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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  December 19, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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department of health is working fast, reaching out to patients, warning them to get checked for hepatitis and hiv. state records say this dentist's office opened in january. when we visited, the blinds were drawn and those working here told us they're closed. >> there were dead mice next to the sterilization unit. the instruments were not clean because they were always wet, they never went through a dry cycle. >> reporter: marie kennedy is the former office manager, let go, she says, for speaking up. her son is also a patient. a joint investigation by the pennsylvania department of state and department of health questions how the clinic sterilized its instruments, including those sterilized in the basement, which the state says contained at least two dead mice, cockroach-like insects, and flies on the floor. the state investigation says it found expired medications inside the dental office. >> i was devastated. the material was two years expired, it wasn't like a week.
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>> reporter: state records show the man in charge now has his dental license temporarily suspended. the department of state writes that he failed to ensure his dental office followed current inspection control recommendations. it says those failures seriously compromised patients' safety. >> there were serious infection control violations, enough to make us concerned. >> reporter: the doctor's lawyers would not agree to an on-camera interview but told he is he has not been notified of any infections or serious problems by his patients. according to his website, he also runs this dental clinic in la jolla, california with his wife. his and his wife's licenses are in good standing in california. the couple's lawyers say they were managing the reading office from california, visiting twice a month. >> i want the patients to know, the patients should know, and they don't know. >> reporter: the pennsylvania department of health did send a letter to all of the clinic's
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patients recommending that they contact their primary doctor immediately. >> so now, thanks to you, they know. >> reporter: i hope so. they should contact their doctor and get tested to make sure everything's okay. >> mitch blacher, thank you. new details about breaking news we've been following in berlin, germany. a truck plowed into a crowded christmas market killing at least nine people. nbc 10's jacqueline london is live in our breaking news center. >> erin, police say the driver was arrested nearby. you can see the debris by that truck. it's from small wooden stalls that make up the christmas market there. dozens of ambulances line the streets, waiting to rescue people. police are still investigating whether the crash was deliberated or an accident. germany's justice minister just announced that federal prosecutors who handle terrorism cases are taking over the investigation. and we will continue to follow this and bring you new information as we receive it.
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live in the breaking news center, jacqueline london, nbc 10 news. now to a montgomery county pediatrician dead, just weeks after he was jailed on child porn charges. dr. david kennedy was found dead in jail yesterday. an autopsy has been done but investigators say it could take six to eight weeks before they know what killed kennedy. police arrested dr. kennedy late last month after a worker at his office found what appeared to be child porn on his phone. new video into nbc 10 of an armed robbery as it happens. you're going to see a woman on the right side of your screen there. police say she and her 65-year-old husband were walking on west godfrey in olney after closing up their business. four armed men followed the couple and forced them inside their home. the robbers stole the couple's backpack that had $3,000 and also a gun inside. and then the group took off in a waiting car.
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new details this evening on commuting headaches for septa's regional rail passengers. right now there are still delays up to a half hour because of a power problem from this morning. here is the good news. the problem has been fixed. but trains are still delayed. this morning some trains were as much as three hours late. septa says it was caused by downed wires at the jenkintown station. now to your nbc 10 first alert whether. in north philadelphia, the temperature drop caused the with regard to freeze over at this pool at 24th and master. >> the temperature plunge is going to stick around a few more house. let's get the details from nbc 10's first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> kind of a shock to the system when it hit us last night and today. at least the wind is diminishing now. it was kind of gusty last night, as it was bringing the coldest air in. we've got places in the 20s
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right now, 5:00 in the afternoon. and the average temperature this time of the afternoon is definitely in the 40s. 26 in the lehigh valley, as the sun has gone down. so we're 15 to 20 degrees colder than at this time yesterday. it's more like 30 degrees colder than what we were around noontime yesterday. that's quite a change. and then of course sunday was about 30 degrees warmer than saturday morning was. nothing on the radar close by. it's going to be a dry night. but it's going to be another cold one. 22 by morning in philadelphia. at least there's not any windchill to go on top of that in the suburbs. 18 degrees. lehigh valley, 17. and everybody is going to start off the day tomorrow on the cold side. another fairly chilly one. but we do see a warm-up coming. we'll get into those higher numbers coming up in a few minutes.
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history is being made today. members of the electoral college have gathered in state houses across the country to cast their votes for the next president of the united states. and it appears it will be donald trump. but trump protesters gathered in many places. they were trying to get the 538 electors to cast their ballots today for anyone but mr. trump. in pennsylvania's state capitol, electors gathered and voted unanimously to give the state's 20 lelectoral votes to trump an mike pence. but protesters urged the electors not to vote for the president-elect. >> he is a misogynist. he's a bigot. he has just spent the last 18 months dividing this country. and that's not something that we can easily accept. >> delaware's three democratic electors cast their ballots for hillary clinton, while new
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jersey's electors also allotted its 14 votes to clinton. both states voted for clinton in november. new year's day will bring a new tax on the bubbly in philadelphia. not champagne. we're talking about the soda tax. a judge dismissed a lawsuit today that was blocking the tax. 1.5 cent per ounce tax applies to all sugary drinks sold in the city. the beverage industry claims the tax duplicates the state's sales tax and unfairly taxes sodas based on size, not price. the tax takes effect on new year's day. coming up, our cydney long toqutalks to shoppers about the decision. a woman was victimized at a local grocery store. police say she had a concealed carry permit and used her gun to defend herself. but they say she shot the wrong person. it happened this morning at the save a lot in germantown. police say the woman had entered the store and a man she did not know began harassing her, threw
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hot coffee at her, and threatened her with a stick. when she shot at the man, the bullet hit a security guard in the leg. >> we don't want people to just get themselves in situations where they can avoid the escalation to the point where someone is shot. we would rather them take evasive action when they can to avoid this from happening. >> the woman's purse and cellphone were stolen by the man who was arrested just a few blocks away. they say the security guard will recover. in chester county, skyforce 10 over a tractor-trailer fire that backed up traffic on the pennsylvania turnpike this morning. the truck caught fire on the eastbound side of the turnpike about 7:30 a.m. officials had to shut down the turnpike eastbound between downing town and valley forge for several hours. no one was hurt. millionaire investor carl icahn could lose his casino license for shutting down atlantic city's trump taj mahal. new jersey lawmakers could pass
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a bill today that imposes a five-year suspension for anyone who shuts down a casino. right now it would apply only to icahn because he acquired the taj in bankruptcy last year and closed it seven months later. if passed, governor chris christie would have to approve it. the city is taking new action to protect children from this dangerous chemical. it's not exactly boardwalk weather. but ocean city only has days left to make some big repairs to this jersey shore destination. don't get caught slipping and sliding this winter. find out why your boots may not protect you from the ice, that's still ahead.
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russia's ambassador to turkey was assassinated today by a police officer. the murder happened in front of television cameras. we won't show the actual shooting. the gunman standing behind ancha
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andrey korlov shot him dead and was then shot by police. landlords will have to certify their properties are lea lead-free before children move in. the mayor hopes it will help identify more problem properties. >> it will allow us to connect with families and neighborhoods that are struggling and be able to have that interaction too so we may know where some of these lead-laden homes are. >> the group will also try to speed up help to children who have already been exposed to lead. the nbc 10 investigators spent months investigating lead problems in philadelphia and across our region. to learn more about how this dangerous chemical could be affecting your family, look for our investigation called "living with lead." find it right now on a controversial bathroom bill in north carolina could be off the books by the end of the week. nbc 10 national correspondent
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jay gray tells us about it. >> reporter: in an early morning meeting, the charlotte city council voted 10-0 today to repeal the city's nondiscrimination ordinance with the promise state lawmakers would do the same with their controversial bathroom bill. >> this action is taken to open a path forward toward achieving our goal. >> reporter: the initial measure passed by the city council in february sparked a major debate across the state and nation over lgbt rights. many in the legislature called it overreaching and responded with house bill 2 which in effect nullified the city's ordinance and banned many transgender residents from using restrooms in government buildings that match their gender identity. the backlash to hb 2 was quick and costly. >> we have lost jobs. we have lost opportunities. we have lost headquarters coming to the area. >> reporter: major companies including american airlines, apple, facebook, bank of america, and dow chemical lined up against the measure. the ncaa moved seven
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championship tournaments out of the state and the nba pulled its 2017 all-star game out of charlotte. after more than nine months of controversy and hundreds of millions of dollars in lost revenue, outgoing governor pat mccrory has called the entire issue politically motivated. he's called a special session of the legislature where lawmakers are expected to fully repeal hb 2. jay gray, nbc 10 news. fans are leaving flowers this evening on zsa zsa gabor's star on the hollywood walk of fame. the hungarian-born actress died yesterday after an apparent heart attack. gabor and her two sisters were the kardashians of their time, becoming mixtures on the hollywood social circuit. >> she was a very, very good person. she was a tough cookie. but she was very fair, very fair to everybody. very fair.
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>> gabor appeared in more than 40 films and television shows during her long career. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather. well, very cold start to the day. a cold afternoon. it's going to be a cold night. and then things are going to start to moderate a little bit. still 30 degrees in philadelphia, as the sun has set. but look at the wind. very, very light. less than five miles per hour in much of the area. so at least we don't have the windchill issue. we have 30 at philly international. but it is already down into the 20s in parts of the city. 28 in parkside and andorra. chestnut hit, west mt. airy, some of those spots could get into the upper teens by morning. we are bitter cold friday. that set us up for the snow and ice saturday morning. and it warmed up just enough.
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then everything melted, as we got up to 60 degrees sunday morning. now we're back way below normal, and then temperatures will be creeping back up. we don't have anything on radar despite some clouds back to the west. a lot of dry air in the middle of the country that's going to be with us for at least the next couple of days. of course it's going to be cold to wa tonight, and some places will be colder than others. tonight temperatures dropping into the teens in parts of the area, quakertown at 18 degrees, reading at 20 by tomorrow morning. it is very cold in the morning. it's not windy. and then we're only going up into the 30s during the afternoon for most of us. we could get up near 40 degrees in philadelphia. but that will be just brief. as we go toward the holiday
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weekend, though, it's going to get warmer. and so even christmas eve, temperatures should be considerably warmer than it is today. and will be tomorrow. so lehigh valley, 39 degrees at 6:00. that's a warm-up, a significant warm-up compared to what we're seeing during the day today. and by christmas day itself, on sunday, 54 degrees at philadelphia, that's 10 degrees above normal. i've got a shower symbol here, but i've got to tell you, i came very close to taking it out, because the chances appear to be much, much lower than it did 24 hours ago. a lot of computer models are suggesting that this system approaching over the weekend is very, very week. tomorrow, temperatures up a little bit from where we are today after that very cold morning. and then 48 degrees wednesday. similar story on thursday, for
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when the eagles are playing thursday night. so at the moment it looks like it's going to be dry, near 40 degrees, but kind of breezy, because that's setting us up for this clearing coming in on friday. then the temperature starts to go up. saturday and sunday, well above average, just that chance of some showers on sunday. we'll revisit that coming up tonight at 11:00. and then near 60 degrees by next monday, which again, was what we were yesterday. then for the rest of next week as we head towards the beginning of the new year, there really aren't any signs of that arctic cold coming back, jim. >> all right, glenn. one of ocean city's most famous features is undergoing a major face-lift. construction crews are busy replacing the boardwalk between 8th and 10th streets. it's the fourth phase of a multiyear project. new decking is already down in front of the ocean city music
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pier, a key venue for first night. city leaders say a gap in the boardwalk at 8th street will soon be gone, giving revellers easy access to the music pier for the big event. >> crews are under orders to open up the section in front of the music pier in time for first night. >> construction on the boardwalk will continue for the next few months between orland terrace and 10th street. this phase of the project is expected to be wrapped up in late march. lower wakefield is halfway to getting a new dog park. the town was given $75,000, half of what it needs to build the park. the plans include three acres in makefield glen. there would be fenced-in areas for large and small dogs. the town is counting on donations to pay the rest of the bill. the democratic national convention ended months ago but the city is still reaping the
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rewards, next at 5:00. plus who got engaged? a stranger is hoping to find the happy couple she captured with her camera phone, coming up. ♪ it was a construction accident, with a piece of heavy equipment
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>> announcer: this is nbc 10 news. philadelphia public school students are benefiting from
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last summer's democratic national consequential. the 2016 dnc host committee announced today it is donating $750,000 to the school district of philadelphia. the convention took place at the sports complex in south philly for four days at the end of july, of course. former governor ed rendell was the host committee chair. he says helping the city was always an aim of convention organizers. >> we want to have a great convention. we want the city to look good and develop the economy. we also wanted to have a lasting impact on the children of philadelphia. >> the money will go to the school district's right books campaign, which puts libraries in classrooms around the city. the funds had previously been held in escrow to secure credit for the host committee. now to a heartwarming story just in time for the holidays. tonight on "nbc nightly news," lest eer holt shares an inspiri story about a jamaican immigrant who takes a weekly walk from his job at the local library. he goes to a shelter for
5:25 pm
homeless shelter in new york city and brings with him a suitcase filled with books, sharing the joy of reading with kids who otherwise wouldn't have the chance. >> so this is really the magic moment that you can give to give a spark and make them want to learn. >> and make them want to learn to read. i don't want anyone to be left behind. >> you want these kids to know they're important. >> exactly, very important. >> the story as part of the "nightly"'s "inspiring america" series which features remarkable people making a positive impact in their communities. catch it tonight at 6:30 right here on nbc 10. we have been asking for your holiday photos. >> and we're going to show you one that's going to be heart to beat. here it is right here. part of a cubicle decorating contest at toll brothers. melissa o'neill, an employee there, turned her workspace into a custom made log cabin. >> this is really cool. >> erin, don't get any ideas for the newsroom. we want to thank danine chapin
5:26 pm
for sending this video. nbc 10 wants to see your creative holiday videos. use the hashtag #nbc10holiday. or send them through the nbc 10 app. we'll post some online and show some right here on nbc 10. that was a lot of work. we watched both sides battle it out over a soda tax for months. >> now a judge may have cleared the path for philadelphia to take an historic step. what it means for your wallet, next at 5:00. high debt, bad job market, the news hasn't been good for recent college grads. but that's about to change.
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♪ i said i really can't stay ♪ baby it's cold outside ♪ i have to go away ♪ baby it's cold outside ♪ i really can't stay
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♪ baby it's cold outside! you never know who you'll meet at barnes & noble.
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right now at 5:00, some are calling it a sweet victory. today a judge dismissed a lawsuit that would have stopped philadelphia's new soda tax. >> nbc 10's cydney long joins us live with what this means for shoppers at this point. cydney? >> reporter: it means no matter where you quench your thirst for a your favorite soft drink, you'll soon pay a penny and after more per ounce. it may not seem like much about it quickly adds up. both supporters and opponents sounded off on today's ruling. >> i think it's one of the most ridiculous things they're doing for this city. >> reporter: the owner of 007
5:30 pm
south philadelphia convenience store is downright mad. >> i'm not happy because they keep strangling the people. >> reporter: a judge dismissed a lawsuit aimed at blocking a tax he calls excessive and hurtful to working families. >> this is $1.70 here right now. that's a 20-ounce. you have to put another 30 cents worth of tax. where are these people going to get this money? >> reporter: philadelphians against the tax wrote in a statement, philadelphia families will be shocked in january when prices jump on more than 1,000 common beverages including teas, soft drinks, juice drinks and no-calorie and low-calorie options. he also owns a pizza shop that sells soda across the street. he plans to cut his inventory and cut the size of his bottles of soda and sugary juices to lessen the blow. >> i don't drink soda too much
5:31 pm
anyway so it doesn't affect me. >> reporter: she knows the soda tax will benefit children. according to philadelphia city council, the soda tax is a $91 million tax revenue investment in education and young people. >> the fact that it's for the children, it makes it a little bit easier to deal with. >> reporter: the soda tax, we can tell you, is set to take effect on january 1st. mayor kenney has asked the beverage industry not to appeal to the state supreme court. but the attorneys for the plaintiffs plan to do just that, they plan to appeal. cydney long, nbc 10 news. an update on breaking news from germany. nine people are dead after a truck rammed into a christmas market in berlin. police have just announced the truck was registered in poland. the owner says he feared the
5:32 pm
vehicle, which was driven by his cousin, may have been hijacked. berlin's top security official said it is too early to say whether the collision was deliberate. but federal prosecutors who handle terrorism cases are taking over the investigation. now to new details tonight about a deadly collision between a car and a school bus. it happened on roosevelt boulevard last night. we now know the names of the man and the woman who died after their mercedes slammed into the rear of that bus. ramon rodriguez camacho and elaine rivera were in their 30s. there were no children on the bus. the nation's top law enforcement officer spent the day in delaware. u.s. attorney general loretta lynch showing delaware senator chris koontz in wilmington. they talked about the criminal justice system and how to cut violent crimes in cities like wilmington. breaking the cycle of crime by improving educational options in prison was also a top issue.
5:33 pm
>> people can leave federal prison with a license or certificate for a particular skill or even a job. we find that they do significantly better than those individuals who don't have those options. >> the attorney general and senator koontz also visited the wilmington police department. they also stopped by the children's advocacy center at a.i. dupont hospital for children. now to nbc 10 alert weather. a chilly day for sightseeing in philadelphia. the good news, places like the national constitution center and independence hall got heat. >> that's right, they're also fun to visit. you'll want a warm place to stay between now and tomorrow morning. nbc 10 chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz has details. >> absolutely. it's going to be a cold night, one of the areas that's happy about it, the ski areas at camelback. people are on the slopes already. they'll be able to make snow
5:34 pm
virtually every night for the rest of the week. and not a repeat of that very warm rain that they had early sunday morning. 30 degrees at philadelphia. now we got up to 34 today, but it didn't even get that warm in most of the rest of the area. we have dry conditions across the area. it's going to be that way during the night tonight. of course temperatures are going to go down even more. but we don't have any wind to speak of. so there's no windchill to add to that 18-degree low temperature that you see at the p.a. suburbs, 17 in the lehigh valley. this is probably the coldest morning that we're going to see for the rest of the week, maybe the rest of the year. a cold start to another cold day. we'll let you know more about the warm ju-up and how it will affect the holiday weekend, coming up. president obama has pardoned 78 people and shortened the sentence of 150 others convicted
5:35 pm
of a federal crime, the most individual clemencies on a single day by any other president. he's been giving commutations at a rapid price, focusing primarily on shortening sentences rather than pardons. granting pardons is a tradition for outgoing presidents. we have this just in, in the past few minutes. donald trump officially received enough electoral votes to formally within the presidency on a day when protesters rallied around the country in hopes some electors would change their mines. nbc's brian mooar explains. >> 20 votes for donald j. trump. >> reporter: in presidential elections past, the counting of electoral college votes was a drama-free formality. not this year. >> ten votes, donald j. trump. >> you sold out! >> this is my america! >> reporter: this demonstration in phoenix and other protests
5:36 pm
around the country served as a dramatic last stand against the presidency of donald trump. his opponents appealing to 538 electors to cast their ballots today for anyone else. >> it's probably unlikely to happen. but it also gives -- it continues to highlight the potential danger of a presidency of donald trump. >> reporter: there were a few defectors, but very few. >> there's no chance that we'll lose 37 electors where donald trump will not be the next president of the united states. >> reporter: congress will officially count the votes on january 6th. >> all 11 votes have been cast for donald j. trump. >> reporter: but today, electors carried out their duties in capitals from coast to coast. >> i invite president clinton to join us in casting the first ballot. >> reporter: in new york, former president bill clinton, just one member of the electoral college chosen to represent the will of the people.
5:37 pm
brian mooar, nbc news, washington. demonstrators gathered in harrisburg today to call for electors there to vote for someone other than donald trump. some protesters had a different message, this one for pennsylvania governor tom wolf. they want the state to shut down the berks county family detention center. that facility outside of reading holds immigrant families as they go through asylum proceedings. the protesters claim the center abuses the human rights of the people inside. are women better doctors than men? the results of a new study might caught y cause you to shop around for a new physician. a philadelphia woman needs your help to solve a mystery. why she wants to find the couple in this photo so badly, coming up.
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>> announcer: this is nbc 10 news. the monday before christmas is traditionally the busiest. packaged shipping day of the year. today is also expected to be the busiest mailing day of the year. nbc 10 at the post office in belmar, camden county, the post office says this year is shaping up to be busier this year than last year. in store today for workers at ups and fedex, it's crunch time for the two biggest parcel carriers in the world. fedex and ups are determined to get online-ordered gifts delivered on time. good news for college graduates. the head of the federal reserve says grads are entering the strongest job market in nearly a decade. janet yellen credits technology and globalization. she says people who have a college degree are more likely to find a job, keep a job, and have higher job satisfaction and higher salaries. next at 5:00, we follow the
5:41 pm
story of a remarkable young girl. not only is she battling cancer but she's bringing christmas cheer to dozens of patients in the hospital. we're going to show you how, next at 5:00.
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this picture at the center of a romantic mystery. over the weekend, a philadelphia woman snapped this photo of a couple getting engaged. but the couple disappeared before she could share it with them. >> now the photographer wants to find them. nbc 10's tim furlong has the story from rittenhouse square. >> reporter: rittenhouse square is romantic during the day. but when the sun comes down and the christmas lights come on, the place is pure magic.
5:44 pm
>> it was such a beautiful night. >> reporter: claire gibson was a dog walker, walking her dog patches on sunday night. she came on a couple having a re rendezvous under the christmas tree. >> i saw a box, he was obviously proposing. patches had to go home and go potty and get warm again. >> reporter: when claire got home and looked at the photo, she knew she needed to get it to the couple. she posted it on facebook, that's where we know it. if you know the people, let them know about claire's picture. >> i'm sorry if you were wait to go christmas to announce it to your family. >> reporter: she figures any couple would want a note of the moment they got engaged. if this is you, reach us on the nbc 10 page and we'll gladly help you make the connection.
5:45 pm
claire can be a foot honote in r rittenhouse love story. >> hopefully you guys love the picture. >> reporter: tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> great picture. >> maybe someone will come forward. a lot of toy joy today at children's hospital in philadelphia, all thanks to a local girl who recently finished six months of cancer treatment there. >> we first introduced you to jillian matthew last week. the lehigh valley girl had been there since the summer battling an aggressive form of cancer. but now the cancer is gone. and during jillian's treatment, her mother's co-workers sponsored a toy drive. jillian wanted to make sure her friends still in the hospital had a happy holiday. today those toys were dropped off. >> a lot of people have come out, just knowing what all these toys are going to do with all the families there. >> more than 3,500 toys and $3,000 in gift cards were all
5:46 pm
given away. the dallas cowboys aren't exactly popular around here. >> to say the least. even diehard eagles fans might applied what one cowboys star did last night. after scoring a touchdown, running back ezekial elliott jumped right here, into that giant salvation army kettle at the back of the end zone. he was flagged for excessive celebration. but the nfl says it won't fine him. instead they say he'll make a donation to the salvation army. the salvation army enjoyed all the attention. marketing experts say elliott's leap was worth $200,000 in tv ad exposure. >> wow. the eagles are back on the field this thursday night. they take on the division rival giants. you'll see the game right here on nbc 10. we'll also have exclusive pregame coverage starting at 7:00 only on nbc 10. what's the countdown to christmas? there's a lot to get done during the next few days. >> feeling the pressure? let's see if the weather will make it easier or more
5:47 pm
difficult. glenn "hurricane" schwartz back with your neighborhood forecast. >> i would say overall we have some pretty good travel weather and shopping weather for much of the rest of the week. remember how difficult it was on saturday morning and we told everybody to just stay home or at least to sleep late. and things turned out differently on sunday. 60 degrees. you can go outside now. the cold air is back. 26 degrees in lehigh valley. 28 delaware. even at the jersey shore, we've got places right at the beach at 28. ventner, 28. summers point, 29. cape may point at 30. at this hour. and it's just going to keep going down. there's hardly any wind, so there's no wind off the ocean to warm us up. there's that 60-degree sunday, sticking out like a sore thumb. remember how cold it was on friday, that arctic air set us
5:48 pm
up for snow and ice saturday morning. we warmed up, all gone, the snow and the ice, by sunday morning. and then a tremendous drop for today, the high temperature only 34 degrees. nothing on radar close by. we do have some clouds, but obviously not thick enough to produce any kind of precipitation. and the closest snow we see to the west is up in the northern rockies. so we don't have any kind of weather threat for a while. other than the cold. look at this start to the day, 17 in reading. 14 degrees in easton. up to 34 for the high in bethlehem tomorrow. and only 39 in phoenixville. west ca westchester starts the day at 39 degrees. on saturday and sunday, i hope you were watching to get to see
5:49 pm
just how dramatic the changes can be across the area. and the neighborhood weather let's us do that. 19 tomorrow morning in haddonfield and trenton. it's just cold everybody to start the day. galloway township, 20 degrees to start the day and 22 in dover. the eagles will be playing in chilly weather, but nothing as cold as what we saw today. lehigh valley getting into the 40s after tomorrow. jersey shore getting up near 50 degrees. delaware up to 50 degrees by thursday. as we go toward the weekend, it's kind of one of those rare times, chanukah and christmas
5:50 pm
are in the same weekend. and saturday night, temperatures in the mid-40s. kind of mild for this time of the year. the wind fairly light. for christmas itself, it's very mild for this time of the year, about 10 degrees above average. just a slight chance of some showers now, it looks even less likely than it did yesterday. >> okay, glenn. lester holt joins us now from the nbc studios in new york. >> he has a look at what's coming up on "nbc nightly news." hey, lester. >> good evening. coming up, an update on the truck crash in berlin at a christmas market, as well as the terror assassination of a russian ambassador in turkey. we'll look at the precious the electoral college is under as they finally put a period on the presidential election. and who are better doctors, women or men? for now, we'll send you back to nbc philadelphia. >> we think we know the answer.
5:51 pm
see you at 6:30 anyway, thanks. in south jersey, no need to have spare coins on hand if you're parking in camden, the city is offering free meter parking today through january 2nd, aimed at encouraging shopping and visits to camden. take a look at decorated buses at penn's landing. workers from eight districts came up with a theme for each bus and got to work decorating. tonight is septa night at the river fest. septa riders with weekly or monthly passes get a discount to ice skate tonight. >> very cool. we saw it over the weekend, 'tis the season for snow and ice. >> no matter how hard we try, some of us are going to slip on the ice. a new study says your boots may be to blame, find out why next at 5:00.
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recent studies show female doctors make about $20,000 less than their male counterparts. but women may save more lives. researchers at harvard university followed 1 million elderly patients hospitalized with a medical condition. those treated by female doctors were less likely to die and less likely to be readmitted to the hospital within 30 days.
5:55 pm
>> women really do practice medicine a little differently than the way men practice medicine. women tend to be better at communicating with patients. they're more likely to offer treatments that we know work. they're more likely to focus on prevention. >> and be sure to tune into "nbc nightly news" to learn more about this. plus a female doctor speaks out about sexism in the workplace. "nightly news" airs at 6:30 right here on nbc 10. speaking of trips to the hospital, we saw slushy sidewalks around our area over the weekend, a reminder that walking in winter can be dangerous if you don't watch your step. trips to the er spike when the ground gets slippery. >> as nbc's erika edwards reports, many winter boots don't help with traction. >> reporter: dressing for winter means lots and lots of layers. when it comes to icy conditions, all those layers become padding. ouch! this is the time of year emergency room doctors see a
5:56 pm
sharp increase in people getting hurt after falling on ice. >> a lot of broken bones in particular, wrist fractures are more common with the icy weather as people have slips and falls. >> reporter: who better to address this slippery situation than our neighbors to the north? canada, of course. >> we'll go out and put on snow tires in the winter, but no one gives much about the shoes. >> reporter: this is the winter lab at toronto rehabilitation institute, where researchers are slipping and sliding in the name of science. they've tested 98 boots on how well they do on ice. most failed. researchers found it's not the depth of the tread but the material of the sole that matters. some of the highest rated boots have granules of carbide buried into them. >> when you run your hand over it, it feels like rough sandpaper. it scratches into the surface. >> reporter: the researchers are sharing their findings with the boot industry to improve the
5:57 pm
next generation of frost-proof footwear, so you can skate into spring without landing in the er. erika edwards, nbc 10 news. >> makes you want to stay inside. >> yeah. nbc 10 news at 6:00 is next. >> here's jacqueline london. we continue to follow breaking news out of germany, new details about a deadly crash in a christmas market. and a customer turns the tables on a robber. police offer details if you have a license to carry and think about fighting back.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
chaos in germany. was it a terror attack? we're following breaking news in berlin. soda tax suit. a final hurdle is cleared for the tax on sugary drinks in philadelphia. toys for kids. a local teenager's generosity. and why delivering presents means so much. >> announcer: nbc 10 news starts now. in the past 30 minutes, donald trump received the number of votes needed to officially send him to the white house. electors across the country and here in the delaware valley cast their ballots and there were no surprises. good evening, i'm jim rosenfield. >> i'm jacqueline london. >> today was the electoral college vote. the final step in the presidential election before next month's inauguration day. >> there was some drama outside the capital in harrisburg today. hundreds of protesters tried to
6:00 pm
make their voices heard. but in the end, all the votes stayed the same. nbc 10's lauren mayk reports from harrisburg. >> reporter: these electors were lobbied here and at home. some told me they got thousands of e-mails. one told me someone even showed up to his house. ultimately, though, donald trump got pennsylvania's 20 electoral votes. >> donald trump is the 48th vice president of the united states, mike pence. >> reporter: rob gleason led the proceedings. the state's republican party chair for 11 years, he's been waiting for this moment. >> i said, i can do this right away, i've been through two presidential, we lost, with mitt romney and mccain, i was determined this time. >> reporter: for the first time since 1988, pennsylvania goes red. it becomes official today with the votes of 20 electors, including andrew reilly from delaware county. did you think you were going to be here? >> it was unlikely. but as the campaign unfolded, you saw the


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