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tv   NBC10 News  NBC  November 12, 2016 7:30pm-8:01pm EST

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breaking news. >> we are following three breaking news stories tonight on nbc 10 news. we begin with neighbors forced from their homes after a man reportedly fires at police. good evening, i'm denise nakano, the situation is unfolding in middletown township, bucks county where a man has barricaded himself inside a house, authorities are trying to negotiate with the man right now. nbc 10's andrea cline-thomas has been on the scene for several hours. >> seven hours later, there continues to be heavy police activity in this normally quiet community we talked to some neighbors they say they don't know the man who has barricaded himself inside this home. say he's new to the neighborhood. >> he has four evacuees and a
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handful of first responders. >> police officers, negotiators and even s.w.a.t. surround a home on hueville road. they arrive after the man allegedly sent threatening text member fos family members, but refused to come out. nearby residents received phone calls telling them to stay inside. some neighbors had to evacuate. this man and his daughter weren't allowed to go back home. >> we went to the playground and went to two more playgrounds, and now we're just sitting here. >> now rob lecht and his neighbors are having to wait it out at the american legion hall. at last check authorities tell me they had not recently made contact with the man in the home. but they are taking things slowly. the goal in all of this is to end it peacefully. reporting live, and youy cline-thomas, nbc 10 news. we're following more breaking news, a police-involved shooting in philadelphia's olney section.
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so far, officials will only tell us an officer fired one shot at fourth and linley streets around 6:00 tonight. authorities will not confirm whether anyone was hurt. we'll keep following the story and bring you more information tonight on nbc 10 news at 11:00. more breaking news in center city where an officer was hurt after a fight broke out on walnut street. nbc 10's drew smith is live near the scene. drew, what can you tell us. >> denise, this police investigation is happening right now, right up on walnut street at 16th. police is that section of the road closed off. we're told that's where a melee broke out an an off-duty officer tried to break it up. he was assaulted in the process. this began around 6:00. police say a half dozen young people got kicked out of the dakota nightclub down there, they were making a scene on walnut towards 16th outside the apple store. that's when the officer who happened to be there tried to intervene and got hit. we're told an ambulance did take one person to the hospital. the police investigation is
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continuing out here. they were out collecting evidence, looking at some of the surveillance cameras on this block. and a pair of cars that may have been impacted by this fight. we're waiting to get their photograph the taken. that's why the road is still shut. you can see all the cars that are database here been impacted for the past hour and a half. bad traffic down here because police have had to close that section of busy walnut street on this saturday night. live in center city, drew smith, nbc 10 news. well four days after donald trump won his bid for the white house, people continue to take to the streets. and today, pro trump supporters and anti-trump protesters gathered on the same street of easton to make their messages heard. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal spoke to both sides about what they'd like to see moving forward. >> you're a bunch of liberal communists. >> dueling protests in downtown easton. on one side of the street, trump supporters rally around the president-elect. >> i think people have to
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respect the office, even if you don't agree with the result. >> they lost, trump won. >> they say the country should give trump a shot and put an end to the massive protests nationwide. >> i don't think they real democratic people bixt protesting and doing what they're doing. >> we're trying to have unity in the country. the people are not cooperating. >> but on the other side of the street, hundreds of anti-trump demonstrators. >> i have a handicapped child, when you disrespect them like that, that puts me in rage. >> they live in here about what a trump presidency could mean. >> the latinos, muslim-americans, lgbt community now fear for their own basic human rights? >> with protests entering their fourth day, they say it won't end soon. >> we're all americans, they're americans, we're americans, we have a commonality. that's to protest. i respect their right to protest, they have to respect our right to protest. >> the city of easton's mayor
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says trump has to come out and heal this nation. >> president-elect trump has to come out more publicly with what his issues are and how he wants to bridge the gap. >> as if on cue, two demonstrators one from each side, run to the middle of the street and embrace. >> people can be different and still be friends and get along. anti-trump protests spread across the country and around the world. demonstrators gathered in union square in new york for the fourth straight day since the election. in chicago about 1,000 people marched down michigan avenue some chanting no hate, no fear. immigrants are welcome here. overseas, demonstrators gathered in berlin, germany, to protest trump's election. more details tonight on who may be behind racist messages aimed at black university of pennsylvania students. we've now learned a student at the university of oklahoma has been temporarily suspended it's believed the messages originated from that school.
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a user or users who identified as daddy trump sent 100 students racial epithets and photographs of african-americans hanging from trees. president-elect trump graduated from penn. turning to our weather, a sunny but crisp fall day around the region. not a bad afternoon to spend on swings here in veteran's memorial park. but changes are in store overnight. temperatures will take a dip and that means a freeze warning will be in effect. let's check in with meteorologist erica martin with the first alert neighborhood forecast how cold will it get? >> temperatures will be below freezing, so a really cold night tonight. be sure to you bundle up if you're headed out. you're going to see our feels like temperature in just a moment. if you look at the bottom of the screen you'll see your local neighborhood forecast. a live look outside from our lowe's camera, it's high and dry, clear skies, in fact if you want to see the super moon it's
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not going to be 100%, but a great view as far as sky-gazing is concerned. 45 in philadelphia. upper 30s lehigh valley seeing low 40s and 41 for delaware, that's the average. but here feels-like temperatures overnight until 11:00 p.m. notice that temperatures feel colder than they actually are. that's simply because we do have winds out of the west that are keeping things just a little cooler. even though the winds aren't too cold. they're cold enough to keep it below the freezing mark. details coming up in my full forecast. denise, back to you. new video captures the moments after an suv slammed into a house in northeast philadelphia. you can see that vehicle up against a wall of the home in the crescentville neighborhood no word on injuries or whether charges will be filed. still ahead, how hundreds of people got their records wiped clean today in philadelphia. >> and rescued from the rubble. dramatic moments caught on tape, following an air strike
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four americans have been killed in a suicide bomb attack outside the largest u.s. base in afghanistan. military officials say a man disguised as a worker blew himself up outside bagram air field today. two ifm servicemen and t american contractors were killed and 16 others were also hurt. the taliban has claimed responsibility. new video capture as baby being pulled from the rubble after an air strike in syria. you can see rescuers rushed to a damaged home moments after bombs rained down on the village west of aleppo. the baby was take ton safety but there's no word on the child's condition. syria and russia have been
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conducting air strikes on villages in the area for months now. up next, to catch a thief, find out what happened when he a newspaper columnist jumped in to fight off an intruder inside his philadelphia hotel room. and celebrating decades of dedication, a local football coach calls it a career. the special sendoff he got today from the community he served for 30 years. i'm tracking a freeze warning, temperatures are going to be below freezing for many. details coming up in the ten-day on 10 on the other side of the break.
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a pulitzer prize-winning columnist had a dramatic experience in philadelphia this weekend. police say he chased down a thief he found in his hotel room
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it happened inside the franklin hotel in old city. "new york times" writer nick loss christoph said he left the door to his room unlocked. when he came back he said he found a man next to his sleeping wife holding her purse and then there was a chase through the hotel. christoph wrote on the "new york times" website with other people nearby and not wanting him to escape out the door or out the main door, i jumped him. there's a tussle and i pin him in a full nelson. police say the man threatened to stab christoph. that man is under arrest tonight. today the city of philadelphia helped expunge the records of more than 1,000 people, a free city-wide expungement clinic took place at six locations, 150 lawyers, paralegals and law students volunteered to help it comes after a new bill expanded criminal records sealing in pennsylvania. saying expunging someone's
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record can drastically improve their lives. >> today this is about how we can help those who messed up you know with a criminal record. how we can fix that for them so folks can be gainfully employed and/or move their employment forward. >> more than 1800 people signed up for the free expungement clinic today. >> in philadelphia a group came together to discuss how the community should move forward in the wake of president-elect trump's victory. a solidarity forum was held this afternoon at the united methodist church on arch street. the group discussed ways to help activists in the city connect with one another and create a movement for change. organizers say many minority groups are frightened in what could happen to them following the heated language during the presidential campaign. >> to be able to rally and come together and protect everyone in our community. because philadelphia is a city that is diverse and it's vibrant and vital. and we need to make sure that
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everybody is safe. >> organizers are also calling for a new push to protect sant wary cities and immigrants. take a listen to this after 30 years, a beloved montgomery county football coach is retiring on a high note. [ cheers and applause ] donald dockerty, big doc, choeched the st. genevieve football team for the last time today. they won their choibl game in springfield and many parents say over the years he's become a meant tore hundreds of kids. >> he helps us to be good men. >> it's been nothing but a pleasure for me and a privilege. i got to meet a lot of good kids and families over the years. >> dougherty says he'll continue to help out the team behind the team. walking for a cure, hundreds of people got up early to take part in the walk to end
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alzheimer's at business bank park. organizers say money raised will go towards research there were more than five million americans currently living with alzheimer's disease. thousands of people were channeling their inner italian stallion for the annual rocky run, it took place on the steps of the philadelphia art museum. made iconic in the movie. some runners wore their best rocky costumes for the event. got plenty of sunshine, too, erica. >> we definitely had a great day as far as sunshine was concerned. a high pressure system keeping everything high and dry. but denise the issue was a cold start to the day and we had a cold overnight. temperatures below the freezing mark for many. you'll see your local neighborhood forecast. live look outside. it's lovely so a great night for sky-gazing, super moon. locally we'll see plenty of
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clouds and rain showers monday into tuesday, which will certainly affect what we will see if you look at the bottom of the screen. you'll see your local neighborhood forecast. i'll step off-screen for a moment because my remote control is stuck so sometimes you get this going nonetheless. as we keep this moving here, notice the conditions for the weather headlines include temperatures below the freezing mark and a freeze warning that's been issued by the national weather service. we're tracking warmer but sunny and milder conditions, with winds going to be predominantly westerly. we have a coastal low i'm tracking that will bring us much-needed rain, we are at a rainfall deficit. five inches below year to date. that's going to be some much needed rain in the forecast. freeze warning has been issued. starting on sunday at 1:00 a.m. until 8:00 a.m. so keep it in mind it's going to be the first hard freeze of the season so please bring in all the plants, sensitive plants, vegetation, that's going to be the issue for
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tonight into tomorrow. neighborhoods right now if we zoom in we're going to see lots of 40s in the forecast. bustleton at 42, parkside 38 for you, and penceport 45 degrees. so conditions are getting colder quickly. lehigh valley lots of upper 30s, lenhartsville, it looks like 39 at walnut court. nazareth 41 and easton 39 degrees. bethlehem, 38 for you. notice the wind profile. we see westerly winds not the issue there. but still we're seeing the feels-like temperatures that will be affecting us. by tomorrow morning, temperatures are going to feel a lot chillier than they are look at this at 5:00 a.m., 7:00 a.m. we're seeing 29 for allentown, 27 and 29 for philadelphia. 28 for trenton, your actual feels-like temperature. we're going to have a very cold start tomorrow morning. be sure you download the free
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a nbc 10 app. a quick look at your stockton ver -- falcons at eagles, a nice day tomorrow. your ten day on 10 is all about tracking the potential for the showers and increasing the rain of course because we need the rain showers monday into tuesday and possibly some more rain showers next sunday into monday. be sure you follow us on social media @nbcphiladelphia for more updates. erica, i'm john clark coming up the eagles looking for a happy homecoming we hear from carson wentz and doug pederson. penn state roars back from a deficit in the fourth quarter, doing something they haven't done in 22 years, it's all next.
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this is sports desk. brought to you by xfinity, x 1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> i'm john clark from csn, the eagles host the falcons, who have the highest scoring offense in the league, averaging 34 points a game. the birds are 3-0 at home and haven't given up more than ten points in any game at the link. here's a look at home sweet home from our eagle the nest camera all quiet right now but it will be jumping tomorrow. the birds have lost four of five, all of them on the road. hopefully they still have a home-field advantage. >> we love playing here, we love being at home. you know obviously the goal is to win every game at home. i think that's huge for our confidence, for the city, for the fans and everything. but you know we love playing at home and you know we're going to get it done. >> we're playing in front of your crowd and you feed off of that. but you got to take care of obviously your eight home games that you have.
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and then ultimately, if you can split the road games you know, obviously it's a pretty good record at the end of the year. >> all right we'll get you started tomorrow. eagles game day kickoff. we sit down with jordan hicks and malcolm jenkins. followed by eagles game plan at 10:00 a.m. penn state ranked 10th in the college football playoff standings, today they're playing their first game in the top ten of any standings in seven years, nittany lions at indiana. these kids seem more focused on getting their ball out of the tree. and mission accomplished, they get it that's indiana football for you, penn state barkley held to just 20 yards on 20 carries in the first three quarters, but gets going in the fourth. saequan barrels over a defender, takes it in from two yards out. nittany lions are up. brandon bell with the blitz, forces a fumble.
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penn state 24 points in the fourth quarter. they win 45-31, six-game winning streak in the big ten, the first time in 22 years. james franklin's crew is 8-2. >> just really proud of our guys. i aged probably five, six years, i'm already an old 44-year-old as it is. so that's probably not good for me. >> he's looking fine. villanova hosting james madison. second quarter coming up here. zach bednarzek breaking free, 56-yard touchdown. one of the few highlights for the cats, they lose 20-7, they're now 7-3. both the flyers and 6ers playing tonight. the orange and black looking to bounce back from the tough loss in toronto. they answered four unanswered goals and 20 seconds in today they give up a goal. but brandon manning ties it up at 1-1. that's where we're at right now, tied 1-1 in the first
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intermission. the 6ers got their first win of the season. beating the pacers in overtime. joel embiid, 25 poinds, seven rebounds, joel is fourth in the nba in blocks, he's second in three-point shooting. and he's on a minutes restriction, but he is third in the league in points per 48 minutes, pretty amazing that game is just under way. you can see it on tcn. both flyers and 6ers game are streaming live. the man kin challenge, the 6ers did one last night with a.i., moving a little bit there. probably because his ring weighs so much and the cherry crusade posed during last night's win over lasalle. that's amazing how still they are and take a look at herb mcghee tick tiping off his 50th season. he's an institution, the rams held on to beat the district of
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columbia, career win number 1033 for herb mcgee, see you at 11:00 tonight. >> erika's back with a final check on the forecast. it's going to get cold. >> denise suggested we do the mannequin challenge, but we said no, because we're going 0 right to weather, here's the deal, your ten-day on 10. heres it, we are tracking a very cold night tonight denise, temperatures below the freezing mark. monday/tuesday, very important timeframe. we're getting a coastal system. rainfall deficit not good, even though it will be monday night during the commute we still have to proesht the fact we're going to get some rain. temperatures warming up tomorrow. >> winter weather week will be kicking off on monday our first alert weather team will be on the rooed to show off our high-tech weather tracking equipment like storm ranger 10. the locations and dates are on your screen and we're excited
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about that. >> thanks for joining us, see you tonight at 11:00.
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test. i laid there and cried. i couldn't believe it. somebody that i talked to almost every day is gone. it doesn't make sense. >> a mother of two, shot dead. it was her husband, a cop, who found her. >> please, have somebody come here right away. >> it was disturbing. a young handsome police officer, a young beautiful wife. >> it looked like suicide. but was it something else? >> when you hear suicide, what did you think? >> no way. no, no way. >> things about it started


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