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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  December 6, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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going to bring rain to some parts of the region, and snow to higher elevations. it is a wet and rainy commute for many of you, as we take a live look at the schuylkill express way. that's on the left. on the right, a look at the scene on camel back mountain. here's where the snow is coming into play and it's much welcome with ski season here. we have live coverage tonight. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking what's going on out there tonight. >> glenn, what do we have right now? >> rain is increasing in parts of the area and this is a live look in camel back. fortunately they have turned the lights on for us, it's a lot easier to see the intensity of the snow with those lights on, and that is accumulating els. these areas of blue getting a little bit darker, indicating
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the snow getting a little bit heavier. and these reds and oranges indicating some fairly heavy rain moving through lehigh valley. what we're not seeing is moving of this snow area. we do have some of these areas of heavier precipitation and in this area we're seeing some pretty heavy rain right during the middle of the rush hour right in the philadelphia area, these colors at the intersection of upper montgomery and lehigh valley and berks county, near ridgeland, may have more of an indication of sleet. the heavier rain from washington, moving right up i-95 so we have got more in the way of heavy rain on the way. these temperatures holding state in coatesville, 37 and some
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sleet mixed in in parts of chester county, mt. pocono is now down to 31 degrees. let's take a look at what's going to be happening from here on through the night from meteorologist sheena parveen. >> as glenn mentioned, a cold rain across the area, and in the poconos, we're seeing the snow in the poconos, but for the rest of the area, we will be dealing with the rain, heavy at times for the evening rush. here's the hour by hour, parts of newcastle county, along the i-95 corridor from wilmington through philadelphia up to trenton, our pennsylvania suburbs especially. so many areas that have seen the heavy rain, even reports of sleet, that should be continuing as we go through the rest of tonight. that's 6:00 p.m.
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snow continues, by 7:00 p.m. now through the poconos, accumulations of maybe two to four inches, especially in those higher elevations, and the rain and precip continues, we could even see some snow showers in the upper elevations of lehigh valley, like some of those ski resorts as you get closer to th. and we'll be watching like glenn mentioned those temperatures closely. by 9:30, still confined way north and west of philadelphia, but starting to taper off a bit, still some snow showers there, the rest of the area, seeing more in the way of light rain, the heavy rain moving away, and by midnight tonight, still seeing more improvement. we'll take a closer look at the timing of this, what you can expect for the rest of the evening and a very cold blast of air as we go into your weekend,
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that's straight ahead. we're learning more tonight about the crash that killed a rookie state trooper in millville, new jersey. authorities say a driver going the wrong way hit trooper frankie williams cruiser head on last night. both trooper williams and the other driver were killed. nbc10's cydney long spent the day looking into this crash. >> cydney, you have information on the final call the trooper was responding to? >> reporter: the call was for an erratic or out of control driver, the driver that trooper williams set out to slow down, not far from here is the one that collided with him in the nbc lane of traffic. two cars and two lives taken. state police higher ups call it one of the most horrifying crashes ever seen. trooper williams was air lifted to the local hospital. in the moments ahead of the double fatality, drivers dialed
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911 to report a driver in a red car all over the road. police now say that red car driven by 61-year-old lloyd rudley of elmer. rudley died on impact. >> god bless and i hope they can carry on and our players are with them. >> reporter: camden county police saluted a hearse leaving camden county medical center and paid tribute to their fellow trooper, the flag at after star. >> employees at the super wawa sent a food tray for fellow troopers. >> if it was something somebody was doing, out there drinking or driving or something, i hope others learn lessons from it. >> reporter: kathy worried for her grandchildren on the road,
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earn here grateful for the sacrifice of this trooper and police. >> yeah, he was well respected and he did a good job is even kind of more hurtful, knowing that he was a good one. >> reporter: and trooper williams we know had only worked with the port norris barracks for 24 days. he was a transfer from woodstown. state police are telling us they are at the very beginning stages of this investigation, which will likely include toxicology reports on the driver of that red corolla. and tonight we are hear from people who knew trooper williams. beatrice and kevin lived next to trooper williams in atlantic county. williams lived here before they moved to egg harbour township. and he got married right before
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his graduation in january. >> it's just devastating, he was a very good young man. it was his all tultimate goal ta state trooper. >> reporter: trooper williams grew up in lakeland, florida. nbc101 looking into more information about funeral arrangements for trooper williams. as soon as we know them, we will share them on the nbc10 app. the red cross is finding a family a place to stay tonight after fire tour through their apartment building. the second floor was burn flames moving to the third floor. it prompted septa to stop service on the market-frankfurt line. five adults and four kids sufferedin we spoke to a business owner pizza shop was damaged. >> we're glad everyone is okay, a lot of damage in the back.
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>> reporter: family members were reunited with rescued pets, but some did not make it out of the fire. now to the transition to the president-elect donald trump. the soon to be president fayetteville the president-elect will be joined by his choice for defense secretary. mr. trump revealed his pick last week, but vice president-elect mike pence says the president-elect will make the announcement official this evening. the president-elect als it come airplane he'll be using the travel the world. jim rosen fie rosenfield with m that. >> reporter: trump now travels in his own 747. this morning he tweeted, boeing is building a brand-new 747 air force one for future presidents,
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but costs are out of control. more than $4 billion. cancel order he said. the president-elect talked briefly to talk to reporters in the lobby of trump tower and he was asked about his air force one tweet. >> i think it's ridiculous, i think boeing is doing a little bit of a number. we want boeing to make a lot of money, but not that much money. >> the new air force one planes would go into service afternoon 2024. that means mr. trump would not fly on the new planes unless he wins a second term. but the air force wants it to stay on schedule because the current planes are not in good shape. joe biden is not ruling out a run for cabinet he miled and told reporters he was running in 2020. when reporters asked if he was kidding, he said he was not
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committed not to run. he said, quote, i learned a long time ago. barack obama gave what is likely his last major national security speech today. he traveled to mcdill air force base in tampa, florida to deliver the speech. in it he defended his strategy which has relied on local forces in order to minimize u.s. troops involvement. >> we did not choose this fight, but once it came to us, the world saw the measure of our resolve. >> before the speech, mr. obama met with top military leaders at the base as well as about 250 u.s. service members gathered in a gym. he says it has been the privilege of a lifetime to serve
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as their commander in chief. governor chris christie's approval rating is now tied for second worst in recent history. according to a poll, 18% of registered garden state voters approve of the job chris christie is doing. 73% disapprove. governor christie is now tied with governor florio. he lost his bid for a second term when he was defeated by christie whitman. switching gears, the weather has finally returned, it's bringing something other than wet weather to the region. >> some places already seeing sleet and snowfall in the poconos. i'll show you who else may be expecting sleet or a wintry mix
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and when it will all be over, that's next. you talk about profit? this is profit? the loss of mass life? >> after the inferno. for the first time, we're hear for the man who managed that warehouse where more than 30 people lost their lives. and campus clamor. today's announcement that sent shockwaves through temple university community. those stories ahead and more on nbc10 news at 5:00. did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's 10 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 150 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business.
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and here's a live look at the radar, we have heavy rain moving in. and what you see over the poconos, that is snow falling, we will be tracking this for the rest of the evening. some areas to the north and west could see some sleet. the death toll remains at 36 tonight following that warehouse fire in oakland. firefighters say they cleared 89% of the building. the local prosecutor there has warned of possible murder charges in this case. >> jacqueline london is live in the breaking news center with more on this. >> while search crews don't believe they will find anymore human remains, they have to be absolutely sure no one is unaccounted for. >> reporter: heart breaking stories of loss coming out of
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memorials for the confirmed dead here at the ghost ship, which is now a gutted hull. as flames chewed the warehouse late friday, those trapped inside had time to text their goodbyes. >> it happened so fast. >> carmen brio says the fire o room. >> the warehouse was never meant to be living space, but that's what it turned into with artists and at risk youth. he told nbc news the collective was supposed to be a safe haven for them. >> i would like to say we made improvements. >> we have done everything we could possibly afford to do. >> reporter: a musician who was playing there that night stepped outside for a cigarette and watched as a fire exploded in front of him with his friends trapped inside. >> i just watched the exit and waited to see if my friends
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would come out, to see if anyone would come out and nobody did. >> reporter: the building was sited multiple times for blythe and for clutter and graffiti. >> we're going to continue the process until every piece of debris has been cleared from this area. >> looking for ashes in the answers as family members are notified and people hear news they don't want to hear. and the work is still not finished as the coroner has to reconcile that list of the missing with remains that are still unidentified. in the breaking news center, jacqueline london, nbc10 news. well, it's snowing in the poconos. it's been snowing for a little while now so the ski resorts are happy about it. and you see the snow falling here at camel back ski resort in
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poconos and we could even see more snow by the time all of this is over, it will be winding down right around midnight tonight. pocono temperatures are right around freezing, the rest of the area still sitting above freezing, mid 40s in our south jersey neighborhoods, delaware neighborhoods mostly in the low 40s. in the lehigh valley and berks county, these are some areas where we have sleet falling in parts of chester and berks county and even for this evening, some of the heavier precip could come in the form of a wintry mix, maybe brief snow and even some sleet. cookstown 35. we're going to be watching these temperatures closely because some could get very close to the low 30s. but for the most part, they should be staying mainly steady especially with an onshore wind.
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white hall township 37, bethlehem 38 and nazareth at 39 degrees. it's cold for most of the area. we'll zoom into the poconos because here's where with see the snow falling, that picture i just showed you for carbon and monroe counties, we expect the snow to get a little more widespread over these regions, and across all the major interstates here we're looking at slippery roadways on the untreated portions. the radar is picking up purples and pink where is we could see snow falling, maybe even a wintry mix. that's going to be the case for the lehigh slally tonight. the heavier precip shown by the oranges. the red is where the heaviest is right over 476 and 78 here. so for northampton, brief snow
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possible so that would make for a slick road. so be very careful in those areas. for the rest of the area, we'll go back to the radar, if we go a little bit farther to the south. mostly seeing some heavy rain at this point, still could see a little bit of sleet mixed into upper portions of berks county parts of burlington county, near mt. laurel seeing the heavier precip and pretty scattered pretty much throughout most of jersey, parts of sussex county, new kent and newcastle county. here's a look at future weather, poconos continuing with the snow, there's 7:30, we expect two to four urinches there. by 10:00 this evening, the precip starts to lighten up but raining. by 8:30 in the morning, the snow
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is gone from the poconos, a pretty dry commute but the clouds will be around. later in the day, temperatures get up to 50 degrees and more clouds as we go into thursday, thursday, early in the morning, middle of the day thursday, we could see a small system move in and some rain or snow showers through parts of the lehigh valley and that sets us up for a very cold friday, highs in the upper 30s. cloudy skies, swanksville, 38 degrees redding, 36 degrees tomorrow. vorhees township 51, longport 52. in newark, temperatures tomorrow mid 50s, after that we drop into the mid 40s thursday, and look at the drop on friday as a high temperature of 39 degrees and very windy. we'll take a closer look at that and a cold weekend forecast coming up. in southwest philadelphia, staying healthy for the
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holidays. the second annual senior holiday health and fitness expo was held today. and a king of prussia woman is getting a year's worth of dental work in just one day. she's getting it all done for free. she is the recipient of by design dental implants center share a smile program. we caught up with her before her surgery began. >> i'm kind of like, am i going to wake up from this dream now? is it going to be fake? but it's so real, and it's going to feel really amazing. >> after the surgery, dentists say that she will have new temporary teeth and will be one step closer to full oral restore ration.
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why some people are paying $1,000 for their tree this is holiday season. the story straight ahead.
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this was the scene at the
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post office this morning where those 53 care packages were tagged and loaded up to be send out to troops away from their home this is christmas. the boxes were decorated by local elementary school kids. >> how much would you pay for a christmas tree for your home? >> listen to this. would you believe that some people are actually paying as much as $1,000? at some tree lots in new york city, the price of some rare and tall trees approach one grand. if you have tall ceilings and deep pockets, you could have one too. we spoke to some people who weren't willing to shell out that much. >> reporter: would you pay $1,000? >> no. >> for anything, no. >> period, nothing, not even a tree. >> at one greenwich village seller's most expensive tree, that one right there, a 15-foot
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tall korean fir, $950 with delivery. >> and then you throw it away. >> i go with a fake tree, i'm telling you. >> rain and snow that we need to tell you about is moving through the region right now. >> and it's going to be with us for a while, sheena? >> it's going to be with us for the rest of the night, so have the umbrella, if you're having a wet, rainy commute. rain through parts of the lehigh val valley, but snow falling in the poconos, plus what your weekend's going to look like coming up. some students in the area are about to get new drivers, the reason why in a live report.
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here's a look at what's rolling through the region right now. higher elevations are getting a sampling of some snow. >> a live look at the scene in south philadelphia, rain is in store. this is i-95, a soggy commute tonight. look at this, we have a live look at that scene in camel back mountain where some snow is on tap. in fact some snow is falling. that's what people like to see here with ski season on the horizon. we have live team coverage,
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starting with glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> they have turned some lights on, and there's close to an inch all right. this blue on radar and now it's expanding south a little bit into parts of the lehigh valley. just over the past hour, you have seen that line through go lind. even parts of berks county now, wintry mix, some sleet reported with all of this. that could cause especially sidewalks and driveways to be slick. the road temperatures are pretty much above freezing right now. we have a large area of fairly heavy precipitation, it's coming down pretty hard, and right in
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the philadelphia area, especially in the northeast near bensalem, we're seeing some pretty heavy rain at the moment. it's well over one inch per hour near eastern township in new jersey close to 1 1/2 inches per hour, the rainfall rate. and about an inch and a half per hour coming right up i-95, just about to hit wilmington and parts of delaware county and coming right into philadelphia right as we finish up the afternoon rush, kind of bad timing for that. temperatures as you can see are above freezing, but not by a whole lot. >> as we have been mentioning, some areas through the lehigh valley, some areas already seeing the snow, but some areas in the lehigh valley already seeing a wintry mix. here's a look at future weather, so now we're looking at 7:30 this evening, still expecting
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heavy rain along the major interstates from newcastle county and philadelphia up towards mercer county, even our pennsylvania suburbs where we have already been seeing a cold, rainy afternoon and the snow continues for the poconos by 7:30. so again, be careful driving, your roadways could get slippery. by 8:30rks if you're at philadelphia and points south and east in new jersey still up towards mercer county, but we did see a period of snow. and continuing in the poconos. by 10:00 p.m. rain is starting to taper off. and snow tapering off in the poconos. the snow starting to end by
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midnight. so your morning commute will be nice and dry. we'll talk more about the lehigh valley and berks county. and for the rest of the area, what you can expect as you go through the rest of the week, and a cold blast for the weekend. here's some of the top stories we're working on on nbc10 ne nbc10 news at 5:30. we're learning about the death of new jersey state trooper frankie williams. he was investigating a call of an erratic driver. five families are out of their homes following an apartment fire in the frankford neighborhood. four children and five adults suffered minor injuries. the cause is still under investigation. and president-elect donald trump says he wants to cancel the government's order on two new boeing 747s for the use of
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air force one. the president-elect says the price of the airplanes are too high. and the current planes are becoming too expensive to repair and keep in good flying shape. some opportunities are going see a change in school busses. schools in upper marion have decided to private advertise their school bus service. deanna durante has been asking what that means for the current drivers. >> she's also asking what that means if anything to the kids? >> reporter: the school district says the kids shouldn't notice anything, they should have their normal route and their normal bus drivers. but for the drivers, there could be a major change to the retirement benefits. >> we're the first contact they have in the morning with the school. and however we treat them, may be how the day goes. >> reporter: for thomas, being a school bus driver is a second career. now in retirement, he spends a
5:36 pm
few hours a day with his dog and local school kids. he's a driver who's been working for upper marion school district. he says that first student is taking over the drivers. >> the drivers that are currently with us are going to get the same routes. >> and the same pay scales. school officials say they're selling the fleet that will bring in a million dollars and turning over operations will save the district about a half million a year. as for student safety? >> the background checks are state law, it doesn't have anything to do with school district or a private company. and the same holds true for vehicle inspections. >> reporter: drivers and parents expressed frustration calling on the district to at treject the . he appreciates all the parents who have been outspoken about
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keeping the drivers at the district level. >> that was really -- i'm really emotional about it. it makes you feel good, you know, that they actually appreciate what we do. >> reporter: i have talked to some parents who called me over the phone saying they are frustrated by the decision. we checked in with first student and they tell us while they plan to hire most if not all the drivers who apply, assuming they pass the required background screenings and other testing. >> financial assistance is coming to older students in the philadelphia school district. today the school superintendent announced a $236,000 grant for the education options plan. it helps students 17 and older earn credits toward a high school diploma. the grant money is issued
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through the u.s. department of education. up next, mcdonald's makeover. plus close encounter with a kangaroo, the lengths one man goes to save his dog, next on nbc10 news at 5:00.
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a legal victory for samsung against apple. apple had argued that samsung had copied samsung's patented design. they're only a tiny part of the devices. the case now returns to a lower court. the discount furniture chain ikea is expanding the amount of
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leave to its employees. it will give employees up to four months of paid parental leaf. it has 4,000 hourly and salaried worker. ikea had previously given women five days of paid parental leave in addition to six to eight weeks of paid disability leave. get ready for a mccafe revamp. it's all part of an effort to keep up with rivals like starbucks. a rewards program through mcdonald's mobile app. now for man's showdown with a kangaroo in the outback. >> it's a viral video everybody's talking about. the man who posted the video online says they were going boor hunting because everyone goes
5:42 pm
boor hunting. you see that male can gkangaroo holding that dog in a head lock. the man runs and staring him down. and the kangaroo hops off without hurting anyone. >> who knows what that kangaroo was doing, head lock, right? weird. up next, today's announced that took the temple campus by surprise. plus, special delivery. >> nbc10 is there with boxes as some very precious cargo arrives in philadelphia. those stories and more ahead at nbc10 news at 5:00. and we have heavy rain throughout part of the area, snow in the poconos and even a wintry mix through the lehigh valley and berks county. coming up i'll show you the timing of this and what you can expect through the rest of the night. that's next.
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and now to today's news that has the temple university community buzzing. the owl head football coach, matt reuhl, he's heading south for a new job. >> after four seasons at temple, reuhl will be leaving philadelphia, he's taking over the football program at baylor university in waco, texas. >> is there any news as far as a possible replacement? >> matt met with his temple players this morning and told them he was leaving. he met with some of the players individually as well. he led the owls to something the temple program has never done two.
5:46 pm
straight bowl appearances and two ten-win seasons. temple's tight end coach at foley will. and the owls are going to miss what matt did for the program, taking it to new heights. >> i love matt reuhl, matt and i are good friends and, you know, i just said i wanted him to make the right decision for his family and for him. and i appreciate -- i thank him for all he did for this program and i also said i'm going to go get a great football coach. you have left it in a better place, and i appreciate that. >> kind of disappointed a little bit. but i understand how the business works, definitely a sadness. >> and it was just a year ago this week that temple gave matt a contract extension through 2021. but this is how it works in college football, coaches can leave freely pretty much, players can't.
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talk about a special delivery. >> today archaeologists delivered colonial artifacts to the museum of the american revolution. dozens of boxes were delivered to the museum today. these were discovered during an excavation project at the location where the location now stands in old city. we spoke to the lead archaeologist on the project who shows off some of their most precious finds. >> so how lucky that we got to be excavating the site of a future museum that was dedicated to the revolution and that we found some artifacts that also related to that period. >> very cool. the museum opens to the public in april of next year. well, the rain is falling through most of the area, but here is a look at the poconos and that is snow falling, it's been falling for a little while
5:48 pm
and we expect about two to four inches. it is 38 degrees right now in the poconos, at 10:00, right at freezing, but feeling like the mid 20s. we don't expect to change over to rain in poconos, so good news for the ski resorts. now the rain is through the rest of the area, with some wintry mix trying to mix in through the lehigh valley, and berks county. we'll zoom into carbon and monroe county, there you see the snow falling and it is a state snowfall and again we do expect it to continue. temperatures not warming while this precip is there for the poconos. now we're looking at lehigh and berks county, we could see sleet mixing in, or wintry mix or a chance later on this evening for brief snow showers, take thing for berks county, rock land,
5:49 pm
hamburg, near redding at this point, possibly seeing some wintry mix now moving into the area and developing with temperatures starting to cool quite a bit. so aside from the rain, we're also looking at reports of sleet coming through and the wintry mix for this evening. with all that possible, be careful driving because those conditions will be creating some slick roads for the rest of tonight. now berks county and montgomery county, seeing some fairly heavy rainfall, right across 476 and upper bucks county, and even parts of buckingham and parts of lower bucks county, you would could see a little bit of wintry mix, maybe a little bit of sleet trying to move into trenton that extends into the philadelphia area. wilmington, across all the major interstates here, that is some very heavy rain shown by red, it's moving into chester county,
5:50 pm
where we have already seen some reports of heavy rain. that heavy precip is going to slide up the i-95 corridor and eventually make its way into philadelphia and into trenton. now for south jersey and delaware, we're mostly seeing the moderate to light rainfall. this is going to come to an end around midnight. and we'll see more clearing as we go through the morning hours. temperatures above freezing, lehigh valley, most the mid to low 30s in some spots. 38 degrees in west bradford township. so these numbers we'll be watching very closely, the lehigh valley, but most spots are remaining in the 30s, mostly the mid to upper 30s. here's your future weather, the rain continues through 9:00
5:51 pm
p.m., snow in the poconos, wintry mix moving through the lehigh valley. tomorrow, cloudy but at least a dry morning commute and by the afternoon we'll see dry conditions. thursday we wake up to clouds and a smaller weather system moving through, a wintry mix midday thursday, that will bring in that arctic air mass. temperatures only in the upper 30s, that will last through the weekend. a closer look at your forecast coming up at 6:00. up next, snow business. >> area ski resorts have their eyes on the skies tonight. when you may be able to hit the slopes for the first time this season, that's next on nbc10 news at 5:00. ♪when you've got...♪
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♪...nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪ ♪nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪
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here's pepto bismol! ah. ♪nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪
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this is the latest picture, the snow has been falling for a while now, things looking different already. >> monique braxton is in camel back mountain right now. >> she's got the hood up and the snow is falling down. >> reporter: i'm ready, i've got
5:55 pm
layer upon layers of snow gear on. this is like an early holiday wish come true. it's been snowing now since just after 4:00 and we noticed now it is sticking on the grassy surfaces. what are you hoping for this year. >> lots and lots of snow. we got the cold weather moving in so it's perfect for making snow. >> reporter: merchants who sell skis and weather gear tell us they're banking on snowy days and cold temperatures. when temperatures drop to 30 degrees, hundreds of snow guns like these at camel back will be running nonstop. the pocono mountain visitor's bureau said that the resort saw fewer visitors last year than during the winter of 2014. the week before christmas is usually the busiest, people are sending from $10 for gloves to
5:56 pm
$1,500 to outfit a family. but the snow affects how people -- that's why they're rolling out the red carpet to skiers and snow borders as they usher in what they hope will be wintry weather for all of the 201 season. >> knowing that we're going to get some man-made throughout the weekend but also some natural as well, we're pretty excite it about that. >> reporter: and the resorts here in the poconos hope by december 15 they can open their doors to skiers and snowboarders and everyone who's coming here to have a good time. >> monique, stay warm out there. nbc10 news at 6:00 is next. >> here are jim rosenfield and jacqueline london. >> up new at 6:00, a jogger says she was attacked on a trail tonight, how she managed to escape. those who risked their lives
5:57 pm
for united states, they also made some mistakes back on the home front. why their records will now be cleared. tonight prosecutors reveal how many years they would like him to see him behind bars. plus it's going to rain through a good bit of tonight and maybe through the morning rush, i'll have the timing for your neighborhood next.
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i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! everything for the holidays. that's my giant.
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gone too soon, friends and family remember a man. tonight we're tracking how much they'll get, plus the rain slowing the evening rush. torrential downpours this tuesday night in parts of the area, the nbc10 first alert weather is keeping a close eye on the radar and the weather in your neighborhood. >> we begin tonight with a rainy rush hour, the wet stuff started to fall early this afternoon and some light snow is coming down right now in the poconos. that's a welcome sight for the ski resort. now the weather's different depending on where you live. let's get right to glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> we have several different types of weather going on in our
6:00 pm
area at the same time, first of all in the poconos, it's clearly snow and it has clearly started accumulating, they already have an inch or two. and as we look at the radar, the blue on the radar indicating snow, the yellows and the orange and the greens, that is rain. but what we have seen over the last hour or so, especially in the upper portion of lehigh county, near lind, from the change over, so we have a wintry mix in parts of the lehigh valley, especially higher elevations and northwestern berks county, parts of the upper portion of chester county too, with some sleet mixed in, that could cause some slippery conditions especially on the driveways and the sidewalks because that is where the temperature can really get below freezing, and the ra


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