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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 530am  NBC  December 11, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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radar. we can see that system moving closer to us. the threat of show snow, sleet, ice or rain could affect the end of the weekend and start of the workweek. authorities are investigating a refinery fire. flames lit up the night sky above south philadelphia following a fire and hazmat incident. those details are just ahead. now arriving, septa changes. new schedules in effect for almost all of the regional rail lines. we'll have more on how it will impact your commute. >> announcer: nbc 10 news starts now. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors.
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5:30 on sunday. thanks for being with us. we've issued a first alert that will take effect this afternoon. we want to make sure you're ready for the wintry weather that will arrive late today and last through the morning rush. crystal klei. >> depending where you are, you'll see different precipitation. lehigh, burks county and parts of the pennsylvania suburbs, especially upper portions of counties. when? starting this afternoon. northern edge around poconos, lehigh valley. as we move in tonight through monday morning through that commute, we are tracking those conditions changing over to rain. that will begin with snow, some accumulation possible. as a result that shifts from snow to rain leaving us with wintry mix, icing and, of course, danger for the morning
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commute. issue the first alert. through much of sunday, things will be okay. cold but okay to get out there. 29 in philadelphia, 27 in wilmington. pottstown at 25. winds not a big factor because winds will be on the lighter side of things. radar and satellite, purple and white is where snow is pushing into parts of pennsylvania. it goes all the way through to that south central portion. we're looking at the northern edge to start out our later part of the day. but as we move forward overnight, it could spread in with the next system passing. we're going to track that, break it down by the hour coming up. >> we'll see you shortly. breaking news overnight, police on the scene of a shooting outside tropicana in new york city. victim found in the valet parking area around 3:00. witnesses tell nbc 10 the man was barely conscious. he was loaded into an ambulance.
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we are working to learn more about his condition. we're waiting to hear police about suspects. we'll be giving you updates on air and nbc app. this morning police investigating armed robbery at wendy's in kummerlacoupl cumber. trying to figure out what was stolen. so far no arrests in this case. back to our weather, there are some businesses that welcome the windy weather." they tend to make more money when there's a chill in the air. >> reporter: for some, they say winter weather is good for business because it puts people in the holiday spirit. john wears a light jacket unzipped as he sells another white hope christmas tree. >> i don't know why i have a coat on. >> reporter: he says the excitement of having a satisfied customer keeps him warm.
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the business's trademark trailer. >> this is our home away from home every since we started. >> that was more than 40 years ago. the trailer has everything he needs. >> heat. heat. okay. we want to be nice and warm in here. >> in northampton, temperatures at a frigid 24 degrees. >> temperatures being so low, any type of precipitation could freeze on the roadway. >> penndot prepared for snow on what could be a slippery morning commute. >> doesn't mind the forecast. >> that's the best time to buy a tree when you have a little mist and that snow falling down. >> cold weather is good for business. >> okay, guys. merry christmas. thank you. see you again next year. >> right now all is quite at this penndot yard. later this evening, a lot of these trucks will be out putting salt down on the road ahead of monday morning's commute. reporting south whitehall township, awn dry, a
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cline-thomas. >> you can track wintry weather with up to the minute radar plus customize first alert forecast. can also alert you when schools are closed or opening late. we have new details about a fire at a refinery in southwest philadelphia. first last night as breaking news. they quickly prepared for the problem that started the fire. they say it only lasted minutes and under control. happened on the side of the plant. hazmat and firefighters called to the scene before 11:00 last night. please closed the roads in the area while they were able to bring flames under control. nobody was hurt. today investigators are trying to figure out what led to a double shooting. two people shot at a produce market on market street in upper
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darby. both victims rushed to the hospital. authorities tell nbc 10 neither person was hurt. we're checking with police to find out if they made any arrests. also out of delaware county, a suspect was killed during an invasi invasion. the home owner shot and killed a would be burglar during the confrontation. delaware police and detectives are now investigating. news from bucks county where a former middle school teacher accused of exchanging illicit videos with one of his students will serve tile in prison. a judge sentenced becker 11 to 23 months in correctional facility. back in june becker pleaded guilty to multiple charges including unlawful contact with a minor. he admitted to pressuring a 14-year-old student to send him graphic videos. he taught math.
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pennsylvania governor wolf says his wife will host an open house in harrisburg. part of the candlelight house tour. during the visit they can drop off gifts for toys for tots. thousands of santas took over center city philadelphia this weekend. instead of usual running of santa it was more of a party. it happened at the electric factory com lec and featured two different sections called forth pole and south pole. all the money raised will go to philadelphia charities. south philly was turned into a winter wonderland this weekend. the arctic avenue ice festival took place yesterday. professional ice sculptors spent much of the day turning blocks of ice into artwork. there was a race to see who could finish first. 5:37 this sunday. coming up schedule changes at septa. next, explain how your commute on regional rails could be impacted starting today.
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also, new details about a man caught on camera spraying a philadelphia business with anti-trump graffiti. his connection to city government and why he's not facing any charges.
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. welcome back. today we'll see a lot of changes moving into the nighttime hours. during the day if you have things to, as long as you bundle up you're fine to get out there. temperatures slowly climbing but not high. yesterday in the upper 30s. you can see by around midday, noon, or looking at only 34 degrees, barely above freezing and 36 by 4:00. increasing clouds developing ahead of that system moving in. so we're at 28, 8:00 a.m. in the suburbs, mid-30s. mid-30s the best we'll do in
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parts of the lehigh valley. notice the drop in temperatures. that's because in the afternoon parts of lehigh valley may start to see snow falling as well. delaware mid-30s, right around there. cloudiness across the board. 36 at the shore. winds not an issue, right around 5 to 10 miles per hour. the max we will see is all about that snow and rain timing. from 2:00 to 10:00, this afternoon into the early part of the evening, snow for poconos, lehigh valley, isolated flakes for suburbs. the front starts to creep in and we see this moisture push. rain in philly starting around midnight. no rain mix north of philadelphia. from 1:00 to 4:00 the rain line pushes north as well, to the poconos. the problem is, that means a potential for icing on roads as well. we'll look at your future model coming up. changes go into effect on septa's regional rail lines. the schedules for most of the
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lines will be adjusted. that means some trains will depart earlier or later than regularly scheduled. the changes will impact at least 14 separate stations. go to or napz. nbc 10 app and look out how you will be affected. new details about city of philadelphia attorney caught on camera spray painting anti-trump graffiti. he and a city the ft clifter will not faces jobs and keep his jobs. seen in this video he spray printed derogatory sign about donald trump. the other watches and takes a pick. the city official tells philadelphia inquiry he did not -- he will get a week without way. president-elect manager donald trump returned to lead a christmas parade.
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she debate receive a warm welcome from everybody in the crowd but that didn't stop her from getting in the holiday spirit. >> tonight i want to wish each and every one of you a very happy, healthy, merry christmas. kellyanne conway was the grand marshal for the christmas parade last night. hundreds lined the parade group and protesters also in the crowd. conway avoided talk of politics but instead asked people there to pray. >> for eight years i would ask you to pray for our outgoing president and vice president. i would ask you to pray for our new vice president and president. >> conway grew up in nearby town and attended st. joe high school in hamilton. at the parade she also received a key to the town. 5:43 on sunday, coming up deer damage. we'll show you more of what happened when two deer darted right through a car wash in bucks county -- burks county.
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president-elect donald trump is moving closer to nominating secretary of state. the decision is drawing criticism of democrats and republicans. the 64-year-old oil exec has no formal government or diplomatic experience. however, he was exxon's liaison to the kremlin. he's met with russian president vladimir putin on several catego occasions and that's something that has republican leader concerned. >> i believe vladimir putin is a thug and bully and murderer. i believe the relationship needs to be examined. the news of trump's choice came hours after "the washington post" reported that the cia believes russia interfered in the election to help mr. trump win presidency. president-elect transition team
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slamming the report saying it's time to move on. a south jersey community trying to turn tragedy into triumph after the murder of a local singer. there's a new wish wall in honor of christina grimmie. organizers unveiled the wish wall yesterday at the library. that's where grimmie grew up. people are encouraged to write down meaningful messages and post them. they can do it at the wall or online. the wish wall foundation assesses the wishes and does what it can to make more meaningful ones come through. grimmie was a finalist on "the voice." she was shot and killed signing autographs after a performance in june. the gunman then killed himself. christina grimmie was 22 years old. time for a shower? that's what it looks like. this video those two deer running through a car wash in burks county. take a look the animals ran
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through the car wash on friday. fortunately nobody was hurt but the canopy was damaged when one of the deer jump right through it. now to our weather. while parts of the area will see snow today and tomorrow, it won't be anything like this. 3 feet of snow yesterday. more expected this morning through early tomorrow. >> announcer: now, you're nbc 10 first alert weather. >> 3 feet of snow, not rally ready for that. we are looking at snow in the forecast but nothing like that. we're taking a live look outside, this is a dark philadelphia. this is i think so the link here. it's still dry. we'll get to the forecast for the eagles game coming up in a moment. start with conditions currently. looking at new jersey neighborhoods. it's another cold start out there. the good news is, windchills or feels-like conditions not as rough as they have been in the
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last two days because winds died down considerably. pittman 27, mount laurel 28. most of us sitting in upper 20s. robbinsville 27, florence the same at 28 degrees. sitting here at 29 degrees. get out the door very early this morning, you are certainly going to feel those freezing conditions outside. and across the board we are looking at freezing temperatures. the precip is just not here yet. what we are looking at, there is a low pressure center or storm system way off to the west near the great lakes. ahead of it a warm front. ahead of that, some of that moisture pushing through pennsylvania. the problem, most of it for now will clip along to the north of us, meaning just northern edge of snow potential. later as we move overnight, that's when the warm front will push warm moisture into the rest of the area. although i'm looking at some of the snow that's starting to move through parts of maryland, creeping near delaware. be surprised with the temperatures we had if we saw a
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flake or two try to make it to the ground. break apart as it moves closer in will that's something we'll be watching through the morning here. a closer look with the clouds. we will stay cloudy at least throughout the entire day. sunday is going to be a great day. as we move forward sunday into monday, notice changeover conditions. look at today, 37 in philadelphia, 36 suburbs. cloudiness across the board, a peak at the shore. mostly snow we're looking at. in the afternoon you can see that snow is heading to the west of us. overnight it pushes in warm air. for most of us that changes over to rain. philadelphia to suburbs. we'll start with snow overnight in the suburbs and may see icing. burks county near lehigh valley. temperatures better off in the afternoon and rain expected first half of the day. new jersey, shore and delaware as well.
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potential snow totals, 1 to 3 inches, burks county, lehigh, a bit more to poconos and coat near parts of the suburbs with the system. here is the good news. the forecast for the eagles game, we're going to be cold, only in the mid-30s, kickoff 1:00 p.m. we do stay dry and cloudy. >> 5:51 on sunday. coming up, hats off, flyers make it eight wins in a row. we'll tell you about who they will face later on today.
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this weekend jeep lovers celebrate a cause. hundreds came to pipe creek for jeeps for joy supply drive. nbc 10's wrangler there. provides for ronald mcdonald house. later in the day a parade of
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jeeps delivered those supplies. though is theaters desk from xfinity, change the way you experience tv. >> i'm john clark from csn. flyers are the hottest fema in hockey. eight straight wins. flyers have longest winning streak in 14 years. stars up 1-0 late in the first. power play for shane. dallas up 2-1 in the third. shenn shining on the power play again. how about tipping it off his stick. take a look. it goes right through the legs of wayne summons. tied at two. second goal for schenn. two minutes left, power play again. schenn gets the hat trick. flyers winter 4-2. that's second career hat track, fans are throwing their hats on the ice. in his first hat trick, an older woman got so excited she threw
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her bra on the ice. jake voracek, anything interest thrown on the ice yesterday? >> a bud light. i didn't have a chance to look around. i feel -- >> hats off to the flyers. they unveiled their stadium series jerseys. they are going to wear them at heinz field against penguins saturday february 25th. they will be back in black. onto the eagles. they say today they desperately need a win. if you remember that first meeting with the redskins in washington this year, the defense gave up 5 yards of offense, 230 yards on the ground. so i asked malcolm jenkins, does the defense take that personal. >> nothing about the situation we're in right now that doesn't make you angry, whether our record or back in the division or think back to the last time we played, get motivated, plenty
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to be upset about, plenty of reasons to have an attitude and have some bite to you. i think you'll see a team with some energy, with a little bit of attitude and hopefully that turns into a win. >> more with malcolm this morning on eagl"eagles gameday kickof kickoff", then "eagles game plan" at 10:00 a.m. afterwards tonight "eagles gameday final" after sunday night football. villanova, they are 10-0. they have won 16 straight going back to last season. that lasts longest winning streak in school history. the cats are the number one team in history. they have a tough test on the road at 23rd ranked notre dame. huge game for josh hart. a career high 30 points. as good as any player in the country, only cat in double figures. struggle but forced turnover. jalen brunson finishes and cats get their first lead of the day and hold on to beat the irish
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74-66. the cats will host temple, owls at depaul. first josh brown he'll do it all. owls improve to 7-3, beat blue demons 74-65. lasalle and penn lost their games. onto sixers. no joel imbee, but make egg a debut, see if there's any minute restrictions. congrats to northwest raiders from philly. they win the division 1 pop warner super bowl. they shut out santa clara and get their third straight title. they have a the loaf them. congrats to st. joe's prep who won a state title in high school football. i'm john clark. enjoy your eagles sunday. >> i second that. congrats to st. joe's prep. 5:57 on sunday. right now on "nbc 10 news today," we're continuing to follow breaking news out of atlantic city. police investigating overnight shooting. somebody discovered the victim lying right in front of the
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doors at the tropicana casino. we'll have those details next. >> we're tracking this area of snow starting to head our direction. when it may move into your neighborhood coming up.
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tracking winter weather. the season may not officially be here but certainly look and feel like it later today. we're keeping a onclose eye on first alert radar as the system is expected to bring snow and rain move towards our region. this morning we're also following shooting investigation in atlantic city. police are trying to track down who shot a man overnight and left him for dead at front door of casino. practicing history. banks of delaware river will be peaked with on looks watching a dry run of annual christmas day re-enactment. those details coming up. nbc 10 news starts now. >> good morning, welcome back to "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors, thanks for being with us. it's 6:00 this sunday. nbc 10 weather team issued a first alert that takes place this afternoon. this will not be a major storm, of course, but we want to make


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