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tv   NBC 16 News At 11pm  NBC  November 6, 2016 11:30pm-12:06am EST

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watch them get out in front here. first one is going to come from garcia, right there. paradis gets one. and now, there you go. it's a great individual effort by kapri bibbs. >> al: and that stills the crowd for a moment. mcmanus bangs it through to get denver back in the game. it's 30-20, with 5:18. >> cris: this is about as good as some of the david johnsons runs we've seen. he broke a few tackles and made cuts. wasn't going to stop until we got to the end zone. with the way they struggled tonight, maybe this earns him a few brownie points and carries. >> al: free agent, played his college football up at ft. collins, at colorado state. only six carries. >> cris: one catch, coming in. >> al: and one catch.
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69 yards. >> cris: football is a funny thing here. now, what do you do? do you go onside kick here? or do you play it straight up? >> al: the broncos, talking about the future. next week, they go to the superdome. then, they have a bye. then, kansas city comes to denver. jacksonville and tennessee. two road games in the afc south. the patriots go there week 15. at kansas city. which is a christmas game. on nbc. and then, the season will end, with oakland at denver. i think denver will be okay, as long as aqib talib comes back. that back keeps being an issue, that really took away something tonight. couldn't you just feel they weren't nearly as dominant on the defensive side in the secondary. >> al: absolutely. and tavon webster will see
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action, as well. wolfe is out of the game right now. a lot of stuff going on. >> cris: nice play. nice play. should be able to pin them back here. >> al: to the 4 yard line. jones to the 19. and we go to michele. >> michele: after going undrafted, kapri bibbs has been on denver's practice squad. and he is not just hungry. he is, quote, starving, to play more. he said, i have so many big expectations. i see myself as one of the best backs in the game. sometimes it doesn't happen overnight. but i don't question the process. >> al: may have just earned a meal ticket. 69-yard, catch and run. >> cris: he's trevor siemian's best friend. that makes trevor's stat line look better. >> al: and now, the raiders, can start thinking about the clock, as well. gets around the corner. that will be a first down.
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and wants to stay inbounds, which he does. harris makes the tackle. we will tick down under five minutes to play. >> cris: i'm going to tell you. you have to watch from here over. that's all you have to do. watch this jump cut here by murray. almost went in reverse, to get outside. and ran around a speedy chris harris, to pick up the first down. >> al: gain of 13 yards. that's helped along by the 42-yard run. again, this time, he's going to smack into big, sylvester williams. 6'2", 313. >> cris: they try to flip the formation over. and right here, sylvester williams, is going to sneak around. for the first time, in a long time, they tried to run to the
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right side. that went backwards. mr. williams had a few good moves inside there. he's had a good game. >> al: sylvester williams, fourth year out of north carolina. he was the number one pick in '13. richard comes into the game. running back on second down and 13. carr, using all of the play clock. will start, up to the 34 yard line. third down. and denver will take a time-out here, prior to a third and eight. denver has two time-outs remaining. remaining schedule, for the raiders. they are off next week. so, some of them may be going to vegas any way. and the houston game is in mexico city. even though, it's a raider home game. neutral sight.
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carolina and buffalo coming here. an three of the last four on the road, all in the division. k.c., at san diego, indianapolis comes here, in the penultimate week. they go to denver to wrap up the season. you were penultimate in florida, right? >> cris: that's the one that sets up the last step. >> al: you succeeded john madden. and succeeding dimaggio. so proud of you. third down and eight, after the time-out. from the 34 yard line. that's going to be a first down. cooper makes the catch. before he steps out of bounds, with 3:30. and they can take a lot more time off the clock now. >> cris: you have the play of the game right there. they're going to bring pressure here. they're going to bring it. over here on the outside, they're going to play about 15 yards off. they just give them the out cut.
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you have to be able to pressure that. i think, on the third down play, that was the play of the game right there. and it was a layup. >> al: roby playing way back. >> cris: just gave it to them. if you're going to pressure and play like that, you have to get up in their face and give that pressure a chance to get there. >> al: like you don't know the game situation. eight yards, have a first town. and can take time off the clock again. and you got deandre washington, with a penalty. >> referee: ten-yard penalty. replay first down. >> al: 104 yards of penalties against denver tonight. >> cris: wow. i drove them back four yards. and then, at the end, i gave him a little tug and that was it. watch him right here. driving back. and then, at the very end, todd davis, able to escape.
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and he saw the little grab. heck of a game, though, by osemele tonight. >> al: tremendous. look at that. last week, 23 penalties. tonight, they win the lady byng awa award. only eight. first and 20. from the 33 yard line. to the 40 yard line. richard. >> cris: a new way to attack this time. and this is that left side of that offensive line. we've seen it all night. the double-teams with osemele, penn, osemele, hudson, one fullback coming through there. and they just got it done. you know. there's some nights that you turn on "sunday night football" and it's these beautiful passes. and some nights, just, bang, bang, bang. offensive line takes over.
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that's a little like coach madden's teams. they line up and say, hey. here we go. >> al: talking about upshaw and shell, of course, on the left side. both go to the hall of fame. denver took a time-out. they're down to just one left. second and 14. more time off of the clock. a gain of 42. to richard. raider alumni. willie brown, the great quarterback. otis sisstron. and you have tom flores on the left. and jim plunkett on the right. and fred biletnikoff. man, oh, man. this may be an old relic, this coliseum here. but you talk about the games,
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the sea of hands. >> cris: some of the great memories, growing up, watching football. and seemed like the raiders were involved. >> al: see clarence davis making the catch. miami against oakland in the divisional playoff. the "heidi" game was played. and nbc went to a commercial and to "heidi" and missed one of the great comebacks of all-time. third and 11. this place has been around since 1966. >> cris: how about that one year george blanda had, when he made the game-winning kicks and came back and throwing touchdown passes. i think he was in his 40s at that time. >> al: oh, he was. for sure. now, norwood is back. denver is going to get the ball. of course, they're down by ten. if you come from behind, you go
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the either way. field goal, touchdown, touchdown, field goal. whatever way they score first. you see an onside kick. and right now, they run the clock all the way down. and take a time-out. so, the raiders' revival, no playoffs for 13 years. no winning seasons, since '02. they drafted mack and carr. how did that work out so far? in '14, del rio comes in as head coach. a coaching carousel. cooper and crabtree. that shores it up. reggie mckenzie. >> cris: you look at what they have done in free agency. the whole left side of that offensive line.
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john smith, reggie nelson, bruce irvin, some of them through free agency. >> al: marquette king. the short line drive. caught at the 15 yard line by norwood. roby will bring it out to the 29. the clock will stop at the two-minute warning. they have 2:20 to manufacture ten points. >> cris: the broncos' defense, not allowed a 200-yard rushing day, since week 16 of 2014, to give you some idea. we have to remember, this has been, if not the best defense, one of the best defenses, in the league. yes, some injuries. but still, a very impressive outing. >> al: 221 rushing yards, tonight, against that denver "d." and see what siemian can do here, from the 28. he starts with the pass.
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and that is almost intercepted. that's reggie nelson. tenth year. came over from cincinnati. almost picked it. second and ten. >> cris: good safeties on this league. and the two leading tacklers on this team are both the safeties. and for joseph, even more impressive because he didn't start until week three. >> al: siemian, keeps his eyes downfield. and nothing doing downfield. third down and ten, darius latham chased him out. >> cris: he got his teammate, russell okung, back into the quarterback, and flushed trevor siemian out. right through here.
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the bull rush. >> al: third and ten. at a point in the game, when they have to go for it on fourth down. no time-outs. 2:10 left. siemian, throwing and that is not interference there. demaryius thomas, blanketed by t.j. carrie, all legal. and it's fourth down. >> cris: this is how that one really good drive that denver had, got started on a play just like that. but t.j. carrie has bounced back. a lot of this, you have to think back. no interference on that one, to emmanuel sanders and the one shot he had at the goal line. >> al: couldn't corral it, at the 1. fourth and ten. last gasp. and it's intercepted. and this time, nelson does get the pick.
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at the 44 yard line. so, almost had one. even if he dropped it, wouldn't have mattered. would have turned it over on downs. they can run the clock out. and the oakland raiders, on the verge of going into first place. ♪ oh, sunday night
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♪ oh, sunday night ♪ oh, sunday night >> al: seahawks and patriots, from foxboro. melissa horton wants me to tell you, coming up after the game, it's the postgame report. michele on the field.
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mike, tony, mike, break it down. give you nfl news, as well. and a look ahead to that match-up next sunday night. that will be a beauty. the oakland raiders, can go to victory formation. mark davis. been a long time. the last time the raiders played a postseason game, was the super bowl. against tampa bay, where they were routed, in san diego. following the '02 season. and john elway, will fly home with his team tonight. they'll drop to 6-3, going to third place in the division. behind oakland and kansas city. regroup, and go to new orleans. gary kubiak, good to see him in good health. gary had to miss one game in san diego, a few weeks ago, with migraines. >> cris: that was interesting to
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talk to jack del rio, as part of the interview protess. he went to mark davis and said, i want to know. are you going to make the investment? we have to redo the whole thing. we have to have a better practice field. we have to have a better locker room. we have to have a better parking lot. a better parking lot? and mark davis said, i'll do it. and he lived it up to it. it worked perfectly. >> al: they won five road games. every one of the games started at 10:00 in the morning, body time. when the schedule came out, they had to hate it. they went and ran the table on those five games. now, 2-2, at home, bye week. next stop, mexico, against the houston texans. and the oakland raiders go to 7-2. and are in first place, in the afc west.
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>> cris: and they got a performance out of their defense. let's not forget the performances defense put on. gave up the one, big, long play. and one big drive in the first half. and other than that, pretty much locked down. >> al: the raiders lead, from start to finish. 30-20. volkswagen postgame report on the other side of the break.
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>> welcome being to the volkswagen golf all track post-game report. >> first time this late in the season sings 2011 the raiders are alone in 50 place in the afc west. they beat denver 30-20 and dominated the game to control it. they have the game two 30s of the game in time of possession. t the raiders. game ball, and strong performances, especially from that oakland running game. latavius murray.three-touchdown. and khalil mack, on defense, they get the game balls and a visit with michele tafoya. >> mike, thank you. latavius, three rushing touchdowns for the first time in your career.
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and your first 100-yard game of the season. what was working well for the running game tonight? >> it started with these guys. the line, created a new line of scrimmage for me. got me to the second area. we were able to run the ball all day. that's what we were able to do. we came in here and were able to do that. >> you were able to shake the tackles and get extra yardage. why was it working for you, specifically? >> i got into a rhythm today. we needed this one. they left it up to us, to run the rock. we needed that to go out and win. so, the guys got me to the second level. i had to make some defenders miss. >> you came in tied atop the division. you beat the defending super bowl champs. what does this win tell you about where this team is? >> we're going forward. this is a new team. a new mindset. we want to get keep getting better every day. and tonight, we got a good win. we have to keep working. we're only halfway there. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> let's go to the offensive
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line. donald penn, you paved the way for 200 yards on the ground. what was special about the way you guys worked out there together? >> we knew they were a great front. we had to slow down the pass rushers. and we were going to wear them down as the game went. and taye did a great job making us look good. and our two great running back s did a great job of hitting the holes. we have a good offensive line. we had to put them on our shoulders and they made us look good. >> you held off a defense that was tied in the league for sacks in the nfl. why was it so effective? >> we have been protecting all year. offensive line, we've been working so hard. derek does a good job of throwing the ball. we have a great plan. we have running backs and tight ends. it was a team effort. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> defensively, let's turn to khalil mack, who had two sacks on the night. this team, came in -- you came in ranked 31st in total defense. why were the results so much different tonight?
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>> our coaches, man. our coaches, preparation for the week. we knew we were going to get -- we had to stop the run first. to keep this team on a mission. it was a got effort on all cylinders. >> you and your quarterback, derek, came in the same year. an you talked about changing the culture of this team. and now, you look at where you are tonight. what does that tell you about the effort you've put in? >> man, hard work pays off. at the same time, it's not over. not over. going to keep pushing. an me and derek, man. he's a great leader, man. on the opposite side of the ball, we're mriing very well. i'm blessed to be here, trying to make it happen. >> congratulations on the win. >> thank you, michele. >> mike? >> you mentioned derek carr. he started every game since they came in 2014. look at the euphoria. he heaved the deep ball in celebration after the game, up towards the second deck here at the oakland alameda coliseum. it's a feel-good night for the raiders.
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three wins in carr's rookie year. they're tied with new england and dallas, for most wins in the nfl, as we bring in tony dungy. coach, on "football night in america" we asked, how would oakland handle this biggest game these guys have played. in your opinion, how did they do it tonight? >> they handled it well. they did it with old-school raider football. it was the offensive line, taking care of business. running left, especially. and it just reminded me of the old-time raiders, when they would put upshaw, shell, and just kept pounding it. they controlled the game that way. on the other side of the ball, you heard khalil mack say we had to make them one-dimensional. denver would not run the football at all tonight. that's how oakland took care of the game and dominated with the front lines offensively and defensively. it was very, very impressive tonight. >> and denver, building some
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nicks on the defensive side. they go to new orleans. and the saints are second in the league, scoring 30 points a game. they will face drew brees in the dome on sunday. let's flip it to mike florio of it was a busy day in california. four games, including the panthers beating the rams. cam newton was sacked five times. only put up 15 points. he wasn't feeling protected in the pocket. he spoke with commissioner roger goodell about that issue this week. what's the update there? and what played out today? >> well, mike, i'm told that the commissioner admitted to cam newton there is inconsistency among the various referees on the meaning of the term forcible. that's the key word in the rules regarding what you can and can't do to a quarterback, beyond that strike zone, above the shoulders and at or below the knees. as we saw it today, looked like a couple of forcible hits that were applied to cam newton's head.
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no flags thrown. more work needs to be done to get those referees all on that same page and get a consistent application of the term forcible, whether it's cam newton or any other quarterback in the nfl, mike. >> carolina got the win. wasn't pretty, 3-5, a couple of games out in the nfc south. you can catch mike tomorrow morning, on profootballtalk live, followed by the dan patrick show. final line on the raiders' win, with al and cris, in a moment. as they swim out of the path ♪ ♪ and the seagulls they'll be smilin ♪ ♪ and the rocks on the sand... ♪ it's so peaceful up here. yeah. [ eagle screech ] introducing the new turbocharged volkswagen alltrack with 4motion® all-wheel drive. soon to be everywhere.
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unreal. oh, yeah. in glendale, arizona, february, two years ago. so, you've got seattle going against new england. fast forward to what's happening right now. seattle plays tomorrow night. 4-2-1, on top of the nfc west. new england, 7-1. keep on rolling. and tom brady is just ageless. >> yeah. he's been almost perfect this season. and the one team that you think, maybe, could slow him down a little bit, the seattle seahawks defense, and all they bring to the table, it's a great match-up in the super bowl, a great match-up now, i think i could watch it every week. >> the oakland raiders tonight, denver only had the ball a little more than 18 minutes, the lowest time of possession, since 1978. >> it was an impressive -- we were talking about it during halftime a little bit. just because there's so many
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different ways that the oakland raiders can win a football game. they did it with the running game tonight. 500 yards passing against tampa last week. and their defense steps up tonight. >> it's on to foxboro. seattle against new england on "sunday night football." good one tonight, as the oakland raiders, take first place in the afc west, with a 30-20 victory over denver. michaels, collinsworth, tafoya, the whole gang. all of us on "sunday night football," see you in a week. good night. nbc sports thanks you for watching the special presentation of the national football league.
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the fbi said the investigation into e-mails is closed. donald trump in pennsylvania doubting the thoroughness. >> stopping the strike, septa is nearing the deal to get workers back on the job. we are live with how close the
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negotiations are to ending. struggling eagles. the first two divisional games. who is taking the blame after another heartbreaker to the giants. >> hillary clinton is guilty. she knows it. the fbi knows it. the people, the people know it. >> donald trump is in pennsylvania responding to an announcement from the fbi that the clinton fbi e-mail investigation is closed, shaking things up close to the finish line. they found nothing in the newly found e-mails connected to hillary clinton's charges that would warrant criminal changes against her. that comes nine days after the agency was reviewing a new batch of e-mails and it am cans as we are about 30


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