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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 530am  NBC  December 10, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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good-bye to a hero. funeral services begin later this morning for firefighter ardythe hope. she died earlier this month from injuries suffered during a fire that also killed two other firefighters. this morning, the trump transition team responds to new calls from president obama ordering intelligence officials to investigate alleged russian involvement into the election season cyber attacks. and here's a live look outside over the philadelphia museum of art. we are braving the first blast of arctic weather this season. how long will it last and will it include snow.
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we're tracking that in the first alert forecast. good morning. welcome back to nbc10 news today. i am rosemary connors. it is just after 5:30. the first arctic blast is gripping the region this weekend. nbc10 was in atlantic city, folks were bundled up on the board walk. even saw snow flurries in parts of philadelphia overnight. meteorologist krystal klei is tracking all of the cold changes in weather and possibility of snow later this weekend. krystal, fill us in. >> you know, like we mentioned, saw things stretching from lehigh valley through philly, new jersey, right to shore points. this is brief overnight. that's already broken apart. live look outside shows dark currently, sun not up until 7:00 a.m. we're dealing with another very cold day. this is the coldest this season. here's the feels like temperatures.
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a lot of us in the low 20s and teens. 13 in lancaster. 11 in pocono. 20 for allentown. 28 for philadelphia. why the huge difference? winds are lighter. when you have lighter winds, that's a factor in feels like conditions. very cool, below freezing across the map. radar and satellite, this is a what i am talking about. still some clouds. we will see clearing conditions. mix of clouds and sun in the forecast today with the cold conditions. now it is all about first alert. we highlighted counties. lehigh valley, berks county, and through the pennsylvania suburbs. the timing we are looking at, sunday afternoon and evening, and it will move along through monday morning. there will be a changeover. we're looking at snow possible in northern zones, will change to wintry mix and finally rain. possibility of icing in the
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forecast. we will take a closer look at that. talk more about philadelphia, new jersey, delaware neighborhoods, what they may see coming up. today families, friends and colleagues remember a wilmington firefighter, ardy hope passed away last week months after she was injured while battling a blaze that investigators say was intentionally set. nbc10 monique braxton is live in wilmington where the funeral services will be held. monique? >> reporter: hi, rosemary. the public viewing for senior firefighter ardythe hope gets under way about 10:00 at the chase center. you can see a few firefighters have arrived. they tell us her body will arrive here about 8:00 this morning. there's already a ladder truck in place. hope is the third firefighter to die from injuries she suffered back on september 24th when this candy park row home was allegedly set on fire by the owner's daughter. the fire department tells us hope rushed in, attempting to
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save firefighters who were trapped. lieutenant christopher leech and senior firefighter jerry fickes. investigators say they were on the first floor when the floor collapsed in the 1900 block of lakeview road. hope, 23 year veteran, responded to the may day call. is survived by three children. the fire chief tells us a full honor ceremony will get under way at the chase center at 1:00. we'll have it for you. live for now in wilmington, monique braxton, nbc10 news. >> thanks for that, monique. new this morning. camden county police are investigating an accident involving a police cruiser and car. happened 3:15 on north crescent boulevard. there were no serious injuries and no charges will be filed. new from overnight, police investigating a shooting in north philly that left two men hurt. victims both shot in the legs sitting in a car around 12:30
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this morning. right now they're in stable condition. police haven't made any arrests yet in the case. president-elect donald trump's transition team dismissing reports that the cia believes russia tried to interfere with the election because the communist country wanted mr. trump to win. last night, president obama ordered a full report into election hacking. one intelligence official tells nbc10 the president may make some of the information public. the federal government will keep running until the end of april. the senate beat a midnight deadline to prevent shut down. it provides flood relief, drought relief for california and help for the lead problem in flin flint, michigan. now to the white house transition. president-elect donald trump will bring his thank you tour to hersey, pennsylvania. last night he had a rally in
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michigan. at the rally, he said the christmas greeting should make a come back in stores. >> how about all of the department stores, they have bells and they have the red walls and the snow but they don't have merry christmas. i think they're going to start putting up merry christmas. merry christmas. >> the rallies came hours before the michigan supreme court denied the green party request for statewide election recount. the incoming chief of staff for the trump white house, reince priebus, sits down with chuck todd on "meet the press" tomorrow at 10:30, here on nbc10. a federal judge in philadelphia is expected to decide monday whether an election recount can move forward here in pennsylvania. yesterday former green party presidential nominee jill stein appeared in court to argue for the recount. she claimed voting machines across the state are open to hacking, do not have a paper trail. also they asked for statewide examination of software used to
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count the vote. >> recounts to ensure we can be confident in our vote, and we are having great difficulties. >> president-elect donald trump says there's no concrete evidence supporting stein's claim. today in camden county, anti-fascist group is among those planning to protest kelly ann conway's appearance in the christmas parade. the group posted about plans to demonstrate against trump's campaign manager. she's grand marshall for the parade and getting a key to the city. a holiday grinch cuts the lights to homes in camden county. how neighbors are reacting, how some are trying to safeguard decorations.
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you can almost see how cold it is in in othnorth dakota. temperatures plujed into single digits. expected to drop below zero this weekend. we're not expecting that kind of cold weather here, but precipitation is another story. talking rain and snow. meteorologist krystal klei is tracking it with the first alert neighborhood forecast. tell us about it. >> single digits temperatures. talking cold conditions here, not that cold, but like you mentioned we are tracking potential for snow in our area as we move into tomorrow evening for the monday commute. depends what neighborhood you're in what you'll see in the form of precipitation. that's why forecasting is important. look at radar and satellite. this is the view.
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look to nebraska for the area of snow to develop. move across the country, pushing into our neck of the woods as we move along. the forecast is a ways off, we will see the potential in our area for some snow, some mix and some rain. here's the time line. saturday, sunday, monday. three day outlook neighborhood by neighborhood. cold conditions, hold tight next two days. 39 today, 37 tomorrow. late day sunday, we start the increase in clouds. most of sunday is dry in philadelphia. overnight we may ss ee mix in. monday that will turn to rain. notice a high temperature. that's the thing with the suburbs. more likely to see snow in upper portions of the southern counties. lehigh valley could certainly see snow. late day, overnight with rain into monday. that's across the board.
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a little mix may stretch to new jersey, less likely. this is overnight that we're looking at that. cloudy conditions for the shore and delaware, but very cold for the next two days consistently. we will talk about the forecast day by day and change over to rain coming up. the eagles gearing up to host washington tomorrow. we will hear from receiver george matthews as he gets ready to return to action. and the flyers hope to continue their winning ways. hear the captain explain why his team is the hottest one on ice.
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new study shows teachers in new jersey are getting better at their jobs. ratings of teachers went up in the last school year.
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more than a third found to be highly effective. that's a sizable jump from the year before. the year before two-thirds of teachers were labeled simply as effective. officials base that on classroom observations and tests. some holiday displays in south jersey are darker this weekend. vandals and thieves left a trail of damage in several neighborhoods. drew smith looks at what happened and why it is changing how some show off holiday spirit. >> reporter: they mallish usually cut christmas wires. >> had this run all the way around. >> reporter: ryan miller had a wreath and tree left after time and money went into a bigger display. mostly for his two-year-old daughter. >> was so excited to turn on the lights. >> reporter: someone ruined it. >> someone is a grinch. >> reporter: flashing the wire,
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not one but three times. >> three spots, three nights. >> reporter: miller tried to make a repair the first time, there was no fixing the final cut. >> called my wife down, said whatever. they defeated me. >> reporter: they report a dozen more incidents. >> we're a little vigilant this year. >> reporter: david's display was hit last year. >> somebody came down, damaged some of the snow men. >> reporter: this christmas man could not be stopped. >> tried to stay in the spirit. >> reporter: he shuts it all off earlier in the night. police are increasing patrols. ryan miller hopes whoever is responsible finds goodness in their heart. >> robbing someone of holiday joy, that's all it is. >> reporter: investigators want to put a stop to this. full focus information, pictures, surveillance, they want to hear from you. easton township, drew smith, nbc10 news.
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in west wet land township, police warning people to keep an eye out for conventional thieves. looking for a pair of women targeting local restaurants while customers are busy talking or eating, they steal from their purses. police tell us the women swipe a credit card or two and quickly spend thousands. sometimes at department stores. one victim had no idea her cards were even missing. >> she's talking to somebody, not paying attention. having conversation. and they took three credit cards out of her purse, return the purse, did this for hours. >> if you know who the women are, police want to hear from you. they remind everyone to keep an eye on purses and bags. 5:47 this saturday. let's get back to our weather. we have changes in our weather on the way. talking about rain and snow. meteorologist krystal klei tracking this in first alert neighborhood forecast. it sounds like it is going to
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depend where you live in terms of what you see. >> absolutely. that's why neighborhood forecasting is important. some of us talk rain, some of us talk snow. by monday morning commute, some of us talking ice. roadways make a dangerous commute. we are looking at neighborhood conditions for this morning. today would be different than sunday night into monday, which is why we have first alert for that time period. in new jersey, lumberton at 30, pemberton, 29 degrees. robbinsville 30 degrees. and prince ton down to 20. another cold start out there. we see lighter winds, in some spots feels colder than the temperatures. winds have died down in comparison to yesterday. yesterday we had gusts up to 30 miles per hour, which is what we were expecting. look at the delaware neighborhoods.
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odessa, 28 degrees. we have consistency for delaware neighborhoods, mostly in the upper 20s to mid-20s. lincoln and milton at 26 degrees as well. getting out the door, grab scarves, coat, maybe a coat you haven't broken out. maybe yesterday was the first day you broke it out. today and tomorrow still very cold as well. radar and satellite, wider view shows us overnight we had lake effect snow. one band from lehigh valley through philadelphia and new jersey and clipped parts of atlantic city. we did see light snow move through some areas. that has broken apart. now we have clouds sunday once the sunrises. could see lake effect snow clipping the area through the rest of today. most of us stay dry and breezy. winds 10 to 15 miles per hour. gusts to 25 miles per hour which means we feel colder than it truly is. this morning, this is where we are. teens to low 20s, feels like
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conditions. going through the afternoon, should see feels like temperatures around the upper 20s. mind you, the temperatures are in the mid to upper 30s. it will feel colder than it truly is. then going into the night, if you have plans, bundle up. low 20s for feels like conditions. and this is ahead of precipitation. sunday we start off in the morning, 8:30 a.m., feels like mid to upper 20s but no precip yet. that comes late day sunday into early morning monday. for philadelphia we may see a few flakes mixing to rain overnight. for the most part it is more on the rain side for philadelphia. notice the high, 37 degrees. monday more rain. 50 degrees. warm front is pushing in, finally warmer air. maybe isolated flurries on wednesday. potential for bigger system setting up by next weekend.
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look at the forecast highs, thursday only a high of 29 degrees. good morning, i am danny pommells. eagles/redskins squaring off at the linc sunday. it seems like the birds will get some relief in the injury department, jordan mooth hoous, -- matthews will tak matthews w practice. listed as questionable for sunday's game ay'inst washington. running back ryan mathews also a full prpratice participant. listed as uestionable. both appear ready to play. matthews, jordan ready to go. >> it was definitely rough. you know, like i said, that was my first missed in sports, not counting the preseason games. you know, at the same time, it's
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been one of those years, too, obviously it wasn't ideal. i didn't think i would miss my first game at 24. but at the same te se it could always be worse. i'm still blessed and still extremely anxious to put in te se. the flyers as hot as they come. the hottest team in the nhl in in fact, winning seven straight. they host the stars saturday afternoon. thursday, perhaps the game of the year, 6-5 win over edmonton. claude giroux scored three goals. things appear to be coming together for the flyers. >> it's clicking right now. as a tega we're playing some good hockey. everybody's stepping up every ggae and you . yow we're not thinking out there, we know what we have to do. at the start of the year, we had some holes and we dialed down and made sure we put thof te mistakes out of our game and right now we're pla plng some good hockey and we're kind on a high right now. we have to keep the momentum going and keep having fun.
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>> you see the backdrop behind giroux, he's the new n fce of te tops card. hockey cards, digital on phones and tablespo. check it out. at today's event he was answering who does it better, usa or canada? and had this exchange with cs ds michael barkann. >> and finally beer. >> i don't drink beer. >> oarky. >> no, i'd say, canada. >> canada? >> yeah. >> no,m thinking canada labatt, molson's versus yuenglin but younow e not a beer guy. >> right. >> i love beer. one high school note. archbishop wood won.
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congratulations to the vikings. that's it for sporspo. i am danny pommells. csn. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays.
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cf1 o rnners get into the holiday spirit for two events. the rudolph run 5k begins this morning. participants dress in festive outfispo as they cf1 o rn. and thepsull donate canned good to the food pantry. and then this apafernoon, runnig of the santas. love this video. hunthe beds of santas rprae aro spring garden beginning at 3:00 p.m. the run ends at the electric n fctory which will be transformed into a north pole party. live bands and food trucks. money raised from the event goes to lcardal charities. today in camden county, karen thus eeists delle members of the group have been plaking that toy run several years. a parade of classic, luxury, sports cars accompany a boxed truck filled with teeis to the hospital this morning. hospital this morning. 5:57 this saturday. today wilmington will say good-bye to a hero. funeral services begin later on
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for firefighter ardy he died from injuries suffered in a september fire that killed two of her colleagues. a live report from wilmington is straight >> yeead. and the first alert forecast, tracking a rain snow mirouxthat makes it to philadelphia. we will talk about that. here's a lle man-made snow is being made. that's not going to be the case tomorrow night.
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. december. that's the best way to put it. temperatures dropped to the teens and 20s with the arctic blast, we are expecting a wintry mix later this weekend. details coming up in this forecast. crews had to fight a row home fire in philadelphia overnight. we will explain how it started. wilmington will honor a fallen firefighter who died serving the community she loved. coming up, a live report ahead of ardy hope's funeral. good morning. thanks for being with us. i am rosemary connors. it is 6:00 this saturday. if you happened to be out last night, you may have seen light


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