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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 7am  NBC  June 19, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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breaking news, a live look in south philadelphia where crews are searching the delaware river after a car plunged into the river this morning. the car is out but police are steve trying to figure out where the driver is. >> police are searching this home where 12 girls were found living inside. good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news today. it is now 7:00 on this sunday morning, thank you for being with us and happy father's day to all of the dads out there. let's get a check of your first alert delivering a great day. >> happy father's day to all of the great dads out there. it is gorgeous outside. i had to start with this, look at this, not much going on right now. seeing a little bit of an
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onshore flow right there. just off shore, we're seeing high and dry conditions. unfortunately that means high pollen and high uv invex. lots of 90s. that will be the trend tomorrow as well. there will be a a break in the higher temperatures and i like to mention make sure you apply sunscreen today. the pollen forecast for today and tomorrow is very high. and by tuesday and wednesday improving just a little bit and that is because we have scattered showers in the forecast. if you look at the bottom of the
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screen. enjoy your father's day and i'll see you in just a little bit. >> now the latest, crews are still trying to figure out if someone was inside of an suv when it barrelled through a fence and plunged into the delaware river. police got the call around 3:00 this morning from just now removing the vehicle. >> the scene has scaled back quite a bit, but special response teams are still here looking for social occupaka -- occupants of that vehicle. they were waiting for the light around 2:50 this morning.
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it was the sound of the suv going into the river. you see the strength of the impact knocked that postout there. someone was inside, it is also possible that someone was ejected. it took teams a few hours to locate that suv. you can see quite a bit of damage to that front end. that witness telling us that the suv was moving so fast he could not see what kind of vehicle it was or if anyone was inside. >> i was not paying attention, and i heard a crash. i saw the gate and i heard a splash, so i told my friends like yo, someone just went into the water. >> and we responded. he did not see the vehicle.
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>> that witness telling us within the minutes after that crash, they ran over here and again all he and his friends were able to see were bubbles coming up tr the river. the suv went under that quickly. giving you a live look. police and marine units still here on scene gets ready for the next phase of the search. we will be here life throughout the search. reporting live in south philly, pamela osborn. >> in a bucks county home a man was charged with sexually assaulting a young girl. 12 girls were found in the home. a cadaver dog was brought in but found nothing. he is under arrest charged with
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sexually assaulting one of the girls. they have two children. the girls lived in a basement and slept on air mattresses. >> they were afraid of the police and very sheltered. >> they still have to be interviewed by police. there are signs they were home schooled. get instant updates on the app. when we get information, you will be first to know. >> today marks one week since the terror in orlando took 49 lives. emotional memorial services are being held today. police are finding that omar
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mateen may have been prepared to die. he bought expensive dinners and jewelry for his wife on a credit card. he took a test to become a law enforcement officer in 2010 and 2014. he passed on the second try but never followed through. >> and annual gay pride parade was the largest ever celebration. there will be a memorial where they read the names on the beach and then they will release a wreath into the ocean. the terror in orlando reunited the debate about assault style weapons being available.
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they wanted to cosponsor a law panning the weapons. the senate is set to vote on several gun safety measures tomorrow, but opponents have vowed to defeat them. >> we should not have assault weapons in our community. >> for god takes, congress, pass the bill. >> they have had an active dialogue in the past, and they expect that to continue in the coming weeks. >> there she is. there she is, miss new jersey and she grew up in south jersey, we'll tell you more about her, next. plus, bracing for extreme heat, where some people could feel temperatures up to 120 degrees today.
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thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better
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i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast president high pressure system is the big story today and for tomorrow. notice the trend for today it looks like by 2:00 p.m. upper
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70s. by noon 5 miles per hour wind speeds and upper 70s to low 80s there. we have a sunny day in the forecast. hot as well, but not humid. it looks like the due points will be in the 50s and low 60s. we have those really high temperatures in the forecast. rip current risk is moderate. all due that on-shore flow. keep that in mind if you go out to the beach, go out with a buddy. we have a clear night for sky gazing. more details coming up. back to you. > . we now know who will represent the garden state in the miss america pageant in
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september. her flat foplatform is a world difference. but there was a void at this year's competition following the accept death of miss new jersey 2013. the first memorial scholarship was rewarded last night in her honor. >> this has been the biggest honor of my entire life to win that scholarship. she played such an important role in this organization, and in so many lives including mine. >> he choose her as the winner and said that winning the essays submitted was therapeutic. and the winners will represent their states during the miss america pageant in atlantic city. the final night of competition in september 11th.
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it's not a bird, it's a plane. and coffee and cancer. why doctors are saying drink up.
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russian investigators have opened a criminal case against the former antidoping chief. investigators say he told his employees to recycle lab tests. he was ordered to store the
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samples unless further notice. he claimed russia covered up doping by athletes at the sochi olympic games. on friday, the governing body of track and field upheld a competition ban. we're just 47 days away from the start of the olympics. don't forget to follow along on the nbc 10 app and >> a former vander billionth football player has been found guilty. he was found dplt a second time for aggravated rape and sexual battery. prosecutors say he encouraged
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teammates to rape the girl as well and it was recorded. why a small plane crashed right off of a rhode island beach. no one on the beach was hurt, and the pilot only had minor injuries. firefighters are scrambling to contain wildfires scorching hundreds of acres. it is now 45% contained. hundreds have been evacuated from there and from albuquerque, new mexico. highs possibly reaching 120 degrees. the excessive heat warnings are
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in effect for the first half of the week there. >> now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood"1s weather. >> i'm erika martin. conditions will not be that hot here, but we will see upper 80s and low 90s and it is getting really dry outside. so your sunday outlook, happy father's day, a gorgeous day in the forecast for us. that will be the trend tomorrow as well. and then a chance on the approach by tuesday. so sunny, hot, and not humid. due poin dew points in the upper 50s and lower 60s but the rip current risks are moderate. do not go out into the water by yourself. the sunday outlook also includes a clear night in the forecast. if you look outside, mostly clear skies for tonight, you will be able to see saturn and the 15th brightest star in the galaxy antaries.
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current temperatures is 66 degrees. mild wind speeds, a southerly component nap will be the story, an onshore push but as the winds start to push westerly, we will see the clearer skies. highs for today expected to top out mainly in the 90s. we're seeing upper 80s in delaware. look at this icon. absolutely gorgeous. a mix of sun and clouds for the average in new jersey, but it does look like a mainly sunny day and we have to consider the shoreline which is why we're getting that average. conditions topping out in the 90s tomorrow. lots of sunshine as well and notice here by tuesday, we start to see the threat of isolated thunderstorms in the forecast. and that brings a cold front that will start to dip down. there is an associated trough
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that will bring showers and isolated thunderstorms. i do think it will get here a little sooner and scattered showers earlier and then possibly an isolated thunderstorm. follow us for more information on that. a high pressure system on the carolinas. a gorgeous day in the forecast, not much going on right now. high and dry, quiet, and not very muggy. look at the temperatures for tonight. perfectly ideal for tonight. get outside and enjoy the day, your ten-day outlook and msk information coming up. in the meantime, back to you. thank you, erika. are you having coffee right now? don't putt it down, in fact maybe you should have a second cup. for the millions of american coffee drinkers, this is comforting news. the report from the world health organization says there is a
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lack of ed that coffee causes cancer and may protect you from uterine cancer and lowers the risk of liver cancer by 15%. a stunning reversal because 25 years ago, the w.h.o. board thought it was a possible carcinog carcinogenic. >> many studies found there was no evidence that it causes cancer. >> reporter: but the we port says it is all about the temperature. people that drink it very hat can burn their esophagus and lead to cancer. experts say you can drink two to three eight ounce cups a day and
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like everything, in moderation, it is fine. >> up next. the one road you might want to avoid this weekend. the philadelphia major plans to pass the soda tax tomorrow.
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tireless advocate for animals has passed away. george bengal was an advocate for the aspca. the psbpca said he was a fixtur and saved thousands of animals. if you want to help keep his legacy alive, donate to the
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george bengal fund to stop animal cruelty. new rail schedules going into effect today. check the nbc 10 app for the new schedules. and drivers that use route 70 in cherry hill. crews will do most of the work between 9:00 and 3:00. >> tomorrow the sugary beverage tax goes into law. pre-k students and other advocates will be there to watch. the money will benefit pre-k and other programs. opponents say they will not stop fighting the tax. they intend to go to court saying it is unconstitutional.
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the tax takes effect january 261s. crews are still in philadelphia right now trying to figure out what happened after a suv plunged into the delaware river a few hours ago. >> i can tell you right now dive crews are gearing up, ready to get back in the river searching for potential occupants of the vehicle. coming up we'll have a update on the investigation. >> many of you will be going out to the beach. you have the rip current risk at moderate. looking gorgeous at cape may. more information coming up in the forecast.
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a live look from south philadelphia where crews are searching the delaware river after an suv plunged into the water this morning. the vehicle is out but police are trying to figure out where the driver is. 12 girls were found hiding in chicken coops in one bucks county home. and a hot and sunny day for your father's day. you see the sun right there. a live look at the center city skyline. grab your shades and sunscreen if you're outside today. it is now 7:30 on this sunday morning. happy father's day to all of the dads out there. let's look at our first alert weather with erika martin. >> yeah, sunglasses and
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sunscreen for today. the uv indices across the area will be very high. so keep in mind and stay hydrated all day long. you will see very neighborhood forecast. we do have a change on the approach, but that is not until tuesday. let's take advantage of today and tomorrow and dew points are low so it will be comfortable all day long. tonight middle conditions, clear skies, great for sky gazing, and tomorrow the summer solstice and another hot day in the forecast. what to expect for your day in the suburbs, temperatures limes into the mid and upper 80s. also some really nice conditions. keep in mind they will are shifting and you will see more
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sunshine throughout the day. coming up in my full forecast, and more on social media. >> crews are searching the delaware river just north of the walt whitman bridge in philadelphia. they're looking for a person that may be in an suv that plunged into the river this morning. pam, that vehicle is out of the water now, but authorities are still on the river. >> that is right and they have not given up the search just yet. one diver is already under water. they are checking to see in anyone in that suv is somewhere down below. witnesses say they saw that silver buick going through a security fence pane down into the water below.
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it happened just before 3:00 this morning and it took rescuers about three hours to pull the suv out of the water. it was in water about 20 feet deep. you see a lot of damage to the front end of the vehicle and significant damage to the windshield. it is possible someone may have been ejected from the crash. >> we're at the light, the intersection. so a car comes flying by. silver, i'm not sure of the model. i heard a crash. i saw the gate missing and then i heard a splash. >> by the time they got down here to take a better look at what was going on, they just saw bubbles coming up from the water. that search is still under way.
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we'll have more as we get information from the scene here. >> pam, thank you, investigators expected to be back at the bucks county home today where 12 girls were found. >> officers spent hours collecting evidence yesterday. lee kaplan is accused of sexually assaulting one of the girls when she was 14 years old. they have two children. the girls lived in the basement and slept on air mattresses. police received calls in the past but they were not specific enough to act on until now. >> i don't know what kind of calls you're referring to? that they saw amish people. no child abuse calls. if there was a child abuse call
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we would have responded. >> the children are now in protective custody vane to be interviewed by police. there was signs they were homeschooled and lived a self sufficient lifestyle. we have the photos and names of the parents who gifted their children to lee kaplan, but we are choosing not to show them to protect the daughter's identity. >> he was shady. he has not been real social. >> the parents that allegedly gave away their daughter are charged with child endangerment. stay with the app for jup daupd. >> police in chester county are trying to figure out who beat a
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52-year-old woman to death. investigators identify her as denise barger who is recently a widow. in philadelphia overbrook neighborhood, police are investigating a deadly double shooting. one man died shortly after being taken to the hospital. another is in critical condition. so far no one has been arrested. . one week ago at this time, we were just beginning to learn about the terror unfolding in orlando. the community is grieving and determines to overcome the horror. omar mateen killed 49 people and hurt dozens of others in the nightclub last sunday morning. a crash during one of the funeral processions injured two florida sheriff's deputies. a woman pulled out at the end of
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the procession and hit two motorcycle deputies. both were taken to the hospital in stable condition. the driver is expected to be okay. and germantown will have an all lives matter rally at 4:00 p.m. also a prayer service and balloon launch in tribute to the victims. >> and the st. peter basilica will have an evening mass for the victims. coming up next on nbc 10 news today, the phils drop another game at home. why one player is saying less is more.
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a day to appreciate dads. we will have a father's day celebration this afternoon. free hotdogs and ice cream along with other activities. the event begins at noon. you can add to the love by adding a family member. the who's your daddy adoption
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event. they are waving adoption fees on all pets in honor of father's day. tonight we will find out which team will be nba champions. the golden state warriors take on the cleveland cavaliers in a winner takes all game seven. we are hearing that tickets for the game are selling for more than some super bowl tickets. here is the rest of your sunday sports. >> hi, i'm amy fadool from comcast sports net. the phillys gave the ball to the last pitcher to get a win for the phillys. that is jared eikoff. herrera, a home run to left. seventh of the season. right back, the 1-1 game.
7:42 am
the seventh inning, jake lamb welcoming back gonzalez. the phillies lose near fifth straight. here is more on what went wrong. >> it's one pitch, a lieder. it is a goldy. if it is not made that's the game. >> i think everyone needs to take a deep breath and try to do less. that may will laughable to the public eye, how can we do less, but sometimes less is more. not trying to hit an 8 run homer just get on base for the next guy. >> when the u.s. open started yesterday, dustin johnson was
7:43 am
the leader. he had trouble keeping the pal on the green. this was for bogey. lee westwood found a way to deal with the difficult greens at oakmont. that is how you don't have to putt, 2 under for westwood. shane lowry on a par 5 third shot. this one is not in, but i think he will like it. pretty much a tap in birdie. he is the leader at 5 under through 13 holes. >> and crawford also missed the cut after a pair of 76s. >> from day one i have not -- being here in practice rounds even thursday didn't bother me too bad. i just really enjoyed it.
7:44 am
it was special. >> first place union visiting new york city. lampard. 1-06 n yrg c. now 2-0 nyc. their eighth match unbeaten. that will do it for sports, i'm amy fadool. if it is sunday it is "meet the press." this morning donald trump is on the show, and also bernie sanders who is still in the race. coming up, my forecast for the next several days. look at this sunshine and the focus coming up we'll be right back.
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good morning, i'm erika martin. here is what you can expect for today. traffic is moving nicely behind us. lots of sunshine in the forecast. high pressure system keeping
7:48 am
everything high and dry for today. and for tomorrow, but it looks like showers on the approach with a frontal boundary. lots of 60s in the forecast. sunshine in the works as the day progresses. we will see a westerly flow. make sure you have sun glasses handy, sunscreen, and stay hydrated. low 90s, a couple clouds, everything starting to improve. look at this, your outlook for today, happy father's day. sunny, hot, not humid. dew point in the 50s and 60s. many of you headed to the beach, please keep that in mind. we have a little onshore flow and that does not help the situation. a clear night, mostly clear. take advantage of sky gazing if you like that. the pollen forecast looking not that great for the next few days.
7:49 am
improving just a bit by monday and tuesday. but this keeps our pollen count for today and tomorrow very high. make sure you follow us on social media for more weather updates. >> all right, thank you. "the today show" is coming our way in about 11 minutes. let's check in with willy geist. i guess we don't have him, we'll try to get back to him in a couple seconds, we do have him? duo? there he is. hey, hiwillie, sorry. coming up, i promise the rest of the show is better than this part. a power house in the world of sports, but he is not an athlete. bill simmons who has created a
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immediate yam empire. is your local mall a thing of the past? in so many are struggling these days to survive. one week now after the shooting in orlando, the story of home how one man found understanding and forgiveness after he shot at the a mosque. the republican party remains split on backing donald trump as the presumptive nominee. trump continues to push back against the dump trump moment. he will be a guest on this morning's "meet the press" and joining us for a preview is chuck todd, good morning, chuck. >> good morning, ted. >> establishment republicans are hesitant to back trump for fear the party will lose seats in both parties and chambers of
7:51 am
commerce. is there a way to stop him at the convention? >> there is a new effort by a handful of delegates that will be on the world committee in cleveland at the convention that want something they are calling a conscious clause. giving delegates, when we went through this with a contested convention. the delegates had to vote for trump even if they had second thoughts. they want to give them an opportunity where they don't have to be tied down to him if they don't want to. if there is one more of these trump controversial statements that make republicans feel like they have to refutuate him, and it happens before say the 4th of july, this movement could get real, stronger, trump could be
7:52 am
in trouble. >> let's talk about hillary clinton. bernie sanders has not formally dropped out, so what is his motivation? >> it is a great question. i think he missed his moment. i think the rev amg of last week would have been greater. i get why if he is an active candidate his delegates will have more influence in philadelphia at the convention. but it seems as if his demands are not meeting the moment. they look small right now. they're about how the party conducts itself when nominating a candidate. well he was a progressive check on hillary clinton. i think the problem now is that the rest of the party has moved on. even many of his most prominent
7:53 am
spot supporters endorsed clinton. he looks left behind. i think that is why he is missing his moment and why it may not be the most effective. >> paul ryan and donald trump will be the guests on "meet the press" this morning. we're back in a moment.
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the fire fly music festival wraps up today in dover. earth wind and fire will perform today. dozens of fans have been at the festival sense thursday. and you can sample meals at 25 wildwood restaurants. each one will offer a complete four course meal for just $30 plus tax and a tip. a good deal. it sounds good and we have a great deal for all of the dads today thanks to mother nature. >> yeah. it is going to top out in the up
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80s and lower 90s. but it will not be humid. if you're going to the beach, rip current risk is moderate today. sky gazerers. sad urn and antares tonight. sorm summer solstice. >> absolutely gorgeous. it looks like we could see scattered showers, isolated thunderstorms on tuesday. let's focus on a really nice father's day, huh? >> sounds good. thank you for being with us. we will be back at 9:00 with more news from all of us here at nbc 10. hope you have a fantastic father's day.
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oh, my gosh. >> we have not 20, but 50 casualties. >> when does this stop? >> i assume this is disney and that you're safe. >> welcome to sunday "today." i'm willie geist. thank you for starting your father's day with us. big shoutout to all the dadse e to today, especially mine, bill geist. we'll be talking in a moment about all we have learned in the seven days since. and later this morning, he's one of the most popular players in the world of sports. but he doesn't wear a uniform. writer, podcaster, now tv host


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