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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  December 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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shooter surprise. a woman turns the tables on her alleged attacker. why she's not the only one taking matters into her own hands. market mayhem. a truck driver plows into an outdoor market in germany, sparking a new round of terror jitters. a center city building is falling apart, and officials knew all about it. what's being done to make it safe? >> announcer: nbc10 news starts now. three armed victims take matters into their own hands and pull the trigger in the name of self-defense. the most recent attack left a store security guard injured and the son of the woman who fought back is talking to just one station. good evening, i'm jacqueline london. >> and i'm jim rosenfield.
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nbc10's denise nakano is joining us live from police headquarters. denise, what did the victim's son tell you? >> well, jim and jacqueline, he tells me his mom has had a license to carry for 20 years and has never had to use her gun until this morning. that's when she came under attack during that robbery. >> she always has a gun on her. >> the son of the most recent armed victim spoke exclusively with nbc10 outside his family's home. his mother, a daycare owner, came under attack as she was walking into a save allot grocery store. >> you know where she came up from, which is west philly. >> reporter: she's the latest in a series of rob rberies where t victim turned the gun on the robber. in this instance, the bullet ricocheted and struck a star security guard in the shin. police later arrested the alleged robber, who they say had the victim's purse and cell
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phone. the 51-year-old victim had a permit to carry a firearm, as did the owner of a southwest philadelphia auto body shop when he shot an armed robber in the chest saturday. then hours later, a pizza delivery man shot a 19-year-old who tried to rob him in northeast philadelphia. >> you have to be actually facing death or serious bodily injury before you can use deadly force. >> reporter: robbers shot by their intended victims. colin says he's glad his mother fought back. >> a gun, a taser, a stick, something. if it has to be a gun, it has to be a gun. >> reporter: now, the suspects who were shot are in police custody, and none of the victims are expected to be charged. reporting live from police headquarters, denise nakano, nbc10 news. a tractor-trailer barreled into a crowded christmas market in berlin. at least 12 people have been killed, and 48 others injured. the suspected driver is in
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custody. u.s. officials say the crash appears to be a terrorist attack. a city famous for its christmas market now reeling from this. after a truck barrels right through a berlin crowd packed with locals and tourists enjoying the sights and sounds of the holiday. witnesses say the truck jumped the curb before plowing into shoppers at 8:00 at night. >> it went just past me, past my girlfriend. i think it missed me by three meters, missed her by five. >> reporter: the front window of the truck shows just how hard the impact was, with the glass completely smashed in. the driver taken into custody. the passenger in the truck killed. >> i saw one guy being dragged away with blood on his face. >> emergency crews rushed to the scene, all reminiscent of the attack in nice, france, over the summer, where a truck killed 85 people. that suspect shot by police. the driver in berlin, alive and
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being questioned. >> when did it pick up fuel, and exactly when did it go into that market, and how did it go into that market because that will determine whether it's an accident or whether it was deliberate. >> this follows a state department warning about the possibility of attacks at outdoor markets and holiday festivals. and increasing fear for a while that something like this could happen. breaking news here at home. in south jersey tonight, a deadly crash has shut down a stretch of the new jersey turnpike in burlington county. skyforce10 is over the scene. within the past hour, we're told a car hit a person standing behind a disabled tractor-trailer. this was in the southbound lanes near exit 45 in west hampton. that person was killed. the driver of the car has serious injuries. to our weather now and a chilly night across the region. nbc10 in old city where we found people bundled up. >> and the cold temps are expected to last into the morning hours.
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chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz has our forecast. glenn. >> it's already cold now, and it's going to get colder by the time you get um p in the mornin. there are going to be some places in the teens. it's 20 now. 23 in coatesville. 27 in philadelphia. only 23 in trenton. at this hour, some of our suburbs -- some of our places in berks and lehigh counties, already in the teens. mertztown, 18, mccountrygy, 18. white hall, 18. easton, 18. bethlehem, 19 degrees. still going down. by 6:00 a.m. in philadelphia, we're at 23. we don't jump up very much by 10:00 a.m. near 20 in some of the suburbs. look at that. lehigh valley down to 15 degrees. we'll see about the warm-up this week and the holiday weekend
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forecast in just a few minutes. new tonight, a lehigh valley fire police officer is taken to the hospital after he was hit while directing traffic. this happened along route 145 near center street in white hall township. officials say the officer was out there for an earlier incident when he was hit. the driver did stop at the scene. no word on the condition of the officer. philadelphia's so called soda tax will go into effect next month. this after a judge dismissed a lawsuit aimed at blocking it. the beverage industry filed the suit arguing the tax is a sort of double whammy on top of the state sales tax already imposed on soda. every ounce is taxed at 1.5 cents. distributors pay that, and it applies to all sugary drinks sold in the city. the beverage industry has vowed to appeal today's ruling. it's official. donald trump is the next president of the united states because today mr. trump cruised to victory in the electoral college. this despite protests around the country, including right here in pennsylvania.
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>> deny donald trump the presidency. >> in harrisburg, protesters carried signs and tried to make their voices heard, but pennsylvania's electors voted unanimously to give the state's 20 electoral votes to president-elect trump. some protesters said they hoped to bring a change to the concept of the electoral college. >> i don't like the system. i would be much more willing to accept the popular vote. >> i think it's important because it really gives the rural people in america a vote and suburban people a vote and doesn't let all the power in the cities. >> electors tell us they received thousands of letters, and e-mails urging them to vote for someone besides mr. trump. one elector said someone even showed up at his house. a montgomery county pediatrician is dead just weeks after he was sent to prison on child porn charges. dr. david kennedy was found dead in jail yesterday. an autopsy has been done, but
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investigators say it could take six to eight weeks before they know what killed hi arrested th last month after a work ern at his office found what appeared to be child porn on his phone. we now know the names of the victims of a deadly crash on roosevelt boulevard. police say ramon rodriguez camacho and lorraine rivera died last night. their car crashed into the back of a school bus stopped atwood ward street. the car then burst into flames. the bus driver was not hurt. no children were on the bus at the time. a former new jersey police officer who used his job to sexually assault a 16-year-old girl will spend the next five years behind bars. ralph pereira will also have to register as a sex offender. the former briggen teen officer pled guilty earlier this year to official misconduct and sexual assault charges. a busy day for legislators in new jersey. they voted on a number of bills today including one that punishes billionaire investor carl icahn for closing atlantic
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city's trump taj mahal casino. the state assembly voted to impose a five-year license suspension for anyone shutting down a casino after january 2016. at this point, that would only apply to icahn. the measure still needs approval from governor chris christie. lawmakers also gave their okay to legalize ride sharing services like uber and lyft. if approved by the governor, the law would allow the state attorney general to decide whether the criminal background checks currently used by the companies are sufficient. it also includes requirements for insurance. montgomery county drivers may be in for a deture tomorrow. valley forge road between morris and hunter mill roads is going to be shut down while crews remove a bridge for the pennsylvania turnpike. the work runs from 9:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. tomorrow through thursday. dozens of local teachers played santa today, but instead of delivering toys, they brought thousands of donated school supplies to teachers. and support professionals in the
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chester upland school district. the district continues to face budget shortfalls and many teachers are spending their own money to buy basic supplies. crumbling concerns. a center city building is falling apart. what city officials are saying about who's responsible for making it safe. santa's little helper. how this little cancer survivor is making christmas brighter for fellow patients in our area. and is an end to this frigid weather insight? i'm tracking your holiday forecast. plus when to expect the warmer temperatures to roll in.
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i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! everything for the holidays. that's my giant.
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mstanding rib roast!ds to be wowed this year. wow. everything for the holidays. that's my giant. in montgomery county, a tribute to those who lost their lives in the cairo church attack. the church in hatfield held a prayer vigil tonight for the victims of that attack. 26 people were killed. dozens more were injured in a suicide bombing at a coptic church earlier this month. isis has claimed responsibility for that attack.
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in north carolina, a state law widely known as the bathroom bill could be off the books by the end of the week. north carolina's outgoing republican governor announced he will call legislators back to the capitol wednesday to repeal the law. many called it anti-lgbt because that law requires people to use public bathrooms that match their birth gender in many public buildings. republicans say the law provides privacy and safety by keeping men out of women's restrooms. opponents call it discriminatory. new at 11:00, a close call on south broad street. this home surveillance video captures a worker running to safety as the facade of a building just tumbles to the ground. >> the city admits the property has been deemed unsafe. so nbc10's george spencer asked licenses and inspections why the owners have never been forced to fix it. >> reporter: on thursday morning, surveillance cameras captured the first close call. this pile of falling bricks
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tumbling down just steps behind that passerby. but later in the evening, it was even closer. the worker racing away as another collapse sent scaffolding crumbling down. >> it shouldn't happen. totally avoidable. >> reporter: a neighbor tells us the trouble at broad and dickinson started in july of 2014 when an intense thunderstorm brought down the facade of his home and that neighboring property. but bash areary says even though lni admits it had declared the property unsafe, proper repairs were never made. thus inviting the collapse that his cameras captured actually occurring. >> i'm surprised it was let go that way for so long considering we had warned the owner a number of times and lni. >> reporter: this particular incident captured attention because it was caught on video and it happened only steps from this bus stop.
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but lni tells me across the city of philadelphia, right now there are almost 5,000 buildings deemed unsafe just like this one. that's why lni tells us tonight it emphasizes owner responsibility for maintenance. we tracked down the owner of this property tonight, and he assured us final repairs are now under way. but he may have to convince a judge of that since the city says it's trying to get the case into court this week. >> i think it was a little irresponsible to let it go this long. i mean two and a half years of being in that condition is -- it's just not right. >> reporter: reporting in south philadelphia, george spencer, nbc10 news. one of the jersey shores most famous features is getting a major face lift just in time for the new year. construction crews are busy replacing the ocean city boardwalk between 8th and 10th streets. it's the fourth phase of a multiyear project. new decking is already down in
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front of the ocean city music pier, which is a key venue for the resort's annual new year's eve celebration. city leaders say a gap in the boardwalk at 8 street will be gone soon giving easy access to the music pier for the big event. >> crews are under orders to open up the section in front of the music pier. >> construction on the boardwalk will continue for the next few months before moreland terrace and tenth street. a special delivery just in time for christmas. >> more than 3,000 toys arrived at children's hospital of philadelphia, all thanks to a little girl who is fighting for her life. 4-year-old jillian massey is home for christmas after spending six months in the hospital, bat thing an aggressive form of cancer. her cancer thankfully is now in remission, but many of the friends she made won't get to go home for the holidays. so with the help of her mother,
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they started a toy drive. >> can't even measure the impact it's going to have. >> waking up to all this and seeing all the people that have come out and just knowing what all these toys are going to do for all of the families. >> in all, they collected more than 3,500 toys and $3,000 in gift cards. in old city, a light show to celebrate the holidays. nbc10 at st. peter's episcopal church this evening for the lights of christmas. the ten-minute light show tells the nativity story. don't worry. if you missed it tonight, the show will play every evening through new year's eve. and the count down to christmas is on. still a few days left to get that last minute shopping done. >> to see if the weather will help with our last minute errands. let's check in with glenn for our neighborhood forecast. >> it does look like we're going to get some really nice weather. a couple nights ago, we had dense fog. visibility is fine, but it is cold outside. already down to 20 or a little
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below in the lehigh valley. other parts of the area, getting closer and closer to that 20-degree mark. in chester county, west cowan is 20 degrees. exton, malvern, collegeville, 22. north wales, 21. milford township, 18 degrees right now. fort washington, 22 degrees as well. we were bitter cold last friday. that set us up for the snow and ice saturday morning. then we jumped to 60 yesterday. way back down today to 34 for the high temperature. by tomorrow morning, it's 16 in. it's cold everywhere, but that's the last of the cold for the rest of the month the way it looks. we've got drier air moving in from the north and west. we've had some clouds but no precipitation, and much of the country is dry. that means the travel weather is going to be good this week. here's the future weather along
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with the temperatures. you don't see that storminess that we saw late last week and over the weekend. where's the snow? oh, up in canada. the temperatures aren't even that low. even if you're going to chicago or minneapolis. going through thursday, we're still not seeing any kind of significant travel problems. now, tomorrow morning, the issue is the temperature. chestnut hill starts off at 18 degrees. voorhees township at 19. egg harbor city at 20 degrees. then it gets a little bit warmer tomorrow afternoon. it will be warmer for the eagles game on thursday night, and it is tonight. as you can see, temperatures dropping through the 30s with mostly cloudy skies. the wind, a little bit of a factor. hanukkah and christmas are on the same weekend this year. that doesn't happen very often. the temperature in the mid-40s on saturday night with some fairly light winds. and for christmas day itself, the chances of showers are
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looking even smaller tonight than they did earlier today. this is just a slight chance now. by tomorrow, i may even take it out of the forecast, but i'm not taking the warming trend out. above average temperatures. we'll be right back. fios in the house!
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new at 11:00, new jersey state police need your help finding this man accused of murdering his estranged wife. they released this photo. troopers found the victim at a home on raymond drive in commercial township, cumberland county this morning. police say he was last seen driving a 1994 blue chevrolet s 10 pickup with new jersey license plates x 91 gjv. the holidays came early for one montgomery county family. >> and it was all thanks to the
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abingdon girls basketball team. every year the lady ghosts adopt a family in need. this year was no different. they collected food, gifts, and money. then presented them with their presents at tonight's basketball game against episcopal academy. the team even posed for photos with the family. such a nice gesture. john boruk, what's coming up? >> the eagles are getting reinforcements for a very short week. brian ca lan jill explains why the sixers log jam at center is good for the tame. it's all coming up next. plus after having the third longest winning streak in team history snapped on saturday, the flyers tried to start a new one tonight against national. highlights on the ice are coming up next.
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the flyers had their ten-game winning streak snapped on saturday against the stars. the orange and black with a chance to start a whole new one tonight at home against the predators. we pick this one up halfway through the first. andrew mcdonald would skate in. his blast deflected off a predators stick and the flyers draw first blood early with a 1-0 lead. preds would tie it. after no scoring in overtime, jake vor check loses control and can't stick it home. the flyers fall to the predators 2-1. they have one point in their last two games. it may be late december, but the eagles' roster is getting stronger. doug pederson expects to have darren sproles and lane johnson in the lineup for thursday's game with the giants. sproles is working through a concussion. johnson has served a ten-game suspension for performance-enhancing drugs. with a short week, it's a tough turnaround for the players. >> i think it can be better.
11:29 pm
i think teams that got thursday night games should at least play on saturday, play earlier in the week just to have more days to get ready for the game. >> there is a fine line between what you can do on the field and making sure they're fresh and ready to go. so you spend a lot of time in meetings. you spend a little amount of time as possible on the field. these guys as fresh as possible. i've had a thursday night game and had this quick turnaround. we've got to move on and get ourselves ready to go. >> i think i'm too good to be playing eight minutes right now. that's crazy. that's crazy. that's crazy. figure this [ bleep ] out. >> well, that was nerlens noel on his lack of playing time. right now he's the odd man out behind joel embiid and ja little okafor. today, sixers president of basketball operations, brian colangelo addressed the situation. >> i don't think at any point we've been in a position as an
11:30 pm
organization to actively pursue a trade of any of the centers given the fact that there was so their health and their availability. we're stacked with talent. this is a unique and high-class problem to have at that center position. >> another team stacked with talent, villanueva remains number one, and at 38 years of age, jimmy rollins has reportedly signed a minor league contract with the san francisco giants. that's a look at sports. we'll be right back. my guest list just tripled.
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my cookie exchange is super competitive. mine too. i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! my family really needs to be wowed this year! standing rib roast! wow. everything for the holidays. that's my giant. a cold night tonight.
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>> yeah, and while you're suffering through the cold in the morning, keep this in mind. it's the last of the cold for the rest of the year. >> i can tolerate that. >> of course the year's almost over, but still. 22 degrees for a low in philadelphia. teens in the suburbs. but look at the low temperatures the next ten days. the high temperatures start going up. the average high is 44. so we start going above that as early as wednesday and a fairly dry pattern as well. >> i think santa likes it. >> mild christmas there. >> very much so. i'm jacqueline london. >> i'm jim rosenfield. thanks for being here. have a great night. see you tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- denzel washington, tony bennett, anfe


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