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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  November 24, 2016 11:30pm-12:05am EST

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fame-like quarterback, it's an honor to be in the huddle with him, you have a chance to make big plays. i'm grateful for him. i let him know about that today. >> you don't have all of your receivers healthy. they still cannot stop you. how come? >> the guy next to you. throwing opportunities. throwing me the ball. putting me in great positions to be successful. anytime he is opening up the pass, i'm grateful for this moment today. >> le'veon bell, another 100-yard rushing game. we had tony dungy up in the booth for a little while. and he compared you to franco harris. that same patience. when you hear that comparison, what do you think? >> i'm honored. you know, obviously, when somebody is comparing you to a guy like that, it makes you real humbling. and grateful. you know? i appreciate the comparison. >> you and i talked earlier. your second thanksgiving day game. when you were a kid, you loved watching.
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and there's kids out there watching you tonight. what do you hope they appreciated about the way you played? >> they appreciated some good football. somebody who is passionate about the game. obviously, you love the game of football. for whoever is watching, congratulations. >> guys, thank you so much. >> taking this to the linemen. >> take them to the lineup, whatever you want. and take the balls. take the football. take the football. >> happy thanksgiving. happy thanksgiving to everybody. >> mike? >> happy thanksgiving, michele. oh, beautiful. thank you. well, there's the playoff picture. this goes with the thanksgiving tradition. this is the night we start to see this. the playoff picture, unfolding in the afc. you slide pittsburgh for the moment, over there. on the 6-5, mark, with indianapolis, dropping to 5-6. houston leading their division. and pittsburgh, aheld of
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baltimore for the moment. baltimore had a chance with nine teams in the afc, than they have. pittsburgh beat cleveland, indy was depleted here. do you get the sense that pittsburgh, they built confidence on what they can do on the defensive side of the ball? >> maybe. that's what it all comes down to. can they just find that formula, despite losing some key players back there? but it was the goal line stance. and this is the pride of pittsburgh. this is what they do every week in practice. they go one-on-one against the offense. and it looks like there's no way they're going to be able to make a play. and they make a play. sean davis there. and then, a nice play by timmons to get underneath that route. and mike mitchell comes up and makes a big hit on the quarterback, tolzien. and then, they catch a break here on the last one. but every, single one of those are competitive situations. and the pittsburgh steelers, at their best, are amongst the best competitors in the national
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football league. and it showed up on the goal line tonight. >> 16 points for 2 games, against cleveland and indianapolis. a big one against the giants next sunday. kansas city and denver on sunday night. we'll look ahead to that, as we continue from indianapolis, on the postgame in a moment. (my hero zero by lemonheads) zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. this black friday at the volkswagen sign then drive event. this holiday, the real gift isn't what's inside the box... it's what's inside the person who opens it.
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♪ it's in the real thing, ♪ you can't make it up, ♪ it's in your soul deep, ♪ it's in the stars, the stripes, this dirt on my feet ♪ ♪ not everyone can be an all-pro like jason witten, but anyone could save money with geico. ♪ welcome back to "the volkswagen golf alltrack postgame report." now, mike tirico and cris collinsworth. >> pittsburgh gets the win. we'll see pittsburgh and baltimore play on christmas. also see kansas city and denver on christmas. and the first match-up between those teams when we head out to the rockies here. tomorrow, the game for you on sunday night. denver coming off of a bye. kansas city lost to tampa. you get these teams right now, you know you're going to get good defense. >> no question about it. we talk about denver's defense all the time.
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von miller and the guys. now, with justin houston back for kansas city, derrick johnson, derek berry. this is going to be one of the fistfight battles. and it means so much. this is now, when we're getting to the games where the playoffs are clearly on the line, especially in this division. >> oakland plays carolina earlier. oakland is a game ahead. you lose this game, could you be two games behind oakland? limited time left. big pressure on both offenses because of the quality defenses, with trevor siemian and alex smith. you have to make plays in this game. >> that's where the question is for these two teams. if they make a run, the offenses have to be better. >> enjoyed doing this on thanksgiving. let's do this on sunday. >> why not? >> denver-bound. look forward to seeing you from the mile-high city, on sunday night. here in indianapolis, pittsburgh beats the colts, 28-7. coming up next except on the west coast, your local news, followed by a new "tonight show," starring jimmy fallon. thanks to our great sunday night
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crew working with you on this thanksgiving night. for bob costas, cris collinsworth, tony dungy, and mike tirico, sitting in for al michaels, see you on sunday night. happy thanksgiving. nbc sports thanks you for watching this special presentation of the national football league.
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thankful to shop. stores all around our area are busy on thanksgiving night. but lulls in foot traffic are forcing some retailers to switch things up a bit.
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working holiday. president-elect donald trump says he is fighting for jobs this thanksgiving. but there's concern tonight about something he's not doing. and police prank. jersey shore officers pull a driver over only to try to make her holiday. >> announcer: nbc10 news starts now. let the holiday shopping season begin. nbc10 all around our region on this thanksgiving. shoppers from king of prussia to south jersey and philadelphia waited in long lines and packed stores to grab those pre-black friday deals. good evening. thanks for joining us. the holiday shopping frenzy is only just getting started. some stores are just opening while others are getting ready to close for a few hours. still others have been open, and they are staying that way. let's go live to nbc10's drew smith to the target in win fi d wynnefield heights. how busy is it there? >> this is one of those stores
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that's going to be open all night and has been open now for many hours. you can see people here still checking out, but it's nothing like it was during the mad rush when it opened. that's because this shopping holiday has turned into something that's about convenience for the customers. that's because they're trying to fight othose online retailers, get people off their computers and actually into the store. the lines formed before the turkey got cold this year. >> i'm looking for video games, stuff like that for the kids. i know if i get here first, i'll get it. >> reporter: it was an orderly but still exciting entrance at the toys r us in king of prus a prussia. the cash registers lighting up at 5:00 this thanksgiving. >> we're going to buy sets and make them. >> reporter: parents were liking the earlier start time because they can bring the youngsters with them. >> perfect. we can come, shop, and we can enjoy the holiday dinner and just hang out and play with whatever he pick up.
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>> reporter: retailers responded to slower black friday traffic last year by switching things up again. king of prussia mall will shut at 1:00 a.m. and reopen a few hours later at 6:00 instead of staying open nonstop. in target, there was an employee pep talk before the busiest weeks of the year began. >> we want the guests to go straight in and shop, all right? >> reporter: most people headed straight for the tvs and electronics. recognizing they could be gone before black friday even officially arrived. >> which one did you want? >> reporter: thanksgiving family time spent in a shopping line, instead of in the dining room. >> i'm standing with my sister, keeping her company. >> reporter: now, it's expected that the average shopper will spend half of their holiday shopping budget online. so, again, that competitiveness amongst the retailers is pretty intense. what we have noticed, as the people actually have their phones in their hands, in fact, that shopper has got her phone
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in her hand as they shop inside the stores. so they're fighting for the best deals whether in store or online. drew smith, nbc10 news. >> comparison shopping, drew. thank you. shoppers in south jersey are scoring some deals as well. nbc10 at the deptford mall which opened at 6:00 p.m. and stays open until midnight. we found the longest line at pink by victoria's secret. one shopper told us she made sure to eat dinner earlier before heading out. >> got their 50% off sale and i'm happy and ready to go home and eat some leftovers. >> the deptford mall will reopen black friday morning at 6:00 a.m. and stay open until 10:00 p.m. best buy stores are getting ready to close for a few hours before opening again at 8:00 tomorrow morning. we caught up with some shoppers waiting in line outside the best buy in deptford. it first opened at 5:00 this evening. the woman at the very front of the line told us she had been there since tuesday trying to score some new tvs. and down in delaware, packed
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parking lots and long lines tonight. the tanger outlet mall opened at 6:00 tonight, and they are staying open until 10:00 tomorrow night. we found plenty of shoppers there scooping up deals this evening. well, there is some good news for all the shoppers that are out there. it's really not too cold tonight. nbc10 along main street in man e orange where the christmas lights are up. let's get the first alert neighborhood forecast now. >> we do have some fog in the forecast. that's really one of the biggest stories through the overnight hours. a live look outside. a really interesting shot here. notice the wind turbines in the foreground, not moving very much. and notice the cloud ceiling in the background. about 5,300 feet. one of the issues for tonight, i mentioned at 6:00 p.m., is it looks like we will see some areas of patchy fog developing through the overnight hours into early tomorrow morning. if you look at the bottom of your screen, you will see your local neighborhood forecast. otherwise the winds right now
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are calm. one of the ingredients that we do need for that developing fog through the overnight hours. satellite radar image picking up on some light grays on the screen. you can see some less gray here along the jersey shore. but farther inland we do have some more clouds. a lot thicker and soupier. temperatures right now for jersey, lots of 40s, mount laurel, 42. lumberton, 44. pemberton currently at 40. morristown already getting reports of some fog. three-mile visibility. i have more updates on what to expect for black friday in my full forecast. a heart breaking thanksgiving night for a north philadelphia family. police say two young children were playing with a loaded gun when afired and hit one of them. a 2-year-old boy is now in critical condition at the hospital. nbc10's brandon hudson explains how police want to know how they got that gun. >> reporter: a devastating thanksgiving for the family of a 2-year-old staying here at saint christopher's hospital.
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police say the victim's mom was preparing dinner when her 4-year-old nephew was playing with a gun in another room. it fired and hit a toddler. for family members sitting outside, the reality of their young loved one shot on thanksgiving was tough to handle. philadelphia police searched this house on north ninth street after an accidental shooting involving a toddler and his 4-year-old cousin. >> the 4-year-old cousin was handling a real gun, and that gun accidentally discharged one time. >> reporter: authorities blocked part of the street around 4:30. police say a bullet from a .40 caliber handgun struck a 2-year-old in the hand and body. >> i don't believe the 4-year-old realized what happened. >> reporter: an officer rushed the victim to the hospital. we spoke to a witness in his predominantly spanish speaking neighborhood. >> translator: i saw the police officer carrying a kid. the father came out, got in the police car, and left.
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>> reporter: the toddler's mom and her boyfriend were inside the home, but not where the shooting happened, which was the first-floor living room. investigators are working to find out how the 4-year-old got his hands on the gun. philadelphia police have the gun that's believed to be used in this accidental shooting. the victim's mom or her boyfriend could face charges. at saint christopher's hospital, i'm brandon hudson, nbc10 news. president-elect donald trump wants to prove he's not just relaxing on this thanksgiving holiday. he is working to save jobs. mr. trump tweeted today he's trying to get carrier ac company to stay in the u.s. the company's indianapolis plant is in the midst of a move to mexico. the company confirmed they are in conversations. meantime there are concerns tonight about the president-elect's focus on national security. intelligence officials tell nbc news mr. trump has only received two intelligence briefings since the election. that is far fewer than the almost daily briefings that are
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expected. those briefings give a summary of key security developments from all u.s. security agencies as well as the cia's covert operations. >> by not having daily briefings, he's risking the security of the united states. there is nothing as important as these briefings for the president of the united states. if he discounts them, then of course it's possible there could be ramifications. >> vice president-elect mike pence is reportedly getting briefed almost every day. well, she wanted to be the next president. now jill stein is challenging the election results. the green party nominee has raised nearly $4.5 million in her push for a vote recount in michigan, pennsylvania, and wisconsin. stein and others want an audit in those states. it comes after reports that voting security experts alerted hillary clinton's campaign about the possibility of hacks. hillary clinton waited until the last minute to finish her
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thanksgiving shopping. the former presidential nominee took pictures with shoppers inside a chappaqua new york store wednesday night. her husband, bill, and daughter chelsea were also there to help. well, over at the jersey shore this thanksgiving, atlantic city casino workers helped feed more than 1,500 people in need. the meals were served all day at the rescue mission and salvation army. professional chefs from the convention center and local casinos provided all the fixings. it comes as residents continue to feel the effects of the struggling economy. >> casino closings and business closings. i mean we're talking tens of thousands of people over this last couple of years who have lost employment. so it's had a deep effect here. >> organizers expected to serve 1,000 meals out of this kitchen alone before the day is over. the salvation army was also hard at work today helping families this thanksgiving. volunteers served up 4,000 meals for those in need in
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philadelphia. nbc10 was in west philly where they dished thanksgiving meals to go. more than 130 volunteers spent their morning serving the turkey dinners complete with all the fixi fixin's. >> i'm fortunate to be able to get through the store to buy me a dinner, and some are not fortunate. so i'm so glad that i'm blessed to be able to serve them today. >> in all they prepared 2,500 pounds of turkey, 1,400 pounds of mashed potatoes, and more than 1,000 apple pies. man na doing what they do best today, helping local families get the food they deserve. they cooked up and packaged more than 3,200 meals for delivery today. some 350 volunteers helped get everything ready for the manna clients. the money for today's meals is courtesy of pico. it's almost time to lace up the ice cats in penn's landing. you're looking live at the blue cross river rink which is opening for the season tomorrow.
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fans of the movie "frozen" can also skate with queen elsa and princess anna starting at 11:00 tomorrow morning. the christmas village is open for the season at philadelphia city hall. people have been gathering all thanksgiving day long at the festive open-air market. the market is split between the city hall courtyard and the building's northern apron. it features shops, hundreds of christmas lights, music, and of course santa claus. the christmas village will be open every day through christmas eve. up next, pulled over and surprised. what police decided to give this driver instead of a ticket in the spirit of thanksgiving. and some families in new jersey almost had to make it through their thanksgiving without water. a water main break left their whole town dry. we'll tell you who stepped in to save the day. plus championship dreaming. some local football players are hoping to compete for a national title, but something other than skill or will is getting in their way. their story coming up.
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erin, coming up on the other side of the break, i do have your holiday weekend forecast. some clouds, scattered showers, but sunshine on saturday and a gusty sunday. details coming up.
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no water, no problem. thanks to the quick thinking of some new jersey firefighters this thanksgiving. a water main break in sussex county nearly put an end to the thanksgiving holiday for the entire town. that's when the fire department stepped in. they hand delivered buckets of water for families trying to prepare their meals. >> we're thankful enough that we got these guys in town, and they're doing what they can to help us out. >> water service remained disabled as crews tested the new main, but it is expected to be back up and running overnight. police in one jersey shore town pulled off a thanksgiving prank to give one woman a holiday surprise she won't forget. officers in lakewood, ocean county, pulled this woman over
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and asked her to step out of her car. when she did, they surprised her with a thanksgiving meal for her family. some students from lakewood high school helped to deliver the food. this is just one of several special deliveries lakewood police made to help families in need. now to the nbc10 delaware bureau where a woman is showing everyone how to rise from the ashes on this thanksgiving. nbc10 at the william hicks anderson community center where dozens of families feasted on thanksgiving dinner today. the event is the work of francine wallace. she's not only a community activist who is giving back this thanksgiving by hosting a turkey day dinner for those in need, but she's also a recovering burn victim. she was injured back in 2014 when her boyfriend intentionally set her home on fire. >> all of this going on as far as thanksgiving is be thankful for whatever you have. never take anything for granted in your life. and always just give back. >> the group also collected bags
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filled with hats, gloves, and other winter clothing to give to needy local families. also in wilmington, thousands of runners worked off their thanksgiving calories before they even ate them. the thanksgiving day m.s. run celebrated its 38th year today. the holiday tradition includes 5 and 10k runs and a kiddie fun run led by santa and mrs. claus. the goal is to help create a world free of multiple sclerosis. erika, it was really a great thanksgiving to do a turkey tro or toss around the football, but we are watching out for some fog. >> temperatures topped out slightly above normal. right now we're seeing a live look outside. conditions are dry, but we are seeing a lowering cloud ceiling, a concern through the overnight hours because visibility to be hindered. if you look at the bottom of your screen, you will see your local neighborhood forecast. you can obviously download our free app as well. right now satellite and radar
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image picking up on some lower clouds. a break along the shore. a wider perspective. tide water region will see a low pressure system ejecting towards the northeast. we could see some showers later tomorrow. otherwise for the most part t will be dry. current temperatures right now, andorra, 45. west mount, 45. fox chase, 47. and port richmond currently at 49 degrees. overall a pretty mild night tonight. blandon 43. reading, 43. again, a mild night as far as temperatures now. nazareth, 40. as we take a look at what to expect around delaware, glasgow, 40. newark, 43. talliville, 45. wilmington, 44 degrees. upper township, 42. egg harbor, 41.
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maze la temperatures are really mild. if you look at the bottom of your screen, you will see your local neighborhood forecast, but we are tracking some developing fog through the overnight hours. now, your ten-day on 10 brings a lot because we do have temperatures slightly above normal for tomorrow with those clouds and possibly some showers, especially for the second half of the day. on saturday, a mix of sun and clouds. temperatures in the low 50s. upper 40s on sunday with some clouds developing by monday into tuesday. i am tracking some showers, much needed rain in the forecast. notice temperatures get a little bit warmer by tuesday into wednesday. a gusty sunday in the forecast. and thursday and friday, temperatures drop just a little bit. next saturday and sunday look pretty good. of course you can always follow us on social media for more updates. back to you. a high-tech holiday tradition over in center city. hundreds gathered for the free
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comcast holiday spectacular at the comcast center this morning. performances of classic christmas songs and a magical sleigh ride above philadelphia all played on the massive video wall in the lobby. comcast is the parent company of nbc 10. we'll be right back. @
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♪ a holiday tradition. the 90th annual macy's thanksgivingdy parade cruised down 34th street in new york city this morning. the world famous rockettes and the all american marching band performed in front of the macy's flagship store. an estimated 3.5 million people lined the parade route. championship dreams could be cut short for nearly two dozen young athletes in north
12:03 am
philadelphia. the pop warner national championships are december 3rd at walt disney world. three local teams are hoping to compete, but money is their biggest obstacle. coaches say it can take as much as $26,000 to get just one team to florida. >> come out here in the dark sometimes. there are no lights practicing. we really want to make sure that are community is recognizing those efforts and sending a clear message to our kids that what they're doing is worth it. >> the gofundme page has been set up to raise money. if you'd like more information on the team's effort to get there, just tap the nbc10 app. hello, i'm john boruk from csn. the eagles are preparing for night's game against the packers. it's pretty much a must win situation for the birds. and high school football is a thanksgiving tradition. we'll check in on one of the nation's oldest rivalries. that's coming up next. ♪
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