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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  December 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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tonight new information in a deadly crash that killed a new jersey state trooper. nbc10 exclusively obtained the 911 calls from driver who is saw a car driving erratically just minutes before the accident. an erat trick driver crashed right into frankie williams cruiser monday night in cumberland. >> . >> reporter: other drivers calling for help after spotting danger in millville on monday night. >> he's made contact with a tractor trailer and we're doing like 20 miles an hour. >> reporter: moments before a wrong way driver slammed into
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trooper frankie williams' patrol car, 911 calls came into the cumberland county 911 communications center about an erratic vehicle. >> this guy is all over the road. >> reporter: state police say the 31-year-old trooper was responding to those reports of an erratic driver when a red toyota corolla slammed into williams troop car head on. both he and the other driver, 61-year-old lloyd rudley also died in the crash. investigators are trying to determine why rudley was driving so erratically. at least initially, it doesn't appear that alcohol was a factor, but nothing is being ruled out. >> a very intense time, you know, everyone was obviously very emotional.
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>> i checked with new jersey state police this evening about funeral arrangements for trooper williams, but i'm told they are still in the process of being made. live in our jersey shore bureau, i'm ted greenberg, nbc10 news. >> there will be a public vigil tomorrow night to honor trooper williams. the event will be at 7:00 outside leechester hall in leesberg, cumberland county. >> if your winter coat is still far in the back of your closet, get ready to dig it out. get ready for the deep freeze in less than 48 hours. nbc10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is here. >> dare we ask how cold it's going to get, sheena? >> if you factor in the wind, because it will be windy when the cold air arrives, it will feel like it's in the teens on friday morning and by the afternoon into the 20s.
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it is going to be a cold end of the week, we're not there yet, we have some seasonal temperatures for this hour. 42 wilmington, coatesville down to 38 degrees. and really with the clear skies tonight, we'll be dropping to around freezing for most of the area. but look at the air back off to the west, we have 20s, teens, even single digits and that's the arctic air that's eventually going to get here. so there it is, and on future weather here, that arctic air mass gets here by friday. so by friday, you will be noticing a big change in the forecast. take a look, tomorrow high temperature 46 degrees, then by friday, we develop to a high of 39 in the afternoon. feeling more like around 26 degrees, you'll need the heavy winter jacket on friday, morning temperatures will be even colder, so coming up, we'll take a look at that, we'll also take a look at how cold your weekend
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is going to be straight ahead. tonight a baby jesus statue is back and being fixed. the question remains, who stole it from a nativity scene in the christmas city of bethlehem. lauren mayk report where is the statue was found and what that city is doing to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> reporter: it's all lit and decorated here but there's something missing, police say they do have some leads on who may have taken the baby jesus, they would like whoever did it to come forward. this woman was carrying a statue of baby jesus in her arms. >> they did posited a figure reign in the safe haven crib where you would depositive a baby if you didn't want it under the safe haven law. >> reporter: while police try to catch up with the woman and figure out why she took the baby
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jesus. >> the city of bethlehem, walk around the lights are pretty and it really puts you in the mood. >> having something like that happen here? >> it's the worst thing you can think of. unfortunately, i thought, uh-oh, not again. >> reporter: while police investigate this theft, the chief is also doing a little handy work, he says the baby jesus was didn'tly damaged. >> it had a leg injury and a hand injury. >> is glue is drying, but baby jesus should be back in the mainer soon. police are trying to make sure this doesn't happen again, this little statue was not secured to that manger, that will be fixed in the future. only nbc10 was there today as police returned to the home of a local pediatrician facing child porn charges. investigators took boxes of
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evidence out of the home of dr. david kennedy today. he was arrested last week after police say an employee found child porn images on his cell phone of the deserts also searched a home in east greenville today, it was not clear what they were looking for there. happening now, delaware is taking over capitol hill in d.c. and tonight washington is honoring joe biden and the state. >> nbc10's tim furlong is joining us once again live from our nation's capital with the party for delaware. >> reporter: the capitol hill delaware birthday party is a big deal. in fact we were going to try to walk around amongst the crowd and we decided against it ba because it's is that packed here. they're hoping for a visit from the vice president here shortly.
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on delaware's 229th birthday, a bipartisan senate tribute to the vice president who calls the state home. >> we're all going to miss you. >> reporter: across from the capitol, the annual delaware party day, restaurants and bouy made the road trip to feed the capitol hill crowd. >> i see senathe held the first delaware day party. it was really small. >> we brought down a car load of food and held the first delaware day party in my office here. >> reporter: hundreds comes out to taste the food delaware makes and loves, and today a special twist, a tribute to the vice president. >> i heard a rumor that biden is
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going to be here. >> reporter: he's going to be greeted when he gets here by the blue rock mascot. and other senators, they have their own state kind of events, but i'm told delaware's is the biggest of its kind. you can hear about this thing, you come over here and check it out and try some delaware food. and vice president biden spent his morning attending the inauguration of the new president of the university of delaware. dr. dennis took over leadership of the school. joe biden is a graduate of the university as is his wife dr. jill biden. president-elect trump was named time's person of the year. mr. trump says he will work something out to help immigrants who same to the u.s. illegally
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as children and who now have work visas. hundreds of thousands have work visas and temporary protection deportation under president obama's imgacey plan. four star retired marine general john kelly, terry branstad is the u.n.'s new ambassador to china and the president-elect plans to select oklahoma general scott pruitt to lead the environmental protection agency. and also not pictured here, former wrestling executive linda mcmahon for the small business administration post. a solemn remembrance at stockton university today on this the 75th anniversary of pearl harbor.
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students, staff and veterans stood gateful for our dream today. it was in honor of the 2,400 americans who lost their lives when the japanese attacked 75 years ago. the late sergeant allan darby was a survivor from camden county. his daughter lee knows her father's story well. >> as he walked into the hospital, the japanese planes came over head and struck the hospital and he had bullets hit on either side of him, just missed him by inches. >> it gives me immense pride to call myself a marine knowing that the same title carried by those who avenged the attacks on pearl harbor. >> stockton is ranked in the top 20 best colleges and universities nationwide for veterans you can hear firsthand accounts of survivors on nbc10.
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new details this evening in the murder of a 14-year-old student in mayfair. police just released this picture and name of the suspect. he turned himself in yesterday for the murder of ian wilson. the northeast high school student was killed last month. left right, left right. >> gloucester county newest police officers are ready to start their law enforcement careers. 19 men and six women graduated from the police academy today. the 19 graduates represent seven different new jersey counties. catching a bus or finding a train just got a little bit easier today. the septa travel center will help people with all forms of travel in and around the campus and around the city. customer service agents will be
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bat the center monday through friday. eagles fans aren't the only ones tired of watching the team lose. players say enough is enough. and rehearsals are under way here at the kimmel center. we are live. the watch party for the big event tonight on next, "hairspray live" we're going to bring you behind the scenes next. and we have some cold air heading in our direction, coming up, i'll tell you how cold it will get toward the end of the week and as we go into the weekend, that's next.
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it's a dream of a lifetime. i have to audition. >> this world will mess with you so you better brace yourself for a whole lot stuff coming from a never ending parade of stupid. >> coming tonight "hairspray live." >> there is a watch party tonight at the kimmel center. nbc's keith jones will actually go national. and he's going to be in that live show tonight. you know what's going to hatch? tonight's your chance.
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>> reporter: i want to show you the best watch party in the country right now, it's in four cities, philly is one of them. look at that giant screen, that's what 600 people are going to watch. it's a sold out crowd here at the pearlman theater at the kimmel center. we have the shooting stars pa s preparing right now. it's all local singers and dancers. so much to look forward to here with the people watching here on the big screen and if you're at home, you can watch it there too. as jackie said, i have a part in it. heaven for bid i sing and dance. >> we cannot wait to see it. it's going to be a fun night, so much great activity there. there's the count down to
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"hairspray live" starting at 7:30. we'll have the entire live production right here on nbc10 at 8:00. >> sheena, how cold is it going to get. >> dance around by the fire if you can. it is going to be cold friday and into the weekend. for tonight, we're already in the mid to low 40s across the area, some spots are in the mid 30s, but later on tonight for a low temperature, we'll be right around freezing with the clear skies and the calmer winds in place, 44 degrees. 38 in chesnutt hill. center city right at 45 degrees. these numbers will be dropping ooze we go through tonight. some clouds back off to our west, we'll see clouds in the morning but overall a dry day. as we go into friday, the arctic air mass gets in here with highs in the 30s, b blustery
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cold day, could have a few snow showers north and west of philadelphia. and over the weekend our high temperature will only be in the upper 30s. as far as the cloud cover is concerned, it's going to come back over the area tomorrow. but overall, not a lot of moisture around, maybe a sprinkle or a flurry around, but other than that, we have that cold air move in on friday. lake-effect snow showers here, because the winds are going to be so strong in from the north and west, it's going to be a windy, cold day, blustery conditions making it feel like the 20s, there's that arctic air mass, it arrives and hangs around for most of the weekend. now we're looking at saturday and sunday and we expect more cold in the later part of next week. into friday morning, looking at these temperatures friday morning, this is what it's going to feel like when you factor in the wind, possibly around so
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degrees in philadelphia, the low teens for south jersey and delaware, there's a chance we could see single digit feels like temperatures in parts of the lehigh valley. this is as warm as it's going to feel, we're going to be topping out feeling like the mid to low 20s. so look at your weekend temperature, 39 for your high temperature on friday. a few lake-effect snow showers, i think we could see for the pennsylvania suburbs, the lehigh valley, just because of the strong winds coming across the great lakes. don't be surprise if you see that. then we go into saturday, mostly the upper 30s, same thing as we go sunday and we could even see some late rain sunday, chance of a wintry mix north and west during the night on sunday. then into next week, we're going to start around 50 degrees as we go into monday of next weeks. but take a look again by wednesday e we're in the pos and then we're in the low 30s to end
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out next week, so another cold one coming. we're following breaking news from sky force 10. there was a tractor trailer that lost its load. looks like some sort of cement construction materials, unclear exactly what that load was, but it is there on market and front streets. we have no word on any injuries, but the ramp to i-95, it's closed right now, so a mess for the evening commute. we'll continue to follow this story and bring you new information as soon as we get it. we'll be right back. ♪when you've got...♪
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good evening, i'm danny pommells, csn. just four games left in the nfl season that has quickly gone bad. >> the eagles have lost seven of nine games and doug pederson said not everybody gave their all in that los in cincinnati. the question is how are the birds going to respond on sunday. their top running back ryan matthews back at practice on monday. the birds are coming off their worst loss of the season. they are tired of all the losing. >> it's frustrating, no one likes losing, especially in this business as a quarterback, i'm wired to be a winner, i hate losing. >> you got to look in the mirror, you got to always evaluate yourself in those situations, if you'reing that
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effort each and every play etch and every game. i think guys are going to respond really well. >> all we can control is this week and you know, we want to get this win. we're back in the division, back at home and we want this win back. >> we all got to pick up and do a little bit better and focus on our jobs and get a win, we just need a win. >> and the eagles have lost four in a row to the red skins. at the nova car complex john clark, csn. to the college game now where former temple coach john reuhl was introduced at baylor university and he said leaving the kids he recruited at temple was the toughest part of the decision to move on. >> they'll be my players forever, i love them. it was one of the hardest thing i did yesterday to say goodbye, but i knew our job was there, our time was over.
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our kids went from 2 and 7 to -- i know they're watching and i want them to know how proud i am of them. >> one other note, catcher a.j. ellis has left the phillies for the marlins, so andrew matthews will back up cayman next season. we'll be right back. he gets a lot of compliments.
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he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, "thank you for serving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad.
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male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast. in an hour, the countdown special starts at 7:30 at the kimmel center there. the live musical starts at 8:00. >> it's going to be fantastic, and keith jones is going to be around around 5:00 tonight, i think he told. by the end of the week, it's going to be a lot of fun for jim in the cold with his gloves. >> you will need the gloves friday, blustery, 35 for a high
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feeling like 20s. >> thanks for watching. >> good night. developing news tonight -- cop killer manhunt. officer shot in a deadly confrontation, the assailant on the run. a university community in fear students being warned to stay inside behind locked doors. arctic blast -- snow hitting several states and look out, the dreaded polar vortex is set to plge much of the country into a deep freeze. mystery device -- being used to break into cars without even touching them. a new warning for drivers, how thieves can make a copy of your keys just by standing near you. and the greatest generation -- returns to pearl harbor, our team is there tonight. tom brokaw on the 75th anniversary of a date which will live in infamy.


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