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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 6am  NBC  October 8, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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i said it, i was wrong and i apologize. >> donald trump does apologize after an old case surfaces revealing lewd comments the presidential nominee made about women. the new scandal comes just before tomorrow night's debate. hurricane matthew is surging toward the south carolina coast, could make landfall this morning. and moments ago, the national hurricane center warned people not to go outside. we are expecting cooler weather for the weekend. here's a live look at center city. just a bit breezy. we could see rain later on all thanks to matthew. good morning. this is nbc10 news today. i am rosemary connors.
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it is 6:00 on this saturday. let's begin with the latest on matthew's track. first alert meteorologist krystal klei has more on where the storm is expected to make landfall this morning. krystal? >> we're looking close. this will be a close call on land or not. either way, damage has been done, it will continue to occur this morning. i have been monitoring parts of conversations with meteorologists with national weather service and media that are in this area and it is not looking good for the zone from savannah through charleston. the yellow, red and orange is the eyewall. there's the center of the storm. when the center passes land, that's a landfall. the eyewall is the most dangerous part of the storm. we are seeing that move right over the area. there are reports of 10 to 15 inches of rain in the zone and very large storm surge that's going to continue. this isn't over, it is just starting. look how close we are to landfall. red, orange, heavy rain coming
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down. this is just starting to move into charleston where they're seeing record values for both the level of gauges that are available there or how much water we're seeing in the shore. we are seeing a dangerous situation unravel in the zone. a cold front is coming our direction keeps matthew to the south. 62 for philadelphia. 62 in pottstown. 57 in allentown. we will talk about the chance of rain for your neighborhood. when you're a star, they let you do it. grab them by [bleep]. >> i said it, i was wrong, i apologize. >> new this morning and developing, overnight apology from donald trump for lewd comments about women caught on tape years ago. some top republicans are
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denouncing the nominee. house speaker paul ryan has disinvited trump from an event in wisconsin where the two were scheduled to campaign together. monique braxton is live with more on what's next for trump. monique, fill us in. >> reporter: hi, rosemary. reaction coming in from voters and politicians. as we just heard, donald trump has apologized and said he was wrong. back in 2005 trump was speaking with access hollywood host billy bush about a soap opera gig when the conversation turned to bush's co-host, nancy o'dell. although we edited what was said, it is clear why you might find it disturbing. >> all of a sudden i see her, she's now totally changed her look. when you're a star, you can do anything. grab them by the [bleep]. >> hillary clinton's campaign reacted to the 2005 comments with this tweet. this is horrific. we cannot allow this man to
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become president. both trump and bush issued apologies. in the last few hours, trump went further in this video posted on facebook. >> i've never said i'm a perfect person nor pretended to be someone i'm not. i've said and done things i regret and words released today on this more than a decade old video are one of them. anyone who knows me knows these words don't reflect who i am. i said it, i was wrong, and i apologize. >> now later in the apology trump took aim at hillary clinton saying she bullied women her husband, former president bill clinton, abused. we spoke with voters about trump's comments. >> definitely perpetuating rape culture which in recent time is a big deal. >> so offended any man would say that about any woman, it is completely demeaning and completely archaic. >> we are monitoring comments overnight.
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i can tell you republicans are not pleased. coming up in the next half hour, hear from both republicans and democrats about mr. trump's comments more than a decade ago. live in the digital operations center, monique braxton, nbc10 news. in other news, bernie sanders will be in philadelphia to campaign for his former democratic rival, hillary clinton. the vermont senator speaking at university of the arts in center city this afternoon. yesterday vice president joe biden was in the area stumping for clinton at bucks county community college. he spoke at a get out the vote rally. at the rally he told the crowd that donald trump should not be president saying that leaders immediately bring up concerns about the republican nominee their meetings. meanwhile, hillary clinton's campaign dealing with another e-mail controversy. yesterday wikileaks released a batch of e-mails from an account it says belongs to campaign co-chairman john poe did he say
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at that. it shows comments of wall street speeches. in one transcript, she tells bankers behind closed doors that wall street executives were best positioned to help reform the u.s. financial sector. the leaks came hours after federal authorities accuse russia of directing hacks into the election system. we spoke to a cyber security expert about that claim. >> doesn't surprise me in the climate of these types of worldwide cyber security threats and attacks, not the first time we have seen the finger pointed at a nation state like russia. >> they say it would be difficult for anyone including another country to alter ballot counts or election results through a cyber attack. speaking of voting, if you have not registered to vote, time is running out. if you're voting in pennsylvania shall the deadline is tuesday. in delaware, you have one week left to register. in new jersey, you have until october 18. for more information on how to
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register, go to the nbc10 app. tomorrow night catch the second presidential debate live at 9:00 on cozi tv. if you watch sunday night football instead and miss the debate, we have you covered. we will have a live report from the debate in st. louis right after the game. back to the coverage. the eye of the storm could make landfall in south carolina anywhere from an hour from now to later this morning. category two storm blamed for four deaths in florida. more than 1 million people there are still without power. matthew continues to travel north just off the coast of florida past georgia and onto the carolinas. this is a live picture from myrtle beach, south carolina. forecasters warn storm surges could cause life threatening flooding in those states. one of the hardest-hit areas is daytona beach, florida.
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folks are beginning to assess damage to homes and businesses. violent winds pushed sheets of rain sideways as a massive storm surge moved the ocean inland toward homes. flood waters swallowed cars and winds pulled trees from the ground or snapped them in half. the u.s. military is sending help to haiti where there are reports that hurricane matthew killed more than 800 people. it was hit with the hurricane when it was still a category four storm. a navy ship headed to haiti, loaded with 300 marines. landing craft and three helicopters. the mission to carry supplies to hardest-hit areas. 170 personnel and nine military helicopters are already on the ground to help victims. stay with nbc10 news and the nbc10 app to track the path of hurricane matthew. a free download that gets severe
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weather alerts and first alert neighborhood forecast. 8 minutes past 6:00 on this saturday. going up. thought gas was cheap in new jersey? get ready to pay more, how much more and when you'll see that increase coming up. attempted kidnapping caught on camera. masked men seen breaking into a philadelphia home, trying to take a st. jo student. how the young woman got away.
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do you own a plane? do you own a bank? pat toomey owned both. but it's the fact that toomey owns a seat in the u.s. senate that should really concern us. while on the senate banking committee, pat toomey voted to rewrite rules to help bankers like him ...and he tried to eliminate protections put in place to stop wall street's risky practices. pat toomey: looking out for wall street and himself, not pennsylvania. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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welcome back. just pulled that 6:00 a.m. update on hurricane matthew. not a big change. still a category two storm. it has nearly made landfall, so close that the eye looks like it is. 10, 20 mile difference between the center of the storm and land. this is very close to landfall. no matter what, the damage is being done this morning along the south carolina coast. very strong winds on the georgia
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coast still. 105 miles per hour winds. north northeast, 12 miles per hour for movement. take a look. now 20 miles east of hilton head in south carolina. so instead of being down to the southeast, east of it directly and getting closer and closer to charleston where we're starting to see heavy rainfall this morning. here's the forecast. we move from upper 60s to low 70s in philadelphia, chances for rain later today. in the suburbs, mid to upper 60s, chance of rain will extend through the lehigh valley, starting about lunchtime. we will talk about neighborhood rain chances in a few minutes. this morning, we continue to track matthew, the hurricane could make landfall soon in south carolina, possibly between hilton head and charleston. the storm is already slamming the area with heavy rain and wind. mark var ger shows us
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conditions. >> reporter: cars a rare sight in the streets of savannah overnight. heavy rains pommelling the city. many evacuated. >> first responders can't respond in conditions that endanger their personal safety. >> reporter: the latest stop, relentless winds and rarngs storm surge turning ocean waters into flood waters. trees fell victim to conditions as did countless homes and businesses. more than a million florida customers without power. the potential for more farther north today. >> hurricane warnings and storm surge warnings in effect for the entire south carolina coast. >> reporter: more than 300,000 residents evacuated. >> fire department. >> reporter: firefighters tried to encourage in advance of possible flooding. >> say hey, please evacuate. >> reporter: matthew continuing
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it's assault on the southeast. >> stay with nbc10 and the nbc10 app. you can track the path of hurricane matthew. the app is a free download. you'll also get weather alerts and the neighborhood forecast sent to your phone. getting the green light. a judge gives uber and lyft permission to keep going. and another clown threat. another arrest. this time coming with a new message for parents in the area. that's ahead at 6:30. ♪
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some pain at the pump to report. of all places in new jersey where gas is usually cheapest in the area. yesterday, state lawmakers approved a 23 current per gallon hike in gas tax. it will bolster the transportation trust fund used to build, fix, maintain new jersey roads. governor chris christie who helped craft the measure is expected to sign it. drivers could see that tax kick in as early as november 1st. if you're looking for a ride in philadelphia, it is now legal again to use uber x and lyft. last night, they blocked a lower court ruling suspending the services. taxicab drivers sued to get the suspension. lawmakers gave them a temporary okay to operate in philadelphia over the summer, but that legislation expired last week. now to new surveillance of a
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kidnapping. they need help to find two men behind the crime. shows a young woman with her hands zip tied and duct taped over her mouth. two masked men led her out of her basement bedroom wednesday morning. they planned to put her in the trunk of a car, she made a bolt decision to run for help. detectives tell us the robbers spent nearly an hour at the off campus home and five other students slept upstairs. all women. the suspects believed to be from overbrook. starting again with a look at hurricane matthew. a very active forecast this morning. we expected this to happen and we're looking now at the very near landfall along the south carolina coast, just past hilton head this morning. now it is directly east of hilton head, just 20 miles offshore. this is close enough that it doesn't matter. the eyewall is pommelling the
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area. the potential landfall continues through charleston this morning into early afternoon. we are looking at a dangerous situation that's going to continue. seen high tide this morning, low tide hitting after 1:00. another dangerous forecast for us. we are seeing storm surge keeping tide extremely high, even as it starts to technically lower. on the track, 2:00 in the afternoon. past charleston, category one, still strong, 90 miles per hour winds. saturday and sundays early morning, clips near wilmington, north carolina and starts to yank to the right. this is good news for the forecast, stays out of our area. arches back to the south moving through monday. parts of north carolina, outer banks are going to be pommelled with rain throughout today. heaviest rain is moving through south carolina. there's a look on the radar. you see heaviest rain with
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yellow and orange, almost the entire state of south carolina being hit. there's the eyewall, this curvature here, heaviest rain band. strong winds wrap around, meaning parts of the georgia shoreline are seeing high winds this morning. that's a closer look at heavy rain moving through, stretching into charleston where things are currently considered very dangerous. likely plenty of damage already that happened. radar and satellite showing we have clouds moving in. this is a two prong reason. a cold front is coming from the west, helping force moisture and lift. then we have moisture to the south from matthew pulling up. we have a double whammy. the front will win out, not going to allow matthew to move into the heaviest rain. temperatures 62 in philadelphia, 60 in wilmington. 60 in atlantic city. grab the umbrellas. chances of rain in the forecast because of that front moving in from the west. 71 temp this afternoon.
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not a lot of warming. showers expected on and off through the day, continues through the suburbs, lehigh valley, then looking to parts of delaware and new jersey. inland temperatures are sitting right around 70, then look at the shore, upper 60s to low 70s. could see heavier rain there. that would be in part due to matthew, stretching to delaware beaches and the jersey shore. we will talk more about the forecast and the rest of the weekend coming up. >> see you shortly. thanks. still ahead in sports, tomorrow's eagles game comes with a first for carson wentz. why playing in a dome could be a challenge for the rookie quarterback. and coming up at 6:30, new details about the woman accused of starting the fire that killed two firefighters. a detective explains what happened. i spent many years as a nuclear missile launch officer.
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if the president gave the order we had to launch the missiles, that would be it. i prayed that call would never come. [ radio chatter ]
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self control may be all that keeps these missiles from firing. [ sirens blearing ] i would bomb the [ beep] out of them. i want to be unpredictable. i love war. the thought of donald trump with nuclear weapons scares me to death. it should scare everyone. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion and i would suggest we have penalties for doctors who perform them. would you put people in jail for performing abortions? at some point doctors performing abortions i think would be subject to that sort of penalty. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. i'm danny pommells. autumn rolling through the delaware valley. today a perfect fall day for football, but the eagles decided to stay inside because that's
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where sunday's game is. the birds face the lions. this will be carson wentz's first nfl game in a dome. the eagles pumped some noise in during practice. but doug pederson says most stadiums are noisy enough, the silent is almost the norm. not the exception. >> i thought that, you know, this week and even leading up to the bears game, you know, we've handled it well, and it's kind of funny. but you could almost do the entire season in silence, even your home games, because you're so used to doing it that when you go back to your normal cadence, it's a little weird sometimes to hear a live voice. >> only one eagle is listed as questionable heading into the game. bennie logan has a calf injury. he sat out of practice yesterday, but pederson said logan was feeling much better as is ryan matthews. flyers defenseman michael del zotto is out.
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lower body injury. he'll miss four to five weeks. this was his final shift last night. not clear whether the injury happens here at all, but sources say the 26-year-old has a left knee injury. to golf now, tiger woods made it official. he is returning for next week's safeway classic. woods has not played competitive golf in over a year after having back surgery. that's it for sports. i am danny pommells. enjoy your saturday. 6:26. we continue to follow the developing story shaking things up in the race for the white house. monique braxton will have the latest on donald trump's apology after a decades old recording surfaced yesterday. and krystal klei is watching matthew. >> a very dangerous situation unfolding. this continues to lash the south carolina coast. we will take a closer look and our chances for rain in the forecast coming up.
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i said it, i was wrong and i apologize. >> old reporting creating new problems at a bad time for donald trump. now he's owning up to what he said. swirling toward south carolina. bringing storm surge off the coast of hilton head island. here at home we may see rain because of matthew and cooler weather is on the way. tracking it all on this first
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alert forecast. matthew pushes up the coast toward the carolinas. krystal klei is keeping a close eye on it. you're saying the storm is making movements that change when it makes landfall. >> that's right. could be a close call making landfall. as we have been saying, it doesn't matter if it does or not, damage is happening because the most dangerous part of the storm is the eyewall, that zone around the eye itself. there you see it is making a pathway, started in hilton head this morning and is moving off the coastline, this is a horrible position for matthew because the worst of the storm is right along the shore. not only expected to be serious coastal flooding due to storm surge but heavy rain falling from 5 to 15 inches along shore points. we are tracking heavy rain bands that are still moving towards charleston. now looking at winds. charleston, 41 miles per hour. that's 10 miles per hour since a couple hours ago. still 76 wind gusts in hilton
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head. i am looking at some reports on shore points, closer to 100 miles per hour. this is a very dangerous forecast unfolding and will continue to be so through the afternoon. yesterday for florida, today south carolina. our radar and satellite as a result of a cold front is much better. we have cloud cover, chance of rain moving in later today. a cold front from the west makes sure that matthew stays to our south. we will take a closer look at the chance for rain for us today and what we are looking at for sunday. a bit of a cool down coming up. >> check back with you shortly. decision 2016 could hinge on a new controversy. overnight, the republican presidential nominee donald trump apologized for lewd comments he made about women while miked up for a tv interview in 2005. monique braxton is live in the digital operations center, following the developments.
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monique, major fallout this morning. >> reporter: that's right, rosemary. one question discussed, could this sink his presidential bid? he is heard bragging about women letting him kiss and grab them. here is what we can tell you this morning. back in 2005, he was speaking with access hollywood host billy bush about a soap opera gig when the conversation turned to bush's co-host nancy o'dell. although we edited what was said, it is clear today why you might find this disturbing. >> all of a sudden i see her, she's now [bleep], totally changed her lek. you're a star, they let you do it. >> whatever you want. >> grab them by the [bleep]. >> hillary clinton's campaign reacted to trump's comments with a tweet this is horrific. we cannot allow this man to become president. both trump and bush issued apologies. just in the past few hours, trump went further in a video he posted on facebook. >> i never said i am a perfect
6:33 am
person, nor pretended to be someone i am not. i have said some things i regret and words released on this more than a decade old video are one of them. anyone that knows me knows these words don't reflect who i am. i said it, i was wrong, i apologize. >> reporter: trump took aim at his rival clinton saying she bullied the women her husband abuse. we spoke with voters about the comments. >> these are disgusting comments. >> pat toomey tweeted trump's 2005 remarks were outrageous and unacceptable. trump video apology came a shore time after senate majority leader mitch mcconnell called on him to apologize directly to women as well as girls. we will continue to follow this,
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have much more for you at 9:00. live from the digital operations center, monique braxton, nbc10 news. >> thanks for that. as we talk about the election coming up in november, if you haven't registered to vote, time is running out. if you vote in pennsylvania, the deadline is tuesday. in delaware you have one week left to register. in new jersey, you have until october 18. if you would like more information on how to register, where you'll be voting, we have it all covered on the nbc10 app. tomorrow night, catch the second presidential debate live at 9:00 on cozi tv. if you watch sunday night football instead and miss the debate on cozi, we will have it on nbc10 at 11:00. we will have a live report from the debate in st. louis right after the game. round two of clinton versus trump on the debate stage the scheduled hot topic on nbc's "meet the press." join moderator chuck todd
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tomorrow at 10:30 here on nbc10. continuing to track hurricane matthew on the southeastern coast. here's the latest. the eye of the category two storm could make landfall in south carolina somewhere between hilton head and charleston. that's the focus now. it could hit the area with winds around 100 miles per hour. authorities say so far four people died in florida. more than a million there are still without electricity and that number is expected to grow. let's take a live look at conditions down south. this is a picture from myrtle beach, south carolina. you can see the camera is obviously trying to get a better look. winds kicking up and that rain moving in. authorities are warning the carolinas and georgia to expect storm surge up to 9 feet today. that could cause dangerous
6:36 am
flooding. some people are trying to ride out the storm in hilton head, not advised because firefighters and rescue crews have to leave the island if winds get too strong. that means anybody that stays there will be on their own. and a star city in florida has widespread flooding, storm surge brought water into the streets of saint augustine. they hope to assess that later when the sun is up. matthew left its mark on other parts of florida. homes and buildings are damaged, ripped trees out of the ground, knocked down power lines. daytona beach is more of the same with debris spread for miles. meantime, the u.s., united nations and other relief agencies are trying to rush supplies to haiti. the island nation was clobbered by hurricane matthew which was a category four storm at the time of landfall.
6:37 am
reported death toll in haiti stands more than 800 people. be sure to stay with nbc10 for continuing coverage of hurricane matthew. track the path of the storm with the nbc10 app. 6:37 right now this saturday. just about 62 degrees outside. still ahead, a win for olympic medalli medallist. we will tell you about the tax they have to pay and one exception to the rule. and warnings for parents after another teen is under arrest for a clown threat, this time in the lehigh valley.
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we begin with a look at neighborhood conditions. 62 in philadelphia, 57 in parts of the pennsylvania suburbs.
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upper 50s on the board. currently the winds on the light side. maybe those pick up moving through the afternoon. that's because we are tracking a cold front moving by which will bring us rain. speaking of winds, hurricane matthew winds are dangerous at this point. this is the eyewall of the storm, brushing against hilton head, moving into charleston through the 6:00 a.m. hour. orange and yellow are tropical storm force winds. this is dangerous on the shoreline of georgia through south carolina and right into north carolina. 4:00 saturday, moving through north carolina saturday into sunday. this is going to be something throughout the weekend. we continue to track winds and rain and we will have closer details on shower chances for us coming up. olympic athletes who win gold, silver or bronze medal for
6:41 am
team usa will no longer have to pay the so-called victory tax. president obama signed a bill into law yesterday that prohibits the irs from taxing medals or other prizes awarded to olympians. not everybody is exempt. it applies to high profile athletes that earn more than a million dollars a year like swimmer michael phelps. 6:41 this saturday. every pass, hit, touchdown, it is the high school blitz.
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when i was one year old, i was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on my spinal chord. but i spent my whole life fighting back. so you can imagine what i thought when i saw donald trump say... "i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember!" "that reporter he is talking about suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms." i don't want a president who makes fun of me. i want a president who inspires me, and that's not donald trump. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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she told investigators she was drunk and on medication at the time of the the fire. she used paper and lighter to set a pool table and broken doll house on fire in her father's home. a detective testified she was angry that night with her stepmother that wanted her to move out. prosecutors say she set the fire and took off. two firefighters died. four other firefighters were injured. two of them remain in the hospital. in other news, a teenager in the lehigh valley is under arrest after another clown threat showed up on social media. the 14-year-old faces charges for the threat. police say the alleged crime involved an online post with a clown picture and threat toward a local school. in the wake of the incident, the police chief has this message for parents. >> if you have a child, look what he is doing on the
6:45 am
computer. they're our responsibility. step up, see what he is posting. you're not invading his privacy. see what they're posting, act like a parent, not a friend. >> earlier this week, police arrested teens in bucks, gloucester and cape may counties for similar online clown threats. we start by looking at the spaghetti plot forecast moving through the next couple days. today into tomorrow these models are in agreement that our hurricane matthew will stay right up against the south carolina coast and brush up against the north carolina coast before it starts to make a turn back to sea. the good news, because of a cold front coming in from the west, it is going to force it away from us. models are not pulling it back our direction, bad news, it may make another hit over parts of the bahamas and that is
6:46 am
something we do not want to see after already seeing showers move through, heavy rain bands move through, and high winds the last several days. models show it will downgrade to a tropical depression, meaning it will weaken wind and rain, but nonetheless, that's the current forecast for hurricane matthew. there's hurricane matthew currently on radar. we have clear view of heavy rain pommelling south carolina and much of north carolina now. heaviest rain in yellow, orange, red. there's the eyewall. it is the most dangerous part of the storm and is stretching from just to the northeast of hilton head all the way through to charleston, seeing the most dangerous part of the storm. hasn't made landfall but so close to shore it doesn't matter whether it does or doesn't make landfall. it is going to have that type of damage that's the worst you can see with a hurricane of that size. we pull up to our area, it is a
6:47 am
different forecast. clouds out there this morning and otherwise a nice start to the morning. rain to the west. you see that cold front passing into western pennsylvania and it will be pushing some rain chance to our area as we move into the afternoon. here's the hour by hour. shows the rain lining up pretty well on this particular model. we put future cast in motion, start to bring in showers by lunchtime. i wouldn't be surprised if there's spotty coverage earlier on into the lunch hour and early afternoon. rain chances continue through the evening, 9:00 p.m. again going light for rain as we move into late day and evening. showers, afternoon into the night are expected. those showers continue overnight. possibly heavy rain in new jersey and the shore to the delaware beaches as we move through the overnight hours and sunday morning. showers should hang along that zone moving into sunday morning as well. if you get out the door early sunday, heads up, you need the
6:48 am
umbrella. we will take a closer look at the ten day on 10 in a few minutes. >> see you shortly. thanks for that, krystal. let's head to new york and check in with our friends at the "today" show. say good morning to craig, stephanie and sheinelle. what's coming up? >> good morning. coming up on saturday morning on "today." donald trump apologizing overnight after comments he made when he didn't know he was being recorded from 2005 surfaced, making lewd comments about women. how will the tape and apology effect the presidential race. also ahead, we are live as hurricane matthew makes its way into south carolina from georgia. we will assess damages. dylan is tracking the storm path. we are celebrating homecoming and football season on the plaza. cooking up a must-have feast and serving out tailgate etiquette issues. >> and more getting started on saturday morning. >> looking forward to it.
6:49 am
see you at 7:00. oh, baby, time now for the blitz, and we start in the place with the great corn, and the great tomatoes. that would be jersey. there were some dandies on the high school football season, one of the best undefeated cherry hill west welcoming camden. let's go to cherry hill. camden down two. deron wharton junior hauls in the two-point conversion in traffic. let's go to overtime. the home team responds. lorenzo hernandez, end zone. party of six, your table is ready. camden couldn't answer. west wins it 28-22. haddonfield ready for action as they host overbrook and it showed.
6:50 am
justin gallow in perfect position for the int. they knock off overbrook 14-6. ought oh bon hosting collins, in looks like ought oh ban's coach is calling for the upside down lebron play? i don't think this is what he meant, though. ethan martin intercepted by le von alley, and he turns it into six. 33-zip. lincoln cheerleaders trying to lead the rail splitters to a victory, fred lackey ain't lacking nothing as he goes into the end zone. bar stram leads 20-6 at that point and win going away, 48-22. boys latin taking on wells all latin in this one. carpe diem. et tu brute? races for a huge gain. latin force feeds them a goose egg, 28-0. bird's-eye view of the action with some skylights. upper dublin hosting plymouth white marsh. check out the wheels on number 6. that's upper dublin's michael
6:51 am
cotham bowling his way through like a pinball. stays on his feet. 74 yards, catch me if you can. he goes down inside the 5. that sets up a touchdown. 24-21. it's pv with the t.d. here. brendan shemp with the seven-yard touch. they knock off spring ford 28-16. strath haven hosting springfield. helmet to helmet hit on the final play of the half. sets up this 24-year-old field goal by springfield with no time on the clock. they win it 20-7. ridley on the road at marple newtown, first play of the second half and it is miller time. ridley's ociel miller takes it around the outside and look at him scamper. 45 yards later, he's high-fiving his boys in the end zone. ridley in a tight one, 17-14. shamny strikes first.
6:52 am
mason jones to zach treadway. 46 yard connection for the store. shamny rolls 22-14. truman and pennsbury going at it. play of the night, robbie tressler banged by two defenders, so he just throws it up. but his teammate, syed saunders reels it in. shakes off a few dudes, and look at him go. unfortunately not enough. pennsbury wins 17-6. let's go to the battle of top teams. milltown's drew frye fires for anthony del percio. a diving grab. go get it, young man. back of the end zone.
6:53 am
next week's game of the week. call or text your vote to number on screen or vote online at i am danny pommells, may your saturday be a scoop and score. it's not uncommon for autistic kids to flap their hands.
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and so when i saw that, that was completely disqualifying. i'm a republican, but this election is so much bigger than party. my son max can't live in trump world. so i'm crossing party lines and voting for hillary. i don't always agree with her, but she's reasonable. and she's smart. she can work with people to solve problems. i want to be able to tell my kids that i did the right thing when it really mattered. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
6:56 am
this just in. one person in the hospital following this crash in south philadelphia. one car overturned around 5:30 this morning. the car then hit three parked vehicles. no word yet on the condition of the persons hurt. before we leave you, we want to give you one last look at what's happening down south. this is a live picture from myrtle beach, south carolina, where we are seeing heavy wind pick up through the morning. it is moving toward the carolinas, expect it to make landfall later on. you can track the latest path of hurricane matthew. we will see effects from that storm. >> you saw the radar shot, close to landfall. regardless, that eyewall, most dangerous part has been making
6:57 am
landfall all morning. going to be very damaging. for us, we pull in moisture from matthew and have a front coming in from the west. for us, the front keeps matthew out but gives us a chance for showers. afternoon and overnight, breaks apart sunday. then we cool down. today, 71. tomorrow high of 66. tomorrow is better day to get out. moving to the 70s by wednesday and thursday. next chance of rain is ten days off. looking at a nice forecast because of the fact matthew stayed south. >> thinking of our neighbors to the south during all this. that does it for now. see you in about 25 minutes for a local update and then back at 9:00 with a half hour of news. the "today" show is next. have a great saturday.
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. breaking overnight. trump's apology. >> i said it. i was wrong and i apologize. >> the republican presidential candidate forced to say sorry for making crude comments about women more than ten years ago when he did not realize he was being recorded. >> i moved on her like a [ bleep ]. >> this morning, the trump campaign is reeling. some republicans blasting the nominee and saying they will no longer support the candidate. others calling on him to drop out of the race. with a month to go until election day, how will this bombshell effect the race? and matthew's fury. a


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