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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  December 7, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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>> police have recovered the statue, but they are still looking for the woman who stole it. the statue is now undergoing some repairs. >> reporter: nativities across the country have been targets for this kind of thing, but this as you mentioned is christmas city, so having a baby jesus missing is surprising and upsetting. the tree is up in bethlehem for a seasonal particularly special here. >> during the holidays, especially so, the horse and buggies down the street and they show off the tree and the manger. >> when sharon heard, she came to see herself. >> i was so surprised when i heard, bethlehem. i said this can't be bethlehem, things like this just don't happen here. >> reporter: police say someone took the baby jesus figure en.
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>> the baby jesus statue was dropped off at nearby st. luke's hospital. those photos are from outside there. >> i think it's terrible that people have to stoop that low to steal thing like that. >> reporter: there's still an angel, mary, wise men, but right now, no baby jesus. would you like to see him back in there? >> i sure would. that's what makes christmas. >> reporter: police say it was accidently damaged while it was being recovered. the police chief tells me he has it at his house, he's fixing a leg injury and it will be back in the house tomorrow. the car crash that killed a new jersey state trooper and
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another driver. many people on route 55 in millville that night reported a red car swerving on the highway. trooper williams was responding to reports of an erratic car on wednesday night. both he and the other driver were killed. >> state police say the cause of the accident is still under investigation but a law enforcement source tells nbc10 initially it does not appear alcohol was a factor, but adds nothing's being ruled out. turning now to first alert weather, it's been a cloudy and chilly day across our yearea. you can see people were bundled up in jenkintown.
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>> it won't be long before it really starts to feel like winter? >> those in the poconos will be very excited about the change in temperatures. everybody else to be determined here. what we're looking at is your current temperatures now, which is are mostly in the 40s, which is something that we will not be able to say in a couple of days because high also not make it to the 40s. right now we're at 46 in philadelphia. the clouds did finally break for the most part, just before sunset, now the sun's already dipping below 42 in the lehigh valley. and we're also dipping below 42 in delaware. winds will be something we certainly need to track over the next couple of days because as the colder air moves in, winds are going to crank up as well. it has been a cloudy day with some breaks of sun here or there. we have thicker clouds now that hang to the west of us. overnight for the most part will
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stay clear, but as we move into tomorrow morning, clouds move back in for a mostly cloudy to partly cloudy thursday as well. we're talking about that big focus of the forecast, it's not thursday's forecast it's friday. take a look at these temperatures. 30s and 40s for us, to the west, bismarck, and casper, wyoming, in the 20s now. that arctic blast is going to move in our direction. thursday it edges in, starts to pick up winds and starts really cranking up the winds and dropping temps big-time. we're talking forecast highs only in the 30s. your weekend plans certainly going to have to plan them around these temperatures. we'll take a closer look at those numbers and talk wind speeds coming up. in south jersey, a driver is recovering from minor injuries after her car collided with a river line train in camden.
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it happened just before 6:30 this morning along river road. there were three other in that car and four passengers on the train. only the driver of the car was hurt. police issued the driver a summons for disregarding a railroad crossing. now to the latest on the transition to president-elect donald trump. today he's further shaping his cabinet. this afternoon he announced scott pruitt as head of the environmental protection agency. pruitt has fought against environmental regulations and could fight against some of obama's climate change policies. and he has tapped major john kelly as head of the -- today mr. trump was named "time" magazine's person of the year. the president-elect, beating out rival hillary clinton and russian president vladimir putin. the "time" magazine cover reads
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donald trump, president of the divided states of america. president-elect trump called the magazine cover an honor. and senator mitt romney still under consideration for secretary of state. >> we had some tremendous difficulty together and we have both come a long way, but the answer is yes, he does. >> the president-elect also said that if boeing doesn't lower the cost of the air force one jet, it will cancel the order. boeing says it's contract is $170 million. in delaware, vice president joe biden returned to his home state for a big event today at his alma mater. this morning the vp attended the inauguration of the new president of the united states of delaware, dr. dennis, asan officially took over leadership of the university. mr. bide on is a graduate of ud
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as is his wife dr. jill biden. tim furlong is live in washington, d.c. where a salute to delaware and the political career of vice president bite biten -- biden is being. >> reporter: i'm sure the vice president didn't have to face the traffic today that we did. i got to tell you, it was kind of crowded before, now it's wall to wall people, it's packed and everybody's here for delaware day. of course delaware's food and drink and i'll tell you this, most here are celebrating vice president biden, there was a bye partisan tribute to him as he presided over the senate. it was c the republican leadership ju jumped right in and today there was a rare sense of harmony on the senate floor.
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>> mr. president in a place known for some disagreements, our colleagues, republicans, democrats and independents are all here today because we agree on one powerful and simple things, our deep gratitude for the difference you've made in your decades in public service. >> mr. president, you've been a real friend, you've been a trusted partner and it's been an honor to serve with you. we're all going to miss you. god speed. >>. >> reporter: and the vice president is not going to go anywhere. today the senate passed a bill that would provide $2 billion to fight diseases including cancers, definitely vice president biden taking on cancer head on, to save other families the same sort of pain. but a lot are going to send him off from his role in the senate
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and celebrate with some good food. live on capitol hill, tim furlong nbc10 news. philadelphia mayor jim kenney part of the school's pre-k expansion. pee-wee prep will add 60 students next month when the grant takes effect. now to a high-tech approach to 911 making its debut in camden county, designed to save times in emergency situations. officials showed off this new system today. can you explain how it works? >> reporter: it's as easy as going online and filling out information about yourself. now they're hoping to have more information on the people on the other side of the line.
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911 calls made in camden county come here around the clock to this dispatch center in linden walled, and starting today, the tooirp of information you can provide to emergency workers could save your live according to county officials. >> first responders automatically know what kind of situation they're going into once they get into the house. >> reporter: they have rolled out a smart 911 system, residents can fill out a profile online providing investigation they may not be able to give during an emergency, a home address, where medications are kept, any preexisting medical conditions. >> i'm blown away. >> reporter: this camden county nurse of 50 years pitched the idea of having a smart 911 system at a town hall meeting this past march. >> they took my idea and rang with it. >> reporter: more than 510,000 people live in camden county many who are elderly or live
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with medical conditions. filling out the profile takes about 10 minutes and the service is free. >> if there was something wrong, the first responders should have some idea of what they're, you know, going to be involved in. >> you figure ten minutes out of your life to save your life, i think is well worth it. >> reporter: montgomery and chester counties already have this new technology in place as well as the entire state of delaware. it's easy to do to fill out your profile and the only people who have access to your information are emergency workers during that 911 call. search stopped. recovery efforts have ended at the scene of that deadly warehouse fire in california. and tonight a common item has emerged as a possible cause. that's straight ahead. also curious candy, the g gummy bears that sent more than
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a dozen students to the hospital. and additional charge, what you're about to have to start paying to do on one major airline.
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i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! everything for the holidays. that's my giant.
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my cmine too!hange is super competitive. everything for the holidays. that's my giant. fire officials in oakland now say they have removed all of the victims from the rubble of that deadly fire that broke out during a dance party inside a converted warehouse.
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now the attention turns to the search for the cause. >> jacqueline london is monitoring today's developments she's live in our breaking news center. jacqueline? >> reporter: the death toll remains at 36. fi officials say that is the final number. investigators are now focusing on how the fire started in the ghost ship warehouse, investigators say the fire started on the first floor and there were no working fire alarms or workings fire suppression in the building. the fbi is looking into whether a refrigerator or an appliance could have sparked the fire. at a news conference a short time ago, they said the fire spread quickly. >> there was rapid fire progression, initial witness interviews have indicated the fire was well developed by the time the second floor occupants
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realized a fire was going on on the second floor. >> fire officials have declared a local state of emergency which makes it eligible for state and federal aid. and we'll start by taking a look at our neighborhood temperatures right now in your philadelphia neighborhoods, going to be wishing we could save these temperatures at any point in the day come friday. we're talking about a huge change in your temperatures, no 40s on the map. right now we're 42 degrees in chesnutt hill. the temperatures are in the 40s, and lag around bustleton, 45 degrees, parkwood at 44. so we're in those mid 40s across most of the map in philadelphia. a little cooler further north. but overall these 40s are across the map. new york city, 43 degrees and wilmington at 46. the same in middletown and we
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dropped in southern parts of delaware, dover 45, lincoln to 45 and millerton at 44. radar and satellite, we pulled this out a bit a few minutes ago because i wanted to show you some of those thicker clouds moving over pennsylvania. those will be thickening in the morning. those clouds really broke right before sunset, so we got those peaks of sunshine especially late in the day. looking at your hour by hour forecast, the rest of the clouds are pushing out, we see some clearing overnight, but then the clouds redeveloping into tomorrow and especially into tomorrow morning, so we're going to see more clouds out there, they'll hang around for the first half of today and likely just like today, we'll see them break apart later in the afternoon. thursday is pretty typical for this time of year, temperatu temperature-wise and your sky conditions. tomorrow we'll see gusts up to
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35 miles an hour, that will continue into the evening because that arctic air mass is going to start moving in so isles it's going to force in that cold air. even into your friday afternoon, we could see the tail end of some of that lake-effect snow pushing to the northern regions. there will be a spotty chance that we could see just the tail end of some of the lake-effect snow. you see this in our model about 2:00 p.m. on your friday. that will start to move out toward later in the day friday. check out these numbers, these are high temperatures, not low temperatures. friday 39 degrees, saturday, the same in philadelphia and across the board. pretty much the consistency you see on friday and saturday. not much changing, there's some of those lake-effect snows we may see in the suburbs. the lehigh valley, the best we do in the afternoon, low 40s for jersey shore and delaware
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neighborhoods. then we go into your sunday. we're talking a degree or two warmup. almost no change, some late day showers in philadelphia. lehigh valley in those upper 30s for forecast highs. delaware and parts of south jerseys. here's your ten-day on ten. so what we're looking at is the changes moving, in 46 for your thursday, 39 on friday, saturday and sunday, late day showers that linger into your monday. if you're a fan of the cold, we have round two at the start of your week week, highs only in the mid 30s. military families our area got a thank you from operation home front. they're giving out meals to active duty and wounded soldiers and their families, each delivery includes a coupon for them to pull together a full 408
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day feast. even santa lent a hand. >> lots of folks trying to make a decent holiday for their children. this is one way to say thank you and provide crucial support this time of year. >> the meals went to about 300 families many of whom are separated during the holidays. an era is coming to an end. after nearly 500 years in business, a piece of history is about to become history. the story, straight ahead.
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the place that gave birth to the liberty bell is slated to close. the foundry has operated since 1759. in addition to the liberty bell, the foundry has also cast such bells as big ben. so this week's wednesday's child is an active and curious boy who loves to learn and explore. >> nbc10's vai sikahema introduces us to eric. >> i touched it. >> reporter: new jersey adventure aquarium in camden is the kind of place where a child completely loses track of time. look at this guy, he wants to high-five. you might spends hours in the stingray tank alone. he wants to say hi, hello. petting and feeding them.
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and just watching them splash around. oh, no slash! those little ones like to splash. a perfect place to hang out with eric who is kind of an expert on stingrays. did you learn something today? >> yes. >> reporter: what did you learn? >> to not hold the stingray in my hand or i can get bit. >> reporter: looks like you made a bunch of friends. nothing a little band-aid can't fix, but what condition fixed his eric's thirst for learning. >> he would bring to a family undying motion and interest and curiosity and action and continual questioning. he needs to be with a family that doesn't mind being questioned nonstop. he wants to explore everything in life completely. unlike anybody i have ever met.
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>> reporter: eric is athletic, he's spontaneous and very creative. >> ideally he would be in a family where he would be the youngest, have like an older brother who's 17 years old, something like that or being an old child family. and again, he would be best in a family with a strong male role model that's involved with him and sports and anything in terms of activity. >> i touched it. >> reporter: just listen carefully how eric describes love. >> love means to me just the same where there's love. if someone loves you then someone love that person like a
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family. >> reporter: eric is this week's wednesday's child. >> and if you would like to make eric's dream come true or the dream of any wednesday's child, go to or call wednesday's child at 1-866-do-adopt. and a local pediatrician is facing child pornography charges. >> the arrest shocked parents in the community and nbc10 had the only camera there as police were on the move again today, what we learned, that's straight ahead. and holiday scare, what happened right here the rockefeller center tree in new york city. those stories and more still ahead on nbc10 news at 5:00. he gets a lot of compliments.
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he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, "thank you for serving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast.
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only nbc10 is there as police make a return trip to the home of a local pediatrician. he's arrested on child porn now. his office is in pennsburg. officers were back out at the doctor's home looking for clues in the case. >> reporter: it's the apartment
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building where dr. david kennedy lives, he's been in jail since his arrest, but today police spent two hours inside, when they emerged, county detectives were carrying boxes of evidence. it's been over a week since the doctor's arrest. police say an employee of personal care pediatrics discovered what appeared to be child pornography on a cell phone video. police say kennedy admitted visiting websites where children under the age of 18 are pictured in sexually suggest ty positions. nbc10 was outside a house in hanover township this morning. so far police are not saying what connection this house has to dr. kennedy. kennedy's attorney is not sure why police are back at his home today. we can tell you dr. kennedy is still being held in the montgomery county prison and investigators have seized his
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computer, his cell phones and thumb drives as part of this investigation. tonight place are trying to track down the man who robbed a customer at gunpoint at an atm in montgomery county. the surveillance video shows the man trying to use the card on sunday. police say he drove off in a newer model why is ford fusion or similar mazda vehicle, no one was hurt. now to your first alert weather, taking a live look at cape may, where it's been chilly now colder weather is getting set to move in. that cold weather gear is about to start moving in big-time. >> we're looking at the gloves, the scarves, the heavy coats. these are temp, we won't even be
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near on friday. 40 in pottstown and allentown, 42. the same for wilmington and allentown sitting at 44 degrees for our current temperature. as we move into tomorrow, a pretty typical temp for your thursday. we'll start to see the sun break as we move through the afternoon. temperature-wise it will be at 46 in philadelphia, high valley at 44. and roonk the jersey shore for forecast highs on thursday. notice thursday is dry for the overall as. but then we're tracking that cold blast seriously affecting those temperatures, how about highs only in the 30s, today we were at 47, tomorrow we're looking at 46, that's pretty close to average which is 48. that's the drop, 39 degrees for your friday, saturday and sunday only in the 40s.
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to add insult to injury, we're windy on friday which makes it feel even cooler. we're starting to pick up tomorrow, the colder than actual temperatures. 46 feeling like 37 thursday, blustery on friday. actual temperature 39. feels like about mid 20s and that's in the afternoon, you can imagine how low those temperatures will be in the morning, we'll get to the feels like temperatures in just a few minutes. the side of the ben franklin bridge that you can walk is switching tomorrow. walkers, runners and cyclists will be able to use the north side of the bridge come tomorrow. the change is coming so crews can do platform work on that south side. bethlehem police are searching for the person who took a baby jesus figure reign from the nativity scene from city hall. police released these pictures right here. so take a look, see if you
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recognize this woman the theft happened around 2:00 a.m. on sunday. the baby jesus was found at a hospital, but was damaged so police tell us it's being fixed right now, it should be back by this weekend. >> 911 calls obtained exclusively by nbc10 show drivers warned dispatchers about a car swerving all over route 55 in cumberland county moments before a state trooper was killed monday night. that car slammed into frankie williams troop car and both drivers were killed. and camden county rolls out a new smart 911 system that allows users to fill out a profile. that includes details on allergies, family information and new contact numbers? will cost the county $50,000 in annual licensing fees.
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witnesses of a shooting in camden county -- dillon roof has a cold and hateful heart. he's accused of killing nine african-americans during a bible study. he could face the death penalty if convicted. he also faces nine counts of murder in state court. more than a dozen students got sick in chicago after they ate gummy bears that were lays laced with drugs. 14 students were taken to the hospital, of th 12 of them wered for increased heart rate and dizzines dizziness. it's not clear if the students knew the gummy bears were laced when they decided to eat them. and police arrested a man for carrying a gas can and matches near the rockefeller
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center christmas tree in manhattan. he threw a bottle into the street and started screaming. police say he was carrying a book called son of hamas. he was charged with making terroristic threats. the list is out, the most popular baby names of the past year, we're going to run them down straight ahead. plus pay up passengers, what one major airline is about to start charging you to use. those stories and more ahead on nbc10 news at 5:00.
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starbucks coffee chain is planning to open 12,000 new stores in the year. about 5,000 of the new stores will be in. starbucks will be adding things to their menu phoenix year. if you want to use the
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overhead bins on united airlines will have to pay for the overhead bins. pay up. flyers buy their new basic economy tickets will only be able tory a small carry on back that fits under the seat in front of you. basic economy travelers can pay a fee to check their larger bags. college football bowl season almost here and officials in pennsylvania are warning fans to be careful of ticket scammers. both penn state and temple get ready for their bowl games. make sure you don't become a victim and always buy tickets from a reputable seller, steer clear from using cash or wire transfers to complete the sale, instead consider using a credit card so you can dispute the charges in the event of a counter fit situation that develops there. if anyone you know is having a baby soon there,'s a good
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chance the child will be named sophia or jackson. >> those are the most popular baby names this year. based on picks from over 400,000 parents. after sophia is emma and olivia, aifa and mia round out the top fife. and the boys, after jackson is aiden at number two, lucas, liam and noah round out the most popular boy names. tonight's the night after months of preparation and anticipation, nbc unveiling it's latest live musical. >> it's "hair spray live" and nbc10 is getting you ready. >> reporter: i'm keith jones inside the kimmel center, this is where you want to be, folks, we have got singers, we have got a band with a sold out crowd to watch "hair spray live" tonight.
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and that cold air mass givingal digit temperatures in bismarck and casper. but we'll tell you how low temperatures go coming up.
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. tonight "hairspray" is coming live to your tv.
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it's the fourth musical to air an nbc10. to tell the story of a curvy teen who -- it will be nerve-racking to perform it live tonight. >> there will be moments tonight where i'm sleeping and i'm like, oh, gosh. i don't want to mess up a word or mess up a line. >> it's are bit of broadway, it's a bit of television and it's a bit of film. >> "hairspray" air live at 8:00 tonight. nbc10's keith jones is live at the kimmel center. >> the good news is you don't have to sing, right? >> reporter: no, thank goodness, i'm not going to sing or dance. i have the best seat in the house, if you have ever been here, this is a wonderful space
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and we have plenty of people to pack it tonight. this is the main attraction, not only do we have singers and dancers, up on that huge screen over there, people are going to watch "hairspray live" and we have all the cool tricks of the trade to show you exactly what we're excited for. if you're not here at the promo theater, don't worry, you got to watch tonight at 8:00, that's when "hairspray live" starts in fact. somebody told me i might have a part in it. but i got my friends from upper darby to help me out about 9:55ish. we're so happy to be here, we're anxious, we're excited, a lot of local philly love here for "hairspray live" coming up here
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tonight. >> keith, you know oured a virs to you? >> what ee's the advice? >> don't mess it up. you're on national television. >> reporter: i'm proud to represent miss nbc10 -- not to mention, we got a lot of philly love here too, a lot of local folks working on this effort. there are three others going around, baltimore, houston, atlanta, come on, it's philadelphia, we got more to offer those cities, right? >> all right, it is the catchy musical that will have you singing the sound track for the rest of the night. trust us, count down to "hairspray live" at 7:30 followed by "hairspray live" at 8:00. >> three teams of students turned graham crackers into tiny
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symbols of the holiday season. the event also featured an ugly sweater contest. down in delaware today, state police are trying to make spirits a little brighter for children spending the holidays in the hospital. troopers helped host winter fest at the hospital for children. they got to do holiday crafts and meet dogs that were all dressed up for christmas. we're going to need the warm coats, the furry coats by the end of this week, right, crystal? >> right, you're definitely going to need the furry coats, the furry gloves, anything you can find to put on, because temperatures are going to take a bethe end of the workweek. let's take a look at your numbers right now. because you may not see some of these numbers 42 degrees, or rather 40 degrees in white hall. we're sitting bethlehem at 40
5:48 pm
allentown at 42. these are some of your lehigh valley neighborhoods. getting ready to shift on into those upper 30s. then we shift into the subbishes and those temperatures will shift to mostly 4r0s. as we move along, we're going to see right across the board, temperatures that are mostly in rather it looks like the new jersey neighborhood, vorhees at 39 degrees, and 43 in mt. laurel. we're looking at temperature of 37 in princeton and hope well township at 47. across the board, these temps not bad, pretty typical for this time of year, and we're going to see pretty typical temperatures on thursday. 46 in fairmount, redding at 43, allentown in those mid 40s as
5:49 pm
well. we see some clouds mixing with the sun, a little more clouds later in the day. robbinsville, new jersey sitting at 46 degrees tomorrow, 48 egg harbor city and 48 for dover, rehoboth beach at 49 for our forecast high temperature. thursday looks okay, hour by hour, we push through the clouds, as we movethrough your thursday. and we see a little more sunshine later in the day. we go through your friday, and remember, this is when the cold air is pushing through, this is when those winds are going to -- just clipping the northern edge of our viewing area, possibly berks county, through the lehigh valley, may see some flakes mixing in as far as the suburbs, but it looks like that will mostly hang to the north of us. the feels like temperatures due to the winds, thursday in the evening, already it will start to feel like the mid upper 30s. then we go thursday night, look
5:50 pm
at how these temperatures drop. we go into your morning, we're talking teens across the board here. some of us could feel even lower, some models are taking the numbers further down. we're talking a very cold morning. we don't see a lot of warming here, we get into the mid upper 20s as the feels like temperatures in mid afternoon. so feeling like the upper 20s at best. we'll take a look at your 10-day forecast in the next hour. a chance to learn more about a legendary songwriter. the nobel prize for literature will be aparted on saturday to bob dillon. you can see a special collection at la salle university. the school has more than 700 dylan related objects. >> it's surprising how many of the younger students know about
5:51 pm
dillon, they can't point to dylan on the map, but they know a lot about dylan. >> the r la salle has been building the collection since the early 90s. taking a look inside a dark lincoln financial field. the eagles will be back in action on sunday against washington. don't forget, nbc10 is your official station for the philadelphia eagles. and we're getting you ready for sunday's game. beginning at 9:30 sunday morning, we'll have an exclusive interview with trey burton, then keep it right here for eagles games day final right after nbc10 news. we pause, reflect and remember a stay that will live in infamy. >> the 75th anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor. this local memorial included a
5:52 pm
remembrance for those who gave their lives, but also a celebration of something else, that story straight ahead.
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today marks the 75th anniversary of pearl harbor. senator mccain's father and grandfather both served in world war ii. in the early morning hours of december 7, 1941. japanese planes launched a surprise attack at the u.s. navy fleet pearl harbor. about 2,700 americans were killed and another 1,200 were wounded. >> nbc10 talks to tran veteran camden who are remembering their fallen brothers. >> 75 years, a long time ago,
5:56 pm
but the memory of what happened that day is still fresh for the men aboard this battleship. >> the men that gave their lives that day will always be remembered. >> reporter: dr. paul hanson served in the army for 22 years, he was also part of the crew on the battleship new jersey. this morning aboard the decommissioned ship, with the colors flying, veterans stood in salute to our nation and those who died at pearl harbor. >> i'm glad america takes a moment to pause and reflect on the tragedy that took place 75 years ago and hopefully we can avoid any reoccurrence of that by being vigilant and prepared. >> reporter: more than 2,000 lost their lives that day. 74 years ago today, the uss "new jersey" was launched into service and remains the most decaded battleship in the
5:57 pm
history the navy. >> it celebrates all of the things that generation did that this country has done and it definitely shows that this is one of the strongest nations in the world. >> december 7, a day filled with memories both good and bad. in camden u nbc10 news. nbc10 news at 6:00 is next. here are jim rosenfield and jacqueline monday. >> and still ahead tonight at 6:00, hear the concerned 911 calls from drivers just minutes before a crash killed a state trooper. also ahead at 6:00, we have learned new details about the arrest in the murder of a philadelphia teenager. plus special tributes continue to flow in for joe biden, we're live at a party in washington, d.c. next. get ready for some cold air before the end of the week. that's next on nbc10 news at 6:00.
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hear the panic from drivers before an out-of-control car killed a state trooper. a christmas grinch. a search a woman who swiped a baby jesus statue from the christmas city. delaware day, we're live in washington, d.c. as leaders from around the country honored vice
6:00 pm
president joe biden. tonight new information in a deadly crash that killed a new jersey state trooper. nbc10 exclusively obtained the 911 calls from driver who is saw a car driving erratically just minutes before the accident. an erat trick driver crashed right into frankie williams cruiser monday night in cumberland. >> . >> reporter: other drivers calling for help after spotting danger in millville on monday night. >> he's made contact with a tractor trailer and we're doing like 20 miles an hour. >> reporter: moments before a


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