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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  December 7, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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erratic car. state police say trooper williams was responding to those reports of an erratic vehicle when the red toyota corolla crossed the grass median and slammed into williams' troop car head on. both he and the other driver, 61-year-old lloyd rudley was killed. first responders found a horrifying scene. >> it was a very violent impact. >> reporter: so why was rudley driving so erratically in state police say that the crash is still under investigation. police say initially that it does not appear that alcohol was a factor was adds nothing is being ruled out. >> it's a very intense time, you know, everyone was obviously very emotional.
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>> a candle light vigil for trooper williams is set for tomorrow night at 7:00 in leesburg, cumberland county. live in our jersey shore bureau, i'm ted greenberg, nbc10 news. let's turn to our weather now and a chilly afternoon in center city, people were using those heavy jackets at 5th and market today. look at the blue cross river rink here in person's landing. the calendar says december and it's going to start to feel like it out there. >> nbc10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is tracking this bitter blast of cold air headed our way. >> oh, yes get out your heavy winter coats that you haven't taken out yet, because it's cold and the wind is going to make it feel even colder.
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47 in wilmington. here is what's going to happen as we go through the next couple of days, right now the cold air mass is right over us. the arctic air mass has dropped down over the dakotas, watch as we go through tomorrow and friday, it gets closer and then it arrives as we go into friday, we're talking about highs in the 30s and the windchill, the feels like temperature in the 20s. so as we go through tomorrow, not a bad day again, temperatures seasonal for this time of the year, it will be a little bit windy by friday. the feels like temperature 28 degrees. and that's going to be the warmest that we'll be feeling through the day. it's not going to end with friday over your weekend, coming up i'll show you that forecast and our rain chances as well. that's straight ahead. now to the transition to trump where the president-elect
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is given a new honor. >> today "time" magazine named him as person of the year. mr. trump beat out rival hillary clinton and russian president vladimir putin for that coveted magazine cover. the time cover reads donald trump, president of the divided states of america. >> we have come a long way. >> the president-elect also said if boeing doesn't lower the cost of two new air force one jets, the u.s. won't order them. boeing says so far it's contract is for much less than that, $170 million. donald trump also announced two cabinet positions today in the past hour, he announced scott pruitt as head of the
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environmental protection agency. he has been against environmental protections and could try to undo some of the president's major environmental polities. chicago mayor rahm emanuel met with the president-elect today. the mayor says he and mr. trump talked about a variety of topics, and he says he gave the president-elect a letter signed by 14 mayors including philadelphia mayor jim kenney. the "new york times" is reporting that last week's phone call between mr. trump and the president of taiwan was six months in the making.
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dole says that taiwan wants a closer relationship with the new president. here at home officials in south jersey todsay a new emergy system will roll out the new smart 911 program. the announcement came earlier this afternoon. smart 911 allows users to create a personal profile with information that may become critical in an emergency. county officials say the new technology will be an important tool for first responders. >> whatever you want to do with d that system to make sure that first responders have as much information as possible can go in there. >> they say the cost of the program is worth the lives saved. right now delaware supreme court justices are deciding an important ruling about the death
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penalty. a recent ruling says the state's death penalty law is unconstitutional. now they want to know if that applies to 12 men already sentenced to death. derick powell filed the appeal after he killed a police officer. the attorney general in delaware said that the ruling should not apply retroactively to defendants already sentenced. police are looking for the person who took a baby jesus from the nativity scene near city hall. take a look to see if you recognize the woman here. police tell us it happened around 2:00 a.m. sunday. the baby jesus was found at a hospital, but it was damaged but police tell us it's being fixed and should be back by this weekend. >> to a lot of people it's an insult. it's a tradition here in bethlehem, the chamber of commerce, it's private property, they set this up and it just takes away from the whole spirit. >> lauren mayk has been covering
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the stolen baby jesus all day. she spoke to people in bethlehem about what this means to them. you'll hear her story at 5:00. mayor kenney announced that pee-wee -- today the major urged their parents to sign up their children for pre-k spots in the city while they're still available. the city of wilming torn is asking for more money so it doesn't have to shut down fire engines. so much say the process known as rolling by pass has been costly in wilmington. on september 24th, three
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firefighters were killed. the closest engine that night had been shut down to save money. the search for victims is over in oakland, california where the death toll for this weekend's fire will remain at 36. officials say they don't believe the death toll will go any higher. the focus now turns to electrical appliances that were inside the warehouse for the electronic music party that was going on inside the warehouse. >> in reviewing the scene here, it's sobering. it is excruciating to walk through to possibly relive those last moments when persons knew there was a fire and there was no way out. >> officials say there was no evidence that a fire alarm system or suppression started in the building. and no conclusion has been made to the source of ignition. today survivors in a shooting in an african-american church in south carolina
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testified that the accused money began was evil. in their opening sames prosecutors said dylan roof has a cold and hateful heart. he's accused of killing nine african-americans during bible study. he could get the death penalty if convicted. he also faces nine counts of murder in state court. the state department of public health is pulling the plug on a tattoo parlor in kent county saying it was illegal. the public health department is telling anyone who got a tattoo in that shop to get tested for possible illnesses. a school bus slammed into a transit bus earlier this month. national kurts say the driver had a history of other accidents and had a seizure a week before the crash. no children were on the school bus. but both drivers were killed along with four others.
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today in newcastle county, dennis williams will deliver his farewell address. williams lost his chance for re-election back in september when he was unseated by the mayor elect. thousands gathered at pearl harbor for a memorial ceremony. >> on the mall in washington, senator john mccain with vice president-elect mike pence there to lay a wreath at the national world war ii memorial. senator mccain's father and grandfather both served in world war ii. in all more than 3,300 servicemen died in the attack in
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pearl harbor. here in our area, veterans gathered on the deck of the uss "new jersey" to honor the fallen. marines helped to toss a wreath into the delaware river. >> it's a day that celebrates all of the things that that generation did that this country has done, and it deafinitely shows that this is one of the strongest nations in the world. >> the uss "new jersey" is one of the most decorated battleships in american history. and our 20 minutes of nonstop news continues now with delaware day in d.c. >> today the nation's capital is saluting the first state and the political career of vice president joe biden. >> the greatest honor of my life is to serve in the seat that you held for 36 years, and not just
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literally this seat in the senate, but a seat on the 715 amtrak train down from wilmington every morning. >> just about an hour ago u.s. senator chris combs celebrated with vice president biden. >> reporter: delaware turns 229 today. you know what they also say, there ain't no party like a delaware party. i made that last part up. but the kennedy caucus room, it's a very delaware themed party, it's the most iconic day in delaware county. this year there's going to be a
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special guest, vice president biden will be coming here too. >> love the road trip to d.c. at this senate office building they will feed delaware grub and drinks to about 700 people at the sixth annual delaware event. >> we have had people like john mccain stop by, we have got some high level people coming. >> do you think that senators just want free grub? >> we brought down the first delaware party literally in my office here. >> other states have tried to do their own version on the hill, none have become as popular. an extra touch, a bipartisan tribute to joe biden. they also passed the bill that will provide for joe biden's
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next endeavor to fight cancer. >> i'm convinced he's going to come to delaware. i think he's going to make a great difference for us at home in delaware, around our country and around the world. >> reporter: and a little piece with my name on it. and there's that tribute to the senator on the senate floor. i'm told hillary clinton might be coming, bernie sanders might be coming over here. they're going to enjoy the ice cream from the delaware creamery. an interesting night, a really cool night and everybody sort of celebrating delaware on delaware's birthday and celebrating the vice president. pretty cool event, i have never been to one of these, i'm very impressed. >> all right, tim, thanks. and earlier today vice president biden was back in his home state to attend the inauguration of the new president of the
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university of delaware. mr. biden is a graduate of ud as is his wife, dr. jill biden. military members got a holiday meal from the lakefront. giving out meals to active duties and wounded soldiers and their families. each delivery includes a coupon for the ingredients needed to pull together a full holiday feast. >> a lot of families are trying to make a reasonable holiday for their family. budgets can be tight if things have come up. so this is one way for us to say thank you and provide this crucial support this time of year. >> the free meals went to many military members who are separated from their families this holiday. >> the sun is setting out there, but along with cooler temperatures. have you felt them yet? >> i'm trying to enjoy the cool
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days now, because when the weekend comes, a big cool blast comes with it. let's go to first alert meteorologist sheena parveen. >> it's going to get very cold through the end of the week and through the weekend. it is an arctic blast, and it is literally arcticer from canada. here's a live look at center city, for now we are still pretty seasonal for this time of year, normal high is 48 degrees, we're at 47 in philadelphia, pennsylvania suburbs mid w40s. we'll take a look at our south jersey neighborhoods, different wind direction than yesterday, and obviously we're a lot dryer than yesterday. our next rain chance won't be here until the end of the weekend. if you're in new jersey, mt. laurel. if you're in piney hollow,
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you're at 49 degrees. lumb lumb lumberton 47 degrees right now. we're going to stay dry through tomorrow, we have more clourds clouds moving in, that's part of that cold front that's moving through then the moisture arrives. the cold air will be here, but our rain chances before it gets here are very slim, could see an ooi isolated sprinkle. so you see 50s amend 60s along the eastern seaboard. just off to our west we have single digits. this is the arctic air that's going to move across the great lakes and arrive here on frird. it's also going to be windy, you'll want the gloves on friday too. here's a look at future weather as we go through tonight, we see clearing conditions, temperatures dropping to about freezing for much of the area.
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we'll see some clouds around, but i think for the most part, we'll stay dry, maybe again a couple of sprinkles around, but that's really about it. then we clear up thursday night, sets up for a very cold friday, there you see it. those are lake-effect snow showers coming in with a very strong northwest wind. so friday we're going to call it blustery, the feels like temperature in the upper 20s. some areas may not get out of the 20s for the daytime high. those lake-effect snow showers, we could see some of those moving into the lehigh valley, the poconos, possibly into some of our pennsylvania suburbs. typically when we get the strong northwest winds and really cold temperatures we see the lake-effect snow showers coming in. a look at the next three days, tomorrow we're at 46 degrees, friday we drop to 39 and very windy, saturday also a cold day, 39 degrees for a high. pennsylvania suburbs, tomorrow
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45 degrees and fairly dry, by friday you could see a lake-effect snow shower briefly. 37 for the high by saturday, 38 degrees for a high temperature. keep in mind, lehigh valley, 44 degrees, friday 46 degrees, i think the lehigh valley has a chance of seeing a few lake-effect snow showers, by saturday, 47 degrees mostly sunny. new jersey 45 tomorrow, 38 on friday, 38 on saturday, if you're in delaware, 45 tomorrow, some areas could be in the upper 40s mostly cloudy around the area on friday. temperature trend, we're going to be dropping down, there you see it. but we're going to stay like that even as we go into sunday so the entire weekend is going to be some of the coldest air we have seen yet and then the next rain chance arrives, coming up we'll show you that and your weekend forecast is straight
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ahead. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with breaking news. police are back at the apartment of a local pediatrician who's in jail on child porn charges. >> deanna durante was in potts bo pottsboro township looking for more clues in the case. >> reporter: he is accused of child pornography. as montgomery county detectives visited the house today and a state forensic's unit showed up. it's not clear what police did inside the house or if they took any evidence. police were seen in an northern philadelphia county. there they did take bags of evidence from the apartment. kennedy owns personal care pediatrics, he was arrested and charged last monday with five counts of sexual abuse of a child after police found what appears to be child pornography on his iphones.
4:21 pm
investigators were called by office staff. when dr. kennedy was interviewed by police, he told them he admitted visiting websites that contained children under the age of 18 that were in sexually suggestive positions. we have learned that investigators have seized a thumb drive, a lap top, ipad, computers and a cell phone in the course of this investigation. the district attorney's office is not commenting as to why police are back here at kennedy's home today. in pennsburg, deanna durante, nbc10 news. she says she got the run around. still ahead on nbc10 news at 4:00, how a call to harry hairston and the nbc10 responds team helped that family get back the memorable gift worth hundreds of dollars. plus college football fans beware, if your favorite teams
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are going bowling. why america's top cop wants you to be on the lookout for fake tickets. how santa broadcast from the north pole today to bring smiles to children who need it the most. that's next on nbc10 news at 4:00. but first, breaking news on wall street today, the dow jones and s&p 500 closed at record highs.
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. an early christmas gift for patients at children's medical center in pennsylvania. >> and santa foucouldn't be the
4:26 pm
personally, he still made time for these kids face to face. the hospital turned a room into a winter wonderland complete with a teleconference with santa. each child even got their very own prechristmas gift bag as a special treat. and take a look at this great holiday family photo sent to us from an nbc10 photo. amanda and her feel, los angeles like they're celebrating the holiday season in a wormarmer climate. nbc10 wants to see your creative holiday photos. share your photos with us on face book, twitter and instagram. watch us on tv and see some holiday family photos. right now we are in the peak of flu season. >> doctors say your best line of defense from getting sick is still the flu shot, but a new treatment could trap the virus before it spreads through your body and makes you sick. we'll explain still ahead on
4:27 pm
nbc10 news at 4:00. >> and get ready for some cold. we have the coldest air of the season heading our direction. and don't forget, nbc10 is your official station for the philadelphia eagles and we're getting ready for sunday's game against the red skins. join us for a power hour of first coverage beginning at 9:30 sunday mornings, we'll begin with an interview with trey burton and then we'll get you ready for the game on nbc10 news.
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right now at 4:30, taking a live look at the u.s. "new jersey" along the delaware river
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and today america is remembering pearl harbor 75 years later. it was the moment that brought the united states into world war ii. as ceremonies are being held across our nation, one has special meaning to many. >> cydney long reports from atlanta county. >> 75 years ago to this day, pearl harbor was attacked by an enemy that was relentless. >> reporter: stockton university is remembering pearl harbor. ♪ >> reporter: and the amazing grace of soldiers and civilians who sacrificed their lives as well as those who miraculously survived that attack. >> lee darby wasn't even born yet but can recount pearl harbor
4:32 pm
as though she was there because after her father. >> they helped move patients away from the windows, brought in the wounded and then the next wave of japanese planes came. >> reporter: from the time she was little, her father spoke of pearl harbor. >> he died just days just shy of his 92nd birthday, a member of the sons and daughters of pearl harbor survivors, today she continues to keep her father's memory alive. >> he was a new jersey state trooper, and he was loved by everybody. >> reporter: the horrors in hawaii prompted him to joan the army. >> n now 93, he got a standing ovation. the valor and grit of our
4:33 pm
nation's military being honored on this day as well as a moment of silence. >> we see you, pearl harbor survivors and world war ii veterans as legends. >> from stockton university, cydney long, nbc10 news. nbc10 is remembering pearl harbor today, tap the nbc10 app to see survivors sharing their emotional stories. to our weather now, chilly and dry out there in university city, nbc10 at university and chestnut where people were bundled up this afternoon, got hats on there. let's take a live look at camel back mountain. seeing their first significant snowfall yesterday. good news for skiers and snowboarders out there. but get ready for the coldest air we have seen this season come friday. >> first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is tracking the
4:34 pm
bitter cold blast by week's end. >> don't jinx us all by taking out your heavy coat, temperatures by friday only getting into the upper 30s. 47 degrees philadelphia, allentown, 44 degrees right now. and this is seasonal for this time of the year, average high is 48 degrees for the philadelphia area, vineland sitting at 46, 45 in dover, and in case you're wondering, mt. pocono did get five inches of snow. and you're going to love the cold air heading our way, and we expect the lake-effect snow in parts of the poconos on friday. look at these temperatures back off to our west, 20s main chica and then the teens and single digits in chicago. that air is heading our direction. the cold air currently is moving in, we'll see temperatures
4:35 pm
around freezing tonight and friday we're talking about the arctic air right around our region. take a look when we compare it to tomorrow's temperatures. here's the actual temperature in the light blue, the feels like temperature when you factor in the winds. upper 30s for a daytime highway. the wind making it feel only like 26 degrees during the afternoon hours. coming up we'll take a closer look at what's going to happen across the weekend. and here are some of the stories making headlines on nbc10 news at 4:30, 911 calls revealed by nbcnbc10, 911 fo a drinks being served to around 700 people at the sixth annual delaware event in our nation's capitol.
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members on both sides of the aisle gathering on the senate floor to thank vice president biden for his 36 years of service. pennsylvania attorney gin isn't out the warning as penn state and temple prepare for their games. always buy tickets from a reputable seller. steer clear of using cash or wire transfers to complete the sale, instead, consider using a credit card so you can dispute the charge in the event of a counter fit situation. it's the catchy broadway musical that's going to have you singing the sound track all night long. >> nbc10 is counting down of the tonight's "hair spray live." you can get a sneak of the broadway musical.
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we're going to tell you about the treatment that could track the flu from spreading in your body. that's next on nbc10 news at 4:00.
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doctors have a new and unusual idea for trapping the flu. the idea is that the virus will be attracted to the so-called nanoparticles and latch on to stop them from moving on to the lungs. doctors say it's already working in mice. >> the flu virus is ejected out on to this nanoparticle and dies and is no longer infective. >> the nasal spray is not intended to replace traditional flu vaccine. and coming up, i'll tell you just how cold it's going to get
4:41 pm
and your weekend forecast next.
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we're just hours away from nbc's fourth life musical. >> after months of preparation and rehearsals, "hair spray live" is coming to you on nbc 10 tonight. >> reporter: this is the most ambitious live tv musical that nbc has ever attempted. "sound of music", "peter pan" and "the whiz" were done on completely closed sets. we're here on baltimore street where all the store fronts and facades are ready to go and across the way will be a live
4:45 pm
audience dressed in period costumes. it's a huge risk to have this much of a live show outdoors, so a meteorologist was hired specifically to do daily forecasts for this show. and a crane similar to that one was on stand by with a giant canopy to drape it over the entire set in case of rain. no rain is in the forecast tonight. you'll have unexpected surprises and unexpected elements cropping during the show. >> i think what makes it great is those little imperfections. >> an all star cast including krist kristen chenowith, on the hair spray live set, nbc10 news.
4:46 pm
>> we do it every night, but they involve so many other elements, singing and dancing. >> we don't have to sing, or all those costume changes, so it's a little easier, right? >> and there's an interesting footnote about tonight. keith jones will have a role in tonight's presentation. >> one of five parties around the country that will maker an appearance tonight. countdown to "hair spray live" begins at 7:30 tonight and then the live show at 8:00 and then join us for nbc10 news at 11:00. >> and keith jones told me he'll be on right around 5:00 or so. good weather, i would like to mention no rain in the forecast tonight. just a nice look out at center city, mostly clear skies right now and temperatures will be dropping to around freezing, so it's going to get cold again tonight, but right now it's still fairly seasonal.
4:47 pm
nothing unseasonably cold at the moment. 47 degrees in philadelphia. but as we go into friday, right at the end of the week it's going to get cold. pennsylvania suburbs in chester county, 44 degrees west bradford township, exton coming in it 45. 45 in elroy, 44 degrees in ft. washington. locally we're nice and dry, a few clouds off to our west and you'll see more clouds moving through tomorrow morning, but we will be staying on the dry side. we can't rule out a sprinkle or maybe an isolated snow flurry north and west tomorrow. but for the most part, the front that's going to move through, it's not going to have much moisture with it so we'll mostly be staying dry. the cold air will come tomorrow after the cloud cover, it's going to be a blustery day, the
4:48 pm
winds will make temperatures feel like they're in the 20s. but when we start off in the morning, it's going to feel even colder, isle show you that in a moment. that arctic front is going to bring us really cold air. then we go into friday, take a look, now we see lake-effect snow, potentially reaching part of our area, we could see some lake-effect snow showers or snow flurries through the pennsylvania suburbs, lehigh valley or poconos, it's going to be a blustery day on friday. there's is arctic air that's going to travel here by the end of the week and it's going to be here for both saturday and sunday. and into parts of next week, we could even get colder than that. here's the future feels like temperature, we're starting on thursday, watch as all these numbers drop going into friday
4:49 pm
morning. 7:30 friday morning we could be seeing single digits through lehigh valley. philadelphia could feel like 10 degrees, morris river in new jersey could feel like 13 degrees. then we go through the afternoon and temperatures could only feel like the 20s. so begin, it is going to be a cold forecast as we go through the end of the week, and even into the weekend, we'll take a look at your ten-day coming up. a viewer tells nbc10 she couldn't get any help replacing a sentimental gift for her grand son. >> we'll tell you how harry hairston and the nbc10 responds team came through with one of the biggest retailers in the country. where things come from?
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in tornaday's nbc10 responda grandson's gift breaks. >> when there's sentimental value involved, that creates an entirely different dynamic. >> let me just tell you, it was supposed to be a christmas gift to remember, but it ended up with the grandmother going back and forth with the company. 8-year-old shaun and his grandmother who he calls pop. shaun lost his pop earlier this year, but not before he gave shaun this miniquad last christmas. >> it is really his final gift to him. >> jo walsh says her late husband picked it out especially for shaun. >> he really only got to see him ride it christmas day when he tried it out and the little boy
4:54 pm
was just delighted. >> shaun didn't use the miniquad again until april when the weather got warmer. but then the miniquad broke. >> it was something in the steering wheel. >> reporter: walsh says she called walmart, and walmart told her to call the manufacturer. she called the manufacturer and they said she could get it fixed with replacement parts. that wasn't satisfactory. >> walsh says she couldn't get a refund or repair answers from walmart. >> finally i just got so frustrated i called you. >> nbc10 responds called walmart, and walmart called w e walsh offering her a refund. >> walmart tells nbc10 sponz this was a customer service
4:55 pm
related matter and we were happy to help ms. walsh. >> i'm just grateful, very grateful to channel 10. >> the manufacturer of the toy did not return our calls for comment, walsh says she'll invest that refund into an account for her grandson. she also says t. >> nice of walmart to do that finally. >> yes, indeed. after going back and forth and back and forth she got the satisfaction she deserved. >> looksli like it was a fun ri after all. >> and coming up tomorrow on nbc10 responds, a preschool gets flooded out and after doing
4:56 pm
renovations, problems started popping up. an we're work on several stories for nbc10 news at 5:00. >> inholy crime, a local manger with an essential item missing. what has some so upset is the particular place where it happened. today we may have made it up to the upper 40s, but in coming days you're going to wish for that. an arctic blast coming to our area. and a new 911 technology could help save lives in our county.
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only at longhorn steakhouse. free christmas crime. what this woman is walking away with that has people in one part of the area so stunned. arctic air, it's on the way as we brace for a big-time tumble in the temperatures. >> and can you hear me now? the new 911 technology built to save lives in our area. nbc10 news at 5:00 starts now. nbc10 news at 5:00 begins with an unholy crime is what is known as the christmas city. a thief caught on camera stealing a baby jesus from a church in bethlehem. >> police have recovered the statue, but they are still looking for the woman who stole
5:00 pm
it. the statue is now undergoing some repairs. >> reporter: nativities across the country have been targets for this kind of thing, but this as you mentioned is christmas city, so having a baby jesus missing is surprising and upsetting. the tree is up in bethlehem for a seasonal particularly special here. >> during the holidays, especially so, the horse and buggies down the street and they show off the tree and the manger. >> when sharon heard, she came to see herself. >> i was so surprised when i heard, bethlehem. i said this can't be bethlehem, things like this just don't happen here. >> reporter: police say someone took the baby jesus


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