helps to open the door to camden literally and figuratively. >> it should be completed by next january. >> the group making a difference in our area it could be worth
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$50,000 one group will win a $50,000 grant. the checks will be presented on the 4th of july which you can watch live right here on nbc 10. the deadline to enter is this monday. may 30th. visit the wawa >> get ready to pay more for your next uber ride. the company is raising fees but not for every trip.
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bathroom battle. this transgender wol was mistreated by the staff at a mcdonald's when she tried to use the bathroom. >> it tries to keep the shore afloat one step closer to reality. all it needs now is one signature. >> all quite right now but the jerusalem ri shore will be one of the hottest spots to be this holiday weekend. we're live with' a memorial day preview. this is nbc 10 news today. let's get right to bill with the first alert neighborhood forecast this weekend and look at conditions right where you live. >> we're starting off warm and when you mention the hotspots for the shore we're talking about activities and not the weather. today everybody else is going to get hot and already


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