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tv   On the Money  NBC  December 18, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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hi, everyone. and welcome to anti-money. i'm kelly evans for becky quick. that app you're downloading may not be what it seems. the real deal on fake apps, phony wi-fi and your privacy. >> our information is olt risk. >> and when you write that check to charity do you know where it's going? how to make sure it really gets to those in need. also, that's the busiest airport in the world for a few weeks a year. we'll take you behind the scenes of a giant transportation hub and a way to adopt a pooch looking for a forever home. why old every dogs may be the new answer. "on the money" starts right now. this is ""on the money," your money, your life, your future. we begin with your known t.carries tons of private information, and unless it falls into the wrong hands you probably think that information
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is safe. well, think again. cyber criminals have come up with yet another way to get to it. fake apps and fake wi-fi. as andrea day reports in our cover story, it's a new holiday hustle. ♪ >> call it the holiday hustle. hackers working overtime to get a piece of the billions spent this holiday season. >> this is a great time for hackers to do business. >> and especially vulnerable are transactions made right from your smartphone. according to the experts at sky cure, if you download certain apps on your device or connect to wi-fi at the mall, you could be opening up more than just your wallet. >> you have pictures. you have have credit card information. all this information is at risk. >> sky cure ran tests at the nation's busiest malls and found that just like some stores offer wi-fi so do the criminals, creating fake wi-fi hot spots just waiting for you to connection. >> every transaction that you're doing on your cell phone is actually going through the bad guys. >> on sky cure's list of the top
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ten riskiest malls each one had more than five fake wi-fi networks. national show mall in las vegas topped the list with 14 bad networks, so how do you spot the bad wi-fi? criminals often put the word free in the fame. >> we found macy's free wi-fi in denver and found bloomingdale's free wi-fi in philly. these wi-fi had nothing to do with those areas. >> malicious wi-fi isn't the only scrooge in town. hackers are creating fake apps it a look like the real deal, like this one called amazon rewards found in third-party app stores not controlled by apple or google and trying to lure you in with deals that don't actually exist. >> this looks like amazon app and uses the real logo hand in fact it's stealing information in the background and sending users to fake websites with fake coupons. >> we reached out to all the businesses mentioned here.
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amazon says we, quote, encourage customers to download content only from sources they trust. the fashion show mall says it takes security very seriously and does periodic audits of our wuify systems and did not find any suspicious public network, and to avoid any malicious apps only download from the official apple and goggle app stores and if you use wi-fi at the mall any hot spot with free in the fame is probably not a good idea. for oornt money, i'm andrea day. >> joining us is ed lee, managing editor of "recode" and january may cap lane of tijtal trends. pretty startling. ed, how big of a problem is this manned what are the scammers after in. >> unfortunately, not enough data to know what the proportion of fake apps are, but the bigger issue is they show up at the worst time that is, right, so in terms of the holiday season, a lot of fake apps for shopping and dream and coupons and that's the bigger issue. people are searching for them
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hand that's how they are getting argument thatted. >> other than look out for the word free, any time for people to get sewn in. when you download an app most see the am ann kindle app and macy's app and download it and all the apps will have extra information, publisher, reviews, rates, a published date and update date and macy's probably makes their own apps. if the app joms from joe a's store not the official thing. everyone should take an extra five seconds and look for the clues. >> all the stuff is kind of buried and you want to make sure you can find it. should some people be better off not trying to connect to the public wi-fi? >> my general advice, even if it's free or guest or whatever, you tend to want to piggyback off of it. oftentimes if you try it you'll find you're not really connected. things aren't really working the way you should. better not even bothering doing
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so. >> bewe all do it. >> exactly. if you've done this once. maybe you did connect. how much are they able to profit off of this? >> hard to pull the information from the phone on the three seconds you're on the network so you're probably okay but if you're shopping online at the starbucks be more cognizant of the network you're on. >> if you say wait a minute, i think this happened to me, do the steps then involve cancelling credit cards? >> i would never jump do-to-that. the credit cards and banks do a good job backing us up here. we should be policing ourselves a lot better but watch your credit card statements. >> what about apple and google, any way to place this better. >> my recommendation is when you're downloading happens, if
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you're going to get sort of an app from a retailer go to the retailer's website and lock for the app because nell direct you to the direct one. >> how do you know i'm on the proper wednesday i'm the? >> now we're getting back into the how does the internet work and where are we every day? >> still good tips for people to hopefully protect themselves this time of year. ed and jeremy, thank you both. moving on to memphis, the home of elvis presley and the birthplace of rock 'n' roll and global headquarters to one of the biggest shipping giants in the world, fedex. our morgan brennan gives us a look amounty behind the scenes of the high-tech handle and how it manages the surge. >> after dark this is the busiest airport in the world and during the hawke holiday season it gets even busier, 156 fedex planes land here each night care 2eg million packages destined for doorsteps. >> the planning process started
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literally as soon as we were done and then now we're headeded into our super bowl. that's what this is. >> between thinking and christmas evening, 10% more than last year and many will pass through here in what's come to be known as "the matrix. request "this hub will operate around the clock and last-minute online shopping spikes and with it demand for express service, but will it all be enough to get packages delivered on time, and white house company costs climbing? that's a challenge that's plagued both fedex and larger rival ups in recent years, helping fuel a fierce competition for business. >> the battle between fedex and ups continues, and fedex continues to win market somair. >> but all the investments and planning in the world can't change the weather. to minimize mother nature's
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impact there's 1,500 meteorologists to watch the globe. >> in we see it's going to be a major impact, we can divert the packages. >> right now this is going to be another record-breaking peak season. >> fedex and ups are scrambling to keep their service rates high right now and analysts are keeping pace with their ontime delivery performances from last year and this final week coming into christmas will be by far the most crucial, the tightest delivery dead lines and thus the most room for error. kell? >> morgan what, happens if there is a big demand spike in the next couple of days as people scram to be get more gifts. >> they have bring on more additional workers. you'll see them, note, you be kwoed and they run longer short
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times and deliveries. >> it is their make or break time of year. morgan thank you. i'm morgan brennan. >> don't call them clunkers. americans are driving their cars longer. the reason more older cars than ever are still on the road, and later the holidays are a time to help others in need. how to make sure your charitable donation isn't wasted, and now a look at how the stock market ended the week. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ how else do you think he gets around so fast?
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now here's a look at what's making news as we head into a new week "on the money." the federal reserve did what it hasn't done in a year. the janet yellen-led fed increased interest rates by a quarter point which was widely
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expect the. rates are still extraordinarily low but the fed signaled at least three more hikes are likely next year and said the u.s. labor market is strengthening. the increase means higher rates on credit cards, home equity loans and adjustable rate mortgages. the market couldn't figure out if it liked the move or not. the dow tumbled on wednesday after the rate hike and climbed on thursday within striking distance. 20,000 mark, though it didn't make it to 20,000 on friday. the s&p 500 and nasdaq mostly rose during the week as well. a disappointing retail sales number for the month of november. rose just .1%, do you in part to weakness in auto sales. receipts from online clothing stores were soft as well. when we heard heard about it it fell into the yeah right package but now the first drone delivery 60 miles of north of london. test could go start in the u.s.
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once there's permission received from regulators. this year could break last year's all-time record of nearly 17.5 new million vehicles sold, but there are more older cars on the road than ever. the average high is a record high 11.5 years. reporter phil lebeau explains why. >> reporter: don't call them beaters. this is how america rolls. >> if it breaks down, then i need to go to the next, but i'm keeping my cars for a long time. >> as long as they run, the life of the vehicle, it's okay with me. >> basically if it's not working, i'll get a new car. until them i'll keep this. gets me where it needs to go. >> the age of autos in america has been growing and averages 11.6 a year. why? with new vehicles selling at a higher price they are taking off longer to pay or their cars and
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truck. that owned their cars almost seven years, three times longer than back in 2009. the fact that the vehicle is technologically better these days, that certainly allows them to hang on to it as long mass they need to because of the economic factors. >> all of this is good news for the auto industry. autoparts stars cash in on poem replacing brakes, spark plugs and other components in old cars, and if the owners aren't doing it themselves, they are taking their cars in for service which means new car dealers have more opportunities to convince customers it's time to trade in that old model for a new one with the latest features. >> there's so many great technologies that are in new vehicles today that if you're driving a 10 or 11-year-old car it's still like calling people on a rotary phone. >> they may be old but are not going away.
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by 2020 it's estimated that will be 25 million vehicles in this country that are at least 20 years old. kell? >> wow. it makes me wonder how does it do any chars? >> there's still lengthy of demand and there's new keck jis and we're also noticing that we're seeing a trend with used only dealerships popping up or being expanded around the country and that's because there's a flood of used vehicles out there. again, they are old and incredibly reliable hand that's why there's demand there. >> phil lebeau, thanks so much. up next we're "on the money." when you want to give, making sure those in need get as much of your check as possible. how to check on your charity. and later give an
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if are you're prange on donating to a charity before the year end how do you find out where the money you're going is going and michael that mucher is president and ceo of charity navigator the largest independent charity evaluator. thanks for joining us. >> thank you for having me. delighted to be here. >> how does charity naff gator evaluate charities? >> the first thing we do is gather information from the irs so we have data on over 1.6 million charities which lets you know that they are a legitimate 501 c-3 organizations. first and foremost you can find out it ximpts on top that have we have an evaluation system which rates some of the top and biggest and best charities in the united states. we look at the financial health of an organization and then the account ability and transparency or the governance of that organizati organization. >> hand have you found generally that your dollar goes further at large charities or it's a smaller one. >> it really depends. it's hard to make that kind of a
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small or large on the dollar goes further. that's something that you need to dig into on an individual level with the specific charities. if you go to the site you can find well over 8,000 charities that are rated before 0 and 8 stars with four stars being the highest. >> how can you spot a charity with problems especially if you're giving to one and trying to figure out if that's a sound donation. >> one of problems is is it financially viable. >> if they have fallen on hard times, what you try to do we can break down the financials in a way that's simple to u.n. they have enough reserves so that they will be around if their donations dry up and then they are also -- are they run well? do they have good governance principles? >> that is a lot of work for people who may not be as able to find that information. you come in and give this
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program. >> we try to make giving simpler, identify with a cause that you're passionate about and find a charity that meets that need. >> think about changing the timing of your donation because of tax laws. what would you recommend? >> december is the time people give most of their giving. as a charity ourselves this is what we receive most our funding. now is a very good time. there is certainty with existing tax laws and uncertainty with how things will be in the future and we're seeing an uptick in giving. >> it is. >> michael, thanks for joining us. >> thank you very much. >> up next "on the money," a look at the news for the week ahead and the perfect pet doesn't have to be a puppy. why rescuing an older pooch ♪ come on, wake up!!! come on, why ya sleepin'? come on! what time is it? it's go time. come on. let's go, let's go, let's go. woooo hoooo!! yeah!!
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for more on our show and our guests go our our website and follow us on 2008er @onthemoney. postal workers won't look forward to monday. the busiest holiday mailing day of the year and on wednesday we'll see how the real estate market is doing with existing home sales and happy winter solstice. wednesday is the official start to winter and the shortest day of the year. just remember the days start to get longer from here and we'll also get a report on the economy
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with the final measure of the gdp for the third quarter, and if you aren't thrilled with what you got at the holiday grab back. give it again. thursday is national regifting day. if you're thinking of adopting a dog instead of a puppy, you might consider a senior dog. aaron stanton is author of senior dogs. her non-procht has helped about 700 dogs find newer homes and. adopted them both and simon and moby are here with us. how old are the other two here. >> >> moby, we don't know exactly his age but around 7 or 8 years old. >> beautiful. >> he was surrendered to us at 12 years old, believe it or not. in really bad shape but since we've adopted him about eight months ago he's really made a remarkable recovery. >> so handsome. >> and look at him on your lap. >> he's around 15. he's from carson animal shelter, the city shelter in los angeles
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and we don't know for sure but we guess he's around 15. >> you've really started the whole movement around the senior dogs and shelters come to you now. was this the idea that this was the senior dog that you had and how many have you placed in the home now. >> this is named after our dog suzy who passed in april. we had her for five years and since i started suzy senior dog about three years ago, about 700 dogs have been placed. >> these are often the dogs that don't get placed right away. everybody wants a puppy. >> senior dogs really focusinges on sharing a networking site for older dogs that need homes so i focus on promoting the dogs that are really the hardest to adopt cases. usually they are really, you know -- they are aged significantly, like double digits or have medical issues or behavior issues, but i do also try to inform part-time who might not be, you know, that
5:26 am
moggeable on animal rescue that this isn't the entire representation of animals in shelters. >> right. >> so here's my question. >> if some of these animals are older and have had health problems what happens when you take on the expense of that potentially? >> all dogs, you know, like humans are different in that simon here he actually just went to the vet the other day and is still in perfect health and i always recommend that people take on dogs and, you know, ask a shelter if you're open minded to the type of a dog or the size. ask the shelter about their needs and what kind of medical issue they might have and, you know, maybe a really intense medical case wasn't the right fit for everyone. >> finally, if you're thinking about getting a dog yourself or maybe you're giving a dog to somebody, is it better to go with a senior dog who haven't had pets or is it easier than getting a pup? >> in a lot of ways adopting a
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senior dog can be a lot more of a calmer and streamlined experience and, you know, not even just a really old spgs older dog. once a dog hits three usually at the shelter, their adoption chances really plummet, so, you know, there's a lot of great adult dogs out there that might be a nice middle ground for somebody who is just stepping in. >> putting this little guy no sleep. >> how do you connect sneem do they reach out to you on facebook page? >> facebook and instagram are my two big platforms i use for sharing that these guys need homes. >> i think we'll find you a home enough the just in time for the holidays. >> yes, she needs a home. >> thanks for everything that you've done. i guess we'll let you guys go. that does it for the show today. i'm kimmy evans. next week, last-minute holiday travel. still plan a getaway and get a
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bargain. each week keep it here. we are "on the money" and
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right now on "nbc 10 news today" the fog that's been blanketing the region is now starting to lift. but not before it's made driving difficult and has caused some airport delays. the icy weather this weekend triggered this deadly pileup on i-95 in baltimore. it started when a tanker truck slipped off a bridge and burst into flames. it was all caught on this cell phone video. plus an owner fights back when somebody tries to rob his repair shop in southwest philadelphia. nbc 10 news starts now. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today" i'm rosemary connors. it's 5:30 on this sunday. let's get right to that weather with meteorologist krystal klei who is tracking the foggy start. >> this


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