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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  November 21, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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the forecast. >> it's a windy one this morning and cold, too. we're watching snow to the north. we are seeing some scattered clouds as that wind is blowing it through the area and that's making things cold. seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen, you can see that chill will stay with us for a couple days, winds gusting to near 50 miles an hour during the day today. we are looking at temperatures that feel like they are in the 20s first thing this morning. i will go through the forecast hour by hour when i'm back in less than ten minutes. and we're watching 78 right now and lehigh valley, right around lehigh street. no big delays on any of our majors. lehigh valley looks great as well. an accident on bustard road, might be detoured around there. in laurel, new jersey, ramp restrictions because of a disabled bus on the new jersey turnpike just around route 73. that might cause you some delays but nothing major moving lined this. this is the white horse pike you
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can see a couple cars out on the roads right now, no big problems or delays there. vai and tracey. we are following breaking news this morning, first from trenton. >> several homes and cars are on fire there and matt delucia is live at the scene throughout the morning. matt, tell us what happened. >> reporter: vai and tracey, firefighters have been battling this one for two and a half hours now. first you can see some of that smoke out in the distance, this was on wineberg place on trenton, we are here along olden avenue. you can see that smoke there, the fire is happening behind this big white building, the smoke was too intense, the firefighters keeping everybody back at this point. that fire still burning at this hour, it hit five alarms at 4:00 this morning so a very serious fire here, eight homes burned including one we're told by the fire department collapsed here at the scene. so this was a very intense fire,
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a lot of smoke here. power has been shut off as well for some of the folks in this area and a lot of evacuations as well. the fire department couldn't give me an exact number as to how many people had to be evacuated. we do have some people staying in a deli here across the street. we also spoke with somebody who was in one of the homes when this fire started a couple hours ago, here is what she told us. >> so when i looked through the window i saw my neighbor's house on fire. so i called 911 and we came outside, there was no way -- there was no way -- we couldn't be in there no more. we started knocking the doors and everybody came out. right now we can't go on. we don't know what is going on. we can't go home. we are all in the streets right now. >> reporter: so the trenton fire chief that we just spoke with a little while ago he told us that they have 30 fire trucks here right now. there were some people taken to the hospital, did he not have an exact number at this point.
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they are still very busy with the main effort which is fighting this fire. we did ask him about how the chilly weather and the winds have been playing a role in this. here is what he had to say. >> the wind really wasn't an issue. the biggest problem as i stated before were the wires that were hampering the firefighting efforts. because of safety public service, electric and gas responded here, they shut off the whole grid so our firefighters could operate safely so we could mitigate this incident. >> eight homes burning, still burning at this hour two and a half hours later. this is going to be quite a scene for a little while here. this is around olden avenue. the fire itself was happening on wineberg place. we're told not only homes were burped but also cars as well. some of these folks not even sure what they are going to be able to go home to. we're talking with more people and the fire chief at the top of the hour. >> thank you. 5:33.
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philadelphia police say the woman in this car is really lucky to be alive after this tree toppled on to her car because of the gusty winds, this happened in east falls yesterday. you see the roots of that tree. the driver had to be rescued after the 40 foot tree fell on her car on henry avenue. the strong wind also created delays at philly international. dana durante is live at the airport on that. deanna. >> reporter: at this point it appears as though all flights are on time. as people are arriving for their flights this morning the wind not appearing to delay those flights just yet but we are very early in the morning, the beginning stages of this travel and what is going to be a record year for travelers by air and on the ground. we talked to a number of families from all over the delaware valley that say they are looking forward to getting out of town.
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>> reporter: and we will bring you some of their excited travel stories still ahead. coming up in our next half hour. we did talk to two friends from new jersey who are going on a cruise, they say this year no cooking for them and if the weather delays them a little bit, so be it. reporting live at philly international. >> thanks for that. 38 degrees outside. in delaware county a local mayor is facing several charges including driving under the influence. we first broke in story on the nbc 10 app on sunday. chester officials tell nbc 10 around 4:00 a.m. friday upland borough mayor michael ciach rear-ended a parked car. officials say ciach ditched his car, wandered off on foot, police tracked him down, arrested him. ciach has served as upland borough's mayor for more than a
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decade. >> that's insane that a public figure can do that and just not have a care in the world. it's just unreal. >> authorities released ciach and will mail him a summons for his arraignment. we've reached out to the mayor for comment but he has not yet responded. if you have the nbc 10 app you were one of the first to learn about the mayor's arrest, you can download it free before you leave the house and get breaking news and exclusive content on the go. mondays are always a little harder an an eagles loss, eagles beat down. >> the birds lost to the other birds out west in seattle yesterday. csn's jillian mele joins us live to break down yesterday's match up. when they were 3-0 i thought they were a lock in the playoffs, now they are a .500 team with six games left to go. i don't know if it's going to happen. >> you are with a lot of people, vai, a lot of people aren't sure if it's going to happen. we got super excited when they were 3-0 and unfortunately now we see what's going on. this is a team that we expected them to be before that great
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start. so i think it's important to remember that. guys, it was a tough one yesterday, a lot of people were ragging on me last week for not being super confident on the eagles to pull this one out. unfortunately it was a struggle, especially for one player in particular, nelson agholar. he caught a pass that ended up being a touchdown but that was taken back. you can see the coaches on the sideline not to happy. next drive nelson agholor with another drop. there is a go fund me page a link that was tweeted to me calling for people to cut him. so people are very upset. zero catches for zero yards yesterday. 7 yards in the last two games. unfortunately, guys, you can see right there this is one of those problems. i will give nelson agholor a too
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tiny bit the credit, i gave him an a plus in the way he responded in his comments after the game to reporters in the locker room. he took responsibility. he said, i have to get out of my own head. vai, you know what that's like, sometimes it's just a game going on in your head and you have to escape that. >> i know that all too well in my career. jill, i'm watching this game and you're too young to remember this, but it reminded me of the body bag game i think it was 1990 against the redskins where they were just carting people off the field left and right. there were so many guys carted off the field yesterday. obviously we don't know what this is going to do -- it's not going to be good for the rest of the season when you have so many guys missing now. >> you can handle the loss if it's the way that you're mentally thinking about this but what you can't handle is having a guy like darren sproles injured. he was taken out during the game. he is your number one guy right now as far as your go-to, a guy you can rely on the run game and short passes, ryan matthews has
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a reported sprained mcl in his right knee, mckelvin is being evaluated for a concussion. fletcher cox, jason peters all dealt with injuries, they were able to go back into the game but these are a lot of your key guys here who went out with injuries. doug peterson is going to have a press conference today at soon and we will carry that live on csn. >> this is how we know that jillian is a sportscaster. >> i practice a lot. >> thank you very much. good job, jillian. up next the packers in prime time. the game is a week from today. the eagles haven't lost in a year we're hoping they keep that spring going. maybe they should just play tag football for the rest of the season. limit the injuries. >> you always have the best ideas. >> one point more than the other
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team. >> that's all they need. we have a little less heat than we had last week. nowhere near the 60s today, the wind is blowing, that is a cold gusty wind, watching the temperatures come down. cold gusty winds through the morning and a bustery day, the winds increasing, we will see a lot of sunshine and a few scattered clouds into the evening when it will still be breezy, not quite as windy but 30s this evening. we are not looking for a big warm up today. the winds 24 hours in coatesville, steady at 25 miles an hour in wilmington and back up to 21 miles an hour right now in philadelphia. this will blow a few clouds through, you can see a few snow flurries in the north, i expect it stays dry but we will stay cold as well, the temperatures with a little sunshine will come up a bit but no big warm up today. 10:00 this morning 37 degrees in philadelphia, into the very low 40s at lunchtime for wilmington, northeast philadelphia and trenton, that's at noon. temperatures will peak early in
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afternoon or midafternoon, 43 degrees in philadelphia, 41 doylestown and allentown 40 degrees. there are warmer days ahead and wet weather, too. look at the ten day on 10 when i come back. >> if bill had been commissioner of football i would still be playing in the nfl. his suggestion that they play flag football i would still be in the game. if people didn't have to hit me i would still be playing football. >> that's true. let's get you to work this morning. let's check route 202. jessica boyington has that. >> we're watching route 202, actually roads are pretty quiet, watching it right around route 29, no problems in either direction. a six minute drive time. if you're heading from 29 towards the schuylkill expressway, average speeds in the 70s, other than that you're good to go no lane restrictions. we will check in with new jersey roads in a couple minutes. turkey, stuffing and plenty of shopping. next we will help you make your black friday shopping list and
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run down the list of things you should buy before thanksgiving. also, a hero's he welcome home. just ahead we will take you to south jersey as the town of medford gathers to celebrate a soldier's return.
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it is a quarter to 6:00 on this monday morning. we're following several breaking news stories this morning. the first fire crews still trying to get a handle on a fire that's burned eight homes in trenton. a number of families are put out right now. the power grid was turned off so firefighters can fight this fire safely. we will get an update in 15 minutes. seven people are hurt in a fire in woodbury gloucester county, two homes are on fire on mahortar boulevard, the fire not under control yet. all the victims went to area hospitals. and more breaking news out of afghanistan. at least 28 people are dead after a suicide bombing, dozens more are hurt, this is happening at a mosque in kabul, it happened inside the mosque where
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worshippers had gathered to remember the profit muhammad's grandson. we will bring you updates on air and on your nbc 10 app. black friday days away, the countdown is on. >> there will be plenty of deals out there. there are some things you should stay away from on black friday. pamela osborne has expert advice. >> it may sound like i'm getting a little bit ahead of myself since it isn't even thanksgiving yet but experts say if you're traveling the week of christmas the best time to book your ticket is actually right now, that's according to sky scanner, you will save an average of 6.4% when you book this week. now let's talk about all the other deals that are out there. keep in mind the national retail federation are expecting sales in november and december to surpass $655 billion. that means retailers are offering a lot of attractive
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deals to try to lure you in the door. but what should you wait on and what should you buy right now? here is what the experts are saying. if you're looking for electronics on black friday you can get great deals on previous models of apple products, gaming systems, bundles, tvs, tablets, dvds, cds and home appliances and door busters where deals start at 12:01 on friday. if you're looking for toys the best deals are closer to christmas. christmas decorations, bedding, winter clothing and anything with a mail in rebate experts say you should hold off on. if you're planning to get away for new year's booking your travel arrangements the week of december 5th will save you nearly 11%. coming up at 6:15 we will tell you who is driving the shopping trends this year and how the cherry hill mall is helping customers navigate some of the
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holiday shopping there. i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10. if saving money is involved, we are taking note. >> by the way, which means everybody will be paying attention to the seven-day forecast this week if you're travel by air or driving and black friday people want to know what the weather will be like. >> there's a lot going on this week and traveling can be done. if you're heading out right now you will head into cold gusty winds. look at the flags blowing along the parkway. those winds were gusty yesterday for the marathon, fortunately it stayed dry for the marathon and i think it will stay dry today, the next couple days. the next chance for showers will be arriving for thanksgiving. that's a dry view but a windy one in cape may, a little shake in the camera there. winds have been gusting to 40 miles an hour and the temperatures are in the 30s right now, above freezing for each location, but factor in the wind and the wind chills in the 20s. 28 degrees in philadelphia, northeast philadelphia, trenton
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25, pottstown a little chillier for reading 28 the windchill in millvale, middle 20s for wilmington and dover. that's where we're starting this morning. we will see sunshine and a few clouds blowing through. you can see a few snow flurries, those won't be an issue, the temperatures are above freezing, ground won't support anything coming down as far as sticking. until we get to the end of the week, that's when we get some rain coming in, but it's going to be a chilly rain and it comes together over the next couple days. look at that storm system and that's a cold front that's early wednesday morning moving through the midwest, we will come here first thing on thursday morning. but it's going to be lighter rainfall. before we get it we will get a little bit of a warm up. the next few days a slow warming trend. we should be at 54 degrees, that's the normal temperature this time of year, just 45 today and look at the 40s until we get to thursday, we will get that rain coming through in the morning, the showers will be out in the afternoon and then the
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cool weather will stay with us, but typically cool for this tim of year. strong gusty winds today, breezy tomorrow, more sunshine tomorrow as that wind dies down, fewer clouds. with that storm system coming together in the midwest that will arrive late wednesday night and thursday morning, with he could see scattered mainly light showers, we will warm from the 30s to 54 degrees thursday afternoon. wind blowingsñ clouds through o friday, and saturday low 50s, the chilly weather will stay with us right on through next week, monday 49 degrees, another chance of showers next wednesday. >> you will have to dig in the closet for the heavier coat this morning. let's get the roads. >> jessica, what are you seeing on route 1? >> nothing. just a couple cars moving in either direction. the north and southbound side with our cameras looking good. we're not dealing with much there. there is a downed tree that's reported in willow grove, route 611 around barrett road, lane
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restrictions and things there detouring you around the scene. the schuylkill expressway looks okay. eastbound into center city 13 minutes from the blue route to the vine street expressway, even better on the westbound side, 11 minutes right now westbound from the vine to the blue route. that's actually really quick to head in that direction. right now not seeing any major delays but maybe dee tours around this disabled bus out in mt. laurel on the new jersey turnpike off ramp right around route 73. it's just getting around the toll plaza. vai and tracey. thank you, jessica. da, da, da. also the champ celebrating a milestone, up next hear why today is so special for the city of philadelphia and rocky balboa.
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good morning, everyone, jessica boyington watching the roads. we're watching route 73, this is our cameras right around route 38, maybe a car or so at the door over in maple shade right now. we are not seeing any volume yet. with we have 45 minutes or so
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before we start to see the beginnings of the early morning rush. i will have your updates for you when i come back starting at 6:00. at the jersey shore the ocean city police department is kicking off a traffic safety awareness campaign that i will run lieu the holiday season. starting today officers will focus on truck route violations, the department will victory enforce other violations such as speeding, not wearing your seat belt, following other vehicles too closely and using a cellphone while driving. and thanksgiving came early for hundreds of older adults in philadelphia. >> septa hosted philadelphia cooperation for aging's annual thanksgiving dinner to older adults. hundreds of guests dined on all the holiday favorites at the jefferson station yesterday. the food was donated by a number of vendors at the terminal market. >> this is a traditional thanksgiving dinner with turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, gravy,gzgç dessert. it's just a really great feast
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for some really great people. >> there was dancing, door prizes, seniors got their pictures taken for septa's new senior photo id cards as well. >> home for the holidays. take a look at the surprise welcome home for a hero in south jersey. family and friends, neighbors, they came out to welcome air force major tim banks back to medford. thanks just returned from the middle east, it was his fifth deployment overseas. >> it was amazing to be able to go out there and do that for my country and even more amazing to come back to the support and it makes future deployments looking so much better. >> we salute you, major banks. operation yellow ribbon organized yesterday's surprise. >> our favorite story of the day. happening today, movie fans will celebrate the 40th anniversary of a film that helped change people's view of philadelphia. yo, adrian.
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on this date 1976 íír"rocky" od in stories. it helped shape philadelphia's identity as a city of underdogs. also may the museum steps famous forever. fans still recreate the iconic run up those steps. the movie won best picture, spawned five sequels and one spinoff. everyone has a favorite scene. that was just so great, wasn't it? join the conversation. share with us your favorite scene, our twitter addresses are right there on your screen. >> come here, just do one favor, win. win. >> that was a good one. this morning more viewers are coming forward with complaints against a head stone company. >> up next at 6:00 we will show you the nbc 10 responds investigation that has family members seeking closure for their loved ones. plus we will take you live to the scene of a five alarm fire in trenton after flames ripped through a block of homes we will have an update on the fire fight. you're watching nbc 10 news
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today. three minutes before 6:00 right now, 38 degrees feels even colder with the gusty winds.
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neighborhood on fire. eight houses destroyed and cars burning in the streets as flames take over a section of trenton. mayor charged, a local leader is accused of driving drunk and leaving the scene of a crash. the trump transition, the president elect says he made some deals over the weekend but it's still unclear if new jersey governor chris christie will play a rule in the administration. 6:00 a.m. this monday morning. good morning. i'm tracey davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. yesterday blustery conditions caused a ground p,ñstop at philadelphia international airport. i want to give you a live look right now at the airport where there are no problems so far to report this morning, we will


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