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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  December 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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brace yourself for the coldest temperatures of the season. after an overnight snowfall in parts of our area. election hack. russian president vladimir putin now directly linked to interfering with the u.s. election. torture or death. a philadelphia mother tells us that's what her husband is facing tonight. we'll tell you why in an nbc 10 exclusi exclusive. nbc 10 news starts now. right now at 11:00, we are tracking overnight snow. the nbc 10 first alert radar shows a system moving into parts of delaware and south jersey tonight. >> now the snow hasn't arrived here yet in this live look at cape may, but people may wake up to snow-covered windshields there ahead of bitter cold
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moving into our region. i'm jim rosenfield. >> i'm jacqueline london. bitterly cold winds move in tomorrow and will make it feel like the single digits by the time we wake up. >> we are tracking the overnight snow and arctic chill with live team coverage tonight. we begin with meteorologist sheena parveen, and sheena, at least it won't be snowing for the morning commute. right? >> yeah, that's right. what we have right now on radar is going to move through pretty quickly but we are already getting some reports of snowflakes falling through some of our pennsylvania suburbs including ardmore. i wouldn't be surprised if some areas in chester county were seeing this as well. even parts of delaware county. northern delaware we'll be watching very closely, too. this is mostly very light, so maybe some flurries falling or some light snowfall overnight tonight. at best, i think we would see about a coating to less than an inch, but it will be gone for the morning commute. the big story tomorrow is going to be the wind and the cold. we have feels-like temperatures to start off your day tomorrow in the single digits. by tomorrow night, into very early friday, we could see some
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areas below zero for a feels-like temperature. this is the coldest air we've seen so far and this is dangerous cold, too. friday morning near single digits but by friday afternoon, the wind's starting to die down. however, the cold air is setting us up for our snow and wintery mix come this weekend. so we have a first alert out for philadelphia, pennsylvania suburbs and the lehigh valley. not because of the snow i just showed you on radar, but this is going to go from 11:00 p.m. friday to early saturday morning. this is accumulating snow with an icy mix briefly causing slippery roads especially early saturday. so our next big weather system does come for your weekend. coming up, we'll take a closer look at the bitter cold tomorrow and show you the timeline of the rain and snow for your weekend, that's coming up. snow shouldn't be a problem in philadelphia as we take a live look at the ben franklin bridge. here are the big stories. the arctic blast, bitter winds tomorrow will bring the coldest air of the season. and those plummeting temperatures are prompting a code blue in our area.
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that's to get people off the streets and out of the dangerous cold. nbc 105 live there ardmore, som flurries falling there now. >> reporter: yeah, we thad flurfluhad flurries in the last 35 minutes, right now it's 35 degrees according to the time and temperature board. the temperature has dipped within the last few hours. and that's the biggest concern for organizations that especially help the homeless population. inside the philadelphia convention center, a warm welcome for homeless and disadvantaged families during councilwoman blackwell's annual dinner, but outside, a stark contrast. >> if they stay out there, they could die. we're going to make sure that we all look around our neighborhoods, make sure we take care of people in need. >> reporter: we found the homeless setting up for a cold night ahead. >> if it really gets cold, the police do have the ability to transport people to the shelter. but i can't make them come in, but they will try to get them to
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come in. >> reporter: frigid temperatures present a number of dangers from frostbite to fires. >> they use alternative methods of heating their houses and sometimes those methods tend to backfire. >> we have lots of snacks set up are the salvation army in norristown is one of many agencies providing a safe alternative. extra cots are set up for what they hope will be a full night. >> we need them to come in. not everybody does and they should. >> reporter: that's the real danger. leaving people out in the cold. and the temperature continues to fall here. if you are one of those people who are watching this in your warm home, you can help those who are not as lucky as you are. you can donate some money, you can volunteer your time, or donate items to many of those agencies that help the homeless population, special especially during this time. reporting live in ardmore, nbc 10 news.
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and get up to the second updates on this dangerous cold and the snow coming overnight and this weekend. it's all on the nbc 10 app. there you can use interactive radar and get the latest school closings and delays. now to an nbc news exclusive. u.s. officials now believe russian president vladimir putin was personally involved in a campaign to hack the u.s. presidential election. two senior officials say the u.s. has intelligence that shows putin personally directed how hacked material from the democrats was leaked and used. those officials say it started as a vendetta against hillary clinton bought morphed into an effort to show corruption in u.s. politics. putin also wanted to split off key american allies to create an image that other countries couldn't depend on the u.s. to be a credible global leader anymore. >> he wants to discredit american democracy and make us weaker in terms of leading the liberal democratic order, and most certainly he likes president-elect trump's views on
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russia. >> the intelligence officials tell nbc news there is no firm information proving that the election of donald trump was the original objective of the cyber operation. tonight, yahoo! is trying to figure out who is behind one of the largest data breaches in u.s. history. the personal information of more than a billion users has been stolen. the tech company says it happened back in 2013. the information included private names, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers and even encrypted security questions and answers. however, it is believed no bank account or credit card information was stolen. a local cyber security expert says there was one main thing yahoo! users should do right now. >> the best thing you can do is change your password. you definitely want to change any passwords that are similar to that that may be used in other locations. security question/answers are also something you should change. >> three months ago, yahoo! revealed another massive breach
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in which 500 million users had their information stolen. a foreign government is suspected in that hack. a judge is now considering whether to allow 13 women on the stand when bill cosby's sexual assault case goes to trial. tonight we heard from a high-profile attorney representing some of the accusers, as nbc 10's drew smith explains, she's responding to claims she duped prosecutors into believing the accusations against crosby. >> ready for trial? >> reporter: a laugh from bill cosby at the end of a two-day hearing where prosecutors tried to convince a judge that 13 accusers should be heard as cosby's sexual assault trial next year. >> they showed great courage. >> reporter: the judge gave no timetable for when he would make a decision. says cosby is only charged in one case, not 13. >> the idea of those other cases being brought into this case is an absolute travesty of justice. >> reporter: the argument turned to the focus on someone watching
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but not participating in court-high-profile lawyer gloria allred. >> she had a hand in crafting some of the stories that the women have shared and that the prosecution embraced them. >> reporter: allred represents many of the cosby accusers. >> if you don't have the facts, then you attack either the victim or other lawyers or both. >> reporter: she brushed off the claims this was all a scheme about money and rejected criticism of her counsel to many of the women accusing cosby. >> they have no problem with the fact that mr. cosby has a small army of attorneys to represent him, one person. >> reporter: the district attorney made a statement tonight, but he did not answer questions, refusing to say how big of a setback it would be if the judge rules against allowing those 13 accusers to testify. at the montgomery county courthouse in norristown, drew smith, nbc 10 news. tonight, a change that could impact your wallet. the federal reserve is raising a key interest rate in response to a strengthening economy.
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the quarter-point increase is the first in a year and only the second since the recession. could affect everything from mortgage rates to credit cards and student loans. stocks had their worst day in two months after the announcement. the fed is expected to raise rates three more times next year. today marks four years since the sandy hook massacre in connecticut shook the nation. >> and this afternoon, there was an emotional local tribute. 26 shirts were on display on the front lawn of the presbyterian church of chestnut hill. each has a name of a victim. today, a dozen people read the names of the children and staff members killed at sandy hook elementary to mark the somber anniversary. >> names of 6 and 7-year-olds, it's just terrible to consider that someone would do something like that. >> the memorial will have a home at the church on germantown avenue for the next two weeks. a muslim college student who said she was harassed by donald trump supporters is now accused
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of making up the story. sources tell our sister station in new york, she is charged with making a false report. she told police three men called her a terrorist and chanted mr. trump's name at her on a new york city subway this month. she disappeared the following week but was later found. he'll be tortured and killed because he wants to pray to god. >> up next, an nbc 10 exclusive. a philadelphia woman fears her husband will be tortured and killed if he is deported. the last-minute fight to keep him here. plus, police uniforms stolen, what an officer was doing while this man took off with a patrol jacket and badge. and some snow falling across part of the area. now some of this may move into new jersey and delaware. gone for the morning commute but the big story is the cold tomorrow and more snow for the weekend. those details coming up next.
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and later, anxiety is keeping one eagles player off the field. brandon brooks talks about how his obsession with the game made him miss playing time. my guest list just tripled. my cookie exchange is super competitive. mine too. i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great!
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skyforce 10 over the scene of a rollover crash that led to some traffic trouble in the lehigh valley tonight. you can see there may be that mangled pickup truck on the side of route 309 in south whitehall. we're told the driver was thrown from the truck and has serious injuries. it's not yet clear what led to the crash. now to an nbc 10 exclusive. a philadelphia woman says her husband is facing torture and certain death. >> just because withdryou have beard, you'd be put in jail and tortured and killed and accused of all kinds of extremism just because you grow a beard. >> he is set to be deported to uzbekistan where muslims are persecuted but immigration officials say he still has to go.
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nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal spoke exclusively with his wife. >> do you have a lot of homework to do today? >> reporter: it's by far the toughest week of her life. >> read it to me. >> reporter: yet she still makes sure her two kids are ready for school. trying to stay calm but last week her husband and the family's sole provider was arrested by federal immigration. >> and that was the last time i saw him. you don't understand. they're 8 and 10. and it's hard for them because they're used to seeing their dad every day. >> reporter: he legally came here back in 2001 for uzbekistan, fleeing an authoritarian regime that cracks down on muslims. safely in philadelphia, he started his family, finally free to practice his religion. a judge granted him asylum until his lawyer says the justice department overturned that decision and now he'll be
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deported. >> they will most likely torture him and imprison him for a long period of time. >> reporter: human rights watch says uzbekistan punishes muslims where it's illegal to grow beards or read the koran. in 2005, the government slaughtered hundreds of dissidents. >> and they didn't just torture them, they immersed them in boiling water until they died. it's a terrible case and it's actually not that rare. >> reporter: and now time is running out. attorneys are appealing the case to federal court in center city. >> this is our last hope and that's why we're here. he has no other options. >> reporter: his lawyer says he has no ties to extremism, but he did once follow a dissident cleric who promotes human rights. in a statement, i.c.e. officials said he has to legal basis to stay here calling him an enforcement priority. >> he's been investigated, no credible evidence of any threats. he has no criminal record. he's been a good guy. he is a devout muslim.
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that's the only basis for which he's been pursued. and that's disturbing. >> they're going to waiver him as soon as he gets to the airport in uzbekistan and take him to jail. he'll be tortured and killed. because he wants to pray to god. he's a good person. he hasn't done anything wrong. >> reporter: his wife is pregnant with the couple's third child. meantime, human rights watch says it's against international law to send someone to a place they'll be tortured. i.c.e. officials tell me his case has been thoroughly reviewed but would not say whether they believe he has ties to terror. randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. a man swipes a philadelphia police officer's uniform inside a courthouse. surveillance pictures show the man walking into the criminal justice center yesterday. police say he then stopped an officer's patrol jacket, badge, and hat into a bag and took off. the uniform had been left on a bench outside a courtroom while the officer was testifying.
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making newse ining music an lives, a member of the roots was honored in center city tonight. he was named person of the year by sky community partners. the philadelphia native and "tonight show" performer received the award at the independence blue cross building. trotter has worked to help struggling communities across the country including in philadelphia. the sky organization provides scholarships to hundreds of students across the city. some customers got a surprise along with their burrito at a delaware county chipotle. philadelphia union all-star keegan rosenbury helped serve food at the store in springfield this evening. many customers held up the line to take pictures. roesz the union foundation provides opportunity for children from education to health and recreation. all right. turning to our weather once again. we are tracking that arctic cold and overnight snow depending on where you live.
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>> meteorologist sheena parveen breaks it all down in the first alert neighborhood forecast. sheena? >> yes, the arctic cold is going to arrive for the morning. it's not actually here yet. temperatures are still in the 30s for the most part but feeling like the mid to upper 30s. so not a big difference right now. 36 is what it feels like in philadelphia. 38 dover. 38 allentown. mt. holly, trenton feeling like the upper 20s. look at the air that is on its way. chicago feeling like 14 below zero right now. minneapolis feeling like 22 below zero. now, we're not going to get that cold but we're going to get cold enough for it to be dangerously cold. so windchills, that feels-like temperature near zero degrees for some areas. take a look as we go through time now. these are the future windchills. or feels-like temperature when you factor in the wind. 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, many spots already feeling like single digits. if you're in south jersey or delaware, right around 10 degrees to 15 degrees in the morning. then we go through the afternoon, temperatures still feeling like single digits. then we go into friday morning, and i think some spots in the
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lehigh valley will either be close to feeling like zero or a little bit below zero, so you definitely want to bundle up. that is some dangerous cold. right now, though, we have a small area of snow that's developed. it's starting to move to the south like a lot of computer models have suggested it doing all day today. so it developed really over some of our pennsylvania suburbs. now we're seeing it slide south into parts of south jersey. we've already seen reports of snow flurries around the area. so i think through the overnight hours, mostly south jersey and parts of delaware will see some light snow and you could be waking up to about a coating to less than an inch. it will be gone for the morning commute, though. what we are watching as we go into the weekend is an even bigger area of snow moving in. so now we're talking about a first alert for the weekend. for snow and wintery mix for philadelphia, pennsylvania suburbs and the lehigh valley. starting 11:00 p.m. friday through saturday morning, talking about it starting as accumulating snow, missioni isn ice through the middle part of
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the morning depending where you live. we could see slick roads especially early in the day saturday. here's future weather. woe go through time tonight. now we're looking at 1:30 in the morning. south jersey, parts of delaware could be dealing with snowfall. gone for the morning commute, though. temperatures dropping. the wind making it feel colder and now we're going to go into friday night. here is midnight friday. going into saturday morning. the approach of snow. cold enough to support snow. by 6:30 saturday morning, pennsylvania suburbs, lehigh valley, poconos dealing with snow. the pink showing a wintery mix. rain farther to the south. we start warming through the morning. so that starts to change over to rain for most of the area then we'll be in the clear as we go later into the day on saturday. mostly just rain. the chance for 4 inches, high in the lehigh valley. medium through our pennsylvania suburbs. little bit lower closer to philadelphia. or medium, i should say, for the lehigh valley. low for our pennsylvania suburbs. we'll be tracking this as we get closer to the weekend. coming up, we'll take a closer look at your weekend forecast. up next, obsessed with the
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game. >> one eagles player tells us it is an unhealthy obsession that's kept him from playing on game day. offensive lineman brandon brooks talks about his struggles with anxiety and what he's doing to make it better when we come right back.
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tonight a philadelphia eagles player open up about his fight to tackle anxiety. brandon brooks reveals anxiety is the reason he missed two of the past three games. causes him to have severe stomach illness and was so bad he needed i. v. fluids. brook says it's not fear or nervousness causing the problem but instead his devotion to football. >> i have, like, an obsession with the game and it's an
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unhealthy obsession right now. >> brooks also said he's not ashamed of his condition and is now working with team doctors. and we'll be right back with sports. walked around the shelter,
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this is sports desk, brought to you by xfinity. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> hey, good evening, i'm danny pommells, csn. the flyers still the hottest team in hockey right now. in colorado tonight looking for the franchise's first ten-game win streak in 31 years. flyers fans on hand in denver. yeah, we travel well. they want to see if they can make it a perfect ten. early second period. tied at one. flyers rushing up the ice. mi scores on the second effort. flyers on top 1-0. this game in action right now. you can see the rest of it over on the comcast networks. the sixers hosting the
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raptors at the wells fargo center. almost a disaster from the start. joel embiid twists his ankle in pregame warmups. he was okay for the game. giving out high fives to youngsters. sixers up two in the second quarter. look out, terence ross, slam dunk fame, sick windmill there as he glides in. tied at 43 at that juncture. demar derozan, oh my, all over okofor. sixers fought back. two big fellows hooking up. embiid, the flush. wasn't enough tonight, though. sixers lose 123-114. the birds with there is still optimism, believe it or not, despite losing eight of tear last ten games. the reason for that, rookie quarterback carson wentz whose teammates believe in his potential to lead the squad to greater heights in years to come. >> any time you got a quarterback, you can win games and carson has shown he can be a great quarterback in this league. we have to continue to rally around him and be productive so
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he can continue to grow. he's the guy and looks like the guy. walks like the guy, talks like it and goes out there and plays like it. like i said, it's more we got a good team to rally around him, coach pederson, go out there and produce. does this guy look like the guy? new head football coach for temple university jeff collins, the first head coaching job for the former defensive coordinator at florida. also coached at mississippi state where he helped develop eagles all-pro fletcher cox. he will not coach the military bowl, instead hit the ground running on the recruiting trail and assembling his coaching staff. that's your look at sports. i'm danny pommells, csn. nbc 10 news coming right back.
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well, tomorrow is going to be cold but take a look at the weekend. so we've been talking about the weekend forecast. well here's what it is on friday. temperatures in the mid 20s. it's going to be a cold one. going into saturday, we're going to start with snow, then we're going to see a wintery mix especially if you're in pennsylvania, and then it will warm up to rain. sunday is going to be a day where temperatures could be near 60 in some areas. mostly rain. so, yeah, kind of a messy weekend. >> all right, sheena. i'm jacqueline london. >> i'm jim rosenfield. thanks for watching. see you tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- arnold swarzenegger. elle fanning. musical guest, childish gambin


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