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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  November 15, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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amber alert. police say a four-year-old girl is in extreme danger after being taken in virginia and investigators believe she could be headed to our area. a woman beat a bat and stabbed in south jersey, we are live with an update on the overnight details. calling out bigotry, philadelphia mayor jim kenney says he will stand up against hate crimes in the city. 6:00 a.m. on the nose. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley who has the neighborhood fra of the this morning. >> it's a steady rain in new jersey, much of new jersey is seeing the rain, it's a system that's centered offshore but pushing those showers inland, trenton, philadelphia and parts of delaware seeing light
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rainfall. it hasn't reached into wilmington, but to the south, dover and into southern delaware you can see the rain there. central new jersey, this is where we've seen steadier rain from ship bottom to toms river and it's moving into northeast philadelphia and lower bucks county. this afternoon we will be clearing out and with sunshine low 60s for delaware up to 62 degrees, 60 in the lehigh valley, lots of sunshine, 61 degrees in afternoon in philadelphia. look at these forecasts hour by hour with a future cast when i come back to show you when that rain will be moving out. if you're heading out the door jessica boyington is watching first alert traffic. >> starting out in new jersey in mt. laurel there is a tractor-trailer fire that's reported on the new jersey turnpike on the southbound side, traffic moving away interest trenton and right around exit 4 which is right before ruth 73, all lanes are blocked right now, so all active lanes having no
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traffic move through but they do have the right hand shoulder with one car or so at a time trickling through. big delays there and i have seen some reports actually on twitter some of our followers tweeting back at us telling us that the flames seem to be very high over top of the tractor-trailer as well. so it may be there for a little bit. they are in the process of getting that fire under control. best bet for you is to take 295 instead of the new jersey furn pike as your alternate this morning. this morning we're following this breaking news. an amber alert has been issued for a four-year-old girl from virginia and police believe she may be headed to new jersey. nbc 10's pamela osborne is live in the breaking news center. tell us more about this search. >> investigators are asking for the public's help on finding this four-year-old child. i spoke with the charlotte county sheriff's office this morning, that is where that little girl was reported missing from. that's when we learned this missing four-year-old was actually taken several days ago
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by her father who does not have custody of her. take a look. here she is, her name is anabelle richardson, she's 3 feet tall, 22 pounds, she has green eyes and short blond hair. we are being told by authorities in virginia that her disappearance just met the criteria for an amber alert late last night. here is a look at the man who police say took her. his name is dylan richardson, he's 5'10", 140 pounds, he has blue ides and brown hair. investigators tell me he has friends and family in new jersey that is why they suspect he could be in our area right now. here is what you need to know. richardson is driving a 1995 burgundy chevy van with a virginia license plate of vmg 2332. very important that you keep your eye out for this van as you head out the door this morning. police believe anabelle is in extreme danger. if you see the van, suspect or child police are asking that you
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call 911 right away. if you haven't already you can download the nbc 10 app to get breaking developments and straight to our smartphone i'm going to keep searching or monitoring the search, rather. i will see you again in another half hour for an update. in the breaking news center i'm pamela osborne. we're also following breaking news out of burlington county this mo rng where a woman was hit in the head with a baseball bat and stabbed. nbc 10 outside a home on monday row street, this is in mt. holly where police say the assault happened in the home around 2:00 this morning. the woman was taken by helicopter to a nearby hospital. we will continue to monitor and follow the story and bring you any updates. a live look at several nurses picketing outside hahnemann university hospital. they are part of the pennsylvania alliance of staff nurses and allied professionals. they are in negotiations for their first contract, the nurses are not on strike, this is just an informational pickett. the union says management at three city hospitals refuse to
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accept the group's proposal to provide minimum safe staffing levels. we are reaching out to the hospitals for comment, we will on our nbc 10 omment, we will app. philadelphia police are looking for two men in a deadly shooting outside a chinese restaurant, calls for help came in around 10:30 last night at 18th and ridge avenue in north philadelphia. investigators say the two men were chasing two other men. at least 13 shots were fired at close range, one man was killed, no sign of the other victim, the entire incident was captured on the restaurant's surveillance cameras. former eagles player josh huff is expected in court to face drugs and weapons charges. police culled him over on the new jersey side of the walt whitman bridge two weeks ago. they say he admitted having marijuana, a handgun and bullets in the car. police arrested him. the eagles released him two days later. huff is licensed to carry a gun in texas but not in new jersey where he lives. young south philly football
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players are struggling to understand why chiefs took the equipment that they need to play in the championship game. someone broke into the shed where the nu sigma sharks football team keeps their equipment. it was ransacked and $2,000 worth of stuff was stolen. chiefs grabbed their first down markers, pylons even a generator and even a machine that paints the lines. the team will borrow equipment from newman ga pretty high school who owns this field. 6:06. we just heard bill talking about the rain in new jersey coming in a little bit more and just in time we are looking at this e-mail that came from sky force 10, they are not flying over new jersey because of it. >> it's steadier in new jersey and it has not reached boathouse row, that's a live view, but northeast philadelphia you're getting some rain. it's a rain system centered offshore, look at the light rain streaming from delaware across delaware bay into philadelphia, right on the verge of center city, some steadier rain into trenton and it's now reaching
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into lower bucks county, not heavy rain but just enough to cause umbrellas to go up this morning, this afternoon all of this will be out of here and we will see sunshine to to warm things up. future cast shows knows showers pulling away from the area by 11:00 this morning with clouds lingering in philadelphia but watch though those clouds clear out during the afternoon hours, a little slower in new jersey and in philadelphia than the lehigh valley, the suburbs and in delaware, but by late this afternoon the clouds move out and we're heading for a clear night tonight, mostly clear, just going to make for cooler temperatures overnight tonight. during the day the clouds thin, 60 degrees at 1:00 in philadelphia, for the suburbs a few showers, lower suburbs i think it will stay dry in most of the upper suburbs. lunchtime partly cloudy sties 58 degrees, and the lehigh valley a few sprinkles as well as we saw this morning, mostly cloudy at 9:00, as the day goes on you will see more and more sunshine there. for delaware already there are
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some light showers in central and southern delaware, by lunchtime early in the afternoon we will be near 60 degrees with more and more sunshine, but by 10:00 that sun will be down so the temperatures start coming down. new jersey clouds and rain this morning, by 9:00 much of the rain has tapered off, then sunshine will take us into the upper 50s to low 60s, in new jersey you will see that at the shore as well. the steadier rain long gone by afternoon. mainly clear as we go into this evening. there are some colder temperatures ahead, i have noticed the change coming up with the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. i will take a closer look when i come back with the ten day on 10. i just mentioned sky force 10 the pilot is being cautious, not flying into new jersey. ordinarily jessica would have access to video from him. >> while watching this tractor-trailer fire on the new jersey turnpike but some viewers are tweeting us pictures because they're struck behind it. >> we're watching some of those delays because of our viewers sitting on the highway behind
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this. all lanes are blocked on the new jersey turnpike headed southbound around exit 4 right around route 73 on the southbound side, all traffic that's moving away from the tren top area. the tractor-trailer fire is in the process of at least attempting to get that situation under control. we just saw some tweets from shurs they are still stuck behind that traffic. they are allowing the right shoulder to trickle by one car at a time. it might as well be closed almost. right now we are seeing big delays behind that of course you need an alternate, that would be 295 which runs parallel to the turnpike all the way down if you're headed towards the delaware memorial bridge that's your best bet for right now. there is 295 a little bit further north, hamilton township no problems. watch for the clearing of a direction in new hanover. breaking overnight president obama has arrived overseas as he begins his final foreign trip. >> next we will explain what's
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on the president's agenda over the next two days plus, nailed it. we will take a look at a mannequin challenge at the link that had fans coming together. we did launch sky 10, another one of our tools to bring you breaking news, traffic alerts and weather updates. we will be giving you a view from above as long as the weather let's us.
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breaking overnight, president obama is in athens, greece, to start what will be his final7ñ international tour president. president obama will meet with greece's president and prime minister and call for meaningful
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debt relief for the country. tomorrow he will tour the acropola krocrop police. he will then visit perú and asia. both democrats and republicans are condemning the racist messages sent to black students at the university of pennsylvania. >> bob kasie sat down with students talking to them about their concerns. the targeted students were added to a group on a social media app that sent out racist messages about lynchings. the philadelphia republican party say the messages don't reflect their party's message of unity and the u penn college republicans call the messages absolutely despicable on their facebook page. >> we were all appalled when we saw what happened. >> it's horrific when they student has to live through the kind of week these students lived through. >> i'm not shocked, i knew that trump getting elected would mean that people would feel bolder
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than before to be overt with their racism. >> they say the messages have been linked to three people in oklahoma. philadelphia mayor jim kenney is calling for calm. >> calling for calm following the u penn incident and recent violence. the mayor denounced the incidents during an event with the pen museum. it includes a flash mob style attack at 16th and walnut streets in center city. the mayor says there is no place for this behavior in philadelphia. >> but we must also recognize you cannot combat hate with more hate. instead we must work and i mean really work to preserve or protect what you love about this great city. >> mayor kenney vowed that those committing these crimes will be caught and punished to the full extent of the law. this morning we have lost sky force 10 one of our tools to bring you weather. >> matt, the rain is moving in, where are you? >> vai and tracey right now we
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are right over the delaware river. we're looking into camden and, yes, the rain is hitting the lens of our camera there. if you missed the super moon yesterday and you thought, well, i'm going to wake up early today and get out there and see it, you may have missed your chance because the clouds have definitely moved in and you can see the clouds in the distance. we were going to try to go over to mt. laurel to where that truck crash is on the new jersey turnpike but the weather is not allowing us to do that at this point. hopefully we will get there later once the weather clears out. just looking over the ben franklin bridge, over i-95 is doesn't look too bad right now. good news for all you folks going to head out on the roads at this hour. we're going to keep an eye as we are in the air as long as we can. for now i'm live in sky force 10, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. matt mentioned the accident on the new jersey turnpike we have been following that involves a tractor-trailer and a
6:17 am
fire. >> jessica boyington give us another update. >> we're watching the new jersey turnpike on the southbound fire, causing major delays on the new jersey turnpike. traffic moving away from the trenton area, say you're going down to the delaware memorial bridge so going that direction it's on the southbound side just before route 73. that's exit 4 on the turnpike. all lanes are blocked on the southbound side, they are allowing one car or so at a time trickle through on to the shoulder, we're seeing massive delays right there. also you can see on route 73 starting to see delays there, maybe traffic moving off or if that exit ramp is blocked that's why there would be some traffic backing up on to 73 as well. consider your best for an alternate take 295, that looks good for right now. other than that taking back roads might cause you so much of and a delay. 295 looks perfect, green both directions as well. this is the boulevard around ridge avenue, no problems or delays here north or southbound.
6:18 am
the schuylkill expressway still green, you can see that in our map system here, maybe some sports turning yellow but the drive time isn't affected, 14 minutes eastbound from the blue route to the vine street expressway. ten minutes delays for airport train 7409 everything else running on time with no delays. now we will talk to bill. let's get you updated on that rain movement. >> look at what -- breeze is blowing in morning, sky force 10 has to deal with that. i am tracking showers, not everybody is seeing, it's not raining in center city but the showers are not far away, they will be here this morning, out of here this morning. clearing skies will lead to a chilly evening, temperatures dropping into the 40s during the evening hours. right now rain has moves out of cape may, a steady rain an hour ago. 51 degrees at the shore, still showers in south jersey where
6:19 am
temperatures have cooled into the 40s, warmer than yesterday so we are only looking at rain with this system as it moves through this morning. princeton is at 46 degrees, very uniform temperatures with the rain. there's that steady rainfall, but it's not just new jersey, delaware and some of the lehigh valley into berks county seeing some of the rain as well. these showers have been limited to central and southern delaware especially right along the coast, trying to move into new castle county, the steadier rainfall along the coastline in central new jersey. it has inched into the philadelphia area and lower bucks counties as well. sunshine that's happening this afternoon as the clouds will be clearing out of here, it will happen fairly rapidly by 6:45. mostly clear skies and that will lead to our chillier evening and it will stay dry into tomorrow morning. we're going to see days of dry weather and afternoons in the
6:20 am
60s right on into the weekend but over the weekend this is what we are going to have to deal with on sunday. that snow in the west moving into wyoming and montana, by the time it gets here on sunday it's going to be mainly rainfall and the chance of anything other than rainfall is looking pretty slim at this point. there are some changes ahead for the weekend. showers to start with today, sunshine this afternoon, 61 degrees, 60s for wednesday, thursday, friday, even warmer up to 65 after morning temperature of 39 degrees. mild day on saturday with partly to mostly sunny skies, then the clouds building with rain likely on sunday. some sunday night it will be getting a little cooler so you might see a little bit of a wintry mix mixing in with that rain. something we will watch closely. rain will be clearing out on monday and chilly weather ahead for thanksgiving week. 49 degrees on tuesday, low 50s on wednesday and thursday morning gobble, fwobl, it will be 36 degrees but 51 degrees in
6:21 am
the afternoon with dry conditions for your thanksgiving. >> turkey is happy about that. 20 minutes past 6:00. president-elect donald trump is putting together his team. we will tell you where rudy guiliani could land in his cabinet. we will tell you about a proposed change to the start of the school near in philadelphia.
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6:24. this morning we have launched sky force 10 as part of our effort to bring you breaking news, weather and traffic but the rain moving through could mean a short trip for sky force 10, they are restricted from flying into new jersey because of the weather. we will have an update on your neighborhood forecast coming up. and from our delaware bureau if you live or work near the newark reservoir you may soon be asking what stinks. starting today crews will begin installing a new aeration and mixing system to improve water quality. the upgrade will not affect
6:25 am
access to drinking water but officials say you might detect a rotten egg smell. that's expected to last several days. i get that smell in the eagles locker room all the time. an impressive lack of moves by eagles tailgaters. at least 100 bird fans took part in this mannequin challenge outside of lincoln financial field. i can't believe they got 100 people to do this. video goes on for two minutes, we have a link on our website in the nbc 10 app. check it out when you get a chance. there's tracey off camera doing the mannequin challenge. good morning, everyone, jessica boyington. we have some breaking news we're watching a tractor-trailer fire so a truck is engulfed in flames, it's a truck carrying several other vehicles as well. on the southbound side of the turnpike near exit 4, near route
6:26 am
73, we are also watching an accident on 76 in new jersey. you can see traffic slowing up ahead but maybe a little more under control. some of those roads are wet as well. we will update you on the turnpike when you come back. for now let's get a check on trads forecast. >> i'm tracking showers this morning. you see the clouds over center city. 51 degrees at 6:26. rain showers this morning, but you will need something else this afternoon, sunglasses will be going on as things will be clearing out. your neighborhood forecast just ahead. we will see you then. this morning we are following breaking news gathering information on an amber alert that began in virginia and could make its way to this area. we will tell you what to look out for. plus state takeover, we will explain who is overseeing the shift in control of atlantic city.
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this morning police are searching for an abducted little girl from virginia who could be headed in our direction. we will have an update on the amber alert. transition of power, insiders say rudy guiliani is the favorite to become secretary of state under president-elect trump. the classroom calendar, students in philadelphia could soon start their school year earlier. that's all you wanted to hear when you were a kid, right, that you were going to start school sooner. i'm vai sikahema. >> and i'm tracy davidson. it's 6:30. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley with his first alert neighborhood forecast. tracking rain this morning. >> we're starting off with rain showers, this is life sky force 10, live video coming into our center right now, it is rainy, not a heavy rain, but just enough for a dreary start this morning. the showers affecting new jersey especially but there are parts of pennsylvania and delaware,
6:31 am
too, seeing some rain drops this morning, those showers won't be around all day, you can see the wet weather to the south moving through new jersey and into delaware. central and southern delaware, philadelphia starting to see some of those rain drops, too, the steadier rainfall and an isolated moderate shower southwest of toms river"p approaches burlington county. you can see light showers in abington this morning. this is this morning. have to deal with rain, most of the suburbs are dry and most of the morning they will stay dry but the clouds will produce showers to start with in delaware and in the rest of the area. we will see temperatures climb once the clouds are out of here we will see more and more sunshine, afternoon temperatures that will warm into the 60s, a nice turn around for this afternoon. i will go through it hour by hour with the future cast, but first jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> we're watching a tractor-trailer fire out in mt. laurel, new jersey, some viewers for us from twitter actually tweeting us pictures live of what they're seeing right now,
6:32 am
you can see pretty much a string of brake lights, all traffic pretty much stopped on route 73. richard hall, thank you so much for sending us this picture. you can see that's a tractor-trailer fire that's engulfed in flames, i tweeted back and forth with him, he actually said the fire was way over where the truck and the fire engines were, so it was a pretty massive fire, it's a truck carrying several other vehicles. we are seeing big delays behind that scene. right before route 73 on the southbound side of the turnpike, so traffic that's moving away from the trenton area maybe more towards the delaware memorial bridge or if you're headed closer towards the areas where you can get towards philadelphia. it's in mt. laurel, over on the southbound side, one shoulder, one car is trickling by. we are starting to see backups on route 73 as well. take 295, that will get you by for right now. more updates and more of your majors when i come back in the
6:33 am
next ten. we have breaking news from jeefr sees out of syria, air strikes are hitting the city of aleppo for the first time in three weeks, activists say this could signal the part of a new government offensive in the northern city. three neighborhoods were targeted no word op any casualties, our producers are monitors this situation, we will give you an update on nbc 10's app. we're following breaking news this morning after police issued an amber alert for a four-year-old girl from virginia. the investigation is turning here to our area. nbc 10's pamela osborne is live in the breaking news center. pam, i know you made phone calls this morning tell us more. >> within the past couple minutes we actually learned that that amber alert has been canceled. now, earlier this morning i checked in with the charlotte county sheriff's office that's where that little girl was reported missing from. now, we don't have any details right now as to where this child was found, as we've been tell our viewers all morning long they have been looking -- they were thinking that they could
6:34 am
potentially be in the new jersey area, that's because the father, the non-custodial father, so he is the father of this missing child, he does not have custody of her, he has connections, families and friends in new jersey. so, again, we are just getting this new information that that amber alert has been canceled. we're going to continue to update you throughout the morning, we will let you know just as soon as we have new information, more specific information about where this little girl was found and where they are right now. reporting live in the breaking news center i'm pamela osborne nbc 10 news. it's 6:34. 51 degrees outside now to the transition to trump. president-elect donald trump plans to meet today with vice president elect mike pence reports say they will be tackling the task of filling out cabinet positions. word is circulating that rudy guiliani could be secretary of state in the trump administration if he wants the job. the former new york mayor and prosecutor was a top surrogate for trump touring the campaign and last week guiliani said he would be a solid choice for u.s.
6:35 am
attorney general. he also suggested former u.n. ambassador john bolton as a good candidate for secretary of state. there are new details about new jersey's takeover of atlantic city, a former u.s. senator and state attorney general will oversee how the shore town operates. state officials appointed jeffrey chiesa last night, he was governor christie's chief counsel before serving as attorney general. he also served out the senate term of the late frank lauter berg. last week state officials took control of atlantic city's operations after rejecting their financial recovery plan. collin powell will cut the ribbon on a new veteran student center at temple university. a mortgage lender which helps veterans become homeownersz['t lee kruts college students for future careers sponsors the event. happening today a woman from our area is heading to africa because she wants to save lives.
6:36 am
>> she will take a missionary trip to nigeria, she was inspired by a recent visit where she found residents there lacking the basic necessities like clean water and electric y electricity. her foundation when in need is collecting donations of first aid and diabetic supplies, also glasses and vitamins. >> and i know that most of the things that we all take for granted here is actually needed in the third world countries such as nigeria. >> the when in need foundation is also planning the next trip to africa. if you want to donate we have a link to their site and what they need on our website at this morning there is new information about last month's small plane crash in camden county. officials with the national transportation safety board say the engine lost power just before the crash in lindenwold. the pilot and his passenger were both injured but have since been
6:37 am
released from the hospital. new this morning aaa says more than 48 million people are expected to travel, more than 50 miles for thanksgiving this year. if you're one of them and you plan to ride amtrak to and from next week's holiday there will be extra room on the keystone, the northeast regional lines but you may need a reservation. amtrak's busiest travel days are the two days before thanksgiving and the sunday after thanksgiving. the end of summer vacation may never be the same. >> plans are in the works to have public school students in philadelphia start classes before labor day. later today the school reform commission will present proposed calendars for the next two years. now, while next year's start day is similar to this year's, the 2018-2019 school year would begin one week before labor day. the year would also end a week earlier than before. the src will likely vote on the plan in december. we want to know what you think about this plan to start before labor day and end a little bit
6:38 am
earlier. would that work for you and your family? join the conversation and share your thoughts with us on social media, our twitter addresses are on your screen. >> i have a feeling i know what kids are going to say. their parents, you know, may be split, but kids, yeah, they don't want to go to school earlier than they have to. let's find out what the weather is looking like this morning. >> we have clouds that are not going to be out early today but they will be moving out this afternoon. this is a cloudy view from here at the nbc 10 studios. clouds are producing steady rainfall, look at new jersey especially but the showers are reaching into delaware and even into the lehigh valley and berks county this morning. light rain for central and southern delaware and extends into new jersey and philadelphia seeing very light rainfall, lower bucks county into mercer county and lower montgomery county seeing that rain as well. the lehigh valley scattered light showers this morning. this rain is not going to be here all day, it will slowly move out. sunshine will pull through this afternoon as those clouds taper
6:39 am
off. 58 degrees and bright sunshine and 60 degrees at 2:00 this afternoon. clouds and a few showers especially in the lower suburbs this morning, 48 degrees now, still looking at cloudy skies at 8:00 but as the morning progresses you will see those clouds start to break up and that will lead to a pretty good warm up today, that's in spite of a northerly wind which tends to keep things cooler, 58 degrees that's at 2:00 this afternoon with more sunshine before it sets this evening. 45 in the lehigh valley, a few clouds and scattered light showers, very light showers this morning but the showers will be gone by afternoon. near 60 degrees at 2:00 in the lehigh valley. rain coming down in new jersey, that's where the steadiest rain is and most widespread rain is this morning but as the morning goes on that rain will be pulling off to the northeast and we will see some sunshine this afternoon. new jersey at the shore we have also seen pretty good downpours first thing this morning, now many parts of the shore is starting to dry out including cape may, the clouds break, 60
6:40 am
degrees at 2:00 this afternoon at twjtyshore. yes, some light rain showers this morning in delaware, too, but northern delaware is mainly dry this morning, that's a cloudy view from frolly stadium. 59 degrees at 10:00, 61 degrees at 2:00 this afternoon and even warmer temperatures as the week goes on. the ten day in 10 when i come back in less than ten minutes. people have been sending us pictures while sitting in traffic on the new jersey turnpike. now three minutes before sunrise and those pictures may be more clear. >> it's a tractor-trailer, it's in the southbound lanes t has all lanes still shut down. >> all lanes are sh ut down but they're allowing the left shoulder to move by. technically not completely closed but all of the traffic lanes are not allowed to move through it's just one car or so trickling by at a time on the left-hand side. this is headed southbound so traffic that's moving away from the trenton area and approaching route 73, route 73 having a little bit of a delay in that
6:41 am
area out in mt. laurel right around exit 4. watch for some of that delay there. you can take 295 as your alternate. 76 this is over in new jersey right around gloucester city. we did have delay earlier for the traffic moving towards philadelphia you can see the roads are looking wet as well. right around market street that's traffic moving towards philadelphia no big problems or delays anymore. we are watching 24 minute delays for west trenton train 6322 other than that mat transit running on time or close to schedule. more updates on the new jersey turnpike when i come back. a viewer tells us she paid hundreds of dollars for a knitting machine she found on ebay but it never arrived. >> up next we will show you how the nbc 10 responds team helped her get a refund when the shipper would not give up that money. also hockey immortality, we will show you how eric lindros made entering the hall of fame a family affair.
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quarter to 7:00 and this is a live look from sky force 10. they are in montgomery county headed to horsham and bill says sunrise is exactly a minute away, 6:46, but it's still dark out there because of those clouds, which is bringing some rain, especially in new jersey. we will have an update coming up in just a minute. en a update on a story we've been following all morning, an amber alert has been canceled in the search for a four-year-old girl, the child has been found safe in monroe township, gloucester county. her father was in custody. the girl's father has ties to our area. we will have more updates on this on the nbc 10 app. and in today's nbc 10 responds a woman says she found her dream machine online and
6:46 am
paid hundreds of dollars to get it delivered, but it never arrived. >> and harry harrison explains when she asked the shipper for a refund she says all she got were excuses. >> knitting is a big part of betty johnson's life, she says she bought this knitting machine 20 years ago out of necessity. >> i got it because i had six children and i had to clothe them all. >> she also clothed herself. she made this outfit for a special trip with her husband. >> it took about -- it took about five hours to make it. >> johnson tells us her time devoted to knitting probably saved the family thousands of dollars over the years. >> i never went shopping, i always did it myself. >> she says her old trusted machine has been great but it was time for a new one. back in august she discovered a top of the line $3,000 knitting machine at a reduced price. >> i saw it on ebay it was $500 and i was like i've got to get
6:47 am
it. >> johnson put in her bid and won. the seller shipped it by fedex but it never arrived. fedex insisted it was delivered. so johnson demanded to speak with the delivery driver. a week later the driver came to her home. >> he said i'm sorry he said this is not the house i put this package at. >> she said fedex promised to reimburse her but months went by and no money. >> they were giving me the run around. >> she says that's when she gave fedex a piece of her mind. >> if you don't straighten this out i said i'm going to call channel 10. >> she did and just three days after we got involved she got her cash. >> thank you so much, harry harrison and if it wasn't for channel 10 i would not have my money. i really appreciate everything y'all did. i could give you a hug. >> oh, great. thank you. >> harry harrison, nbc 10 ponds. i like how she uses us as a threat. listen, take care of this or i'm calling nbc 10. fedex says the reimbursement was already in the works before we
6:48 am
got involved but johnson said fedex reps told her they got a call from nbc 10 and now the check is in the hail. >> great outfit she makes. if you have a consumer problem for nobs 10 responds or telemundo 62 responds, the best way to reach ut right there on the screen with those addresses and phone numbers and we will respond to you. 12 minutes before the top of the hour and the start of the "today" show. >> so we check with savannah guthrie and matt lauer. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> hi, guys, good to he soo you. coming up on a tuesday, we're learning a little bit more now about the people who could be tapped for key roles in donald trump's administration. this as the backlash over one pick, the guy he has chosen for chief strategist heats up. we will talk about all of that with y>rtrump's former campaign manager kellyanne conway. >> how the president elect's personal life might change as he moves into the white house. then the rolling stones will take us on a tour of a massive
6:49 am
new exhibit exploring their 50-plus years in music. and al is on the road for our first turkey trot surprise for a very lucky lover of thanksgiving when we see you on a tuesday morning here on "today." back to you. >> two more lovers of thanksgiving right here. >> big time. >> me, too. i love thanksgiving. >> especially the stuffing. >> love it. we will see you at 7:00. let's go to bill now who has got a look at sky 10. >> a little cloudy there, but we expected that. we were told that yesterday. those clouds are already bringing a little bit of rain. >> the rain is going to be moving out for this afternoon. we have to deal with it this morning. heading out i am tracking showers in the area, but this afternoon those guys will be clearing, you will need your sunglasses later today, that will set the stage for a chilly evening this evening and try. this evening we will be falling into the 40s tonight. clouds over the lehigh valley, there have been scattered light showers even in easton this
6:50 am
morning, 45 degrees in the lehigh safe. much warmer this morning than yesterday, 46 degrees, dry in wilmington but you can see the rain in south jersey and at the shore. in philadelphia we're seeing rain now in park wood, somerton, bustle ton, the temperatures in the 40s, ken tinning son 50 degrees along with center city and graduate hospital in the low 50s, parkside and andorra in the 40s this morning. showers, here they are, the rain has moved inland, started off at the shore when we went on the air at 4:30 and steadily moved inland. scattered light showers in the lehigh valley, there's not much to that and it won't last all day. no these showers have been limited to central and southern delaware. still a chance you can see a light showers this morning but this will be slowly moving out of the picture for this afternoon. you can see it on the hour by hour forecast. this is 7:30 this morning, still rain in the suburbs and especially in new jersey and into delaware. it will pull away slowly during the day at around 11:00 this
6:51 am
morning, still rain in trenton, philadelphia and south jersey and even into the lehigh valley and some of the suburbs at 1:00 this afternoon. look how it's drying out nicely. by later today there's the back edge of the clouds, clearing skies for delaware, for the suburbs and lehigh valley, lingering clouds into late this afternoon for new jersey and drying out and clearing out this evening. then our attention turns to something farther to the west for the weekend, you can see the snow that's coming together with a snowstorm in wyoming and into montana, that's your sunday weather. but snow i think for our area is unlikely. most likely just rain. for today only rain, showers this morning then sunshine this afternoon and we are headed for the 60s for wednesday, thursday and friday, even warmer up to 65 degrees. still pretty nice on saturday. clouds will build late in the day, here comes that rain for sunday. there is a slight chance of a few snowflakes mixing in as this system starts to pull away late sunday night, it gets a little
6:52 am
colder but that doesn't look very likely right now. clearing skies on monday but the chill that's around monday stays with us for tuesday, wednesday and, gobble, gobble, 51 degrees a chilly day for thanksgiving. i suggest staying in with your family and having something to eat. >> that would be good, bill. we have breaking traffic news to tell you about as you head out the door. all lanes of the new jersey turnpike southbound are shut down. >> they are all shut down on the southbound side but we are still seeing a left lane trickle by into the shoulder, that's at least some relief for folks heading down to the new jersey turnpike southbound, right around exit 4 where all lanes are blocked right around route 73. you will see some delays there. 295 is a great at that the at least for right now 295 looking fine, but further up northi:ódñ the turnpike southbound the same direction as the other accident there is another one right
6:53 am
around exit 7, route 206. here is 95 moving towards center city philadelphia our cameras right around cottman avenue, that's what these lanes are doing here, massive delays maybe just because of the rain, no incidents reported right now, 38 minutes from wood hach road to the vine street expressway. i will have another up date in five minutes or so. this morning eric lindros is a member of the hockey hall of fame. last night the hall inducted him in his hometown of toronto in his acceptance speech he thanked the club and philadelphia fans. he ended with a special moment with his brother brett. >> brett played in the island and we always had a dream of playing together and unfortunately it didn't come true, but i would like to close this chapter in my life with you beside me. >> how sweet was that? lindros was the flyers captain  and black to the stanley cup finals in
6:54 am
1997. >> 6'4", 240 pounds, the size of a tight end in football bau had real soft hands. what a great ending, too. up next we will run down this morning's headlines and the stories we will be following throughout the day: >> nbc 10 severe weather week continues at the philadelphia mills mall from 11:00 until 5:00 tonight. tracey and i will be there along with members of the first alert weather team. you can also get an up close look at our mobile radar vehicle storm ranger 10.
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
good morning, i'm matt delucia live in sky force 10 over horsham montgomery county. there is a fire at a school,
6:58 am
this is the link side educational network. you see some of the damage to one of the buildings, it does appear that it's a trailer type of building there, so it's not the entire school that's affected. we are told that the school is closed today due to damage to that property there. we are told no one was injured. that's the good news there. of course, because of the damage there they are going to be doing cleanup efforts there as well. for now live in sky force 10, mat delucia. a little girl at the center of an amber alert is safe. the four-year-old has been found in monroe township, gloucester county. her father is in custody. the child was taken from her home in virginia, the girl's father has ties to our area. we will have more updates on the nbc 10 app. we are live outside hahnemann university hospital where dozens of nurses are picketing. 2300 nurses at three hospitals are in negotiations for their first contract. the group said management at
6:59 am
three city hospitals refused to provide minimum safe traveling levels, we are waiting for a comment from the hospitals involved. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington, one last check on your morning drive. there is still that tractor-trailer fire to watch out on the new jersey turnpike southbound just before route 73. all lanes are blocked but they are allowing one car at a time to move through on the southbound side of the left hand shoulder. 295 is your alternate. watch for delays on the skew hill, 15 minutes delays on the west trenton line for septa doo you to slippery rails as well. we're tracking rain in new jersey, delaware and into the lehigh valley. this afternoon we can all day so long, rain, and hello sunshine. the rain is starting to taper off at the shore, we will see temperatures climb with sunshine this afternoon into the very low 60s, 61 degrees today for philadelphia. you can always get my forecast
7:00 am
on the go on 101.1 more fm. >> saying good-bye to rain. new world order? inside the fierce battle to be in the trump inner circle. is rudy giuliani the next secretary of state? laura ingraham, the next white house press secretary? and what about the backlash against top advisor steve bannon who one conservative is now calling terrifying. president obama side-stepping the issue. >> it will be up to him to set up a team that he thinks will serve him well and reflect his policies. >> who is in and who is out? we'll ask top trump advisor kellyanne conway. excellent target. isis puts out the call for followers to attack next week's thanksgiving day parade in new york in its propaganda magazine. terror officials saying t


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