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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  December 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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we could see the brown u.p.s. truck temporarily stalled from its holiday delivery route, parked at this ford car dealership where it's driver had rushed for safety. >> i heard the fire engines. >> reporter: tara denny lives just across the street and heard the police arriving. we now know the driver was shot around 1:30, just after he had made a delivery to this rite aid pharmacy at 10th and highland. he had apparently stopped to let a pedestrian cross in front of his truck. and as he started to leiave, he heard a bang and realized he had been shot. but he continued to this car dealership where there was an emt to help them. you service their vehicles? >> we service their vehicles. we took care of him and shipped him off to the hospital. >> reporter: the dealer says
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they service the vehicles for the police and u.p.s. the driver has been with u.p.s. for 13 years, he's expected to recover from what's being called a graze wound to his shoulder. his delivery partner also in that truck with him was not injured. to our first alert weather, now this friday night, we're tracking that rain moving from the west that will arrive in our area overnight. first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz has the timing of the rain in your neighborhood. >> it looks like it's going to be well after midnight before there's any rain moving in. we have clouds around here, but as you can see, it's a good night, visibility is excellent. wilmington 39, allentown, coatesville and dover.
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there's some rain coming into ohio, this system not that well organized. it's not a big storm, but it certainly will be bringing rain to the area as we start the holiday weekend. in the middle of the night tonight, we could see a little bit of light snow or a little bit of wintry mix up towards the poconos. otherwi otherwise, this is rain, a solid year area of rain as you get up in the morning, heavier rain in the jersey shore and down into southern delaware and it starts tapering off and ending well before noon, in berks county and the lehigh valley. the poconos, it will be midday in philadelphia before it moves out and lehigh valley later in the afternoon. the sun may even be coming out. the day starts off wet, ends up sunny, and those temperatures are well above average, and the
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crucial temperature right in the morning, even lehigh valley looks like it's going to be above freezing. we'll see if there's any more rain coming up in the next several days, with the rest of the holiday forecast coming up in a few minutes. we have breaking news out of california this afternoon. carrie fisher had a heart attack on an airplane. fisher was rushed to the hospital when that plane landed. a law enforcement source said that her condition is not good. carrie fisher is best known for her role as princess leah on "star wars." back here at home now, one person the dead, nine people with nowhere to live.
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the fire started just after 1:00 this morning at high and franklin street. firefighters found a man dead on the second floor of the building. the other residents were able to escape the building. >> we saw a whole bunch of smoke, a whole bunch of flashing lights and then my girlfriend, she went into our bathroom and everything just started coming up in smoke. >> the fire chief said the fire likely started from someone smoking. all right the countdown is on new until christmas, just two days left, tomorrow of course christmas eve and the view from sky force 10 this afternoon, it appears plenty of procrastinators out there, we watched as cars just continue to go aisle by aisle trying to find a place to park. right now is the busiest day of the shopping season. mitch blacher is at the busiest
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mall in the area. >> reporter: so many of us wait until the last week before christmas to do all of our holiday shopping. at the king of prussia mall, it has made the days closer to christmas much more profitable than even black friday weekend. the line may be long, but not everyone has time for a picture with santa. >> i have a lot to get done today. >> reporter: shoppers like these waited until the last minute. >> the nation's largest retail trade organization says 12% of us wait until today to buy our last holiday gifts. for yani pang, the gift came three months ago, the mom is here just to get out of the house. >> get some fresh air and to kind of get into the holiday mood. >> reporter: inside the country's second largest mall, 41 stores and the 5,000 square
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feet expansion are being put to good use. exapproximaperts say they are s strong holiday sales. >> most retailers are exceeding their expectations. >> reporter: some are here shopping with their parents. >> i got a wide list today. hopefully i'll knock it out. >> reporter: others are shopping for one. even the newest of parents respect ruling out one last gift while there's still time. now nationally the top toy sales are out for girls, they're getting barbies and shopkins while boys are getting legos and video games. merry christmas, jim. >> you too, mitch. 150 local families packed xfinity live. there's also a wells fargo
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stagecoach there. after the party the kids were treated to a performance of disney on ice. cobbs creek helped people by giving out gift baskets to people there. >> we always like to give back to people who support us. this is one hand washing the other, helping people in need in times of the holiday. >> the sunshine supermarket opened just about a year ago. it is the time of year when the town of bethlehem, becomes known as christmas city usa. the city was busy with last-minute shoppers. they say despite a mild christmas with no snow, they'll have no trouble getting into the spirit. >> we could use a little snow, but the streets are really
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vibrant, the whole town really pulls together for christmas. it's our time of year. >> we also checked in with some business owners on main street and they say they're seeing the final rush of holiday shoppers today. and these children at the jcc at cherry hill are getting ready for hanukkah. today kindergarten students joined seniors for a holiday lunch. they said blessings before the lighting of the candles, the first day of hanukkah is tomorrow. there's no delays at philadelphia international airport. more than 1 million people in the philly area expected to head out of town for the new year. now as donald trump transitions to the white house, today the president-elect played a round of golf with tiger woods.
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it comes after the president-elect told nbc news today that he's willing to engage in an arms race. his statements came amid promises yesterday from both mr. trump and russia's president vladimir putin to strengthen their nuclear weapons. today mr. donald trump also received a letter from vladimir put putin. trump is already weighing in on the u.n.'s decision not to help it's long time ally, israel. the united nations passed a resolution to demand israel stop building settlements on palestinian territory. trump detailed this afternoon things will be different with the united nations after january 20. house speaker paul ryan called today's nonvote absolutely
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shameful. over tthe suspect of a chri market truck -- two policemen noticed the suspect acting suspiciously. that's when he shot one of the officers and they shot back killing them. a bucks county mother is now of the of jail after becoming a person of interest her adoptive daughter's death. the body of her daughter, 14-year-old grace packer was found dismembered in lucerne county in november. sources tell nbc10 packer also worked in social services in
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northampton county. the avian flu spread through the poultry industry a decade ago, the virus is not harmful to humans. if you have anybody at your hear who would you want? she said darth vader. >> we are there for the heart warming adoption right before christmas. second guessing the eagles head coach, what carson wentz and coach pederson had to say about one specific play last night in the game against the giants. the rest of your weekend forecast is next. fios in the house!
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oh snap. that x1 voice remote is crunk! and it lets me search with the sound of my voice. what should i watch? things have come a long way since you got fios. [nervously laughs] what's fios? fios has fallen behind. don't fall with it. xfinity x1 will change the way you experience tv. sweet treats just in time for the holiday. folks here at the deli were here cranking out rolls and everything you need for your holiday breakfast or dinner. they have been taking orders for their popular items for weeks. and it's going to be an extra special christmas for one mom.
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an adoption finally became official. today the force was with 4-year-old zoey, she loves "star wars." j.r. smith has the sights and sounds from the courtroom in wilmington. >> reporter: i got to the point in my life where i really wanted to be a parent. i realized that it was more important for me to parent someone who needed a soft place to land. >> we have so many kids that aren't able to be with their biological family. >> you get this little person in your life, and all of a sudden you're responsible for them and you get to know them, she's just irreplaceable now. >> when i got to the place where the adoption was getting ready. i said if you had anybody you wanted at the hear, who would you want? she said darth vader. it's only once in a lifetime
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that she will be adopted and it's the only time i'm adopting her so i wanted it to be special. i told her forever starts today and i don't have to worry ever again. >> zoey pettico! >> beautiful family and we wish them well in the new year. glenn, how is the weather looking? >> well, it's going to start off kind of wet for this holiday weekend, but eventually it's just going to get better and better. and for skiers. you're going to get probably a little bit of rain, but not too much to the weekend. whenever you have precipitation moving in, and temperatures are like this, you have to keep an eye on it hour by hour. that's what this neighborhood
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weather is all about. west callan is 37, so is unionville. west bradford is 39. melbourne 36. chester heights 39. along with collegeville. 39 in port washington and also in new hope. those temperatures may start leg leveling off tonight and in some places start to go up. here's the rain, there's certainly an area of rain and there's a chance there will be rain during the day tomorrow. you certainly don't want to keep the windows open. as we go through the night tonight, temperatures are generally above freezing, even in mt. pocono, it's borderline, there could be a little bit of light snow there. it's a solid area rain, everybody gets it, it's a steady rain for a while, heavy rain down towards the shore and
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southern delaware, but as we hit the midday hour, it's already tapering, it's already ended to the north and west. then the temperatures go up as the sun comes out in the afternoon and we're up near 50 degrees. really nice afternoon. of course if you wanted snow for christmas, it's definitely too warm. the amount of rain as we go into the afternoon. we are talking about variable weather. i'm watching this as we go through the night, everybody's cloudy at 10:00. as we go through the night, you're going to see the rain again. everybody's seeing rain again first thing in the morning. rain, not anything else. and at 10:30, we're starting to
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see the sun coming out across these areas and getting up near 50 degrees. so quite a change and by christmas eve, that means that it's going to be dry. 6:00, 45, midnight, 36 degrees. so temperatures above average for christmas eve and above-average temperatures for christmas day as well. above average early in the morning. lots of sunshine during the day, rising up near 50 degrees by afternoon. but things are going to change later on during the week, new year's eve, looks like it's going to be colder but dry, temperatures into the 20s, and then new year's day, also on the colder side. i'm danny pommells, csn, up next, is doug pederson calling the plays.
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we have the details next.
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hey, hey, danny pommells, carson wentz left the game briefly to be checked for a concussion, he was cleared and returned. but he called on the block on reverse, not too good for a guy who just had a head issue. doug paederson said there was n second guessing the play call. >> i think you sort of hesitate any any situation, is the time
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you get beat. i had no hesitation on making that play and putting him in that situation. >> when i came back, i was cleared and i was ready to go. it didn't affect my decision making. >> ryan matthews suffered a herniated disk in his next, an injury that will require surgery. and pederson called that a pretty major deal. brooks got the chance to get on the field because jalen ross suffered a concussion. >> they asked who you want to put in, i said put terrence in. we got faith in all these guys, they prepare hard so it was good to see him go out there and mike a play for us. >> the sixers make a four-game
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road trip, joel embiid is expected to play. the game begins at 8:30 on csn. the owls have a chance to set a school record with 11 wins. >> it's definitely something i've been talking about throughout the year, just going down as one of the greatest temple teams ever, so we know that 11 wins has never been down here before. from the capitol steps in washington, d.c. the team also toured the building. it's interesting they're wearing those short sleeves, though. i'm danny pommells, csn, we'll be right back.
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we are just eight days away from new year's eve and the river rink is the place to be. on new year's, you can skate and watch the fire works. you can watch the fire works live at 6:00 p.m. and then thigh do the fireworks again at midnight. >> and people should get a nice, heavy coat for christmas or hanukkah that they can wear to that event because it's going to be cold. this weekend is not. we have rain saturday morning, the rest of the weekend is really nice, into the 50s both deys, rain monday and tuesday, but by tend of the week, especially at the end of the weekend, it turns much, much colder, we're not talking about as cold as it was a week ago,
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but these temperatures we're going to see over the next four or five days, it's going to feel a whole lot colder new year's eve than christmas eve. >> nightly news is next. tonight, let it be an arms race. president-elect donald trump ratchets up his nuclear rhetoric, vowing to out-match any country in a push for global weapons dominance. plus, a new trump versus obama controversy erupts over israel. carrie fisher, princess leah fro "star wars" suffers a massive heart attack on a flight to los angeles, rushed to the hospital. we have late details. isis church threat, stepped-up security around u.s. houses of worship amid a new advisory from the fbi. dramatic takedown of the suspected berlin truck attacker, killed by police in italy. how was he able to travel so far? and family surprises. bringing the 12 days of christmas to life and inspiring america


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