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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  November 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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footsteps from the macy's front door. a 911 call led them to find lamont cotman shot in the back. for shoppers excited about black friday deals, it dampened the mood at this ma'am. >> now i kndetectives returned mall area. reports indicate he was charged with being uncooperative in connection with shots fired on the 47th floor of the taj mahal casino, that was a crime in which 7 people were arrested and four handguns were confiscated. >> i didn't know the guy like that, but losing somebody at thanksgiving, black friday, it's unreal. >> reporter: its unclear if the
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two crimes months apart have any connection. one man who didn't want to give his name, says he's a friend of a friend of the two brothers. >> he told me they were out and had a good time and that happened. and it's really sad. >> this is supposed to be a holiday, be happy, i don't want to know nothing sad. i want to stay positive. >> reporter: the fatal happened about 37 parking spaces from the front door mace macy's, but investigators have yet to say if any security footage cap chured the crime or if there's any suspects. >> there's a lot happening and a lot of activity going on, so it's sad so hear. >> reporter: macy's is cooperating fully with the investigation. macy's opened at 6:00 this morning, operating on its extend
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black friday hours. to our weather now and showers moving through the area. here's how it looked on nbc10 first alert radar. >> everything clears in the overnight hours, but those showers are moving through. temperatures averages out in the upper 40s to low 50s, delaware 48 for you, in new jersey, we're seeing overcast, hour by hour forecast, picking up on those showers continuing to work their way northeastward and eventually offshore by about 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 a.m., notice those rain showers in the forecast by 8:00, 9:00 p.m. in philadelphia. 1:00 a.m. we're seeing is clouds sticking around early tomorrow morning. temperatures for tomorrow, a little bit cooler in the
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suburbs, upper 30s, low 40s for you. seeing some showers for jersey at about 8:00, 9:00 p.m. those showers will stick around just a little bit more along the jersey shore and then they'll push out. >> that is good news. take a look at this, this is what black friday looks like at cherry hill mall. rows upon rows upon rows of cars. sky force 10 gives you a bird's-eye view of how packed it is. check out the king of prussia mall, the largest mall in the area, and the parking lot is also packed. retailers aren't feeling too optimistic about foot traffic this year. >> reporter: this is a trend we have seen since 2011, the retail sales figures have continued to drop on black friday.
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you look at the crowds going into the mall, you wouldn't think this is the trend. fewer holiday workers have been hired because retailers don't think they'll need them. star is trying to get her children things they'll treasure. king of prussia mall expects to see half a million people like star on by monday. >> look around you, this is on amazing turnout. >> reporter: the world's largest retail trade association session that this is expected to be less than last year. frank was aiming to make $6,000 through monday, but the owner of kingsman beard care doesn't think he'll make it. retailers like frank say the profits might, while next
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generation predicts retail traffic down, but sales could be up 13% from last year. star tells us once she fichbds those eggals hoodies she's done. >> i these cyber monday picks it up. >> reporter: whether online or in person, this is the most important time of the year for retailers. most expect to do 30% of their entire annual sales between now, today, black friday and christmas. keit >> macy's website couldn't keep up with the black friday demand. people received a message telling them to wait ten seconds and then try again. macy's blamed the problems on a high volume of online orders. right now people in camden county are getting ready to shop by candle light.
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haddonfield is kicking off it's annual candle lit holiday shopping. they will also have carriage rides and you can see santa. and tomorrow you can think -- don't worry about feeding the meters on saturdays. there will be free parking after 11:00 a.m. the deal runs from tomorrow through new year's day. shoppers can also park at certain lots throughout the city for a flat rate of $8 on saturdays and sundays. today president-elect trump named two new members of his administration. donald mcgahn will serve as white house counsel. he received his law degree from
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weidner university and hie's a former chairman at the sec. this could put distance between president-elect trump and his business dealings. the trump team also announced katie mcfarland as deputy national security advisor, she has experience working in the ford and reagan administrations. she's also the first woman named to the team after the initial picks were all white men. meantime the donald trump imagery says it is making p progress on a deal to keep carrier air conditioning in indiana. today sourcescnbc is leading the negotiations. carrier plans to move its plant to mexico, but president-elect promised he would keep the company in indianapolis.
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the so-called trump honeymoon for wall street. the dow jones and s&p 500 both hit single record highs. stocks have been climbing since the presidenti aial election. a north philadelphia couple is now facing charge office their 2-year-old son was shot by his 4-year-old cousin. investigators say the parts were cooking thanksgiving dinner in this home when the kids got a hold of a weapon somewhere in the living room and the 4-year-old shot theed ed ttodd the chest. >> it's a baby with another baby. >> reporter: police said they found two handguns in the home. the young victim remains in critical but stable condition.
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a sight people down the shore have seen all too often, back bay flooding turns roads into rivers leaving homes and businesses under water. but now new jersey is leading forces with the federal government trying to change this. n their goal is to find solutions, including levys and floodwalls and other improvements. the sounds of the holiday season. nbc10 at the christmas village at city hall today. the open air market features shops, hundreds of christmas lights and, okay yeah, santa claus. it's split between the city hall courtyard and the building's northern apron, the village will be open every day through christmas eve. up next, snow business, why things are looking up at the ski slopes this year. >> reporter: take a look, lacing
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up my skates, i might need all of their help, but i'll see you on the ice. >> we do have scattered showers for tonight, everything clearing by saturday and sunday but i'm tracking the potential for more rain to be here by sunday into monday.
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taking a live look at camel back mountain, after warm weather and rain made it hard -- the resort says it is hoping for a cold and dry december. they have already got a light layer of snow on some of the trails, but they're going to need mother nature's cooperation over the next few weeks. their plan is to open on december 9, but the snow guns need cold, dry weather. >> we need to get to the 28 wet ball, which is temp and humidity. >> the resort tells nbc10 they also plan to open december 9. big boulder in the poconos says they'll be opening a few trail this is weekend.
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you're looking live at the blue cross riverrink in penn's landing that's now under way. andrea klein-thomas has just told me you can't skate? >> reporter: i can't skate. and it's all peer pressure. you see all these people here? they're here to make sure that i don't bust my head open. but it's a lot of fun out here at winter fest. we talked to people all day and they told us what their favorite things are. take a look. as soon as winterfest reopened, visitors hit the ice. it's the biggest draw for children and adults alike. they were joined by characters from the popular movie "frozen." >> the kids are out of school,
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come down here and spend some family time. >> reporter: it's become a family tradition for this 8-year-old from long island. >> i wish i could come down here every time. it's fun. >> reporter: you can play games in the arcade. tired of that, there's also arts and crafts for kids to enjoy. >> we usually come in december, because my family come after thanksgiving. we thought this would be fun to do after having a full belly. >> reporter: this year more fire pits and heat lamps complement added outdoor seating. hungry? the dining center is modeled after a ski chalet. nonstop work transforms this from summer to winter. and think, not long ago all of this didn't even exist. >> we took a parking lot and created a winter wonder land. people can come down here and enjoir it for free. just being outdoor, get out of the house during the winter
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time. >> reporter: getting pointers from everybody who's trying to make me move. but i cannot skate. regardless, if you can't come out here this weekend, they're going to be here until march, winterfest lasts until march. recording live from penns landing right here on the ice, andrea klein-thomas, from winterfest. take a look here folks, here's a sign that winter has arrived, not only does andrea klein-thomas have ice skates, but we saw the ice force 10 leaving the warehouse. the blue cross riverrink winterfest is open this weekend. you can skate with santa on
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saturdays and sundays on december 3 to the 18th and the christmas movie nights go from december 14 through christmas day. join our nbc10 news, with vai sikehema, bill henley and julie boyington. you won't want to miss it. we are not on ice here at nbc10n't let's talk to first alert meteorologist erika martin. >> we are picking up some scattered showers on radar. a live look outside, mainly major cast skies, and here it is, satellite radar image, picking up on stray showers moving through the area, our hour by hour forecast will show you those showers movie ing tows
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the northeast. neighborhood forecast, very mild right now. temperatures were really nice. right now rittenhouse at 49 degrees. bustleton currently at 51. the suburbs seeing upper 40s and 50s. new hope currently at 49 degrees. winds are calm so it's certainly not going to be an issue across delaware. glassgo currently another 51, wilmington 52, milton at 52. hour by hour forecast, picking up on those showers, again, scattered showers, certainly not going to be a washout, but nuisance showers along the jersey shore. everything clearing by tomorrow morning. by 6:00, 7:00 a.m., we'll see clouds break.
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your expected high temperatures for tomorrow, mainly seeing some upper 40s to low 50s, bethlehem, your expected high 49 degrees, along with easton, we're going to see some low 50s for phoenixville, new toutown 53 fo you. 52 for haddonfield. avalon 52, atlantic cities are seeing 50s. andover your expected high temperature 53 degrees. dry conditions saturday and sunday with building clouds on monday, as i track a low pressure system moving in our direction, it will move through the ohio valley and move in on tuesday. we're tracking more showers moving from the southwest to the northeast. if you download our app, you will get more information on that. otherwise your 10-day on 10, we
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do have temperatures mainly in the 50s tomorrow, upper 40s on monday, and tracking showers on tuesday, and possibly wednesday. i'm john clark at csn, nelson aguilar talks. sports is next.
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i'm john clark from csn. more good news than bad news with eagles injuries. all three were participants at
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practice. but ryan matthews still hasn't practiced this week. still no word if nell softson a will play monday night. he says he still has to get out of his own head. doug pederson says there's a real chance he'll scale down nelson's workload. nelson says doug is challenging him and he says he's trying to prove he deserves to play. >> i think the most important thing right now is to let this opportunity that he gave me work itself out. he gave me an opportunity to get better, to calm down, play football, practice hard and prepare, and also just be calm and collect. what's in front of me right now is an opportunity to show resiliency, to show opportunity and prepare the right way. and be there, the next man up mentali mentality. >> the orange and black the day after thanksgiving game matinee.
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rangers already up 2-0. kevin hayes with the gold. third period, flyers within two. braden shen is getting credit for the goal. now flyers are within one. final minute, lundquist looking for a rebound. but king henry. sixers also here at the wells fargo center here, they host the bulls. joel embiid will not play. temple taking on number 13 west virginia in the final at the nic tip you've. late second half, austin jr. another ranked team, 81-77 after
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they beat florida state yesterday. i'm john clark at csn, we're right back.
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we were just talking about this, still time to shop till you drop. >> it's not going to be a washout, but you'll need the umbrella. radar showing one or two popup showers moving through the philly metro area. but it's going to be die for the most part. keep that in mind, we do have that developing fog. millville developing fog as well. i do want to show you the 10-day on 10. keith, we are in a rainfall deficit, sometimes when we see these rainy icons we hate them, but we need it, we're going to get a lot of rain tuesday, wednesday and the first half of tuesday, temperatures aren't that bad by next week, and my big of the day, next saturday.
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>> thank you so much for watching, i'm keith jones for erika martin and all of us, thanks for watching. ♪ >> tonight, black friday frenzy. tens of millions hit the store in person and online, but not everything goes as planned. why must-sell may mean life and death for some retailers. found alive, a woman emerges in northern california nearly lee weeks after her apparent abduction. the details still largely a mystery. daring escape. they cut through bars, lowered themselves with sheets and clothing. tonight two inmates remain on the run. not allergic? the surprise finding about penicillin that could affect millions of americans. new research shows many diagnosed as allergic might not be. america's mom, remembering the life of florence henderson for her years on "the brady bunch" and so much more. and a thanksgiving


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