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tv   Early Today  NBC  December 20, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EST

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dualing terrorist attacks. 12 dead in germany, where police say a driver and then, a brazen assassinati assassination. the russian ambassador shot in the back. vladimir putin vowing to find out who ordered the kill. new polling on where americans stand following the electoral colleges vote for president-elect trump. while americans are skipping
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over 6700 million vacations today. thanks for being with me. a day of terror reigned across the middle east after a lone gunman assassinated russian's ambassador in turkey in what appears to be a cold calculated murder. another man was neutralized after he tried to walk into the u.s. embassy in ankara. but we begin with the tragedy in berlin that's left 12 people dead and 50 injured after a man rammed a truck into a crowded christmas market. a man is in custody and police are calling this an intentional attack adds they work around the clock to piece together what they could have missed. we go now to our correspondent. map's the latest regarding this investigation. >> reporter: francis german police are investigating this incident as a suspected act of
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terror. they're interrogating the man they believe may have been the driver. he may have been an asigh sgh l- asylum seeker. but of course this investigation still continues. they have a lot of details they still have to piece together. it does call to mind the attack in nice but at this point this is merely an investigated for supported terror, no confirmation yet. >> i want to ask you, we know the state department before this attack put out a warning to americans abroad. what more are they saying? >> reporter: that's right. the state department put out a warning last month, in fact not just for germany but for any american tourist traveling across europe saying christmas
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markets specifically paced on credible evidence could be of target. they warned tourist to stay away from those. it's a difficult situation and time we live in. attacks like these are difficult to prevent. one of the reasons why truck attacks are so terrifying is because of how hard it is to prevent these from happening. it's really difficult to predict this kind of incident from happening. >> even more so during the holidays as we saw there. lucy, thank you. this morning investigators press for answers in the disturbing political assassination that rocked turkey yesterday and i was caught on camera. andrei karlov was speaking at a photography exhibit. then you see the gunman standing behind the ambassador moments before he was caught on video. this video is graphic.
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with the ambassador down, the killer shouted in arabic and then in turkish. he was killed by security forces. i want to go now to richard engel who joins us with the latest. richard, good morning >> well, good morning. mosc moscow has the dispatched a team to investigate this inzwent. and there's a small mourning service taking place at the airport in this country as the body of the ambassador is expected to leave and be repatriated to moscow. this is described by russia as a terrorist attack. vladimir putin said that the bandits responsible will be punished. what we know about the attacker is that he was an off-duty police officer, he was part of the riot police unit, a young man 22 years old. that he used his police
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credentials, dressed in the uniform of a private security officer, wept to this photography exhibit, was apparently not noticed, was thought to be part of the security detail that was supposed to be there and then he pulled out his pistol, gunned down the ambassador and then gave a statement saying this was revenge for russia's involvement for the war in syria. the u.s. embassy is closed today as is the u.s. consulate here in istanbul due to high security concerns. >> certainly chilly with the video recording the entire incident. richard, thank you. this morning a u.s. drone snatched by the chinese nay have has been returned. the chinese military says after friendly negotiations the drone was handed other near where it had been seized. the underwater glider was
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conducting oceanic research near the philippines before being taken and it was not surveying chinese military. but beijing says that the incident was hyped up in washington when they were simply checking whether the device posed a danger to passing tweets. but trump tweeted telling china to keep it. well this morning, donald trump wakes up as the official 45th president of the united states after getting nuft electorle enough electoral college votes. that as more than half of registered voters in a new marist patrol saying that the electoral college should be abandoned. 54% of americans are pessimistic and worried about how trump will do as president. but a combined 45% do say they are optimistic and confident.
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that's more than 20 points below president obama around this same time in his transition and 14 points lower than george w. bush during his transition as well. and a majority claim to be more optimistic when it comes to change and jobs. 44% say they are negative and worried about his temperament. but that didn't stop trump from cruising to an electoral college victory despite protests as members met in all 50 states and the district of columbia. and among the voters yesterday, president bill clinton who te tearily cast homicide vote for his wife. we're hearing more from michelle obama as she reveals her time at the white house while preparing to leave. she calls a caustic and painful presidential outcome. and talks about the difficult of living at 1600 pennsylvania
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avenue. >> would you ever run for office? >> no, no. >> no kind of office? >> no. look, that's one thing i don't do. i don't make stuff up. i'm not coy. i haven't proven that. i'm pretty direct. pu it also speak to the fact that people don't really understand how hard this is. and it's not something that you cavalierly just sort of ask a family to do again. let me just tell america, this is hard, it's a hard job. i said it on the campaign trail. it requires a lot of sacrifice. it is a weighty thing and it's not something that you even look to one family to take on at that level. >> the somber interview is expected to be michelle obama's final one as first lady. traveling for the holiday season is stressful, worried about delays and christmas gifts
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for the family. just imagine final reaching your destination and then finding out that the airline didn't load your luggage. spirit airlines says that baggage crews were unable to load the luggage on to a plane because of a power outage at l.a.x. frustrated passengers weren't tell about the issue until they were waiting at baggage claim to find nothing. the reward is raised as the officials turn up the heat for the road rage suspect that shot and killed this 3-year-old. officials used fire to warm commuter rail track to keep the trains running. and the midsection of the nation endured temperatures 20 to 30 degrees below normal. but there's release in sight. >> we were going from the freezer to the fridge rarrefrig.
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we're in the 20s and 30s for windchills everywhere. new england is cold this morning. they'll warm up the afternoon. the storm is spreading snow into the rockies. we will be watching again heaviest rains early today near portland, oregon and then the storm will weaken throughout the afternoon and evening. everyone travel half of the country is going the see some sunshine. now here's a closer look at your day ahead. today we have a chance of going above freezing in minneapolis for the first time in two weeks. 34 degrees is the predicted high temperature. not going to melt much in chicago. there's some of the cold air still around in northern new england. can you imagine that, first time in two weeks minneapolis has a chance to go above freezing. >> they've never been so happy to step into the refrigerator compared to the freezer they've been in.
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olay. ageless. and try olay luminous evens tone for radiant, glowing skin. >> home is wherever we're towing. i look forward to being home with you soon, really soon. >> that is a leiutenant general who got a surprise because bo wasn't in afghanistan, right there in south bend, indiana, at the notre dame basketball game for the fighting irish him he saw his brother. he says, all right, he was overjoyed with joy along with thousands of fans and cameron there behind him, it gets you every time, doesn't it? a disturbing story leading the news in usa today, police say a uber driver stabbed a passenger during a snowstorm just outside detroit, michigan.
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he is accused of stabbing a 49-year-old man five times. they say he was upset because he thought the passenger disrespected his video when he tapped on the windowch he was arrested and charged with assault. the victim was treated at hospital and released. startling numbers in the gazette mail. drug dealers powered 780 million painkillers the shipments amount to 433 pain pills for every man, woman and child in west virginia. during that period, hydroco don't and oxycodone and deaths increased 67% in the state. sales records were obtained from the dea by the gazette mail. drug wholesalers had previously thought to keep those numbers secret. and from nbc news, reward grows to $40,000 for road rage
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gunman that killed a three-year-old. it involves this toddler. he was shot and killed in little rock, arkansas, driven in a car by his grandmother. she was at the stop sign, thing is was annoyed she took so long to cross him he got out of the vehicle to fire at her and shot and killed the boy instead. police say they're looking for an older model black impala and the driver. the shocking am of workers who miss out on pay days off this year. that's next. you never know who you'll meet at barnes & noble.
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. fast foergd today the man charged with setting off bombs in new york in september will appear in a new jersey courtroom. he is scheduled to be arraigned on charges he attempted to murder police officers during his capture. that north carolina law limiting bathrooms for transgender people could be revelde this week. in a surprise move, pat mccory called the legislature to reconvene tomorrow to reconsider the law. a federal court in new york will seal the search warrant that will allow the fbi to search through a trophy of e-mails found on a computer belonging to former congressman anthony weiner, the es stranged husband of top aide uma abe dindin.
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next month they have investors keeping a close watch on the auto industry. good morning, what are we looking to in 2017? >> reporter: good morning markets are tracking high, there are some concerns around the auto mark. general motors will idle five assembly plants in the state as it try is to run down inventories, they best point to a slowdown after three record years of sales. the company is focused on sedans as more passengers have been buying some of those bigger vehicles in utilities and light trucks. i want to talk about conference, before you groom and switch off. i'm r i'm not shauk talking about work and family calls. you got facebook messenger allowing six people to all chat at the same. knack, you can invite up to 50 people. strangely enough, not the loudest person in the room will be seen at that time.
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if you feel tired and overwork, have you checked how much leave have you this year? a new report finds people are hoarding. we are not talking one or two days t. average is 19 days and mostly millennials. many are concerned about the cost of travel, coming back to work, having a large amount of work, also losing their jobs. you can see that coming up at the end of the year. >> take that time off, unbelievable. coming up on "early today," amy schumer's heart warming surprise for her family. and how the cowboy celebration is going above an beyond.
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beyond. >> of course, the big story is about the u.s. drone that china captured from the south china sea. donald trump sent a tweet where he meant to call the incidents unprecedented. but he misspelled it and take a look, unpresidented. ironically is unpresidented is what half the country wishes would happen to trump. >> i make so many mistakes when i tweet and everything else, i'm not going to criticize anyone. >> unlike instagram and facebook, you can't go back and fix it. xed yen amy schumer posted a screen shot surprising her dad with the news she bought back
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their old farm. they lost it to bankrupt shortly before her dad was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. she shot that video of a young girl playing in a cornfield, how amazing after all these years. >> i want to see the video when they boy it, i think we all wish we could do something like that. talk about a good deed, dallas cowboys running back ezekiel elliot on nbc's football night in america. scores a touchdown. right in the ket him. well, the turned into a 61% spike in online donation, thanks to the cowboys. the majority were in $21 increment, reflecting his jersey from the salvation aerial, happy campers. >> great to see. >> he wasn't fined for it either by the nfl. >> this is "early today." per roll
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a possible terror attack in germany that killed 12 people. we have details of a woman who accidentally shot a man trying to defend herself. the clock is ticking. today marks another deadline if you want to mail the gift and make sure it gets there by christmas. it is just about 4:30 this tuesday morning. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. let's get to the forecast with bill henley. good morning >> it is another frigid start this morning. the temperatures anywhere from 8 to 12 degrees colder than yesterday. teens for the suburbs. 17 right now in new jersey.
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look at lehigh valley at 14 degrees. we'll see sunshine so the temperatures will warm up but it's going to be a slow climate. holding steady at 7:00 then bright sunshine at 10:00 this morning. we'll warm into the upper 30s in philadelphia, 35 degrees for the suburbs. could see a few neighborhoods peak into the low 30s. nothing but sunshine for delaware. i'm take you through the forecasts hour by hour when i come back in ten minutes. first, katy zachry. behind me you can sea a lot of flashing lights which is not uncommon for this time of the morning. there's construction right at broad street, between the schuylkill expressway 76 and broad street. it should lift around 5:00 a.m. i know a lot of people take that
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stretch of road. ignore this graphic. i'm going to stand in front of it. your drive times are looking good, 95, and the blue route. no accidents to report. a quick look at the drive time on the pennsylvania turnpike. if you're making your way between the exit for route 1 and valley forge it should take you 20 minutes. 4:30 on this tuesday. we're following breaking developments in berlin. authorities believe this was a terror attack that left a dozen people dead at a christmas market. the driver who rammed the truck into the crowded market did it intentionally. the driver ran say way but was taken into custody and is now being questioned. president-elect donald trump is blaming islamic terrorism for the attack. he did not back up his claims but said isis must be erased from the face


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