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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  December 14, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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lehigh valley. >> thanks for watching. >> up next nbc "nightly news" with lester holt. we'll see you at 11:00. breaking news tonight -- a bombshell from yahoo, a massive breach, hackers making off with private information from over a billion people. we have late details. nbc news exclusive, u.s. intelligence has directly linked vladimir putin to the campaign to disrupt the election. the russian president himself actively directing the use of hacked material. the price you pay -- the fed hikes interest rates, and your credit card bills, mortgage, car loans and student loans are about to get more expensive. invasion of privacy? uber under fire, a former employee accuses the company of allowing unauthorized access to the movements of 40 million customers. line of duty -- a supermarket surprise for an amazing mom. and we remember a
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beloved tv dad, ni "nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening, there's late word from yahoo tonight of a massive and stunning security breach. the company revealing that hackers may have stolen the personal information from more than a billion yahoo users. the hack apparently occurred over three years ago, but is just now being made public. what's more, the eye-popping breach is apparently separate from the major attack announced by the company just a few months ago. nbc's miguel almaguer has late details. >> in what is one of the largest hacks in u.s. history, today yahoo confirms data from more than one billion user accounts was stolen in 2013. private names, email addresses, telephone numbers, dates of birth, even encrypted security questions and answers have been
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exposed. >> the scale of this attack is something that we've never seen before but we're going to keep seeing these things. because now the internet has been around a long time. >> scrambling to identify the person or group who penetrated their firewalls, tonight the internet giant says we've taken steps to secure those user accounts and we're working closely with law enforcement. but this isn't the first attack. three months ago yahoo revealed another massive breach. when at least 500 million users had their account information stolen. suspicious a foreign government may have been involved that hack is still under investigation tonight. >> once a hacker gets your information from yahoo, they can use that to get into other things that are going to make money for the hacker. >> though it's believed no bank account or credit card information was stolen, security experts say your other accounts, like online banking, that use the same passwords, could now be at serious risk. so yahoo says -- change all your
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passwords now. tonight at least one billion users are vulnerable, and so is their private information. miguel almaguer, nbc news, los angeles. now an nbc news exclusive, what intelligence officials say is evidence the russian effort to disrupt the u.s. election went all the way to the top. naming president vladimir putin, a former kgb chief, an active player in the cyber operation that targeted democrats and the hillary clinton campaign. we've learned new details about what officials believe motivated the plot. nbc's senior investigative correspondent cynthia mcfadden tells us more. >> tonight nbc news can report that vladimir putin was personally involved in the russian attempt to disrupt the u.s. election. two senior intelligence officials with direct access to all the information tell nbc news the new intelligence is derived from diplomatic sources and others including spies working for america's
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allies. specifically, a high-level intelligence official tells nbc news putin's role was directing the use of the hacked material. putin's objectives were multi-faceted. what we again as a vendetta gas hillary clinton morphed into a an effort to show corruption in american politics and creating an image that other countries couldn't depend on u.s. to be a credible global leader any more. >> he's had a vendetta against hillary clinton, that's been known for a long time. he wants to discredit american democracy and make us weaker in terms of leading the liberal democratic order. and most certainly, he likes president-elect trump's views on russia. now it sounds like we have evidence to support those hypothesis. >> so tonight the question, will the u.s. retaliate against mr. putin directly? sass part of its plan, u.s. intelligence dug into mr. putin's personal empire and
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concluded that his network controlled some $85 billion worth of assets. left centre. >> cynthia, thank you. paying more for anything is rarely good news. but those who track the economy say today's announcement by the fed that it's racing a key interest rate after years of historic lows, is yet another sign the economy is on the upswing. for only the second time since the great recession, the federal reserve bumped up the rate banks charge each other. raising it a quarter point. but as tom costello tells us, it will have an effect on all of us and what we pay for a lot of things. >> for the second time in a decade, the federal reserve raises overnight lending rates. >> today's quarter-point rate hike a vote of confidence that the economic recovery is real. while raising rates slowly, the fed is giving itself room to lower rates again should the economy stumble. >> we expect the economy will continue to perform well with the job market strengthening further and inflation rising
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to 2% over the next couple of years. >> higher rates mean borrowing will become modestly more expensive. affecting credit cards, short-term loans, federal student loans and new car loans. also affected, mortgage rates, which for years have been sitting near record lows. >> the beautiful hardwood floors. >> this woman's realtor told her to expect a rate hike, so she and her family just closed on their first house in new york. just in time. >> we locked in an interest rate of 3.75. as of friday, the interest rates are 4.75. that's a $200-a-month difference. >> if you took out a popular adjustable rate mortgage when rates were low, now is the time to lock in a fixed rate. >> you want to insulate yourself from the interest rate increases. >> higher rates could be good news for anyone with cds or anyone on fixed incomes dependant on interest rates. >> if the investments
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you have are interest rate dependant, your increases will be minimal. >> the cordellos say their house payments will be cheaper than the rent they were paying. >> the days of cheap money may be coming to an end as the economy picks up steam. the consensus at the feds is they will raise rates three more times in 2017. much of that could depend on the trump administration's effects on the economy. lefter in. >> tom costello, thanks, tom. tonight federal prosecutors have arrested their case against dylann roof, the man charged with killing nine african-american worshippers at the emanuel a.m.e. church in charleston, south carolina. they ended their case with emotional testimony and the dramatic 911 call from one of the few survivors. >> after jurors saw these chilling videos of dylann roof taking
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target practice. >> there's so many people dead, i think. oh, my god. >> today they heard the horrifying 911 call from one of the church massacre's three survivors. 72-year-old polyshepherd. >> he shot the pastor. can the police come right away. >> she defense under a table and testified that roof asked did i shoot you? no, she responded. and he said, i'm going to leave you here, to tell the story. >> he's still in here. >> then came more gunshots. >> what's going on, miss poly? >> after his arrest, fbi agents asked roof about the woman he spared. >> do you remember telling that lady, i'm going to let you live so you can tell my story. >> yeah, i remember saying that. but there's really no story. >> investigators say there's a long story that roof carefully planned out his racist rampage. >> those who died that night simply died because they were there and they were black. >> malcolm graham is the brother of cynthia heard, one of the charleston nine who
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was shot at least seven times. >> how difficult was it to listen to that 911 call? >> it was chilling. and it's heartbreaking, but it was necessary pain. because i think we have a moral obligation to put racism and discrimination and hatred on trial. >> today, roof's lawyer did not cross-examine polyshepherd. telling her, i'm so sorry. >> sitting inside that courtroom lester, shepherd's resilience and strength seemed incredible. her story brought other victims' relatives to tears. meanwhile, dylann roof said he would not testify. closing arguments are now set for tomorrow. left centre. >> we can imagine how painful that was, thank you. late word from syria in the urgent development of the battle for aleppo. reports that a cease-fire may be going back into effect less than a day after the original deal collapsed that could allow evacuations to resume while the u.n. is saying tonight the bombing of rebel-held
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areas is likely a war crime. our bill nealy has the latest. >> no cease-fire, no mercy, as the bombs rained down again today on what's left of rebel-held aleppo. explosions caught live on camera. some in aleppo now seem resigned to their fate. >> so death will be a peace for us. >> the apparent cease-fire deal between rebels and regime collapsed quickly. these 47 orphans hid underground in this video posted by an arab human rights group. >> i'm yasmine and i'm ten, she says, we're scared. we can't leave because of the bombing. please get us out of here. the u.n. says 50,000 civilians are still trapped. and in trouble. but president assad
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says he won't stop the assault on aleppo's last rebels. even if the city falls soon, it doesn't mean the end of the war. isis still controls swaths of eastern syria and just retook palmyra. rebels still hold large areas in the north and south. and kurds control strips on the border with turkey. assad wants them all back. with no evacuation, aleppo's civilians tonight fear a massacre. they are powerless to stop it. bill nealy, nbc news. there's high drama at trump tower today as some of the biggest names in silicon valley, including some who clashed with donald trump as a candidate meeting today with the president-elect making amends and laying the groundwork for the future we get details from nbc's peter alexander. >> inside trump tower a clash of the titans. the president-elect, the vice president-elect and at the end of the table, donald trump's adult children, all greeting a line-up of tech
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leaders, including executives from facebook, apple and google. >> this is a truly amazing group of people. i won't tell you the hundreds of calls we've had asking to come to this meeting. >> but it hasn't always been this way. take candidate trump attacking apple's refusal to unlock a terrorist iphone. >> boycott apple until such time as they give that information. >> the tech giants returned the favor. amazon's jeff bezos jokingly offering to send trump to space. >> i have rocket companies so the capability is there. >> but tonight, bezos calling the meeting with trump very productive. among the flash points for both sides, privacy concerns over customers' data. jobs where tech products should be built and immigration. >> the tech companies want to bring in high-schooled workers from china, india, russia. trump wants to curb immigration. that's a point of contention. >> trump's teams revealing the president-elect getting formal
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intelligence briefings three days a week. plus a daily briefing from his national security adviser pick, lieutenant general mike flynn, himself under fire tonight. a 2010 military investigation found flynn inappropriately shared classified information with foreign governments. contradicting flynn's past claim he had permission. the investigation concluding america's national security was never at risk and flynn was never disciplined. notably not invited here today, a representative from donald trump's favorite megaphone, twitter that clashed with trump's team during the campaign over its refusal to create an emoji for the hashtag #crookedhillary. a trump official tells us there was simply so much space at the table. >> peter alexander just up the street from us, thank you. still ahead, uber uproar, our exclusive with a former employee accusing uber workers of violating customers' privacy by tracking everyone from their exes to tracking everyone from their exes to cele
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back now with an nbc news exclusive. some 40 million americans use the popular ride-sharing app, uber. but the company is now facing sharp criticism after a lawsuit by a former employee accuses uber of allowing workers to access private information to spy on customers. tonight, he's speaking out in a tv exclusive with nbc's joelynn kent. >> uber has become a
6:47 pm
nearly $70 billion business by offering a convenient way to order up a ride on your smartphone. but a former employee now says the company's lax security allowed thousands of employees who had no need, to track customers' trips without their knowledge. >> what i witnessed, there were some real problems with the safety associated with the protection of that data. i would say you know, you've got to stop. >> former security engineer ward spangenberg alleges in a lawsuit between march 2015 and february 2016, workers were able to quote track high-profile politicians, celebri celebrities and even personal acquaintances of uber employees, including ex-girlfriends, boyfriends and ex-spouses. >> i could print it out on a spreadsheet. >> spangenberg was fired after 11 months at uber he says for raising these privacy concerns. uber tells nbc news he was fired for inappropriately accessing data himself. >> i won't tolerate
6:48 pm
data access abuse at uber and i've helped build out systems at uber that will detect abuse if it happens. >> spangenberg denies accessing data inappropriately and says that was not the reason given when the company fired him in a statement to nbc news, uber says, it's absolutely untrue that all or nearly all employees have access to customer data. with or without prior approval. we have built entire systems to implement technical and administrative controls that limit access to customer data. all potential violations are quickly and thoroughly investigated. uber tells nbc news it was adding controls before spangenberg started at uber and continues to do so today. >> i want people to be conscious of the fact that we are giving away our information and allowing ourselves to be tracked. >> if you're worried about protecting your whereabouts, uber is still an option, simply turn off the location services function and input manually your address and your destination.
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tonight 48 million people are under advisories from a biting blast of arctic cold. tomorrow morning much of the midwest will wake up to temperatures in the teens, with wind chills that will make it feel like say 20 below in chicago. the cold will then barrel into the east. tonight remembrances are pouring in for alan thicke, the beloved tv dad from "growing pains" who passed away at the age of 69 after suffering a heart attack while playing hockey with his son. thicke's tv family is paying tribute to the hollywood veteran and we get more from nbc's joe fryer. >> you're walking a fine line here, mike. >> fatherhood wasn't just a role for alan thicke, it's the theme of his life. >> want to play barbies! >> on camera on "growing pains" his
6:53 pm
fatherly advice, though corny at times, struck a chord. off camera he dispensed advice, too, with a couple books on parenting. his son robin the singer saying he was the best man i ever knew, the best friend i ever had and from 19-year-old carter, you're a legend and i love you, pops. even thicke's tv son, kirk cameron is speaking out, we will cherish the memories, sharing the laughter and love. quoting the "growing pains" theme. theme songs were familiar territory for thicke, who actually the theme song for "facts of life." >> that's your voice. >> that's me, that's me singing, yeah. >> how come you didn't do more music? >> well listen to it again. >> thicke remained a familiar face on the small screen. appearing this year on netflix's "fuller house" and nbc's "this is us."
6:54 pm
and he'll always be known best as the dad who helped a nation soothe its "growing pains." >> if i'm only known or remembered for one thing and on my tombstone it says "growing pains" i can live with that. >> joe fryer, nbc news, los angeles. and up next here tonight, the police and up next here tonight, the police mob feeding th when a moment spontaneously turns romantic, why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away.
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finally, how many people come to your house for holiday dinner? for one mom, the guest list includes nearly 400. all of them cops. our pete williams has tonight's inspiring america report. >> welcome to my house. >> shirley gibson is serving an early christmas dinner. opening her home to honor washington, d.c. police officers. she and her husband, harrison, do it in tribute to their son, 27-year-old brian gibson was killed in 1997. an ambush shooting as he sat in his patrol car at a traffic light. after his funeral, she tried to figure out how she was going to get through the holidays. her solution? cook all her son's favorite dishes and invite his fellow officers. >> it makes it great it starts our holiday for us. >> she starts cooking three days in advance.
6:58 pm
it's now so big that she's decided at age 70, this year's dinner will be the last. >> oh, my goodness! >> when she arrived to start shopping for the final time, a big surprise, dozens of police officers met her, forming an honor corden at the store innocence, inside washington's mayor with an early christmas gift. impossible to get tickets to the city's hottest attraction. >> we want to provide you and your family with 15 tickets to go to the african-american museum of history and culture. god bless you. >> we just have to thank her for all the good meals and all the love and all the fellowship that she's provided to all the officers. >> all of these officers coming to my house, and hugging miss gibson, you feel your service weapons on your side and when they hug me, it feels like my brian.
6:59 pm
>> 20 years of honoring a son's memory and serving comfort and love. pete williams, nbc news, washington. and that's going to do it for us on this wednesday night. i'm lester holt. for all of us at alan thicke's final hours revealed. and his lost interview with tanya, the wife he left behind now on "extra." ♪ growing pains star alan thicke dead at 69. what his son, who was with him at the end, is saying today.
7:00 pm
and what alan's told us about being a dad. >> my gift to my kids -- >> plus tanya's heartrt break. his wife of 11 years and the wedding they shared with "extra." >> i always felt i should get married in white. the shocking "flip or flop" exactly's breakup. >> we don't fight. we just bicker and make fun of each other. >> why they publicly faked it for six months. >> and where we spied christina. is she sending tare tarek a message? >> bruno mars 24 karat magic on the mike, tearing the roof off carpool karaoke. and ben affleck's new interview. opening up about his ex, jennifer garner. inside the super size the finale of "the voice." blake feuding with adam and dishing about his girl. >> you're damn right i want gwen to come back. >> plus sundance winner here with us and we get to the bottom of his unusual


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