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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  October 7, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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carolina. that happened just a short time ago. he's already done the same for florida, georgia, and south carolina. let's go straight to nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. glenn, you are closely watching matthew's track. >> right, and even though the maximum wind speed has gone down, we've gone from a 115 miles an hour category 3 to a 110 miles an hour category 2. there's really not much difference in a five miles per hour storm. to our north is south carolina and north carolina. this thing better start moving and turning or else it's going to hit land. we've got well over 300 miles' worth of rain, most of it on the north side of this storm. this is the strongest part. the eyewall, this is the area surrounding the eye. this is the strongest wind gust,
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it's managed to stay offshore as it's come up the coast. there's still other bands that have come into jacksonville and produced some significant storm surges near record levels in some places. 40 miles offshore, that's the eye. and that's how close it's been. 20 to 40 miles offshore. there's the latest of the northern eyewall, and the thunderstorms near the center are actually getting stronger. here is the futurecast. as we go through the night tonight, as the eye gets closer to the coast, the northern eyewall gets onto the coast. we may be seeing stronger winds, bigger storm surges, heavier rain. georgia, south carolina coast, than what we've seen in florida so far. so the storm damage will actually increase as we go into the night tonight. 110 miles per hour category 2 still moving to the north.
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we need that right turn. we'll see if that comes a little bit later. >> thank you, hurricane. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal is following the storm in stewart, florida. now he's on the space coast in cocoa beach. >> randy, we saw you in the last hour, pretty rough surf out there. two guys out on jet skis actually fell off. tell us about it. >> reporter: they fell off, they were trying to ride these waves, which is almost impossible at this point, obviously. but they both fell off. we watched as they got back on and headed to the shoreline, because it is not safe out here right now, even though the storm has passed us, the eye is well north of us. look at these winds, these palm trees are whipping in the wind. if you look over here again, you can see the damage left behind
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at this seaside bar, the dock torn to shreds. hurricane matthew is leaving a path of destruction across florida. it could have been a whole lot worse. >> it's made a little jolt to the east. everybody in the room was like, oh, thank god. >> reporter: one of the hardest-hit areas, st. augustine, about 130 miles north of cocoa beach. the city is underwater. so is this vehicle. one resident took this video of the water going over the sea wall, unleashing a fury of water into the city. as for the animals at a local zoo, they rode out the hurricane inside. this stork taking cover in the bathroom. and about 30 miles south in palm coast, home security cameras catching waves crashing into this house along the shore. the homeowner told nbc news the fire alarm was going off before his camera system stopped working. as the folks in south florida breathe a sigh of relief, it's the people in georgia and the
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carolinas who have to deal with the storm now. you can see the bridge that connects the barrier islands to the mainland of florida, we're expecting thousands of dollars of damage alone at this tiki bar. people are more concerned about their friends and family up north in jacksonville and daytona beach after we've seen those devastating flooding pictures coming from there. i'm randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. >> randy, stay safe down there. our coverage of hurricane matthew will continue through the hour. at 5:30 we'll go live up the coast to florida to daytona beach to get an update on conditions there. we know hurricane matthew is going to avoid our area altogether. >> very different picture here. in fact it was sunny, beautiful fall day. gorgeous conditions to go for a run by the schuylkill river. we check with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> tomorrow you will notice
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changes. we do have rain moving into the weekend forecast. in part it's going to be some of this moisture you see trying to move in north of matthew. this cold front, once it gets closer, it will start to pull up some of this moisture. hurricane matthew is, as we said, going to stay to our south. you see the rain and the clouds just on the north side, the far north. that's all trying to move in tomorrow. tonight, if you have friday night plans, we'll stay nice and dry. overnight more clouds start to move in. tomorrow you'll wake up to a different day. cloudy skies by 9:00 a.m. we could even have some showers around, mostly north and west of philadelphia. by 9:00 a.m., upper 50s through 60 degrees. by the afternoon, keep the umbrella around. we have showers moving in tomorrow afternoon. really for the second half of your saturday we will have rain in the forecast, changing as we go into your sunday.
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we'll look at your neighborhood weather for the weekend coming up. now to breaking decision 2016 news. an interview with donald trump more than a decade ago is now coming to light, capturing some of his candid views of women on tape. nbc news obtained the 2005 interview from "access hollywood." in the recording, trump reportedly tells host billy bush, quote, when you're famous you can do anything you want with women. he also says, quote, i'm automatically attracted to beautiful women, i start kissing them, it's like a magnet. after seeing a woman during the interview, he said, whoa, i have to use some tic tacs. nbc 10 is working to edit the video and we'll bring it to you as soon as we can. trump responded by saying, this was locker room banter, a
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private conversation that took place many years ago. bill clinton has said for worse to me on the golf course. not even close. i apologize it anyone was offended. today lawmakers approved a bill to raise the gas tax by 23 cents per gallon to fund transportation work across the state. coming up in our next half hour, nbc 10's cydney long talked to residents to see how today's vote will impact them. philadelphia's public schools will be testing every water fountain for lead over the next year and a half. the city began testing some of the buildings. results from 22 schools show most are compliant. the 365 water fountains, nearly 50 raised concerns. and some had readings that were higher than what the environmental protection agency recommends. >> we immediately shut down those water outlets or drinking
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fountains that were above the actionable level of 15 parts per billion. >> if consumed in large amounts, high lead levels could cause sympt stomach pain and other ailments in children. nbc 10 has learned new details about the night two firefighters died in wilmington. the suspect accused of setting the deadly fire appeared in court today. nbc 10 bureau reporter ted furlong has been following the story from the very beginning and has more in the courtroom. >> reporter: after an emotional couple of hours in the courtroom, kate decided she didn't want to talk on camera. she had just been at the hearing for this woman. prosecutors say she confessed to setting the row home fire that killed kate's fiance, firefighter christopher leach, and another firefighter. ruiz's family and friends wouldn't talk to us but she had admitted to throwing body wash on the pool table and using a
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lighter to set it on fire, and set a doll house on fire before fleeing the house. detectives say she was drunk and on anxiety medication and angry with this couple. she was living in their house temporarily, sleeping on a couch. the step mom had wanted her to move out. ruiz's lawyer says this isn't as cut and dry as prosecutors make it appear. they may try to show the fire was really an accident. >> we can say this is a horrible tragedy. obviously there's a lot to learn about what happened. >> reporter: wilmington's fire chief sat in on the hearing. he said he came to support the firefighters' families and the two firefighters still in the burn center with very serious injuries. >> this is a long battle, a long fight that these individuals have to recover from. >> reporter: they promoted christopher leach to captain after his funeral.
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his wife texted me to say aside from the courtroom drama, she wants it to remain a story about heroes. tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> firefighter artie hope is still in critical but stable condition at crozier's burn center. she has burns over 70% of her body. brad speakman has burns over 30% of his body and is expected to remain there for the next few weeks. police in the lehigh valley arrested one of their own for indecent exposure and disorderly conduct. bethlehem police officer ben willard was seen inappropriately touching himself. willard has been placed on suspension and faces further disciplinary action, including possible dismissal. back to this now, right now
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nbc 10 tracking hurricane matthew. this is a live look at myrtle beach. the storm is moving closer and closer to the south carolina coast. it is still moving north. next at 5:00, how local emergency responders are heading south to help. planned parenthood. i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion and i would suggest we have penalties for doctors who perform them. would you put people in jail for performing abortions? at some point doctors performing abortions i think would be subject to that sort of penalty. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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the presidential election is just over a month away but there is another deadline that is getting even closer. >> time is running out if you're not registered to vote. and today, hillary clinton brought a big name to push pennsylvanians to the polls. here is nbc 10's deanna durante. >> what bothers me most about donald trump, and i mean this sincerely, is his lack of sensibilities, his lack of any feel for the decency and the -- i don't know how to say it, of the american people. >> reporter: in a speech that lasted less than an hour, vice president joe biden didn't miss a chance to get his jabs in about republican nominee donald trump. >> what does trump say about climate change? this is a quote. it's a hoax created by and for the chinese to make america noncompetitive. >> it's malarky. >> it is malarky. >> reporter: that pleased the
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crowd, so did his dedication to hillary clinton, who he says has the competence to run the country. >> her plan is that in ten years we'll power every single home in america with solar panels. >> she knows what's good for america more than donald trump. >> reporter: the emphasis was on what clinton would deliver in the white house and how that could be lost if people do not register to vote now and show up at the polls. >> there's actually more democrats in bucks county than republicans. but they don't always vote. that's what we're going to try to do, get them all to vote. >> reporter: some couldn't get in. others waited for hours to hear the vp. >> this is my first election that i can vote. i'm here to support hillary and joe biden. >> reporter: the vice president told people here he was selected by the president eight years ago in part because he could deliver
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pennsylvania for him. he says now his job is to deliver pennsylvania for hillary clinton. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. trump and clinton will face off in their second presidential debate this sunday. you can watch it on cozi tv starting at 9:00. that's comcast channel 248 and verizon channel 460. we'll have more a little bit later. let's go back now to our coverage of hurricane matthew. i want you to take a look at this live picture. this is daytona beach. you see the waves crashing there against the sand. everything looks drenched out there. of course the hurricane is just off the shore, at least the eye is, heading north, expected to make landfall somewhere in south carolina. here is the very latest on the storm as it makes its way up the coast. top winds of the hurricane are now clocked in at 115 miles an hour. more than a million customers in florida remain without power. and the storm is still threatening historic cities like
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savannah, georgia, and charleston, south carolina. in south carolina, several more communities along the coast are imposing curfews as the winds and rains of matthew approach the state. the worst of the storm is expected to move in overnight. president obama has declared a state of emergency in north carolina. in this area, we won't seeab impact from hurricane matthew. but local first responders won't be enjoying nice weather this weekend. >> they're already down south, eager to help anybody caught in the path of this storm. >> reporter: their mission will take these members of the pennsylvania task force one from philadelphia to florida. with sandy a recent memory, they have an idea of what to expect from matthew. most of the team is made up of philly firefighters. >> everything we do every day at the philadelphia fire department, we're prepared for the worst but hoping for the best. we're proud and honored to be helping out with this incident. >> reporter: search and rescue
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is their specialty. but they're equipped and trained to respond to any kind of disaster. >> we have a lot of different assets, today nonsearch asse ca assets. >> reporter: we were there as robert and denise van ness left thursday. we checked back in with them today. right now the van nesses are standing by in columbia, south carolina, waiting to see what the storm's next move will be. as for the task force, the team knows the work will be grueling but rewarding. >> we're also very grateful to fema for helping us build this capacity and have these specialized capabilities in this city. this is what we do to pay it forward. >> it's amazing the work they do, putting themselves in the line of danger like that. let's get the latest on hurricane matthew and your weekend forecast from meteorologist sheena parveen.
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>> the south carolina coastline bracing for matthew, it's about 120 miles away from savannah, georgia. that's where we find some of the heaviest rain, on the north and northeast side of the eye. if it continues on this track, at this speed, it will be there overnight tonight. of course south carolina watching it closely too. the rain spans all the way up through south carolina on the north side. if we take an even wider look out, you can see the rain really extending up into our area, not locally. we have nice weather today, but we do have some showers, some moisture from it trying to move into western pennsylvania right now. at the same time, we're also going to have a cold front approaching as we go into tomorrow. that's going to help to pull up some of the moisture. it's also going to help to keep the hurricane away from us, so that's good news. we've been talking about that for the past week or so. a look at hurricane matthew, max winds 110 miles per hour. as of the last advisory, it's downgraded to a category 2
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hurricane, a strong category 2 hurricane. it's moving to the north at 12 miles per hour. it should be up near the georgia/south carolina coastline overnight tonight. that would be 2:00 a.m. saturday, possibly still as a category 2 hurricane. then it could be skimming the south carolina coast into saturday afternoon, downgrading potentially to a category 1. and then that's when we start to see it make the very sharp turn, starts to wind around and maybe even heads back towards the bahamas. but at that point it would be early next week and it would be weakening. we'll be watching that closely. the wind radius around the hurricane, red showing hurricane-force winds, the yellow tropical storm-force winds. we're looking at hurricane-force winds along the georgia coastline, south carolina coastline, maybe even towards wilmington by saturday night. that's going to depend on the tropical storm-force winds before it moves out to sea. future weather, there's the hurricane and all the heavy rain
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from it as it moves up the coast. 11:30 saturday morning, the hurricane and all the heavy rain will still be very far down to our south. locally we have the cold front moving in that i mentioned. tomorrow you'll be waking up with more clouds around, scattered showers. we go through the afternoon, the hurricane stays to our south. the cold front approaching tries to pull up some of the rain from it. 6:30 saturday, scattered rain around the area. that continues through your saturday night. here is 11:30 saturday. some of the rain along the jersey shore could be on the heavier side. then it starts to clear out as we go into sunday. if you're on the shore on sunday morning, you'll be hanging on to rain. by sunday evening, we're looking nice with rain heading offshore. locally, a nice day today. if you're heading out for your friday night plans, it's going to stay nice. we'll see clouds increasing overnight tonight. into your weekend, the clouds will be around when you wake up in the morning tomorrow. temperatures right around 70
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degrees with scattered showers. for your saturday, we're mostly, again, looking at afternoon and evening showers. sunday we'll see clearing through the day. again, if you're along the shore and in delaware, you'll hang onto that rain in the morning. it will be cooler too as the cold front moves through, 60s for the high. coming up, a closer look at hurricane matthew and another look at your neighborhood weather. >> sheena, thank you so much. basketball or hockey? flyers, sixers? >> i don't know. too tough to say. >> this weekend, you won't have to choose. >> you can double dip at the wells fargo center. we'll tell you all about it, coming up. also still ahead at 5:00, helping families pay for college. how philadelphia is making sure more students get the financial aid they need.
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here's a live look now at the wells fargo center in south philly. >> tomorrow afternoon the arena will be filled with thousands of fans as they celebrate the 20th anniversary of the home of the sixers and flyers. take a look at what they did to get ready. for the first time ever, the floor is covered with half ice and half wood flooring. hockey fans can take a shot on the ice. basketball fans can shoot some hoops on the sixers side. the fun starts at 1:00. tickets are free.
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>> what a save! >> philadelphia flyers alums move from the ice to the water to knock around a different kind of puck on board the navy's newest ship. nbc 10 on board the "uss john p. murtha." a live look at the ship which is docked at penn's landing. a commissioning ceremony takes place tomorrow morning at 10:00. pennsylvania's longest serving congressman is who the ship is named for. from here the ship will head to its new home in san diego. for the first time ever, the women's table tennis world cup is not only in the u.s. but it's in philadelphia. 20 top-ranked players from as far away as singapore and japan and germany will compete for $150,000 in prize money. don't you wish you paid a little
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more attention? >> i think so. >> you can see all the matches at temple university this weekend. today the players participated in qualifying rounds. matches are scheduled through sunday night. >> i'm not sure i could keep up even if i worked my whole life, that's unbelievable. new jersey is known for low gas prices. that will soon come to an end. >> leaders have approved a big increase. we'll tell you what it will cost you. right now nbc 10 is tracking hurricane matthew. this is myrtle beach. looked at scene as the waves crash against the sand there, no one out there, thank goodness, because this is a dangerous storm, with winds over 100 miles per hour, heading north up the eastern coast. we're going to track it for you and tell you when it's going to make landfall and what it will do after that, after the break of 4 katie v/o: she works hard.
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she stays late. but she gets paid 21% less than her male coworkers. pat toomey has voted time after time against equal pay for women, against pay that helps hard working families get ahead. katie o/c: for my daughters and yours, i'll fight for equal pay for women. families need it; you've earned it. katie v/o: i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message because it's your turn to get ahead.
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>> announcer: this is nbc 10 news. 12 cents a gallon. that's how much more you'll be paying for gas in new jersey. lawmakers made it official today after months of wheeling and dealing. >> someone who grew up in new jersey is used to the low prices. >> i know. >> kind of tough to swallow. cydney long has been talking to drivers and businesses about this change. cyd, you're from south jersey too, needless to say new jerseyans are not happy. >> reporter: not an ounce, not a drop, not a gallon, they're not happy at all. you could see the 23 cents
5:31 pm
tacked on to your gas receipt as early as november 21st, about 25 days away. it's not just the price at the pump. >> gas is already expensive. it's only going to keep going up. >> reporter: but the amount of dough that it will soon cost to do business, transport goods in new jersey, has this pizza shop owner worried. the legislature passed the burden onto drivers and small business owners as well as customers if he's forced to bump prices. >> everything will go up. 23 cents on a gallon, it's not little. it's a lot. >> reporter: it's cutting into his bottom line. >> friday night, saturday night, when it's busy, we have five delivery boys.
5:32 pm
>> reporter: this delivery driver and college business major says the fuel is on him. >> it's going to come out of their pockets. we cannot afford to give them a raise. >> reporter: he and other drivers say they'll have to cut corners somewhere else. >> the roads need to be improved, i understand that's what the taxes are going for. but i'm sure they could find somewhere else. >> reporter: this is the first time new jersey has raised taxes at the pump in some 28 years. instead of being the lowest state in the nation for gas taxes, it now makes us the seventh highest. a little tradeoff, not much, new jersey will slowly phase in a lesser than 7% state sales tax to save us a little bit at the cash register. live in mt. laurel, cydney long, nbc 10 news. >> cydney, thank you so much. heading down south. we're going to return to our coverage of hurricane matthew. we'll show you another live picture, this one from daytona beach, florida. the winds have really picked up
5:33 pm
there. the surf has really kicked up. and you see no one around there along that strip, along the boardwalk, the short boardwalk there. that's a good thing. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal has been giving us live updates from cocoa beach. it's pretty brutal out there. we're getting an update, about 80 miles up the coast in daytona beach. >> that's where sarah rosario is right now. she shows us more of the conditions. >> reporter: hurricane matthew is lashing florida. the eye hugging the coastline as it moves north, bringing with it heavy rain, violent winds, and dangerous storm surge that could reach up to 11 feet. >> we are very concerned about storm surge. and the worst effects are likely to come. >> reporter: this was the scene on orman beach. >> we should back away. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands are without power after matthew started its assault overnight.
5:34 pm
first light revealed south florida was largely spared major damage while empty streets showed floridians heeded warnings and got out of the way of the violent storm. now category 3, with sustained winds of 120 miles per hour, the storm pummels florida before it starts his march up the coast. >> we're still on the front end of this hurricane, we're not on the back end. we don't know how bad the damage could end up. >> reporter: georgia and south carolina are bracing for the impact with landfall in charleston a real possibility. >> the barrier island is the biggest concern we have right now, the fact that we need people to move. >> reporter: more than 300,000 south carolinians have moved inland. the governor warning those who did not evacuate, time is running out. >> at that point it will start to be too late for anyone to evacuate. we would still encourage all of you to take shelter somewhere above ground. this is going to hurt.
5:35 pm
>> reporter: millions of people still in the path of the storm as matthew churns in the atlantic. and, keith and rosemary, we talked about assessing the damage here. there are 1,000 people here in central florida without power. florida power and light crews are working around the clock. we're told they're getting power restored as soon as possible. sarah rosario, back to you, keith and rosemary. >> thanks, sarah. let's get the latest on hurricane matthew. we'll check in with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> it's getting close to south georgia's coastline here. so have an savannah only a hundred miles away from the center of hurricane matthew. it's moving to the north. the wave heights at the closest buoy we have, up to 20-foot
5:36 pm
waves. you see that right at the border of north georgia and south georgia -- or north florida and south georgia, i should say. wind gusts near 60 miles an hour on some of those buoys already. daytona beach, 45-mile-an-hour wind gusts. now winds gusting around 25 miles per hour, hilton head looking at almost 50-mile-an-hour wind gusts. the center of the storm will keep getting closer to parts of south carolina. category 2 hurricane, max winds 110 miles an hour, moving to the north at 12 miles an hour. that could put it somewhere around savannah or maybe the georgia/south carolina border there by early tomorrow morning. we're talking overnight they're going to get the worst on the coastline, maybe weakening to a category 1 by saturday afternoon. then it takes that big curve out
5:37 pm
to sea, starts to turn back down to the south, possibly weakening, heading back in the direction of the bahamas. we'll be watching that closely. computer models are all going out to sea after it nears the south carolina coast and is swinging back around to the bahamas. at that point we would obviously watch it very closely. so far it looks like it's still going to take that turn, even though it's heading to the north right now. a lot of georgia and south carolina conditions rapidly deteriorating. we'll be watching that closely. as we go into the weekend, some of the moisture from hurricane matthew will be adding to our rain chances. it will stay down to the south for most of us. the rain will start to make its way north. i'll show you the timing of the rain and a cooldown too, coming up. we know matthew is not going to affect us here. but the jersey shore certainly knows what it's like to get battered by a big storm. next, the lessons learned from hurricane sandy and how they've made the shore safer.
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philly schools have been given a challenge. >> it's a competition to help students in the city pay for college. today superintendent dr. william height announced the new initiative that gives the city money and support to help families fill out fafsa financial aid forms. the schools and districts with the highest completion rate by the end of march receive a trophy. officials hope to increase the rate of completion from the current 53%. >> there's $180 billion in federal aid that our students can have access to. >> about two-thirds of full-time students pay for college with the help of financial aid in the form of grants and scholarships. coming up next, we'll show you the latest on hurricane matthew. where it's heading, as our rain chances, as we start off the weekend. planned parenthood.
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>> announcer: this is nbc 10 news. more now on our coverage of hurricane matthew. this is a live look at myths beach, south carolina. a few people out there on the boardwalk. we know that hurricane is moving up north along the east coast of florida. south carolina is expected to feel quite a bit from this storm. the governor of south carolina, nikki haley, has already declared a state of emergency. people there have been preparing. we know it's going to be a long couple of days. we've been tracking the storm as it's been moving up the coast of florida. at 5:30, just a few moments ago, nbc's sarah rosario showed us the latest conditions in daytona beach. now we go a hundred miles up the coast to jacksonville, where nbc's kerry sanders is looking
5:44 pm
at the threat from the storm surge. >> reporter: more people die in a hurricane from drowning than anything else. why that happens? it's called storm surge, a complex combination of factors. it's the wind that's buffeting me right now. it's the wind speed and direction. but it's also the rising tide and the speed and movement of that eyewall. how it all works results in storm surge. and it's something that the national hurricane center has been studying and has some new complex computers that make it now easy for us to understand. i'm kerry sanders. i'll have the details coming up on "nightly news." now back to you. the threat from hurricane matthew will not reach us here. but it really wasn't that long ago that another storm did its damage. >> it's hard to forget. the jersey shore learned a lot from hurricane sandy. many changes have been made to make sure people are ready for the next big threat. nbc 10 jersey shore bureau
5:45 pm
reporter ted greenberg explains. >> it's just constant waiting to be done. >> reporter: nearly four years later, work to repair june and donald kulick's house from sandy is still not finished. for the ventner couple, watching coverage of hurricane matthew brings back painful memories. >> every time i see a bad storm coming, i have a little anxiety. >> reporter: like many along the jersey shore, their house is now higher than it was, providing protection from flooding. the kulick's raised their seven feet. most new jersey beaches are more fortified now or soon will be. atlantic county has far more emergency storm supplies on hand than it did prior to the 2012 hurricane, including 1500 cops. >> sandy was a big wake-up call for us. i absolutely believe we're better prepared. >> reporter: prior to sandy, the atlantic county office of
5:46 pm
emergency preparedness had about a hundred volunteers it could rely on. now there are consistently triple, even quadruple that amount. >> those are community members working to protect their community. we can do it without cots and blankets, but we can't do it without people. >> reporter: ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. let's get the latest on hurricane matthew and our weekend forecast from meteorologist sheena parveen. >> matthew causing a lot of heavy rain, high seas now off the coast of south georgia and south carolina. this is what we'll be paying attention to as we go through tonight. if it were to make landfall or at least get close enough to land as a category 2 hurricane, it would be late tomorrow or early tomorrow morning. here it is spinning, off the jacksonville coast. it's about 120 miles south of savanna, georgia, moving to the north. we're going to watch it move to the north and then take that turn that we've been anticipating out to sea as it nears of georgia/south carolina border.
5:47 pm
the rain is extending through south carolina, the heaviest on the coast. and on the north and northeast side of the eyewall. it also extends into parts of western pennsylvania. we'll watch that moisture as well. a cold front will approach tomorrow and try to pull some of that moisture up with it. hurricane matthew, winds sustained at 110 miles an hour, moving to the north at 12 miles an hour. if it continues on this track, it could be near the georgia/south carolina border by 2:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, possibly as a category 2. then we would anticipate it taking more of that turn, maybe sliding along the south carolina coast through tomorrow afternoon, sending a lot of rain to the north, finally moving out to sea. it could be making this crazy loop around, weakening, heading back to the bahamas. that's something we'll watch very closely. locally, we've seen nice conditions all afternoon long. we're in the clear right now, nice and dry. nice day to visit the philadelphia zoo, the weather
5:48 pm
perfect for the animals and those visiting today. i'm sure it was a great day for anybody who was able to get out, a beautiful fall day. it will stay nice through tonight. if you have friday night plans, 75 degrees in philadelphia. by 7:00 p.m., around 70 degrees. by 10:00 p.m., temperatures around 63 degrees if you're heading out. future weather, looking back down to the hurricane, tonight the heavy rain sliding up through the carolinas and into tomorrow morning. there's our cold front we've been talking about. that's going to start to bring us some rain. it will also pull up some of the rain from hurricane matthew. it's also going to act as a blocking mechanism that's going to keep matthew to the south and push it out to sea. now we go through saturday afternoon. showers in the forecast to start off your weekend. expect the rain around. even tomorrow night, rain around the area, especially new jersey and delaware by 9:30 tomorrow evening. we see it start moving away by
5:49 pm
sunday. by the coast it will linger but by the afternoon hours a lot of that moves offshore. the second half of your sunday actually looks really good. i think the weekend will be shaping up nicely after we get through saturday. for saturday, 71 for the high in philadelphia. south jersey, 70 degrees. 69 through the lehigh valley, cloudy with scattered showers through the day. by sunday, cooler and clearing. temperatures in the mid-60s. we are going to have a nice cooldown. your next ten-day on 10, through monday and tuesday we'll be staying in the 60s. so from sunday and to start off next week, it will be nice and cool. perfect weather for fall. then we get to the middle of the week, we're back in the 70s. and we go into next weekend with some rain in the forecast. we'll update that as we get closer. coming up at 6:00, glenn will have a closer look at hurricane matthew and your local weather. lester holt joins us from daytona beach, florida. >> he and his team will be following the latest on hurricane matthew for "nbc nightly news." good evening, lester.
5:50 pm
>> hey, keith and rosemary, good evening. we'll update the storm surge flooding as the rest of the southeast braces for their turn. what donald trump said about women on an open mike years ago may be coming to haunt him. we'll have the lewd comments that are now public. the u.s. openly accuses russia of tampering with american politics. those stories and more when we see you for "nightly news." we'll send it back to you in philly. >> lots to cover, see you at 6:30, thanks, lester. donald trump called it the eighth wonder of the world. but in a matter of hours, the trump taj mahal will close its doors. >> how this will affect struggling atlantic city.
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5:51 pm
>> lots to cover, see you at >> lots to cover, see you at
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
the final weekend for the trump taj mahal in atlantic city. >> the casino will shut down at 5:59 a.m. on monday. already more than half of the gaming machines have been shut down. fine dining restaurants have closed with only the food court and small shops remaining open. workers who have been on strike for three months here say the union never wanted the casino to close. they still say they're proud the union stayed united. >> on the other side of things, there was never any movement.
5:54 pm
there was never any attempt to settle this on the company's end. >> casino management told us they had no response to the closing. gaming vouchers and chips can be redeemed until 8:00 a.m. on monday. take a look at this. it's a look back to when trump taj mahal first opened in 1990. donald trump was there himself for the big event. he called it the eighth wonder of the world. the taj was one of three casinos trump used to own in atlantic city. >> by monday, all of them will be closed. trump has said he will demand the taj remove his name from the building after it shuts down. hillary clinton has tried to take advantage of trump's history in atlantic city. she held a rally at the taj mahal in july and called her opponent a, quote, shameful businessman who contributed to the city's decline. trump has fought back, saying he created thousands of jobs and simply used the bankruptcy laws to his advantage. a reminder. time is running out if you need
5:55 pm
to register to vote for this november's election. this weekend, community groups will be encouraging people to register in philadelphia and in bucks county. >> we'll be on the ground talking about what's going on and engaging them. >> the organization hopes to register up to a thousand people before pennsylvania's deadline on tuesday. >> here is the look at the registration deadlines for each state. pennsylvania's is this tuesday, october 11th. the deadline in delaware, october 15th. and in new jersey, three days later, october 18th. big dates to remember right there. >> mm-hmm. nbc 10 news at 6:00 is next. >> here is jim rosenfield. >> breaking news tonight, donald trump coming under fire for an audio recording that's just come to light. what it shows about his candid views of women. we'll have the details, coming up. also a new look at the damage left behind from hurricane matthew in florida. a live report as well. i have the latest on the
5:56 pm
storm's path. you can now see the worst of the hurricane. planned parenthood.
5:57 pm
i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion and i would suggest we have penalties for doctors who perform them. would you put people in jail for performing abortions? at some point doctors performing abortions i think would be subject to that sort of penalty. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. destruction on the coast. tonight, hurricane matthew continues to slam parts of florida. this is still a really dangerous hurricane. >> damaging winds and rain pelt the sunshine state as millions
5:58 pm
take cover. we have a live report from florida. we'll show you where the storm is headed now. >> she was in palm beach. i moved on her. and i failed. i'll admit it. >> a controversial tape. a new recording has donald trump facing heated criticism. >> announcer: nbc 10 breaking news. we begin with breaking decision 2016 news. in the past two hours, a new audio recording of donald trump has come out. that recording is from more than ten years ago. and in it, you hear trump talking about women. nbc 10's rosemary connors is live in the news center with that recording. >> jim, nbc news obtained trump's 2005 interview with billy bush from "access hollywood." nbc 10 has edited it because it has language inappropriate for television. >> i moved on her. she was in palm beach. i moved on her and i failed.
5:59 pm
i'll admit it. i tried to [ bleep ]. i moved on her very heavily. in fact i took her out furniture shopping. she wanted to get some furniture. i said, i'll show you where they have some nice furniture. i moved on her like [ bleep ]. i couldn't get there. and she was married. i have some tic tacs in case i start kissing her. i'm automatically attracted to beautiful women. i start kissing them. i'm like a magnet. when you're a star, they let you do it. you can do anything. >> whatever you want. >> grab them by the [ bleep ]. do anything. >> at the time of this interview, trump was newly married to his current wife melania. the republican nominee recently has come under fire for insulting and directing crude language toward women. he has rejected the criticism. in a statement to "the washington post," trump responded to the interview saying, quote, this was locker room banter, a private conversation that took place many years ago.
6:00 pm
bill clinton has said far worse to me on the golf course. not even close. i apologizing if anyone was offended. trump does not have any publicly scheduled events tonight. "nbc nightly news" will have much more on this interview and the fallout from it, that comes up at 6:30. i'm rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. to the latest now on hurricane matthew. it continues to churn off the coast of florida. every hour bringing more damage. and it's far from over. the state has been feeling the impacts of the storm for nearly 24 hours now. some of the worst weather hit this afternoon. wind has knocked down trees, left a million people without power. let's take a live look at florida right now. you can see things starting to calm down, but it's still the strongest hurricane to strike that part of the state. we have team coverage tonight. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal is live on the space coast. but we bin


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