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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  November 25, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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toss that umbrella in the car for just in case situation especially in the afternoon hours writ looks more likely we'll see spot showers develop. for your weekend winds starting to pick up saturday into sunday. not as gusty as what we saw this past weekend into early week but winds starting to increase yet again. and as we move ahead that long term extended forecast the next big system, looks like it could bring us quite a bit of rain by mid next week. we're at 44 degrees in philadelphia and 39 in wilmington. lancaster at 43 degrees and 39 atlantic city. so overall again most of us are above freezing. not a bad start to our morning. temperature wise forecast conditions will be similar to what we saw yesterday. for radar and satellite clouds at this point no, rain to track but coming up in a few minutes we'll track the shower potential and talk more about your hour by hour temperatures. let's talk now traffic with
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francesca ruscio. >> traffic is very light. we're at center city where camera is focused on the in the street expressway around broad street. very light traffic. there's the exit towards 611. 611 for the willow grove mall. over to new jersey checking out the 42 freeway our camera at the nj turnpike. rather light. and king of prussia mall doing okay. towards the schuylkill expressway travel speeds in the 60s. ten minutes. travel speeds we're in the green. when i come back we'll take a look at the rest of the majors. now i think present company excluded but some of you may already be finished with your black friday shopping kicking it off early after thanksgiving dinner last night. >> i mentioned i'm one of the
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proca procastinators. i don't start until december 24th. we got you covered. pamela osborn live inside toys "r" us at king of prussia mall. good morning. >> reporter: the store actually opened up at 5:00 last night. i just talked to a manager. she said so far about 2,000 customers have come through here this morning. it really doesn't look that way with how neat and organized and well stock everything is. one of the hottest items this year are drones. we've been talking to some shoppers here this morning. they tell us they are looking for hatchables, drum sets and other musical instruments are doing well. it's worth to it get up this early and come out and shop because the kids are at home sleeping and as you can see at this point no big crowds navigate through as well. here's what else i found out. most of the people here have
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been shopping all throughout the night. >> kohl's, target, went back to target. now here. i'll be heading to a.c. moore. five below. and i think that's it for right now. >> that was april. she tells us she's been going out or been out for about eight hours now. this is our first stop of the morning. at some point we'll head over to king of prussia mall and show you what the shopping conditions are. right now we're inside toys "r" us. we'll be checking within you all morning long. we want you to be a part of our black friday so tag us in your pictures on instagram. >> whether you're waiting in line or got your hands on something on that wish list i want to site. our handle is @nbcphiladelphia. today nbc 10 as you covered. use the nbc 10 app to get your black friday forecast plus 2016 holiday shopping trends and a
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list of stores with the biggest discounts today. shifting gears right now breaking news from overnight acstress florence henderson has died. she was best known as the mom of the "brady bunch". she began her career as a singer and actress on broadway. she landed the role of carol brady in 1969. henderson's character as cheerful movement a large blended family became a cultural icon. henderson did commercials and game shows and hoofsted a cooki show. florence henderson was 82 years old. this morning a 2-year-old is in the hospital in critical condition after his 4-year-old cousin accidentally shot him on thanksgiving day. here's what we know. the shooting happened around 4:30 yesterday afternoon on north 9th street in north philly. the 4-year-old got ahold of a gun and began playing with it. the gun went off hitting his 2-year-old cousin in the hand and chest. the shooting happened in a room
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on the first floor of this two story row home. the victim's mother and boyfriend were inside at the time. at the scene police told us about the impact the bullet had on the 2-year-old child. >> this child being 2 years of age being struck with first of all any bullet, but a large caliber bullet from such close range is devastating. >> police recovered the gun at the scene. they are trying to out how to 4-year-old got his hands on it. the victim's mother or her boyfriend could face charges in this case. this morning we have more details about a triple shooting in philadelphia that we first told you about yesterday morning. police say three men were hanging christmas lights when they were shot. the three men were outside the home wednesday night when a car pulled up. they said someone inside the car asked if they had hit his car. then that person took out a gun and shot the men. the three men are recovering in the hospital. police are looking for the
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shooter said to be in a dark gray chevy impala. it is 4:35 and back to that breaking news at the hamilton mall. matt delucia just arrived there. >> matt, tell us what you're seeing there on the ground. we know earlier there were a lot of evidence markers. >> reporter: right. police are still here at the scene. i'll step out of the way. you can see this is the macy's parking lot of the hamilton mall. you see shell casings on the ground. yellow evidence markers. over to the left we can see one of the vehicles here in the parking lot and there's also some stuff that is next to the door of that car. there's a macy's bag and a chicago bulls hat. we're not being told much information right now. we're hearing reports of a shooting here in the parking lot and of course you see a lot of crime tape around this area of the parking lot. again this is just outside the macy's at the hamilton mall. the mall is closed at this hour but, of course, you don't have a
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whole lot of people in this area at the moment but of course you have police investigators. they have been here for quite a while, a little over an hour now. and we're being told that all information will be coming from the atlanta county prosecutors office as far as confirmation who might be involved in this shooting but, of course, as we get more information we'll pass it along to you. we're live here in hamilton township, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. we'll check back with you shortly. coming up, a holiday tradition in haddonfield. we'll tell you when candlelight shopping kicks off. septa is jumping in on the latest social media trend all new this morning we'll show you septa's latest version of the mannequin challenge. a live lock outside center city if you're planning to get some shopping down today. we'll have your hour by hour temperatures and when rain may be moving through.
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. good morning everyone. francesca ruscio here. we're watching the schuylkill expressway, very light traffic at this time of early morning i should say eastbound, web, eastbound heading towards center city. westbound, for the willow grove mall. girard avenue doing okay but very, very early at this time of morning. over in hamilton, new jersey this is i 295 watching the north and southbound traffic, so far very light at sloan avenue. so we're doing okay so far on most of the majors. checking in on 95, look at these travel speeds. in the 60s. 13 minutes. good to go in the green. green on 95. green onto schuylkill expressway and the vine. we'll take a look at the rest of the majors when i come back.
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we're beginning with a look at our live camera. still dark before sunrise we're checking in on that flag. not very windy. very light winds out there. that will be for your black friday. overall pretty good conditions if you want to get outdoors throughout the day and hit different malls because aside some spotty chances of rain temperatures will feel okay. warmer than average. sill lar to yesterday. looking at your radar and satellite map we see precipitation onto board, the pink, white, green and north us. it will stay that way at least through the first half of the day and as we go into the afternoon we can pull up just a little moisture from the south meaning chance of spotty showers in the forecast. not a great chance but some chances by delaware and shore. looking at your visibility map for the most part things are clear. 10 is the maximum number we'll see. areas like mount poke new york lancaster, millville are less than 10 mile marker we see some
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very light patchy fog. this will burn off with sunrise coming up before 7:00 a.m. looking at your black friday planners. here are your temperatures. 8:00 a.m. early start, 44 degrees. we move to mid-50s as we move into the afternoon. cloudiness is expected throughout the day. wouldn't be surprised a little after your lunch time if we see isolated showers. spotty showers possible philadelphia through the suburbs near the lehigh valley. 50 degree your noon temperatures. upper 40s capping right around low 50s. isolated chances. better chance for delaware, new jersey and along the shore but also not a great chance of rain. we're 56 degrees at noon in delaware and mid-50s as well for new jersey. same deal for shore. the shore may be warmer due to that mode rateding effect putting you upper 50s. cloudiness will be lingering throughout the day. more on your forecast for today and your weekend coming up in a
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few minutes. still ahead on "nbc 10 news today" avoiding a holiday hazard. >> we're talking about trees. we have the dose and don'ts when it comes to extension cords, candles and one thing you shouldn't do with wrapping paper. a parking perk in center city philadelphia that will save you some money this holiday season. we got the details. ok! impaciente!
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. let's get back to that breaking news right now at the hamilton mall. >> nbc 10's matt delucia live in hamilton township where police are investigating something that happened outside of the parking lot in front of the macy's. matt you're hearing reports of a shooting there? >> reporter: that's right, rosemary and katie. you can see there are a lot of evidence markers down here in the parking lot of this macy's here at the hamilton mall. you see investigators out there
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as well. they have been here for at least an hour from what we've been able to hear. there's a vehicle over there on the other side of the tlap that has macy's bag and a chicago bulls hat. right now we're still trying to get confirmation how many people were shot, what the extent of the injuries are. police here are just telling us we have to get all that information from the atlanta county prosecutor's office. we reached out to them but have not heard back yet. we're trying to get more details and information about what happened here. you can see all those evidence markers here in the parking lot, something extensionive did happen here overnight. right now matt delucia, nbc 10 news. well now that we're past thanksgiving you may be getting ready to put up those christmas lights, the christmas tree, everything holiday. >> the last thing you want to have in your home for this holidays is a fire so we have some safety tips. bensalem fire department tells
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us fire cases during the holiday season spike because of dry christmas trees, improper use of extension cords and candles being left out. the battalion chief suggest us keep safety in mind at all times to avoid problems and tragedy. >> we just keep trying remind everybody. everybody is so busy especially this time of the year. if we can get it out there with the news and our facebook pages and get it out there to remind somebody, we think it helps. >> the chief also reminds you not burn your christmas tree or wrapping paper in your fireplace which is not designed to handle those items. if you're too tired to head out for black friday shopping join the crowds tomorrow for small business saturday. many businesses will be participating in this nationwide event. philadelphia has helped holiday shoppers with free saturday parking. there will be no cost for meter parking after 11:00 a.m. on saturdays from tomorrow through new year's day. shoppers can park in certain
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lots throughout the city for a flat rate of $8 on saturdays and sundays. and after small business saturday well it is cyber monday. some stores are already offering cyber monday discounts. online shopping continues to grow. last year in store holiday sales were down around 12%. later today a cyber crime expert will have some advice on how you can stay safe when making online purchases, get tips on lie safety, identity tips and more at 5:00 p.m. if you are doing some of that black friday shopping you probably hit the roads, if you were up early and noticed more traffic than you would expect. >> exactly. francesca ruscio is watching it all on the maps and cameras. what your seeing >> we're doing okay. not too bad on the vine street expressway. light traffic in and out of center city. for the most part we're doing okay on the majors especially 202 for the kop mall. this just came into my report.
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hamilton township working with some lane closures on route 4 on the westbound side between millville avenue and jefferson avenue. very close to hamilton mall. you may run into this due to down wires and power cables but for the most part this just came into my report. hamilton township everyone on route 40. let's take a look at 202. doing okay in the green for the kop mall, route 30 towards the schuylkill. okay northbound. take you ten minutes. thanks. now on this friday, this black friday and if you are heading out good news it's not looking too bad. >> definitely not. even the temperature feels pretty good. >> temperatures to start aren't that bad. throw on the jacket and you're in. grab the umbrella if you plan on making it a marathon shopping
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day because later in the day we may see showers moving through. here are your temperatures right now in the philadelphia neighborhoods. chestnut hills sitting at 44 degrees, 43 at park side. most of the numbers are very similar. upper 40s for areas like center city, rittenhouse at 47 and same deal for areas like bustleton. philadelphia neighborhoods to your new jersey neighborhoods and we're looking at conditions that are a little bit cooler. right now areas like turnerville 37 degrees. and if we continue to boost up further north about the same. mostly temperatures in those low mid-40s, princeton at 41 degrees. hopewell township at 43. starting above freezing. atlanta complain about these numbers. with winds low we don't have to worry about the wind chill. radar and satellite shows us clouds hanging over us. thinner in the south in new jersey and delaware.
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further north thicker cloud cover especially right near parts of the poconos. that area some lingering fog possible because we had the moisture move through yesterday. when you have moisture at the surface and cool air conditions that's when you can see fog development. we didn't see dense fog building. i don't expect that's going to happen. here's a look at your neighborhood temperatures. overall around the mid-50s which is similar to what we saw yesterday. center city at 56 degrees. westchester at 54. allentown at 50. there's a mix of icons. cloudiness some small peeks of sunshine but mosty cloudy day. late day into your evening hours more showers start to develop pumping in from the south through new jersey, the shore and delaware. there's a look. vorhees at 54. ocean city 56. chance of showers poupg. for your forecast winds today
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they stay light but will start to pick up for your weekend. coming up in the next half hour we'll talk more about wind speeds and a look at your saturday and sunday. >> we'll see you shortly. 4:52 on this black friday. this sounds like a true holiday nightmare. imagine you're preparing your thanksgiving feast and having your family over and now no water. can you imagine? that was the case for neighbors in north jersey until firefighters stepped in. all new on "nbc 10 news today" at 5:00 pm hear how their quick thinking saved the day for one entire town. you never want to see these police lights in your rear view mirror. but for one new jersey mom she got a thanksgiving surprise, instead of a ticket we'll show you coming up. .
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good morning, everyone. francesca ruscio here watching i-95. just outside of center city philadelphia. our camera at girard avenue.
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very light traffic. still doing okay it's 4:54 heading in and out of center city. it's black friday. new jersey transit is making it easier to get around this holiday weekend. the transportation agency is adding trains and buses to many of its routes. also kids ride free through sunday. they are urging riders to buy tickets in advance. >> now that thanksgiving is over many families will turn their attention to christmas preparations. >> christmas tree lots are open today across our area from down philadelphia to suburbs. local farms will be helping you pick out the perfect christmas tree for your home. go to for a full list of locations. in montgomery county shop for a tree and visit some animals at the same time starting today. we're talking about zoo animals. temp
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the elmwood zoo will be selling christmas trees. >> christmases village at city hall is open. they had brisk business all day yesterday. >> christmas village is split between the city hall courtyard. it features shops, hundreds of christmases lights, seasonal music and santa. let's take a live look at the blue cross river rink. get out your skates and mittens ice skating for winter fest begins today. can you skate from 11:00 this morning until 1:00 a.m. this video of people skating from last year. winter fest runs through march 5th. there we go. river rink is the only outdoor regulation size rink in philadelphia. a week from today don't miss the holiday tree lighting. join the nbc 10 news team for the ceremony. that's next friday at 7:00 in the evening. watch it right here on nbc 10. 4:56 right now on this black
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friday. police in a new jersey shore town pulled off a prank to give one woman a holiday surprise she won't forget. >> officers in lakewood owing county pulled this woman over and asked her to step out of the car. and when she did they surprised her with a thanksgiving meal for her family. some students from lakewood high school helped deliver the food. this is just one of several special deliveries that the lakewood police made to help families in need. >> you've seen lots of videos doing the mannequin challenge on social media. >> now it's septa's turn. this video was taken at their depot. passengers were sitting or standing as statues. looks like they were paused in mid-movement. nobody moved at all. they did a pretty good job and got buzz about their take on the mannequin challenge. now here's more of the stories that we're following right now on nbc 10 news at 5:00
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a.m. breaking news here at nbc 10. here's a live picture outside of the hamilton mall in hamilton township. that's where police are right now investigating reports of a shooting. >> remembering a television icon. florence henderson the woman america knew as carol brady onto brady bunch has died. >> coming to the rescue. quick thinking firefighters in new jersey roll up their sleeves and help save thanksgiving for neighbors in one town. let's start with that breaking news this morning. police in atlanta county are investigating reports of a shooting just outside the hamilton mall. >> that's right. nbc 10's matt delucia is live outside the mall in the parking lot at hamilton township. matt you've been there for the last 45 minutes or hour. what have you learned? >> reporter: very limited details at this point but i'll step out of the way. i can tell you what we see. a lot of evidence mark tlers on the ground of this parking lot just outside of the macy's
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store. you see some of those investigators down there on the ground just off to the left. can you also see a vehicle that is parked and outside of that vehicle there's a macy's bag, a chicago bulls hat as well. now police out here they are not telling us exactly what happened. referring everything to the atlanta county prosecutor's office. we made calls out to them but we have heard reports there was a shooting here in this parking lot overnight. we've been talking with some of the people who are coming to this mall right now. the mall actually closed at midnight, but there is a j.c. penney that's still open on the other side of the mall. i talked to somebody who was driving through here very surprised to see what was going on. other than that there are not many vehicles in this area of the parking lot right now. the mall re-opens about an hour from now at 6:00. but, of course, as we get more information we'll be sure to pass that along to you. for now we're live in hamilton township. i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news.
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now our meteorologist has the first alert forecast. >> it looks clear at the moment but you're watching spotty showers moving in. >> that's right. we're tracking that potential kind of like yesterday. not a wash out forecast. some spot areas may see some light rain moving through particularly in the afternoon into your early evening hours. right now temperature wise things are pretty good. cloudiness overnight kept our temperatures fairly comfortable for this time of year. mostly in the low 40s. allentown at 43, philadelphia checking in the same. trenton at 44 degrees and upper 30s for atlantic city. these are your current temperatures if we compare to it yesterday morning which is also pretty mild, rather, actually warmer in areas, allentown 8 degrees warmer, 6 degrees warmer in mount holly. 3 degrees warmer in philadelphia. not a bad start especially if you want to get those early hours shopping especially with those stores starting to open up here coming up in the next few hours.


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