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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 6am  NBC  June 19, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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they're on the delaware river when pulling out a car that crashed into the river overnight. investigators uncovered new details about thef0 conditions inside of a bucks county home where they found 12rí($ girls. a man was accused of sexually assaulting one of them. here is a liveoks look out where mother nature is turning up the heat for father's day. this is a live look from our camera. how long will the heat last, that is ahead in our first alert neighborhood weather forecast. good wdecmorning, everyone, wel  10 ne. happy father's day to all of the dads out there. s6j alert meteorologistk7 martin. >> we start off with temperatures topping out in the
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sunny and dry>fch due to a high pressure system. we'll start to see scattered we'll get to3x>÷ that in just a little bit. mostly l#oz,muajclear. great'1 ñ for sky6úleñ gazing. a great street for the entire family. and tomorrow, the summer solstice. i'll have more information for you on social úqñmedia. ÷ ñ 66 for the average in philadelphia, and so right now mainly 60s.8ja1 along the shoreline notice the upper 50sconú tob/ptv lower 06. it will evaporate as the day q/
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progresses.4k the sun will peek through. just a little cooler and still a gorgeous day in the forecast none the less. coming up in my extended forecast, we have what to expect for theh÷ñ middle to the end ofe >>. >> right nowf"í in south philadelphia, investigators are trying to figure out if there into the river overnight. >> rescue workers have towed away that vehicle after pulling it from the river. i just talked to police they tell me while they have recovered the u9+fxn6nsuv, the find a body. so they are continuing to look for a passenger and driver that were believed: to be in that su
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÷ the time of the crash. here is éñ4vñ he saw happen. >> the car came flying by. not sure of the model,ym0a÷ i4ç flying by. i heard a crash. i thought it:÷-e crashed into another car, i saw the gate and i heard a slam. >> he said that he and the person he was riding with immediately rushed over thinking someone may be inside of that suv and may need their help. in the time it took them to get over there, he said he saw nothing at all. the car was submerged and bubbles were@a coming up from t water. we'll let you know just as soon as they find something. again as the search continues this morning.
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live inwquj south philly, i'm pa osborn. >> police are expected to continue their search today in a home wherewvñ a man is accused sexualrf÷cp assaulting a girl. 12 young girlsacuoz were found g in theéxhouse. z collecting evidence. lee caplin is under arrest. investigators tell us the lived0cgl in the basementóf and onnv airid mattresses.!>rçz >> they were afraid of the police, we wanted to get them to a safe place. >> there was signs they were home schooled and lived a self
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sufficient lifestyle. when wem, get new information,u  ñ09 15ñ shooting he may have taken tests to he may have taken tests to become aw]8 in 2015, and hex g passed but d not follow through. organizers in portugal believe
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the gay pride parade there was the biggest ever. they will release a wreath into the ocean. reunited the debate of assault style weapons. citizens want a lawmaker to ban the use of them. >>9íui we should not have assa weapons in our community.  for god (i2:zsake, congress, bill. >> the congressman was not at his office yesterday, but the active dialogue with him in the ke+)pá e coming weeks. >>r÷÷ tomorrow the sugary bever
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tax becomes law tomorrow. it adds a tax to all cu2asweete beverages sold in philadelphia.d other programs. opponents say they will continue to fight the tax. that)níqñ tax takes effect janu 1st. from our jersey shore bureau, we know who will represent the garden state at the miss americar
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pq jones. a scholarship was awarded last night in her honor. >> she played such an important n so many lines including mine. th contestants submit said it was 1nzytherapeutic. the final competition is september 11th. >> it was crazy. >> i never expected it. >> a small plane goes down just 50 feet from the shore in rhode island. you'll hear more from beach goers who witnessed the crash landing. plus a show of support for
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families who lost loved ones to participants in this vigil hope to accomplish. &u$&úyu=
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. go)xdrning i'm erica martin with a look at your father's day forecast. seeing a break in the clouds, the sun is expected to get ñprogresses. a live look outside it looks really pretty right now. let's take advantage of that and ápretty for our sky conditions at least until tuesday. so weather stories include a great day for dads. a hotfywe÷day, not muggy, reall a few lowgmóv 60s. current temperatures in the low 60iwgs2rs. f1 ogs2rs.
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average, wilmington at 62. a lot of times we like to>gñki at the lower temperatures. if gives you a better perspective. at theq]2 your scru local neighborhood. log on and get more information h well. so perspective as far as thatfa radar goes. otherwisely see you in ju-- i w you in just a little bit. >> new'?hw.lñ schedules for the train. in cherry hill. tomorrow crews will be you can expectkppgt closures
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between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00. how would you like to own a home designed by frank lloyd wright?
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it is a quarter after 6:00 right now. a former vanderbilt football player was found guilty for the ra rape of an unconcious woman. he encouraged teammates it is reported to also rape the victim. he was drunk at the time and should not have been held responsible for the aks ctions
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the other players says his defense. and brock turner will spend a maximum of six months in prison for the rape of a woman. and a shooting between biker gangs left three dead and two wounded. it happened in the parking lot of a bar southeast of cleveland. authorities are trying to determine what caused this small plane to crash right off of a rhode island beach. the pilot was flying alone when his plane ended up in the ocean. >> he just kept getting lower and lower. then his left wind tipped into the water. >> if it was on the beach, he would have taken out people.
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>> the pilot was able to get out of the cockpit and sat on top of the sinking plane. they put him on a backboard and brought him to shore. in delaware county, a show of support for families that lost loved ones to drug addiction. hundreds gathered last night to pay tribute to those who had family members die from drug over doses. >> it is important to get the information out to remove the stigma of a drug addict and a drug addiction. it is part of the county's narcs over dose education center.
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you can read more of our digital edition on our app. he told his employees to recycle tests. he is claiming that russia covered up doping at the sochi olympic games. on friday, the governing body of track and field upheld a ban on russia's team for doping. that means they cot compete in rio. we're just 47 days away from the start of the olympic games. now your nbc 10 first alert
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neighborhood weather. >> good morning, i'm erika martin. a gorgeous day on top. weather stories include temperatures tapping out. lots of low 90s today and tomorrow. stay hydrated. we will have mild conditions, lots of mid to upper 60s. great for skygazing and tomorrow's summer solstice. right now seeing 62 in the suburbs. philadelphia 66. lots of 60s right now, topping out in the 80s and 90s. the high temperatures for today hooks like 92 for most of new jersey. we're talking about average here further north of course and clouds, affect. otherwise it it looks like a gorgeous day on tap and here is
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why. our doppler radar not picking up on much activity right now. it is absolutely oppressive. it looks like they topped out at 120 or 121 degrees. high and dry, a high pressure system just off of the coast of north carolina. we'll have the wid owe for you from wilmington, delaware. we have a change on the approach by about tuesday into wednesday. looks like we could see isolated thunderstorms in the forecast. on the bottom of your screen, you will see your scrolling temperatures for the next couple days. you can always find us on social media and follow us on that that.
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>> all right, erika, thank you. >> there we go. we're not talking about the septa story right now, but we are talking about frank lloyd wright. it is rare one one of his homes goes up for sale. one is on the market in minnesota. he designed the home toward the end of his career in 1960. the price tag is nearly $1.5 million. nbc 10 and nbc universal wants to support organizations that are implementing new and innovative programs. the deadline to apply is july
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26th. plus, new information on what coffee can do to cut your cancer risk, next.
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news from the health world organization about cancer and coffee. they say there is no conclusive evidence that coffee causes cancer despite concerns raised years ago, in fact, it may help it. >> for millions of american coffee drinkers, comforting news. a report says there is a lack of evidence that coffee causes cancer. and it may in fact protect you from uterine cancer.
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25 years ago the w.h.o. said it could possibly be a cause. >> they took into account that there was though evidence that coffee causes cancer. >> the report says it is all about the temperature. people that drink their coffee very hot increase their chances of esophagus cancer. but when you drink it at a lower temperature, it has many health benefits. you can drink two to three cups a day and like everything, it is healthy in moderation. >> a festival wrapped up today in wilmington. there will be food, rides, art
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work, and concerts. you can visit from 2:00 to 8:00 today. the proceeds will benefit st. anthonys. >> we're following breaking news in south philadelphia where a car crashed into the delaware river overnight. pamela osborn is gathering new information. >> the car is out of the river, but police and rescue teams are still searching for an occupant that may have been inside. we'll have more on the other side of the break. >> conditions are gorgeous. we're going to warm up nicely into the 90s. i have more information coming up in my forecast. i'll see you then.
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that breaking news is in
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south philadelphia where divers have been searching the delaware river. investigators are learning more about the bucks county home where a man was found with 12 girls. >> sunny and hot today, a great day to get outside and enjoy father's day. this is a live look at cape may. you will still need to grab sunscreen, details ahead in the first alert neighborhood forecast. welcome back today. just about 6:30 on this sunday morning. let's get right to that forecast with erika martin. >> yes, happy father's day to all of the days. an ideal day. perfect conditions. we have temperatures topping out
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in the 80s and low 90s, but the two points are in the 50s and low 60s, it will not be muggy at all. it is your doppler radar picking up on that high pressure system. we have one over the carolinas, one just off of the main shore. that will keep everything high and dry. a little active over canada. we have a cold front sliding down but that is not until tuesday. our forecast has an on-shore flow. farther inland they're seeing a westerly push. that means the clouds will start to clear out. temperatures all day long, however keep in mind the pollen forecast for today will be very
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high. improving tomorrow. we are expecting showers and isolated thunderstorms on tuesday. that will alleviate the pollen forecast. don't forget to follow us on social media. >> we continue to follow breaking news this morning in south philadelphia. crews have recovered a car that plunked into the delaware river. they're still trying to figure out if anyone was inside when it crashed. pam? >> police tell me it is possible that someone informs that suv if is also possible that summon om was ejected. a witness tells me before the
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crash, he saw that suv come through this fence here. it wrapped the fence around the telephone pole there. he said it was so loud he thought it collided with another car, but it didn't, it went straight through and into the delaware river. teams were able to locate that silver suv and put it out of the river. there was a large hole in the windshield and rescuers did not find anyone inside. they will continue to search for driver or passenger that could have been inside. they were alerted to the fact that within a matter of minutes after that crash, the suv disappeared from the surface. >> it was not --
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>> there is no keys in the vehicle. >> police are continuing their search of the river. we will join you in the next half hour for another update. live in south philly, i'm pamela osborn. thank you, pam. investigators expect to be back at that bucks county home today where 12 girls were found. >> they were living down in the basement, hiding in the chicken coop. they spent hours collecting evidence yesterday. the cadaver dog was brought in. authorities say kaplan is charged with sexually assaulting one of the girls and they have two children. police received calls in the
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past, but it was not specific enough to act. >> i don't know what calls, it wasn't a child abuse call. that's not what we got. >> the children are now in protective custody and still have to be interviewed by police. nbc 10 has the photos and names of the parents that gifted their daughters to lee kaplan. a neighbor talked about the husband. >> he has always been a little shady. not very social. >> the parents who allegedly gave away their daughter are charged with child endangerment. the nbc 10 app brought you this
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story first, and stay with the app for updates on the investigation the minute we get them. >> police in chester county are trying to figure out who beat a 62-year-old woman to death. investigators have identified the woman and say she was a recent widow. anyone with information on what happened to her should call detectives. >> in overbrook, police are investigating a deadly shooting. one man died shortly after being taken to the hospital. another is in critical condition. so far no one has been arrested. today marks up with week since the terror in orlando. investigators are looking into whether or not the nightclub shooter should have had a gun permit. a psychologist listed on his permit says she never tested him. dr. karen noodleman says she was
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not even practicing in florida at the time the license was issued back in 2007. the application says that noodleman determined he was mentally and emotionally stable. mateen killed 49 people and hurt dozens of others inside of a gay nightclub in orlando last sunday morning. funerals held for several of the victims yesterday. one of the survivors is on the road to recovery. this shows a victim walking for the first time since being shot in the back. and an all lives matter rally be l be held at 4:00 p.m. also the basilica of st. peter
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will hold a 6:30 mass for the victims in orlando. president obama has a message about the threat posed by climate change as he and his family spend a weekend at yosemite national park. plus a battle intensifies to contain wildfires burning across more than a half dozen states. where the biggest fires are and why crews are having such a hard time.
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good morning, i'm erika
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martin. our sunday outlook includes the full moon at 7:02 a.m. it is approximately 6:40. so in a couple minutes get out and check out the full moon, you will be an to see it this morning. so keep that in mind. of course, always swim with somebody at the beach. we also have a clear night in the forecast. you will be able to see saturn and antaries. seasons will be really mild. you'll notice a few more clouds on the shoreline. the winds will start to become
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variable. further inland, a very please ebt day. we're going to see lots of 70s, but we may see low 80s. so of course go ahead and enjoy th that. we'll have more updates on social media and i will see you in a little bit with your extended 10-day forecast. the memorial park today will have father's day activities today. the event begins at noon. you can add to the love by adding a family member. the who's your daddy pet adoption event. they are waving adoption fees. the shelter is located in
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a number of southwest states are bracing for extreme heat. california, arizona, nevada will experience triple digit temperatures. heat warnings are in effect for the first half of the week there. and firefighters are fighting fires. it is now 45% contained.
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firefighters say they have a uphill battle with so much dry ground and that near record heat. >> decision 2016 republican donald trump continues to push back against efforts to replace him as the candidate's nominee. >> i feel like a super model, but times ten. i'm like a super model on the cover of the magazines. i'm on the cover of the biggest magazines and i can't even read the story because if i did i, i wouldn't get any work done. donald trump will talk to chuck todd on "meet the press" this morning and paul ryan who is also on the program talking about the dump trump effort.
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>> hillary clinton is off of the campaign trail right now as she celebrating the birth of her second grand child. chelsea clinton gave birth to her second child, aidan. and part of the celebration of 100th anniversary of the national park. he says it reflects the expert of america itself. he also talked about climate change and how it is damaging sections of the part. >> this planet belongs to all of us. it's the only one we have. you can't give lip service to that notion and then oppose the things required to protect them. >> the national park service is celebrating it's 100th birthday
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in august. a tireless advocate for animals has passed away. george bengal died last night with him family by his side after a bat billion cancer. the spca called him their her rors and that he saved the lives of thousands of animals. he was 69 years old. >> good morning, i'm erika martin. happy father's day. a gorgeous day. i'll get to it in my ten-day forecast. a live shot outside. really pretty right now. sees the clouds start to evaporate. lots of sunshine out there. pretty mild for the most part
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and notice the 12 hour trend, upper 80s and lower 90s. it will be a warm day, be sure you keep in mind that you want to stay hydrated throughout the entire day. the three-day outlook as follows. lots of 90s today and tomorrow. we could see isolated thunderstorms. i will refer you to our social media and web page that we will be updating often. if it is timed right. we could have some thunderstorms. follow us on social media for more of that. make sure you look at the bottom of your screen for your extended outlook. mainly 70s for today. mid to upper 70s, and low 80s in the forecast with the threat of those thunderstorms by tuesday. overnight lows tonight are really pleasant all around.
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mainly clear to clear skies. philadelphia 69, allentown 68, and it looks like you will see 67 in coatsville. you will feel those temperatures overnight and through tomorrow. the due points are mainly in the 50s and 60s. i mentioned water earlier so make sure you hydrate, and sunscreen. the uv index will be very high today. another issue will be so dry today that you will be effected very high today and very high tomorrow. improving just a bit by tuesday and wednesday. the showers are alleviating everything just a bit. picking up on that high pressure system behind me. just a little bit of an on-shore
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flow. your extended ten day outlook likes like this. by tuesday mid to upper 80s in the forecast. a break in those showers, scattered showers, i will go ahead with a couple rounds of thunderstorms and by thursday it looks like the clouds will start to redevelop into friday and it looks likely that we'll see showers to end this upcoming workweek. make sure you follow us and back to you. thank you, erika. we will find out what team will be the nba champion tonight in a winner takes all game seven tonight. tickets are selling for more than some super bowl tickets. the average price is around $2800. here is the rest of your sunday sports. i'm amy fadool. after giving up 41 runs in the last four games, the phillys game the ball to the last
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pitcher to earn a win. of course that victory really gave him an early victory and this was a home run. herrera's seventh of the season. and then a shot to the seam area, 3-1 arizona. then jake lamb. welcome back gonzalez. they had nine home runs. fifth straight, 4-1. here is ikoff of on what wrong. >> it was one pitch. it is a goldy. that pitch is made and it's a won game. >> i think everybody needs to just take a deep breath, try to do less. that might be laughable to the public, how could we possibly do
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less, but sometimes less is more. taking a step back. not trying to hit an eight-run homer, just get on base for the next guy. >> when they finally finished yesterday, dustin johnson was the leader. here he has trouble getting the ball to stay on the green. this one for bogey. lee westwood find a way to not deal with the difficult greens at oakmont. he holes out from 130 yards on the fifth. shane lowry on a third shot on the par 5 12th. it is not in, but i think he will like it. a tap in birdie. he is your leader at 5 under through 13. rory mcilroy and phil mickelson were among those missing the
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cut. the cut line was 6 over. >> being here, practice rounds are fun, we had great weather. so yeah, just really special. >> first place union visiting new york city. a tough day for andre blake. it goes right to franklin lampard. 1-0 nyc. now 2-0 nyc. the first mls goal that union made interesting, their eighth match, unbeaten. that will do it for sports, i'm amy fadool for comcast sports net.
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the fire fly music festival wraps up today. dozens of fans have been at the festival since thursday. coming up, you can sample
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wildwoods finest restaurants today through friday. they will offer a four course meal for $30 plus tax and tip. and it was a taste of the caribbean in philadelphia. at fairmont park yesterday. right now 6:57 and we're following breaking news this morning. authorities on the delaware river where they pulled out an suv that plunged into the watt overnight. pam osborn is there. >> a few special teams remaining here on scene. they're now searching the river for potential occupants of that vehicle. we'll give you a update. your neighborhood forecast
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coming up. a gorgeous day on tap. our comcast camera looking southeast. looking gorgeous. i have more information in my full forecast, i will see you soon. >> closed captioning on nbc 10 is brought to you by --
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breaking news, a live look in south philadelphia where crews are searching the delaware river after a car plunged into the river this morning. the car is out but police are steve trying to figure out where the driver is. >> police are searching this home where 12 girls were found living inside. good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news today. it is now 7:00 on this sunday morning, thank you for being with us and happy father's day to all of the dads out there. let's get a check of your first alert delivering a great day. >> happy father's day to all of the great dads out there. it is gorgeous outside. i had to start with this, look at this, not much going on right now. seeing a littleit


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