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tv   Early Today  NBC  December 21, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EST

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chaos as a massive explosion at mexico best known fireworks market injuries over 70. late details ahead. authorities intensify the search for the killer behind the ber hin city massacre as cities in the u.s. step up security following isis' claim of responsibility. a brazen russian ambassador, officials believe the hit was too professional to be done without help. then to an act of kindness and a life lesson that's gone viral. plus, michael phelps goes where no athlete went bmpl and don't try this at home file, an
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early drone able pull humans. we start with stunning new video ought deadly explosion at a fireworks market in mexico. take a look. >> well, this is now being linked to terrorism that has killed 29 people and injured 72 others. around 2,000 people were there at the time of the explosion. it happened at the open air fireworks mark in mexico, which is on the northern outskirts of mexico city. the explosion sent a plume of smoke into the sky that could be scene quite a distance away. on the ground, survivors run through the smoke as fireworks continue to rocket through the air around them. the red cross was on the scene with with around 35 ambulances and accidence of volunteers. 13 children who suffered burns,
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to over 90% of their body were taken to galveston, texas for treatment. authorities are still assessing the damage. almost the entire market in many nearby homes remains destroyed. officials are letting any fireworks burn off. overseas to that manhunt for a killer, germany remains on edge this morning after learning the driver who plowed into a crowd in what is claim as an isis inspired attack in berlin. the truck was rammed into an outdoor christmas mark. today those market open after a day of national mourning, that as germans got the surprising into the u.s. pakistani asylum seeker arrested in connection with the attack appeared to be the wrong man, released due to a lack of evidence. now a massive search is under way as german authorities look to the public for help and clues. the isis media arm claim the
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terrorist was responsible for the attack without providing any evidence of proof. joining us from berlin on the ground is nbc's matt bradley. so what can you tell us with regard to the latest investigation and how that country is the doing this morning? >> reporter: well, eamon, it is a very cold morning. this christmas market was attacked, it is getting ready to reopen again, all the shutters remain closed. it will probably open up in the next couple of hours. as for the manhunt, this gentleman arrested yesterday, excuse me on the evening of the attack, he was released and this isis claim still kind of happenings in the air here. it hasn't hit home exactly what happened and what the political knock on effects are going to be. this is a country like the rest of europe beset by far right political movements. even before the dustthon attack settled two fights ago, the far right elements in this country
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were already blaming chancellor angela merkel for these attacks, saying her open door policy where she let in what turned o out to be a million refugees, asylum seekers, that has made a passive cause for her. she faces elections next year. so while this pakistani man turns out wasn't the culprit the political effect hasn't been felt yet. >> thank you for that. the ber will be attack led to invisible increased security across the country. especially at holiday-related events, from new york, chicago, los angeles, boston, authorities are on alert for copycats and lone wolves looking to carry out their isis inspired attacks. u.s. officials say they know of no threats to the homeland, authorities say the danger of attacks with big trucks or cars has long been a concern. across the pond, buckingham
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palace beefed up its measures. plants temporarily closed the streets around the queen's headquarters have been brought forward. patrols have been stepped up in uk monuments. investigators are looking for conspirators, a teen from russia arrived from turkey to try to physical out who was behind the murder of andre karlov. they are determineding whether the now dead gunman was acting alone or acting with other members t. ambassador's body was flown back to moscow last night and an emotional ceremony was held as he was taken off the plane. in fact, u.s. secretary of state john kerry called the foreign minister of russia. secretary kerry rebutted the turkish foreign minister's claim the movement led by the u.s.
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cleric was behind the attack a. state department spokesperson said, quote, it's a ludicrous claim, absolutely false, there is no basis of truth in it whatsoever. this morning, donald trump ends a controversy that has dogged his campaign. overnight, a judge gave his preliminary approval to settle fraud suits over the president-elect's real estate program. the district judge, the same indiana-born judge trump lamb baftd as a hater on the campaign trail gave his thembs up on the settlement, setting a march court hearing. that as one of trump's favorite target, jeb bush, comes to trump's aid, defending the president-elect's pick to lead the e. that would be oklahoma general scott pruett, someone they say is a climate change diner who repeatedly would sue the e. the full throated endorsement
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comes as president obama uses his executive authority to ban off shore oil and gas drilling along wide areas of the atlantic and arctic t. president invoked an obscure 1953 law for the land, hoping to sell his environmental leg ace before trump takes office. >> it seems like every day we are hearing of incidents happening in the skies. this was dramatic. pop singer richard mark and his wife daisy fuentes sprung into action, their tale of a passenger rushing them. they thanked marx for stepping in. >> reporter: it's not your typical snapshot of gram my winning pop singer richardmarx. he says he was working to subdue a crazy passenger testimony photo shows him springing into
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action. at one point with a rope in hand as the way tres appears to be holding a knife. daisy fuentes posting a guy sitting in the next row from us got crazy and started attacking the flight attend ants and passengers. when he started pushing the fe pail staff and pulling them by the hair, richard marx was the first to help subdue him t. flight to south korea lasted four hours, so did the drama wrote the couple. fuentes, they never fully got control only. they didn't know how to use the taser. the flight landed safely with marx and fuentes continuing their journey home to los angeles. korean air says the passenger was turned over to authorities. the acceptinger saying, no big hero move at all. giving new meaning to perhaps his most famous lyrics ♪ i will be right here waiting for you ♪ >> reporter: miguel almaguer,
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nbc news, los angeles. >> wow! up believe took think it happened and to have those images there, it's so scary. >> i'm always impressed in a moment of crisis, people take their phones and take picture. >> right. it seems to be happening in more and more conditions out tlchlts just ahead, mark zuckerberg is channeling his inner super man and got an iconic voice to help him out. some surfers rode massive waves tuesday him this was in a surfing competition off the coast of portugal. some waves were measured as high as 45 feet. nbc bill karins is here. i thought that was you on the surfboard for a second. back if time for the shows. >> i never look at the surf. it's never too late. we are almost done with the longest night of the winter. temperatures have warmed up
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across the country. it's chilly in many areas. teens in the great lakes, it's not cold. in today's forecast, it's about as nice as it gets. watch out for fog or freezing fog. as far as a white christmas goes, we are still watching a weekend snowstorm, through the rockies, into the northern plains, maybe a tiny bit in the great lakes and new england. that's a big story of the weather ahead, now here's a closer look at the day ahead. temperatures will warm up nicely after that cold morning. there is just about average if not above average in the southern half of the country. temperatures in new england and the great lakes are close to where we are this time of year. i'll have more details on the holiday forecast, guys. >> some lightning, least though 80 degrees in miami him every day i look at that map, i'm leak, wow. thank you very much for that. just ahead arc diabolical scheme in cyber forgery, stealing from companies, the
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>> good morning jarvis. >> good morning, mark. it's saturday. so you only have five meetings. >> jarvis also helps me get ready in the mornings. fresh shirt. >> fire in the hole. >> hell yeah, it helps me get ready in the mrpg. >> for sure, mark zuckerberg showed off the artificial intellijohnson assistance he bill for his home and that voice, you recognize that voice, morgan freeman. he was inspired by tony stark's ironman movies. he asked who should voice his very own jarvis him when asked, he immediately accepted the role. how could you not, right? >> i was reading the article, what he did and things how he used a vintage toaster to taking the bred and pop out. it's incredible to see how smart
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he is to turn these bake appliances into functioning artificial intelligence. remarkable. >> just having coffee. >> you see why he's a special genius. leading the news, manhattan's most wanted millionaire, police say they've identified this man after he was seen snatching up a bucket load of gold this year in a heist's attention. watch as this critic sneaks up to an armoured vehicle and swipes the 86 pound bucket, walks away, flees the scene the usual ten-minute walk to his van takes him an hour, why? you guess there is probably $1.6 million of gold the suspect is no stranger to the scene though, an ecuadorean native, he is a convicted fellen with many aliases. police believe he fled to florida and is catching out with his riches in california. this highlights the new
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innovative ad fraud. cyberforgers steal million with fake sites. they've created fake sper net users and 250,000 websiteles. all in an effort to trick advertise torres pay for video ads that are never watched. one of the most favorite american sports stars is leading the news, you guessed it. michael phelps is featured on the latest sports illustrated magazine. here he is wearing the 23 gold medals that he won from the past four summer games i think there are a few silver ones in there as well. this isn't phelps' first cover on "sport illustrated" he has on with and without his record setting medals. it's incredible. i think it weighs like any pound altogether. >> literally gold arm our. just ahead the day the stockmarket hits the dow 2000.
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investors around the globe are giddy for a christmas drive. the dow from 26 points to 20,000, they may just get it. but will today be that day? only cnbc's steve sedgwick has the answers. steve, what do you think? is today going to be the day?
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>> i mean, quite possibly. they had records so many, frances, to me, 20,000, it's a lot of zeros as well. what it is to me is quieting topble valuations, ie, we are 17 times on the dow, stocks like goldman, nike, which had good numbers as well are leading us higher. far from good news for them. they are trying to put their mission scandal behind them as well. they reached 80,000 vehicles. they will buy back or fix these vehicles as well. there are prospects of u.s. criminal charge. we talk about the holiday season, amazon absolutely selling out. they have sold out echo speakers. this is a $180 home speaker as well. they basically sell out until january 19th. there are some real strong demand for a strong product. this is some out to people such as the google home speaker iphone. they have done virtual shopping. i will run out and finish with
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[ music playing ] >> incredible sing-a-long on "the tonight show" sir paul mccartney and all the stars you saw there, reese witherspoon and others in the new movie "accepting" it hits theaters today just in time for the holidays. >> i love when they get those people together. here's an act of kindness caught on police dash-cam video. watch as this wisconsin officer pulled over a college student for a speeding ticket. then when asked why he was in a rush the student said he was late for a preparation and needed a friend's help to tie his tie. >> that's one of my good friends knows how to tie a good tie. >> where's the tie?
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>> while i do this, why done you grab your proof of insurance and drive's license quebec. you should be able to adjust this. >> okay. thank you so much. >> probably not the best now, but it will work. >> a lot better than i was going to do, that's for sure. >> i love it. >> a very nice gesture. ultimately the officer let him go with just a warning and as you can see a tie. >> a great story with it as well. your weather straight ahead, first, who needs reindeer when you have a high powered drone. flying 25 feet in the air on the first ever custom made human flying drone with the help of samsung the blogger captured his epic 360 footage over rooftops, mountains. how cool is that? don't want to do that? >> no. >> i would. you are watching "early today."
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today," landmark on fire. flames burned through a business there. heading to court this morning, the man charged with hitting and killing an 8-year-old girl in a deadly crash will face a judge in philadelphia. this turned into an mark. that's when this delaware teen jumped into action to help save a life. 4:28. this is "nbc 10 news today" and i
4:29 am
i'm. >> the temperatures are running 5 to 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. the lehigh valley has dropped into the teens. the wind is calm, the skies are clear, warming into the 20s to start with. that's at 7:00. look. above freezing by 10:00. that's an improvement with bright sunshine and a few passing clouds here today. we're headed into the lower 40s for this afternoon. 44 in philadelphia, 43 in new jersey, at the shore, 43. and new jersey, lehigh, delaware this afternoon. i'll go through it, hour by hour, a forecast for each part of our area when i come back in ten minutes. first jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. >> thanks, bill. our cameras around 43rd street showing construction here. that's toward the skchuylkill expressway. it usually is in place until the 5:00 hour. at least another half an hour or
4:30 am
so to go with that. there's also a water main break that's out on columbus boulevard between southbound 95 there. rosemary and tracy. back to you guys. >> thanks, jessica. 4:30 on this wednesday and we have breaking news out of south jersey. >> at least three people are injured after a fire breaks out at a house. n nbc 10's matt delucia is live at the scene. matt, what do you know about this incident? >> reporter: the victims are actually at the hospital now. our headlights are lighting up this area. there's not any light around this area. it's a tiny little street. the fire is under control at this hour. we've started to see fire trucks move out of this area. it started just around 1:30 this morning. two adults and a child have been rushed to the hospital.


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