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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  May 27, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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right here and got an idea of how he did just the way he was swinging on that rope. i don't think he's going to make the finals. >> come on. >> but he did very well. >> he's a good athlete. >> yeah, he is. tall and lean. all of that. round one is on june 22nd by the way. >> we look forward to that. we're very proud of keith. nbc 10 news at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. >> right now a historic visit to the far east. president obama does something no u. s. president has ever done. >> we're live at the jersey shore. here's a live look from the ocean city boardwalk as we get you ready for memorial day weekend. >> here's another live look this morning. obviously breezy and warm morning. we're also tracking some showers and possible thunderstorms later this afternoon.
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welcome to nbc 10 news today. >> it's 5:00 a.m. and it's also warm. 72 degrees. let's start with bill so you're caught up on the very porn first alert forecast. bill. >> tracy, temperatures are running warmer this morning and we've already seen some showers. mostly completely dry overnight but look at the rain that just moved now into northern new jersey. it's drying out on east end but there's a possible we'll see more scattered showers develop this afternoon. until then the numbers are falling but we're running from 5 to 15 degrees warmer compared to yesterday. 69 degrees right now. rain drop versus moved out. we will see sunshine and 72 degrees by 8:00 and that 70 degrees in philadelphia warm up to 90 degrees this afternoon. breezy and hot and more humid
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than yesterday and just about everybody else will get close to that 90 degree mark. but the rest of the area could see some spotty showers we go through the future cast hour by hour. we'll check in with katie with your first alert traffic. >> a live look outside. traffic is picking up a little bit. the good news is the expressway has been open all throughout the night. no construction to delay your travels whether to work or school or on vacation. we are following an accident on 422 westbound right on the ramp. right here where the outlets are. if you're exiting at the outlets you'll have to tap your brakes and a quick check of your drive
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time throughout -- along majors in pennsylvania. really good if you make your way 95 southbound between woodhaven and the vine is a 13 minute drive and the green light between 76 and 95. back to you. >> thank you. new from overnight, philadelphia police are looking for a gunman that robbed and shot a man in north philadelphia. this happened on westmoreland street on the school's health and science campus. he shot the victim in the hip and took his phone and his wallet. the victim is not a student. he is recovering at temple hospital. >> happening now president obama makes a historic visit to hiroshima. he's the first american president to go to that city where u.s. forces dropped the first atomic bomb 7 decades ago. here's the president with shinzo abe at peace memorial park just a short time ago.
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president obama was handed a wreath that he placed at the memorial. park honors the 140,000 people killed by the atomic bomb august 6th, 1945. the president made no apology for the bombing but he remembered those that died. >> 71 years ago on a bright cloudless morning, it fell from the sky and the world was changed. >> the president also pointed out the peaceful relationship that now exists between japan and the united states. his visit is meant to bring global attention to survivors and his unfulfilled vision of a world without nuclear weapons. this follows leaders of the international g-7 summit in japan. >> back here at home in honor of memorial day weekend nbc 10 is beginning an entire week of coverage live from the jersey shore. >> we'll take you on a tour from atlantic city all the way down
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to cape may for a look at what's happening at the shore this summer. matt is live this morning and drew the short straw. give us a taste of ac. >> we're doing one of my favorite things. talking about food. especially at 5:00 in the morning. this is one of the fun things we can do on the morning show. we're just showing you what's going on this summer. so we'll be talking about summer all morning and through the next week. right now we're here at the pier and we have dominic here putting the finishing touches on some of the summer deserts that will be unveiled later on tonight with a dinner service. what do you have going on here? >> an array of different desserts. a lot of fruit flavors. new looks, you know? it's all about the sexy with the
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club and young night life so fruit flavors, cheesecake. a new rice pudding. a lot of different flavors and me being new to the area serve talking about blueberries so we did blueberry and citrus. >> those look so good already. >> great for summertime. nice and refreshing. >> great for breakfast too. >> we have the egg and the blueberries and also dipped in merienge. we topped the fruit with a honey. >> we have some fire here too.
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there we go. a little fire at 5:00 in the morning but they're looking forward to summer and getting ready for the unofficial start with these special deserts in atlantic city. coming up in the next half hour if you got the taste for drinks and adult beverages, the continental is showing you some exclusive summer cocktails. live in atlantic city, nbc 10 news. >> officials are also preparing for memorial day weekend crowds. crews said the past few months they have gotten them ready for the summer season. >> looking to having a little action. nice action. quite action hopefully. >> most of delaware could see temperatures in the high 80s today. meantime temperatures are running near 60. >> all weekend long you can make sure to check the nbc 10 app
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because we'll have the latest updates on your neighborhood weather that could change. you could get traffic alert bfrs heading to your holiday destination. >> he continues his push with community schools. he met with parents and students in center city yesterday to talk about the benefits. community members are filling out surveys identifying which schools would be best for the program. the mayor wants to open more than 2 dozen community schools by the end of the material. most schools would act as family service centers. >> now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather with bill henley. >> getting a quite start at the shore this morning. a chance of the shower during the day but most of the day it will be a beautiful start to the holiday weekend. the temperatures will warm through the 60s into the upper 70s. possibly 80 degrees this morning
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and also 66 degrees. the wind coming off of the ocean will keep the beaches cooler today. that's a 14 miles per hour wind forecast for this afternoon. plus more at philadelphia and wilmington coming across land. that's going to bring up the heat and the humidity today. both will be climbing. yesterday we saw what feels hotter today we have been watching showers move through the valley. possibly this afternoon an isolated shower is possible through philadelphia into new jers jersey, the showers are spotty to the west. this is 9:30 this morning. you might see a few sprinkles at the shore. they'll be moving offshore. partly sunny and no sign of wet weather at that time but here you can see the line of showers developing in interior new
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jersey and later in the afternoon some spotty showers moving into the west for the suburbs and the valley. we will see enough sunshine for a quick warm up today. today forecast hour by hour in philadelphia. 74 degrees at 8:00. the middle 80s and climbing at lunchtime. suburbs, sunshine 83 at noontime. closer to 90 degrees for high temperatures. but partly sunny skies at noontime. there's a slight chance of an isolated shower through the lehigh valley. delaware lots of sunshine. low 80s by noon tile and at the jersey shore well new jersey, interior new jersey you see the clouds building in the afternoon but the shore will stay cooler. 70s at noontime. 75 degrees at 4:00 this afternoon. we want to come back and look at the 10 day outlook and take you through the holiday weekend and beyond. >> thank you, bill.
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5:10 this friday morning and we want to alert you to constructi construction. >> on the turnpike where? >> these just popped up so we're talking about a really short distance but it's one that a lot of cars passed by. so this is eastbound and some construction just popped up bit i have been seeing a lot of overnight construction projects and earlier than normal. crews are mindful that they'll be out earlier this morning whether they're headed to work, work a half day or trying to get to their memorial day holiday. drive times are not effected by that. eastbound it's about a 22 minute drive. sools we're following an accident in montgomery county, route 422 westbound. the onramp to evergreen road.
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95 in both directions moving smoothly which is good news if you're headed to the airport this morning. >> thanks. getting the money they're owed. we'll tell you why the philadelphia city council will be looking over it's budge books to help out schools and how red light cameras are involved. plus the nation's largest school removes it's president and suspends the head football coach after a scathing report of sexual assault involving some of it's students. we'll tell you what's happening now at baylor university.
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medical experts say they found the first case of a drug resistant super bug in the united states. doctors diagnosed a pennsylvania woman with having a new bacteria that certain antibiotics cannot fight. the woman carried a strain of e.coli resistant to an antibiotic usually used as a last ditch effort to treat some super bugs. the case by itself should not cause panic but they worry that the antibiotic resistant genes can spread to other bacteria. they're working closely to come up with a response. >> we need to do a very comprehensive job. we can have them and our children can have them.
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>> researchers have not said where the pennsylvania woman is from. meantime they're trying to figure out how the super bugs got here. the woman had not travelled overseas. experts found it in pigs several months ago and a small number of people in china. it popped up in europe africa an canada before the u.s. >> we have new video of what happened at that rap concert in new york city that left one person dead and one person hurt. you may find the footage hard to watch. it shows the moment when a man busted into the vip room. police say the man with the gun is a rapper and police arrested him after video appeared to show him opening fire. investigators say this all started as a fistfight and escalated from there. he is out this morning as
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president of baylor university. >> baylor demoeted him after an investigation found a fundamental failure in the way he handled accusations. sexual assault accusations against football players. the former prosecutor that investigated the monica lewinski scandal. he is taking steps to fire him. critics say baylor sacrificed the safety of students to protect the winning football team. >> as long as you can win and not get caught this is okay and cultures and fans support that message. >> the board president apologized saying they're deeply sorry for the harm that survivors have endured. >> happening today philadelphia city council will crunch numbers to make sure that city schools are getting the money they're owed. they're looking into the funds generated from red light cameras and parking tickets. the philadelphia parking authority generated hundreds of millions of dollars over the
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past five years. as the deadline approaches leaders are making sure they put in all the money it should toward the school district. >> something is happening on the expressway. >> let's find out where specifically. >> this is early to see a crash especially around montgomery drive which gets to be a very volume filled area as we head later into the morning but we do have a multivehicle crash this is westbound here. there's still emergency crews on scene and still there's a lane restriction. the right-hand lane is right around this crash so 76 westbound on montgomery drive. let's take a look at our drive time though you can tell it's not really effected. it's only about 1 minutes.
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so it isn't effecting things too much. it will just cause you to slow down if you're passing by on your way to work or school or if you're getting on the road early. still following a crash on route 422 westbound. the onramp. it's right around the out lets to give you a reference point. >> we're about 20 minutes away from sunrise this morning and already a warmer start but today will be hot and more humid. over the he memorial day weekend the temperatures will continue climbing to start with but will be cooler as the weekend goes on. 90s for saturday. the humidity will still be around but upper 80s and a chance of spotty showers. possibly a thunderstorm monday we're more likely to see
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showers. we'll still get a warm up to near 80 degrees monday afternoon. doesn't look like an all day rainfall but the potential will be with us through most of the day. if not a little bit more likely in the morning and early afternoon than later in the day. 66 degrees at the shore. temperatures will be cooler there. if you're planning a get away warm temperatures for tomorrow, 90 degrees sunday cooler. a little bit more likely for monday. near 90 degrees tomorrow. 90 on sunday and then a chance of showers and thunderstorms for each day but a little bit more likely t likely come monday. this morning in the 60s and low 70s. and in the surveillance bushes 69. 70 in phoenixville. so it's a warm start this
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morning. you can see it in delaware and south jersey. there's a chance for more showers. you can see some drops here and there as the atmosphere keeps up this afternoon. it's more likely we'll see shower and thunderstorm development later today plus it's not going to be an all day rain. partly sunny to mostly sunny skies, 90 degrees this afternoon. hotter and humid and tomorrow 92 the high temperature. there's a chance of a scattered shower on sunday. more likely on memorial day on monday. 78 degrees and we're drying out on tuesday and we get closer to normal for wednesday, thursday and friday with high temperatures in the upper 70s and low 80s and another round of showers will head into the area later next weekend after
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sunshine a chance of showers and thunderstorms. >> honoring those that served and lost their lives for our country. how you can hear them this weekend. plus you'll be seeing memorial day gas prices you haven't seen in years. we'll tell you what to expect at the pump.
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25 minutes past five right now. if you're taking a memorial weekend road trip it will cost you less than it has in year. landon is here with more details on cnbc business news. good morning, landon. >> hi there tracy. you may be paying more to fill up your car. and prices are 45% lower than a year ago. in pennsylvania it's 2:47 cents a gallon while gas is averaging 225 in delaware and $2.12 in new jersey. a positive open and stocks picking up as the two day rally runs out of steam $49 barrel this morning.
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and also the nasdaq rising 6 to 49.01. >> thanks. have a nice weekend. >> now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather. >> 70 degrees here. a warm and muggier start today. the humidity climbing. see some clouds and a few showers overnight. katie is in the first alert traffic center. how is this friday morning lo looking. >> we were doing good until a little bit ago. right at montgomery drive several vehicles involved. we understand they may have been pulled from the scene but they may still there b there. coming up i'll have a look at is this effecting your drive time.
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>> a woman is considering legal action against a local mcdonald's restaurant after she tried to use the bathroom and we'll tell you why. >> good morning i'm in atlantic city at the bar of all places. we'll tell you about new summer cocktails for your unofficial start to the summer season coming up right after the break.
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>> right now on nbc 10 news today we're live for your memorial day weekend. a live look from cape may. beautiful. we'll show you what the shore has in store this summer. >> honoring those that fought and lost their lives for america. we'll tell you how they're paying a special tribute for that he has that serve. >> here's a live look this morning at the ben franklin bridge. also possible showers and thunderstorms this afternoon. we'll get you details on that. it's 5:30 right now. good morning. welcome to nbc 10 news


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