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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  December 2, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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in the garden state. that is if they raise the minimum wage. >> the minimum wage is $8.58, but the minimum wage may be being raised to $15. >> reporter: it would be a tremendous change and one that new jersey drivers certainly aren't used to getting out of their cars and stepping into the weather elements, whether it be the hot or cold. they were siding with the lieutenant governor that a spike in wages may cause minimum wage earners like gas attendants their jobs overall. drives like john bowen who earn $8.68, he makes more money, whether it be pumping gas or serving fast food. the fight is on to raise new
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jersey's minimum wage up to $15 an hour, something the lieutenant governor says she cannot stand pbehind. she says if it passes, get ready to pump your own gas in new jersey because companies will be forced to join the workforce. >> it's something we can do because people in other states do it. but i would hate to lose my job. >> i pump my own gas, you show me 30%. i'll the whole state of new jersey's gas if you pay me 30%. >> reporter: he looks at new jersey's budget online often. >> $200,000 for lunches? i pack my lunch every day. >> i wouldn't mind pumping gas by myself, but the deli
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cashiers, i think it's more importantly to be rung up by a person and not a machine. >> reporter: now the only feel who rely on gas attendant are here in atlantic city. it is a question that will likely land in our laps as new jersey voters by this time next year in november if not before then. we're live in belmar tonight, i'm cydney long, nbc10 news. >> and by the way, new jersey is one of two states in the country that don't allow drivers to fill up for themselves. oregon is the other. the garden state's gas pumping ban has been in effect since 1949. >> if you're heading to the blue cross riverrink for the tree lighting tonight, you'll want to bundle up. >> chilly night for the festivities out there, but great night nonetheless.
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>> reporter: it is a nice night out there, but it is now a live night. the dancers are on the ice. one of them just fell, i think. all right, let's take a look at the skies because it's time for the regular weather in the skies, the weather on the ice is cold. we have got clouds across parts of the area, especially in pennsylvania, with temperatures in the 40s. you can see those clouds on the satellite picture, with a few sprinkles up toward the new york border, maybe a couple of snowflake the wind gusts are 20 to 30 miles an hour across much of the area. tomorrow we start off pretty
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chilly and we don't really warm up a tremendous amount. it looks like just about all places are going to hold in the 40s for high temperatures. but then that's fairly typical for there time of the year, or we're pretty close to the average high temperature for early september. from the blue cross riverrink coming up. >> don't miss our special nbc10 presents a holiday tree lighting tonight. there's the gang right there that's been broadcasting live, tracy, vai, jill and jessica. they're going to life tonight right here on nbc10. now to the transition to
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trump and could a pennsylvania congressman wind up with a net position? lou barletta spoke with president-elect trump about the labor secretary job. he said the president-elect will make more cabinet decisions next week. meantime there is a recount happening in three states. in michigan, the recount is moving forward after the election board held a hear today, they decided not to stop recount. it will likely start next week. the recount in wisconsin is in it second day. mr. trump won wisconsin by 1 percentage point over hillary clinton. governor scott walker says he does not think the recount will affect the race either way. the president-elect is asking a court to dismiss a recount in pennsylvania. they are already recounting
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votes in philadelphia. nbc10's andrea klein-thomas joins us to describe the recount process here and across the state. >> reporter: there's a lot of work going on behind me. this is separate from the petition that was filed state wide. only a small fraction of the e precincts results are being questioned, but the process could take days. voting machines print out receipts that have tabulated the votes. this time presidential campaign and political party representatives look on. >> the electronic result and the paper result come from the same source. so this is like gwanting to geta second opinion and going back to the same doctor. >> commissioners denied the request saying the code only
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allows for a recount. >> i hope that once the public hears that the counting was done crick correctly, this will wrap up pretty quickly. >> reporter: it also supported president-elect donald trump's claims before the election, raising concerns about the voting practices especially in philadelphia. >> is the integrity intact because he won or is it intact because he won. >> it's not an outcome deterministic program. >> commissioners expect nothing will change. >> we certified the election results. we're doing the exact same thing we did in the computation process, we're just doing it once again. >> andrea klein-thomas reporting
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for us there. now wilmington's fire chief talked about the first woman firefighter to die. the death of senior firefighter artie hope. as we mentioned, one of three firefighters who died battling the flames here in this row home. hope had been in the icu, listed in critical but stable condition since the fire. >> we loved artie hope. and we will always remember her and maintain her honor. >> the suspect is charged with first-degree murder and ars ars. several families in the lehigh valley need a place to live just weeks before the holiday after a fast moving fire tore through a block of row
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homes in allentown. you can see just how strong the flames were. it started in a home on fulton street and quickly spread from house to house. no one was hurt but nearly all of their belongings were damaged or destroyed. victims say it could have been much worse. >> the main thing is we made it out, nobody died, nobody got hurt. of course it hurts because we have a lot of personal belongings there. >> the red cross is helping the families displaced by that fire, the cause remains under investigation. we are watching the homicide case involving jimmy superfly snooka. six months ago a judge ruled he was mentally incompetent to stand trial. today there are new reports that his lawyers say snooka is in hospice and has six months to live. he's charged in the 2003 death of his girlfriend. getting a look at the
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kensington mother who's charged with the death of her 2-year-old son. she's charged with endangering the welfare of a minor. the boy was found unconscious tuesday night. his mother called police to the home on clemmentine street. septa tells nbc10 this happened around 10:30 at 53rd and lancaster. crews worked to free a man who was pinned under the bus. we're told he is okay. no one else was hurt. the cause of this accident now under investigation. a prosecutor will not look into chris christie's role in bridge gate. he failed to direct subordinates to reopen access lanes. two of his former aideses have
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been found guilty for their role in the lane closure. today christie helped break ground of the trenton central high school. this is part of the governor's plan to rebuild the economy in the capital city. the school will be built at chamber street at greenwood avenue, the site of the old building which was torn down. >> the students of trenton central, some of whom are here today, deserve the type of facility that matches their hopes and their dreams for their future. >> the 374,000 square foot school will be home to 1,900 students in grades 10 through 12678. the catholic school in pottstown is moving after years of pleading with the catholic ar arch die owe sis. the announcement was made today during mass. st. pilot offers amenities that
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the other school doesn't have. no word yet when that transition will take place. after an unexpected break, the sixers back in action in south philly, but the question remains, will the court cooperate? we're going to take you down for a live report at the wells fargo center. we're life here at the blue cross riverrink as we get set for the tree lighting event. >> they found a clip in the archives of glenn "hurricane" schwartz and the tree lighting back in 2000. perhaps you saw it live when it happened. >> 2001, we'll show it to you when we come back. . >> there's that look back at a memorable nbc10 holiday lighting event. we'll show you more of this on nbc10 news at 5:00.
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ask sky . live look at the blue cross riverrink at penn's landing, and we're getting ready for the winter fest tree lighting here. >> we have a big night on tap, vai and tracy. >> we sure do, erin and jim.
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23irs of all people are starting to arrive, the fire pit is lit. we just watched some synchronized skaters on the ice rink. >> it was impressive when we got at about 2:00 this afternoon. now the sun's going down and the fire pits are lit up. people are down there, they're roasting marshmallows, hot chocolate. we're going to be on at 7:00 for a tree lighting here at penn's landing and speaking of tree lighting. >> we went into the vault. glenn did a holiday tree lighting in 2001. sometimes you set things up, and it's not really the switch. i don't know if they're going to let us even near that tree tonight. hes to turn the switch. and he can't get -- well, watch the video. >> are we ready for the
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countdown. all right, five -- >> four, three, one. >> it's a hard switch to throw. >> so glenn is with us, so as we're watching the video, and you're being such a good sport about this. it was hard? >> i have entertained people at the station now for 15 years. they have been watching that thing over and over and over again. >> this i maintain makes you a legendary figure in philadelphia, that video right there. >> i tried to flip the switch and it got stuck. so i used my incredible strength and the whole thing went over. that was the president of the franklin institute who i knocked over. and the whole set got destroyed.
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>> we're not letting you anywhere near that. >> let me make up for this. >> no, you have to stay right here. >> how go you explain the mustache? >> jim wants to know how you explain the mustache? >> we all had mustaches back in the day. >> back in the day, before there was a mustache, there was a full board, i used to have a full beard to look older. now i don't need to look older anymore. all right, we have got a chilly night out there right now, but at least the visibility is decent, we can see the whole skyline of center city, which we would not seizee a couple of da ago. there's that beautiful shot across the river from where we are right now. and as we continue our searching of all the neighborhoods in our area, we have woodstown at 44, malika hill, cinnamonson, 47,
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pemberton at 47, florence 47, and princeton one of the cold spots at 44 degrees. you can see the clouds coming down from the northwest. not much moisture with them, they're fairly thin and they will be dying out as the sun goes down just like they did last night. but that moisture down by texas and the gulf of mexico, that's not going to be dying down, that will be moving in our direction on monday into tuesday. hour by hour through the evening, you'll see temperatures back through the 30s, even down below freezing in parts of the area, especially the poconos, where they could see a few snow flurries during the night. it's dry tomorrow, lots of sunshine, windy and cold again, maybe even a little colder than today and sunday morning is another chilly start to another chilly day.
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we're not going to be warming up very much. over the next few days as we go through trenton, is 40 degrees, by later on this evening. down into the 30s across most of the area by morning. and it's going to be clear. and the wind is going to pick up again tomorrow. with gusts over 30 miles an hour. we do have some seasonably cold air across the country, that's the third artic air mass that's come in this season. it's going to reach us by thursday night or friday, could be a quick changeover from rain to even a little bit of wet snow before that arctic air comes in, then it stays pretty cold all the way through next weekend, much, much colder than this weekend is going to be. and this weekend's not exactly
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balmy, with temperatures holding in the 40s across the area, delaware getting up to 50 degrees on saturday, that's one of our warm spots, which is not very warm. and as we go through the rest of the 10-day period, you can see, we got strong winds during the day on saturday, some rain from that gulf system monday, but more of that coming tuesday, i think tuesday might be the wettest day. then we warm up just ahead of that arctic front and then once that comes through, you're going to feel it. because we could see some pretty strong winds moving in, temperatures in the 30s during the day, teens at night, some snow flurries up toward the poconos, that's going to be feeling like winter starting nec friday and through next weekend. so like i said, this weekend is going to be mild by comparison. >> will those winds will stronger than your arm, glenn? >> yeah, well, the winds will
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just pick me up and fly me away. >> you've been a really good sport about that whole thing, we have been watching it for days in the newsroom. >> over and over and over, right? >> all right, well, it is called nbc10 presents a holiday tree lighting. nbc10's vai sikehema, tracy davidson and jessica boyington will be live at the riverrink. if you can't make it there, be here at 7:00 p.m. rite here on nbc10. the young community empowerment luncheon today, the urban league will celebrate 100 years in the region. while nbc10's vice president of news andrew williams spoke at the luncheon. holiday history is about to be made and the biggest mall in
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america will provide the book drop. what shoppers will see here this weekend for the first time ever. and a piece of papal history that will be staying put in the city of philadelphia. those stories and more ahead on nbc10 news at 5:00. hey julie, i know today's critical, but i really...
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the man behind philadelphia's famous love park sign. indiana's amor statue was unveiled today. this sculpture came to philadelphia during 1988. the nation's largest mall is hosting it's first ever black santa claus this weekend. >> the owners met black santa over the summer and he agreed to head to the mall of america over the summer. he said it's no big deal, he's just a santa of color. after he's finished working in minnesota, he will head to dallas before he goes back to the north pole. police say it turned eed u the basement of one local business. >> and the effort to track down
5:27 pm
the rightful owner. >> reporter: we're at the blue cross riverrink for the tree lighting at penn's landing. they're roasting marshmallows in center city philadelphia. it's a beautiful night and we have got some nice weather this weekend, but how long is that going to last? forecast coming up.
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new at 5:30, bikes in a basement, they found them hidden in a basement. south jersey bureau reporter t cydney long has the report from camden. >> if you went downstairs, they had an industrial light and they had all the bikes stacked up. you can go down stairs and view what bike you want to purchase. >> reporter: camden police say they found the bikes when they answered an alarm last month. to be clear, stolen bikes, all labeled and tagged for sale illegally. detectives also hit the jackpot
5:31 pm
seizing dozens of stolen phones and ipads. >> so far we have no arrests, it's an ongoing investigation. >> today police showcase the stolen property in hopes of the rightful owners coming forward. they have reason to believe crooks have been stealing and selling the merchandise for some time. the store now has new owners. police have reason to believe because of the value of the bikes that many of them may have been stolen outside of camden city limits. if you think one of the bicycles belongs to you, you'll have to prove it to police with your purchase receipt, serial number information, the warranty or a photograph. so far police haven't had much success reuniting the items with the rightful owners. >> the bikes no, the ipads, they have safety regulations, so i had to ask apple all the serial numbers, they in turn kablted
5:32 pm
the owners and let the owners contact me. >> reporter: those bikes are back in evidence where they belong this holiday season. and to the weather now and you better bundle up if you're heading to the blue cross riverrink for the holiday tree lighting. >> a chilly night for the festivities us there, but it's dry, isn't that right, glenn? >> reporter: it's dry out here, it's chilly, but it's not that cold for this time of the year, it's kind of decemberish weather. there's a lot of folks out there on the ice. take a look at that, dozens and dozens of them. it's a good thing that the colder air came in or else they wouldn't be able to use this ice, a couple of days ago, it was way too warm and humid and that ice would not last. so just in time, that colder air
5:33 pm
has come into the region. we have temperatures that have dropped into the 40s, we had a couple of places that got into the low 50s today, but not anymore. 44 degrees in many of the p.a. suburbs at the moment. the clouds coming down from the great lakes, starting to break up already, as the sun goes down, just like it did yesterday, still kind of windy. we have winds of 15 to 20 miles an hour. those are the sustained winds at the moment. so that adds to the chill. as you go through the night, you'll see the temperature continuing down through the 40s as we go through the evening here, and with the wind, it will feel like it's in the 30s. by tomorrow morning, the actual air temperature in the 30s across just about the entire area. so that sets us up for a chilly weekend, but a fairly nice
5:34 pm
weekend overall. we have got rain in the 10-day forecast, and we have got much, much colder air, the first arctic air mass of the season on the way, and i'll have the latest on that coming up a little bit later. >> we will be back out at the blue cross riverrink tonight at 7:00, as nbc10 presents a day tree lighting, the morning team will host the special event. again that is 7:00 tonight right here on nbc10. here's a look at some of the top stories we're following on nbc10 news at 5:00. philadelphia election officials are recounting ballots from the presidential election. green party member jill stein has headed up this effort. the prosecutor will not pursue chris christie on the bridge gate scandal.
5:35 pm
christie was not charged in the federal case. more than a half dozen families are left with nothing after this massive fire that destroyed several row homes in allentown last night. investigators now working to figure out what caused last night's fast moving fire on fulton street. no one was hurt here and the red cross is helping those left homeless. the number of confirmed did from the tennessee wildfires has risen to 13 people. this as thousands of people got their first chance to see what's left of their homes and belongings. officials say at least 1,000 structures throughout gatlinburg and surrounding towns were damaged or destroyed by fire. the city's still days away from reopening. a man shot and killed a former nfl player in an apparent road rage incident. the 28-year-old was shot after
5:36 pm
arguing with another drive yourself new orleans yesterday. that drive is 54-year-old ronald gasser. authorities say gasser stayed at the scene and turned over his gun to officers. mcknight played for the new york jets and kansas city chiefs. a journey home for the remains of the crew from the plane crash that killed a brazilian soccer team today. they were put on flight where is their loveds are waiting for their return. this video shows the mangled wreckage. the plane carrying the soccer team crashed on the way to the finals of the championship. investigators say the plane ran out of fuel. to cuba now where more cubans took to the streets to get a glimpse of the procession for fidel castro.
5:37 pm
k he died last friday at the age of 90. there will be a public ute tomorrow and a private funeral sunday. not getting enough sleep? it can have far reaching effects, even financial ones. the story straight ahead. plus rental car rejection, the companar company, the cance patient and the confusion that led to trouble with her driving away with wheels. tonight an investigation is under way.
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. it is costing you and the economy big bucks. the study said that sleep los costs the company up to 4$400 billion a year a la.
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a rental car rejection for a california cancer patient. >> lee cook recently lost her hair because of cancer treatment for breast cancer. she wears a wig to hide her hair loss. but when she recently tried to rent a car at the sacramento airport, they refused to give her a car because they said she didn't look like the picture on her driver's license. >> he held up my id and said who is this? and i said that's me. he was like, no, that's not you, i said yes, it's me, i have cancer. and he was like, no, that's not you. and i took off my hat, i said see, i have cancer. >> cook says she reported the incident to the car rental agency. the company says it's investigating. a case of washington state's beer history is missing, and a brewer is asking the public to help get it back. someone stole several
5:41 pm
100-year-old bottles of beer out of a truck. the beer is from the original pacific brewing company that operated from 1857 to 1915 before prohibition, the bottles are worth more than $1,000. the lights now shine from ontario across the river and on to both falls. the lights are environmentally friendly as well, even though they're much brighter than the old ones, they use about half the power. the weekend's off to a chilly start, but it's not stopping people from packing penn's landing because there's a night on tap there. >> reporter: it is, i'm tracy davidson, vai sikehema, it's chilly here, but it's going to be a great night. the ice is already packed at the blue cross riverrink. and the christmas tree is behind us that we're going to light up tonight. >> we're goi
5:42 pm
>> reporter: we're going to light it up in about an hour and a half, if you're not with us at penn's landing, tune in at 7:00 tonight.
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5:44 pm
. taking a live look at blue cross riverrink at penn's lanngfor the tree lighting at 7:00. >> reporter: erin and jim, all the fire pits are lit, the hot chocolate is being poured, there's skaters on the rink and we're all looking at that huge tree. >> reporter: yeah, it's a 45-foot colorado blue spruce. we're going to light it in about an hour and a half from now. we're going to light it tonight
5:45 pm
at 7:00. if you're not here to watch it. this is fast becoming one of philadelphia's traditions, this is the fourth year we have held? tree lighting. wire bringing it to you at 7:00, unless you're here and you can join us on the premises. one of the things we love to do too. we have tapped some video from last year's tree lighting. that's what it looked like last year. this year's colorado blue spruce was cut down in new york. >> reporter: and it has 7,000 led lights on it. all the trees are decorated and the cab the cabins here. tune in, we will have performances from local groups, light the tree and have fire works. >> you probably saw that in the video we just showed you. let's bring in our friend, our
5:46 pm
chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz, he's recovered from his episode of tree lighting way back in 2001. we're not ever going to let you forget about it. but we appreciate you being out here this evening. it's nice and cool. but that's the way it's supposed to. >> and if it wasn't cool, we would not be using that ice rink. last week it was 70 degrees, high humidity, and that 's terrible conditions for ice skating. so we have normal december weather now and we have to bundle up and get very close to each other. come on down. >> or s >> reporter: or sit by the fire pit too. some places could get into the 50s, but nobody's in the 50s now, as you can see, and the feels like temperature 37 degrees in wilmington, 34 in coatesville, 28 in mt. pocono. 39 here in philadelphia. so it already feels like it's in the 30s.
5:47 pm
and it is going to be feeling even colder, of course, as we go through the evening. we continue to show you different neighborhoods, one after another, after another. dozens of them this afternoon. unionville 41, collegeville 44, north wales 44, ft. washington and warrington and bedminster. 46 degrees in new hope. the clouds came down from the great lakes. already breaking up, just like they did last night, leading to us clear skies, which is what we're going to have tonight. but we have a lot of moisture building up in texas and the gulf. some of that is going to be headed this way. but not affecting us during the weekend. so as we go hour by hour through
5:48 pm
the night, we may find a couple of sprinkles up by the poconos, or snow flurries, that's about it. nothing but sunshine during the day tomorrow, maybe more sun than today. but it's going to be another windy day, and then watch some of the clouds come up from the southwest on sunday, that is with that gulf of mexico system, that could bring some rain as early as monday and some snow flurries you can see up toward the poconos by later sunday night. there's that wind tomorrow, northwest 15 to 20, gusting to 30 as temperatures hold in the 40s after lows in the 3s. chestnut hill 47. swanksville 47. allentown only to 45 degrees. and a couple of places getting to 50, longport at the jersey shore, 52, along with dover and rehoboth beach, in the 50s,
5:49 pm
that's the warmest it's going to get anywhere in the year. sunday is going to be a little bit colder than saturday, but it's also going to be a little bit less windy. the clouds will start to increase in jersey shore and delaware, thicker cloud symbols than what you see elsewhere. that's part of that neighborhood forecasting that we have been talking about. and the windy weather continues tomorrow. the clouds increase later on sunday, chance of some rain monday, but the main rain threat is tuesday, another rain chance coming on thursday, and that is when the arctic front comes in. could change some rain showers to snow showers at least briefly in parts of the area, and then everybody gets socked with that arctic air mass. when we say blustery, we mean
5:50 pm
cold and windy. highs in the 30s and lows in the teens, so it's going to be much colder as which head toward next weekend than it is right now or will be this weekend. so by comparison, this is a balmy one, so come on out tonight, because next weekend you're really going to feel it. >> we'll take the balmy, right? >> all right, well, tonight's event, you're not going to want to it. it's called nbc10 presents a holiday tree lighting, our morning team will be there and if you can't watch it live, see it at 7:00 on nbc10. we may not be ready for winter, but montgomery county isn't taking any chances. they got 156 tons of salt.
5:51 pm
what do you do? you fill up with this shed waiting for it to be needed on the roads. the largest wawa in philadelphia is open. mayor kenney cut the ribbon. the new wawa is the largest in the city. some robot games for these students from rockville high school. the students who are learning about technology, hooked up their iphones to help move objects and turn on lights. really cool. that's the governor of delaware set to make his dancing
5:52 pm
debut. jack markell practicing with his wife. they will take part in the annual production of the nutcracker. we asked the governor exactly how he's preparing. >> lots of prayer and some fantastic teachers. george and sophia at wilmington ballet. >> you can catch governor markell's performance tomorrow at 2:00 in the afternoon. sixers get set to resume in philadelphia after a break. >> but fans are wondering if the court will be good to go. we head down to the floor of the wells fargo center for a report. that's straight ahead.
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5:56 pm
opinion, all is well, you see the on the court warming up. joel embiid is out on the floor. joel okafor is out on the floor. they had some kids come out here and play a game out here. the players are going through their paces as they get ready for a 7:00 p.m. kickoff. embiid had his restrictions raised from 24 minutes to 28 minutes. the game between the orlando kings and the sacramento magic will start tonight. don't forget nbc10 is your official station of the philadelphia eagles. on sunday join us for a tower hour of birds coverage, beginning at 9:30 a.m. sunday morning. and we'll have complete
5:57 pm
highlights of the eagles game against the bengals on our eagles game day times. recount in philadelphia. the effort on the way right now to recheck ballots and the push to stop it. >> reporter: and the crowds continue to build here at the blue cross riverrink at center city, at penn's landin inin inif folks for the tree lighting at penn's landing starting at 7:00 p.m. you can see all the people on the ice and outside the ice getting ready for the tree lighting.
5:58 pm
hey, football fans, good news, thursday night football is on nbc10. if football is on, i'm out.
5:59 pm
gang war, new murders and shoot-outs in south jersey and who might be behind them. why ballots are being given a new look in philadelphia. and nbc10 is live as we're just an hour away now, a look at the events going on right now.
6:00 pm
new at 6:00, a gang war spilling out into the streets of philadelphia. sources tell us they believe tensions between rival groups are to blame for at least three recent murders in the county. jim rosen field tonight, for the first time we're hear a call for help from one of those shootings. it comes as investigators work to put a stop to the violence. ted greenberg has the new details. >> they started shooting at each other. >> shooting? >> yes, they were shooting at each other. >> reporter: panic from innocent people as bullets flew around them. >> are you hit? >> no, it's okay, ma'am. is there anybody else in the car with you? >> yes, my aunt my 3-year-old son. >> that newly obtain


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