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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 6am  NBC  December 10, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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. december. that's the best way to put it. temperatures dropped to the teens and 20s with the arctic blast, we are expecting a wintry mix later this weekend. details coming up in this forecast. crews had to fight a row home fire in philadelphia overnight. we will explain how it started. wilmington will honor a fallen firefighter who died serving the community she loved. coming up, a live report ahead of ardy hope's funeral. good morning. thanks for being with us. i am rosemary connors. it is 6:00 this saturday. if you happened to be out last night, you may have seen light snow falling.
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this is in the overbrook neighborhood. not enough to stick to the ground but that may change by end of the weekend and beginning of the week. let's get the details from the first alert meteorologist krystal klei. krystal? >> the issue that's first alert, because we are looking at some areas seeing accumulating snow sunday night into monday morning. here's a look at the first alert. lehigh valley, berks county, through the pennsylvania suburbs, particularly the upper portions, northern edge of the suburbs where we may see accumulating snow, there's a time line. it starts sunday afternoon in the lehigh valley. into the night we will see the line move in. that will last into monday morning. then mostly turn to rain. what we are looking at is the possibility of some accumulation of snow changing to wintry mix, then to rain. wintry mix the big concern. maybe that changeover in the morning commute, meaning icy
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roadways north and west of philadelphia. here are temperatures now. compare to what you found a second ago, feels like temperatures. that's what it feels like due to winds and cool air. 27 in philadelphia, feels like 20 outside. areas like lancaster, 25. feeling like the teens. allentown at 28. millville, 26. it is a cold start, a cold rest of your day just like yesterday. talking highs only top out in the 30s. current winds close to 10 miles per hour. they pick up in the afternoon. talk more about that and first alert conditions coming up. >> see you shortly. new from overnight, cold weather didn't do firefighters any favors when called to this home in overbrook section of philadelphia. the flames broke out before midnight. they put the flames out in minutes. they did rescue one adult, two children from the home. fortunately nobody hurt. investigators will be looking for the cause of the fire. today in wilmington, a
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firefighter who died after saving a family from a fire will be laid to rest. ardy hope spent weeks in the icu, lost her battle recently. today she will be honored. monique braxton is live in wilmington this morning with details on her funeral. monique? >> reporter: hi, rosemary. a public viewing for the first female firefighter to die in wilmington gets under way in about four hours. for the past few minutes, we have been watching fire trucks from the department begin to assemble here. they're expecting firefighters from all across the country. a ladder truck, several of them now are positioning themselves, getting in place. hope is the third firefighter to die from injuries she suffered on september 24th when the candy park row home was allegedly set on fire by the homeowner's daughter. the fire department says hope rushed in, attempting to save the firefighters who were trapped. lieutenant christopher leech and
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senior firefighter jerry fickes. they were on the first floor when the floor collapsed in the 1900 block of ran view road. hope, a 23 year veteran, responded to the may day call. she's now survived by three children. fire officials tell us on scene they plan to see hope's body arriving about 8:00 this morning. you can see they're lining up now. the fire chief says a full honors program will take place here at the chase center at about 1:00. we're going to be here to bring you all of the processional and the assembling and the funeral later today. live for now, monique braxton, nbc10 news. the city of wilmington is honoring the three fallen firefighters. city council voted thursday to rename three fire stations after ardy hope, christopher leech and jerry fickes.
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the funeral for a new jersey trooper frank ee williams set for monday in atlantic city. i was killed in a car crash. the governor ordered all flags to fly half staff monday. public viewing for trooper williams is monday morning at 8:00 at boardwalk hall. the funeral set for noon. officials expect a large turnout by law enforcement officers from across the state. trooper williams died when a driver going the wrong way crashed into the cruiser in millville. state authorities are investigating a deadly shooting in lehigh valley. nbc10 learned an officer shot and killed a man yesterday afternoon. here's what we know. all started when police responded to potential suicide attempt on apple blossom road. north hampton district attorney's office says the man armed with a gun and machete wouldn't follow police commands.
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the d.a. asked state police to look into the shooting. to catch a peeping tom. it shows the man sneaking on the balcony where the woman lives. the victim didn't want to show her face but shared her story. take a listen. >> i got out of the shower to get changed and saw a flash through the window. i don't know who he is. i don't think that he is directly targeting me, i think that it is just fascination with girls in general. >> the woman tells us her boyfriend chased the peeper but the man got away. we learned a new lock is on the security gate at the apartment. police describe him as 20 years old, 6'2", 170 poinlds, long
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brown hair. at the time of the incident wearing a north face jacket. if you have any information in the case, investigators would like to hear from you. seven minutes past 6:00. still ahead on nbc10 news today. clawed injury u reveals a fun fact. >> he loves beer. the real question who does beer better? canada or the u.s.? his answer up later in sports. and it may be the most wonderful time of year but also the busiest time for shipping companies. we will explain how some of the companies use meteorologists to make sure your presents end up under the tree.
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welcome back. if you're getting out there, it is a cold start. going to be a cold day as well.
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we are topping out forecast highs in the upper 30s. cloud sun mix through the afternoon. 37 degrees at 1:00 p.m. notice we start to drop to the mid to low 30s moving into the night. if you have plans, feels like temperatures are lower. you need to layer up to be safe out there. it will be a cold one again. 29 at 9:00 a.m. only to the mid-30s 1:00 in the afternoon. low to mid-30s by 1:00 in the afternoon for the lehigh valley. we will stay for the most part dry today. very isolated lake effect snow, going to push into the lehigh valley. everywhere else, sun mix. low 30s near the shore. moving to the mid to upper 30s by 1:00 in the afternoon, cap the forecast highs in the upper 30s to close to 40 for parts of the jersey shore. right back to near freezing in areas like delaware and new jersey as we move into the
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evening at 5:00. there's the forecast. winds 10 to 15 miles per hour. gusts up to 25 miles per hour. makes it feel colder than it is. then it is about snow potential. we will look at that with first alert coming up. parts of the area did see snow last night. folks hustle and bustle south philly, they were dressed for the weather, bundled from head to toe. we stopped by a christmas tree stand to talk to families picking out trees. >> it's cold. trying to do this now, get it done with before it gets colder over the weekend. >> i hear you. if you plan to do tree hunting today, wear lots of layers to stay warm. as krystal said, cold weather is with us through the weekend. up next on nbc10, even more scrutiny on a controversial building project in philadelphia from the mayor.
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he says the builders could be tearing down their relationship with the city. and between a rock and leather pouch. the unusual gift that sold out at nordstroms and the price it went for.
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buil 6:00 on this saturday. here's a live look at camelback mountain resort in the poconos, making snow because it is cold enough. meteorologist krystal klei told us earlier, by the end of the weekend into beginning of next week, they'll get real snow on the ground. should make for nice powder on the trails. we will have more coming through
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the news cast. overseas, 200 more american troops headed to syria. defense secretary ash carter says extra forces help kurdish and arab fighters capture raqqah. the plan was approved last week. it moves the total troops in syria to 500. back in the u.s., hearing the chilling confession from dylan roof charged with gunning down nine in a church. >> i killed them i guess, i don't know. i didn't know how many people. >> the fbi investigators talked to him three hours june of last year. during questioning, roof declared himself a white supremacist. authorities say he killed the black worshippers to try to start a race war. he faces more than two dozen
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charges including hate crimes. convicted former congressman chaka fattah is expected to learn his fate monday when a sentencing hearing to wrap up his racketeering case. a jury found him guilty in june. prosecutors recommend two decades in prison but fattah's attorneys asked the judge to consider his years of public service before deciding on punishment. we spoke to nbc10 legal expert to explain what factors the judge will be considering during sentencing. >> the history, background of the defendant, nature of the offense, all of the things took place, that will be testimony, letters, all the people that come out to testify, and they will do that on his behalf to convince the judge to go below the guidelines. >> fattah served in congress for 22 years but resigned after convicted. philadelphia mayor jim kenny
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is blasting a developer for nearly doubling the height of a condo project for jeweler's row. he called on them to reconsider building a 29 story tower or risk its relationship with the city. the project in a historic area was originally 16 stories, but they changed plans earlier this week. the developer hopes to complete the building by 2019. change to septa's schedule tomorrow. could throw off your morning commute. here's the deal. the schedule for most regional rail lines will be adjusted, meaning some trains depart earlier or later than usually scheduled. changes impact 14 separate stations. go to or the nbc10 app to get details about the specific schedule changes. it is cold now. when the weather turns warmer, kids in northeast philly will have fun here. city officials unveiled improvements to american legion
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playground yesterday on tarsdale avenue. they worked with department of parks and recreation to design the new space. 6:18 this saturday. check in with meteorologist krystal klei. we don't have a first alert today, but we have it set for tomorrow. >> exactly right. we are looking at changing conditions for us as we move into sunday night and monday morning, particularly important is monday morning because of the morning commute. we have already called the first alert. first alert is to let you know ahead of time to prepare. maybe means getting the boss to let you come in late. whatever it means, we want you to have heads up in time. today it is about the cold air, then the changeover for sunday. temperatures in philadelphia neighborhoods, kensington, 28. upper 20s in bustle ton.
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fox chase is 29 for the current temperature. don't forget, winds 5 to 10 miles per hour. some spots were cooler than they actually are. radar and satellite, saw the lake effect snow machine can churn out snow for some right down into our area. we did see light snowfall, lehigh valley through philly, new jersey, stretching to atlantic city. thin veil, didn't last long. we could see spot snow in the northern edge of the viewing area. the real focus is tomorrow. here's a look at the forecast for snow and rain. this will begin late day sunday, sunday night. going to start out in areas like berks county and lehigh valley. we could see accumulation, a light dusting to coating through parts of the pennsylvania suburbs. we could see a mix of rain and
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snow briefly stretching to philadelphia, possibly new jersey, although it doesn't look likely. more likely rain for philadelphia, new jersey, delaware that will move overnight and into monday morning as well. meaning all of us talking wet roadways. saturday, mix of clouds and sun. very cold. looking at best, mid to upper 30s for forecast highs, 40 at the shore and delaware. sunday, mostly cloudy conditions, but we won't deal with precipitation until we move into late day overnight time slot. temperatures still very cold. lehigh valley, only up to 32 degrees. then monday vain rain for most . potentially freezing rain in parts of the lehigh valley for the monday commute. more on conditions with the ten day forecast coming up. >> see you shortly. thanks for that, krystal. weather forecasting is crucial during shipping season
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for fedex. they could give santa a run for his money. it is the busiest airport in the world, planes carry 2 million express packages. to handle bad weather, they have more than two dozen meteorologists on staff watching the globe. >> called upon to give forecast days in advance. if we see it is a major event in indianapolis or hub location, we have flexibility in the system to divert some packages. >> they're going 24/7 to handle the shopping rush. los angeles city attorney's office filed lawsuit against j.c. penney, sears, macy's and kohl's. the lawsuit filed this week. you've probably seen ads for items marked from original price. the stores never actually sold the items at the original price, always charged the sale price.
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stores declined to comment on the pending lawsuit. if you're trying to find the hot holiday toys, you may have luck this weekend. walmart started to restock hatchimals. each store getting dozens. target will restock them tomorrow. another holiday gift appears to be in high demand, a rock. nordstroms has this on the website. medium stone sells for $85. we checked the website, it's already sold out. because music and his art attempts to offer perception of the culture. it evolved over time. >> an american icon on display. where you can find this bob dylan museum in philadelphia. and practicing with the team, still questionable for sunday. what eagles player george matthews has to say about missing games coming up in sports.
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visit a place where siblings become friends,
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parents become kids, and neighbors become family. great wolf lodge. everybody in. visit to get the best deals on your family getaway. today a man many call a cultural icon will get a nobel prize. there's a place in philadelphia
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collectsing his memorabilia for a quarter century. matt delucia shows us how the legacy is preserved for generations to come. >> reporter: deep in the connelly library at lasalle university behind lock and key, there's indeed a special collection. >> many institutions don't like to try and collect contemporary things. we don't have that problem. >> reporter: he started gathering bob dylan memorabilia 25 years ago and continues to build with a new donation just coming this past week. more than 700 items, music, art, posters, even doctoral dissertations on the famed musician. >> the work is poetry, his music, the lyrics is art. graphic art permeated the culture and it wasn't going away. >> reporter: everything from the original. >> that literally tracks everything that the person does. >> reporter: to the outrageous.
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>> vinyl record that's been melted into a chip dish. it is hit or miss. never know where something will come from. >> reporter: each holds important notes about dylan's past and america's past. >> his music and art attempts to offer perception of american culture as it evolves over time. >> reporter: why he was awarded nobel prize in literature. the collection met with controversy, question of weather lyrics had the same artistic value as literature or poetry. you'll probably find a poem or two. >> there's so much he does at any given time, it's almost impossible to catalog everything. his points of view, comments and satire are almost like one of
6:28 am
the swiss army knives with all the different tools. each of those tools is one of his points of view. >> reporter: in bob dylan's own words, the times they are a changing. but his work will be around for years to come. matt delucia, nbc10 news. >> bob dylan said he will not attend the nobel prize ceremony in sweden today but has provided a speech to be read at the traditional banquet. 6:28 this saturday. still ahead. honoring a hero. nbc10 monique braxton live in wilmington for the funeral of a fallen firefighter. monique? >> reporter: hi, rosemary. we are outside where services will be held for ardythe hope, a firefighter that passed away this week. fire trucks from wilmington and new castle are assembling outside chase center. we're live in a moment.
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preparing for a hero's funeral.
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what wilmington is doing to honor a firefighter that died battling a blaze that investigators say was intentionally set. the team for president-elect trump dismissing a report that russian hackers had anything to do with the election as obama takes action to get to the bottom of it. light snow fell overnight. barely any stuck to the ground, but a wintry mix on the way could bring real snow, even a few inches to parts of the region. details coming up in the first alert neighborhood forecast. good morning, this is nbc10 news today. thanks for being with us. i am rosemary connors. it is just after 6:30 this saturday. let's check in with first alert meteorologist krystal klei. she's watching the wintry mix on the way. krystal, good news is that it is not going to be here most of the weekend, just as we wrap up. >> that's right. if you have weekend plans, you don't have to worry about driving conditions. you have to worry about the
6:32 am
temperature because it is cold out there. no matter where you go, you're going to feel the cold, cold air mass in place. these are feels like temperatures based on the winds. they're present as well as cold air. 11 degrees what it feels like in mount pocono, where they're currently making snow. 16 in lancaster, 19 in reading. also feeling like 19 in philadelphia, northeast philly, wilmington, and atlantic city. a lot of us are feeling below 20 degrees out there. radar and satellite, this is a tight view of the area. lake effect snow was able to creep across the area overnight. we should see a mix of clouds and sun moving through today's forecast. the first alert looms over us, particularly first alert for the poconos, lehigh valley, berks county and stretching into parts of the suburbs. we will talk more about when this times out, look at future models in a bit. >> thanks for that. we'll check back shortly.
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today, wilmington fire department will honor another fallen hero, ardy hope was in the hospital well over a month after a fire claims two of her colleagues. she died last week from injuries and this morning will be laid to rest. nbc10 monique braxton is live in wilmington where preparations for the funeral are already for firefighter ardythe hope gets under way at 10:00 this morning. just over my shoulder you see her fellow firefighters arriving from wilmington and new castle county. you also see the trucks lining up. you look in the distance, you can see the huge flag that's been hoisted. her body will be placed on a fire truck and carried under that flag. hope is the third firefighter to die from injuries suffered on september 24th when this candy park row home was allegedly set on fire by the owner's daughter. the fire department tells us hope rushed in attempting to
6:34 am
save firefighters who were trapped. you see their pictures here. lieutenant christopher leech and senior firefighter jerry fickes. investigators say they were on the first floor when the floor collapsed in the 1900 block of lakeview road. hope, a 23 year veteran, responded to their may day call but wasn't able to save them. hope is now survived by three children. fire brass at the scene say hope's body is arriving about 8:00 this morning. the chief says she will receive full honors during her funeral service at 1:00. live for now in wilmington, monique braxton, nbc10 news. new this morning, president-elect donald trump's transition team dismissing reports that the cia believes russia tried to interfere with the election because russia wanted mr. trump to win. last night president obama ordered a full report into election hacking. one intelligence official tells
6:35 am
nbc news the president may make some of that information public. in other news, the federal government will keep running until end of april. they beat a midnight deadline approving a stop gap spending measure to avoid a shut down. it provides flood relief for louisiana, drought relief for california and help for lead problems with drinking water in flint, michigan. now to the white house transition. president-elect donald trump bringing his thank you tour to hershey next thursday. he held a rally in michigan. he focused on the merry christmas greeting, saying it should make a come back in stores. >> how about all of the department stores, they have the bells and they have the red walls and they have the snow but they don't have merry christmas. i think they're going to start putting up merry christmas. merry christmas. >> the rally came hours before
6:36 am
the michigan supreme court denied the green party's request for a statewide election recount. this weekend, incoming chief of staff for the white house, reince priebus, sitting down with moderator chuck todd on "meet the press," tomorrow here on nbc10. on monday, a federal judge in philadelphia is expect to decide whether election recount can move forward in pennsylvania. yesterday former green party nominee was here to argue for recount. claims voting machines across the state are open to hacking and do not have a paper trail. they asked for statewide examination of the software used to count votes. >> recounts to ensure we can be confident in our vote and we are having, you know, great difficulties. >> president-elect donald trump says there's no concrete evidence supporting stein's claim. 6:36 on this saturday.
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today an anti-fascist group among those planning to protest kellyanne conway's appearance at the christmas parade. the group posted about plans to demonstrate against president-elect trump's campaign manager. conway is grand marshall and get ago key to the city. she grew up and went to st. jo's high school. a soap opera legend died. the family released a statement saying he died on wednesday after a long battle with alzheimer's disease. he was best known for playing steph no demara on "days of our lives." he was 87 years old. said whatever, they can have it. they defeated me. >> holiday hopes deflated, but not lost. we'll show you how one south jersey neighborhood is keeping the christmas spirit alive. plus, keep your credit cards close. we will explain how thieves
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target customers in popular stores. cancer, explore your treatment options with specialists who treat only cancer. every stage... every day.... at cancer treatment centers of america. learn more at
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well, if you went out yesterday, you noticed how cold it was. you'll feel the same thing today. very cold conditions. not yet tracking snow but we're under a first alert because of it. some areas will see snow sunday overnight and into early monday as things change over to rain. looking at wide view of radar and satellite, this is where our eye is. right here, that's where we're looking at snow. that system will push across the country and give us potential as we move in again to sunday night early morning hours of monday for some parts of the viewing area. that's why the neighborhood
6:41 am
forecast is so important. neighborhood forecast today is a lot different. just a mix of clouds and sun. temperatures staying similar to what we saw yesterday. upper 30s. 39 degrees, center city. summer ton, 38. chestnut hills, 38. easton, high of 36. cookstown, only the mid-30s. notice the cloud sun mix across the board we expect that. trenton, 37. atlantic city at 40. same for cape may. we will talk more about first alert and track conditions throughout the night sunday night coming up. >> thanks for that, krystal. holiday displace in south jersey are dark this weekend. vandals and thieves left a trail of damage in several evesham township neighborhoods. the grinches swiped inflatables and projectors and in some cases even cut wires on christmas lights. one thing tells us somebody cut his strand of lights not once, twice, but three times.
6:42 am
>> this is happening during christmas. >> they put their lights back up. not letting it get them down. police adding patrols, asking everyone to keep an eye out for vandals. montgomery county police warn everyone to keep an eye out for more conventional thieves. looking for a pair of women targeting local restaurants while customers are busy talking or eating, they steal from their purses. police tell us the women swipe a credit card or two and quickly spend thousands. sometimes at department stores. one victim had no idea her cards were even missing. >> she's talking to somebody, not paying attention. having conversation. and they took three credit cards out of her purse, return the purse, did this for hours. >> if you know who the women are, police want to hear from you. they remind everyone to keep an
6:43 am
eye on purses and bags. 6:43 this saturday. coming up next in sports, who does it better? canada or the u.s.? >> labalts, molson. >> flyers captain answers that hard hitting question. and we will tell you what everybody was laughing about after this interview.
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welcome back. looking at radar and satellite and looking at the state of pennsylvania through new jersey and delaware. want to show off the lake effect snow again. you see that machine churning
6:46 am
snow and pushing it with northwest flow. when we have winds from the northwest, sometimes they're strong enough to force lines of snow into our area. saw that overnight. there was a thin stretch from lehigh valley through philly, new jersey, and clipped atlantic city. if you saw flakes, maybe thought you were asleep, you weren't. it was very brief, already broken apart. now looking at clouds mixing in. getting ready for sunrise, a cloud sun mix in the forecast. doesn't help with temperatures. we have the seven-day forecast and another cold day ahead of us. here's the hour by hour forecast. time is very important for the forecast come sunday night. we go through today. maybe lake effect snow clipping near the poconos, near the lehigh valley. that's all we should see. otherwise clouds and sunshine throughout the afternoon. clearing conditions overnight.
6:47 am
then clouds boost incoming from the west 7:30 in the morning sunday. most of sunday will be cloudy. we're not expecting much in terms of precipitation. as we move late day, we will see snow nearing the lehigh valley again and that's going to start us off snow. as we move along here, we see a little break at 10:30 at night. still cloud coverage, not as much precipitation. then we continue through the night. a warm front will push in. that's giving us warmer air. the timing of the warm front is very important. it is going to allow either rain, rain snow mix or snow across the area. we're expecting snow for the lehigh valley. mixing conditions through the suburbs, but with possibility, notice pink stretching to near philadelphia. this isn't likely but it is a possibility we're looking at a first alert for northern suburbs. lehigh valley, berks county through the poconos. as this moves along, turns into rain quickly. the rain will stretch throughout the viewing area. the problem is that with the
6:48 am
warm front it could mean icing for areas near allentown, lehigh valley, berks county for the morning commute. nonetheless, we're all talking a wet commute. sunday into early monday hours, one to three inches of accumulation of snow possible in areas in deeper blue. lighter blue more of a coating. that's along northern pennsylvania suburbs. here's the good news going to the eagles game, forecast includes temperatures in the 30s and primarily dry as well. 6:48 this saturday. head to new york, check in with the "today" show for what's next at 7:00. say good morning to sheinelle and craig. hey, guys. >> hey, rosemary. >> good morning. coming up this saturday morning. president-elect donald trump taking on the cia overnight. why he doesn't believe the intelligence agency's claim that russia tried to help him win the election. also ahead, you may need to give extra tlc to your christmas tree, with millions looking smaller than usual. the reason behind the scrubby
6:49 am
trees. and get them while you can, retailers restocking to sell the hottest holiday toy. get the hatchimal to put under the tree. >> those stories and more on saturday on today. >> are you understanding the craze behind it? i don't get it. >> we've heard. no, we don't get into it. >> apparently it is all the rage. craig and sheinelle, thanks so much. see you at 7:00. good morning, i am danny pommells. eagles and washington square off sunday. it seems like the birds will get some relief in the injury department, jordan matthews will take full practice. listed as questionable for sunday's game against washington. running back ryan mathews also a full practice participant. listed questionable.
6:50 am
both appear ready to play. after missing the last game, jordan matthews ready to get on the field. >> it was definitely rough. you know, like i said, that was my first missed in sports, not counting the preseason games. you know, at the same time, it's been one of those years, too, obviously it wasn't ideal. i didn't think i would miss my first game at 24. but at the same time it could always be worse. i'm still blessed and still extremely anxious to put in time. the flyers as hot as they come. the hottest team in the nhl in in fact, winning seven straight. they host the stars saturday afternoon. thursday, perhaps the game of the year, 6-5 win over edmonton. claude giroux scored three goals. -- two goals and assisted on another. things appear to be coming together for the flyers. >> it's clicking right now. as a team we're playing some good hockey. everybody's stepping up every
6:51 am
game and you know we're not thinking out there, we know what we have to do. at the start of the year, we had some holes and we dialed down and made sure we put those mistakes out of our game and right now we're playing some good hockey and we're kind on a high right now. we have to keep the momentum going and keep having fun. >> you see the backdrop behind giroux, he's the new face of the tops card. hockey cards, digital on phones and tablets. check it out. at today's event he was answering who does it better, usa or canada? and had this exchange with csn's michael barkann. >> and finally beer. >> i don't drink beer. >> okay. >> no, i'd say, canada. >> canada? >> yeah. >> i'm thinking canada labatt,
6:52 am
molson's versus coors, budweiser, yuenglin but you're not a beer guy. >> right. >> i love beer. one high school note. archbishop wood won. for the state tied he will 5 a. before we go. shoutout to the quarterback, they lost state title matchup. trying to finish a perfect season, came up short. props to them on a great year. that's it for sports. i am danny pommells. csn. i am rosemary connors, for nbc10 at issue. how one community is fighting badge the scourge of heroin. and a brand new drug dissolves dangerous plaque. >> doctors like me are excited about the prospect of having a new medicine, new class of medicine to lower ldl
6:53 am
cholesterol by as much as statin with fewer side effects. and glenn schwartz joins us with the forecast. sunday at 11:30, following "meet the press," only on nbc10.
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this afternoon it is the annual running of the santas. hundreds of santas race around spring garden beginning 3:00 this afternoon. the run ends at the electric factory which will be transformed into a north pole party with live bands and food trucks. money raised from the event goes to local charities. this starts at 3:00, lasts well into the evening, see a few santas out and about in philadelphia. >> don't be alarmed. we are looking at a very cold forecast and changes moving forward. this is the river rink. looks nice, also pretty cold this morning. temperatures are only going to boost into the upper 30s. maybe 40 for the shore and delaware. sunday is mostly cloudy. sunday night, changeover. snow for the lehigh valley, mix stretching into philadelphia briefly as it turns to rain on monday. a warm front moving in.
6:57 am
that's why it turns to rain. also means high temperatures get a little higher as well. >> i will take that. we know arctic air is here, winter is here, even if the calendar doesn't say it, in terms of what you guys are doing, what the meteorologists are looking at, it is winter. >> actually, looking at the ten day forecast, we are tracking. we have a second. temperatures could get way colder next week than the 30s. wednesday, 39. could be isolated snow flurries. thursday, high of 29. a low thursday night into friday of 17 degrees. >> brr. that's all i have to say. that does it for us for now. another local update in 25 minutes, then back for a full hour of news at 8:30. have a good one!
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good morning. trump versus the cia. the president-elect taking on the intelligence agency overnight after a new report about a secret cia meeting in september claiming the russians did intervene in the 2016 election to help him win. trump completely dismissing those claims. at happens when a president-elect goes to war with his own spies? we're live. chilling confession. for the first time, we're hearing shocking words from the gunman who killed nine people inside a historic church in charleston. >> i went to that church in charleston and i did it. >> that videotape shown for the first time to jurors inside a south carolina courtroom. what we're learning this morning about dylann roof's hateful


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