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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  December 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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right now at 11:00. christmas eve and the start of hanukkah combine on one night. p what's ahead for the holiday? we're tracking conditions where you live in the first alert neighborhood forecast. plus working holiday. president elect donald trump announces a move to avoid a potential conflict of interest. the legal snag his plan is running into tonight. >> announcer: nbc 10 news starts right now. a tale of two holidays. you're looking live at boat house road which is lit in white and blue to mark the start of hanukkah. tonight is the first night of the jewish tradition and we are just one hour away from the
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start of christmas as we look live at the christmas tree at the blue cross river rink on pen's landing. merry christmas eve and happy hanukk hanukkah. it has been a full night of celebrations and it is not over yet. nbc 10's drew smith joins us live at the cathedral of saints peter and paul. and people are heading there now for midnight mass. sfwlr >> reporter: that will begin in just an hour. right now there are people heading into the cathedral and we've been speaking to people all across the city of philadelphia. the start of christmas and hanukkah off to a good start. it's a south philly tradition that never gets old. the lights shining bright this christmas eve and bringing out the best in these neighbors. >> just bringing out candy ka
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canes. >> reporter: kids got to visit with santa. >> god bless all our troops, fire, police, everybody who protects this country and i'll be there tomorrow. >> reporter: another tradition brought out a strong turn out for the feast of seven fishes in davios in center city. faces young and old filled with cheer. in lower marion, deli was packed just before the beginning of hanukkah at sun down. a symbol of the festival of lights is shining bright in independence hall in old city. >> happy holidays, everyone. the last call for the christmas village was also a big hit especially for people leaving holiday prep for the last minute. >> we have a lot left because we have 20 months old here. >> it's the best time of the year. >> reporter: for many families christmas eve is not complete without attending a church
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service and hundreds chose the mother dhufchurch. >> come to this nicest church in philly and celebrate and that's what christmas had is all about. >> reporter: this has been a multicultural night. a mass in full spanish just wrapped up. and tomorrow morning for more christmas mass and there will be churches across our area busy as well. we're live in logan square. >> indeed. the rain that came through earlier today is gone for christmas day. nbc 10 at the christmas village in center city where these guys were happy things had dried out for umthe morning. meteorologist erica martin is tracking the christmas conditions in the first alert neighborhood forecast. we're in for a lot of holiday sunshine. >> we do have a really nice christmas. a sunny mild christmas. you can see a live look outside.
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it's high and dry, mostly clear skies. pretty good night for sky gazing as well. you will see your local neighborhood forecast. satellite image picking up on dry conditions. in and around new jersey we're seeing northwesterlies and mild wins go 41. robens vill 45. and coming up in just a bit, i have your 10 day on 10 and of course i have what to expect for new year's eve. ted. christians are celebrating christmas at church services around our region. parishioners gathered for a music filled christmas eve service in bryn mar. ♪ a special christmas eve mass in gloucester county. st. john of god community services hosted the service for
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families with special needs children. in west phil. now to the presidential transition. president elect donald trump has announced he will dissolve his foundation to avoid any potential conflicts of interest in the white house. he praised the trump foundation for its work but says he will pursue fillen tlaupic efforts in other ways. after the attorney general slitteded to stop donations. now a spokesperson for the attorney general released this statement in reaction it reads the trump foundation is still under investigation by this office and cannot legally dissolve until that investigation is complete. president obama and the first lady shared their final holiday
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greeting from the white house. and michelle obama took a shot at her husband's sense of humor. >> berock has treated the american people to countless bad jokes. >> they're great jokes. >> not so funny. >> although a few got a frosty reception. >> that last one. >> and it featured a throwback from the couple's first christmas address in 2009. merry christmas. >> santa. >> quite a welcome for santa this morning as he made a special house call in springfield, montgomery county. he visited with sick kids that got to leave their beds to spend christmas with their families and of course he brought presents for all. well, santa continues to make his way around the world. we are keeping close tabs on him tonight.
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the north american aerospace defense command or nored a is tracking the big guy and right now he's in quebec canada. he's already delivered more than 5 billion gifts to kids across the globe. back here in philly, no birds but a full slate of football scheduled today. we'll show you how one team managed a huge first and the sixers gave fans their first look at nole embiid playing together. hear from the process and his time with noel next in sports. but first a christmas miracle. how a north hampton county mother made sure her family survived getting stranded in the snow near the grand canyon. who police are looking for now in a crime that's rattling a south philadelphia neighborhood on the night before christmas.
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a christmas eve tragedy in south philadelphia. they're mourning the loss of an 80-year-old woman shot k killed in the corner store she's owned for decades. near the corner of sixth and titan before 9:00 this morning. a man wearing a black hoody fired at least a dozen shots. marie buck was shot multiple times and died at the hospital. >> can't believe it. how people can be like animals. you want to go and rob the store, rob the store. you got to kill them? >> a motive is unclear. investigators say it does not appear anything was stolen. police are pulling surveillance video from a few doors away but don't know if it captured the
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new at 11:00, police in delaware are looking for the driver that struck and killed a man in new castle this christmas eve. he was hit just before 8:00. the driver then left the scene. police are working to get a description of the vehicle involved in that crash. well, it is being called a christmas miracle. a north hampton county family is safe after getting stranded in
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snow near the grand canyon. search crews found karen cline of easten after she watched some 26 miles since thursday trying to find help. the husband and couple's 10 month old son found and treated for cold exposure. they were trying to reach the north rim of the grand canyon which is closed for the winter. thousands of visitors gathered at manger square in bethlehem. they braved bad weather as traditional christmas songs played in arabic over loud speakers. members of the new jersey state police gave santa a helping hand. troopers delivered food and gifts to a single dad and his son. a sergeant met robert ford and 4-year-old robby after the little boy wandered away from
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home in galloway township. after learning he was a single parent doing the best he could for his family, they decided to bring some holiday cheer. a giant menorah lighting in atlantic city for a cool celebration of the jewish festival of lights. this is hanukkah on ice at the flyers skate zone. the event also featured lot cus, games and of course skating to festive hanukkah music. and a live look at the blue cross river rink on penn's landing. it will be back open 1:00 christmas afternoon. skaters can enjoy perfect conditions tomorrow instead of a white christmas. a relatively warm christmas. >> yes. not as warm as last year in the 70s. this year we're going to see 50s. but right now we're seeing dry
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conditions and that's really important. we got rain showers and now mostly clear skies. so i say a great night for sky gazing as well. your neighborhoods right now in and around philly metro. we're seeing mid to upper 40s and currently at 45 degrees. chest nut hill 44 for you. and the suburbs also seeing lots of 40s. a pair of 40s for malvrn. and collegeville 43. so, here's a sneak peek at your christmas forecast. this is an average. we're seeing upper 40s to low 50s. the most important thing would be the sunny icons. so let's take a look at your temperatures tomorrow for christmas. looks like easten will see 44. overnight lows in the 40s. new town, 47 degrees. notice we are trending above normal for this time of year.
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philadelphia, 50 degrees. mt. ayres, mid to upper 40s. trenton, 46 with overnight lows in the 30s. so pretty mild even though we will see northwesterly and northerly winds. dover, 46. and overall, a really mild day. here is your new year's eve forecast. a look ahead as we end this year, we're seeing mid-30s, mostly clear skies. upper 20s to low 30s by midnight. it will be a chilly new year's eve. your 10 day on 10 does include showers on monday into tuesday. mid to upper 50s. a breezy tuesday, possibly showers on thursday. a gusty friday and then it's all about what to expect for the end of this year and the beginning of the following year. we could see showers late sunday into monday. here's danny with sports.
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this is sports desk brought to you by xfinity. x1 from xfinity. happy holidays. all philly sports teams off this christmas eve, able to spend well earned time with their families. here's sixers coach and embiid on what the holiday season means to them. >> i am a christmas romantic. i feel like i have been an all-star christmas dad over my years. i love it. yv ai've grown up in new englan with the snow and i love the holidays. >> that's one of the big celebrations back home and i'm a catholic. so that's a big deal. >> the boys were in good shape against the suns up by as many as 13 but a furious second half come back saw them beat the sixers byseven.
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and embiid spoke after the game about how he felt throughout on the court with noel. >> it wasn't a lot but i thought we did put all the shots on the floor and watch the tape to see how we did. but i thought defensively was pretty good. we really got to figure out. we still got a lot of stuff to figure out. >> let's go to the nfl pap dozen games on the docket, leaving just two for tomorrow. one a huge match up between the broncos and chiefs. kansas city needing a win to clinch a playoff spot while denver is on the outside looking in. here's the football night in america crew. >> welcome to the set "football night in america". sunday night on nbc. >> did you get new glasses? >> yes, i did.
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santa got those for me so i could see your mistakes a little bit clearer. so. who do you got on christmas night? >> speaking of mistakes, i look at the denver broncos and they make a lot of them. >> denver is really struggling. i said last week i didn't think they would make the playoffs. i don't think they will in kansas city. >> losing home and losing to the titans as well. >> well, the 12 games today, the browns stairing a winless season in the face. san diego up a field goal. reservations for six. four-yard touchdown, browns up 14-10. later a seven-point game browns need a field goal and it's none other than our friend tony parky. those three points would prove to be crucial because the chargers from the deficit to three under 10 seconds left.
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we got more drama than a soap opera. they get infield goal range, just git the kick off but wide. browns win their first of the season coming in week 16. so happy. 2017 your final. that is your look at sports. csn nbc 10 news coming right back.
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well, santa is flying around the globe making sure every present is delivered before christmas morning. n norad keeping track of his flight and right now santa is in ontario, canada. he's delivered more than 5 billion gifts so far. earlier today santa turned in his slag for a surfboard in florida. they dressed in santa suits for the annual christmas eve surfing santa extravaganza. thousands of spectators watched from the shore. the event raises money for
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charity. if he's going to hit the surf here, he will need a wet surf. >> and santa will not have any issues tonight because it's mostly clear skies so nothing should be arriving late tonight and look at these temperatures tomorrow. sunny skies, 50 degrees. 52 monday, 57 tuesday but chillier to kick off the following year. >> we will enjoy tomorrow. not so bad. thank you so much for being with us. for all of us here at nbc 10, i'm ted greensburg, happy hanukkah. have a wonderful christmas. we'll see you tomorrow.
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from the vatican in rome, christmas eve in st. peters basilica. this broadcast is presented in consolation with the united states conference of catholic bishops. the pastor of immaculate conception church in chicago. >> merry christmas from the vatican. i am father manuel, pastor of immaculate conception parish in chicago's south side and i am honored to join nbc to bring you tonight's celebration of christmas eve mass with pope francis. tonight marks the


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