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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  November 2, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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philadelphia have had officers here directing traffic. you can see an ambulance coming down broad street, we're just at the corner of the hospital so traffic needs to be stopped to make sure that ambulances can get through. just a few blocks up the road, i spoke to the head of that school on in order broad street who tells us it's been a difficult week. >> the high school students have been impacted the most. we're probably down 60% of our students. >> class is still in session at the school on north broad street. with the graduation rate near 100%, the charter school boasts a demanding academic curriculum, strike or no strike, the
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learning curve never lets up. >> dedicated is how -- he normally rides the market frankfurt line. yesterday he walked 52 blocks because it was the only way to get here, for the rest of the week, he's staying with a relative who is house is near school. >> i'm staying with my aunt right now. >> i think there should be something written in that contract that they cannot shut the city down and hold everyone else hostage. >> reporter: back out here live at broad and vine, but you can see the traffic is moving nicely. the principal -- we're going to hear more from students about their traveling to get to school, how they're getting around this strike, including one high school whose father
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happens to work at septa. reporting at broad and vine, i'm rosemary congre rosemary connors. >> nbc 10's mitch blacher is giving us a bird's-eye view. >> we're already starting the commute with a 15 minute delay on those regional rail lines. septa says that those rail lines should expect heavy traffic as well as long lines and delay time beginning to increase. don't know if at this time this is abnormal traffic due to the septa strike, as it's just now 4:00, but certainly increasing as the leadtimes go on. from the air to the ground, nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington keeping an eye on the rails and the roads.
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just on the side streets but on the majors, here watching the vine street expressway. earlier we were jammed westbound, disabled vehicles over on to the right hand shoulder. a lot of people trying to avoid the highways. the schuylkill expressway not as bad as i would have thought for this time. 23 minutes east of westbound. but if you're trying to get off
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of the schuylkill expressway on to the highways or on to the back roads, an accident city avenue right. we partners with lift to start get a lift with nbc 10. and nbc 10's tim furlong is life at the septa station near city hall. >> you helped out one woman yesterday and you're back at it today. >> i guess we did a good job and they wanted to do more of it. if you come down to 15th and market, you can't get to the broad street, market or central rail lines. you really, if you come down here and you need a ride home like so many of our viewers do, they're calling it and saying if you're going the give out a lift ride, make it for me. a woman is going to come down here, we're going to give her a ride home, she would usually walk from here to her home near
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temple university. that's an hour long walk, she said it took her forever yesterday. we're going to take you for a ride. we had a lot of fun with susan, hopefully nadira is just as much fun. we're live in center city, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> tim, you're going to start getting more hugs than harry hairston. >> of course this big story is about more than just the impact on everyone's commute, it's about the workers walk on the picket lines trying to come to an agreement with accesepta. and still ahead at 4:30, the big sticking points that got us to where we are today. we know how much this story impacts your everyday life, that's why we have you covered from the morning rush and the evening rush and any time on the
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nbc 10 app. as the race enters the final stretch, polls show the contest is tightening. >> that has led to some changes in the battleground map. it shows hillary clinton is projected to win 274 electoral votes. that's what makes the battleground of pennsylvania so critical. both campaigns made a push for the millennial vote here, with the help of a hollywood actor and a candidate's daughter. tiffany trump rallied local trump for her father. lauren mayk is life in melbourne
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for us tomorrow. >> reporter: these surrogates have been making stops across our region, and as you mentioned, oa movie star and a candidate's daughter. it is potentially a very powerful group in this election. if you walked by this corner on temple's campus today, it was hard to miss the crowd, and maybe that's the point, creating some campaign buzz in the center of it all was movie star ann hathaway. >> i have been through several elections now but this is the craziest and most important yet. get out and vote. >> hillary clinton is reaching for star power less than one week before election day. millennials are a group both
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sides would like to -- >> reporter: in fact pugh research center says mill less than naturals are now the country's largest generation, bigger than baby boomers, bigger than generation x. republicans welcoming a trump millennial in chester county, the 23-year-old daughter of republican nominee tiffany trump. >> it is a movement, i think my father is doing this for all of us and for all of you. >> reporter: are you guys planning on voting? >> yes, november 8. >> reporter: it's a big decision. you think okay what if i choose wrong, what if something happens and i feel bad because i voted for this person. >> there's a final week to decide. >> i'm not sure 100% exactly what i'm going to do yet. >> reporter: he does say he will
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be voting, though, and one question with young voters is often whether they will actually make it to the polls on election day. one of the voters i spoke with today on campus told us she's already voted by absentee ballot. i'm lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. >> republican nominee donald trump rallied milwaukee voters today. he said that the latest batch of e-mails reportedly hacked from clinton's campaign chairman is part of what trump calls a rigged system. clinton will campaign in the battleground state of nevada. her husband, former president bill clinton will campaign in nevada tomorrow. the current present hit the campaign trail for hillary clinton in another battleground state. earlier today he appeared on cnn and criticized the fbi for its handling of the clinton e-mail investigation. and there's a reassurance
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for philadelphia voters that the election will be fair. his electronics task force has more than 70 assistant district attorneys and several dozen detectives. he also says he will push back against any attempt to intimidate voters. >> any attempt to harass a voter for whatever reason will be met with the same full force of my office than will be to illegally vote. >> once the polls open, the people of philadelphia can call that if they have any difficulty casting their ballot. join me friday and monday night for a several half hour with the latest developments. also perspective on the race, we'll be broadcasting from x n
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xfinity live. and eagles player apologizing for his actions after he was arrested for a traffic stop yesterday. >> josh huff is facing gun and drug charges. he told me said that he realizes his actions have consequences. >> cydney, you were in the locker room for that apology and he also talked about the reason for having a gun, right? >> reporter: he said to protect himself but also to protect his family, we can tell you that huff was very much calm, he was poised and sincere in answering questions for us. he apologized to his team and his fans and also little boy who is look up to him as he is a professional athlete. >> i made a terrible decision yesterday and i can't get into details about anything. >> reporter: surrounded by his teammates in a swarm of reporters answering questions
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after today's practice, we asked josh huff why he was armed with a 9 millimeter weapon. >> i'm a professional athlete, what professional athlete don't have a gun? i have a wife and son and my job is to protect them at all costs and to protect myself as well. >> reporter: he was pulled over on the new jersey side of the walt whitman bridge. he had marijuana and a handgun that he's licensed to carry in texas but not in new jersey. >> i didn't know a lot about the new jersey laws, i didn't know enough about them clearly. but i made a terrible decision yesterday. >> reporter: coach pederson wants to know the details of the investigation. but he says will not deter from the task at hand, defeating the giants this sunday. >> i have a lot of adverse situations in my life and i have
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always conquered them and this is no different. and i'm going to remain strong. how do i fix it? just continue to be josh huff, i mean i can't let this define me and it won't define me. and i'm going to grow from this and i will learn from it. >> so while he wasn't suspended or sidelined in any way by the coach or the eagles negotiation, we also asked if he's worried what the nfl, what the league will do, and we'll hear his answer and from another teammate and from the leader of the field, brett sell leg. today lawyers for bill cosby were back in court trying to get his case tossed out. the famed comedian walked out of the courtroom yesterday. his attorneys are asking to have the case dropped against cosby. they also say the 11 years
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before filing charges -- cosby claimed the encounter was consensual. deanna duran today is inside the room. iowa police have captured a man suspected of killing two officers in separate ambush style attacks. the shootings happened earlier this morning in the towns of urbandale in des moines. the killings happened about 20 minutes apart. police later arrested 46-year-old scott michael green. they said green surrendered without incident and was taken to the hospital after complaining about a preexisting medical condition. investigators have not given a motive and says there is nothing to indicate anyone else was involved. >> it's a great sense of relief, obviously he was targeting police officers, but it's a sense of relief for the community. >> court records show green had
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a history of confrontations with police. >> third of -- it was allegationedly in retaliation against a democratic mayor who did not endorse christie and the jury did not ask any questions, still no verdict and deliberations will continue tomorrow. city lawmakers fighting back a day afterchristie's administration shot down. >> disappointed and disagreed
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with his report. we believe that there are a lot of inaccuracies and missing information within the justification. the markets want a plan, the state does not have one. we do. >> the mayor says the city will submit a revised plan by the end of tomorrow. christie is threatening a takeover of the city which would give state control of its finances. a big warmup on this wednesday afternoon. this is a live look at the beach in cape may, it is calm out there, temperatures feeling great in the high 60s and the beach is empty, jackie, let's go. >> it's 70 in philadelphia now, with sunshine, we have seen sunshine all day across the area. and today most of the places in our region have gotten above 70
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degrees. even some in the northern western suburbs, chester, bucks, montgomery counties. west chester reading 74 degrees. exton 72. north wales 72. port washington 72 degrees. it's going to go up several degrees by tomorrow. look where we started the week on monday, a high of 57 degrees. so it's getting warmer every day. now we have some high clouds across pennsylvania, but no rain until you get west of cleveland. by the way, it's about 80 degrees in pittsburgh right now, some of that air is headed here, some of these showers are headed here too, but as you can see, there's not a lot of activity out there. so if you're stuck commuting on a bike or walking during the day tomorrow, you're not going to need a heavy coat. because even in the morning,
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it's going to be fairly mild, 53 degrees. at least 70 by lunchtime. maybe warmer than that in some places. and then for the afternoon rush, the temperature could start going back down because of some showers. of course those showers will move in north and west, a little bit earlier than they will in philadelphia. here's the hour by hour as we go through the night tonight and into tomorrow. the warm southwest winds are coming in, bringing that pittsburgh and cincinnati air here and we're in the 80s right now. by tomorrow morning, the cold front that's going to change everything is still a long way away and so are the showers. the first place to see it would be the poconos and lehigh valley, that's why i only have those areas getting into the 60s tomorrow. but from philadelphia southward, we're in the 70s and farther to the south, you can see we got a land breeze at the shore, far enough away from the front, could get up to 80. then the showers move through,
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colder air moves in behind it. and that sets us up for a pretty nice weekend. so tomorrow by 9:00 a.m., it's 60. still by 1:00, look at that, 75 degrees, near the high temperature and after 3:00, that's when we have the threat of showers. any threat of showers for the eagles game? nah. new york city, nice football weather, temperatures in the mid 50s, not a whole lot of wind and good conditions for playing football. and the weekend going to be good conditions for playing football or doing anything else outside, temperatures right around average, a little bit below perhaps, but i have got sunshine a little bit every day, friday, saturday, sunday, the temperature's not very different. they're certainly not in the 70s anywhere. we'll see if we return to the 70s next week with the 10-day. mermaids don't usually spend
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time out of the water. these mermaids will be where the people are, at camden's adventure aquarium, but today they made this zprisurprise viso the pediatric unit. and nbc 10 viewer says he was trying to make a payment. >> it only led to frustration. >> i spoke to four different people in the resolution department. no use. >> still ahead on nbc 10 news at 4:00, we'll show you how harry hairston and the nbc 10 responds team helped that marine get the resolution he wanted. plus a woman rescued from frigid water.
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and nebc 10 is your septa survival guide. a look right now at some of the train stations, at temple university station there's about a 25 minute delay for regional rail service. first here's a look at the closing well, the dow, the nasdaq, the s&p all down today.
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a woman from a car crash ran to the water and jumped in.
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you might see the woman trying to fight off her rescuers, and she's hanging on to the side of the boat there for dear life. she's now getting a mental health evaluation. over the years we have brought you some stories about some criminals that are not so smart. >> and today we have a suspect that's right at the top of that class. matthew crowder swiped a necklace from a shop. the post said crowder intended to give the necklace to his girlfriend. and the post helped lead detectives directly to him. >> we didn't have to call columbo in on this one, because this guy left his name and his business card, and the necklace he just shoplifted. >> from your job to your doctors appointments to your everyday errands.
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>> we know the septa strike is hurting more than just travel. plus from falling apart to building it back up, we'll explain the project that will bring new life back to a local football stadium.
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count on us to follow the breaking news we have been covering since yesterday. a lot happening today with the negotiations and the struggles of stranded commuters. >> if you're waiting for someone
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to come home on the train, regional rails are experiencing delays. meanwhile uber and lift report that business has been way up since the strike began. our coverage continues with randy gyllenhaal. >> reporter: some people want to know how those negotiations are going, so where do they stand today? >> we have learned there has been a back and a forth between both sides today that is actually an improvement over yesterday where we had radio silence through much of the day. we asked the union what are the specific thing they would need to see get done. in south philly, bus drivers and trolly operators gather with picket signs. it's day two of the strike causing gridlock in the city and it's fueled by gridlock at the
4:31 pm
negotiating table. the biggest sticking point is the employee pension plan. >> the pension issue is one of those things where you have to understand the detail about it. >> the union wants changes to their pension, it's currently capped at $50,000 a year, even if you make a higher sally. their managers are on a different pension that has no cap. >> it's not fair to the regular operator, it's top heavy for management. >> the union also wants changes to driver schedules. the union says the inconsistency affects sleep schedules. >> there's a whole lot that the public doesn't know. >> mayor kenney says they're working on it. but picketi ining won't stop una
4:32 pm
fair deal is done. >> it could be 60 days, it could be six months, we're out there. >> the union actually rejected a new offer yesterday saying there was no changes. we reached out to septa to see if they will put another offer on the table. and nbc 10's mitch blacher is in sky force 10 watching the traffic stack up in this afternoon rush. >> mitch, we understand you're live over the temple university station, how is regional rail service doing right now. >> at this point, we're looking at just at the start of a commute, 15-minute delays. you can see a lot of people on the platform. we're looking with this strike 900,000 riders affected. 56,000 to 60,000 of those are really school students mainly getting in and out of temple university. a lot of other options on the table at this point. there's ride share and uber
4:33 pm
reporting a 40% uptick in ridership at this point. again, 15-minute delays starting out the rush on social media on septa's twitter handle, we have seen a couple of increased delays as much as 25 minutes on certain lines as well. that's the latest from sky force 10. >> there's a look at these empty rail lines. jessica boyington is keeping an eye on the rails and the roads. >> we're going to start with the regional rail delays, of course we're seeing several of them, it looks just like it did yesterday evening, but we're starting to see more of that volume. 30-minute delays on the thorn dale line, up to 35 minutes for west trenton and 30-minute delays for west trenton. it's only 4:30 so we'll see this getting worse. a lot of cars, more cars anyway are on the road because there's
4:34 pm
a lot of overflow from all of the passengers that usually take septa in and out of the city. this is our camera in and around center city street. a crawl in both directions, with a 23-minute drive time. west vine to the expressway, and you can see that traffic. taking a look at the rest of our majors, parts of 95 right around 20 miles an hour. schuylkill around 14, 20 miles an hour as you approach the vine land expressway. but approaching center city, we're looking at broad street because the broad street line, 8-mile-per-hour for average speeds moving through center city. nbc 10 has partnered with lift to help you get to and from work and school during this septa strike. >> tim furlong is joining us, you're down inside the station
4:35 pm
waiting to give one of those free rides? >> we have someone that's going to meet us. if you like a nice, quiet railway station, there's nobody down here, and the reason why, usually when you come down here, this is bustling at this time of day. we're trying to take at least one viewer home each day, give them a free ride on lift, to at least give them a little bit of a reprieve from the bad traffic and all the backups and now you hear all the sirens. so today we have a woman named nadira, she works at 15th and market, that building right there. we're going to meet her, our lift driver is going to be here shortly. she would normally be walking from here in center city at city hall at 15th and market. we normally would be walking all the way up to temple university. you got to remember, the weather was really good so far for this
4:36 pm
strike, so that hasn't played into it. she doesn't like that walk, so we're going to help her out, we're going to take her home and maybe we'll find some more viewers that have contacted us on facebook as possible. we can't help everybody, but we want to let you all know, we feel your pain. our lift driver should be here in a minute and you'll be live with us on her ride up to her crib. >> we'll check back with you, and we want to help you get home with no charge. go to our facebook page and see how you can get one of those free rides. the nbc 10 weather team helping you get prepared for the weather conditions. have an umbrella has bendy for
4:37 pm
tomorrow. sibling rooivalry is a natul thing. >> but this pair of sisters is getting an early start. >> i'm bigger, see. >> how cute are they. she says she's bigger, but her sister has something on her too. see how this adorable battle unfolds on video. dangerous thing.
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a bad night sleep will not only leave you tired, it may also cause you to pack on the pounds. people who are sleep deprived back on at least 250 calories a day. the nonsleepers also tended to eat more fat and less radio protein. and a new study suggests young children tend to gaining more weight during the summer. the university of texas research tracked thousands of kids from kindergarten through second grade during the summer, not during the school year. you might be wondering what ever happened to november, we hit the 70s today and it's going to get even warmer tomorrow, i'll have the forecast for your neighborhood plus the chance for rain. that's next at 4:00.
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nbc 10 will continue to bring you updates on that traffic pattern as soon as that information comes in to us. a new lease on life for an historic stadium. the high school masalesiman sta
4:46 pm
to get a facelift. >> not only will we care for this historic land mark like it is our own, but we will look to make her a bright light in our city. a place of optimism, competition and pride. >> the city council still has to approve and vote on the measure. love this story, twin sisters recently learned a truth about themselves. >> their reactions have gone viral. no surprise, take a look. >> she was born one minute older than alexis. >> i want to be bigger. >> you want to be older? >> lexi, don't cry. i can't make you older. >> alexis and ava are 3-year-old girls from new jersey. when alexis learned she was the younger twin, she did not take it well. later it was ava who turned to tears when she discovered alexis is taller by a half inch.
4:47 pm
>> they are adorable. look, she's hugging her twin sister. they're going to feel better. it's all going to be okay. >> awww. >> i'm sure they'll be good pals as they grow up together. >> and they can play outside today? >> oh, yeah, great day for anything outside, tomorrow at least half of the day is going to be like that, and a warm day too. 70 degrees now, it's going to be warmer than that tomorrow afternoon. and in the 70s across much of the region, even the lehigh valley at 71. but the lehigh valley is going to be cooler tomorrow. because the rain is going to come in sooner. we have a southwest wind and so at the shore, it is warm, but not into the 70s for the most part. 67 ocean city, 68 at avalon, 67 at stone harbor. the ocean, 61 degrees. and look at these temperatures to our west. 70 here, 77 in pittsburgh now,
4:48 pm
78 in cincinnati, 84 in nashville, 83 in roanoke, it's coming right this way. but it's just a brief, brief tease. here come the showers, with a cold front, it's not very well organized as you see, not a whole lot of moisture, we're not seeing thunderstorms. so we don't expect a lot of rain during the day tomorrow. but we do expect some. and that will be generally later in the day for those of you commuting on bike, or walking, to start the day too, not nearly as cool. and the high temperature of the day might be around lunchtime or after. as you see here in the hour by hour temperatures. it's not cold tonight, it's in the 50s for low temperatures. by tomorrow morning, 59 in mt. pocono. that's crazy for this time of year. by noontime, we're 71 in philly, 73 pottstown. 73 in allen town, that would be the high for the day.
4:49 pm
as we go through the afternoon, temperature s dropping to the lw 60s there. once that front comes through, that temperature is going to drop like crazy, that computer model is not showing rain for everybody. but thursday night, it's cooling off pretty quickly and by friday morning, yeah, it is on the chilly side. we could be breaking a couple of records tomorrow, not likely in philadelphia, allentown or redding. but atlantic city and wilmington have the best chance of seeing a record as we go into the day tomorrow. so there's the high tomorrow and there's the drop in temperatures for friday. over the weekend, it's dry but on the chilly side. and some beautiful weather again for election day, just no problems with the weather then. >> here's a question, how could paying early cause problems? >> one man found out the hard way, and when he couldn't get
4:50 pm
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toomey even used his power in the senate to help himself, voting to gut rules that protect us and crack down on big banks. pat toomey. out for himself, not us. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. in pennsylvania, a packet of heroin can be cheaper than a six-pack of beer and prescription painkillers are too easy to get. as the head of the pennsylvania commission on crime, i've helped local communities fund drug treatment programs to save our kids. i'm josh shapiro, and as attorney general, i'll crack down on the drug dealers and stop the overprescribing of opioid painkillers. i'm proud to be endorsed by law enforcement organizations representing 14,000 police officers. this is a fight we can't afford to lose. when government bureaucrats refused to approve a cancer vaccine equally for both girls and boys, i stepped in to change that rule. when my own party held up recovery funds after sandy hit us, i took them on and won. and when veterans were forced to travel
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out of state for health care, i brought in new local clinics and expanded services. but there's much more to do. my mission is to protect south jersey's way of life. i'm frank lobiondo and i approve this message. i'm franat a neighborhoods a restaurafavorite - a place for a good, family meal. she juggled customers, cooks, waitresses - and never complained. my dad was a police officer walking his beat.
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i learned from both what it means to be honest, to work hard, and love family. big banks, wall street, special interests - that's who pat toomey's with. in the senate, i'll work for you and your family. i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message. can you pay a bill too earlier? one man says he paid early and it caused problems on his account. >> you think about it you pay your bill early and that's a problem? well, listen folks, this viewer was just trying to get ahead, but he couldn't until we got behind him. >> charles shriver is live long
4:54 pm
businessman. >> it could. be easier. >> in september, he made an early payment to his pnc home equity credit line. but when the statement came more than three weeks later, shriver says pnc ignored the earlier money paid and took his payment out anyway. >> they claimed i hadn't made the payment because i made it on the same date as the statement. >> shriver tells us for weeks he tried to solve the problem. >> i spoke to four people in the resolution department. no use. >> then he called nbc 10 responds. >> i've watched nbc 10 responds, i have watched the reports, it's great. >> we reach it out to pnc and it told us it would not contact his subscrib subscriber.
4:55 pm
shriver says after we got involved, pnc returned the $442.57 it with drew from his account. >> harry, thanks for all your help. mind if i give you a hug? >> not at all. >> okay, here we go. >> pnc says as a general rule, it can't discuss a customer's account, but it apologizes to mr. shriver for the inconvenience. now our total now stands at, let's take a look, $160,654. >> an he's so polite. asking if you mind if he give you a hug. >> he said do you mind, sir? i said i don't mind at all, happy to help. >> if you have a problem for nbc 10 responds, give us a call or head to our website and we will respond to you. and in the meantime, we're working on several stories for nbc 10 news at 5:00. we are minutes away from 5:00 p.m. and the septa strike
4:56 pm
evening rush is just getting worse. >> we're live inside septa stations and it's packed with people going nowhere. this is a live look now, inside the station, those lines of people are starting to build for the afternoon rush. plus, exactly what are the stumbling blocks at the negotiating table. and we are taking attendance as thousands of students are stranded at home. mpbl i'm already apologized to my teammates and to the eagles organization. >> a key player -- live is ahead at nbc 10 news at 5:00.
4:57 pm
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4:59 pm
nbc 10 at 5:00 begins with a second straight night of
5:00 pm
commuter chaos. tens of thousands of people struggling to get home with no trains and busses. >> a bird's-eye view of the situation as the region copes with what is anything but an average wednesday evening. here's what we know at this hour. septa's regional rail line is running, but picketers are barred from blocking regional rail workers from getting to their jobs, so unlike yesterday there are no widespread cancellations, both sides did have a negotiating session today, the main sticking point, worker pensions. so once again we have a team of crews watching the roads and the rails. >> we have mitch blacher in sky force ten, jessica boyington is with us today. rosemary connors has the story of thousands of students having a tough time getting


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