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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  November 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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>> reporter: it was right on this street inside this house, officers are inside working on their investigation. i spoke to an officer who said a 4-year-old was playing with the firearm that went off and hit him in his face and hand. what we know right now is the shooting was in a room in a room on the first floor of a two story house. what investigators are working to find out is how the 4-year-old got his hands on the gun. here's how police described the impact a bullet had on this 2-year-old child. >> a child this young age, a .40-caliber from close range is devastating. >> reporter: police did recover
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the weapon they believe to be used in this accidental shooting, they are still working to find out if charges may be filed. i'm brandon hudson, nbc10 news. it has been a cloudy thanksgiving, but the rain for the most part has pretty much stayed away. first alert meteorologist erika martin joins us now, conditions not too bad out there? >> conditions were plcloudy, wee seeing everything pretty much clearing to the west of that. however i am tracking temperatures right now that are really mild. a live look outside, it's quiet right now, however we do have some clouds developing and some fog as well. otherwise your neighborhood temperatures right now, fox chase at 59, parkwood at 49 and rittenhouse at 52 degrees.
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right now visibility isn't poor with the exception of atlantic city and cape may. as i get this going and pause this, we're seeing poor visibility in the metro area, mt. holly, two miles for you, by black friday, really this is my biggest concern through the overnight hours into early tomorrow morning, visibility will be an issue overnight and first thing tomorrow. 50s on saturday, i'm tracking showers possibly for the second half of your black friday. more details coming up in my 10-day on 10. >> most people have left the thanksgiving table and headed out to the stores. you're looking at a target at wynnefield heights as the
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holiday shopping begins. shoppers are getting a jump on black friday deals. drew smith is live at toys "r" us at king of bruprussiprussia. i see a lot of people behind you. >> reporter: this is one of the first spots to open, the team's pretty prepared, they have got the line staggered in different spots, trying to keep everything organized. we have some video of the line that had wrapped around the building, people were getting here early because they were giving out special offers. here's the deal, a lot of stores had pressure put on them not to be open on thanksgiving, to give the employees a little bit of a break, but here, toys a s ars "e telling us they're only giving the customers what they want. >> i think it's going to be insane, absolutely insane.
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>> i actually do like it because we get it out of the way. i'm missing my food but no regrets, i'm shopping for my kids. >> no regrets about missing thanksgiving at all. >> reporter: toys "r" us are one of the stores that are going to be open for 30 hours straight, they'll never close. but some of the malls in the king of prussia area are closing at 1:00 and reopening at 6:00 a.m. but we did speak to some shoppers who are going to go all the way through the night. >> that is a lot of shopping, a lot of hours. plenty of malls open tonight. king of prussia mall, the malls in philadelphia mills, cherry hill mall, dept forth mall and
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gloucester mall. well, the oldest thanksgiving day parade in the country made its way through center city this morning. thousands gathered to watch the philadelphia thanksgiving day parade. dozens of huge floats, bands and groups traveled along the park way. millions also watched the iconic macy's thanksgiving day parade in new york city, you may have seen it this morning live on nbc10. thousands of performers, dozens of marching bands and 16 giant balloons made their way through the city this morning. and as always, the star of the parade, santa himself was there to usher in the hole day season. professional chefs with the convention center and casinos joined forces to help hundreds of families in need. nbc10's andrea klein-thomas has
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the story. >> reporter: by the time the doors opened at noon there was already a line at the atlantic city rescue mission waiting for thanksgiving meals to be served. professional chefs from the convention center and local casinos provided all the fixings. bringing a little joy to what could easily be a difficult day. >> around the holidays, some people get, like, sad. i was kind of sad. >> reporter: 1,000 meals are expected to be served out of this kitchen alone before the day is over, signaling the need in the community. >> the reasons they get to that point are so varied. from the loss of a loved one or a spouse to the economic issues, the loss of a job. >> reporter: here in atlantic city, the closure of caseinos hd
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led to a high unemployment rate. >> casino closings and business closings, we're talking tens of thousands of people over these last couple of years who have lost employment. so it's had a deep effect here. >> reporter: through it's faith based programs, the mission tries to help with these life changing events, in this dining, everyone has a story, but most don't want to share. >> everyone i know and you and i are a paycheck away from being in the same situation. >> thank good for these people who here who have a little bit of room for me. >> reporter: who still find reasons to give thanks. developing tonight, three people were shot while putting up christmas lights in north philadelphia. the three men say they were decorating their home late last night when a car pulled up. they claim a passenger in that car asked them if they hit his car. and then opened fire with a
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handgun. the victims are all at temple hospital and are expected to survive. police say the suspect was in a dark gray schevy impala. firefighters worked to put out a fire at a home at the lower row in pittsburgh. everyone was able to get to safety, no one was hurt. the cause of that fire is under investigation. today people were out giving back for thanksgiving. the rev rend henry t. weld and -- hosted by the one day at a time drug and alcohol program. more than 500 people benefitted from today's event. now to the transiticsition
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president-elect donald trump. the president-elect is spending time with his family at his resort in mar-a-lago in palm beach. the president-elect says he's still working, even though it is a hole day. he tweeted saying, quote, i'm working hard even on thanksgiving trying to get carrier ac company to stay in the u.s. making progress, we'll know soon. the manufacturing company announced earlier this year it was moving its operations to mexico. president-elect trump also had a holiday message for the nation. he sent out a video last night. >> it's my prayer that this thanksgiving we begin to move forward and heal our country strengthened by shared purpose and very, very common resolve. >> mr. trump is working to select people for his cabinet. his transition team says more announcements could come as
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early as material. hillary clinton was caught on camera doing some last-minute thanksgiving shopping. shoppers took pictures of the democratic nominee inside a store in chappaqua. next at 6:00, thanksgiving help. nbc10 is there as hundreds in need get a holiday meal. volunteers say what inspires them to give back. and it's the final high school blitz of the year. and i am tracking some black friday fog. i have all the information coming up in my full forecast on the other side of the break, see you then.
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giving back on thanksgiving. that's what the day is all about. a lot of local families struggle to get a full feast on the table for the holiday. randy gyllenhaal was with the salvation army today as they created 4,000 meals for families in need. >> reporter: it takes over 2,000 pounds of stuffing and gravy, and two tons of turkey.
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annette maze is helping because she says it takes a village to feed one. >> i'm fortunate enough to get to the store to buy me a dinner and some are not fortunate. so i'm glad to be blessed to be able to serve them today. >> for the people that would not have all of the nice trimmings for thanksgiving would have the opportunity to take it home, prepare the food and sit around the table with one another. >> reporter: we sat with the family from atlantic city who just added one more to their n ranni rannings. >> this is a blessing for her. >> reporter: her grandmother says she's thankful for that and those here giving a helping hand. >> i have a 2-year-old daughter, i'm going the give her some gravy and put it on her baby
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bottle nipple. thank you so much for the blessings. >> in philadelphia, randy gyllenhaal, nbc10 news. the christmas village is back at city hall this year. people have been gathering all day at the festive open air market. the city hall is split between the courtyard and the village's north avenue. the christmas village will be open daily through christmas eve. >> we had some clouds out there, but not a bad day to be outside. >> 55 degrees at philadelphia international airport, and the average is 53. so not an issue there, but we did see some passing showers, and right now a couple of showers around the jersey shore. satellite and radar image pretty much picking up on dry conditions. notice a water perspective here. so with the exception of the jersey shore, that's the only place we're seeing some passing
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showers. we do have a low pressure system that will eject out of the north carolina region and continue to work its way north eastward. otherwise pretty much conditions are all about pretty much mild as temperatures go. 51 in egg harbor. little egg harbor 52 and atlantic city 51 degrees. mild conditions all due to the southerly flow. ing visibility right now is nan issue on the shore through the morning. certainly improving by tomorrow afternoon although we do have some showers on the approach. hour by hour forecast, picking up on those clearing showers,
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however those clouds do stick around and temperatures for the lehigh valley right now, we're seeing mainly 40s, cookstown 43 degrees for you. allentown also seeing low 40. in bethlehem, currently at 42 degrees. is suburbs seeing mild conditions right now. elmore seeing 45 degrees, new hope 46. looks like pretty much conditions all around right now are mild. the southerly flow for the most part. washington township seeing 54. cooler for florence at 48. robbinsville currently at 50 degrees, again the issue right now is not those temperatures, however we do have a lot of moisture on the surface, so we do have the visibility issues through tomorrow.
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temperatures for tomorrow will be in the mid 50s, low 50s on saturday. notice a gusty sunday in the forecast, temperatures will be cooler, upper 40s, overnight lows in the 30s. by monday we're seeing overnight lows in the 30s. so right now, we do have a really great shot of getting some much-needed rain there and you can always follow us on social media for more updates, download our nbc10 app. up next we'll have our thanksgiving edition of the high school blitz. we'll be right back.
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turkey day was a private day for the birds. they held a closed practice in preparation for their monday night showdown against the packers. how about some college hoops. florida stating florida state. ilani moore pulls it down and then puts it right back up. he'll get it back and drain the three. eric lindros took part in the macy's thanksgiving day parade. he posted these pictures on his twitter team. the flyers play tomorrow night
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in a game you can see right here on nbc10. time now to bring the high school blitz at you, thanksgiving day reserved for the biggest rivalries, like northeast and central. same two teams met just two weeks ago in the playoffs. northeast won that matchup, vikings with the ball, not a big hole, but big enough for dan scott to squeeze through, northeast also wins this rematch, 42-26 the final. archbishop ryan serving it up turkey style. matt romano hooks up with tyronn long. they win 54-12. taking business into his own hands and just enough juice to get into the end zone. 38-12, the final there.
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let's send it into new jersey, hadden tights, bulldog fights. ben klaus had his two touchdown. haddonfield shuts out haddon heights, 31-0. senior mike a rshs chivella has downs syndrome. he's been on the team for all four years since he was a freshman and he goes out with a special memory in his final game, riding the green wave, to a 45-6 victory. game of the week is brought to you by your local ford store, home of america's favorite brand. ridley at innerboro is our game of the week. chris thomas, finds something inside, then checks out the view from outside, thomas does a nice job staying inbound.
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67 yards and he ties the game at 7-7. a touchdown again, and todd sweet turns into a reverse to wide receiver. connor adams as his quarterback as a blocker. ridley's malichai williams takes it in from 9 yards away. raiders come up big in our game of the week, 29-42. that is sports, we'll be right back.
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a high-tech holiday spectacular at the comcast in centerity this morning. classical christmas songs and it included a performance by the philadelphia ballet. comcast is the parent company of
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nbc10. men, doing what they do best helping people get -- in the mana kitchen, they delivered some 3,200 meals today. mayor jim kenney thanked everyone who made today's meal possible. >> very important especially in this time of concern that we reach out to each other and embrace each other and do the right thing. so happy thanksgiving, everybody. time for one last check of your forecast. >> some fog developing, so question still have some fog developing around the jersey shore and of course a lot of moisture at the surface would lead to that fog with the cool air coming in, pretty much with northerly winds, and tracking
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the potential for some much immedia needed rain. >> up next, nbc nightly news with lester holt. have a happy thanksgiving evening. tonight, working holiday. donald trump tweeting about a campaign promise, as new details and questions emerge about how often he's receiving intelligence briefings. giving thanks. the celebrations and traditions at home and abroad, as retailers work to get holiday shoppers off the computer and into their stores. fatal encounter. a teenager killed. a 62-year-old man charged with murder. what the suspect allegedly said that has the fbi looking into whether this was a hate crime. and virtual house call. the hi-tech health care trend that's spreading. telemedicine, even if your doctor isn't that far away. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in


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