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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  November 21, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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bill henley. bill, those winds are blustery. >> indeed. winds gust to go near 40 miles an hour already this morning and i expect them to get a bit stronger during the day. they just settled down a little in c[b1÷philadelphia, it was 26 an hour wind last hour, now it's 18 mile an hour winds, still a pretty considered wind blowing jersey, 18 hours there lehigh valley. 25 plaur winds blowing through wilmington. scattered clouds will ride through the area on the winds. the winds at 20 miles an hour at 6:00, but the winds will be gusting to 35 miles an hour and at 9:00 we could see 40 mile an hour winds possibly gust to go near 50 miles an hour as we go into the afternoon. we will see the temperatures climb but not into the 50s like we would normally get this time of year. 45 degrees the high temperature for philadelphia, look at the who is for delaware, lehigh valley and new jersey and not much warmer at the shore just 48
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degrees this afternoon. i will take a close look at those winds when i come back in less than ten minutes. first jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> starting off in new jersey in morning this is.6 right around gloucester city around market street, right here this traffic is moving northbound toward the bridges, right before the walt whitman and ben franklin bridge. no big problems volume or delays moving towards philadelphia but we have problems in philadelphia. police activity reported on aramingo avenue, closed in both directions north and southbound between clearfield and ann street. upper moreland an obstruction on easton and barrett road. route 202 drive times right here, you can see still on the green in the roads north on southbound. average speeds are into the high 50s or high 60s here if you can see on the northbound side. everything moving along no obstructions there.
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also watching mass transit, everything pretty much running on time or close to schedule, septa, new jersey transit, pepco, amtrak all running on time. here is the blue route the germantown pike, no major ohú delays. we're following breaking news right now out of trenton. >> several homes are on fire there. nbc 10's matt delucia is live at the scene. you just got an update from fire officials. >> reporter: we're told eight homes have burned here and several people have been taken to the hospital. i do have emily, if you could come over here emily, you were in one of these houses, right? >> yes. >> tell me what happened this morning. >> it was in the morning like 2:00 this morning and i got up to use the bathroom and i kept smelling something and i went back to bed. i kept smelling this thing so i got up, i looked to the window and i saw this fire at my neighbor's house and i woke up
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my husband and the whole place was smoke, our house was smoke. we came outside and we started knocking on our neighbors doors and when was too much we couldn't say nothing, we couldn't do nothing. >> everyone was able to get out, right? >> yes. yes. right now we are in the street. we have nowhere to go, we're just hanging around until the daylight can come. >> have you been able to see your house yet? >> no. >> you don't know if it's even still there. >> no. no. no. no. >> okay. >> but at least you're staying warm right now, that is good. everyone is safe and that is good. thank you, emily. of course we're getting more updates. i will tell you right now we just spoke with the fire chief from the trenton fire department he tells us eight homes have been fully involved in fire here, that fire still burning, they just hit the fifth alarm at
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the top of the hour, 4:00, at this point as i step out of the way here, still very smoky here, this is wineberg place on trenton. a lot of fire trucks still here right now. we did talk with the fire chief a moment ago. here is what he had to say. >> the problem is that this fire came in at 0300 in the morning and people are sleeping. the fire department got here within the four-minute response time, they did a herculean effort to keep it to the block, four houses when they pulled up on scene, chief barrone was in charge of the incident, he sended up striking the second and third alarm before i got here to get more resources in. at this point we're still trying to attack the fire and keep the fire held to the eight houses of origin. >> reporter: and another live look here. you can see that little deli and that restaurant where some of the evacuees have been staying,
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it is a little chilly here and it is a little breezy as well. i did ask the fire chief if the winds had any issues -- any problems with this and he said that that really hasn't been an issue. they had downed wires as you can see there, some of those folks we just were talking with, emily going back into that restaurant trying to stay warm. at this point we're told eight homes have been burned, several cars on the street have been burned as well. one of the homes has collapsed we've opinion told as well by the fire chief. we will get more information. he said he is going to give us an update every half hour. we will be back at the bottom of the hour with more details. >> matt, thank you. breaking this morning there are now seven people hurt in a fire in gloucester county, two homes are on fire on mahorter avenue. the fire is not under control yet. all the victims went to area hospitals. as we get more information on this story we will update you on air and on the app.
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federal regulators are urging railroads to test train operators for sheep an flea after the deadly train crash in hoboken. thomas gallagher was diagnosed with severe sleep a apnea after the train crashed into the station. still not clear if gallagher was screened. the federal railroad administration will issue a safety advisory this week on the importance of screening and treatment. at least three other train crashes in the last five years were blamed on engineers with sleep apnea. the bucks county man accused in a sex abuse case involving six amish sisters will be in court today, lee kaplan was arrested in june on charges of assaulting the older sister in his home. last month police accused him of abusing five of the teen's younger sisters. the youngest victim is eight
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years old. police are investigating a possible burglary at philadelphia city hall. an employee of the christmas village reported seeing two men trying to climb through a window yesterday afternoon. the worker said he yelled at the man, he ran off and he went to get security. still not clear if anything was taken. last night the eagles had a long flight home to philly, imagine that flight. >> it's like a five and a half hour, six-hour flight back. give them time to think about that ugly loss to the seahawks. the front cover of the philadelphia daily news says dull and void, birds show off their west coast blah-fense. seattle's offense piled up 3 yar00 yards at the half. nelson ago a lar could not get
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anything done. >> i have to get out of my own head, pressing so much and worried about so much things, i have to catch the ball like this instead of with my hands because i'm thinking so much and worried and that's a selfish thing that i need to stop. >> the eagles next game is in primejétime a week from today. they will take on the packers who have been struggling. they're coming off a big loss to the redskins last night. eight minutes after 5:00. it's a cold start this morning, the wind is blowing. a live view from easton, nothing blowing through the area except a few scattered clouds, 35 allentown, reading 36, pottstown 35, iffactor in the wind, feels like 25 in pottstown and 28 in
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millvale. the winds have already been strong and will be with us all day long today. blowing a few clouds through the area, a few scattered snowshowers these are barely reaching the ground. it's not going to be an issue. we will see scattered clouds today, the atmosphere is just cold enough to make that snow. steadier snow, accumulating snow way to the north, that will not be coming our way. we will stay dry today but you will definitely need to bundle up this morning and keep those warm coats around during the day. afternoon temperatures not a whole lot warmer than what we're seeing this morning. by noontime 43 degrees in philadelphia. the suburbs will see sunshine and clouds blowing through the area, in and out of the clouds. 30s this morning into the low 40s at lunchtime. likely a bit warmer in between noon and 4:00 but it's not going to be a significant warm up for the suburbs or lehigh valley. 33 degrees right now, 40 degrees
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at lunchtime and sunshine, you will see breaks of sunshine in delaware, enough to warm from 36 degrees at 8:00 to 43 at noontime and a gusty wind blowing through new jersey all day and even at the shore, winds gusting 35, 45 closer to 50 miles an hour as we head into the afternoon hours. but there are some less windy days ahead. a look ahead with the ten day on 10:00 when i come back in ten minutes. ten minutes past 5:00 a.m. on this monday before thanksgiving. let's get a look at area roads. >> including the vine street expressway. jessica boyington has that. >> we're watching the vine right now. we are not dealing with that construction so already a good thing. we're watching right around eighth street. typically that construction is a little ahead between broad street, in between broad and the schuylkill we're good here. this is what's moving towards 95. this is the eighth street exit ramp. no big problems or delays on the vine right now, you will be good
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to go moving through. there is an accident reported on bustard road and another problem with police activity on aramingo activity. it looks like they removed the closure warn sign from our map system but north and southbound watch for that police activity clearing. there is more reaction this morning after controversy at the theater. >> we are the diverse america who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us. >> next hear what vice president elect mike pence says about the post show message to him. watch as crews work to open this busy highway after a big rig spilled thousands of pounds of toilet paper.
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and now to the transition to trump. president-elect donald trump will meet in new york today with former texas governor rick perry on sunday the president elect talked to potential white house hires at his golf club in north jersey. mr. trump and vice president elect mike pence met with familiar faces including former new york mayor rudy guiliani and new jersey's chris christie. he will not say if there's a
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place for him at his administration. we've learned he won't be joined by some members of his family right away, the president elect says his wife melania and his son barron will wait to move to the white house until after he finishes school next year. russian president vladimir putin says he and president-elect trump share an interest in normalizing relations between their two countries. putin made the announcement after speaking with president obama at the asia-pacific summit. the two leaders are not expected to have any formal meetings. vice president elect mike pence says he was not offended by the message delivered to him by the cast of "hamilton." after mr. pence delivered friday night's performance one of the lead actors spoke to him from the stage and expressed concerns about the incoming administration. >> i wasn't offended by what was said. i will leave to others whether that was the appropriate venue to say it. >> president-elect trump had a different take. he tweeted that the cast had, quote, harassed the vice
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president elect and he called on them to apologize. in missouri a police sergeant is in critical condition after being shot in the face in an ambush attack there. investigators say the officer was sitting in traffic last night in st. louis when another car pulled up to his marked police car, the officer was shot i( caught up to the suspect's vehicle, the man tried to run away, police say he was shooting at the officers, they returned fire and killed him. in texas another manhunt is under way for a suspect who shot and killed a police officer in a targeted attack. the san antonio police department posted a photo of a man on his facebook page saying he might have information on the murder of detective benjamin marconi. marconi was writing a ticket in his car yesterday morning when a vehicle pulled up behind him, a driver got out and opened fire. >> when the suspect reached the driver's side door he fired a
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gunshot toward detective marconi striking him in the head, the suspect then reached in through the open window and fired a second shot which also struck the detective in the head. >> authorities say they do not believe the original driver who was pulled off had any relation to the shooter. and a big rig dropped thousands of tons of toilet paper on a california highway. it auld happened when the tractor-trailer hydroplaned, hit and guardrail and overturned. three vehicles were involved and all injuries were minor. authorities say one driver was arrested for dui but whether it was the main factor in the cause of this crash. let's get you to work on this monday morning. out the door on the roads let's check route 309. >> let's check in with jessica boyington and see how 309 is looking. >> 309 looks great so far.
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it's a little early to start to see big problems or delays on any of the majors, we have had an accident on 95, a downed tree on the schuylkill but right now everything seems to be clear. a couple cars moving through either way. there is a disabled bus reported over in new jersey, this is out in mt. laurel on the new jersey turnpike around route 73. also watching for an accident on bustard road, you might be detoured through there right now. the schuylkill expressway looks great. we will check in with drive times there. eastbound that's just a 12 minute trip, actually very light as well. speeds still into the high 60s. more updates on the rest of your majors when i come%ué back. 18 minutes past 5:00 a.m. today will be a tough commute for western new yorkers. check out this road in rochester. >> that's what happened, that lake effect. >> cars were off the road on
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major highways there. more snow in the forecast today. and about 130 miles east of rochester wasn't as much snow but slick roads and cars and trucks slipping and sliding there. this area not far from syracuse. you're familiar with that part of the country. >> i am. and the winds you could see the snow blowing there we're experiencing pretty gusty winds ourself. >> from the same system. we are not going to get the snow but we will definitely get the winds. they are still with us this morning and they will get stronger during the day. clear over philadelphia that's a live view of philadelphia from adventure aquarium, 38 degrees in the city with the wind blowing there are no warm spots, there are no much colder areas, everybody is pretty much in the same territory. in the suburbs 30 for west bradford township, unionville, exton. 36 elroy. warrington 36 to start with.
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sunshine will break through the clouds but because of these winds, 23 winds in pottstown, that's at noontime. watch how they increase as we go into the afternoon. at 3:00 this afternoon 25 mile an hour winds but the gusts of 45 miles an hour possibly 50 mile an hour dpuss this afternoon. that's what's going to hold our temperatures back during the day today and blow a few clouds through the area. it's dry right now aside from a new flurries. temperatures above freezing anyway. we will be dry until the end of the week. for thanksgiving day there is a storm system coming together out west that will increase our chances of rain as we go into late wednesday night and early on thursday on thanksgiving day the rain chances are higher for philadelphia, dover and reading and atlantic city as well. those chances will be going up more in atlantic city than reading come thanksgiving day
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but we will be watching for that wet weather towards the end of the week. until then we will be dry. clouds blowing through the area, gusty winds today, 45 degrees. breezy tonight and tomorrow with a high of 47, that's after a morning low of 35 degrees. bright sunshine for tuesday but here come those clouds increasing on wednesday. wednesday night into thursday thanksgiving day we will have wet weather, rain showers, a chilly rain falling on thursday but it will be warmer in the afternoon. upper 30s in the morning, 54 degrees the high temperature and as we're drawing out those winds pick up on friday, 53 degrees the high temperature and still blowing some clouds through the area on saturday. low 50s for sunday, more sunshine on sunday and a chilly week ahead next week, 49 degrees on monday and another round of showers possible next wednesday. are you ready to shop? whether you do it online or you do it in stores, get ready for some company. up next take a look at how many people you will be competing
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with as black friday and holiday shopping season officially kicks off. people you will be competing
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the big thanksgiving shopping weekend is days away now and this year it's expected to be even bigger. the national retail federation says 137 million american consumers are planning to shop or considering to shop over thanksgiving weekend. that's nearly 2 million more than last year. the holiday weekend covers thanksgiving day, black friday, small business saturday and sunday, both in store and
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online. according to the survey black friday will remain the busiest shopping day of the holiday weekend. drivers will be able to save some money this holiday season. landon dowdy is here with that story in this morning's cnbc business news. good morning, landon. >> hi, tracey, good morning. prices at the pump are falling, it is just ahead of the busy travel period over the thanksgiving weekend. the average price of gas is down 6 cents in the past two weeks to 2.20 soind auto gallon, a bit higher in pennsylvania at $2.36 a gallon, weaker seasonal demand and increase in supplies and refiners wrap up fall maintenance. wall street looks to start off the holiday on a good note. the markets are coming off of a second straight positive week with the dow and nasdaq hitting new record highs. we get reports on home sales, durable goods and consumer sentiment. on friday the dow slipped 35 points to 18,867 the nasdaq
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ended up 12. back over to you. >> thanks. at 5:25 we continue to follow breaking news out of trenton. an overnight fire there damaged several homes and cars, people are out of their homes. >> we will update you on efforts to control the flames. >> also eagles insight, next we talk to csn's jillian mele about the tough loss to the seahawks.
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today we continue to follow breaking news, several homes and cars are on fire in trenton, people evacuated on this( wind and cold morning. we will take you live to the scene for an update on the firefighting efforts. mayor arrested police say the elected leader of upland was drunk, behind the wheel, when he rear-ended a car and drove off. and lifeless in seattle, the eagles knew they faced a serious test in taking on the seahawks. this morning the birds are licking their wounds after a disappointing loss. we will get to that breaking news in a minute. good morning. welcome to nbc 10 news today. just about 5:30. i'm tracey davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. mat delucia is live on the scene on that fire in trenton, we will check in with him in just a moment. let's start with bill henley and
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the forecast. >> it's a windy one this morning and cold, too. we're watching snow to the north. we are seeing some scattered clouds as that wind is blowing it through the area and that's making things cold. seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen, you can see that chill will stay with us for a couple days, winds gusting to near 50 miles an hour during the day today. we are looking at temperatures that feel like they are in the 20s first thing this morning. i will go through the forecast hour by hour when i'm back in less than ten minutes. and we're watching 78 right now and lehigh valley, right around lehigh street. no big delays on any of our majors. lehigh valley looks great as well. an accident on bustard road, might be detoured around there. in laurel, new jersey, ramp restrictions because of a disabled bus on the new jersey turnpike just around route 73. that might cause you some delays but nothing major moving lined this. this is the white horse


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