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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  November 14, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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what trump is saying about immigration and social media. there's no place like home. the eagles win and keep their playoff hopes alive and when severe weather hits, only nbc 10 has the tools and technology to keep you and your family safe. this morning, we're live at oxford mall as we kick off severe winter weather week. criminal records, gang members, drug dolors. dealers. we have a these people. probably 2, 3 million. we're getting them out of our country or we're going to incarcerate them!
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it's the interview everyone's talking about. president-elect donald trump's first interview since his win. issues ranging from immigration to the supreme court, health care an even his use of f social media while he's our command er in chief. good morning. president-elect trump is also making his first presidential picks beginning with his inner circle. chose to top aides, one who has long antagonized the establishment, while the other represents it. here's peter alexander. >> the trump administration quickly taking shape. rnc chair reince priebus tapped as president-elect trump's chief of staff and for chief strategist, trump's ceo, steve bannon, on leave from breitbart news. a website often linked to the alt right, known for white nationalists and antesemitic views. >> hey everybody.
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>> one describes the priebus pick as an olive branch, one saying instead of draining the swatch, we put in the head al gator. priebus spoke with al and savannah today. >> the reason we had an electoral landslide is because donald trump was able to bring different pieces of our party together. zwl zbl the message of your campaign. >> in a new interview with 60 minutes, trump dismissed fears with how he might run the government. >> i will conduct myself in a very good manner, but depends on what the situation is. sometimes, you have to be rougher. >> these are the momest corruptn people. refusing to say he'll stray from the fiery language he often used on the trail. >> sometimes, you need a certain rhetoric to get people motivated. i don't want to be just a little nice monotone character and --
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>> can you be? >> as for his signature campaign promise, trump's pledging to deport millions of undocumented immigrant, beginning with criminals. >> what we are going to do is get the people that are criminal and criminal records, gang members, drug dealers, we have a lot of these people. probably 2 million 3rk million. we're getting them out or we're going to incarcerate, but we're getting them out of our country. >> the president-elect also talked about what would happen roe vrk wade were overturned. >> back to the states. some won't be able to get an abortion. >> they'll perhaps have to go to another state. >> and that's okay. >> we'll see what happens. it's got a long way to go. >> as for pinting a special prosecutor to investigate hillary clinton, so far, no verdict. >> i'm going to think about it. i don't want to hurt them. they're good people.
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i don't want to hurt them. >> the chair, reince priebus, has been named donald trump's chief of staff and this morning, he was on the "today" show where he talked about his new role in the trump administration. >> to advising the president. i think the people understand the president trump, he likes taking opinion frs a lot of different people. he's not a person that just listened to one person and does whatever that one person says. >> priebus and steve bannon, jared cushner, will also play a major role in decision making. today, both president obama and hillary clinton will talk to democrats as the party deals with its election defeat. the president will host a call with the democratic national committee. the former nominee will talk with democratic house members. for the past five day a, protesters have hit the streets across the country and here in philadelphia. they're upset at president-elect trump and some of the policy
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changes he intended to make. yesterday, there were two marches in center city where peaceful protesters chanted we reject the president-elect. this morning, we talked to philadelphia about how much longer the protesters will be able the block city streets. >> clearly, we believe we will. try to balance it ul out with those who are exercising their rights as well as those who are trying to get away. get out of center city for the day because they've come either visit foontd home. they have a right not to be inconvenienced. >> if we find out b about more schedule ed protest, we'll let you know and philadelphia, a philadelphia man is seek sanctuary at a center city church is still there. javier flores is staying at the arch street united methodist church. he is from mexico and has a pending visa case. they say the move the take ware at the church is a move to save
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his case. >> the church has a lonk history in the community and telling immigration they're not running and they're not hiding, but if they want deport them, immigration is going to have to come into the church. >> there's still a chance he could be deported today. we'll continue to follow and monitor this case and let you know what happens. meanwhile, new this morning, take a look at this. construction accident in glauser county. an excavator overturned with the operator inside. this is in south harrison township. crews worked to free the man. he's in a local hospital. he's got back and head injury, but is expected to be okay. and the search is on for the cause of this fire. nbc 10 at frankfurt and lehigh avenue where is firefighters spent much of the morning putting out the fire. no one there was hurt. zblncht we are kicking off
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severe winter weather week here on nbc 10. for some of us, dealing with snow and ice is the last thing we want to think about, but we want to make sure you're prepared when severe weather hits. bill henley and glenn short are live from oxford valley mall. we'll begin with glenn and a look at the forecast. >> it is beautiful out here. now i'm wearing that heavy winter coat partly because it's severe winter weather week. partly because it's -- we're trying to show people where we are. we are right outside the food court. opposite the movie theatre. and we've got storm force 10 and bill's got storm ranger 10 out here. come on out, we're here for hours. and today's weather is is a whole lot better than tomorrow's
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is going b to be. we're going to be at a dichbt mall every day. but look at the sky. it is perfectly blue out there. and let's show the wide shot that shows the new comcast building. the sky is totally clear there, too. the radar and satellite shows mostly clear skies, but the bottom of your screen, you see some of the clouds coming in, then the rain is right behind. it's not a real strong system, but there's no doubt that's rain down there. it's moving up this way. so, it will be affecting us. 56 degrees now and 59 in coatesville. one of the warm spots and we're going to be seeing increasing clouds later today. there could be some showers this evening. definitely rain overnight. don't leave the windows open tonight, folks. the temperature, not going down a whole lot.
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during the night tonight and you can see lehigh valley still has the rain into noon tomorrow. and most of the rain, it does look like it's going to fall during the nighttime hours. and then, we'll see what's going to happen through the rest of the week. we do have some more nice weather and eventually, more rain in the ten-day. that's coming up in a little bit. but right now, we're going to bill henley, who's got the greatest device ever made for a local weather station. >> it's an amazine ining sight it up close in person. the world's first mobile television radar and we can't wait to use it to cover winter weather. this is your chance to come out to the oxford valley mall and see it before we have to fire it up and start covering winter
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storms. i know you can find it because these folks here foun it. how wrou going today thank you for coming out. what a perfect day. no sign of winter weather today. >> no, not at all. zpl are you looking forward to winter weather? >> i sure am. sfl we found one. you're not looking forward to winter weather. what's your concern? >> driving. >> yeah, now, that is a big concern. i parked in the garage. >> i have something to help you out just in case. we're giving these away as well as a bunch of gear. did you get a scraper? >> i don't need one. >> do you have a magic car that magically clears? >> i keep my car in the garage. >> then you park anytime the garage in your zes nation, too? we'll give it to this guy then. got a bunch of stuff to give away. hats, key chains, hats. >> a hat. >> now you're talking. and this is just the first day.
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we'll be here all day. come on down. say hi to me, to glenn. see the trucks in person. really is impressive and well, if you want, you can stop by different malls every week. we're going to be all across our area introducing you to the equipment that we have to cover winter weather. we'll be be back in a little bit. in just a few minutes with a look at some of our other tools that we use for other winter weather coverage. >> probably a good day to come see everyone. it's 56 degrees because when the weather turns, all that equipment's going to be employed, right, bill? >> feels great right now. enjoy it. >> there you go we are focusing on severe winter weather throughout the week. with mall tours and loeks here on your screen. stop by any of the malls shown here to meet the as they show off high-tech weather tracking equipment like storm ranger ten. we'll check back in with glenn
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and bill just a little bit later on. up next, race against time. the frantic rescues underway to free those trapped in the destruction caused by a powerful earthquake in new zealand.
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new zealand is planning to send in military helicopters and a navy ship to rescue after powerful earthquake cut off access roads when the quake hit
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the south island after midnight leaving two dead and triggering a stsunami there. it also brought down u rocks and mud. some 1,000 people may need to be rescued. time for a late morning check of the roads with francesca. looking at 95? >> 95 comes back to normal. take a look at this. 95 watching southbound as well as northbound traffic. we're doing okay. just watch for maintenance vehicles off to the shoulder. not really affecting traffic flow. this is on the northbound side. watching another action in plymouth. no report of problems or delays. we're doing okay, but have been watching this for the last two hours. upper marion at brooks and golf road. >> thank you. and we are getting you ready for winter. with our severe winter weather
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week here on nbc 10. all about helping you be prepared with severe weather hits. bill henley and glenn are at oxford valley mall. telling people about our state-of-the-art weather tool. glenn? >> yeah. well, it's just a spectacular day out here. except for those of you who like winter weather. we don't really need these today. but if you want to pick one up, you can come on out here. we've got a table full of hats and oh goodies. ice scrapers. yeah, we're going to need some ice scrapers at some point. my winter forecast is coming out this week. tellinging you more about that. doing great. >> how you been feeling? >> how do you u like the weather? this is beautiful. let's look at how the weather is around the area. everybody's sunny.
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>> yeah, right now. >> over to the -- be right back. and we've got sunny skies. we have temperatures in the mid-50s. and you can see that across the area, look at the sun. everybody's got it. and in philadelphia itself, we've got places already to 60 degrees. summer ton, fox chase, not too far, in lower bucs county. the satellite and radar shows the system to our south coming up this direction. looks like the heaviest rain it's at the north carolina coast, is going to go offshore and so we're going to get some rain as we go through the night tonight. especially if you're headed out late tonight. you'll be seeing some of that. and new jersey, it should be getting more than pennsylvania. but a lot of the other computer models do bring some rain into pennsylvania during the night tonight and into tomorrow. how much rain?
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well, none of the models are giving us a lot, but by tomorrow morning, we're seeing temperatures in the 50s and about a third of o an inch of rain. little bit more new jersey than elsewhere. but today, it is just picture perfect. into the low 60s in most places. allento allentown, 58, one of the cool spots. you see the rain drops in atlantic city and wilmington. that's for later on today. cape may, the beach getting some rain. very, very late in the day. i'll be back with the rest of the forecast a little later, now, e headed over to bill henley with more on the tools needed to forecast the weather. >> a great day to come out and see these tools up close and personal. this would be the first winter we'll be deplaying this truck. to cover and track the storms as they come into the area.
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it is the first ever mobile radar. the radar dome is on the back here. you can come and see it for yourself and check it out. get a preview of how it works, but a key to our success is making equipment like this work with our high-tech equipment that's already in our weather center. take a look. the first alert weather team of meteorologists has the tools and the know how to keep you up to date. on the rapidly changing severe weather. as a team, we are constantly in touch, reviewing the latest neighborhood forecast data. this allows us to update the first alert forecast in realtime. when you have to dig out, we dig in. to give you the information you need to deal with winter storms. the first alert weather team also gives you fropt row seat to
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change iing weather with camera. these cameras are strategically placed in neighborhoods all over the area so you'll be able to see what's in store for you before you head out the door. then there's the first alert weather channel. the weather terror, home to our state-of-the-art interactive display. it allows us to trablg and zero in on severe winter weather and when it strikes, the same live data triggers instant alerts. you'll see these potentially life saving warnings on air, online and directly to you on your smart phone or tablet. on tv, the familiar nbc 10 chimes, alerting to instant warnings that appear across the bottom of the screen. no matter what program on at the time. download the free app and you'll have these same warnings in the palm of your hand. wonder federal government your school will be open? we've got you covered there, too. when winter weather impacts the area, school closings and delays
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are sent to the nbc 10 digital operation center and from there, to our neighborhood weather center and pushed to you on our nbc 10 app and website. the first alert weather center, we have the technology, we're monitoring realtime neighborhood data. alerts, we'll get them to you on tv, your smart phone and online. then there's experience. the first alert team of meteorologists, we're working together, 24/7 to keep you safe. count on it. >> and a remind er, we are focusing on severe winter weather all week long. mall tours across our area, the dates and loeks are there on your screen. tracy and i will join the tour tomorrow at philadelphia mills in northeast philadelphia. stop by any of the malls shown here, meet the first alert weather team as they show off some of our high-tech weather tracking equipment like storm ranger 10. we're counting down to the kickoff of thursday night
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football. up next, i'll talk live with tony dengee about what fans can expect thursday night.
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this thursday nigts is the kickoff of thursday night football on nbc. the new orleans saints will take on the carolina panthers. and hall of fame nfl coach, tony dungee will help bring all the action. he joins us from new york with
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what's in store m tony, it was my misfortune, i never had the chance the play for you, but we got to watch you on sunday night b football and now, see you two night as week. maybe not for you and rodney so much, but for the crew, that's got to be a quick turn around. >> it is. for everybody involved, our crew, our production team and the announcers. we have to prepare four teams per week and split it up, but being out there, being at the stadium, the game sight and getting this vibe an energy from the crowd, it's been a lot of fun so far. we're looking forward to december. >> there's nothing quite like being at a stadium when there's an nfl game playing. coach, i got to ask you, got you here, your thoughts on the eagle's rookie head coach and their rookie quarterback and how this is meshing. have they surprised you at all? they're 5-4 right now?
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. >> they have. doug peterson, i knew he would do a good job, but he has stepped into it and done really well right off the bat. carson wentz, you think there's going to be growing pains and a learning curve. he has played exceptional football. i've been impressed with his accuracy, how the game hasn't been too big for him and he's got this, the team right in contention. unbelieve bable for a rookie. i know zack prescott, they're on a great streak, but wentz has been just as impressive. coach, i know you're old school, you play for chuck knoll as a player. you won a super bowl in indianapolis as head coach. can we do without these monochromatic uniforms? come on. >> i don't like them. i like i am old school, so i like to see the steelers look like the steelers. i like to see eagles look like the eagle, but i guess for the young kids, kids love them. maybe i have to grow a little bit.
11:27 am
not sure. >> i got a feeling this is bring in the me len yals and those kids in oregon, they change every week. >> my son play ed at oregon. >> there you go. tony, we thank you so much for being with us this morning. good luck thursday night. >> thank you. looking forward to it. >> you can catch every thursday night football game live on nbc 10. our coverage begins at 7:30. well, it's sunny and warming u up, but changes are coming. a live look at the radar shows a rain that's headed our way. the blob of green there, glenn and bill will prepare you for the rain that's coming as well as the severe weather we could see this winter. they're live from oxford valley mall at part of nbc 10's severe weather week. plus, wildfires are tearing tli parts of the southeast and it's gotten so bad that some are wearing masks to stay safe.
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it is a sunny start to the day as we give you a live look now at center city, philadelphia. clouds will soon take over. a live look at the first alert radar showing the rain that's heading our way from the south. and that wet weather will have an impact lae later on today. let's check back in with glenn and bill. we'll check in with bill if a moment, we begin with glenn and a look at the forecast. morning, glenn. >> yeah, morning. nice game by the eagles yesterday by the way. i'm out here at the mall. got the heavy coat on, but i don't need it. it's just a prop. you don't need heavy coats today. eventually, you will.
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i'm here at a big red coat to get attention to get people to come out. we're giving away all sorts of stuff, including winter weather gear and ice scrapers, which you'll probably need. come on out and say hello. we're going to be here for hours and hours and hours. right across from the movie theatre. if you have any concerns about that. let's take a lock at the weather. you can see the flags blowing, but it's not really blowing that hard. the wind is coming from a southerly direction. it's bringing in moisture and warmer weather, so, today is going to be kind of mild. for this time of the year. look at the clouds coming from the south. those are high, thin clouds. it's not going to rain for quite a while. the rain has not even gotten up to southern yet, but it's moving straight to the north and there's no doubt it's going to rain on much of the area
11:33 am
eventually, but it's already 61 in coatesville. 56 in philadelphia. 57 in atlantic city and vineland, those places are going to see more of rain later on. today's forecast is is generally dry, wu but the clouds are quoing to thicken up into the 60s in philadelphia. some of the suburbs, the clouds being around, the super moon isn't really going to be viz b. then you see the rain coming into the jersey shore by 6:00 tonight, so that's the area to get here first. we'll talk r more about the areas to get hit later tonight and tomorrow in just a bit. let's go to bill henley with more on the tools we use for forecasting. >> one we're exciting to use is storm ranger. oxford valley mall is the first
11:34 am
stop to kick off winter weather week. we're encouraging people to come down, check out the equipment and get some channel 10 gear. kelly is here. brought her family. how you doing? >> how are you? sn. >> you enjoy winter weather? >> i love winter weather. i love snow. i love christmas. i just love winter. >> we're going to use that sound bite when winter weather hits. >> got the uggs, the leggings, prepared. >> you are ready. thank you for coming down. listen, we got a bunch of people coming down here and checking out not only the equipment, but getting some equipment. to keep you ready and getting ready for winter weather. you see the line that's developed. we've got hats and ice scrapers as well. and we haven't left no idea unturned. chap stick. nbc 10 10 and tell immumundo ch
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stick. if we're not near you, check our schedule and come out to one of the locations here this week. it is winter weather week. >> be sure to pick up a handful of those lip balms for me. i'm always losing mine and i use somebody else, got sick a couple of weeks ago. appreciate it, bill. we are focusing op severe winter weather all week long with the mall tours. stop by any of the malls shown here to meet the first alert weather team and they will show off some of our high-tech weather tracking congresswome i. evacuations have been ordered in six north carolina mountain counties in at least 20 wildfires continue to burn. weather channel meteorologist mike seidel reports in the mountains of western north
11:36 am
carolina. >> a gruelling fight. violaing fire crews from five states who have descends on the mountains of western north carolina. just a sampling of more than 5,000 firefighters and support crews battling dozens of wildfires raging across the southeast. >> just keep patrolling, walking, hunting for the hot spots, logs that are smoking and try to snuff that out in the area so we don't have to worry about no reburns. >> the drought and record heat have made conditions all too right for fire. >> we've had some dry spell, but this year has been unbelievable. >> in all, tens of thousands of acres have burned in north carolina. tennessee, kentucky, georgia and alabama, with arson being the suspected cause in the majority of the blazes. a blanket of smoke stretching for miles and miles, affecting air quality in atlanta,
11:37 am
chattanooga and charlotte. despite support from the air in the form of water drops, much of the fight here is being done with hand tools. and even leaf blowers. 44 wildfires still in play here in western north carolina. no rain in sight. probably not until after thanksgiving. temperatures warm up again this week and next week, another cold front will kick in very gusty winds. i'm mike seidel in north carolina for nbc news. zpl if you didn't get a chance to see the super moon last night or this morning, we got you covered. live view after 6:00 this morning. look at that. this is when the moon was at peak making its way down. the brightest moon in almost 70 years. super moons happening once about every 14 months, but it was more super because it was closer to the earth than it normally is. happening now, more changes
11:38 am
for septa riders. monique braxton has more. good morning. >> some people are calling it the ways of the future. three new features debuting today that will phase out the need for tokens or cash. remember these key cards that debuted in june? now, you can add toup a $250 credit. or in the sales office. that's called your travel wallet. the key cards may not be used on regional rails just yet. another new u future that launches today is the senior photo id card. now, senior rides are free. soon they will have a transit id with photo on the id card. we stopped by to talk the to seniors about how the new photo card simplifies their lives.
11:39 am
zwl zbl 70 years old. got a senior citizen cards. some don't accept it. zpl we encourage them, get the card because you don't want the pull your i. the d. out ef day. >> seniors should receive them in the mail sometime this week. another new feature we've been looking for is the quick trip. motto, pie it here, use it here. you may purchase single ride for one person from the broad street line. now, this is only good for travel from the station purchased on the day it's purchased. quick trips are not for round trips and may not be used on buses. septa also tells us there are some restrictions on limitations with these free new feature, but they hope in the coming month, they'll have a broader scope.
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well, the eagles really needed this one and boy, did they get it. the birds stayed perfect with a vktry over atlanta that snap pe a losing streak and kept their playoff hopes alive. and the seesaw game, ryan matthews putting the eagles on top for good. second touchdown of the day. another good game for their defense to defeat matt ryan and the falcon, 24-15. doug pederson will talk to recorders at noon about the win. eagle rs now 5-4 on the year. they'll travel to seattle next sunday to take on the seahawks who beat the patriots last night. really good game. birds kick off on sunday at 4:25 and tonight in toronto, fliers lynn ross will be inducted into the hockey hall of fame. he was the captain when he led the team to the stanley cup finals in 1997. gearing up for another live musical event on nbc 10 that
11:41 am
promises to be memorable and you can get the chance to be a part of hair spray live. get your dancing shoes ready. we'll tell you what you need to do up next. and we're out at oxford valley mall talking about winter weather, not that it's wintry, but if you come on out, join us and see storm force 10, storm ranger 10. get winter stuff and i'll be back with the ten-day forecast in just a bit.
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fam liss are preparing for thanksgiving and the most important part? dessert. the pie in the sky fund-raiser is underway and sue dockerty is the executive director she is here with us this morning. thanks for coming in. >> everybody loves these pies. i've been buying them for a number of years. tell us about this and what a great cause it is and how you guys use the money. >> sure, this is 20 years for pie and it's the largest fund-raiser and it's really about making a difference in the lives of the clients we serve every day every day, we make sure the clients battling life threatening illnesses, three meals a day, seven days a week.
11:45 am
food is medicine and thanksgiving day is a special day at the organization because our clients are too sick today their traditional thanksgiving, so we want to make sure we show up at their house on thanksgiving day with a gourmet meal with all the fixings, served hot for a family of four because we don't want anybody to be alone and of course, there has to be pie. this is toour month long fund laser where the goal is to sell over 8,0$8,000 pies. a $25 donation. >> we were just talking during the break about how it just snuck up us. the election, then it's here. my wife bakes pies, but i'll be honest, i also help out by buying a couple of these. and she loves i bring home a couple of pies as a contribution, to so we thank you so much. you can purchase a pie through friday, november 18th. more than 40 pick locations throughout the area. very, very convenient.
11:46 am
i pick mine up aath my gym. for more, head to our website. we have a link there and the app. thank you so much. what a great work you do here. appreciate it. and it is severe winter weather week, let's check back in with bill and glenn. live from oxford valley mall. bill is telling people about our state-of-the-art weather tracking tools, but again with glenn and the forecast. >> oh it's just amazing here. i got the sun blindness. i've been wearing this heavy winter coat just to reminder that winter weather week and also, that let people know where we are here in the mall. but the weather, it's just beautiful. nobody needs any kind of winter coat today. the sky is clear, nice and blue, but down forwatoward the south, a different story. that's the advance of what is going to be coming this way.
11:47 am
and let's see if we see any of those clouds in our different cameras. cloud cover than in other. but some places are already up to degrees. pretty close to it harmony hill, valleyville at 59 degrees. delaware, 60. you can see the wind coming out of the the south. so it is a warm wind. it's also going to be a wet wintd because you see that system down to the south. it's not really strong. so, we're not expecting a lot of rain, but there will be some rain, not for the afternoon rush tonight, but later on tonight, there's that rain coming up a little bit. and most of it, the heaviest of it, staying offshore. and as you can see, by tomorrow morning, at least part of the
11:48 am
area are to be seeing that rainfall. now, you can see that the amounts of rain about a third of an inch everybody's got rain tomorrow b, but it's mostly early tomorrow. dover and -- are done with the rain by tomorrow morning and the ten-day forecast shows the rain tomorrow, but some really, really nice weather after that going through the rest of the week and into the weekend. of course, we're in a drought, we could use more rain, but we're just not going to get it this time. you get tonight, tomorrow, it's going to be it for a whichlt now, over to bill henley, more on the things that we use to help make these forecasts. >> yeah, and a visual observation for fwhou you, too, notice the clouds that are now starting to roll in here at the oxford valley mall. we're just behind the penny's and the united artist theatres, getting ready for winter weather week.
11:49 am
fortunate lyr fortunately, we have rain coming in, and only rain, a perfect morning to come out and check out some of our latest gear including storm ranger 10. it's getting a lot of attention. you've been checking it out. what do you think? >> ip credible. but i'm in an order with you. i want some snow. >> you'd like snow. >> yeah. >> i think there's disagreement here with some of the other people. are you ready for snow? >> no. >> i am. >> so, no snow. >> i'm ready. >> you are ready. you, sir? >> take it as it comes. >> see, i should have expecked that from a man who's wearing an alaska hat. what do you think of our brand-new mobile radar unit? >> phenomenal. i saw your broadcast earlier and i figured i had to come up and see it. be my only chance. >> it is quite a piece of equipment and you can't really appreciate all the tonl that goes inside of it until you come and see it firsthand. that's why we've done winter weather week, kicking it off at
11:50 am
the oxnaford vally mall, encouraging people to see storm ranger 10 and the latest in mobile radar technology, but also our storm force 10, which has been battle tested. it's been through a few winters already. have you made it to the nbc tent? >> yes. >> good because we're giving away all sorts of stuff and it is going to happen all week. we have partnered with with simon properties. for malls all across our areas. so you can come down, if it's nearby, check out our we'll have the full list of malls we're visiting this week. >> speaking of which, we're focusing on severe winter weather throughout the week as bill mentioned with mall tours across the area. right there on the screen, you'll be able to find a mall you can get to. you can catch team live this afternoon at 4:00 p.m. and will be live at philadelphia mills tomorrow at 11:00 at 4:00
11:51 am
showing off our high-tech weather tracking equipment there. ♪ yeah. the show guaranteed to get you moving and groove iing, hair sp, the hit that led to a major motion picture, will be a event. entire family can enjoy next month. nbc 10 is helping to ge get you ready for hair spray live. crystal is vice president of sales an marketing, giving you an opportunity to be featured as a dancer during a special viewing party next month. thank you for being here. this is exciting. tell us what's happening tomorrow night. >> well, it's very, very exciting. we have a live viewing party at the center. philadelphia was chosen as one of fyfe cities to be featured in the live broadcast. to watch this together. across the nation. and as a result, we're looking for dancers to participate and
11:52 am
pump up the party and really have a good time at that event. the auditions are in the center's innovations studio from 10:00 pam to 3:00 p.m. we're asking everybody to bring head shot and resume and be prepared for showing off their moves. >> almost got me, asking if i didn't think do an eight count, i may or may not be able to. you don't necessarily are to dance and participate in the fun, so tell us what people heading to the center on december 7st, what can they expect? >> the party starts at 7:00 a.m. and we will have a rocking dpood time. with seating in our pearlman theatre, as well as, the entire floor will be kind offed into the ground so that there will be no seats, it's just a party. people can dance, they can go get behives and have their hair done on the floor. we'll have drinks available. and we're just looking to have f a good time and show the rest of the country philly knows how to
11:53 am
party, especially when it comes to hair spray musical. >> tell us why this show touch sos many people. >> well, the show hair spray is really kind of timely. actually, for right now. and you know, what we're seeing across the country. there are so many messages that come across, but done so in a very fun way. so i really think that we're all ready to have some fun together. >> that fun is going to be december 7th, the it's going to be great. open call auditions for hairspray will be to participate, happening tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. need to go to the fbi innovation studio at the kimmel center in philly. men and women between the ages of 18 and 30, you're encouraged to come dressed in the spirit of the 60s. the it's happening wednesday, december 7th, from 7:00 to 11:00
11:54 am
p.m. it is a great venue. trust me if you've not been there. head to our website or check out the a prk prk. thank you very much for coming in. we'll be right back. stay with us. sure, you could buy this. but why miss out on this?
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thanks for watching, from all of us here at nbc 10, have a great day. enjoy.
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>> hope: little late to be bringing me upstairs isn't it? what's going on, officer? >> detective...[nervous laugh]. okay, none of us blame you for killing stefano dimera. and we've heard the rumors. the department would've taken a hell of a hit if you hadn't confessed. favors are due. so... have a good night. [dramatic music] ♪


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