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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  December 9, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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35 miles an hour. we have seen wind gusts over 30 miles an hour. 29 in philadelphia, mt. holly and vineland. only 14 degrees in mt. pocono. now in philadelphia, as we go through the evening, the wind is going to be gradually diminishing along with the temperature, so the feels like temperature will be gradually going down. later tonight, with a little bit of wind on top of the lower temperatures, the feels like temperatures as we get up in the morning, can be anywhere between 10 and 15 degrees. and much of the weekend is going to be just about as cold as that. now for the other threat that we have before the weekend is over, meteorologist sheena parveen has more on that. >> and it's our next weather system that we're watching, and since it's going to be so cold over the weekend, the next weather is going to be coming for snow, and for that part of
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the area, we do have a first alert out now. the first alert is for range and snow in the lehigh valley, including berks county and the pennsylvania suburbs. this is not going to start until sunday afternoon and sunday night. so right now we're just giving you a heads up, until then we're going to be nice and dry. again, keep in mind, this is mostly north and west of philadelphia where we're talking about, we do expect some accumulating snow, this would be again late sunday, changing to a wintry mix overnight and into the early morning hour before some areas, mostly pennsylvania suburbs see it change over to rain, that will be your morning commute on monday. here's a look at what's happening now, over weather pattern is dry, so its ushering in this cold air that we have been seeing all day today. even a new lake-effect snow flurries that the great lakes, that high moves right over us, and that's going to keep us dry for tomorrow. and as we go into sunday, making
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room for our next weather srjs sunday at 4:00 p.m., the leading edge of this weather system may produce some snow. we'll have to watch this area very closely, because then as we go into sunday night, that's the main area back off to our west that we'll be watching for late sunday into early monday, you see a mix of and snow showers there. we'll take a closer look at the time. >> let's go back to nbc10's randy gyllenhaal, live in chestnut hill. >> the cold isn't going to keep everyone inside it? >> reporter: we're expecting people at the morris arbor reet people at the morris arbor reea they have the lights up. but today we also checked out some local spots to take the family both inside and outside
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as these temperatures start to plummet. >> at peddlers ville along in bucks county today, the pond is ice cold and frozen over, holiday shoppers going store to store buttoned up tight. >> i got the fuzzy gloves, they have the sherpa lining. >> reporter: outside the wind is howling. the season's first major cold front approach this is weekend. >> they're talking an arctic blast coming down and overtaking the area, so it's going to be quite a shock to the system. >> reporter: if you prefer to stay inside away from the elements, check out glenn carrin museum in montgomery county offering warm tours. they're showing off dozens of hand crafted nativity scenes from 23 countries around the
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globe. this one was made in italy, another one from guatemala. >> you can come and see how people around the world use the christmas story and a apply it to their own life and materials that they have to make the nativity with. >> reporter: these toy miniature trains, we're going to explore all of them. how he sets this all up is coming up for now live at 5:00. >> and be ready for the weekend chill with the nbc10 app, you can download it for free and you get hour by hour forecasts on your smart phone. our 20 minutes of nonstop news begins with making a phone call before you fly. >> taking a live look at philadelphia international
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airport, the feds want to see how passengers would feel about changing their flight experience. so nbc10's ted greenburg went to the airport to find out. >> being stuck in an airplane for hours sounds miserable to maria maserati. she returned to philadelphia international airport from orlando. >> if you were sitting there trying to read a book, it could be very disruptive. >> reporter: a proposal would permit passengers to use their phones and make phone calls if their wi-fi alous them to. >> if you have families and children, there's always the ambient noise around you, is i don't know that that would necessarily be a huge problem. >> the proposed regulations would require airlines to give
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people a heads up when buying tickets, if calls are allowed on the flights they want the book. >> sometimes these flights are very long and i bring plenty of reading material and music, but it would be nice to talk to my wife at home while i'm in the air. >> reporter: flight attendants have expressed concern about flights starting with passengers. >> you don't know the extent that this conversation is going do go to. >> reporter: you can tell the government how you feel about the plan during a 60-day public contact. president obama ordering u.s. intelligence agencies to check into the possibility the russian government intervened in the 2016 election.
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it comes after president-elect trump's insistence that russia did not interfere with the elections. mr. obama says that he's afraid that they will go unpunished if they did interfere. green party presidential candidate jill stein filed a lawsuit seeking a recount. court documents call pennsylvania's voting system a, quote, national disgrace. attorneys for jill stein are arguing for the recount while president-elect trump's attorneys are arguing against it. meantime president-elect trump is rallying supporters in louisiana ahead of the state rungoff election. >> mr. trump is in baton rouge right now campaigning for senator john kennedy. republican also have ary owe
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58-42 majority if they maintain the louisiana seat. and trump also stressed the importance of putting america back to work. >> my administration will follow two simple rules, buy american and hire american, okay? because from now on, it's going to be america first. america first. >> the president-elect will continue his thank you tour with a stop in grand rapids, michigan tonight. speaking of michigan, mr. trump could tap the republican party chairwoman, rhonda mcdaniel. and one name no longer in contention, chris christie, the new jersey governor had expre expressed interest, but according to aids, christie is no longer seeking that job. thieves turning to old tactics to cash in on your valuables during the holiday
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season. deanna durante joins us live, police say those thieves are really working overtime right now. >> reporter: they are. tisz the season they say for holiday sheft. if you're in a parking lot, and you're fumbling for your keys, always be aware of your surroundings. the video looks like a woman shopping inside a chester county target, the problem is the credit card she's using is not hers, or the person she was seen walking into the target. >> they have hours to go use those stolen credit cards. >> that's what happened to a woman having lurj at this panera bread. >> it is the season to be jolley, but not to be a thief. >> reporter: she says she keeps as little as possible with her
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while shopping, others tell me they all have a way to keep their purchases safe. >> i always lock my car because you can never be too careful, i just think we have too much trust. >> why police say again and again people become easy targets when their purses are left where they can be grabbed. >> you have to look at your surroundings, do you see anybody there? do you see anybody in a car waiting? anything that looks odd, this time of year, everybody's in a hurry, nobody's paying attention, there's a lot of people around, but you need to keep a look out for people that look odd. >> reporter: police are on the lookout for a guy -- it is okay to be suspicious of people, if people seem to be lingering in a
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car while you're at an atm machine, or maybe looking closely at your purse while you're out to lunch, pull those things closer to you when you're out and about. a montgomery county woman is behind bars, she's charged in the major dose death of a man. she told michael pastorino what he believed was heroin, it was actually the even more deadly drug fentanyl, she faces 20 years in prison. a new study from cdc shows that heroin kills more than gun violence. there were 13,000 heroin related deaths last year. overall deaths from all opioids, including prescription painkillers topped 30,000 for the first time in recent history. temple university is taking new steps to become a sanctuary campus, a group of faculty,
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students and staff say they want to -- they have submitted a petition to the university's president that would help -- that includes refusing to assist immigration officials. hours from a shutdown and a stop kbap spegap spending bill. senate democrats are fighting for a one year extension of health benefits for coal minors, the measure would fund federal agencies through april 28 and expedite the process for confirming president-elect trump's choice for economic secretary. >> he was a small town boy from new concord, ohio, came a long way. lived a full live. one that touched many. and that won't soon be
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forgotten. >> glenn became a national hero in 1962 when he became the first american to orbit the earth. he died yesterday at age 95. early plans call for glenn to lie in state in ohio's capitol building followed by a celebration of his live. new limits are coming on how many stores can sell tobacco in philadelphia and it could impact where you buy your cigarettes. the limit will be 1 tobacco seller per 1,000 people. but that number is based on daytime population, so what does all that mean? some stores in center city will be able to sell cigarettes because there are more people there during the day. this new law takes effect in february. florida's governor has listed the final zika zone in miami. the announcement comes nearly four months after the first local transmissions in florida were reported. health officials urge residents
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and visitors to continue using repellent and get rid of standing water. >> tonight the town of gatlinberg, tennessee is open to visitors after a string of deadly and devastating wildfires. rows in stores across the resort town reopened for the first time since those fires. most of the downtown tourist area was not damaged. the great smoky mountains national park also reopened there. and the wildfires have been destroyed more than 2,500 homes and buildings in the areas around town. 14 people died and thousands were evacuated. two teenagers have been charged with intentionally starting the fires. people in grays ferry are getting a new grocery store.
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christmas season has fi officially arrived at the pennsylvania capitol. the governor and his wife were on hand for the fee lighting ceremony. the tree lightning also included performances and santa claus himself. keep warm over the winter, that was -- the new charity, keeping kiddies warm is donating clothing to hundreds of kids who can't afford it. it's already looking like winter in new york state, take a look at all of this snow piling up in jamestown. people there have seen more than nine inches of snow. and crews have been doing their best to keep up with mother nature, they're expecting even more snow heading into the weekend. that is so hard driving with it blowing sideways and all of it
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piling up on the roads. >> we're not going to see anything like that in our area, right, glenn? >> nothing like that. if we were in the great lakes or we didn't have mountains in the middle of pennsylvania, we would getting considerably more than what we do get in any kind of a winter. temperatures are only in the 30s during the day today, and some places barely above the freezing mark. this afternoon west callan township only 32 right now, that's generally the area with the highest temperature of the year, collegeville, north wales, 35, new hope at 36 degrees. and none of those places are going to get to 40 degrees this weekend. the feels like temperatures are in the 20s and that's about as high as that's going to get all weekend. 24 in allentown, 22 in coatesville and 14 in mt. pocono. now we see these northwest winds
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at 20 to 25 miles an hour, those are sustained winds right now. we have seen gusts over 30 miles an hour in much of the area. now we do have a first alert out for a combination of things, but only for some neighborhoods, this is why we do neighborhood weather, some places are going to have some difficult driving by sunday night, others won't have any problem. it's the lehigh valley, berks county and the p.a. is suburbs, especially, chester, montgomery, bucks and the far north counties are more likely to see that accumulation. this sunday afternoon and night, all the way up to the morning rush on monday. some accumulating snow, changing to a wintry mix, and then to rain. looks like just about everybody's going to change to rain eventually during the day on monday. look at all of these lake-effect
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snow showers, these are little plumes that come down from the lakes and even some flurries in the philadelphia area, as a result of this strong northwest wind, but you just get a new flakes out of that. that's the weather system we're talking about, these are called clippers, they generally don't have much moisture in the middle of the country, pick up some in the great lakes states as they come across, but they don't generally have the potential to big storms is. there's sunday morning. we're okay. saturday, saturday night, sunday morning. no threat at all. sunday afternoon's a different story, especially poconos, lehigh valley, some of that snow may race to the east and with the temperatures as low as they are, it may be able to stick on untreated surfaces, and then as we go through the evening, this
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model keeps much of the snow to the north, others do bring it down even all the way to philadelphia. but by monday morning, warmer air is coming in, so a lot of this snow will be changing over to rain. soit is kind of a tricky situation, not a whole lot of snow. one to tree inches in lehigh valley and just an inch in other parts of the first alert and not in philadelphia itself. for the eagles playing on sunday, it's going to be cold, temperatures in the 30s, but not too windy and there's a chance there could be some flakes during the game or after the game especially if you're headed north. it's going to ease up by monday, as you saw, everything changes over to rain, and then comes the next one, and this arctic air mass is even stronger than the
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current one. >> and as you make your weekend plans, count on nbc10 to keep you prepared for the arctic blast. many of us have played that role of secret santa for a gift exchange. >> but one generous person in pennsylvania is playing the part for dozens of shoppers. still ahead on nbc10 news at 4:00, the random act of kindness. >> don't let the excitement of your favorite team playing leave you vulnerable to scammers, the nbc10 responds team has a warning for fans still ahead. and first there were happy meal toys, now a happy hour toy? the fake ad that has fisher price responding and everyone talking. all right, here's a look at the closing bell on wall street, where stocks closed at an all-time high today.
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. take a look at these guys, these pigs. certainly not the kind of animals you would expect to find at philadelphia animal care and control. in the past two days, they have gotten two pig lets and an adult pig. amazingly they were all found at different locations. animal control is now concerned because they have received at least 14 pigs this year. toy maker fisher price is setting the record straight. >> the ad you may have seen online for a happy hour play set, it's fake. once again, it's not real. the hoax shows toddlers gathered
4:25 pm
around a kid sized bar. it prompted angry complaints on fisher price's social media pages, so the company had to release a statement saying the set is not produced, endorsed or approved by fisher price. >> i do like his bow tie, though. >> an ode to glenn, right? whether you're headed out to a holiday party this weekend, or putting out the last of your christmas decorations. >> we have been talking about the bitter blast of cold air, it's just the first of a one-two punch this weekend. >> the cold air is here before a chance of some snow moving into at least part of the area this weekend. i'm tracking the conditions you can expect in your first alert weather forecast. plus some leathieves are
4:26 pm
changing what people buy at stores. and we're getting ready for sunday's game against the redskins, get ready for a power hour of across raj. we'll have an exclusive interview from trey burton. keep it on nbc10 for the game.
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do we ever think about anything other than steak? yes... and... no. you can't fake steak. longhorn steakhouse. tonight's special: turf and surf. flo's filet and lobster tail, our new crab cake filet, and our new renegade sirloin and lobster mac and cheese. only at longhorn steakhouse. get ready for an arctic blast. it's only going to get colder at penn's village in bucks county. taking a live look at camel back mountain resort where skiers and snow boarders can expect some extra powder sunday night into monday morning. the resort plans to open those
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slopes tomorrow. and we know this will be a busy weekend for many of you getting ready for the holiday. >> that's why our first alert team is getting you ready for snow and then the cold on sunday. glenn is tracking the cold temperatures right now. >> the cold air is on top of us now and it's going to stay just about this cold all weekend. of course it will get colder all night. we're not going to see any kind of significant warming. 38 degrees in philadelphia, that's as warm as it's gotten today, that's about as warm as it's going to get all weekend. and we have some spots that are barely above the freezing mark, and with these wind gusts, it's feeling a whole lot colder, it's 25 miles an hour in wilmington right now and 28 in philadelphia, it feels like it is in the 20s, 22 in coatesville, 22 in trenton and atlantic city and feels like
4:31 pm
temperatures will be in the teens as we go into the morning. and look at some of these numbers, leonardsville already below freezing, cookstown at 31, mer merkstown 31. bethlehem at 3 3 degrees, we hae got the cold air here, we also have moisture on the way, let's see how it adds up, meteorologist sheena parveen has more on that. >> and that moisture is going to be here for the second half of your weekend. we have issued a first alert out for part of the area. it's going to be mostly for the lehigh valley, pennsylvania suburbs including berks county. here's the area we're talking about, lehigh valley, berks county and our pennsylvania suburbs and this is not going to be effect until sunday afternoon and sunday night. that's when we'll see the approach of snowfall. and remember, temperatures will still be in the 30s throughout
4:32 pm
the day on sunday. then more cold air coming in on monday. there looks to be accumulating snow for these areas, or most of these areas then it will be changing over to a wintry mix and for some, it will be changing over to rain, as we go into early monday, at least we'll see that precip changing into something a little more drivable, but possibly not for everybody. this big area of high pressure is ushering in this -- that high still going to be here tomorrow. meaning it's going to keep us nice and dry. we're still going to be cold, though, then it moves away, and there's the approach of the weather system we're talking about now for sunday, sunday afternoon, the leading edge of this looks to be snow because it will be cold enough for snow. so we could see snow falling sunday afternoon for the poconos, maybe the lehigh valley, upper portions of our pennsylvania suburbs, then by monday night, that's when the main portion of this weather system starts to approach. again we're looking at snow for
4:33 pm
part of the area, wintry mix and rain. coming up glenn will show you a more detailed look at who's going to get what and what the entire weekend's going to be. some local officials are sounding the alarm over this potential lori dangerous cold weather. officials are issuing a code blue. so services and resources are amped up to get them out of the cold. >> i got a jacket, i dressed double, you know, with and it's still cold out here. >> the code blue runs through monday morning. and these chilly temps weren't enough to stop some folks for christmas tree shopping today. definitely a cold day to use that saw. but if you don't mind the chill, it was a good time to get here and maybe beat the weekend crowds? yeah. >> and some of you may be
4:34 pm
heading to the poconos to get on the slopes or just getting outside to get your shopping done. whatever you're plans, make sure you have the nbc10 app with you, that way you can plan ahead. and the end of the year means college football bowl games. >> but don't let the excitement of your favorite team playing leave you vulnerable to scammers. nbc10 responds harry hairston has a warning. >> reporter: when it comes to football, it's a big year for both temple and penn state. >> we're well represented in the bowl, so i can imagine a lot of pennsylvania fans will be out there trying to go to the game. >> sam is an attorney general for pennsylvania. he tells us there are those trying to take advantage of your f fandom. >> know what you're buying and what you're entitled to for your
4:35 pm
money. >> do research on the seller, understand the conditions of the sale. make sure your seats actually match seats in the stadium. you can usually do this on the venue's website or by calling the facility. and pay with a credit card, never wire or transfer money to someone you don't know. >> education is the best weapon against these scams. >> reporter: also the ag's office tells us it's received dozens of complaints about ticket scams so far this year and it's continuing counting o report any suspicious sites to their offices. protect yourself and don't get duped. >> if you have a consumer complaint, speaking of that, call us or fill out the form on our website and we'll respond directly to you. >> coming up monday on nbc10 responds, a man was trying to get some cargo shipped to central america, that's when he
4:36 pm
called nbc10 sponz. as the holiday shopping rush kicks into full gear, the first chance to get your -- today was the last day to ship first class or priority packages to army or diplomatic post offices. this is important, december 20th is the deadline to ship regular first class packages within the united states if you want them to arrive by christmas day. it's probably a little too cold to hit the play ground today, but take a look at this. when the weather warms up, yeah, kids in the northeast will be able to play on the play grouchbtd. new state of the art surfacing and play ground equipment and even a place for adults. where was your graduation in an auditorium? maybe a football field? >> probably not on a plane.
4:37 pm
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. when it comes to holiday beauty sales, fragrance usually reigns supreme, but that could change all thanks to the selfie, consumers were scooping up contouring kits, lip stays and other cosmetics, they bought so much that prestige makeup sales grew 10%.
4:41 pm
they expect to continue that trend through the rest of the year. "today" show co-host savannah guthrie gave birth to a baby boy. charles max feldman. matt lauer enjoys holding the baby. so much expression, so early. >> cute, cute boy. >> and i guess dylan dryer is next. >> the "today" show family expanding. bundle up your baby if you're heading outside tonight. >> the arctic area isn't going away, glenn. >> the cold is here to stay, at least for the weekend. we have got some flurries in the area now, but i'm tracking some snow for the weekend and your first alert weather forecast.
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nbc news has learned that rudy giuliani has removed himself from the consideration for a cabinet position in the trump administration. some college football players received their diplomas in the most unusual way. >> their graduation ceremony was held 37,000 feet up in the air on a plane. when officials at sam houston state realized four students would miss graduation because they had to get on the team flight they thought why not award their diplomas on the plane. from our delaware bureau, get ready to celebrate the blue hands field hockey team. they picked up their first ever
4:46 pm
ncaa tournament title last month, finishing the year with a 19-game winning streak. congratulations to that team. how about this weather, tonight a wintry mess from coast to coast. in erie, pennsylvania, the winter weather blamed for this car pileup. the west coast is also getting a blast of winter weather with seattle and portland both seeing a lot of snow out there. >> one of the areas that's perfect in the country, florida. glenn, nothing there. here we have something that we're dealing with coming this weekend. >> but we're getting off lucky compared to so much of the country, from western pennsylvania all the way to the pacific ocean. getting some bitter, bitter cold and snow in parts of the area, at least. we have cold, it's kind of january like cold. and wind on top of it.
4:47 pm
we also have some temperatures even in what would normally be our warmer places, not exactly too warm. newark, delaware, 35. wilmington at 37, clay mont at 35, reedy point 36. allandale at 36, rehoboth beach and lewis 36, bridgeville 36 degrees also with that west wind. and so feels like it is 20 right now in coatesville, 24 in allentown, 29 in vineland, and we're going to be seeing these feels like temperatures go down into the teens tonight, because these sustained winds of 15 to 20 miles an hour. they're going to diminish just a little bit. but not that much. 20-mile-per-hour sustained wind in wilmington. so we have a long ways to go. we're seeing a bunch of clouds and a little bit of clearing at times. what we have for sunday and
4:48 pm
sunday night, we have got the cold air already in place, we have a first alert for the lehigh valley, berks, pa suburbs especially the northern part of those counties, this sunday afternoon and night, perhaps into parts of the monday morning rush hour. some accumulation of snow changing to a wintry mix, there could even be some snow in the suburbs. everybody switches over to rain eventually. and some of that snow has made it all the way across the great lakes. we have had a few reports of snow flurries, northampton, redding, that strong winds coming off the great lakes and the moisture sometimes can travel all the way to the
4:49 pm
coasticoast i if the wind is strong enough. that's the system that we're talking about in first alert. not much, it's a relatively wake system going across. as we go into sunday, we start off pretty cold, we stay cold, and as soon as any precipitation comes in, that temperature can get knocked down. so by sunday afternoon, we're talking about 30, 31-degree temperatures and any snow of any substance can stick on untreated surfaces and especially up toward the poconos, some computer models have that snow all the way down to the philadelphia area, and again, temperatures are marginal there. they also go up as we head toward the monday morning rush. so that's going to help us out here. eastern some of these places in the first alert area, could see temperatures go up above the freezing mark by monday morning, so we're talking about one to three inches for that area. not a whole lot of rain or snow. but it could be the first in
4:50 pm
some areas. so there's sunday. with the mixture, jersey shore, delaware, not getting any precipitation and everybody's dry on saturday. so if you want a perfectly safe day to go out, that's the day. sunday, again, in the afternoon, we have that possibility. monday the temperature jumps up as everything changes to rain and then look what was. we have some snow showers possible wednesday, look how bitter cold thursday is. and then we do have a chance of more significant snow coming in by the following weekend. so we're going to be dealing with some of these threats, winter type threats as we get these arctic air masses coming in once in a while. and so it's cold enough. >> it's going to be really cold sunday for people attending the eagles game. hopefully their tickets are on the side that has the sun, which does make a difference. >> and it's not going to be as
4:51 pm
windy. not nearly as wind as it was today. as which kne know, santa's to grant wishes to good little boys and girls. >> how a secret santa's random act of kindness and is whole lot of money is encouraging dozens of shoppers to pay it forward. from now until the end of the year, shopping at small businesses could be even more rewarding. because, when you shop small with your eligible american express card, you could get two times the rewards. so support the businesses that make your town a community. the people who make your community, home those insiders, with the inside knowledge, those friends with a welcome smile. and you could get twice the rewards. learn more and enroll online today at get out...
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two post offices in pennsylvania are celebrating their holiday connection. officers in bethlehem and nazareth are giving out christmas postmarks. it's for those who want the town's names on their letters
4:55 pm
and cards. postmarks are an annual tradition to celebrate the town's christmas traditions. and a random act of kindness this holiday season. >> people are rushing to pick up their purchases because they don't have to pay. one woman calling herself santa b came into walmart with a check. a man decided he was going to give $46,000 paying off lay aways for nearly 200 people. they spent the afternoon calling customers to tell them the news. >> grateful and thankful that they can do that and in their hearts they want to do that. >> it's a mysterious person, we tried to find out who it was to thank them personally and pay it forward. >> the secret santa is not saying a word. it's always nice when they're
4:56 pm
doing it anonymously like a secret santa. here are keith jones and erin coleman. >> it's that time of year and the arctic air has arrived. it's going to be with us throughout the weekend. >> and some people could see some snow before the weekend's out. >> that's right, we do have a first alert out for part of the area, but only for part of your weekend. coming up we'll tell you how cold it's going to be. and see who's signing und underwear at the king of russia mall. those stories ahead on nbc10 news at 5:00.
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4:59 pm
the shivering has started. our newly arrived arctic air was a tough slap in the face to people strolling in the center city today. >> live look at the scene in cape may tonight. the gusts are pairing one the frigid temperatures and making it feel very raw out there. >> before the weekend is out, we could see some snow. first alert radar reveals a system that could be bringing it to us. >> it took a little while, but we're getting our first real taste of winter. nbc10's randy gyllenhaal, live
5:00 pm
at the morris arboretum. we're going to get to randy in just a few minutes. >> we're going to go with nbc10 chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz monitoring this bitter cold in your neighborhood. where is it going to be, glenn? >> it's going to be cold everywhere. and it's going to stay cold all weekend. 37 degrees and we're already starting to cool down, we were at 38 an hour ago, and mostly cloudy skies, even a few snowflakes in the sky in parts of the area. already down to the freezing mark in lehigh valley as they're start clear out. 3 31 miles an hour in philadelphia. the feels like temperature, 23 in coatesville, 23 in allentown, 26 in trenton, look at that, 9 in mt. pocono. and this is about as high as those feels like temperatures


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